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>What's the most sexually immoral...
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>What's the most sexually immoral thing you've ever done /b/
When you answer try to post the actual story, whether that's in greentext or just regular paragraph style.
i forced my girlfriend to have sex while on her period.
I once got off to a picture of my sister

sexually and immoral? like rape? or fucking while robbing a bank?
Jeez.. before the pill that was the only time girls were certain to screw.
When I was a kid, I molested my younger sister alot.

I'm not going into details.
> I cheated on my ex.
> Then when I told my ex.
> Fucked her while she was sobbing saying she hated me.
>start going out with girl
>known her for years
>pretty good friends and always had feelings
>anyway, still dont think it will go too far
>generally fuck things up by trying to keep other girls on the go
>figure this will be no different
>have one girl going while have this gf
>solid 9/10 , gf is 7/10
>cant ever go out with this 9/10 because liev to far away
>circumstance psut us near eachother every once in a while
>last time i saw her was beofre getting with gf
>now will be able to see here month after getting with gf
>been texting her, decide to see her

Cntd? its not written out
convince my psyco ex to let me piss on her face. started by just pissing on her leg in the shower. then asked her to sit down and let me piss on her tits and acted like its no big deal. after a while just started going up on her neck and face bit by bit. she got mad for a whike then just didnt mind. also spit on her face while shes blowing me, then would put her in the shower after and piss on her before she washes :)

dont worry she is a cunt and emotionally broken.

yeah pretty much.
I was sleeping over at my best friend's house and I fucked his ass while he slept.
The first time I got head from my gf I busted it in her mouth with no warning, she swallowed it, the told me not to do it again. Not that bad
still get off to the thought though
Why haven't you killed yourself yet?
OH WOW, fucking summerfag. I've had a sexual relation with my sister since I was 10 and she was 13.
How the fuck did he sleep through that?
Did anything happen to you when you were young?
You lucky chode. How did you get her to do that?
i fucked a chick who was pushing 200 lbs i weigh like 140

he has a very small penis
Well, when I was 10 I was taking a bath and she came in to pee and she let me watch. Then when I got out she showed me how to eat pussy and she showed me what a blowjob was. When I was 12 and she was 15 she let me stick it in. At age 17 she was 20 and we tried anal, not that great tbh. 4 years later and we're still at it
I may have paid an underage hooker to put on a strap on and peg me.
When i was 13 o masturbating in a Public parking
>force chick to give bj
>say I'm going to fuck you
>"no anon, I'm not on BC"
>say I have a condom I really want to fuck you
>"o-ok" anon
>fuck for a few mins
>tells me to pull out even with condom
>say ok
>rip off condom right before cumming
>blast huge load super deep
>pull out and drive home

she never knew my name.
>Things between the wife and I had gone to shit for a while. She wouldnt talk about our issues or anything at all. She was never in the mood for sex. And she would stay up all night and keep me from being able to jerk off. So I got a prescription for Ambien from my doctor and told her to take it. After a few nights, I decided to test how deep a sleep she was in. I touched her chest....no reaction. Then I touched her pussy over her PJs...no reaction. I kept escalating like this every night until I found that, as long as I wasnt rough, I could do whatever I wanted to her. I fucked her in the pussy every night and even managed to start fucking her in the ass. As long as I wasnt rough, she didnt wake up. And if she did, memory loss insured she wouldnt remember.

After a couple months of that, I told her I had a sleep sex fetish and asked her if she would be willing to indulge it. Her response, "As long as you dont wake me...do anything you like." She has a higher tolerance for it now, but I fuck her in her sleep at least a couple times a week.
pics or it didnt happen
That's hot. I wish my girlfriend was into it.
How have you dealt with it?
>broke up with ex some time ago.
>knew she had a boyfriend but we had a place together and couldn't get her to leave
>she had a bad drinking problem and would pass out drunk a lot.
>every time i found her passed out drunk i would take complete advantage of her.
>fuck her in her ass pussy, throat fuck her. She would just be passed out as fuck threw out the hole thing.
>she woke up one time and looked at me and said dont fuck me in the ass, then passed out. The next day she asked me if anything happened, i said no. She finally left. GREAT success.
>best sex i ever had with her.
I went to church once
I pretty regularly with fuck my ex and my current gf on the same day. I try to give myself a couple hours in between so my cock is more responsive. Worst thing I did was probably fucking my ex, doing a quick washcloth wipe down of my cock and then getting blown by my current girl. If she smelled/tasted anything, she didn't mention it.
>As long as you dont wake me...do anything you like
lucky as fuck
File: grinch.jpg (253 KB, 1680x1050) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
253 KB, 1680x1050
>Been with girlfriend for two+ years
>She won't have sex with me anymore
>Blames it on her medication
>Doesn't explain why she has a vibrating dildo
>Don't really feel like cheating
>Not sneaky enough and she's too snoopy
>Makes me extremely resentful

>One day I get extremely horny
>My cock is bursting through my pant seams horny
>Ask for a quickie before she goes to work
>She's obviously not going to fuck me
>Wait for her to leave then
>"Time for a clean up"
>Get into the shower and piss all over myself
>Finger my ass clean while blasting it with water
>My body is ready
>Get into her "secret" drawer
>Pull out this pink monstrosity
>Seriously, it puts any average guy to shame
>The girth is retarded
>Grab the flavored lube we once used
>I'm so ready to go at this point
>Pour lube directly onto my ass and finger it in until it's like a slip n' slide
>Put some on her battery operated boyfriend for good measure
>Position it in between my ass cheeks in squatting position
>Lower myself and let it's relationship ruining essence fill my very core
>Dat girth
>Hard to adjust to it at first
>I'm trying hard not to jerk off
>Start to ride it
>It's the piston and my asshole is the cylinder
>Can't contain myself
>One stroke
>Two strokes
>I'm done
>Cum blasts everywhere
>Sudden shame fills me because I have to clean this shit up
>Wait why do I care
>Just wash her B.O.B. with hand soap and water
>If she suspects something she hasn't asked
>I mean how do you approach that subject anyway
>"I think you're ass-fucking my pink vibrating dildo"
>yeah right
Would love to hear this story but only if you would learn English......

>"I think you're ass-fucking my pink vibrating dildo"
>yeah right

>jerked off to the thought of family members (cousins, aunt, [spoiler] even my mom [/spoiler])
>jerked off using my moms thong
>jerked off using my sister in laws thong
Whats weird is I don't find any of them attractive, and I wouldn't want to fuck them under any circumstances, but I still jacked off to em. Idk man...
Faggot and a beta too, if a bitch does that why wouldn't you just leave?
File: chix wow.jpg (14 KB, 240x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
chix wow.jpg
14 KB, 240x320
Fucked a nigger
Felt funny
asked her to show me her teeth cuz i couldnt see her in the dark
had fun
It's all in the approach. You gotta talk about it so that it doesn't sound rapey. Pitch it as a control thing. Say, "Hey, I've always been curious about this...not because I want to take advantage of someone, but because I like the idea of being completely in control and being able to focus on myself while still being intimate with a woman. That's why I wanted to talk to you about it...I don't want to do anything to violate your trust."

It's actually transitioned into some interesting things. She now associates going to bed and taking her ambien with sex, so she'll get really horny when she takes her ambien. Wait about half an hour and it's like having crazy drunken sex with someone with no limits. And sometimes, she'll wake up during and just go with it and start moaning like crazy or pushing back against me. It's, oddly enough, really improved our marriage. She's always in a good mood when she wakes up.
Because any sane person having an incest relationship would take pictures of it happening or have any nude pictures of their own sister on their phone. Get the fuck outta here
Does she get wet, do you use lube?
I would approach it like sex. I'd make sure there was foreplay...I'd rub her clit, stimulate her g-spot, etc. She would have orgasms in her sleep. I usually made sure she had an orgasm before I'd fuck her. She's the kind of woman who is pretty much always wet. A couple of times she wasn't, so I used lube. I ALWAYS use lube when I fuck her in the ass. I actually apply a little bit of liquid anbesol, which has benzocaine in it. Numbs her asshole, then I lube it and loosen it up a bit, and I can pretty much be balls deep in her ass within 5 minutes.
Would a story about shameful illegal sex with a girl too old for me (I was twelve at the time) be relevant here?
I used to fuck this fat chick in exchange for drugs. I guess that's the worst. Oh and I used to help out my aunt and godmother so I could masturbate on their loofahs and sniff their filthy panties. Especially my aunt, I peep on her every now and again. My fantasy is that she catches me and is cool with it and we fuck in secret.
>I fucked a tranny
>sucked its dick
>fucked its ass
>let finger my ass
would have let it fuck my ass but on hormones
fucked a good friends fiance on the day of her wedding. My cum was in her when she said 'i do'.SHOCKINGLY they broke up within a year.
Only if you were the aggressor.
Then perhaps a story about me forcing my cousin to blow me?
molested a girl in her sleep, about 13 yr old, i was 16
>have couches set up back to back
>she's on one side i'm on the other
>drink beer, take clanopin
>start thread on 4chan about "wat should i do guise? She's asleep lol" and take pic with timestamp
>get urged onwards by mob of anon
tldr get fucking caught. I would relate the story but it's not funny or erotic to me because it ruined my life for a while.
Bullshit. You wouldn't be able to get near her. Bridesmaids and family of bride etc. And if you did you deserve to be shit asshole
>dating this one chick
>fucked her, a girl I met in a mental ward, An ex, and a friend's gf all in the same day, on the same bed
>all different times
>didn't know crazy girl's name

I guess that's depraved, it was mostly a side effect of me off my medication and having no conscience.
Dude benzocaine and assholes dont mix, I learned that the hard way.
My ex was afraid that fucking her ass would hurt like a bitch so she said she wanted me to use lidocaine on her as lube, I putted a condom on soked her ass in lidocaine and fucked her silly, 5 minutes later she lost control of her sphinter and started shitting uncontrolably on my car.
We had to go to ER.

