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Here’s what happened to me back in January....
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Here’s what happened to me back in January. My long term GF cheated on me.

>Be 22
>Skinny fit
>Over 6 ft and semi-confident
>Quite self-conscious, not /r9k/ level though
>Studied astrophysics at uni
>Went to university two years early because I was pushed forward two years in school
>Get a good job in research
>Working for my Ph.D
>Own my own apartment in the city
>Have long term relationship with 9/10 small qtpie gf
>She has a normal job working as a secretary at a law firm
>Everything is awesome
>Used to be bullied quite heavily in school for being so young
>No one cares now
>Life is going great
>Gf moves in
>Year forward
>Still going strong with gf
>We have date night every 2 weeks
>We do a lot of things together
>Cuddle and do all of the normal relationship stuff
>Our families are extremely good friends
>Always laughing and having fun
>Never had an argument
>We play video games and have similar movie interests
>Been together close to three years now
>Planning on asking her to marry me
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>At work
>Finish a task very early
>Boss is out
>We all decide to go home early
>Drive home at 3pm
>gf has a day off and was expecting me back at 5:30pm
>I went to buy flowers for her as a surprise
>She loves white roses
>Get elevator to my apartment at 3:30
>About to enter I heard her laugh
>I knew it was her but it was a type of laugh I have never heard from her before
>It was like she couldn't control herself
>It was very deep and obviously not fake
>I enter with the roses in my hand
>She and he are there sitting on my sofa
>TV is off
>2 wine bottles and glasses are on the table
>She has her feet up and faced him
>”Hi Anon, I thought you were working today” she said
>”I was, who is this”
>The biggest Chad Thundercock I have ever seen stood up
>I could tell he was ripped
>He has a chiselled face
>Wore a tailored suit
>Muscles were bulging under his shirt
>In a deep voice he said “My name is Oscar. Is this your boyfriend?”
>I told him I was her boyfriend and asked who is he
>GF at this point is laughing and smirking but trying to hold it in
>He has a huge smile on his face
>I said what are you doing
>They were just discussing work apparently
>Chad looks at me, mockingly says do I have a problem with that?
>He comes towards me, flexing his arms, trying to be alpha
>Gf is completely silent
>She doesn't even look at me
i already saw this posted you turd
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>I was quite angry at this point
>I put the fucking white roses down
>I asked him to leave
>gf lets out little laugh and says "anon its nothing, seriously, we're just hanging out and discussing work"
>"yeah we studied some biology earlier didn’t we, ahahaha” Chad Said
>she laughs in her hands as my stomach drops through the floor
>"....look, Oscar, I'd like you to get out of my home now..."
>I could not believe what had just happened in the last 30 seconds
>My life was upside down
>"get out!" I say sharply
>he gets up and casually heads towards the fridge for another beer
>gf is just staring at TV smirking
>"I'm calling the cops, this is fucked up"
>"you call the cops and I'll beat your faggot ass, anon, you got that?"
>ignoring the fact that he could clearly kick my ass, I yell “Good, Ill have another reason to call the cops”
>he walks straight up to me, gets me in headlock and then floors me
>I manage to punch him in face to which he quickly responded to with punching me three times and then holding my arms down
>he shouts "YEAH, WHAT? STUPID MOTHERFUCKER" before picking me up my scruff of my neck and pushing me outside of the apartment.
>gf just sits there not doing anything
>I sit outside my apparent thinking why is she doing this, why the sudden change
>Didn’t have phone to call cops with because I foolishly put it on table next to door
>Didn’t have keys to go back in apartment
oh my god we know already shut the fuck up stop with the pity party
>I went downstairs to concierge
>I had tears all down my face, and red marks from the punches
>I ask them to call the cops after telling them what happened
>I am good friends with the guys on the lobby
>We go for beers and meals together nearly every week
>They are a good group
>They decide to come back up to the apartment with me to evict that faggot
>At this point I wanted them to get my gf out as well
>We all get in to the elevator
>Only elevator music playing and complete silence
>We get up to my floor
>Four of us now
>They have a master key for the apartment
>Go in
>start hearing gf sex moans
>Hear LOUND continuous bangs.
>Think “WTF”
>It is my bed, banging against the wall
>she is moaning and he is groaning very loudly
>We go to the bedroom
>I see him filling her up
>Her legs are up around his neck
>I then look by the drawer right next to the bed
>Its all of our pictures of us and our families together
>I get mad and so does the other three concierge i am with
>We focus on Chad Thundercock
>bed is a mess and covered in terrible sweat
>He just has his boxers on
>He was fucking her with them on and his dick poking through the piss hole
>I notice he wasn't wearing a condom
>We get him up and start dragging him out
>He tries to fight us
>I make sure I lay a few devastating blows to his balls
>He screams out in pain
>We throw him out of the building
>I go back to the apartment
>Buddies stay in the lobby
>Go back up and tell my GF to pack her things and she is out
>She begs me for forgiveness
>She is sobbing wearing black panties and a bra with a silk dressing gown
>I said again pack your shit, 5 minutes ago you were having sex with another man and now you want my forgiveness
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>Told her to fuck off
>Told her I was going to tell all of her friends and family what a whore she has been
>We had everything together
>Am amazing place
>Always had fun and did original things
>Our lives were definitely not monotonous
>Great financial stability
>Families loved each other
>Good circle of friends
>She blew it all away

Did you even read the last thread? I said I hadn't finished the story.
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>She left with a bag and some clothes
>I text her to come back the next day at 5pm and her stuff would be in boxes out of the apartment
>She comes and knocks on the door
>I answer and immediately ask for her keys
>She gives them but starts crying and says it doesn't have to be like this
>I close the door
>Over the next few days I….
>Changed the locks
>Closed out joint bank accounts (I wasn't a dick and I split it 50/50)
>Removed her from Facebook
>Got a new phone and requested a new number
>Told all of our friends what had happened
>They were disgusted and most of them also cut contact
>Told both of our families
>Hers basically disowned her
>My bros were very supportive of me in the next few weeks
>We went out a lot
>They would come over with beers
>Life was good after 2 or so weeks after it happened
>A 10/10 fit nerdy scientist I work with started hitting on me 2 months after
>Fuck and become friends
>Life is getting back on track
File: 4328289.jpg (28 KB, 360x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28 KB, 360x480
>I meet up with some friends
>One of them just saw my ex
>Told me she moved in with Chad
>He finished with her about 3 months later
>She had nowhere to go
>Her family wouldn't take her back in
>She proceeded to lose her job
>She is also pregnant with Chads baby
>I could not stop laughing bros
>Karma is a bitch

That is my story bros. She cheated back in January. I still live in the apartment and turned it in to a bro pad. I am still fucking 10/10 scientist.

I guess there is no moral to this story other than play it cool and definitely throw her out if she has cheated. I took lobby bros out for beers last night. We shared many lols whilst reminiscing over the whole period.

Pictures are related. A hooker I fucked a few days after I kicked ex-gf out. As you can imagine I came with the force of a million suns.
Was that your first time banging a hooker, or are you so ugly that you couldn't find some random woman to hook up with, so you that you had to pay for it?
First time. I just wanted to fuck someone who wasn't my girlfriend.

I only had sex with my GF for three years. I had no game. I probably wouldn't have been able to talk to a girl at a bar at that point.
Thread replies: 12
Thread images: 6
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