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Here’s what happened to me back in January....
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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Here’s what happened to me back in January. My long term GF cheated on me.

>Be 22
>Skinny fit
>Over 6 ft and semi-confident
>Quite subconscious though
>Studied astrophysics at uni
>Went to university two years early because I was pushed forward two years in school
>Get a good job in research
>Working for my Ph.D
>Own my own apartment in the city
>Have long term relationship with 9/10 small qtpie gf
>She has a normal job working as a secretary at a law firm
>Everything is awesome
>Used to be bullied quite heavily in school for being so young
>No one cares now
>Life is going great
>Gf moves in
>Year forward
>Still going strong with gf
>We have date night every 2 weeks
>We do a lot of things together
>Our families are very good friends
>Always laughing and having fun
>Never had an argument
>We play video games and have similar movie interests
>Planning on asking her to marry me
>At work
>Finish a task very early
>Boss is out
>We all decide to go home early
>Drive home at 3pm
>gf has a day off and was expecting me back at 5:30pm
>I went to buy flowers for her as a surprise
>She loves white roses
>Get elevator to my apartment at 3:30
>About to enter I heard her laugh
>I knew it was her but it was a type of laugh I have never heard from her before
>It was like she couldn't control herself
>It was very deep and obviously not fake
>I enter with the roses in my hand
>She and he are there sitting on my sofa
>TV is off
>2 wine bottles and glasses are on the table
>She has her feet up and faced him
>”Hi Anon, I thought you were working today” she said
>”I was, who is this”
>The biggest Chad Thundercock I have ever seen stood up
>I could tell he was ripped
>He has a chiselled face
>Wore a suit
>In a deep voice he said “My name is Oscar. Is this your boyfriend?”
>I told him I was her boyfriend and asked who is he
>GF at this point is laughing and smirking but trying to hold it in
>He has a huge smile on his face
>I said what are you doing
>They were just discussing work apparently
>Chad looks at me, mockingly says do I have a problem with that?
>He comes towards me, flexing his arms, trying to be alpha
>Gf is completely silent
>She doesn't even look at me
>I was quite angry at this point
>I asked him to leave
>gf lets out little laugh and says "anon its nothing, seriously, we're just hanging out and discussing work"
>"yeah we studied some biology earlier didnt we, ahahaha” Chad Said
>she laughs in her hands as my stomach drops through the floor
>"....look, Oscar, I'd like you to get out of my home now..."
>I could not believe what had just happened in the last 30 seconds
>My life was upside down
>"no, get out!" I say sharply
>he gets up and casually heads towards the fridge for another beer
>gf is just staring at TV smirking
>"I'm calling the cops, this is fucked up"
>"you call the cops and I'll beat your faggot ass, anon, you got that?"
>ignoring the fact that he could clearly kick my ass, I yell “Good, Ill have another reason to call the cops”
>he walks straight up to me, gets me in headlock and then floors me
>I manage to punch him in face to which he quickly responded to with punching me three times and then holding my arms down
>he shouts "YEAH, WHAT? STUPID MOTHERFUCKER" before picking me up my scruff of my neck and pushing me outside of the apartment.
>gf just sits there not doing anything, why is she doing this.
>didnt have phone to call cops with because I foolishly put it on table next to door
File: 1402486150548.jpg (77 KB, 599x740) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
77 KB, 599x740
>I went downstairs to concierge
>I has tears all down my face, and red marks from the punches
>I ask them to call the cops after telling them what happened
>I am good friends with the guys on the lobby
>We go for beers and meals together
>They are a good bunch
>THey decide to come back up to the apartment with me to evict that faggot
>At this point I wanted them to get my gf out as well
>We get up to my floor
>FOur of us now
>THey have a master key for the apartment
>Go in
>start hearing gf sex moans
>Hear LOUND continuous bangs.
>It is my bed, banging against the wall
>she is moaning and he is groaning very loudly
>We go to the bedroom
>I see him filling her up
>Her legs are up around his neck
>I then look by the drawer right next to the bed
>Its all of our pictures of us and our families together
>I get mad and so does the other three concierge i am with
>We focus on Chard Thundercock
>bed is a mess and covered in terrible sweat
>He just has his boxers on
>He was fucking her with them on and his dick poking through the piss hole
>We get him up and start dragging him out
>I make sure I lay a few devastating blows to his balls
>He screams out in pain
>We throw him out of the building
>I go back to the apartment
>Buddies stay in the lobby
>Go back up and tell my GF to pack her things and she is out
>She begs me for forgiveness
>She is sobbing
>I said again pack your shit, 5 minutes ago you were having sex with another man and now you want my forgiveness
>Told her to fuck off
>Told her I was going to tell all of her friends and family what a whore she has been
>We had everything together
>Amazing place
>Had fun
>Great financial stability
>Families loved each other
>Good circle of friends
>She blew it all away
You have every right to murder that whore
And the chad...
I feel for you /b/ro nobody deserves that to bad that there are fucked up girls like this. I hooe she dies of a venerial disease and wish you a great life
But everyone hates Chad Thundercocks. Its natural for people like him to be douchebags. But she willingly ruined the relationship.

I am dead serious in this. You should actually murder her
this is so fake
pics of your ex noa
No. Not murder.
OP must pretend to forgive her
Lure her into bed
Demand tittfyfuck
When sit on whore chest, shit in chest
Then throw whore out of apt with no clothes and shit on stomach
I feel sorry for you /b/ro. now, i'm scared that might happen to me. I mean, i'm no chad thundercock, we're no chad thundercock, and certainly, i can't even compete with any thing. I guess i just have to trust.
>murder her
>dead serious
If the story is true then that really sucks OP.

Wouldn't talk to her ever again.

Would find Chad Thundercock and run him over.

Op, Shit on her chest
i had a near cheat experience not too long ago
>be out with gf
>there's this girl that has a thing for me
>we hang a little
>gf always goes to her circle of friends
>left with the cute chick and a friend
>friend leaves with some other bitch
>left alone with her, we talk, drink, nothing special
>suddenly gf comes into the bar with another guy that i know
>she's drunk
>says something, can't remember what
>grabs the guys hand and drags him out
>went on a quest to find her a minute later
>find her infront of the bar
>she's sitting next to him with her lengs overhis legs
>arms over their shoulders
>since it's dark i couldn't really see it clearly, but i could have swore i saw him kiss her
>get mad as shit
>cute chick comes up to me
>"i don't want to upset you anon, but i think your gf might have kissed him"
>"yeah i think i saw it too...."
>goes on how she's not sure it actually happened
>neither am i but fuck that bitch
>gf comes in after a few minutes
>almost crying
>start arguing
>she swears she didn't kiss him
>tells me that as soon as she noticed that he wanted to kiss her she pushed him back and went in to find me
press charges on the dude and tell all of your ex's friends and family. then move on to some new pussy. it shouldn't be hard if you're a genius, girls love the idea of a man that might be rich some day
also, sorry for any grammar mistakes, english ain't my mother language
>don't believe her at first
>go home after a few hours
>don't evem look at her the next morning
>just leave
>meet up with her the next day to sort it out
>ask her what the fuck was she doing
>"i don't remember grabbing his hand, and sitting like that on him"
>"and i swear i didn't kiss him"
>ok whatever, i believe you
still not quite sure if she's telling the truth, but then again i got some trust issues myself.
Yeah, I'm sorry to tell you anon, but she most definitely cheated on you. Chances are she realized that you saw her, and went inside as soon as she had her story straight.
You need to confront her about this, and look for tall-tale signs of deception.
she didnt tell the truth clearly lmao

You fucking moron.

