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sup /b/, let me tell you a story about how...
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sup /b/, let me tell you a story about how i became attached to a chick and why you should avoid doing that with your life

>in my junior year of uni, pharmacology & toxicology major
>not a virgin, but i’ve never been in a serious relationship in my life
>join a student run organisation mostly catered towards business majors, because i honestly had nothing better to do with my free time
>start in the HR portfolio. the first interview i conducted was with this 8/10 chick who was going into her freshman year in commerce. we'll call her R
>R eventually ends up in my portfolio, where i become her director
>regional conference comes up. we bus there and i sit next to R on the trip and we talk the entire way there
>the conferences usually have pretty party heavy. the first night we go out to a club
>R is only 18 so she ended up staying in and studying for the entire night
>night 2 of the conference the party is in-house. R stays in their rooms drinking a bottle of vodka with coke
>at the party, out comes R who is drunk as fuck. she sees me and yells "ANON!", runs over and starts to grind her ass right on my dick
>get really uncomfortable because I am 4 years older than her and it feels almost a bit pedo
>eventually we break up and a friend of mine wants to get a place so the people we knew could party together. i said we could use my room because why not?
>goes to find R because i didn't want her to miss out
>sees her dancing with some random dude
>pulls her away from him, and tells her that there's a party going on in my room. the guy gives me a puzzled look and asks if she's with me
>i yell "she is now"
>go back to my room to party until it's 4 AM and i'm tired as fuck but it'd be a dick move to kick everyone out.
>R sees me on the couch about to crash, and tells me to follow her.

lurkin go on
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Dude c'mon faster
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>takes me to her room and tells me that i can sleep there until the party's over
>her roommate asks who i was. R tells her the situation
>get into the bed with R
>first we lie side by side with her left shoulder overlapping my right
>then eventually we start spooning
>i get a huge boner which sits on her ass
>R starts breathing pretty heavy and start kissing the base of her neck
>she doesn't pull away, just continues breathing heavily
>this goes on for a bit and eventually i pass out
>wake up the next morning with R's hair all in my face
>find my phone and go back to my room
>someone stole our booze, whatever
>the last day of the conference ends, i spend that mostly in my room hung over and throwing up
>R and i don't really keep in touch after the conference.
>we met every week for the portfolio meetings but that was really it.
>october rolls around and every year the organisation has to elect a new president.
>i'm pretty close friends with one of the runners, whom I'll refer to as T. T is running against 2 other candidates but he made the decision to run much, much, later. T is also my VP.
>T asks me to run his campaign for him
>run it essentially as a smear campaign against the other candidates
>T wins by 64% of the vote
>goes to the elections afterparty, chilling with everyone there
>R comes, go up to her and say hi
>she tells me that some of the things i did for the campaign were a little bit dirty and she didn’t think T would win, she was backing another one of the runners
>we keep talking for a bit, finds out that her parents were divorced since she was a kid; similar to mine
>eventually asks her if she’s running for a director/VP position, she says yes and asks me for advice
>tells her sure, and asks her if she wants to have dinner the night after
>she agrees

Saging my own post because reasons.

> grabs me by the arm, i get to her room and immediately NOPE
> on her bed is a large strap on dildo and she looks at me curiously
> i say no and she replies 'i have your mother and father locked up in a room
> ...if you dont do this, they die'
> she mounts me, lubed me up for a good 15 minutes beforehand
> awkward as fuck dot jpg
> she starts fucking me, and pulls out suddenly
> "anon, there is shit all over my bed"
> i tell her that is my fetish

i buried my parents the next week after they were found killed from unknown causes. dont ever get attached to a chick, /b/
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>at the dinner, we chat about various things
>i ask her if she’s in a relationship, which is surprisingly something i had not asked her before in our conversations. She tells me yes
>she’s in a long distance relationship with her HS boyfriend who goes to uni in the west coast
>i pay for the dinner anyways
>after the dinner, we bump into 2 mutual friends of ours and we play it cool. She asks all of us if we want to hang out at her place because it’s raining outside so go back to her dorm
>nothing really happens besides us talking about school stuff there. Eventually the two leave
>keep talking, but R keeps putting her hand ontop of mine. I refuse to hold it because what the hell?
>chat until it’s 5 in the morning
>the next few days we keep hanging out after lectures, and i continue to go to R’s every night and just chat until early morning
>get weed from my dealer, and teaches her how to roll a blunt, and takes her to make a fake ID to get booze
>have midterms for a day when im in a rush, so i leave my stuff at her place to grab it quickly after my midterm.
>after my midterm, i get to her place and notices that she’s very clearly upset, and asks her whats up
>literally starts crying and tells me that she doesn’t think she’ll get the VP position
>i’m usually a very collected person but i get very uncomfortable when people cry around me
>try to comfort her to no avail
>do the only thing that i thought might make it stop and kiss her
>initially she seemed stunned but to my surprise, she becomes receptive
>after about a minute i pull away and tells her i need to get going
>as soon as i step out of her dorm she texts me and asks me when im coming back
>tell her im coming back in 2 hrs to get my stuff
>”okay anon, just give me a call when you get back and i’ll let you in : )”

yes moar
Don't ask just keep going and type faster faggot
no shit, hurry the fuck up about it.
this had better end in sex
Oh Pee, where art though nice greentext threads.

