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Oedipus Thread - Tell me about how you want/ed...
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Oedipus Thread - Tell me about how you want/ed your dick in your mom /b/ (father killing optional)

Whenever I got out of the shower in my ultra-horny teen years, and I knew my mom was nearby (kitchen, watching tv, getting mail from foyer etc.), I would make sure to jack off a little so I was hard and leave the bathroom towel-over-the-shoulder, dick in the wind. I'd make like I was going to walk straight to my room but then double back towards the living room/kitchen and ask her some inane question about recent whatever doesn't matter make shit up.

I'd stare her in the eyes the whole time while talking to her, hard dick out, intentionally+rhythmically throbbing it, slightly dripping from the shower. She wouldn't blatantly look at my dick if I was close to her, like in the kitchen, but when I was standing across the room facing the couch while she watched tv, she would glance every time. So hot.

I felt she deserved to see a young cock now and again, since my dad is >10 years her elder. That was my justification anyway. Really I just got off knowing that SHE knew how big her little baby's dick had gotten.

>also milfs i guess
Any more stories OP?
I devised a plan to hide wireless hidden cameras in the master bathroom, but it never came to fruition due to lack of funds. I had control of the router, so it was possible, but the logistics of a power source / discreetly ordering spycams didnt work out
That didn't stop me from spying on her though. There was a mirror next to my parent's bed that was positioned just right so I could stand in my kitchen, and see into their bathroom (see diag.)

It didn't grant me long distance access to the shower itsself, but I could watch her from afar undressing for, drying after, and redressing from taking a shower

Anyone care? I have more but typing blows my asshole
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She only caught my jacking off once, and it was because i was too horny that it couldn't wait. She had ordered me to clean the living room before a 4th of july party, and as I was dusting I was overcome with dickthrob. My mom was wearing a two piece swimsuit+like a hawaiian skirt sarong wranp thing so she wasnt a total slut, and it realy got me going. I literally just got on the floor pulled out my dick and started jacking off right there in the living room.

She came in to ask if I was done yet as people would be arriving soon, and as my head jerked up to look at her while panic-fumbling my dick back into my shorts, i saw her looking first at my face, down at my dick/hands clusterfuck, then back up at my face before commencing the shouting to stop and clean the fucking room what are you doing omg

She left before my dick was back in my pants and never brought it up.
I never really wanted to fuck my mom, just have her involved in some other odd fantasies. Also hot stories bro
waiting patiently op
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Like what?

I once walked in on my parents fucking, but they didn't realize I was there becuase ninjafootsteps.

I stopped just short of the door because of the noise i wasnt expecting, namely the moaning and slapping. After standing just outside their door for a few mins trying to jack it as quietly as possible, I managed to summon up the balls to peek in and stare at my mom bouncing on my dads cock for what felt like 5 hours but was probably really only like 45 seconds.

My dad had both his hands on her ass, and was spreading her apart as she bounced. She was leaning really far forward, so much that her tits were probably sliding on his chest. It wasn't as graphic as it could have been, since obv neither of them shaved + it was only moonlight through the windows but still. Bare mom cunt sliding on dick. I can still see it clear as day.
I have a true (but anticlimactic) story where I played strip poker with my mom if you wanna hear it.

um, nothing obsessive. but i did often see my mom naked and once or twice got a good look at her pussy. i remember when i was really young (5-6) i was sucking on one of her tits while my dad sucked on the other.

once i tried to duck under the sheets and get a closer look at her pussy but she stopped me. i was more curious than 'omg i wanna fuk my mum' though i did want to fuck some of my other relatives and eventually did.

not sure if that's what you're looking for. /shrug
> like what

Ah well.. forced feminization stuff. Ever since I was a kid I wished she'd make me put on panties and a dress and make me be a little girl. It's gotten to a point where I fantasize about her dressing me up as a 7 year old girl and signing me up for second grade.

Anyway i too walked in on my parents. It was 100% accident and I didn't even get to see my mom, just my dad
I'd love to, no matter how anticlimactic!