Why would she go OUTSIDE with him WITHOUT you? What does she claim her intention was? This is so god damn obvious.

Fuck man.
sounds like she really wanted to cheat. //sarcasm
probably would have hit him with a baseball bat upside the head when he attacked you so you can clam self defense
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Shit man that's some reaaally fucked up shit. Could feel my heart pounding in rage damn if you made this up you are one hell of a writer or some shit.
so fucking beta man. Bitch goes outside with a dude so she must be fuckin him? I know its summer, your probably a pimply faced 16 year old, but being a paranoid pussy isnt a turn on for girls(or guys if your a queer)
she was mad at me because i was talking to that cute chick
also she said that at first he was just trying to comfort her (she thought that i was gonna leave her or some shit)
yeah id agree with you if she wasn't drunk
when i had my first relationship I was the same way. WHY WOULD YOU DO ANYTHING WITH A MALE THAT WASNT ME WTF
I will personally hunt you down and kill you if you take her back. I swear.
god damn. i've heard too many stories like this one. how the fuck is anyone supposed to trust women after hearing shit like this
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>Interpersonal communication major
>28 years old

You don't have to listen to me.
Have fun getting cheated on.

all these replies are just OP talking to himself, right? His story doesn't even seem half believable.
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Dude. My long term GF which I moved out with also cheated on me... She had this online flirt with some Danish fucktard pluss she was writing dirty to some Portugese she had met a year earlier. She has also kissed three guys, she has told me about two, I found out about the other myself... At a christmas party with my colleagues I got drunk, smoked a spliff, and proceeded to fuck this swedish girl. Giving her deepthroat in the bathroom felt good.jpg

I told her. She still wants to be my GF. Fuck imma marry some faithfull asian insead.
it's simple, you can't. that's why you always need a plan B bitch ready, so you'd still get your normal dose of pussy.
this shit is just depressing, man. i wish i were gay
File: IMG_90435628056644.jpg (149 KB, 960x716) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Any pics to prove any of this. There are plenty of women like this unfortunately, its finding the one who won't pull this kind of shit is the hard part. A word of advise for a /b/ro, dont go for the one who sees you as another check book or asks a lot when it comes to money. Its easy to spot them, they go for cheap stuff first and then gradually build up. Best of luck for you anon!
Leave her right now dude.

I thought my girlfriend was bad.

She kissed a dude a couple of months ago when she was drunk.
Now I have a feeling she is seeking cock elsewhere.
Maybe she fucked someone at the start of the year.

What the fuck are we doing dude? We'd be better off alone instead of this paranoid fucking bullshit.

I'm out, see yah
men cheat too ya know... you'd be better off being asexual
well she hasn't talked to him before or after that day.
File: 1389352586661.gif (1 MB, 478x357) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm with this Anon
File: usa2uPP.jpg (94 KB, 625x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Left her yeatserday, she can slut her wy to someone else, I've been faithfull and loving, now i cringe because i've wasted so much time and money. Lets not get tricked by bithces anymore. Pic related; she when I leave and she cant find someone dominating her brutally enough in bed to give her pleasure.
this is exactly how i feel dude.
but this has happened a few times before (men trying to kiss her and shit) and she always pushed them away, and told me that "that faggot tried to kiss me"
so this is probably why i kinda believe her now, but we'll see.
I don't usually appreciate murder but that skank did some pretty horrible things to you, buddy

Do something about it.
I feel like any day my gf will cheat on me.
I expect this because even though i'm sure she's %99 faithful, i wont be surprised when it happens and i know my suspicions will be confirmed.
Just unsure if i'd be beta, or Alpha and kick the shit out of both of them.
I've the other side of cheating stories. I was the other guy and didn't give a fuck.

>Veterinary School.
>Meet 8/10 rocker girl.
>Bands and movies in common.
>Has a boyfriend, bought her guitar in pick related.
>Stop talking for a while.

8 months later:

>Get invited to dog show in campus, bring my dog.
>See her with her little dogs.
>Obedience course, my dog wins, she is impressed.
>Ask if he wants to hang out and play guitar for a while. I am a guitarist to.
>Comes to my place with another friend to watch Pink Floyd's The wall.

File: 1367978715565.jpg (88 KB, 553x674) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>She comes over, brings her little dog.
>My dog rips her little dogs apart
>Blood Everywhere
>Use dog blood as lube
>Best night ever


>She mentions her boyfriend called her stupid because she cried during Goodbye Blue Sky.
>"Come on annonette, why would you even care"
>Bring out tequila as we brought 2 bottles we all start drinking.
>Friend is also a woman, but chubby and smokes a fuckton.
>We are sitting on the couch like annonette, me, and chubby friend.
>Use hand to start groping annonette's thighs.
>Continue talking about the movie, notices I know about music and share many of her beliefs.
>Start getting closer to me placing a leg on top of mine, etc.
>Friend says she is going to the bathroom.
>After 2 minutes we know she is going to take some time.
>Lean in and grab her thighs then start making out.
>She is into it big time
>Aw yis.tiff
>Get to rub her crotch opening her legs a bit.
>Friend comes out.
>Well shit.jpeg.
>They leave an hour later.
>Walk them to their car. I don't give a fuck, come here annonette.
>Kiss her and grab her ass (we had a bottle and a half of tequila)
>She is totally okay with this.


>We talk on facebook about what has happened, she never mentions the boyfriend at all.
>Our friend talked with her and told me annonette loved what happened and wanted it again but was afraid to do it.
>I got this.mpeg
>"Hey Annonette, come over my house, you still owe me a friendly gig"
>Comes over with her gear, bitch had a marshall half stack, I only play acoustic.
>Anon, I thought you played electric guitar.
>We start playing some Floyd, I am digging how she plays and I can tell she likes my playing as well.
>Take a rest and start making out hardcore again, undo her pants but sense quickly comes into her and she says no.
>FFS so close, i had her ass on my hands.
>Get phone call. It is her boyfriend.
>"Hey anon, my boyfriend is asking me to go and watch a play... wanna come?"
>Well this can't be more awkward

>continuing and pic related, it's her
File: persian_pleasure.webm (3 MB, 542x406) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 542x406
Anon, if you're not trolling...