I like happy endings. Especially ones where you bust a nut in her pussy.
surely op will deliver
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>call T and have a huge argument over his decisions for the VP position that R is applying to
>finish my lecture
>go back to R’s dorm
>we talk for about 3 minutes before we start making out again
>start groping her ass with one hand and run my other hand up her shirt
>she makes me stop
>we just French for about half an hour
>she needs to pee
>comes back, we continue frenching until i start getting light headed
>go home
>after this we start casually dating, movies and stuff. She doesn’t actually put out with me and she tells me that she doesn’t want to do something that “she might regret” because she has a boyfriend
> She’s completely submissive to everything i tell her to do except sex (heh). I tell her what to wear. She texts me pictures of the meals at her college and i tell her what to eat.
>eventually i also find out that shes bulimic, after we spend an hour on a date at froyo figuring out things we don’t know about each other, and she confesses when i tell her that i think shes anorexic or bulimic
>I tell her that she doesn’t need to be blah blah blah (she doesn’t, shes like 5’3 and weighs 105/110)
>one weekend i ask her what shes up to on Saturday during the day, she tells me that she’s busy
>usually i know her daily schedule, but i have no idea what shes up to on that day
>on Saturday night, i have dinner with my friends, until one of them mentions that a funny thing happened to her today when she bumped into R at lunch
>she tells us that a friend of hers, K, bumped into her and T today and told them that he was on a date with T’s VP of accounts (R’s position), T asks K if he’s sure that it’s a date because R is in a long distance relationship
>essentially K and R ended up having lunch together where R didn’t know it was meant to be a date and K didn’t know that R was in a relationship
>at this point i’m pissed off and i call R to confront her about it. She tells me that she didn’t know that K meant it as a date
>She tells me that she didn’t know that K meant it as a date
yeah but now you dont believe her because she wouldn't tell you what she was doing that day. so now you are drawn into the drama of the girl you are dating but not sleeping with who already has a boyfriend and blah blah blah this better end in angry sex
kinda, after that i had trouble trusting her
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keep going bro
type the fucking story niggerbitch
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>at this point i’m pissed off and i call R to confront her about it. She tells me that she didn’t know that K meant it as a date
>argue with her more, not sure what i wanted out of it
>she starts crying and hangs up
>we don’t really talk for the next few days
>become extremely angsty for the few days
>meet her a few days later during our transition meeting (my new position is the senior VP, and essentially her director (again)).
>open my skype on my laptop with her and tells her that she looks nice
>”yep, have you been throwing up?”
>we then joke for a bit and i ask her out again after the meeting
>she tells me that shes flying out to meet her boyfriend for the long weekend in Chicago next week
>we go on a date the night before she leaves and we end up watching skyfall
>go back to her place and make out and drink for a bit
>need to go uptown to go home and see my parents, she needs to get some work done before leaving
>leave R’s dorm, go back to my apt and pack abit
>on the train home, she texts me and tells me that shes done
>at that instant i decide that i want to see her
>texts her back saying that im going back
chicks man. fucking chicks.
>”really? Aren’t you on the train?”
>i go back to my place first to drop my stuff off
>then i get to R’s place
>she opens the door, then asks me “why did you come back?” in a clearly melancholy tone
>it’s pretty obvious that she was upset about something
>asks her if she’s been crying
>doesn’t answer
>tells her that if she had a fight with her bf she can tell me about it
>tells me that her boyfriend isn’t happy with the duration that she can stay
>makes up a speech about how shes gotten to be more mature than her boyfriend and the long distance relationship isn’t helping
>”you’re also not helping our relationship”
>stare at each other for awhile
>start making out very aggressively
>this time she isn’t really holding back
>takes off her pjs and starts sucking her tits
>she unzips and unbuttons my pants and takes out my dick
>starts jacking me off
>”i can’t”
>lets go of my dick
>flip her on her back anyways and starts to take off my pants
>Anon, i really can’t. Let’s just go to sleep
>lying in bed in the spooning position; same predicament as that night at the conference
>she starts grinding her ass into my dick, and i start grinding back
>playing with her tits with my left hand
>flips her so shes on her back
>grabs her hair and makes her face me with my right hand
>pull her hair and her head back and she makes the best gasping sounds
>start making out
>she doesn’t say anything
>grabs my jacket on the chair next to the bed
>she doesn’t say anything
>mfw i cant find my wallet
>mfw i left my wallet at home
Please type quicker anon, this is pretty interesting
[insert MOAR macro here]
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FFS type faster
waiting anon
>no fw
yo dun goofed OP
hurry up anon jesus
This nigga hasn't finished. Making me stay up coding while I wait for this shit to end.

>n-noo anon. I can't. Not until you practice atleast 5years of mavis becon
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>mfw my condom was in my wallet
>i tell her that i don’t have a condom
>she sighs, not sure if it’s a sigh of relief or disappointment
>we go to sleep
>the next morning we wake up and go out for brunch
>she tells me that she thinks we should stop
>tells me that initially we were just making out but every time we meet we take a step further
>tells me, again, that she doesn’t want to do anything that “she might regret”
>ask her what she means by that, she tells me that she “feels like she’s losing herself”
>what the fuck?
>tells her alright
>the next 2 weeks we hang out as essentially just friends. We’re both on the same executive team now but even though we aren’t seeing each other anymore, there’s still a pretty evident (to me) conflict of interest
>i assign the more experienced directors to her portfolio over others
>i assign nearly twice the budget into the Accounts portfolios under the excuse of travel and client servicing costs
>eventually, with the time we spend not seeing each other, i realise that im starting to become obsessed about this chick
>one day we’re alone in the office of this student organisation where she has to conduct an interview. I’m there because it’s quieter than most libraries on campus
>she asks me to sit in for the interview
>i do, pretty standard applicant, yawn
>after the interview, we chat about the applicant and what i thought of her
>the conversation pauses, and i’m sit adjacent to her
>awkward silence
>push her chair back, it tips over the wall behind us, and i put out my right arm to hold it in place
>start making out again
>slip my hand under her sweater, undo her bra and lifts it over her tits
>now she has pretty small tits since she’s a skinny girl, but they’re perky
>plays with her tits and makes out for some time
>hears noise outside of door
>she freaks out and immediately pulls her sweater over herself
>wait for abit
>no more sound from the outside
>goes to the washrom to redo her bra
Got any tit pics to share?