No matter how much I wahed it, took it for ozone treatment the smell wouldnt come off, I had to sell it.
Once I didn't respect someone's pronouns.
>"o-ok" anon
>she never knew my name

yeah your story sucks, anon
>have gay thoughts
>invite friend over
>he blows me
>cum on his face
>contemplate suicide later

He was a fat nigger
Tell it.
I don't think one must be very "sane" if they are having sex with their sibling
>fucked her silly
Don't you mean you fucked the shit out of her?
File: 792837948234.png (152 KB, 244x306) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
152 KB, 244x306
My stroked my penis until I ejaculated when I was 10 years old
>paid for sex
>Got blowjob from ex gf while she was crying about some stupid shit I don't remember
>half raped a 16 year old while drunk
File: fuckedsilly.jpg (6 KB, 275x183) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6 KB, 275x183
>pic related
masturbate to my cousin
I suppose it depends on your subjective morality. But what the hell, I'll bite.

No greentext because I suck at writing in a geentext style.

I'm an active Dominant in bdsm style sexual play. In real life and online. Usually online meets turn into real life hookups.

I've had wives cheat on their husbands. I've had girls lie about being over 18. I've had twins/sisters at the same time. I've forced a woman to lick my cum off the wall after fucking her ass up against it.
I'm currently in seven different relationships at the same time and also, I'm married.
> Jerked off in my basement to tranny porn with a dragon dildo lodged in my ass
> Made up a story about being a heterosexual alpha sex god and posted it on /b/
>be 13
>spending the night at friends house
>like 4am
>get up to go to bathroom
>his 19 year old sister passed out drunk on couch
>fuck her mouth and throat
>about to cum shove in
>she kind of wakes up and pukes all over me
>run home in puke covered cloths
>hope they never know
>"hey man why'd you leave?"
>"uh..had a nightmare and walked home"
dont think anyone ever knew
I do that all the time actually
Describe yourself. I am verrry interested.
How did you swing that? Just force yourself on her and turn it into a quasi-rape?
Jacking off to jail/b/ait from 4chan.
> brother and his wife kept trying to get me to 3some but i didn't want to leave out my wife
> one day they get me alone and start fucking
> get horny, she begs naked with legs open
> brother says to take my dick out
> Do as I'm told, stick it in and duck her until I cum on her belly
> Do it again a few more times, We dp her and tag team, I ate her pussy once
Hot but so much guilt
I've been doing this for over two years now. Have not had a single issue. It's all about the amounts you use. Also, diet has a lot to do with that. I've never hurt her, never made her bleed, and I'm even bigger than average. Don't jackhammer the ass and you'll be fine.
You're not a real man until you fuck someone you can't lift.
>Get propositioned by whore.
>Go to nearby park.
>She gets me hard and slips a condom on me.
>Blows me and massages my balls for a while.
>She's doing a pretty damn good job, but I'm drunk and wearing a condom, so cumming just isn't an option.
>Goes on like this for a while.
>Time runs out and she leaves to find other clients.
>Stay behind to finish myself off.
I know that fapping in public is objectively no worse than fucking in public. But it just felt so fucking wrong that I haven't done anything like it for years now. Probably never will again, either.
Very Hot.

anon, have your sister-in-law seduce your wife, then if she goes for it, set-up your wife up so that you catch them in the act. If she doesn't freak out, then you both tell her what's up and invite your wife to join in.
cheated on long time gf

fucked two girls in one day, twice

banged my half-niece's cousin (not blood related, but we treat each other like family)
>be me
>be 17
>get 7/10 girl to do cocaine with me
>flashback 3 months
>at beach with mates
>find out micheal jackson died
>decide next time one of us does the deed we have to call someone from the beach trip and make a micheal jackson sound while fucking
>flashforward to 7/10 and cocaine
>fucking the everloving shit out of her in the back of my car
>remember i have to call
>ring friend danielle
>put on speaker
>im pullin 7/10's hair and i tell her to call me a spagetti monster
>danielle trying to not lose her shit over the phone
>tell 7/10 to say hello and put phone in her face
>she bats it away
>yell "YYEEEEEE HEEEEEEEEE" as phone hits the floor
>finish on all over the place and slap her and tell her to lick that shit up
>she does happily
>mfw i kick her out of the car in the middle of fucking nowhere
>mfw i have no idea where we are and i just drive off
>mfw she was probably waiting for someone to come get her for hours
>I don't want to do anything to violate your trust
Are women really receptive to cliche'd phrases like that?
I have not provided my parents with grandchildren. That's immoral, or so I'm told.
I cheated on my wife with several dudes. In one occasion I let the guy blow it in my ass.

We are polyamorous, she knows I'm bi, I had absolutely no reason to hide it except it was exciting.
Sadly my stupid brother cheated at work and got a divorce. I did get to watch my wife ride him in the hot tub once. That time his wife wasn't there. These days my wife thinks he is a douche so no more fun.
have a few more stories if anyone wants
So basically you're every "alpha" on /b/ then.
>be me
>be 0
>mom giving birth
>my dick touches her vagine

we still don't make eye contact to this day
Please anon, tell it, we arent here to judge. Only enjoy.
Put the empty hot pockets box back in the freezer.

Nah, that phony one was enough


my sides, all of them
>gf has ridiculous depression and all sorts of emotional baggage due to childhood rape trauma
>I'm talking full on blast up your ass freakouts and shit here
>Fairly freaky in the sack, eventually end up in sub/dom relationship, nothing spesh
>Has been calling me 'daddy' for a while, think nothing of it
>Tell me she wants me to treat her like a kid
>Like she's six
>"Maybe three sometimes"
>Eventually spend a whole day taking care of her like a child and then fucking the shit out of her when it got dark, all while she stayed in character
>Acting like she had no idea what was going on, like she could be manipulated like a kid, acting like certain things hurt that wouldn't after all the sex we'd had already
>Would let me do anything she wanted without protesting
>Squirted like fucking crazy when she came in these sessions

I still feel a little scarred from how fucking convincing she was. I worry that she was actually able to mentally regress. She even understood it was a crazy father complex thing and to do with her trauma, but it got her off like nothing else.
>be 16
>dating 6.5/10 italian girl (dont really find italians attractive but she had a fat ass)
>we would always fuck in my car because i have a car
>she likes bein a cocktease
>starts blowing me as were on the way back to her place
>tell her ima fuck the shit outa her when we get there
>she says were not fucking
>pull into a burlington coat factory parking lot
>tell her were gonna fuck here
>she bites her lip and says ok
the thought of getting caught really turns her on
>windows are down and were fucking in the middle of the parking lot
>hear people walking and talking about my car
>i stare all of them down making the occasional comment "fuck off"
>shes loving it
>literaly screaming
>fat bitch waddles RIGHT PAST THE WINDOW
>somehow manages to talk through all her chins "oh my! baby jesus! you two are going to hell!!!"
>tell her "mcdonalds is the next street over" and continue my onslaught of thrusts
>fat bitch goes inside
>later she comes back out and stands behind my car
>wtf? whateves finish up and italian girl swallows like a champ
>hang my head out of the window and ask free willy if she enjoyed the show
>tells me she called the police and told the manager what im doing
>police show up and ask us what happened
>we both have are clothes on and tell them fat bitch is crazy and wont let us leave
>mfw the police tell her to let us leave
>mfw she wont and they detain her
>wave at her as shes yelling at the cops
>drive up the street to mcdonalds
>tell italian to get me a chicken mcshit
>as soon as she goes inside i drive to the drive through and get an ice cream
>i drive back to burlington and watch the shit show go down
>italian calls me asking wtf
>tell her to walk home cause her legs still work
>she lived 6 miles away
Bravo, you got anymore?
Had sexual relations with 2 of my 3 step sisters, one older and one younger, all throught out childhood 8-13. The third one was too old
Son I can beat that.
>be me, 6 ft 4, 300 lbs
>go on CL to find a hookup before hurricane came to town
>end up finding girl who wanted to hang 'n fuck
>go to her place
>she sent me a pic of herself
>>>>from about 10 years ago
>fucking landwhale can't even get out of her trailer (400lbs easy, bitch is taller than me too)
>big titties, penis overruled brain (hadn't gotten any in months)
>I watched jeopardy and called out answers while getting head
>wheel of fortune it up while fucking the shit outta them monster titties
>fucked the landwhale on her bed.
>ended up having a decent friends with benefits relationship for about a year.
>she never lost weight, and never said no to anything, ecept shit.
>was ok with that
oh god I had one of those one time. she was raped all the time when she was 8 by her uncle. unlike you I didn't care at all and enjoyed every second of it. we RP'd her as a kid probably 10 times. she killed herself 2 months after we broke up though.
I allowed my little cunt of a brother to be molested for like $350 and a blowjob
Don't get me wrong, I came balls deep in her once I got into it.