I know you wrote this story from your perspective, probably skewing quite a bit, but hot fucking damn I'm proud of you. Coming from a guy who is physically alpha like your Chard Thundercock...

YOU ARE THE ALPHA! You didn't hold back to fight this guy.

AND way to fucking kick her out like that. You acted as a man.

So please, PLEASE, stay this course of action. Don't ever, EVER, talk to her again.

And please, PLEASE, keep your life as it is... you've got your shit together. I've got similar education, job opportunity, but I allowed my ex to fuck everything up post-breakup, during reconciliation, post-breakup, ad infinitum... although our issue wasn't infidelity at the time. I "cheated" on her at the end, and I gotta say I feel like a disgusting asshole for it. I won't ever contact her again because she doesn't deserve my shit.

>pic related
Have some pussy for your noble actions
File: 1368262212072.gif (1 MB, 250x187) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 250x187
Sorry brah, my ending was better.
please tell me that her boyfriend wasn't a beta faggot and he beat you and that bitch up. because if he didn't, i'd like to do it instead of him.

how fucking long does it take you to type jesus christ

Sorry to disappoint you, description of guy below

>Go to a bus stop near my place to wait for the dude.
>Dude gets off the bus.
>Long black hair, skinny as shit, brown, uses spike wristbands and has ripped shirt and jeans, doesn't even talk that much during the bus ride.
>Get to the theater and sit on a couch.
>Annonette has to go to the bathroom next to the couch.
>"Hey, me too, can you show me where it is?"
>Bathroom is in a corridor next to the couch all 3 of us were sitting on, we left her boyfriend there.
>Pretend to pee and wait for her outside the bathroom. Bathrooms were single private ones, and didn't have stalls.
>She comes out and I push her back in and start making out
>"Anon, my boyfriend is outside"
>You haven't said No yet.
>Continue making out and pull her pants down to start eating her out, she start moaning and I move to cover her mouth and finger her.
>Holy shit its been 10 minutes.
>Goes out first, guy asks me where is annonette.
>Iunno, I only took a dump and came out.
>Annonette comes like 15 minutes later, guess she was cleaning up.


Sorry guys, I was eating, will type faster now.
Have another pic related. Girl on the right is her
hahaha this story is so fake
File: 1385950557846.jpg (33 KB, 380x380) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1399761861890.jpg (28 KB, 524x336) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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If this isn't fake, then you are the shittiest kind of person, just thought that you should know
ouch. feel for you OP, shit is rough bro

>be 23
>skinny, well-liked.. never been bullied
>hung with the meatheads/drug users
>best friend is a year younger, he's just got out of jail, 3 1/2 years spent on a 5 stretch
>im the only one of our friends to visit him, even his brother didn't show up
>my gf is pregnant but has a miscarriage
>I go off the rails, get kicked out from home, lose my job etc
>end up moving in with best friend and his brother/mother. his brother is also one of my closest friends
>chilling in living room with best friend, he keeps looking over and smirking, I don't know why
>say what's up, he says nothing, he just read something funny on facebook
>a week later gf finishes with me
>have a femanon friend who best friend is sleeping with
>one night he apparently rapes her when they have an argument, he brings another girl to her place and fucks her in femanons living room, girl gets kicked out and he stays..it goes no further though
you are a ghuge flaming faggot
once you don't trust a bitch the relationship is over
>she tells me she knows for a fact that he's been meeting my now-ex gf for "dog walks" on the beach
>confront him, he says femanon is psycho because she is mad at what he did to her
>I brush it off
>one night he's really really drunk and keeps apologising to me, wont say what for
>few weeks later ex gf calls and says she needs to get something off her chest, gives me her fb password and says check her chat logs
>find out best friend spent every night since he got out of jail goading her into meeting him, she held off for a while but eventually gave in to temptation.. he's got a name for himself as the local stud
>read about their 4 month fling and how he tells her that i'm not as much of a man as him, but that if she told me he would "smash her teeth in" because i'm like a brother to him
>I break down, go for a week long binge with best mates brother at femanon's place, guess who shows up denying everything
>his brother eventually beats the crap out of him and breaks his ribs, tells me he didn't know why I ever hung around with him and that we should both move out and get our own place
>never speak to "best friend" again, am still very close with his brother though
>eventually move away and find new gf who i'm now engaged to and life is good

>We get into the play.
>Lights are a little dim and I seat next to annonette, her boyfriend is on the other side.
>I hear a whisper of the guy "Why do you have bite marks on your neck? you didn't have them before you went to the bathroom"

Suddenly my heart dropped when I heard this

>"Well, you know how you tell me that you play with your little friends biting each other?, I like to play with him like that too"
>Holyshit,he is gonna want to fight.
>Does nothing and only remains quiet throughout the play.
>We get out and meet up with some of annonettes friends.
>They like me more than the other guy.
>Guy just leaves before we all go out to a bar downtown.
>Nobody gives a fuck about the guy and we continue making out and drinking in the bar, we do get together pretty fucking well.
>A week of this shit continues on until she tells me she broke up with the guy because he was a fucking beta cunt.


Is her name Tresa? from AU?

Hey, I am not proud of it. I had just gotten out of a bad relationship and was looking for a wait to get entertained.

Sorry bro, her name's Karen.
I know this may be wrong. I need to know, how do you cope with some thing like that, trusting some one so fully, only to have them rip your heart out. Please tell em.
File: hue.jpg (21 KB, 261x193) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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mfw im old enough but dont want a girlfriend because of shit like this
Yea I feel this. As bad as you could argue to be... she did the cheating with you. You should could have said no, I can't do this, at any time.
Just wanna say THANK YOU for typing this out ahead. Not many do that.
>Be 24
>girl is like hey anon
>hey girl
>wanna have a make out session
>heck yeah for sure
>we kiss for a while
>anon you are a great smoocher
>thanks, i know want to watch me play CoD?
>she knods her head yes
>she watches for like 6 hours and compliments my skillz and kdr
>give her more smooches
>yell to mom to get me some baja blast mt dew and food
>mom brings food
>give her smooches she compliments how good of a smoocher i am
>i tell her thanks i know
>play more CoD
>girl starts playing with herself
>I kick her out for having a low IQ and being an attention whore
>kdr like 1.6 to 1
File: 1403365833330.jpg (3 MB, 3456x4608) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 3456x4608
*She could have said no
>Answering to copypasta
Stop being so stupid.