still lurking anon
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christ OP

if she wouldnt even let me fuck her for the first 2 months, do u think she'd let me take a picture of her tits?

funny thing is i asked her to snapchat her tits to me

and she drew a very poor outline of tits over her clothed top and i texted back "wow nice tits"

and her boyfriend saw the text and asked her what the fuck was with that and she couldnt show him that it was a joke because snapchat
op please type faster i must know the ending
>grind her drunk ass on your dick the first night
>acts indecisive
>Has long distance relationship
>acts sketchy
Those are direct signs of a Hoe. She just wanted a quick fuck. You only played yourself thinking otherwise. That's okay though. A lot of us have this firsthand experience. It's okay to invest yourself with a woman, just not hoes. You just filled your first Pok'edex entry for the all-too-common Hoe. next time, watch for these signs
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>fast forward a couple of weeks
>continue seeing each other casually and fooling around again
>not that much because finals
>most action happens on the office couch
>most of the stuff we do at home are dominant/submissive stuff but nothing very serious
>still not putting out
>next conference is coming up over 5 days over the new years
>she goes to see her mom in another state before the conference
>decide to surprise her at the conference
>buy a pair of handcuffs
>buy a $1000 tiffany locket
>oh yeah, i forgot to mention the other guy from her freshman orientation who was into her. Apparently they made out once when she was drunk during orientation, and he was after her or some shit. The reason i got her to locket was because i overheard her talking with her friend that he was a jew and got her a $25 locket or something for a dance where the guy’s supposed to buy the girl he wants to ask a gift
>at the conference, i preorder a room online (you get a roommate for the conference, no single rooms)
>about to make a very huge mistake
>after the first night of the conference i sneak her the copy of the keycard to the room i ordered and tell her to go there after the evening plenary
>she gets there and it’s apparent that shes nervous
>we make out for a bit and she asks me what did i want
>i tell her that i just wanted to chill with her that night because nothing else was happening
>”how long?”
>question kinda irritates me because i don’t know how to answer it
>make out for a bit again, move to the bed
>i flip her to her back and brings out the handcuffs
>tries to handcuff her
>she mutters “no”
>then gets up and starts to leave
>tells her to wait
>brings her in front of the mirror and puts on the locket
>tells me that she doesn’t want it
>”i tell her to take it and that if she doesn’t like it, she can throw it out”
>she leaves

it's a very long story, btw. spans across about 1.5 years
Please op I have things to do tomorrow
OP, you're an idiot.
How can you not expect her to fuck you around? She's already in a relationship. If she can cheat on her boyfriend, why won't she cheat on you?
There is nothing wrong with fucking her or doing sexual things with her, but don't expect loyalty at all.
Holy shit OP, did you just get led on or 1.5 years?

AND you bought her a $1,000 necklace before she even fucked you
lets wrap this up. She was an indecisive unfaithful bitch to all male parties involved. Anything else interesting to add, and what did you learn?
Honestly OP i was/am in a similar situation and I can tell from experience we're fucking idiots. At least i didn't buy my summer a thousand dollar gift. Just cut it loose mang.
File: 1307262226811.gif (64 KB, 557x392) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Holy shit OP. Maximum spaghetti.
>Tries to handcuff a flakey hoe
>buys a flakey hoe 1000 fuckin, yes, one fukin thousand dollar gift.
>not mad just disappoint.
This anon right here know how shit be. Mahnigga.jpg
is that it?
Yea that's pretty fucked dude.
Idk why you just friendzoned her. She was clearly down to just be your friend.
>ID EuogVMy7
>Not OP
oh also op dont keep condoms in a wallet. They can form micro sized holes and such. unless you want to be a father
Wrong ID.
But the comment still applies dude.

Plus ho's like her can learn a lesson about relationships if you friendzone them.
and the story end in with the OP being a super wuss thats clingy to a girl that never puts out. should have dropped her or made her commit bro.
Wrong ID.
But the comment still applies dude.


Plus ho's like her can learn a lesson about relationships if you friendzone them.

just saying, I would never go through that drama... But feels are feels. Eventually you kind of just take a step back and look at things objectively eventually.

Stability >
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>the next day we don’t really talk
>the next night we go to a bar for the evening event
>cowboys theme
>R dresses in a skimpy cowgirl outfit, short jean shorts and all
>there’s a small dance floor just full of people
>sees R in there grinding with a guy, probably drunk
>goes in and takes the guys cowboy hat and places it on my head
>guy is confused
>R sees this, giggles, and starts grinding on me
>locks her belly with my arm and we dance for a bit
>considers making out with her but we’re surrounded by people we know and we’d both be let go if people found out we were together
>guy takes his hat back
>don’t care
>after a bit she moves on
>goes and grinds on another guy
>i do the same thing
>second guy mouths “are you together?”
>i nod
>“oh shit sorry man”
>R then goes into the DJ’s booth and starts dancing
>i go up to her and tells her to stop, and asks her to come outside for a cigarette
>we smoke outside, and talk about how drunk we are
>we finish our cigarettes
>i tell her that i’m getting a cab back to the hotel for us
>she tells me that she still wants to dance
>starts heading back inside
>i grab her arm and tells her that shes too drunk
>as soon as this happens, the fucking bouncers all intervene
>she heads in
>i can’t get in anymore
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going to bed op is too slow