Lol nice. My family's always been pretty chill about nudity, in that if someone is getting out of the shower and we're late for something there isn't any "GET OUT IM NAKED" shouting going on, just a hurried, but not fumbly-hurry cover-with-towel and scoot out to get dressed in privacy.

I loved my moms tits. Anytime I knew she was taking a shower and my was at work/otherwise not at home I would tiptoe into her bedroom and rub my dick on the topmost bra in her underwear drawer, in hopes she's wear that one. If she made the mistake of showering with the door open I would always find some excuse to waltz right in to ask her a question, just so perfectly timed that she had stepped out of the shower and dried her hair, thus wrapping her towel on her head and not around her chest. Glorious C cups were mentally grabbed at many a hot summer's day.
I figure that I might have a touch of the Elektra complex.

well, my mom was more of a hippie and didn't really give a fuck about nudity. she'd get out of the shower an walk around house the naked, especially if the weather was hot. she did it somewhat less as i got older, but even when i was about 14 or 15 i remember her sitting around on the couch with her tits and bush exposed and just not giving a fuck.

she used to be a dancer so she had a good body and was really pretty, so i'm actually a little surprised that i never really thought about fucking her or anything.

i was more interested in my cousins and a half-sister my dad surprised us with. go figure.
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Another occasion, when I was old enough that my baby blanket was long stored in my closet, I woke up in the middle of the night for seemingly no reason. I was ~11/12, and decided it would be "cute" if I fetched my blanket and asked to hop into bed with her (and dad but who cares) because I had a bad dream. So I dug up the blanket and walked over to their room, pushed open the door and tiptoed over to her side of the bed. Dad was snoring, mom was equally as passed out.

Before tying to full on wake her to tell her i had a nightmare, i gently grabbed her right boob through her thin, old pj shirt. I didn't squeeze, just rested my hand there almost in shock. I eventually removed my hand and shook her by the shoulder until she woke up, told her i had a bad dream, and hopped into bed with them.

Dad slept through the whole ordeal, and mom was back asleep in no time, also mildly snoring. I had of course pretended to be trying to sleep, but had been intentionally staying awake.

I took this opportunity to roll onto my side, position myself in such a way that my arm lay naturally infront of me/on my mom, under the blankets.

I fell asleep that night not rubbing, but having placed my hand on my moms granny-pantie covered pussy.

It isn't pre typed.

>21st bday
>friend cancels on me
>mom asks me what my plans are now
>say dunno i wanted to go out but i wont go to the bar alone
>she says she will go with me if i want
>sure but if i find a girl to go have fun with you are on your own
>go to bar
>flirt with a couple of bar flies but nothing comes of it
>find a poker game in the back room and join
>3 or 4 hours later....
>anon i want to go home i'm getting seriously drunk
>... ok fine mom

>get home
>you arent mad for having to come home are you anon?
>im not mad but i was enjoying drinking and playing poker
>well anon ive only got $20 but we can keep drinking and play poker if you want
>get the cards
>continue drinking and play several hands
>anon im out of money and really i need that $20 back
>a bets a bet mom but we can keep playing
>but i have nothing to bet anon
>you could bet clothes (i say this to get her to drop it)
>let me think about it anon
>20 minutes later....
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>Elektra complex
Oh? Do tell~

Neither are mine. Slow thread is slow. But quality!

With pleasure!
In the master bathroom, after it got remodeled, there was a jacuzzi-bathtub. Pretty sick. It was my parent's anniversary, and they decided a duo, wine-fueled jacuzzicouplesbath was in order. Whatever, i didn't care, i was engrossed with FF7 at the time, playing in the computer room next to their bedroom. Within shouting distance basically.

Push came to shove and they ran out of booze, and called for me to fetch them more. Recognizing this as an opportunity, I faked looking for more wine before going back and asking where it was (i'm so innocent! i don't know where you keep your booze!)