Shoo, go monkey somewhere else, monkey.
fuck you white boy

>I go to her place and play some guitar for a while
>We both know that is not why I am there.
>Fuck this, time to fuck her now.
>I grab her and move to her bed, searing loose clothes and short shorts, easy to take off quickly.
>Ass was great on jeans, even better loose.
>Spread her ass and eat her out from behind.
>"Fuck me, anon"
>Hard and tight insertion, found out minutes after that she was a virgin.
>Oh fuck this was a mistake wasn't it.
>Continue fucking for weeks.
>Suddenly message on Facebook
>"Hello Anon"
>It's her ex boyfriend.
>I just want to ask you to please take care of karen, she is everything for me in this world and I am afraid I couldn't take care of her as well as I could, I mean I took so much care of her I didn't even want to have sex until we were ready, just please make her happy, anon.
>Most douchebag reply came out of my fingers afterwards.
>"Don't worry, she was waiting for you to fuck her, but I already took care of that for you. She is in good hands.
>No replies ever again, neither of us heard of the guy again.

I think I murdered him.
>>his brother eventually beats the crap out of him and breaks his ribs
Honorable dude
That's fucked dude. I mean, that guy. I don't even know what to say, but that's some dark shit, at least she didn't fuck him, he gots some game left, she didn't leave him for the sex, because they weren't having any. so yeah, at least his got his pride

Yeah, she decided to cheat on her boyfriend and all that shit, but I really didn't worry about the guy at all. He just seemed so oblivious to the relationship that I couldn't care less about his feelings.

It just seemed like he didn't want to be in a relationship anyway.

Another pic related
File: 1383818732315.gif (1 MB, 227x136) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 227x136

This is why marriage and even just LTRs are obsolete. All of our women are god damn sluts today, and there's no shame for it. If anything, they're fucking lauded for it.

What I've learned in my 29 years about these cunts;

1. Keep your feelings to yourself. If you must share them, do it with friends or do it here on the webz anonymously.

2. Focus on your plans. She’s just along for the ride. She’ll only plan if your frame is weak.

3. Trust but verify. Actually, don’t even trust. She’s a woman and she lies constantly. Get used to it.

4. Money does matter. If she thinks you’re lucky to have her she’ll spend it all. Hypergamy dictates that she must feel like the lucky one.

5. Flip the script. She must fear not only that you’ll make love with another woman, but that you’ll fall in love too.

6. Take it all. The more you give her the less she’ll respect you. Make her work for you.
If not fiction, that beta had it coming. Either he an heroed, which you shouldn't feel too bad about (or maybe you should cause that was kinda fucking harsh), or he's going to man up from it.
probably going to get shit for telling this one but whatever.

>be femanon
>met a guy through my best guy friend
>let's call him Steve
>talked for a couple months
>became really close
>asks me out in a book store
>we date for a week and then I go to Anime North for the weekend without him
>I wasn't really taking relationship seriously
>he's getting annoying and clingy
>meet another guy, let's call him Josh
>I'm sharing hotel room with him and other friend for the weekend
>we talk for whole day, I think I like him
>back in the hotel room we talk for a bit and end up cuddling
>fall asleep like that

inb4 tits or gtfo

I guess he manned up or something. I am looking for him on her facebook, but I don't think they are friends anymore. I will see if there is a pic of the guy or some shit.
>next day
>don't mention cuddling last night
>spend whole day at the con doing things
>leave early because we're all tired
>go to hotel, order pizza
>cuddling with Josh again and we eat
>go to bed early, 11pm
>friend turns lights off
>Josh kisses me
>we start making out
>I stop
>I say "wait but what about Steve?"
>continue making out anyway
>he gives me a hickey half the size of my neck
>I give him a handjob
>we go to bed

you together with her now?

>next day again
>trying to think of how to tell Steve I just cheated on him
>I wait a couple days
>I text him and say we have to talk
>"what is it, anonette?"
>"I cheated on you"
>he keeps asking me if it's a joke or something
>I type long ass message explaining what happened
>he starts binge drinking again for the next two weeks
>I'm with Josh now

I'm a really shitty person for doing this but I wanted to share a story where it's from the cheater's perspective

Oh yeah, I forgot that. We did end up together for some 6 or 7 months then we broke up. Some background shit about her I wish I had known before cause it.
also been on the other side of the coin too..

>really wasted at a random guy's place with a few friends
>one of them has a sexy gf who is super confident
>they're arguing because she wont stop dancing and its taking up space in the living room
>he starts being a total dick about it, telling her she to stop being so trashy and put some clothes on etc
>I tell her not to mind him, do what makes you happy, its a party
>other friend goes to the kitchen to try and calm down her bf, lets call him mike, they rack up some lines etc and have a giggle
>she starts dancing more seductively, moving closer to me
>i'm trying not to give her too much attention or lead her on
You sound like a horrible woman
this guy gets it
need more info on background shit
>she's wearing this tight black dress that shows off her legs and huge tits
>suddenly she's rubbing her ass on my leg and knees, asking if I think she's sexy
>she says she's always thought I was sexy and do I like her dancing, do I want a lapdance
>I say what about mike he's only in the next room
>she says we're doing nothing wrong just having a bit of fun
>gets low and starts rubbing her face down my shirt towards my nether region
>rubs her face on my jeans and feels the boner
>says skinny guys always have the best cocks, unzips my jeans and whips it out, still moving to the music
>rubbing her face up and down on my cock making me go fucking rock solid
File: Tears in the Rain.gif (495 KB, 500x223) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Tears in the Rain.gif
495 KB, 500x223

>has attentive long term boyfriend
>he waits patiently for her to give him her virginity
>publicly humiliates him and cuckolds him with random shit-sack, giving him the virginity he waited patiently for

I can not go on in the game.
>licky licky on the nutsack, she suddenly pounces on top of me and whispers in my ear that she's not wearing panties, and I make her wet
>she slides my cock in the vag and starts riding me with the kind of enthusiasm you have to pay for in most situations
>i'm well into it now, start hammering her balls deep
>she's whispering about how mike never fucks her hard and wouldn't it be naughty if he came in and found us like this
>just about to bust my nut, hear noises in the kitchen, footsteps.. he FUCKING WALKS IN ON US
>her dress is kinda long and its a one-seater kinda recliner chair, she pretends like she's just giving me a dance, her dress is covering my cock
>I shrug at mike as if to say "your gf is nuts bro" and he smiles, says "rather you than me bro" guess he's in a happy mood now that he's high
>she scowls at him and he tells her to fuck off and goes back in the kitchen
>finish up fucking her and bust my nut inside her, laughing to eachother and kissing furiously
>she says that was the most fun she'd had all night, takes my phone and puts in her number and I slip off into the kitchen like and play it cool while she dances the night away, spunk dribbling down her leg

one of the best adrenaline rushes I've had during sex. unfortunately I lose my phone and never get to fuck her again, which might be why she eventually confesses to mike that we had sex at the party but he's too beta to come out and ask me, just keeps dropping hints about how friends should always have eachothers backs and shit. I felt bad about it for a while afterwards

>Attentive, good man is cuckolded by women in favor of random, aloof, borderline strangers know for only a few days

I'm noticing a pattern in this thread....