It's kinda ruined my other relationships though. Going from choking a girl as standard while ramming her in the ass while she screams in a cutesy voice that "it hurts so good daddy," to just plain old screwing a girl from behind - it really isn't the same.
most epic story in thread
last one cause I'm bout to go
>be 17 fuckin a 9/10 niggeress
>bitch is real freaky and loves it rough
>fucking at my mom's house
>hear little bro come home
>quickly barricade the door with my drumset and desk cause he likes to cone in and tell me stupid shit
>nigeress is screamin as her legs are shaking and she's smakin the wall
>lil bro trys to come in
>tell him to go away
>he somehow manages to get the door open
>nigeress is on her knees mouth open I look over to the door and see 11 year old lil bro staring eyes wide as my hand slips off my dick at 100mph and I sock her in the face as I start cummin
>complete shit show
>blood and cum all over nigeress face
>lil bro asking whats happening
>I'm trying to control the situation
>push naked nigeress out of the window and throw her clothes out as well
>I have no idea why I thought it was a good idea to have her go through the window since lil bro already saw
>mfw we were on the second floor
>lil bro is 17 now and is still scared
>mfw everytime I go home to visit he asks me why I pushed her out of the window
>duck her until I cum on her belly

My sides hurt from this simple typo.
File: 1400853035844s.jpg (2 KB, 125x97) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 KB, 125x97
>Be me when I was 16
>Frustrated because I learned how amazing sex was but went dry soon after
>Decided to get wet one way or another before the year ended
>A few months later, go with sister to her friend's house because of a weekend pool party
>Place was packed with kids and a shitload of girls
>Most were staying over to continue the party on Sunday
>A handful of guys only as the parents were gone
>Walking around socializing and generally keeping my shit together
>I know most of them because Sis and I went to the same school
>Walk to the bathroom because massive turd won't stop bullying my anus
>Walk in, close the door, and turn around
>Young girl (like 9) is dressing an even younger girl (5 or 6)
>Both are naked as they were getting dressed to go swimming
>Immediately start popping a boner in both surprise and anxiety
>Apologize and ask if I could use the toilet
>The older one says okay but asks me to help them dress up
>Suppress my extreme urge to shit on the floor and squat down
>Inches away from both of their tiny slits as I lift their legs up and pull up their swimming shorts
>Pull over their heads a small t-shirt they had with them
>By now my boner is gone but the memory of their pee-scented holes remained
>They thank me and walk out
>Lock the door immediately and unleash the unholiest shit I've ever had at the time
>Notice they left their clothes midway through my prostate massage and pick it up
>Their panties are there in the bundle; they're stained slightly and look really plain
>Smell them and start getting hard
>Masturbate while licking their panties and inhaling their scent and shitting
>Biggest load ever unleashed into a pair of the panties
>Finish my shit
>Clean my ass and look at the damage
>Toss the panties and the clothes into the toilet after I flushed it and leave
>Nobody suspected me, or at the very least, nobody cared
>Girls don't even care their clothes got wet when somebody found it
>I didn't get laid that year
what a weird and stupid fucking story.

nice life , faggot
Just found out some girls cum from having someone stick their tongue up the girls nose and licking inside it. Anyone know any girls like this or ever even heard of one that's into this?
In a long term relationship, yes. Trust is big for women.
Nigga, did i hear you right?
>you tongued your lady's nose?
>>>>>to make her cum?
Yes. Do this.
no one was worried brah
Blew my bf's dog.

if you'll blow a dog, you'll blow me right?
>me, some yrs ago, was 25 back then
>seeing this 9/10 girl, 19, blonde, hot
>went out clubbing, drinking (Europe,so drinking is not an issue <21yrs)
>got drunk as hell. rather hammered, completely out of line
>started making out once,

we always made out when drunk at night, but during the day she wanted to play the friendzone card (you know Anon, i love you like a broher blablabla)

>bring her home because she too drunk to find her own house
>put her in bed, take her shoes off
>decide not to take advantage of her
>not because I'm decent, but rather because I remebered she told me she could feel when getting penetrated the day after, even if passed out drunk
>meh, strip her naked, stretch her asshole loose with tongue,finger, tip of dick
>she mildly moans
>but wait, remember she ALWAYS forgot everything. Always had to tell her where we went, what happened because liquors are causing mild amnesia to her. After a certain time she just formatted her hard drive
>shove my dick up her pooper
>she moans louder
>I cum, she's still passed out
>put her clothes back on
>leave and feel guilty
>she never knew. still see her now.
That's a cocaine thing. Nothing sexual, more of a desperate attempt getting high.
>sarcasm not detected
Weird right. Her pussy got soaked and she was trying to hold back screams of pleasure. I did it simply to see if she was messing with me. She meant it. It worked
Why in the hell is this thread posted 8x a day? Seriously.

I dunno but I'd be pissed if that was true. I already have a small dick AND I'm tongue tied so I can barely get my tongue past my lips which means I couldn't pleasure a girl's nostril.
Had no condom sex and bj with some guy in 2011 during a job interview.

He seemed pretty okay with the quality of the sex.

Did not get the job.
Been married for almost 13 years. I'm cheating on my wife with a bitch I work with. She's a total sub slut.
She only wears a collar in my presence. I whip her ass until she's bruised. I slap her tits, and pull her nipples, until she cries. I fuck her throat deep, until she's desperate for air. If she puts her hands on my dick to try and get a breath, I pull her back over my lap, and paddle her bruised butt again. I fuck her up the ass whenever I want. It's gotten to the point where I don't even need lube. I just spit on her hole, and ease my dick into her. I cum wherever I please, and she thanks me for it. Then I shove her in the shower, and piss in her face, before she washes me.

We get dressed, and go to work separately. Nobody knows she's my little four-legged slave cunt, when we're alone.
My side have ascended to the heavens
funny story is I knew that kid
>be highschool senior me
>drop acid when parents are out of town
>text girl "parents out of town, want to fuck?"
>shes down but cant come till later
>think I shit my pants while in my friends car
>my ass was just numb
>chick comes over around 5
>she really wants to go in the hot tub
>I promise we will hottub after sex
>starts licking my balls
>dopest bj so far
>getting excited so we start to bone
>last like 5 minutes because acid
>cum and walk downstairs to feed dogs
>tell her she has to leave because im going to dinner
>she leaves
>eat mac n cheese at home by myself.
>Not wanting to have sex with your hot sibling
File: fuuuuck.jpg (15 KB, 300x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15 KB, 300x300
>Be 19
>Be living in germany
>Go to Schwimbadd (Pool allowing nudity)
>Be in the sauna, just me
>Be chilled as fuck
>In walks a probably 11 or 12 year old girl with her sister or friend i dunno
>They both stripped down and sat in front of me
>They continued to talk to eachother like it wasn't a big deal
>I tried to talk to them but they didn't understand me
>They did some stare flirting, german girls love americans
>They pointed at my dick and made some hand gestures
>I put my hand on my dick
>They kept making hand gestures, like they wanted me to stroke it
>Start to stroke it
>They look on as I do it
>I make hand gestures trying to tell them to do it for me
>They shake their heads no, they were nervous
>I shoot a load
>They freak out and start to laugh and do more hand gestures
>Didn't know what they wanted to I thanked them and left before someone else came in
>I masturbated to 2 underage girls
You a grill or a fag? And do you consider yourself smart or rather slutty? Did you really REALLY think you get a job this way? I bet you were walking out of this office laughing at all these "other" folks who had to go through silly stuff like "education", "traineeships" and "college".
>be me
>about 5 or 6
>live in bigass farm in Mexico
>be playing out in the tomato fields
> little boy and his sister wondering by
> both around my age
>I try to talk to them & be nice
> they make fun of me for no fucking reason
> pick up 10pound+ rock
> how the fuck I do that?
>"say you're sorry or I throw rock"
> they don't say sorry
>throw rock at little boys head
> boy collapses
> blood everywhere
>I run
> still not sorry
> just don't want to be caught

Must have been some shitty acid.. the last thing on my mind when I took acid last was having sex, because I was too busy staring into a 20 layer fractal,
> forgot to mention it's sexual because I've fapped to the memory
>be me last year, senior year
>working on senior project with 7/10 girl who i've known since like 3rd grade
>research bullshit
>send emails with sources/ideas to each other in class
>look at her screen
>in her sent mail is multiple emails labelled "Hey ;)" or "Here you go ;)" sent to her boyfriend
>think they're probably nude pics, better not mention it
>get home late that night
>really horny
>fuck it
>go to yahoo and put "forgot my password"
>put her email
>2 security questions i have to answer
>"What is the name of your mother"
>ofc i fucking know this i've known her since 3rd grade
>"What color are your eyes?"
>she's mexican
>Go to sent mail
>Multiple videos of her vigorously fingering herself each ~5mb each
>Look at her conversations
>Her douchebag boyfriend sent vids of himself jerking his tiny dick
>lol then fap at his gf

when her videos weren't doing it for me any more i recovered her facebook password (she doesn't use facebook anymore) with the same email.

>fb message one of her friends
>"Hey my mom took my phone, don't text me. I need to email you something, my mom can see fb messages"
>she buys it
>go on for about an hour about how "my" relationship with her bf is going really badly and it's because i can't stop fantasizing about her and how i think it's just a phase but i need to try it once and i promise it won't ruin our friendship blah blah blah blah
>send her videos of the girl fingerblasting herself
>she sent me whatever i wanted her to until i ran out of videos to send
>"OK let's never talk about this again"

I am not proud but I thank my past self for the videos of 2 girls I would never see naked otherwise.
jerked off on a girls ass after she fell asleep during post-coital spooning.
buttfucked a 13 year old who prescribed so many anti-depressants she didn't feel anything when we fucked

did that for like 3 months, i don't even enjoy anal sex anymore
File: 1385221281668.jpg (114 KB, 550x413) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
114 KB, 550x413
Try again
Well I have been (kinda) sexually harrassing my aunt. She is 21 and I'm 16, I've put my digital camera an insane amount of times while she is taking a shower, dressing, just sitting there while she is wearing a skirt or other things.
I also used to touch her when she was sleeping, at the age of 13.
Also recently, she found out I put the camcorder inside my pants (since I leave my dirty clothes in the bathroom) and she didn't quite react exactly as I expected her to, she just told me to get it out of there because it could get broken or something like that (i felt guilt and shame because my grandpa, who takes care of me, and is father of my aunt was there too), but what seemed more strange to me was the fact that she now talks more to me than before she found out the camera.
File: 133713129182.gif (13 KB, 633x758) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13 KB, 633x758
>Cheated on my ex gf with a bunch of guys
>played with my own shit and piss
>bought myself a dildo and have fucked my ass on cam for a heap of people
>broke into a school yard and had a threesome with two other guys underneath the slide
>lost my virginity to my younger sister when I was 12 which went on for about a year
Im pretty fucked up

I feel so much shame for everything but dont ever stop myself
I just tell my gf that she's so good at BJs that I can't tell when I'm gonna cum like I usually can and I can't control it.