pic is for you OP, I think you need it
I know that feeling
File: DSC00113.jpg (65 KB, 480x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>im drunk as fuck, but still have enough sense in me to not pick a fight with 2 huge bouncers
>i ask them to get my coat
>check my cellphone; it’s 1:00 AM, the next bus back is in 30 minutes
>wait outside chainsmoking in the frigid cold for half an hour, occasionally chatting with friends who are out for a cigarette
>people come out at 1:30
>R is not amongst them
>wait another half hour
>some chicks from the rest of my exec board come out
>R is not with them either
>wanted to wait until i find R but they line up with me
>maybe she went back earlier and i missed her?
>after we take our seats R comes on the bus with some dude and they sit together
>get this extremely uneasy feeling in my stomach
>did they dance together
>did they make out?
>are they going back to the hotel to fuck?
>all i could think of with my drunk ass on the entire ride back
>instead, they just talked for a bit, and after they got off the bus R came over to our little EB group
>and there i was ready to confront the guy in front of a hundred other people a minute ago
>i confront R about the night before, and at the bar
>she gives me the answer like a bitch, something along the lines of how she isn’t going to do everything i want
>felt like slapping her across the face, punch the coffee tank next to me instead
>knocks it over
>conference committee president sees this
>comes over
>I tell her it was an accident, and we’re both drunk
>she was nice enough to tell me that she’ll have her people clean it up
>go back to my room
>the next day, she bumps into me and whimpers a “hey”, like she’s guilty or something
>i ignore her for the rest of the conference
u type slow
bump for your slow ass
Wow... I can't believe I stayed up for this story.

It's making me sad man... But I can't go to sleep now... :'(

Sorry if I was being OP man. I'm just looking at things objectively. If you really fall for a girl. Take a step back and look at things objectively.
Bump for feels
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>the winter semester starts
>we haven’t really talked or done anything in about 3 weeks
>until one day, we go on a marketing meeting together
>we finish the meeting and the client asks us if we wanted to grab a drink
>she gets hot milk because 18, me and the guy have a couple of beers
>we can both tell that the other person is very bored and wants out
>i make up a story about how i have to wake up early for a lab the next day and shouldn’t drink anymore
>we get out of the bar, and she asks me if i wanted to grab coffee
>we get coffee and we start talking about us
>she tells me that she thinks she made a mistake and hope we can be friends
>i tell her that i don’t want to be friends with her
>tell her that i was happy with what we had and i want that
>she asks me why, and i tell her that i don’t want to explain it in a public place because it’s a long story
>she tells me that we can talk about it at her place
>go back to her dorm
>sit her down
>tells her about my past casual relationships and how none of them worked out and how i think and want this to work out
>tells her that i don’t want her in my life as just a friend because she has nothing to offer to me
>walk out
>she says “wait”
>pause for dramatic effect
>close the door behind me
I seriously hope you either got some and now live happily ever after or cut it off already cause that relationship is never going to be worth what you put into it. Like i said i been there.
hurry up nigger i wanna sleep sometime this week
>hot milk
what the fuck?
>Pause for dramatic effect
I'm really hatin' these life story threads. Why not just write up your whole damn Greentext in the OP and let anons call you a dumbass for wasting 1.5 years of your life from there?
stop with the cliffhangers you slow nigger
>mfw OP is mad cause he got cheated on by a woman he helped cheat on someone else.

We've long since established he's a faggot. Now we're just waitin' around to see exactly how big of a faggot he really is.
The feels though

Keep going friend
I am going to kill somebody
Now... This is just... Too much... Too much.
File: DSC_0026.jpg (256 KB, 500x754) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
256 KB, 500x754
>the next day she casually texts me asking me if i still wanted to do some of the things we planned to do together (graffiti at a local park, smoke weed and watch a movie together, etc).
>i text her sure but when i have time
>on the Friday of that week, after our meeting, she asks me what i was doing after
>i tell her that im free if she wants to hang out
>immediately i ask her if she wants to get desserts at a place that i went with my friends a few months earlier, one that i wanted to go with her before all the drama
>she says sure
>we get chocolate fondue, and the entire dinner consisted of me trying to make out with her looking like an ass and her dodging my kisses
>afterwards i walk her home
>we stop in front of a huge mirror in a small plaza on the way back
>i place her in front of me and we stand staring at our reflections for some time
>then i lean down to make out with her, this time she doesn’t resist
>start walking back to her place
> i get a text from T asking if i wanted to join him and some people from the organisation for beer at a bar
>about to turn a corner
>tells R to wait
>imap search for the bar i was just told about
>its right around the fucking corner
>for some reason, R and I start running the other way
>stop when she’s out of breath, and we make out again with her back against a chain link fence
>start to unbutton her jacket
>tells me to wait
>get back to her place
>she takes off her coat and tells me shes going to brush her teeth first
>think to myself fuck that
>pushes her onto her bed and she lets out a little squal
>take off my pants and get in the bed with her
If he doesn't actually fuck her at this point, I'm sayin' "Fuck this" and goin' to bed.
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Thank god i better be almost over. Either shit or get off the pot man.
This next one better be a long one
yfw spaghetti
Aye op bitch. Hurry up & reply
File: DSC_0098.jpg (83 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
83 KB, 640x480
>we are lying in bed, looking each other in the eye
>start to get hard
>feel a hand run up my leg
>see her breathing a bit hard
>asks if I like what I see
>guide her hand to my zipper
>she unzips my fanny pack by mistake
>spaghetti falls out
>try to clean it up with my sock
>start to cry
>get embarrassed and fart watery diarrhea all over my man skirt
>smear shit all over the window and ask her to marry me
>mfw she said no
wait im dumb wrong id nvm