Walk back to the bathroom doorway, poke my head in and say i cant find any, and mom lurches out of the tub to get it herself/help me find it. cont

>ok anon heres the deal. we will play but i am stopping after i win my money back and each article of clothes is worth $20
>thats fine mom
>deal first hand
>mom takes off her socks
>that isnt fair mom
>anon be glad im doing this at all
>ok fine
>figure she cant have more than jeans shirt bra and panties on
>deal next hand
>bet $40
>thats unfair anon
>we never set any limits mom
>fine but after this if i dont win the limit is $20
>win that hand
>grin real big so whats it gonna be mom?
>she takes off her shirt and jeans
>mom takes a shot and says deal the next hand
>ive got 2 pair 3s n 5s
>mom wins with a straight
>thanks for my money back anon... im going to bed gnight

Like I said... anticlimactic but its legit.
that.. was really leading to something.. and yah blew it...
its 4chan should have just made some shit up..

on a related note, requesting milfs, preferably ones you know or your own

Yeah I could have but I said that's how it was before I typed it up.

I know I could have lied about it but whats the point? I know I prefer a true story rather than some made up bullshit when it comes to mom/son.
She stepped out of the tub, my dad staying for whatever reason, shook dry a bit on the bathroom rug, tits flopping around a bit, jungle of dark pussy hair triangle between her legs. She grabbed a towel, and half-assedly wrapped it around her chest the way women do.

She led me out through the bedroom into the dining room, and bent over in front of me to dig through a cabinet she opened. The towel wasn't long enough for this action, and slipped off while she was digging.

I was standing behindher, and as soon as her pussy was exposed I reached out my hand quickly yet carefully "in an attempt to grab her towel" and ended getting just the right amount of contact to seem accidental of her wet-from-the-bath pussy. I almost came in my pants.

I did also grab the towel too, so I successfully played it off like I grabbed her towel before it hit the ground with a little collateral damage (at least I think I did, she never mentioned it and didnt react at the time). I was banking on the fact she was drunk and wouldn't notice.
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indeed this is true, my mom is ugly so i don't have anything there.. but i have a model cousin couple more of em are hot.. and then 2 pritty good looking sisters
I think everyone, in early adolescence (when our mom's are still relatively young and hot), has had a mom fantasy or two or seen each other naked and enjoyed it a bit. Just most wouldn't openly admit to it... but this is anonymous /b/.

I'll admit when my mother was still in her mid 30s and I was teenage, I fapped to her once or twice. And she wasn't that shy around having her clothing off around the house. I think she was trying to explain women's anatomy in her own way and that's what it was about.... I guess. I'll admit to a couple of early guilt filled fap sessions. But then a few years later, as our moms hit 40 and before and become old women (sometimes fatties), any of their youthful attractiveness is gone....
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Completely agree, Lame truth is superior to bullshit.
I wouldn't have called my mom 'hot' ever, but she had the biggest tits of of her my parents friends that i'd met and a decent hwr. My friend's mom though, holy damn she was a fox. More on her later if my coffee stays hot.

Going back in time a bit to before puberty, I was maybe 7 or 8, and we were running late
for something idk what it was years ago ffs. Mom was taking a shower, and in the interest of time dragged me in with her. washed myself as best I could, but at that age I was eye-level with her boobs, hard nipples staring me in the face. So close I could lick'em. Good memory, sexualized later, but not as it was happening.

>still in her mid 30s and I was teenage
>still in her mid 30s
my mom was 33 when she had me :| She at least has maintained her weight, and started dying her hair early enough that I've never seen her grey.
Ok Ill share my story, or well its not really a 'story' its just something that I used to do quite often

>Every sunday we would go to my grandparents house to visit
>It was a routine that everybody would shower or take a bath before we go
>So often this came down to somebody taking a shower while the other would be in the bathtub, otherwise we would be late
>I was around 11-13 years old when I started discovering masturbation
>My mom at that time, was not yet awkward with being naked around me, because I was still pretty young
>I always asked that I could take a bath instead of a shower
>So often when I would take a bath, my mom would be taking a shower across the bathroom
>Could always watch her wash herself, those delicious soapy boobs would make me rockhard
>I would then always masturbate under water while watching her shower, the foam in the bath made sure she couldnt see what I was doing
>Often had fantasies and dreams about fucking her

I continued doing this for maybe a year or 2, until I reached an age where being naked around each other became awkward
You faggot, you went in on 2 pair of 3/5? What're you high?