Not sure if she's just really gullible or if she's onto me and just playing dumb to be nice. But I don't want to rock the boat.
pay chicks to spank themselves for an hour on mfc or gagging etcd
Another time involving same girl
>invite hoebag #1 over to house while parents are home
>drive up the hill to go draw in my sketchbook with her
>leave sketchbook in car cus we bonin
>hike a mile into the woods
>start making out
>gets on her knees and slobs my knob
>getting excited so I push her off and finger her while I get a condom
>start fucking her cowgirl
>don't like looking at her face
>start fucking her doggy
>going harder and harder
>mix of moans and whimpers coming from her
>go hard
>look down, bloody dick
>not down, pull out
>clean up and walk back to car
>she leaves
4 hours later
>text hoebag #2 "want some fuck, I'll pick you up in 20"
>pick her up in 30 cus im alpha
>she gets in and we drive to secluded spot near beach
>start making out and getting naked in back seat
>shes wearing garters and other lingerie stuff
>start fingering her and shes getting into it
>she likes it when I talk dirty so I whisper "you know what I did today?"
>"what anon?"
>"I fucked hoebag #1"
>"nope, were done"
>smoke cigarette and drive her back
>fap sadly when I get home
gtfo underage faggot get b&
I dropped at 8:30 am and boned her at 5:30. I wasn't that fried at that point.
Female. I consider myself smart but I didn't think this was an intelligent thing for me to do. Just had no fucking job prospects and it was like, "You know what, fuck it, I have no idea how the goddamn hell I'm paying my rent and this might work"

I did all the other shit already, for the record.
I had a story but I told it already in a quick-dying thread on Saturday, and nothing came of it.

I'll copypaste it again starting next post but if you guys want me to stop I will.
I may have fingered my female friend when she was sleeping after she declined to have sex with me. I may have also had sex with her a few weeks later when she was really drunk.
/b/, on Friday there was the sexiest loli I have ever seen. I was sitting in Starbucks, around the time that the local middle school gets out. The timing wasn't intentional, I'm not that sick of a fuck. I was just on break, drinking my coffee, working on my laptop (am I a hipster yet, and then she walked in.

She was probably 10 or 11, and she was with her mother. She had the most adorable hair - dirty blonde, in a bobcut with the tips ever so slightly turned up and very bouncy. Every time she moved, her fucking hair bounced. A white lace top over a light pink tank top and an inexpertly hidden training bra, all tucked into a thick black belt looped around a ruffled skirt, the same color as the tank top. The whole outfit might have been a dress, I am not sure. Her legs were wrapped in black leggings that showed off her long, slender legs, and her shoes were black flats. All in all, an adorable outfit on an adorable little girl.
>german girls love americans
someone likes americans?
So, she and her mother ordered. I looked up from my computer, and saw her talking to the barista. Before I even see her face, I'm already thinking, 10/10 would kill mother, kidnap and go on an insane road trip with. And then she turned around. She had the face of a fucking angel - thin, pink lips, innocent eyes, cute nose, a pink headband with a bow on it. She looked at me, and I'd thankfully managed to keep my face at "mild interest" despite the fantasies of high impact sexual violence running through my mind (would she be as cute with cum all over her face and dribbling out her nose?), and she smiles at me - maybe she thought I liked her drink choice, and I waved, and she giggled.


I do not know how I managed to keep my boner from assuming direct control. She wandered over to the drink pickup, which was far closer, and at an angle where it was very easy to see my pyramid of giza if she looked. I tucked it into my waistband because that's not obvious at all, and thankfully she wasn't looking at me while I was doing it. She got her drink and went to sit at a table near my own - basically as close as she could get without her mother pulling her away, and just stared at me while sipping her drink. She might have winked, god damn it. I waved again, a little more awkwardly this time - is she flirting? How does she know I'm into little girls? Am I that obviously a pedophile? - and she grinned.
What I wanted to do to her. I wanted to bring her into the bathroom with me and have her suck me off while I stroked her hair, and then shoot all over her face and hand her back to her mother like nothing happened, I wanted to tie her naked to the bike rack outside and write on her chest "Nymphet Cum Dump", I wanted to fuck her until she couldn't cum anymore and spank her ass red, I wanted to - and maybe this is the most depraved - I wanted to hold her hand and buy her ice cream and go on walks in the park.

But I couldn't do any of that, because her mother was there. She'd been putting cream/sugar in her coffee, and she came to sit with her daughter. Not one to be outed as a pedophile in front of a cafe full of people, I looked back at my work and started typing, still keeping my peripheral vision on the two, and especially the little girl. She was chattering to her mom about school and about her friends; her name was Kristen apparently. Occasionally, usually when her mother spoke, she would glance over toward me and lick her lips or sort of subtly press her chest out, and I would try to pretend to be working. This was getting ridiculous, I would have flipped her skirt up and fucked her on the table if I could have gotten away with it.

But, of course, mothat er, lots of people, no dice. She went to get a napkin, and I got up to "get something". I wasstanding next to her and she looked up at me and made a little kissy face, before going back to her seat.

wow first time I can relate to someone on /b/ when it comes to relationships
>I may have fingered
>I may have also had sex
>may have?

you a law student? Get off fucking 4chan dude, you are distorting the average IQ on this board.
So I had to get something, and make it slightly less obvious that I just got up because she did. I just grabbed a napkin, and went back to my seat. Now Kristen was talking with her mom again, and she decided to start singing. She wasn't that good, really, but a loli singing slightly off-key is so adorable, it's almost as good as a loli who can sing. She was singing some Taylor Swift song, one of the million about relationships. I just smiled and mouthed along to the words, taking a sip of my coffee from time to time. It got to the part where she's supposed to be singing directly to the guy, and she was looking at me.

Her mom followed her line of sight and very nearly caught me looking, before I quickly looked at my screen and started typing. Too close. Too close. So, while I was enjoying Kristen's singing and the game we were playing, I had to get the fuck out before I was actually caught. I started packing up, and she looked a bit disappointed. I couldn't stay, or I might actually try to fuck her, god forbid.

I walked toward the door, and she got up too, and we ran into each other, she must have felt my dick, I know she did, and she just smiled and said "sorry!" in the voice that little kids use when they're trying to flirt. I helped her up, and got the fuck out as her mom was giving me a bit of an odd look. Her hair...I wonder if it would still be bouncy if it was soaked in semen. Anyway. I'm going to Starbucks again later today. Maybe I'll see her.

What should I do if I do see her, /b/? I was thinking of hitting on the mom but she's a little old for me.

Addendum: Unfortunately, while I visited Starbucks every day this week, Kristen did not return and I did not manage to raep or kidnap her.
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>be on meetme
>the usual trolling
>comment on some girls status with some bs calling her a bitch
>she messages me saying she's sorry
>I say it was a joke and I'm sorry
>She types a little funny but I don't really care atm
>she starts flirting with me and I flirt back
>she keeps saying she's sorry for being a bitch and how her life is hard because she has autism
>now it all makes sense.
>she keeps flirting with me
>She's a 6.5 and 6 years older than me
>I'm horny
>She asks me for kik
>We kik
>Within a minute she's sending me nudes and videos of her masturbating
>She talking all retarded like ''baby u fine af im sorry im bitch u just so cute (now imagine a retard saying that.)
>I hurry up and cum
>blocks her right after
True story
> me 18 M
> cousin 12 F
> she was infatuated with me, followed me everywhere
> I was so hot for her I won't even bother trying to find the words
> Over the days of their visit, I'm slowly increasing the touching etc She's liking it
> One night she's using the computer and I'm sitting on the floor next to her, hugging her
> sounds dumb I know but I was holding that tight 12yo body for all it was worth
> hyper drive; ENGAGE
> I reach around further and down a bit to get some fingers under her shorts
> a bit further and they're under her panties
> still no reaction
> I hit gold. I am slowly and gently running a finger up and down her pussy.
> Realise there is still no reaction
> say, "You feel that?" in a calm, soothing voice
> silence.mp3
> I look at the computer screen and she is just drawing random boxes all over the screen in MS Paint.
> Not good. Is her brain broken?
> Withdraw.

I forget what happened next, but it was nothing of note, and I left the room a couple of minutes later with some BS excuse about something that needed my attention.

She didn't avoid me for the rest of their stay, but she wasn't so hell bent on me anymore either.

AFAIK, she never told anyone and it is now 20+ years later.
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audition 01.png
261 KB, 656x352
did you just use a literary device to tell a story about co(c)ked-up sex story with MJ impersonation?
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TLB 5.jpg
52 KB, 720x960
implying that robbing a bank is immoral?
File: 1382191081786.jpg (35 KB, 400x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Came across a picture of my girlfriend's little sister on prime jailbait. Fapped ferociously.
File: TLB 6.jpg (69 KB, 720x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
TLB 6.jpg
69 KB, 720x960
not worried she probably enjoyed it
Hey i did that too, brofist!
File: TLB 14.jpg (47 KB, 453x604) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
TLB 14.jpg
47 KB, 453x604
what are you 12?
Post it
Sorry anon totally forgot about this thread.

Maybe 7/10, 30 years old, blue eyes, long blonde hair, very Nordic. Pale, video gamer complexion, IT guy. I mean I'm on /b/ so obviously I'm not a model. More weight than muscle but I'm 6' so it hangs well and gives me that broad shouldered look.
File: TLB 15.jpg (166 KB, 800x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
TLB 15.jpg
166 KB, 800x800
youre doin god's work son
I fucked a feminist
might you share these videos with us?
no fucking ways. /b/ is ridiculously good at finding out who people are
>Fapping to the thought of my cousin
She has 5 years less than me.
File: 1401512715591.jpg (51 KB, 413x395) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
51 KB, 413x395
Tried to rape my cousin whilst intoxicated on whiskey.
My gf does that. Its cool dude. She loves it when i hit and choke her to.
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TLB 21.jpg
44 KB, 453x604
and that is how you win at life my freinds
is she retard?
i once got naked and jacked off on my roof at night. that's about it.
was in an on again off again fuck-buddy relationship with a half black girl. she graduated college and had no where to stay so she moved in with me temporarily. we got into some fights and weren't fucking, but sharing the same bed for a week or 2.

being a nice guy i set up a surprise Bday for her and her close friends as opposed to her fake friends. got some shrooms for the night and we partook, we fucked like crazy and made her lick/finger my asshole for a while all while we were tripping...it culminated in her begging me to cum in her ass.

she passed out but i was still horny so i kept fucking her while she was asleep; this was really exhilarating to say the least. one week later we were fighing again and she started going out late drinking and ignoring me.

she came back one night tripping balls in a tight blue jersey dress ending right below her butt cheeks, her dark nipples poking through. she passed out and i knew it was time to strike

I started fingering her and noticed the consistency of her lubrication was different. it was thicker and bunched up into little balls. this seemed familiar, it was just like when you try to wash cum away with warm water and it becomes doughy! this bitch had let someone cum in her!

this annoyed me but also turned me on so i spit on her bits and started fucking her ass and pussy. I came in her pussy twice, it felt great like i was teaching her a lesson and "winning" over the other guy.

this continued for 2 months almost every weekend i would pull her Pajama pants down and eat her out, finger her ass, fuck her everywhere etc. it was amazing, she even started shuddering 2 or 3 times orgasming.

another memorable night was when she was wasted on vodka and had given me a blowjob but refused sex. I waited while she was asleep, pulled her pjs off and applied spit and lube to my hand and got 4 fingers in her asshole. it was glorious, i fucked her really well that night.
File: 1390803616551.gif (1 MB, 360x323) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 360x323
I've never done anything immoral (by my definition) but I am ashamed of something.