the way you speak about yourself in third person is irritating the fuck out of me man
That ID though.
Well at least you admit it.
File: DSC_0016.jpg (129 KB, 600x398) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
129 KB, 600x398
>spend a couple of minutes making out and undressing in bed
>shes in her panties and i start fingering her
>takes my hand out and spanks her
>starts to grind herself on my thigh
>finally take her panties off
>have condom this time
>start off missionary but extremely uncomfortable because of the small bed
>flips her over on her stomach
>she complains about being crushed so i plank myself
>finish over her back
>she cleans herself and goes to take a shower
>i fall asleep
>the next day, we wake up and she’s clearly upset
>tells me she’s never letting me in her place after 9 PM again
>gives me the whole “we shouldn’t have done that” speech
>fast forward one week
>we haven’t really seen each other except for once in the office
>after that she’s been obviously avoiding me
>when i confronted her about it, she tells me that it was too stressful cheating on her boyfriend with me, especially when she was visiting him
>at this point i start becoming paranoid about her dating some other guy
>now, i’m pretty good looking, nice face, fit, 3.8 cGPA.
>and at this point in time, i’m completely obsessed with her
>i start looking into her facebook friendslist for guys who are better than me on paper
>i find this one guy whom ive seen her chatting recently over on facebook, let’s call him E
>the more time we spend not together, the more paranoid i grow. Everytime we are together i forget about all the paranoia
>everything peaks when i ask her for her laptop for some excuse and quickly go through her facebook message history
>find E, check message history
>it fucking shows that the last time they messaged was nearly 2 weeks ago
>when i clearly saw them messaging a few days ago out of the corner of my eye
>at this point in time i start to believe that shes seeing the other guy, and i start giving her the cold shoulder
>first she texts me why, and asks me to at least be professional as it was hindering work
>i honestly don’t give a shit about the “work” we do
hes not tho...

I am floored.
>this goes on for a bit and eventually i pass out
OP is a fag
And the "Faggot Meter" just keeps on rising.

>we keep talking for a bit, finds out that her parents were divorced since she was a kid; similar to mine
>eventually asks her if she’s running for a director/VP position, she says yes and asks me for advice
>tells her sure, and asks her if she wants to have dinner the night after
>she agrees

are you touched in the head?

captcha: find encock
I feel for you anon, I've gon through a very similar story.

Hopefully this dram ends well...
Finally you fucked her... BUT WAS IT WORTH.

If he shoots himself

Which I hope he does

Fuck nigger hurry up
File: 1400180276454.jpg (43 KB, 403x377) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43 KB, 403x377
Alright night
C'mon, like you've never chased a white stag?
Everybody walk the fucking dinasour
aside from adding the letter s a few times he doesnt talk in third person at all. just errors dingus
Hahahahaha 10/10

Captcha: strapun Ram
>eventually summer break came along, R goes and spends a couple of weeks with her mom
>at this point in time, im hired for a marketing intern position at a partner firm of our student organisation, my best friend on the team, we’ll call her L, also works there
>the third position is taken by R
>a few days into the first week, it becomes apparent to L (who is the VP of finance) that there was some bad history between R and myself
>eventually asks me about it
>I tell her everything
>she advises me to drop the entire thing and forget R
>tell her that i already drop it, but i figured that i should make amends
>talk to R over the phone that night, tells her that everything should be normal again
>everything is fine for the next few weeks
>until one day, L is not in
>now, we have our own little office to work in
>R asks me in the middle of the day if she can tell me something
>she then tells me that her workload is pretty stressful and that T has been on her ass about some accounts that weren’t being properly looked after
>then she breaks down
>hug her, tells her that everything will be okay
>asks her if she wants to take a breath of fresh air, get some coffee
>go to the nearest starbucks
>chat, i make a joke referencing how the first time she broke down in front of me i took advantage and made out with her
>chuckle for a bit, neither of us has anything to add
>start staring at each other
>go in for the kiss, she turns her head
>she starts giggling and tells me “i have faster reflexes now”
>”oh yeah?”
>nabs her on the second try
>start making out in the middle of starbucks
>start feeling her up underneath the table we were sitting at
File: 1401628736239.jpg (29 KB, 221x220) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29 KB, 221x220
Oh how I wish I had the "Dense Motherfucker" macro on me.

>mfw all the initials to the letters spell something
Don't you 404 on me. Still lurkin
type faster you fucking nigger
God damn it OP hurry up
Holy fuck. There better be a good reason for why he's posting this shit on bee.

I feel like something crazy happened, because this doesn't feel greentext worthy anymore.
I'm out OP types as fast as I run.
>Spoiler alert
>it's not worth it in the end
It never is.
>dem feels
File: DSC_0025.jpg (62 KB, 600x398) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
62 KB, 600x398
>we start seeing each other casually again
>i ask her if she’d break up with her boyfriend for me, she tells me that it’s something she cant do
>at this point in time, i FINALLY realise that if she won’t break up with her boyfriend, we aren’t going anywhere
>so we stop seeing each other
>This is the part of the story where i introduce F
>F was also a freshman and was hired one semester after R was
>F was a premed major just like me
>this guy though, he was stellar, captain of the waterpolo team, probably a 4.0 GPA
>during the third conference we attended, when I was giving R the cold shoulder the entire time, I noticed R getting close to F
>now, F had a girlfriend at that time, and it was pretty hilarious to see R’s disappointed face when F’s girlfriend actually showed up to the nightclub we went to
>eventually F became the secretary for the exec board. Every single meeting R would insist on sitting next to F
>even though i was giving R the cold shoulder at that time, i still wanted to get rid of F
>so i eventually started to complain to F about how he’s trying to handle too many things at the same time and it was showing in his work quality
>told him not to overwhelm him and only do things that will benefit him if his ultimate goal was med school
>told him that the organisation work he was doing was pointless and he had little to gain for it, and that i only did it because i have close friends in the organisation
>eventually he quit
>over the rest of the summer R didn’t really talk to F again
>fall semester started
>at this point in time i don’t really think about R anymore, it’s my final year and i begin having financial issues
>i start spending everything with my credit card because i’m always short on cash
>one day, im on facebook and i see that
>R is now single
atleast finish this already
This is gonna go on for another 2 hours and just end in you crying in a corner with a bucket of ice cream after F swoops in and goes steady with the slut, ain't it?
You really should just write a book... I'd rather read that.