Alright then. As you know, most virgin girls will try to stick to the guy because omg he made me a woman. This girl also had a huge problem lying to her family as she came from a Christian house hold.

>Family is totally okay with me.
>Mom always tells stories about annonette having stupid relationships in the past and is glad I am the only normal relationship she's had.
>"Has annonette ever told you of the time she dated a 34 year old man?"
>What the fuck did you just say, lady?

Apparently she was going out with a guy she met in a bar where her band was playing and they hit it off, she was 17 at the time and the guy 34. (Legal in Mexico, but still is unethical)

>Shit leads to having a long talk involving how the guy wanted to fuck her but she didn't and only did fingering and shit.
>Was so scared she took plan b after it.
>Bitch you are fucking kidding me, right? Its not like his fingers were penises.

File: 1367527810208.jpg (201 KB, 500x376) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
201 KB, 500x376
This is why hookers rule. Western women are completely fucked.
he was a borderline stranger but he's way better than the clingy motherfucker I was with before. my friend who introduced us basically forced us to be together because I didn't think I was ready to be with Steve yet. plus he was a total beta and a virgin. he was also sheltered for basically his whole life so he's difficult to talk to
my fucking sides
File: tiny violin.jpg (67 KB, 1216x912) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
tiny violin.jpg
67 KB, 1216x912
All of my freuds
fucking leave that bitch! tell your family and her family too! get a new life! destroy everything what is all about her!
You are a man OP


No decency, no standards. They badmouth their men in public, openly cuckold them, emasculate them...it's just fucking disgusting.

And then they try to legitimize and rationalize, like >>552594020

It's not their fault that they're untrustworthy whores...it's the man they cheated on, for being too supportive and available, and other people as well for "forcing" them together.

>I was scared and I didn't know what to do because he was jacking off and then he fingered me with the same hand.

Whenever a girlfriend or hookup tells me about their past relationships and shit, it gives me an urge to have sex with them. No idea why, I probably have issues.

>Proceed to blowjob, she's got braces and hasn't done this much so sometimes it can be painful.
>Cum in her mouth and push down.
>Unexpectedly, she swallows. Feltgoodman.jpeg
>Go to her place later, only her younger brother is there (15 years old, she is 20 by the time)
>Hey sis, I have a question. When a girl does oral, can she get pregnant?

I have a gigantic urge to find out what causes them to ask such stupid fucking questions.

>Spend the rest of the day with her friends and plan to go on hiking to a mountain we have in the region.
>Next weekend comes, we go hiking with her friends, hiking for 6 hours, it's a 13kilometer hike up and down a mountain.
>during the last stretch we are climbing up a set of steep stairs, her friend has her ass on my face.
>Oh god, my ass hurts.
>"Lol please, you don't even have an ass"

I awoke the kraken.
honestly a lot of us also don't even regret it or feel guilty about cheating
OP here. I couldn't finish the entire story but when I am back from work I will re-post it.

Thanks for all the support so far.
sluts have no shame. they don't even realise half the time that what theyre doing is wrong. society has trained them that way

the big guys upstairs want to destroy family life, and he's doing a good job of it

Well yeah, you're all sociopaths. You'll only feel shame if it's forced on you from outside.

Hypergamy's a bitch.
File: asskraken.jpg (164 KB, 1191x670) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
164 KB, 1191x670
i'll say this though.. while I don't regret any of the fucked up shit I've done in the past (I've cheated and been cheated with multiple ex's) as a man I have the mental capacity to realise my mistakes and I don't intend to ever disrespect my fiancée like I have with other girls in the past..

unless she fucks me over first
for me, I still don't feel shame even when it's forced on me from the outside. probably because it felt right to me when I was doing it. I knew it was wrong but I didn't care

>Girlfriend didn't talk much after I said that to her friend.
>Get home, rest and later get on facebook.
>Anon, I think we have to break up.
>My parents are not okay with us seeing eachother and want me to break up with you. Please don't message me anymore.
>Instantly her friend messages me as well.
>"How dare you talk about me like that, don't ever insult my body ever again, see what happens? I told her to break up with you or we would no longer be friends"
>Randomly getting threats on facebook
>Fucking annonette is a lying piece of shit and trying to pull something off.

Using the fact her family is christian and how they never knew we had sex because it is a devils thing I created a comeback.

>Calls her home, she is not there.
>This is annonettes mom.
>"Hello ma'am, I just wanted to talk to you, I wanted to apologize if anything in our relationship has offended you, I have taken care of your daughter for months and took special care when we first had sex"
> Mom realizes her daughter had sex with someone and on top of that, had sex with someone while she was going out with the other guy.
>...what did you just say?
> She didn't know, this is just beautiful. And all caused by her lying daughter.
>I hear their gate through the phone.
long post this better be worth it op, pretty much every relationship ends with cheating i dont know how you're gonna impress me but here it goes
File: 1364690106174.gif (1 MB, 280x210) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 280x210

Yeah. Sluts are "empowered" and "liberated", while cads are misogynistic pieces of shit that objectify women.

Hell, just having a sex drive means a man has an "entitlement complex" these days.



>been cucked
>been the cucker
>still getting married
Are you fucking retarded?


No shit. Like I said, no conscience. Women will rationalize literally any action on their part as being justified or as someone elses fault entirely.
fantastic. Thanks for taking the time to type it all up
>>In a deep voice he said “My name is Oscar. Is this your boyfriend?”
the same shit happened to my ex with a guy with the SAME FUCKING NAME

>an hour later
>facebook message
>"Perhaps you should have not lied in the first place annonette!"
>Gets ever more pissed.
>Burn all the shit I ever gave you, I don't give two flying fucks, anon! FUCK YOU.

>Two years later (now 2013)
>Hello Anon, would you happen to have the book I gave you when we were dating? I would really like it back as it was expensive and I need it.
>Hello annonette, well you told me to burn all the shit you had given me, so that is what I did, sorry I don't have your book anymore.
>Actually gave the book to a school.
>Annonette never talked to me again.

She was a sweet piece of ass, but far too conflicted. A relationship was never going to work past a good shagging.
nah not retarded. we're not having an official wedding with signatures, just a ceremony and exchange of rings to symbolise trust.. she's literally the first woman I've met who I feel like I can actually trust.. maybe because we've had such a similar fucked up past and virtually everything in common..

if it doesn't work out then there's no harm done or splitting of assets, it's just a nice idea to exchange rings and look eachother in the eye while we express how we feel

there are still some good ones, just less and less every day as the good ones get fucked up by television, whoreish friends, and life in general
and facebook. can't forget facebook.
File: 1364866344398.jpg (637 KB, 1204x1066) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
637 KB, 1204x1066

No legal ramifications? Just an informal, "play wedding"? This is an interesting idea.