>Be 19
>Horny and not girlfriend at the moment
>Start lurking around Craigslist out of desperation
>Like the idea of having a threesome with a married couple
>Respond to a few ads
>Get a response
>It's a older married couple (mid-30's) who wants to hook up
>Set a date and shake my balls and pubes per request
>Show up at their home
>Put on blindfold they left on knob
>Go inside
>A naked body grabs me from behind
>Leads me to a room while rubbing my cock
>Man hands
>Lays me on the bed
>Take off blindfold
>It's a hairy older guy
>Says wife is running late
>Wants to play with me while we wait
>Reluctantly agree
>Tries to suck me off but I'm too disgusted by this and tell him no
>Jerks me off instead while he jerks himself
>Trying to stay hard but the whole experience just repulsed me
>Finally cum
>Wants to lick it
>Let him lick my cock clean
>So ashamed of what I did
>Leave in a hurry
>Cry on my way home

My only gay experience.

lol, same here. you guys are cracking me up.

fucking hell fatty's are desperate

No she's quite normal. But in that moment she went full shut down. Scared me more than any amount of negative reaction could have.

>be me
>be 15
>molest kids
>the end
Got to 3rd base with my cousin when she was 13. I was 14
>Shake my balls
File: 1401438924672.jpg (42 KB, 400x459) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42 KB, 400x459

>wife is running late

were the initials of that friend CH?
bumpin this shit man
It's been two hours, bro. He's gone.
>Be with girl Ive had crush on for years
>She finally returns my feelings and things get serious
>Two months in and im at her house. Time for the sex.
>We are both on a couch in the basement. Her family is home but neither of us care
>Getting into it
>Slip my hand down her pants and start trying to finger her
>Not sure what im doing
>Its like a swamp down there
>Wait somethings not right here
>I hear something
>"This is my swamp"
>Shrek emerges from my gfs vagina
>His Shrek penis puts my own to shame
>He bangs gf in front of me and I watch
>I start to cry
>He finishes with my gf and says "its not ogre yet"
>He comes for me
>I try to run but am not fast enough
>His hands are so strong
>He pushes me to the floor and rapes me for what seems like hours
>Mfw I enjoyed it

And that was the day I lost my virginity.
Maybe immoral, but I'm proud of it

>be a year ago
>had best friend for about +10 years
>decides to talk shit and say all these things
>say shit back
>gets butthurt by the truth so he breaks friendship
>whatever, fuck that bitch made nigga
>remember that his sister is 18 now, a 11/10, and has a crush on me
>hit her up on Facebook to invite her out
>we start dating, mainly we fuck
>he can hear us fuck, have her scream my name on purpose
>set him up by fucking his sister in the living room as he is getting home, so he walks in on me going balls deep on dat ass
>he wont do shit cause hes fucking beta and knows I'm stronger
>moves out to a different house in the same street
>I take pictures of his sister sucking my dick and getting fucked
>print them out and tape them on his windshield and on windows
>months pass, around holidays
>His sister says she's pregnant but down to abort as long as I pay half
>get that shit over with, and take pictures of paperwork
>buy real nice gloss paper to make this badass collage of the time I spent with his sister, fucking her, the paperwork to the abortion, one envelope with a flashdrive filled with sex vids of her and I
>another envelope with the condom filled with cum from the last time I fucked his sister
it had a bit of dried blood cause I always fucked her hard
>wrap the collage up and dropped it off where he lived to give as Christmas present
>apparently it fucked with his mind cause he's been secluted for months, keeping to himself, working and watching chinese cartoons

It was my first and only (and greatest) revenge ever.
I jerked off to the porn video of that chick who killed herself a few weeks back. Nothing too bad.
Sex in the missionary position.
File: 1390677094109s.jpg (2 KB, 125x118) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 KB, 125x118
You are aware that woman can become pregnant even when they are on their period, right?
>how does green text
you are legitimately crazy providing that was not an artistic work of fiction and falsehood
Nah, we were bros for years. I'll admit, when he decided to talk shit, it hurt, so I said shit back, only what I said was true which ended with him breaking off the friendship. From there on out, it was all hatred. I think what was mostly fucked up was that I wasn't sure if I wanted to bang his sister, but his ex had talked me into it.

Funny though, his ex has blown me a few times.
File: 1345513680275.jpg (120 KB, 1000x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
120 KB, 1000x750
more details, asshole. I need more. God damnit.

Describe the time you went too far. Or the time you pushed her the hardest. Or the time you were too aggressive but she forgot about it in the morning. Something
man, this thread is fuck all crazy.

I kissed another girl while I was dating my GF of 2 years.

dats about it son!
File: 133844729155.jpg (499 KB, 1536x2048) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
499 KB, 1536x2048
>fucked my g/f's sister in front of her cause she was being a bitch.
>be 18
>neighbors gf is also 18 (he is 30 or some shit)
>she has hots for me
>get her preggers
>we both know it's mine
>rides the poor fucker for alimony and child support because i refuse to get a job and he makes six figures
>fast forward 3 years
>living in a different state
>will never comply to a DNA test
I have a kid somewhere
feels weird
More details?

top kek
Fucked a girl in a schoolyard once

I was at a bathhouse one night looking to suck some nice hard cock and after lying naked on my bed for about 5 minutes a guy came walking by my room and stopped at my doorway.
He looked at me playing with my cock and then stepped into my room and came walking over to the bed. He was only wearing a towel and dropped it to the floor along the way and as soon as he was close enough I reached up and grabbed his hard cock and pulled it into my mouth and started blowing him. He let me suck his dick for about 5 minutes and while I was still sucking him off asked me if I wanted to go to the "porn room". I love being watched while I suck dick so this sounded good to me since there was usually other guys in the porn room.

We walked into the porn room together and there was two guys already there watching the TV and openly stroking their dicks.
Me and the guy grabbed a seat off to the side and dropped our towels to the ground and I dropped to my knees between his legs and started sucking him off right in front of the other two guys.
As this guys cock was sliding in and out of my mouth I made eye contact with the other two guys and was practically begging them with my eyes to come join us so I could suck their cocks too.

>be 18
>gf was southern baptist when I started dating her
>wants to save sex for marriage
>anal is okay because it's the sex that god can't see
>after about 6 months, she realizes she is incredibly submissive
>wants me to be an abusive piece of shit to her
>incapable of doing so since I was only 18 and thought it was wrong
>on a road trip with her family
>no lube. Fuck
>She lays on her back, pulls me in and says "don't worry about how I feel, I just want you to be happy"
>fuck her in ass raw
>oh god, so tight
>she just gushes out the vag
>halfway through she stop protesting, goes limp, then switches to these really loving moans
>fuck her so hard and loud her parents hear in the next room
>next morning she says she tried to fart and shat herself
>I get it now. Unfortunately, I was never abusive enough. She dumped me for being too nice and is now dating a fatter, crappeir version of me.
>I make sure to post awesome pics of my hotter gf on facebook just to fuck with her
>she will never have better
Holy fuck we are bro's. Do the same shit to my wife. Sucks when they wake up and you have to wait until you know their asleep with a rock hard erection, though. Glad to know I'm not the only sleep fucker out there.
In high school we went camping out west one summer. Me, my g/f, her sister, and 2 of my friends.
>g/f being a fucking crank the whole first two days
>doesn't really like camping or know how to do any of this shit
>eventually it comes to drinking one night
>the couple go off to fuck, to my annoyance
>her younger sister is cute and always liked me
>g/f asking me why I'm annoyed
>I blurt out angrily that the have our own tent and she doesn't want to have sex (plus all her other whining, just not being any fun)
>sister's like "oh i could take care of that"
>g/f says "fine I don't fucking care" or whatever
>decide to take her up on it. careful what you wish for, and all that
>start making out with her sister right away, which surprises her, but she goes along
>pull off her swimtrunks
>"are you sure? cause she like sex if you dont"
>"i dont care! whatever!"
>start fucking by the campfire
>g/f storms off

She made me pull out before cumming, which sucked, but whatever. They often argued and I'm sure this was nothing out of the ordinary for them in a way.
My g/f wouldn't talk to me all the next day but fucked me like a PRO once we got home.
The only immoral thing is if that happened at a preschool.
No. Grade school. At night.
I was getting so fucking turned on having these two guys watching me suck this other guy off.
One of the guys got up and came walking over to use and stood right beside me stroking his hard cock so I pulled my mouth off of the guy I was sucking and took this guys cock into my mouth and started sucking him off. Every minute or so I would switch guys, taking turns blowing both of them.