Your greentext takes too long.
Fuck I am not down to do complicated algorithms right now. I've just ploughed through all the code monkey shit and actually have to do some calculus.

Fack, I'm just gonna go play some MGS and hope this finishes.
Fuck it, if slow and steady is the goal you might as well just telegraph the thing to us.
Sorry cartesian equations. THIS IS WHAT NO SLEEP DOES TO ME.
>i immediately go on F’s facebook page
>no relationship status
>now, F was the guy who couldn’t shut the fuck up about his girlfriend and vice-versa
>his new DP
>girlfriend is not in the likes
>i message R and ask her if she broke up with her boyfriend
>she tells me she did
>ask her why
>tells me that “she didn’t want to keep him waiting in the long distance relationship, and that it wasn’t fair for him”
>funny because a month earlier she told me that she had a talk with her BF about their relationship and she was more serious with her BF
>a week later, the 2013 elections take place, L wins
>at the afterparty, both F and R are there
>F is just chilling with some of his old friends, F and I start talking about breaking bad, etc
>see R in the corner not really doing anything
>go up to her and start to talk to her
>asks her out for coffee over the weekend
>she agrees
>at our little date, I ask her if F broke up with his GF
>she tells me yes
>she then tells me that it’s funny, because F broke up with his GF a week before she broke up with her BF
>even despite this, i ask her out on a second date
>then another
>and another
>we go out a few times over the course of a couple of months
>like i mentioned before, i was tight on cash during my fall semester
>i figure that since she broke up with her boyfriend, i can finally start going steady with her
>i start skipping meals, which completely ruins my workout routine
>just so i can pay for dinner
>L notices this
>tells me that if i think i’ll be happy with R, go for it
>but not at the cost of my health
>tells me that it’s clear that i am obsessed with R and tells me that it’s one-sided
>i didn’t listen to her, i thought she was just being a know-it-all bitch just because she was in a long term relationship
Wtf OP. I literally went a jerked off. Came back to check the story and you still haven't fucking finished.

I hope the story ends with you losing a ball.
this nigger types too slow, I need sleep.

someone repost this shit tomorrow if OP ever finishes
Kinda hopin' he loses both.
Shit he did is the kinda faggotry we don't need propagatin' in the species.
who is that couple op keeps posting
him and her
File: 1401340545678.gif (1 MB, 350x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 350x240
No one wants to read the rest because you take way to fucking long you stupid fucking dense mother fucker go die in a hole I hope you and r die in a god dam car crash you fucking quer
>R, L, F, T

There nigger, since you're obviously trying to go through the alphabet in this story.
come on i'm reading this from a hour already
I'm waiting for an "O" so he can ROTFL at us.

Don't forget about E
Shit I hope it isn't them.
He looks like a faggot and she is NOT a 8/10.

Shits starting to piss me of to the point I wanna dig through Facebook and try to find both the little fucks dox
File: 3.jpg (266 KB, 1001x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
266 KB, 1001x1024

4 years older than her = pedo? What the fuck

My dad is 12 years older than my mother, happily married for almost 40 years. My brother in law is 6 years older than my sister.

Everyone always looking for a bf-free girl within one solar year of their own age, its fucking retarded. Mfw this is how betas actually think.
File: DSC_0073.jpg (332 KB, 464x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
332 KB, 464x700
>eventually it slows down between R and I
>eventually she tells me that she doesn’t want to lead me on and she will eventually start seeing new people ontop of me
>i ask her what’s wrong with the two of us
>she tells me that she doesn’t want anything serious after her breakup
>what the hell?
>i tell her that we can enjoy what we have and take our time
>finals come along
>one night i’m at the office studying, but about to go home
>check facebook
>F is going to an event that R’s roommate, O, is going to, some latino salsa shit
>F doesn’t know any one of O’s friends at the event
>R is invited, but did not RSVP
>i go to the clubhouse that the event was hosted at, the interior is visible from the outside
>i see O inside
>no sign of F or R
>i decide to stay and stand out in the cold and see what happens
>half an hour later, R comes along with F
>not holding hands
>goes inside the clubhouse
>like a fucking psycho, i watch them from outside the building
>for 2 fucking hours
>i wanted to see something happen
>i wanted to see them make out or whatever so i can tell myself that R is a whore cunt and move on with my life
>but they don’t, instead they just eat Mexican food and then move to another room and talk
>eventually the event ends
>everyone leaves, I go into the engineering building across the street
>mfw R and F also enter the building
>i go into the hallway parallel to the one they’re walking in, all the while asking myself what the fuck i was doing
>i follow their sound until its gone, i go into the hallway they were walking in
>they aren’t there
>i walk towards the exit
>they come out from the corridor perpendicular to the one i was in
>oh shit

Called that "O" shit.
File: 1400891191641.gif (2 MB, 315x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 315x240
I fucking hate your guts nigger fucking an hero allready
And now we fucking have O. Still no end in sight though.
Fuck op it is six am I have work faggoy
go on you stupid nigger
I thought a girl calling my phone 3 months straight begging for my cock was bad of her.

I literally want nothing more in the world other then to see you die a horrible death

I totally called this.
half expected
> My brother is 6 years older than my sister, happily married !

/b/, those things you have done to me.
Worst OP in the history of 4chan
this story is weird...he admits he is obsessed with her. he stalks her the whole time, even accessed her FB and cant seem to give her up even though she continues to push him away. I sense this is going to end with restraining orders and group therapy sessions.

Good luck OP, you sure going to need it with your screwed attitude
op said she had small boobs tho so it cant be
Wait, 1.5 years and she's still 18?

OP confirmed for full of shit
It is weird.
Though my girlfriend is only 1.5 years older than me, so I really can't talk much about acceptable age differences.
he said the all story duration was 1,5 years idiot
Would you calm tf down for 2 seconds, holy shit.