And yeah, Facebook and the internet in general have fucked everything up.

an increasing culture of modular disposability. White knight betafag manginas create a buffet culture of endless narcissistic supply and validation for these broads (who of course will never reciprocate to them with sex), while the "alpha" guys fuck them senseless.

This kind of woman will never do real intimacy, if she even knows what that is beyond that euphemism. She'll blame her later "beta bucks" partner for any sleaze she whored over before him, while ALSO looking down on him for not being "good" enough to have been one of them in the first place and eventually get bored either way because she's so burnt-out.
It's not your fault, it's just how biology works I guess. More than anything you probably won't believe in relationships anymore.

I think guys like you get abused because of how fucking dumb you are. Do you have any sense of intuition? You probably knew before any of that even happened but you hesitated.
Also "trust issues" lol leave any girl who agrees with you having trust issues.
>Fuck imma marry some faithfull asian insead.
ok have fun

on a final note, Heartiste, RooshV, and Return of Kings are great resources for learning how to deal with this kind of shit.
>>"I cheated on you"
What are you, 12? Kissing isn't full on cheating, especially if you were only dating for a week. You shouldn't have been immature and txt'd "we need to talk", because you were never really in a relationship to begin with. Fuck your generation... a txt? Really?

At least you know you're a shitty person. Maybe you can fix it.
that's exactly the idea. we both agree that weddings in theory are a good idea, but we both hate the way the government wants in on it, and the idea that you should have to spend thousands of dollars just to stand somewhere and tell eachother you want to spend your lives together. this way we get the special day but without all the pressure that comes with it. we do it on our terms.

a woman who can agree with me on that I feel is worth my time
>Your girl kisses another guy
You can stay with her sure, but you would seriously consider a long-term relationship with someone like this? Better to leave for a few decades and come back to see if she changes, then maybe she'll be some faithful milf. it's going to take more than a year or two m8.
Chad Thundercock is a cunt, but he's not the one cheating on their boyfriend. He is a cunt though so you should slash his tendons so he can never use his muscles again.
like for example, instead of paying for a priest or registrar we're going to get our closest mutual friend to handle the ceremony, only invite 10-15 people, and have the "reception" on a beach with a few crates of beer and bbq, a portable speaker as the dj and the honeymoon in a random hotel room having hot passionate sex for a few days. happy days..
I was worried when you said "ABANDON PHONE" because she could have lied... but this turned out fucking awesome. Good story anon.

>Women will rationalize literally any action on their part as being justified or as someone elses fault entirely.
I hate to think I'm so misogynistic, but so far I'm finding this to be true. But...
>>been cucked
>>been the cucker
>>still getting married
>Are you fucking retarded?
Love is more important than sex sometimes. Getting married isn't always stupid you virgin asshat.
>And yeah, Facebook and the internet in general have fucked everything up.
You're expressing intelligence.

Maybe I should haven't been so harsh to you here >>552601521
*shouldn't have
if I didn't stop myself we would have fucked, and I still consider that to be cheating
NOOOOO, I would "dump her" immediately. My point was that they were never really in a relationship so the whole "we need to talk" thing is just... annoying.

Destroy here life, like, completely

i'm a girl myself, think this is sick
you're dumb find a new girl

I've never grabbed someone or been grabbed by someone and pulled away from a crowded area to a secluded one without the intention of fucking them
Lol pussy. No excuse to be skinny fit. No excuse not to take martial arts. No excuse not to kick this guy's ass.
6/10, was a good story.
Nice repost
File: joker_idgf.jpg (31 KB, 400x357) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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To express this once more... You weren't in a relationship with "Steve", therefore you couldn't have cheated
Aye, and I'll be there crushing your balls.
File: images (13).jpg (9 KB, 191x263) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
images (13).jpg
9 KB, 191x263

live it's free

Read the exchange between me and >>552600275

His "marriage" is entirely outside the legal realm. But in our society, with the way the system is, marriage is just plain not a good investment.

Women clamor for commitment (once they're past their prime and have had a few dozen or so cocks, of course), but then initiate 70% of divorces. Thanks to no fault divorce, women can end marriages, take the kids and financially and emotionally devastate their husbands for the most trivial reasons.

If you put a ring on your girl’s finger despite our slut-promoting culture, well-established divorce industrial complex, and pervasive portrayals of married men as incompetent and powerless dweebs, she is already winning the game.
>be 16
>about 7/10 not perfect but far from ugly
>hanging out with my buddy, his gf and her friend
>friend is 4-5/10
>have a few drinks
>girl starts trying to kiss me but I avoid it
>eventually say fuck it and make out with her
>nothing serious
>she's really drunk
>later she pisses herself and I leave
>find out about a week or two later she had a long-term boyfriend and they broke up cuz of me
>her fault for not telling me she had a bf
>never talk to her again

I dont know if any of you guys even care but this is my only cheating story
Yea I'm liking your posts... sorry for the virgin asshat comment

And if you want a hard slap in the face, check out the Tinderfessions Twitter.
Stale pasta is stale

You are the real hero here anon , i mean it.
Not many would have the balls to do what you did.
You are only 22 , and have a good job/education , and probably a good career path ahead.
Don't get riled up over this , live your life so it makes her jealous for every screwing you over like that.
>I felt bad about it for a while afterwards
you should
You're a poor excuse for a woman, I dated someone like you a while back, what's up with all these crazy animu sluts that get into a relationship and at the first sign of anything real they bolt?

Anyway, I dropped her sorry ass. Too fucked up in the head for me, and I don't ever want that sort of mentality near any form of family I have, now or future.
literally made me upset. this is one of my biggest fears in life. sorry your gf was such a cunt OP :(
Holy fuck...