Nah just quite drunk. Around 4-5 hours of drinking at that point lol.
Ah, in that case, good on ya.
File: 240x180-5.jpg (6 KB, 240x180) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Everyone in my close circle of guy friends agreed that NAME_REDACTED's mom (lets call her Claire) was the hottest of our moms.

Claire got divorced when my bff was in 8th grade, and she + her ex husband had alternating weeks when each had custody of the kids. In my rebellious teenage youth i would keep track of when their dad had the kids at his house, and then sneak out of my house, walk down the street, and peep on her being home alone. She didn'y give a damn about home security; the back doors were always unlocked, sometimes the front door left open - literally open if it was hot enough during the summer- all night.

I found all the perfect angles that I could see into the house from while remaining in darkness as best I could. Unfortunately she never did anything sexy in the kitchen besides walk around in her pajamas.

But one night when her car was gone, on a night the kids (my friend included) were not there, and having a pretty good idea of what her work schedule was like, I knew I had free reign over her bedroom like the pervert I was.
If I do have a "mom" fantasy. It's usually not my mother (but may have once been when I was younger. It's usually of a sexually inexperienced male being "helped" by his mother.

Your mother probably intended to give you that a bit on your 21st. You didn't have friends to hang out with or women so she upped the sexual tension a bit to make you feel more wanted. It's really sweet in a fucked up Oedipal kind of way.
I've lurked and will contribute my little story. Nothing too crazy. It's about my stepmom, my real mom is anything but attractive.

>At a party/concert with my family
>Stepmom drinks far too much, as is her custom
>We all head home, stepmom and I in the backseat
>She has huge fake tits that she got as a gift from my dad when they got together
>I'm horny as all hell, and she's wearing something sheer - not see through but really thin
>She's passed the fuck out and I can see her hard nipples catching the light of the moon
>Pretend to cuddle against her as if I'm sleeping in an attempt to get closer
>Rubbed my knuckle softly across her hard nipples so that I could feel their texture
> did this over and over, rubbing all over both nipples - dad was driving so he didn't notice
>Got home, already had precum in my boxers
>Fapped like a mad man
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File: dfsYytS.png (2 MB, 768x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Idk. My mom had me at 34. She 54 now but really doesnt look much different. Even in terms of weight etc. Hasnt changed much.

She really has my kind of boobs though, big Ds. S
You deceitful bastard! I should've never trusted those tanlines.

I did something similar to this with a cousin when I was 12. No real story or anything but this reminded me of it.
File: 1306386736.jpg (2 MB, 2736x3648) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2736x3648
I snuck in the back, walked through the living room and don the hallway to her bedroom. I instantly started opening every drawer I could find until I found her bras and panties, and proceeded to rub each pair on my dick before putting them back - some a little gooey with precum.

In one drawer I found the holy grail - a used dildo wrapped in a towel. A fake dick that had been /inside/ her pussy. I didn't care about the gay connotations- I went straight away at sucking that thing clean while beating off into a clean pair of her panties.

Didn't take long for me to cum. I shot my load into the panties, and placed them gently down on her bed as not to spill any. I wiped the dildo dry of my spit with the storage towel, then lubed up that bright blue dong with my cum until it was spread as evenly as it could be, then carefully re-wrapped it into it's home towel, set quietly to dry in her sock drawer until she used it next.

The next night, I went over to my friends house I couldn't stop staring at her, wondering if she used the cum-soaked dildo. Wondering if my semen, by way of subterfuge, had found it's way into my best friend's mom's pussy. I didn't get a chance to check that night, and the next time I could a couple days later it was too hard to tell. One can hope.