Someone screencap this shit and post it in like 12 hours, I got work.

Or Op finally posts ending, that'll work too.
Fuck I'm so tired.... I'm going to take a shower and come back this thread is ridiculous
some /b/itch needs to add up all the months and shit.
I hate you you filthy nigger
Ye DW heaven I'll screencap the sauce. I posted some stupid shit anyway. I really want to go for a run. But this fucker isn't done! :(
I feel like there will be a hidden message with all these letters you use
File: Picture007.jpg (11 KB, 320x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11 KB, 320x240
>act surprised
>R asks me what i was doing there that late
>tells her im going to L’s to chill
>ask them wht they were doing
>R looks guilty as fuck and tells me that they were at her roommate’s Mexican shit event
>we walk out
>F is going to study for his finals in the library
>R is going home
>i call L and ask her if i can come over to make the act believable, she says sure
>i walk R home
>i ask her why F was there
>she makes up some bullshit excuse about how he said he could do salsa
>apparently F spent the entire time crying to R about his ex
>walk R home
>at the entrance to her apt (she moved out of dorm), we make out
>she asks me if i’m here to save her day or some shit like that
>i go to L’s to chill
>tell L the entire thing
>L tells me to break it up with R again, i ignore her again
>the next day, i ask R if she broke up with her BF because F broke up with his GF
>she tells me no, she tells me that her and F are good friends just like how L and I are good friends
>she reiterates why she broke up with her ex
>she tells me that shes now over her ex
>i start stalking R’s facebook hard, along with Fs
>find out that F is into fucking musicals
>finds out that R has recently liked a song from a musical on youtube
>i text R and ask her if she wants to watch the play together
>she tells me that shes going to watch it with O
>i don’t buy it
>on the Saturday of the last day of her finals, i call her cellphone with caller id blocked during the play
>and like i expected, it went straight to voice mail
>i call F with the same result
>i call them again after the play finishes
>they pick up
>i hang up
>the next day, when i was sure that i was making the decision i was about to make, i text R
>”let me know how the play was after you watch it with F”
>That was the last thing i sent to her
>We never spoke afterwards
>A month later, in January, i found out that she was dating F through another mutual friend
OP is double nigger.
fuck this this is taking way to long
Op is really setting us up to walk the dinosaur
Ending soon
I. Fucking.
Called it.
God dammnit, feel like I wasted almost as much of my life as this faggot did readin' this shit.
File: 1399609208134.gif (2 MB, 500x322) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 500x322
No op is worse then dirty Dans fuck toy
That picture is R isn't it. Cuz reverse image search shows moot.
You are the worst fucking story teller there has ever been
Can i get an o?
>yes there are 0 fucks given

im starting to think that OP is intentionally doing this weird story to rustle our jimmies. bwahah
Fucking women man, I feel for you OP, im in a similar situation, shit sucks, be strong OP be strong
inb4 this is some skank who is actually "R" and not the guy. Tits or GTFO.

Image isn't found anywhere else. Meaning it is her own persona; image. From a webcam obviously. Of a chick in a towel. Clearly this "R" and just fucking with us.

Tits or GTFO.
You are in a similar situation and not trying to get out of it, why?
Do you not see all of us screaming about what a huge faggot OP is for doin' this crap?
This story is familiar. I have read it somewhere
I've got a bad feeling about how this thread ends.
Also if you look at these photos, they are ALL taken from the girl's perspective. Troll detected.
File: 1401949014463.gif (498 KB, 500x593) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
498 KB, 500x593
File: ZBuSaNE.png (447 KB, 720x528) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
447 KB, 720x528
just here doing god's work
top kek at everyone on 4chan turning into detectives
I thank you for the service and provisions you have provided this day.
File: Picture024.jpg (12 KB, 320x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12 KB, 320x240
>In March, which was 4 months after the last text I sent to R, i bump into F
>he sees me and yells “hey man”
>i ignore him
>he walks over and grabs me by the shoulder “anon, you don’t recognise me?”
>i stare at him, and i begin to fucking SEETHE. This man is the reason why everything went wrong between me and R. Him meeting R was the coincidated time where R started to try to shove me out of her life. I hated everything about this man. I hated the fact that he was 6’4 and me 5’11, I hated his fucking haircut, his ROTFL shirt with the Abercrombie jeans with some only them can have but to not.
>With my rage, i slammed my fist into his gut
>he stood there stunned, bent over
>slowly he lifted his head and stared at me with a confused but angry look
>he squeezed my shoulder, hard, i let out a squeal
>then he lifted his hand off of me
>nervous, as im about to fight into the get around i looked and saw people lifting their arms and letting them flap like marionettes
>i look back at F, he lifted his legs up one after the other
>and everybody got up and started to walk the dinosaur
You deserved this for caring this much about a bitch you weren't exclusive with.

Fuck You.
Oh would you look at the time? That's a shame.
fuckin called it
File: 1394775362829.jpg (94 KB, 480x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
94 KB, 480x640

too late to rage, meh
OP is god
>his ROTFL shirt
yea when I think about it.
Why would a dude ever spend this much time greentexting shit like this.

[spoiler]OP is most definetly R, as her "persona"[/spoiler]

latLng = results[0].geometry.location;

going to cry myself to sleep. meh.
Called it long ago. Takes the sting away if you know what's happening.

5/10 for effort.
fucking 10/10 god damn it
you , sir , are an asshole and i hate you
File: 1401705462164.gif (424 KB, 600x338) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
424 KB, 600x338
Not even mad. I stayed up reading this whole thing

2/10 for the effort ,wasn't even remotely clever and everyone already figured it out...
you're a cunt
I lol'd.
3 hours and 50 minutes of fun

how do u feel op
top lel OP. I'm going to bed.

You are funny. Atleast I got work done while I was waiting for your greentexts.