>Because of tinder I now have herpes. - Brian
Yea I don't need to get laid this bad.
>be 23
>depressed for as long as I can remember, diagnosed at 17, suicidal on regular basis but afraid there might actually be a Hell
>fit, smart, good looking, nice dick, good job, have my own house
>engaged to awesome girl, she's finishing degree in state where I lived before moving to work
>parents divorced when I was young, witnessed their horrible relationships while growing up
>serious trust issues, deep-seated cynicism
>always anxious that fiancee is/will/would cheat, no matter how sincerely she tells me I'm the only one for her
>if she cheated I would murder them both then an hero
>afraid I'll never find trust and happiness

wat do?
similar story happened to me OP

>walk into house
>home early, happens sometimes, dumbass g/f didnt care
>see other dude balls deep
>i start laughing
>take my 45 out
>he's freaking out
>"i didn't know bro, i didn't know"
>g/f cowering behind the couch
>still laughing
>"that your benz outside?"
>he's fucking petrified, probably from the laughter
>"yeah thas me"
>"give me the keys"
>behind my house is a ravine
>dipshit picks up his pants and gives me the keys out of the pocket
>tell him to get dressed
>go outside, fire up his benz, nice car
>i put it into position, neutral, let it ride into the rocks below
>guy outside freaking out, looking at my gun
>he starts crying, going to sue me, blah blah blah
>lawyers get it knocked down to a "public dumping" ticket because car was on my property
>300 bucks
>best money i ever spent
>there might actually be a Hell
pick one
I was young, stupid, a drug addict and had recently been on the other end of the stick (in my original story) so I didn't exactly have faith in "bro's before hoes" at the time. and her boyfriend was kind of a dick anyway..
doubt everything, even your doubt. No matter how retarded religion may seem we don't actually know that there isn't a petty God judging and condemning people like a fucked-up kid frying ants with a magnifying glass
File: 1362685757578.gif (578 KB, 160x120) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
578 KB, 160x120

A few Tinderfessions that stood out to me, paraphrased of course;

>BF finally put a ring on it, in return I'll stop cheating and deactivate my Tinder
>lol I realized I care more about my Tinder fuckbuddy than my bf
>it's not cheating if your hubby is out of state
>all these guys trying to take me to dinner and movies #justfuckmeandgo

Turns my fuckin stomach.
haha nice one anon. although it was all your gf's fault

why do bitches always get away with it
>lawyers get it knocked down to a "public dumping" ticket because car was on my property
Murika fuck yeah
g/f was freaked, left, i left her shit on the driveway, have never spoken to her since, not a fucking word
>cuck fetish thread

fucking faggots
File: stannis.gif (978 KB, 500x284) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
978 KB, 500x284
>it's only cheating if they find out
>what he doesn't know cannot hurt him
>He thinks I'm the perfect gf
Every single person involved in this story is a cunt. Mainly you.

Stannis the Just! In his righteous indignation!
I've had my "love of my life". I don't want to recount it anymore... so while I cringe at what you're paraphrasing cause it's true... I just don't care anymore. I'll just go out and get pussy when I need. If she wants to act like a whore, then I show her the door.
you need to listen to Killwhitneydead, move on and forget about this shit.
File: 1401647934509.jpg (201 KB, 576x576) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
201 KB, 576x576
not extreme as OP's story but here it is
>Be a year ago
>Dated this girl for about 3 years. First serious relationship
>planned to move in and get married together
>I am still in school and she is working at some shitty company basically getting around min wage job
>The day I had an interview with a company for intern position, she called me up "we need to talk"
>basically told me she cheated on me with this another guy. on multiple occasions while i was busy with school
>I was dumbass/beta enough to forgive her but she basically told me to fuck off
>She told me all these during the week of my final exams. I couldn't sleep/eat/rest for two weeks because I was going insane.
>Went through some serious depression and unstable time, but recovered with a help of great friends
>Now dating even younger and cuter chick
> I look back, thinking why the fuck did i dated that hag?

I am glad things worked out this way. There is so much to this story than this but i will leave at this.
File: 1391130867422.gif (1 MB, 240x180) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 240x180

God damn it...

>My boyfriend has plans the day of my birthday, downloaded Tinder, I now have options with bigger dicks! - Christina

>Law school? Swipe right. Medical school? Swipe right. Picture with decaying father who seems to have old money? SWIPE FUCKIN RIGHT - Jessa

>All I ask guys for is beer and a good fuck I don’t know what this dinner shit is. - Dominica
When it comes down to cheaters, this is the best advice i got. "Turn around and never turn around"
Once a cheater will be always a cheater. Now that my ex is gone in my life, my life has been so much better. I got a job with prestigious company, and my current gf has been amazing. i mean this girl will do anything I ask her to do. ANYTHING. whereas I couldn't even get my ex to suck my dick even if i wanted to. Life is good.
>She told me all these during the week of my final exams. I couldn't sleep/eat/rest for two weeks because I was going insane.
She did this just so ummm....yeah your pics totally fucking related.
Would buy you a beer and share stories for sure
I really doubt this is a true story anon.
Yeah dude. i know she purposely did to fuck me over. she wants to watch me being miserable and enjoy that shit. funny thing is she found out that I am dating younger/cuter girl now, and she basically went batshit. Of course, I basically blocked her out of her life. I found out through one of her best friends who I still keep in touch (her best friend basically had a crush on me when I was dating my ex but i was being faithful) I should tap that ass but i am happy with what i have now
>didn't shoot chad for breaking in and accidentally hit gf too
Thanks, OP. I'm now going to have a smoke to kill the burning rage of my own past experiences.
Cut the veins under his cock, make him never get an erection again. Or just kill him.
wait so is this you or her old boyfriend?
File: 1361936029865.jpg (20 KB, 363x364) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20 KB, 363x364


>I’m fine with these Tinder girls wanting a height limit as long as it comes with a weight limit for the endless surplus of farm animals -Mat
Now I know I really like you... fucking Kakarot! We should grab a beer.

I really miss my ex. Innocent love, real trust. Being us was so easy.

But then the reason we kept breaking up ad infinitum is because she wanted to be married so young. I wasn't ready. So after the first break-up, which years later her twisted explanation was "so I would learn that I could lose her", there was just too much damage. At least I can say with confidence we didn't cheat on each other during most of it. We slept with others when broken up for months at a time, and I ultimately did something worse to her than cheating at the end. But coming out of it I imagine I'll be a better man. And I sure as hell won't ever care about a woman as much again, hence fuck it if they want to be a whore. I'll just move on. Never loved you anyway bitch. I already gave that to someone.

But given Tinderfessions... seems like a high conversion rate for getting laid. Maybe I should finally download that shit.
Yea I kek'd at that one
Based no story, that guy looks like old beta bf
I think you have daddy issues. But really though you probably inadvertently made that guy an alpha male

>After fucking dozens of guys I decided to try a virgin. He’s going to be a doctor and already talking about marriage. #jackpot - Maria

check this out, it's a good read that's salient to the subject.

Op here

I couldn't finish the story. I will post the complete story when this thread dies. Its interesting.
Fucking moron.
>>You haven't said No yet.
i was excited but then i read this
post in new thread and link here.

STILL havent calmed down By the way
Interesting read.

I'm fine with 2, I just don't like being an asshole.
Haha yea I let that one slide for him, but it's pretty retarded. I imagine if he's not trolling that he was thinking faster than he was typing and didn't bother editing.