WOW god tier pic
God I have to stop reading these stories they make me horny as fuck, promised my GF id save all my cum for her

That was confirmed as legit but I do not have the pics that prove it however.
File: potleafNass.jpg (3 MB, 3072x2304) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Anyone else know of any confirmed legit mom/son stuff? I like stories so long as they are true.
Lol. Copy paste them somewhere and have your gf read them aloud to you while you fuck her? =D

Once while on vacation in a motel room, 2 beds, one for parents and one for me, cramped quarters had their perks. Mom was in the shower, so naturally I faked needing to take a shit... for the whole duration of her shower. There was no curtain, just a glass door. The toilet was facing the shower for whatever reason, and I wasn't complaining. I was completely naked too, since I had claim on the shower once she was done. She asked a couple of times if I was really taking a shit, and when I (lied) answered in the affirmative she seemed to express legitimate worry that I had some constipation problem.

I would rub my dick gently whenever she had her back turned, and just as she was getting out of the shower, i stood up and leaned backwards, arching my back to flush the toilet that way. This way I could flush the empty thing while claiming success AND push out my pelvis to shove my hard dick at her at the same time. Not sure if she looked because I had to look back at where the handle was, but I doubt she missed it.
File: 4d803dd91045.jpg (37 KB, 520x643) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37 KB, 520x643
audio tape

Yup. That's the only thing I know of that is confirmed legit however.
File: 1387126996120.jpg (31 KB, 378x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Always wanted to fuck my mom, never even got close, however I fucked my friends' aunt so that's good enough I guess.
>Also bump
Dat fat pussy
I've exhausted my cache of sexy memories that aren't just repeats of me walking out of the shower naked in front of her, spying on her in various ways, or finding an opportunity to expose my hard dick to her.

At one point, I got it in my head that all humans are mortal, and as such, will die. Kinda morbid that I was thinking about a scenario where, if my dad had died, my mom would default to fucking me instead if I had assured her that my dick was big enough. H

If anyone else has anything to share I'm all ears, otherwise this thread may die a natural death.
Lol faggot.
Your cum is your cum, put it everywhere.

Yeah because splooging my weeks saved up cum on a towel is much more satisfying then on my GF's face
You can have pie and fuck it too.
Fuck her now, then come back and give your cumrag some love.

Shes not here yet, 3 more hours

jokes on you, that was the dad's dildo, faggot
Yeah, it tasted like pussy, so
Any screenshots of the thread?
I've got a really good one...
Here goes

>me and my mum have a healthy platonic relationship and i grow up without any incestuous sexual issues that impact my life as a healthy adult
>was the best
WTF is that? Can you see through walls or something?
Ok, here it goes. I was born into a material world but always had a spiritual side. I grasped profound spiritual truth at a young age and that knowledge only grew with time. Anyways over time I began to feel an overwhelming urge to return to the source. I followed this line of thinking and primordial incest brought about my own enlightenment, oneness with the creator.

Tldr your urges for your mother are stemming from something you cannot yet understand.
File: mbjs2.jpg (29 KB, 512x384) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29 KB, 512x384
I think this is the mom
I've never consciously wanted to fuck my mum, but I remember when I was 11 or 12 I went through a phase of being very affectionate towards her. One time I ran up and playfully tackled her to the floor and kissed her on the mouth.

Later, I had a dream about fucking her while wearing a bright blue condom. Dad walked in and I thought I was busted, but he just said (in the dream) that's okay, anon, you've got to learn about it somehow.

My parents always woke up early, like 6am. One time I woke up early and headed to my parent's bedroom. The interior wall between the living-room and the bedroom was made of cheap pine slats (later, this part of the house was destroyed in a storm and replaced). There was a small hole in the timber where a knot in the wood had fallen out. For some reason I decided to sneak up and peek through it before knocking on the door. What I saw was my parents negotiating sex... my mum was a cold fish. I watched with fascination and horror as my dad mounted her for all of 2 minutes while my mum lay there indifferent, head to the side, staring at the wall. When dad finished, I heard her say, "Are you happy now, dirty man?"

Thank god my sexuality is nothing like my parents', but is it any wonder I'm a /b/tard?

Scarred for fuckin' life.