This went on for 7 or 8 minutes and I thought the other guy was just going to keep on watching while he jacked off but then he got up and came over to us as well. About the same time another guy entered the room as well.
Well the guy that just came over to us, instead of him sticking his dick in my face to get sucked off, he kneeled down right behind me and started fondling my ass and slid a couple of fingers into me and started finger fucking me making me become even more hornier than I already was.
I don't really let strangers fucked me unless I'm extremely horny and this guy playing with my ass made me extremely horny so I took my mouth off the cock long enough to beg the guy behind me to stick his dick inside me.
He waisted no time at all and as soon as his fingers were pulled out of me he shoved hit hard cock right up my ass.
I fucking loved being used by a group of men like this and really started sucking the two guys off. When I saw that one of them was getting close to cumming I stayed sucking his dick until he shot a huge load of cum into my mouth and I swallowed ever drop. When he finally pulled his dick out of my mouth I went back to sucking the other guy.

The guy that just came in my mouth left but the other guy that had come into the room came over and shoved his cock in my face as well. Another guy came into the room as well and he shoved his cock in my face as soon as he saw me on my knees sucking off two guys and getting fucked by another.
i was around 17 staying with family out of the country. cousin was around 14, weve always been close. one night im not feeling well. she offers to give me a massage. later that night there were 5 of us sleeping in that room because it was the only one with ac. me and her end up sharing a matress on the floor. middle of the night we started cuddling and then before i realized it we were making out and touching each other everywhere. the last night i was there i ended up going down on her and we 69d.

a few years later her family came to visit us and this time we had privacy we we ended up spending the night doing pretty much everything but anal. it was glorious.

about a year aftrr that i was visiting her family again and we had sex again when everyone went to bed.

shes married now. we still talk about everything all the time. and shes admitted she cant help herself with me. and i feel the same. shes like my sister and she thinks of me like a brother but at the same time we just click sexually in a way i havent experienced with anyone else.

its probably for the best we live in separate countries
That I'm so fucking timid and insist on making damn sure nobody is upset with me. Fuck.
This is honestly so fucked up, I almost believe it.
>be 13
>sister 11
>watching TV
>boxes all around the livingroom, no where to sit.
>sister wants to sit down
>I'm on the only part of the couch that doesn't have boxes on it
>sister "anon I wanna sit"
>me "too bad"
>she sits on my lap
>she leans back continues to watch streetsharks

There is more if you want
considering going to see a transexual escort (legal where i live)
not really, no
It would been nicer if I could've kept fucking the sister. The upshot I guess if my g/f uses birth control
File: image.jpg (107 KB, 640x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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O FAP to my sister every night to this horrible pic I took of her phone pic gallery. Can u make it better?
>Stolen full sets of girls clothing to smell and wear and masturbate with/to/whilst wearing.
>Stolen over 100 pairs of panties, including 20 or so from my sister.
>Fucked a girl and videoed it without her knowing, still have pics and vids
>Repeatedly licked my sisters feet in her sleep and other girls too
>Always masturbate at the feet of girls as they're sleeping.
>Purposely lose bets or pay girls to flush my head in toilets and get off on it
>Stuck my head in a used toilet and kept it in there for an hour masturbating after my ex dumped me and used the toilet

The guy fucking me came next and he never bothered to pull his cock out of my ass and pumpmed me full of cum.
The last guy that came into the room came around behind me and shoved his cock into my cum filled ass as soon as the other guy pulled out and he started fucking me as well.

Before the next guy came in my mouth, two more guys came into the room and gathered around us as well. I was busy sucking off the two guys but I did reach up and play with the other guys cocks.
The two guys I was sucking off came in my mouth one right after the other. I was actually gulping down one guys load when the other guy started stroking his dick and started cumming all over my face. I opened my mouth wide and let him shoot his cum into my mouth and all over the other guys dick.
I licked and sucked every drop of cum off of the two cocks that just finished cumming then the other two guys stepped up and shoved their cocks into my mouth, one at a time.

The guy fucking me was the next to cum and he pumped my ass full of cum as well. When he finally pulled out of me, thick globs of cum drooled out of my asshole.
One of the guys I was sucking off went around behind me and shoved his cock into my ass and started fucking me.
So I was now sucking off one guy and blowing another when another guy entereed the room.
He came over and shoved his cock in my face and I sucked him for a bit as well but when he saw the cum all over my cheeks he bent town and started licking it off of my face. He stayed down with me and we shared the cock of the guy I was sucking off.
Another guy came into the room at this point so the guy sharing cock with me left me to suck the cock we were sharing while he stayed down on his knees and started blowing the new guy right beside me.
The guy I was sucking off came in my mouth and everyone in the room watched me swallow his big load of cum.
Fingered my sister. She wasn't saying no, but she was clearly uncomfortable and not enjoying it
File: 1400808737165.jpg (96 KB, 1280x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
96 KB, 1280x960
>me and ex used a bike pump to fill our butts up with air, then I sat on her face and farted while she masturbated
>same ex we bought vinyl sheets for my bed and covered each other in boston cream pie
>same ex after period sex we would draw tribal designs on each other with period blood then I would pour milk on her in the shower as an anti-pregnancy ritual. Must have worked because we barely ever used a rubber and she never got pregs
>same ex would fuck me with a stra-pon while I dressed up like a trap.
>previous ex would finger my butt and make me cum on my face

I am not a normal person
Once when I was a wee lad in middle school I was always chasing after this 6/10 slut. One day it's study hall. My study hall was in one of the bullshit science rooms so we had the double seated lab tables n shit. Anyway, slut thought I was funny and always sat next to me. On this day we watched a fucking movie because we had a nigger substitute teacher. No lights in the room. We normally flirted and I felt ballsy and put my hand on her thigh. Played that bullshit "are you nervous yet?" Game until I'm literally rubbing her crotch through her leggings. She's dripping through the leggings and loving it. I put my hand in her leggings and awkwardly rub her snatch. shit was cash. She reaches over to my ween which is rock hard and then I look to my left and this random chick is watching us and looks utterly appalled. Don't give a fuck and as soon as she unzips my pants, boom, lights turn on an bell rings and we get up and leave for the next class.

She's a lesbo now and I don't nessecarily feel this is immoral but I do regret it. I just feel it was trashy. Oh well, she touched my peepee so fuck yea.
I feel the exact way about my mother in law. she is easily 5/10 but I still want to fuck omg.
Okay. I know this is a thread about fucked up shit, and I actually honestly don't hold pedo shit against pedos because I think you can't help what you're attracted to, but LITTLE KIDS DON'T FLIRT. She wasn't flirting with you. She's a child. She didn't make a kissy face. She doesn't know what a boner is to understand that she touched your dick. Just like... figure out... your life. I know you might be a sociopath, but like... get help. If not to prevent fucking someone up, at least so you don't get fucking assraped in jail.
I am not a normal person

No, you are just stupid like the other 5.8 billion morons on the planet. If you ask some of the ~350-300 million smart ones, they could have told you that there is no need for an anti-pregnancy ritual when you fuck a girl on her period.
It was more joke ritual celebrating the whole month of unprotected fucking.

Why would anybody only fuck during a girls period?

The guy left right after cumming so I was left with only one guy fucking my ass while the guy beside me sucked off the other guy.

After this third guy pumped my ass full of cum he quickly left as well leaving me feeling completely empty and in need of more cock so I layed down on the floor on my back and slid between the other cocksuckers legs and started blowing him while he continued sucking off the other guy.

The guy gettingg sucked off came in the guy I was sucking's mouth and once he left it was just us two cocksuckers in the room together both of us covered in cum.
We got into a 69 right there on the porn room floor but after only a couple minutes the guy asked if I wanted to go back to his room because the bed would be more comfortable.

I agreed and we went back to his room and once he laid down on the bed I climbed on top of him into another 69 position.

We sucked each others cock and he even licked the cum directly out of my ass. WE took turns fucking each other as well before we finally got back into a 69 position and came in each other's mouth.

The guy said he was gonna get going home so I left his room and headed back to mine but along the way I passed an open door and when I looked in there was a guy lying on his bed jacking off so I went into the room and sucked his dick and let him cum in my mouth as well.
I sucked off 3 more guys before I finally made it back to my room and finally fell asleep in my bed.

I never sucked so much cock and been fucked so much in a single visit to the bathhouse before or since that event but everytime I go I hope to do it all over again and get pumped full of cum by a bunch of complete strangers.
>gf doesnt like ass play
>im crazy horny about her asshole
>bend her over and say i wanna lick her pussy that way
>my tongue goes inside her pussy but im just there to smell her ass

sue me
>be me
>have gf
>no girl is perfect 10
>some random 7/10 messages me on facebook
>tells me she thinks im cute
>get her number
>ask if she wants to come over to smoke
>only available day is when my gf is coming over
>fuck it
>she doesnt get out of class until 5
>7/10 comes over
>we go outside and smoke
>she tells me shes on her period
>talk about anal
>go back inside and start watching transformers
>she starts playing with my dick
>end up fucking her in the ass
>she leaves
>gf comes over right when im about to get in shower
>tells me she has a surprise for me
>she wants me to cum in her mouth
>she sucks my dick for 20 minutes
>hardcore sucking
>not that cheap shit
>cum in her mouth
>tfw she did ass to mouth and never knew
>see 7/10 a couple weeks later at grocery store
"so you're just going to fuck me in my ass and stop talking to me?"
>bitch, i have a gf but whatever
>fuck her in the pussy
>she squirted everywhere
>bitch never told me she was a squirter
>now i have to clean and wash my sheets and clothes and shit
>never talk to her again
Bahahahahahhahahahjajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajahahahahahahahahahaha faggot.
I disagree with you.
She was flirting with me, though I don't think I really would have done anything had she shown up again. While it's certainly 'too young', ten or eleven isn't that young for a kid to be interested in sex. Fuck, there's a reason Vine has a reputation for CP.

Anyway rest assured I am not keeping Kristen in my basement (I don't even have one lol).
>>548848480 fucked a girl on Friday night and then got up Saturday morning and went to my girlfriend and fucked her.

Bless you, anon. It's people like you who believe there is candy in the unmarked van.
Best ending to a story ever.
Involuntary laughter at that ending!

kill yourself faggot

Another time when I was in my teems I had a friend who I sucked off all the time and he sucked me off in return sometimes when he was really horny as well.