Also, your greentext quote... that is the best one. I know a woman like that. I feel bad for the guy who falls for her thick, juicy Egyptian butt.
>Be freshman in college, sitting on a grassy area on campus with my longboard
>7/10 with dat ass comes up and asks me about my board, wants to ride
>open "smooth moves.exe", click "Run"

>Fast forward about three weeks later
>We're pretty good friends, we always ride around town, hang out and smoke and shit
>Sitting on rock wall in front of creek I tell her I have no idea if im a good kisser or not
>She kisses me out of fucking nowhere
>" You said you've been in a relationship for the past 3 years"
>"Well yeah anon, but"
>Rubs my crotch, then proceeds to suck my dick harder than a Taiwanese vacuum cleaner

>Two more weeks we fuck
>Following week she says she doesnt want to keep messing around and wants to be faithful to her bf again
>She breaks up with him
>Won't slob my knob anymore either
>Dates/fucks three other guys and then is in relationship with some guy after knowing him for a couple weeks

>Randomly deletes me on facebook about a month later
>Haven't spoken to the slut since
OP I would have called the cops right after he go you in a head lock...legal problems are a bitch
Press charges against the faggot.
Ruin her reputation forever, even in front of her parents.
Do everything you can to destroy their lives.
technically they were still in a crowded area. but yeah, i know im a fucking retard, still gotta secure my plan B pussy before i dump her.

Then why the fuck did you 'date' him?

Do you really think that's justification for screwing around on someone?
no, it's not justification for doing what I did but that's why I did it. I know what I did was wrong. I said yes when he asked me to be his girlfriend because there was a group of around 7 people looking at us and saying "awww that's so cute" and I broke in to the pressure. if I said no, everyone would have yelled at me and in that moment, I didn't have time to think. that's like public proposals; when he pulls out the ring the girl feels pressured to say yes when the crowd gathers and waits for her answer. I should have said no anyway but I didn't.
Not kidding i would have tortured both of them.
>"at the first sight of anything real they bolt"
I don't know how my relationship with the first guy could be considered "real", it wasn't really anything. I don't even know why I would call it a relationship
>>Go back up and tell my GF to pack her things and she is out
>>She begs me for forgiveness
>>She is sobbing

What a fucked up bitch.

>Let's Bif kick your ass
>Runs into the room and fucks bif while you stumble down to the lobby
>I'm sorry anon

This is why /b/ policy on cheaters is once a cheater always a cheater

Did she trying getting in touch with you again?
File: 1402362932222.png (158 KB, 467x410) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>"Don't worry, she was waiting for you to fuck her, but I already took care of that for you. She is in good hands
tell us more Freud
i dunno, am i a faggot for not really caring if my gf fucks chad thundercock?

i mean i dont want her to lie about it, or bully me or laugh in my face etc all that shit that happened to you guys

but tbh, if its safe and shes having fun, shes honest about it and it doesn't come back around to me etc im cool with it...

i kinda even think id want my gf to feel the same about me, if theres some slut mcboobs and she wants the d she would allow me (never talked about this to her though, 4 years and steady, but i think i should before i slip any rings)
File: 1403435626660.jpg (123 KB, 474x528) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This is not a cuckhold thread faggot
yea man. fuck chad.
But practice a grappling martial arts from now on. Helps a lot.

BJJ, JJ, aikudo are good ones
You're a different story, you just led some guy on even though you didn't like him.

The worst.

>Really drunk

Damn, could have went all the way with her, and if she pissed while dick in cunt, you piss inside cunt

Yeahh, worrd
I remember I met this one bitch
Cause you know me I don't see how I'm the nasty motherfucker
I just thought I thought I'da did anything in the world (yeh?)
I meets this one bitch, I comes up in the spot, or whatever
The bitch got the candles lit or whatever, so
She tell me whatever she wanna get her freak on whatever
So I'm like WHASSUP whatchu wanna yaknahmsayin
I'm read to wear it out or whatever (kssss)
The bitch told me she wanted me to shit on her! [laughing]
Ya know shit I was like whatchu mean shit?
I mean I might shit on you after I, hit it I won't call you no more
Shit on you like that [more laughing]
She talkin about no she want me to cock over her
And shit, on her stomach! [laughing through his teeth]
I said bitch what the, what the fuck??
What the fuck I'm sposed to do after I after I shit on her
I'm sposed to hit that after that?
She's just wilding out so after I shits on the bitch right
[both start laughing]
Ya know I shit, after I shits on the bitch
The bitch, ya know, washed that shit off or whatever
(Ohhh shit!)

- Notorious B.I.G.
If you both agree on being in an open relationship, then I guess it's not faggy. It's just two people who like each other, but also like fucking around.
If it's just her fucking around, like it is in your case, then you are a major faggot. You're the biggest faggot in the universe.
that was a good story, you left all the good part out
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OP I was expecting to be rused at the end but this is personal army status.
I prefer the quick striking arts like Kenpo/Kempo, Krav Maga, and I know it's from a movie, but the elbow-strike centric style developed for the Nolan Batman movies is pretty awesome. Most fights do go to the ground so it is good to have some Judo in there I suppose.

Very enjoyable, I bet her daddy, belted her good
> be me
> 19 or something
> gf since 3 or 4 years (a little on off in between)
> living in strange city to be at gfs side while shes in clinic for anorexia/bulimia
> she lives in clinic, i stay at her room in shared student apartment
> be like this for months, try to visit and give support as much as possible
> she invites her best friend, girl i don't really like
> room roo small for second matrass or anything but huge bed
> mfw gf says 'it won't be a problem if she also sleeps in the bed, will it'
> gfs friend arrives, gf doesn't even have time to meet, because fulltime program at clinic
> spend like two days showing her friend around the city, basically seeing it for myself the first time
> first time since there that i have good time
> suprise! sleeping in the same bed was not a good idea
> end up messing around, hurting everybody including me, including girl i love, including girl i don't really know (but certainly seems cool)

who's to blame?
> inb4 typing on phone, so fuck spelling
>>Our families are very good friends
>>Always laughing and having fun
>>Never had an argument
>>We play video games and have similar movie interests

said none man ever
You did well anon. I think you're on the right path.
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Bitch nigga.jpg
82 KB, 628x555
OP you're murikan=stupid gun control laws find this prick and that bitch and kill them then fuck her mum right in the puzzy
Legs over legs, I wonder why that guy thought it'd be okay.

I ended a 1.5 year relationship because when at a friend's birthday party I asked her not to get drunk enough that I needed to babysit her. She accepted two drinks from other guys, and openly flirted with others.

She got drunk enough that she dragged me to the bathroom for sex. I knew her well enough to know she was high on male attention and was horny because her ego was so inflated.

Those actions weren't bad, but I could see her taking extra steps over the course of six months. I wasn't going to put up with that shit.

There's ALWAYS another one out there. I found one that doesn't thrive on male attention, and it's been a wonderful three years.
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