Wow if you're ever in a marriage where you have to beg for sex from your wive its no wonder people cheat
Why does this turn me so much the fuck on.

Yeah that's her I do believe.

You just reminded me, anon! Around the same time my mum was having one of her frequent neurotic episodes and told me she thought dad was having an affair. I was like, "I'm sure that's not the case." but inside I was thinking, "Can you fucking blame him?" I don't think he was really, though. My mum's just a stupid cunt.
old copypasta we all know fag
My mom is legally retarded.
she has an IQ of about 70 with the mental capacity of a pre-teen/early teen.
Physically she appears fine. She has none of the physical appearances commonly associated with mental disabilities. But she has zero business operating in the capacity of an adult.
Why my dad married her is still a fucking mystery to me maybe her food because holy fuck can she cook. about the only skill she posses. (he gets annoyed when asked so i just stopped).
While she's my mother, i never fully recognized her as such since my father kept her in the background as much as possible and restricted access to her. (probably for the best since she has zero fucking clue how to mom). She could still do rudimentary tasks like cleaning, basic chores, and delegating some tasks to me that she cant do herself or needs help doing. .

>be 16
>reached peak of ultimate teen horny-ness.
>fapping multiple times per day up to a dozen.
>dad at work no sitter anymore because old enough not to get killed by mom.(yes, dad had to get a fucking sitter because mom was too stupid to take care of her own son)
>beginning mid-day fap
>mom BARGE.EXE into room
>anon what time does dad-anon come ho---.....
>she stares at my dick
>im fumbling around my ankles to retrieve my shorts
>notice she is just fixated on my penis
>remember she is retarded and has zero clue that im supposed to be punished or at a minimum yelled at.
>too goddamned horny to care
>stop reaching for shorts and uncover
>wiener is fully exposed now
>she goes knock kneed and starts fidgeting
>just sit there and observe her as she tries to prevent with her left hand, her right hand from going below her waist line.
>intradesting. its possible Dad has forbidden her from any sexual activity in his absence
>she becomes visibly upset at the internal conflict raging in her mind.
>mom. mom!
>she snaps her eyes up to me
>what's wrong
>its bad. im bad. dadanon said no. i get in trouble when i do
>the plot thickens
>again. she has the mentality of a young teen/child. so she is easilly molded.
>seeing my chance i sieze it
>It's okay if dad isnt here and i am
>Dad wont know.
>she processes this. B-But he will know.
>I wont tell.
>she goes back to staring at my cock.
>she starts shifting her weight from one foot to the other
>Why does dad say its bad
>it's not natural
>that doesnt tell me anything. He's a hard swinging right-winger, so that makes sense
>Do you know what sex is.
>she nods
>do you have sex with dad?
>she nods
>when was the last time?
>she shrugs
>you... dont remember because it was so long ago?
>she nods
>well i cant really acccept that since she could just be in child-tell-me-what-i-want-to-hear mode so i go away.
>You were pregnant with me yes?
>yes. I didnt like it. made me feel wierd. And it hurt when you came out of me.
>well, that answers that decade long question i had.
>Was that the last time you had sex? to make me?