One night his parents were going out for the night so they let me sleep over and me and my friend rented some movies.

As soon as his parents left we put the movies on I forget what movie it was but it had a lot of tits in it (it might have been Private School with Phoebe Cates). Well we both started really getting horny so we decided to pull out the sofa bed since this was where we were going to sleep anyways and we layed down to watch the movies together.

The next time there was a tittie scene my friend pushed his leg up against mine and his was always his way of telling me that he was horny and wanted to get sucked off. I reached under the covers and grabbed his cock which was rock hard already and I started jacking him off. He reached over and stroked my cock as well so I knew he was really horny.

I slid under the covers and took his cock into my mouth and gave him a blowjob and in the middle of it I heard him moan that he wanted to suck my cock as well so we 69'd. I didn't like swallowing cum back then but my friend loved cumming in my mouth so I always let him and he pumped my mouth full of cum. Since he was sucking my dick I was hornier than normal and actually did swallow his cum even though I didnt' like it.

As soon as he came he didn't really feel like sucking me off anymore and just jacked me off
I fucked a 13 year old when I was 17.

One time, both me and my girlfriend were stupid drunk and having sex, and she said later she wanted to stop but couldn't move to stop me and I kept going, so I guess that's technically rape.
>>same ex after period sex we would draw tribal designs on each other with period blood then I would pour milk on her in the shower as an anti-pregnancy ritual. Must have worked because we barely ever used a rubber and she never got pregs

the way you write this implies so. That's simple.

besides, regardless if you're only lurking or actively post on /b/ , it says it all: you're not normal. No need to point that out.
>I tried boys once.

You can't have a half niece idiot. And your nieces cousins would just be your other nieces.
who would buy a shit smelling car?


After we had both come down from cumming we just continued to lay naked in bed together and when the movie finished we put on the next one. The next movie was a horror and although there were titties and they did make us horny, since we had just cum we didn't get horny enough to start having sex again.
But the third movie had lots of titties as well and we got horny all over again. This time my friend wasn't horny enough to suck my dick so I just crawled down between his legs and blew him.
It was the middle of summer so all this sex we were having was making us hot so as I sucked his dick I pushed the covers onto the ground because I was too hot.

As soon as he came in my mouth again and his dick started going soft I slid up on the bed next to him and he immediately rolled over to try and fall alseep even though the movie wasn't even over. He just told me to shut the TV off when the movie was over and he pretty much went right to sleep.

The next time that there were titties on the screen I jacked off and I fantasized about sucking my friend's dick because I loved doing it so much.
I came all over myself and as I came down from my orgasm I drifted off to sleep as well.


Post some of the pictures
File: 1380640831858.jpg (70 KB, 768x967) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
70 KB, 768x967

>freshman band trip
>7/10 decent body clarinet I'd been mirin all year
>laser tag at an arcade
>dark as shit in game room
>find dark corner on other side of arena
>making out with 7/10 clarinet
>rubbing her vag through her jeans! I'm hard as shit
>blue balls me and tells me to wait
>sneak into bathroom after returning to school
>first bj, shit was so cash
>exchange numbers
>next weekend hook up with her
>never text her again, call her a sloot
>silent over entire summer
>she transfers to avoid seeing me
Ah, high school memories.
>at party where i didn't know anyone besides my gf
>get really fucking drunk
>end up in host's bed
>end up fucking her and cumming on host's sheets
>too fucked up to clean it
>"lets just leave, he won't notice anon"
>we leave
>never see any of them ever again
On a break from college and visiting my mother's home, she left to the supermarket. I jacked off while my mother's pomeranian licked my ass and balls for like eight minutes. When I finally came the little bastard licked up all my cum and then kept licking my cock. I never knew dogs love the taste of cum. I felt really guilty and dirty for a while for doing that!
Should've stopped that story halfway through, beta

>because hazedme
Use moms dildo and regularly get off to pics of her. No desire to fuck at all. Can't explain it to myself at all.
I has a huge crush on a girl in grade school, was too much of a bitch to tell her. High school comes and she goes back to being home schooled after only being introduced to regular schooling for 2 years. I don't see her for two years, at that point I had a gf of one year, turns out they live down the street from each other and are very good friends. Turns out they had a thing before my gf met me. Fucked them both on gf's trampoline
>Not keeping Kristen in my basement
definitely keeping that girl in his basement
>Have received nudes from 2 girls and flirted with 4 while with my gf
>Fantasize about fucking two of my cousins

Typical shit, but whatever.
>>548880116 Stop being an elitist cunt, shut the fuck up and google it, you can still get pregnant on your period you pompous fucking twat
>i fucked a chick who was pushing 200 lbs i weigh like 140
Very immoral you fucking twat.

I don't know how long I was asleep but it seemed like a couple of hours and when I woke up the TV was off and the room was dark but within a couple of seconds I noticed right away that there was movement in the room.
I layed there completely still not sure who was with us but it dawned on me pretty quickly that both me and my friend were laying on the sofa bed completely naked and I was covered in cum still.
As soon as I realized that, I felt the thin blankets being draped over us. I could smell perfume mixed with lots of alcohol in the air and realized that my friend's mom had come downstairs and was now covering us up with the blanket.
I closed my eyes as quickly as possible so that she would not know that I was awake and I felt incredibly awkward that I knew that she had to have seen my completely naked body. Not to mention her son was naked right next to me as well so what the fuck were we going to tell her we were doing if she asked us.

I felt the covers being draped over my legs but they stopped about mid thigh before my cock was covered by them. I felt the coveres being pulled up beside me so I knew that my friend mom was completely covering her son but she hadn't pulled the all the way over me and I was still fully exposed to her.

My friend's mom came stubbling around the bed to my side banging into shit as she walked and I knew that she was fucking hammered. By now I could hear my friend's dad walking around upstairs in his bedroom and bathroom as well.
My friend's mom came over to my side of the bed and stood right beside me and I prented I was still asleep to the best of my ability.
I felt her reach down and grab the blanket and begin to pull it over me but just before I thought she was going to pull it over my cock to finally cover me up, she stopped and just stood there looking down at my penis.
>>What's the most sexually immoral thing you've ever done /b/

I don't seed torrents
Told a girl I loved her to get in her pants. Not that bad.
I just fucked my bed.
She's in grade 4 or 5, she knows what flirting is and what a boner is
you got scammed dude
There was no wife
>>548873827 - This guy has been scammed before
>>548881053 - so has this guy
>some years ago
>was 25 back then

Enjoying /b/ gramps?
>>What's the most sexually immoral thing you've ever done /b/

I have sex in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation
File: thong.jpg (543 KB, 2144x1832) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>female exchange student living with my family for a year
>steal her thongs every so often
>wear them all day then just put them back with her clean ones
>fap while wearing them a lot
>fapped while wearing her bikini too
>she left a few bras here when she left
>I still wear them sometimes

She wasn't even hot or I would have hit that. She just happened to be my size.
File: _20140513_181659.jpg (125 KB, 1080x908) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
125 KB, 1080x908
I am seriously crying from laughing at the last few lines
How old are you?
>Stop being an elitist cunt, shut the fuck up and google it


I'm not elitist, it just looks like from down below.

According to your previous post your attracted to preteen girls. What could you possibly know about perios and stuff? Go back to Starbucks. I have the feeling this Kristen girl tries to find you as well. No wait, she's 11 years old. To her, you are just an old man and she has no interest in you whatsoever. Face it.
>at a party
>hot friend of a friend is wasted
>9/10 must bag
>goes outside to puke or something
>been gone awhile
>friend worried
>I volunteer to check on her
>she's passed the fuck out
>pour her into the back of my car
>"can't find her, she may have wandered into the woods"
>half dozen or so people help me look for her
>she's nowhere to be found
>more people join the search
>drunks stumbling through the woods with flashlights and phones
>slip away, get to the car
>drive the bitch to her house
>still dead to the world
>undress her
>get my rape on
>and again
>and once more
>dump her in the tub, turn on shower and leave
>drive back to the party
>rejoin the search
Found a bunch of my moms nudes.

Got her tipsy one night. Got her talking about penis size. I asked her to tell me if mine was normal. got hard, she said it was bigger than dads (win)

As her to feel it, because I was unsure if it felt funny, told her you have to squeeze it tight and rub shaft.

Told her about photos and how I am attracted to them while she rubbed squeezing extra tight.

I asked her if I could take a photo of her hand on my dick in order to compare it to photo of her and her new bf I had.. she went for it.

asked her if she would give bj, she got down on knees and put in mouth, I took photo and immediately came. she relised what she had done and grabbed my phone saying no photos with a mouth full of cum, left to upstairs and sat out. Next morning she gave me my phone like nothing happened lol

I could not beleive my friend's mom was actually taking a good long look at my cock and for some reason it really started to turn me on and I started getting hard.

I'm sure that my friend's mom saw my cock growing because she dropped the blanket down onto my legs and then very gently reached out and took hold of my growing penis. I could not fucking believe it.
Not only did she very slowly start sliding her hand up and down the length of it but she reached out with her other hand and gently started to massage my balls as well.

Not only was it incredbily erotic haing my friend's mom playing with my dick, she was doing it with her son lying right there beside me.
The more she played with my cock and the harder it became in her hand the more worked up she got and it wasn't long before she was straight up jacking me off.
I felt her leaning over me and I had an idea of what she was doing but I could not believe it so I cracked my eyes open just a little bit and I watched as she leaned down over me and took my hard cock into her mouth and started sucking me.
I knew that she had to be extremely drunk to be doing this right doing this right beside her son and with her husband right upstairs.
She did not have a care in the world though and just kept on sucking me off. I got extremely horny again and without thinking about it I started grinding my hips, and thrust my cock very slowly into her mouth.
This made her look up in my direction and with her mouth full of my cock she looked right into my eyes and saw that I was awake. But she didn't stop blowing me and we looked right into each others eyes as she continued sucking me off. Know I knew for sure she was drunk and I wasn't sure if I should stop her or not before we got caught. But this was the best blowjob I had ever recieved before, not to mention that it was a once in a lifetime blowjob actually from my friend's mom so I just let her continue and prayed that her husband would not come down
File: 1389597115074.jpg (118 KB, 493x475) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>lied about being heterosexual
That wasn't me, and you'd have to be a fucking idiot not to know a girl can get pregnant on her period
Yesterday I found a picture of my niece (she's of age) naked online. Couldn't help but fap to it.
spread crabs to my exboyfriend twice
- then quite possibly my girlfriend now too.
Every time I start a new job, I make a point to masturbate in the premises as soon as possible, and preferably not in the restroom. I once fapped behind the counter of a pharmacy I worked at when I was 19 while an old couple were looking some medicine or some shit; another time I worked in a hospital kitchen for a few months and came in the yogurt a few times.
This might be a little late but
>implying I'm an exclusive pedo

I feel bad for the people that are only attracted to little girls.
I let a girl who was in a relationship (now married less than a year after this happened) jack me off on my car.