Night femanon.
You should post tits because all the time you made us waste like really op
Fuck OP.

That is all.
glad i didn't read everything. Im the true winner here fucking plebs

Is the OP gone?
Can I get off this ride now?

10/10? The ending didn't even make fucking sense. He forced the dinosaur shit. The ROFTL Tshirt shit too.

People are fucking retards for what's 10/10 anymore
File: robyn2.jpg (40 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40 KB, 640x480
alright fine

the story is SOMEWHAT true

here's the real "R"
I don't know why everyone is getting mad. This shit was easy to figure out and has clearly been fake long ago.

It's not hard guys.
It was actually a decent story until he fucked the girl. Then he just became an emotionally attached fucker.
File: 1399613792689.gif (2 MB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 500x281
Don't be this gay op at least give us tits
File: robyn1.jpg (36 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
36 KB, 640x480
these are the only 2 nudes i have of her
Alfred once told me, either you end the story soon and die as a Bestseller or you let go on long enough to become a Bible
for real op can i get more of that couple they're hella cute
Your a lieing cunt
File: breakingbad513.jpg (82 KB, 600x338) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
82 KB, 600x338

Ending was weak and forced.
It's cool girl... Guy... Whatever.

She's hot. I dig the bangs... But the tits weren't worth it. See ya Oh pee.
OP was getting tired, give her a break.
so how did it end?
Its ok man, trying to make a happy ending to your lifes story.
>them feels...
Well, Google Image Search returns jack-all, so...
She's hot at least?
Fuck OP, I was really into the romantic story. Did you just do the dinosaur because people were suggesting it and badgering you or what?
If thats R who's the couple in the other pics? You and L?

I'm guessing she was L and she felt like trolling /b/tards like us.

Cuz I can imagine L would do that.
File: 1370282751818.jpg (9 KB, 250x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9 KB, 250x250
>Thinking a single word of this story was true
>being this fucking pleb

Shiggity Diggity
Would have been better to fresh prince it since your opening lime was let me tell you a story how
>my life got twisted turned upside down
>it will only take a 3.5 hours just veg right there
>ill tell you all a story of how i became a beta fag
File: Fallen_fluttershy.png (190 KB, 1106x723) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
190 KB, 1106x723
Merely speculation.
Even from a logical standpoint Oh Pee is most likely a girl.

And besides:
>Taking anything posted on /b/ seriously.

I'm honestly glad to hear that this story isn't true, because it was such bullshit
"R" is Robyn
bitches be bitches man, I made the same mistake, I fell in love with a girl i was casually fucking. then dating and fucking for over a year(almost 2). but in the end she would never love me back.
she had wanted to stay friends but I ended it.

I ask myself why get worked up over 1 girl, there's millions of other options out there. but in the end you cant really help it. the time and effort you put into being with some one else is valuable. for many reasons and its insulting and hurtful when a person you cherish and love won't return those feelings. and fucks with you.
top kek
L would never do that to her friend
so can anyone summarize in maybe two sentences why i shouldn't become attached to a chick? one sentence would be preferred actually.
3rd personing it again
no shit sherlock
Chicks are vacuums who steal every bit of your soul until you're a dried husk of a person.

Have meaningless encounters and 1 night stands and live life how you want to.
This story could pass for happy ending pasta if the guy got with L.

What if they vacuum your dick?
Sure thing femanon... sure thing. Also I'm gonna post the screencap soon.

Except her tits aren't small you lying cunt
Vacuums are okay, just only on your penis. Nothing else.

Don't bug me while I'm cleaning my room.
pffft i saw these pictures in a thread months ago.
I will find you OP.
I will, find you.
All of my keks to this
Yea... Why did no one leak the nudes somewhere else then? Huh???

Here's the screencap on imgur:
Holy fuck... It is unreadable on imgur... Fuckkkkk it's too large.
Let me put it on postimage:
Fuck you OP. Just... fuck you.
ohman that was a really bad story
not really immersive, 3/10 for trying
is her last name saddler, anon?
that was the most drawn out shit I've ever read

I regret this. I'm just glad I didn't stay here f5ing but still fuck you OP
File: 1401630652327.jpg (39 KB, 374x347) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
39 KB, 374x347
File: 1395016390634.jpg (68 KB, 720x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
68 KB, 720x960
Sorry to hear that, OP. I know just how you feel. Pretty much an identical thing happened to me.

>be 34
>outside one day, on the bus
>see total 9/10, brown hair, cute face
>with this older woman who looks about 40
>the 9/10 catches me staring, I swear she smiles after turning away to look out the window
>thoughts start racing as I look at the back of her head
>start sweating, little bit of pre cum, nothing that shows through my pants though
>tired of being beta, work myself up into alpha mindset.
>I make the preparations - write my number on a stiff tissue, ensure erection is safely secured under belt, quickly eat a mint
>walk straight over to the 9/10, make sure to look her in the eye, wide smile
>say "hi there, you look so beautiful, I'm anon. here's my number, call me if you want to have some fun and take this to the next level"
>try to hand her my number
>that 40yr old woman with her gives me the dirtiest look, and snatches my number away before the 9/10 can take it
>suprised, I say "w-why did you do this?" to the 40yr old
>she just says "Get away from my daughter, now"
>I mutter back, "but I was only..."
>she interrupts and angrily spits "she's 11 years old, what the hell were you thinking? If you don't leave us alone now I'll call the police and tell the driver to keep you here"
>I'm literally stunned
>I feel my cheeks turning red
>I silently move back to my seat, the whole bus is looking at me now
>spend the rest of the bus ride looking at the floor, thinking how great my life with the 9/10 could have been

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A million times better than OP!
a true piece of art only to be surpassed by j.k rolling
Meh, I care about this post almost as much as anybody cares about 'heaven's opinion
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