>That makes even more sense. On several occasions i've answered the phone to anther man's voice, only for my dad to get mad at me for answering the phone (and he would only get mad when it was this particular person). The call was always friendlier than his other friends. He would always leave the house shortly afterwards, and be gone until the middle of the night/next morning. I obviously exsit for the sole purpose of proving to his family he isnt gay.
>It all came together.
>He married her because he could easilly manipulate and control her without her ever being the wiser and never trying to figure it out on her own. Nor would she ever leave him since she views him as an authority figure and is unaware that she has that choice to walk away from it. As evil as it my seem, its very nearly the perfect crime. People wont question you being married to a retard because of the current societal views. No one wants to be called out as a bigot. So everyone accpets it as an "It is what it is" scenario.
>I noticed she stopped moving and began to look iquisitivly at my wang.
>I had become so enthralled in my own detective work, I forgot all about my previous task and went soft.
>What's the matter mom?
>It shrank.
>it does that when not excited
>its not always big?
>she obviously has zero idea about the mechanics of any genitailia.
>No. It grows and becomes stiff when its ready for sex.
>she continues to stare at my returning chubb
>her curiosity is getting me going again. Its like a damned kid! just in a grown up body.
>she returned back to dancing in place.
>mom. its okay if you touch yourself when dad isnt here. I touch myself all the time. I dont tell dad about it.
>the internal conflict returned. 16 years of being told NO! has taken its toll.
>This will take something drastic
>I stood up
>My erect shlong in full view
>she froze, eyes as dinner saucers
>He breathing increased, and i could visibly see the vein in her forehead pulsate.
>I took her hand and placed it on her crotch.
>she began to shake her head but the hand remained.
>Mom. Its okay. Dad isnt here.
>She's clearly going to need some encouragement.
>i walked her over to the bed and sat her down
>I took my place next to her and again, placed her hand on the crotch of her pants.
>My hand rested on top of hers
>I began applying light pressure to her hand
>a short and quiet grunt escaped
>I applied slightly more pressure and gently rocked her hand
>at that moment she took over
>i had to quickly remove her hand as she bagan to violently grab at herself.
>Hang on. You have to be gentle with yourself. Oherwise you will hurt yourself.
>She uttered a grunt of protest but resumed grabbing much gentler than before.
>My wenis is now diamonds!
>she bagan to pick up the pace with the grabbing.
>hooo okay.. this is going to be work.
>i asked her to remove her pants
>shockingly she did so without hesitation.
>Had her remove panites as well
>and yup. full bush. Not redwood levels of bush, but still.
>whatever. bush or no bush doesnt matter to me.
>but holy hell! she was so wet, it looked like she had pissed herself.
>okay mom, I guided her down to her clit, the second she touched it she squeeled and began with her retard strength masturbatory session again.
>wait! you have to be gentle with it! or you will hurt it!
>she calmed down again
>i instructed her how and showed her
>I demanded she keep her hands to herself while i show her
>i placed my hand just on the clit area and began with an open palm, gently rubbing.
>within seconds, she came. and boy did she ever between the contractions and the squirtting (cythera had nothing on her). She grabbed my wrist and with that retard strength crushed my wrist.
>it took several minutes to calm her down as she began to have several more ograsms on her own.
>once she had calmed, she exclaimed a thank you. and went into how she always wants to but dad wouldnt let her because not natural blah blah.
>for a moment i thought about putting her hand on my cock but after how she damn near broke my wrist, i thought better of it.
>the she asked, do boys do the same thing?
>I decided to show her.
>after a few pumps she asked to try
>.... against my better judgement i said okay, but demanded she use a soft touch
>she emulated perfectly how i was jerking.
>only 10 seconds and i came with the force of the big bang. Cum shot up and over my head hitting the wall behind me it was so forceful.
>She instantly withdrew her hand at the shock of my ejeaculation.
>she quickly made a connection between her squirting and my ejaculation.
>just like me!
>too exhausted once i regained composure to say much...
>Yea. sure. just like you.
>She asked if i was okay but i explained men get tired afterward (not teen males, but let me tell you. after an explosion like that, even at 16 you too would be tired)
>as I laid there for the next few minutes trying to regain energy, she just sat next to me exploring herself.
>After a few minutes she began asking me questions.
>Anon, what's that?
>I sat up, she was pointing at her clit. she had her lips spread making it visible.
>thats your clitoris. thats what gives you pleasure when you gently rub it.
>And what are these? She was pointing at her smaller than what i've seen lips
>Called your labia. They dont have much of a purpose (wasnt going to get into the whole biology of every part)
>You came out of here. She pointed at her vagina which, due to lack of use, had shrunked to the width of a pencil.
>why is there hair there?
>i dont know
>Why is your hair shorter?
>Because im a boy
>How come dadanon doesnt have hair there?
>i dont know
>can i shave it off?
>no. Dad will know you played with yourself.
>when will he get home?
>in another hour.
>I wont tell him.
>i had to make sure she still wasnt on the hair bit
>tell him what
>What we just did.
>thank you. I wont tell either.
>i have to pee
>Then go pee
>I cleaned up the mess we made and sprayed lysol to remove the smell of sex (even though there wasnt any, but it still had that scent).
>she exited the bathroom and began about her usual routine.
>uh... mom... dont you think you should put your clothes back on?
>oh. okay.
>Ah hell. what have i done? Now i have an idiot child i have to monitor like a hawk for the next two years, AND now that she thinks its okay, every day dad isnt here, she's probably going to want to masturbate. I cant hide that for another 3 years (until i moved out).
>Actually, it worked out better than i thought. It seemed that initial session eased a part of her mind and she became much easier to deal with and be around. The combination of my constant coaching that she needs to behave herself and only "relieve" herself once a week or so, and Dad's constant control of her daily life kept things in check.
>during the next 3 years we had mutual sessions several times a month. the first month was hard because it was every single goddamned day she wanted to. It took a month to get her to understand she cant be doing it that often (at least until i made it to 18)
>Once i turned 18, graduated high school, secured a decent job, and got my own place, I petitioned the state for custody of her. I presented the evidence i had gathered over the last 3 years that my father had no business being married to her, and that the marriage should be invalidated due to her mental state, and his sexual orientation. after 3 years of legal rangling, I won custody.
>he was furious with me that i outed him, cost him his relationship with his entire family, and basically left him with nothing.
>Im now her caretaker and honestly, im bretty happy with it. She has actually matured slightly. seems my dad's manipulation really put a damper on her mental development. She's able to drive now and doesnt need 24/7 supervision.
>and yes. we still have our sessions.