Genuinely ruined my life.
Man you forgot that part where you tame a Dragon and conquer Rhelasia

The blowjob she was giving me was incredible and I started getting extremely horny and I started to wonder just how far I could go with her. The hornier I got the less I though about her husband and son and the more I wondered if I could actually fuck her.

She was still standing right beside me bent right over blowing me and she was wearing a long dress so I got an image in my mind up reaching down up under her dress to see if she would actually let me play with her pussy.
I didn't have the nerve to actually do it at first but the hornier I got the more I told myself to go for it.I knew that I risked having her stop blowing me but finally I decided to go for it and I reached up under her dress and slid my hand right up her smooth legs. The only responce from her was to spread her legs a little wider and I reached right up to her croch and I began rubbing all over her hairy pussy.
Her pussy was incredibly wet and gapping open and I shoved two fingers into her and started finger fucking her. This got her extremely horny and she started stroking my dick at the same time she continued sucking me.
The felf fucking amazing and I coudl feel my orgasm building up inside of me.
I loved playing with her cunt but I knew that this was a once in a lifetime oportunity and I wanted to see her tits before this moment ended so I sat up and with my free hand I grabbed her tit through her dress and started squeezing it.
She did not stop me at all and just kept on sucking my dick and jacking me off.
I undid a couple of buttons on her dress and spread it open and managed to pull out her breast which was still covered by a lacy bra and was one of the most erotic things I have ever seen in my life.
I squeezed that beautiful brast for a little bit before finally pulling her bra down and completely exposed her breast to me. As soon as her nipple came into view I started to cum right into my friend's mom's mouth.
I constantly cheat on my gf.she goes to school about 3 hours from me so I get away with it.
that's hot
Enjoying? Nope, actually it's quite annoying, yet entertaining. TBH, I like fucking teen girls (as I wrote, €fag and stuff, so it's legal to fuck 16yrs old around here)

In order to understand their often weird lingo (swag, yolo, inb4, lel etc.) I still hang around /b/ and the likes. Next time you see a teen girl falling for a thirty-ish guy, remember that could be me. I outrank most of you /b/tards in terms of income and sexual encounters, so I really don't care if you call me gramps. Now go upstairs, mum's called for dinner.
File: kim_1289556c[1].jpg (46 KB, 460x288) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
46 KB, 460x288
was seeing 2 transgirls at the same time and there were a few times where I'd literally finish fucking one, drop them off at home, go pick up the other one to hang out and then we'd fuck while my dick was still dirty from the last one. we didn't use condoms and I cummed in each of their asses, sometimes literally within an hour. once they found out about each other it didn't last much longer and I stopped seeing the one and I'm still dating the other now, in a commited relationship. good times though fucking both of them.
Im not confirming anything without a full face pic with the ass I fucked
lost virginity with my own sister when we were 13/14
Actually, I have a better one than the above mentioned.
>on trip to concert in Alabama with church group
>4 1/2 hour drive or whatever
>sitting with 7/10 in back of van
>face isn't spectacular, but tits and ass lemme tell yah
>kinda off/on with this girl for about a year, never could get anything going
>she has a bf, I'm seeing an 8/10
>on the way there we're leaned on each other, arm around her shoulder, eventually holding hands, etc.
>but we're only friends
>stay close to her in line
>she's holding on to my arm because February in Mobile and it's cold as shit
>concert was cash, but seating was shit. sat next to her whole time
>leaving concert and she holds on to my arm again
>hold hands walking back to van
>began drive back around 11 so everyone's tired as shit
>leader is playing new CD, Royal Taylor or something like that
>speakers located in back of van so pretty loud
>travel an hour and mostly everyone's asleep, counting our seatmate. we're hugged up n' shit and i kiss her forehead trying to be alpha
>she returns with one on the lips
>fighting spaghetti hard
>full make out session commences
>get hard almost instantly
>she feels, rubs dick through jeans
>I pull it out through my jeans and she starts stroking it
>did this under a blanket, no one any the wiser
>moves blanket, starts blowing me
>cum on her hoodie
>return dick to jeans and quick cleanup
>make out again and fall asleep together
>wake up at church at around 3:30
>hug her goodbye
>sends me nudes a few nights later and I fap like a madman to them
>says she's gonna breakup with bf so we can finally be together
>think hard about it
>tell girl I'm seeing I'm no longer interested (right before valentines day lol)
>fuck a few more times
>decide after a month that I'm bored with her
>make a bullshit excuse why we can't be together
>she cries, says she hates me, fuck you, etc.
>shrug it off, kept nudes for a bit
>never see her again
>learn 8/10 was a slut and sent pics to just about every guy in band
your fucking ID is perfect
>what do you call masturbating to family?
Concert story cont.
>didn't feel so bad about doing shit with 7/10
>still feel bad about what I did to 7/10
Guys what do I do?

She just kept right no sucking my dick and used her hand to pump the cum right into her mouth as she started swalllowing my load.

I could not fucking believe this was actually happening and even while I was cumming in her mouth I started pinching and pulling on her nipple while I continued finger fucking her with my other hand.
My hand was completely covered in this lady's pussy juices, her cunt was so incredibly wet.
Even after I finished cumming she just kept right on sucking me and this whole scene was so incredibly erotic that I never even went soft and just kept right on finger fucking her while she blew me.
It only lasted for another minute or so though before we heard the floor creaking above us as her husband came walking into the kitchen near to where the stairs leading down to us were located.

Hearing this seemed to wake my friend's mom out of the arroused state that she was in and quickly pulled her mouth off of my cock and tucked her tit back into her dress before quickly buttoning it back up.
She quickly leaned right over my face and whispered very quietly for me not to ever tell anyone about this and she gave me a quick kiss on the lips and then stood up, pulled the blankets right over my body and practically ran up the stairs.

I heard my friends parents talking but the were too far away to hear what they were saying.

I was still fucking hornier than I had been all night because I could not believe what had just happened to me so I waited until the light from upstairs went off and hear my friends parents go to bed and then I slid the covers off of me and my friend again, crawled down between his legs, rolled him onto his back so that I had full access to his cock and I started sucking his dick while I furiously jacked off thinking about what had just happened to me.
If true then anon is a clever motherfucker
>jerked off using my moms thong

Oh man I did this with my step mom's underwear all the fucking time. Got caught more times than I wanted, but nowhere near 5% of the times I was doing it or stealing her panties on the downlow.
What's the problem here? Your brother won't fuck your wife, you can fuck your wife and his ex.
reading some of these are giving me a really weird boner lol

It did not take long for my friend to wake up from the pleasure I was giving him and also did not take him long to blow another huge load of cum into my mouth and I was so fucking horny that I gulped down his cum like never before.
I just stroked my dick while I just kept right on blowing my friend even after he finished cumming.
I had an incredible orgasm and came all over myself but by the time I came my friend was completely hard again and still wanted to get sucked off so I have him yet another blowjob and since there was not really that much cum I swallowed his load again even though I was not as horny anymore and didnt' really want to swallow it.

That was the only experience I ever had with my friend's mom but I sucked his dick almost eveyr day for the next 3 years and his mom knew that we were doing it the entire time from having caught on the bed naked together that night that she sucked my dick
I can make a good /b/ fiction. I drugged a 5 yr old boy I was babysitting and rubbed my dick all over his ass and hole until I came on him. Shit was so cash. Keklel
File: Missy Stone2.jpg (108 KB, 683x1025) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Missy Stone2.jpg
108 KB, 683x1025
Met 9/10 goth chick at goth club turns out she's a model. Something off about her, guess I figured she was mental. Turns out she's a tranny and has been since 14 maybe even earlier. She was gorgeous and I said fuck it and had sex with a super hot tranny. Looks like pornstar Missy Stone except the tranny had bigger tits from hormones. The night was so surreal and trippy the kind of alternative party out of control lifestyle she lived that when I dreamed that night I didn't dream but instead relived the past night it was weird. It was a trip we get back to her place at 3am and its a small party and everyone on a different drug, someones on x the other acid, alcohol, weed and so on. On a side not one guy from that party is a total psycho and got banned from the US and he was born here. lulz pic related how she looks
>that little kids use when they flirt
Calm down, mister pedo.
>tfw 4chan will probably be dead by the time I'm in my mid-thirties

You know what I'm talking about.
>last one cause I've run out of bullshit fake stories
And what ducking typo, might I ask, is that?
Post pics/vids please.
Sounds like she wants you, does she wear sexy underwear?
You are a fucking idiot. I remember waking up in the middle of the night having sex with my gf. Sure they woke up, but none of them thought about "violation of trust" or any of your cosmopolitan bullshit, they all liked it.
I know that I told 2 of my ex-gfs about wanting to fuck them in their sleep and they all just said "do it". I never really got the chance of actually have sex with a sleeping girl since it always started out with touching/rubbing against them and then they would walk up.
Jesus christ the reason why you don't have a girl is because you say shit like
>not because I want to take advantage of someone
>That's why I wanted to talk to you about it...I don't want to do anything to violate your trust.

You spend way to much time on thumblr most relationship shit is not such a big deal.
>They did some stare flirting, german girls love americans

Fake and gayy
secretly take some photos of my sister while she was taking a bath
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