While I have my doubts, pics?
Why haven't you trained her to fuck n suck etc?
File: images.jpg (3 KB, 99x94) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 KB, 99x94
you are the modern definition of Oediopus complex
but given how it turned out.
i applaud you.

im more interested in her though. how was the marriage even allowed to take place? how was it even legal to happen?
You're a hero, anon. Must have felt fucking good beating your dad in court.
Genuine story

>be 21
>mum is 40
>parents break up
>Always had the hots for mum
.Get really drunk one night and jack it on my bed
>mum comes ina nd freezes watches me for a good 10 seconds
>Drunk and forward I ask if she ants to join in
>Screams at me
>Tell her shes the girl I think about
>freaks out
>an awkward week later she comes home crying and drunk because a guy she lked dumped her
>Comfrot her, sober
>She hugs me and grabs my leg and asks if I think shes hot
>Instaboner, she sees
>still want to fuck me anon?
>fuck her right there on sofa
>passes out cum between her legs
>kicks me out next day accusing me of taking advantage.
yea. no pics. given my status within my town, that would be bad. Not even no-face pics. the risk on /b/ is too great.
Sex too would be bad. Given her ravenous appetite for masturbation already, i can only imagine sex would result in even more problems.

Given her mental state of just above needing 24 hours care, all that was needed was the approval of her parents. And of course, her parents believing their child being a special little snow flake deserving of the same opportunities as any other able minded person, allowed it.

it was. he was a dick all throughout childhood and growing up until i managed to put the puzzle together, he just largely ignored me leaving the baby sitters to essentially raise me. Coupled with the fact that he kept my mother away from me most of the time, made for a very fucking boring childhood.
Again, yes. it felt good to ruin him. His wealthy family having zero to do with him now. he friends left him, and he has nothing except for his faggot lover and job.

you know how mirrors work right? if you could see her, she could see you...

you should have went for it

You have more self-restraint then I could ever have. I would train her to be my personal sex slave
Do you ever worry that recessive tard genes might cause you to have tardbabies when you start a family?
I cant do that. once everything else came out in the custody hearing, i felt really bad for her. He was never physically abusive with her, but he hammered her mentally. He took full advantage of her childish mind and bent her to his will.
She rarely was allowed to leave her room (she had her own room she slept in which, until shortly before "the day" i thought was normal, since i never had any reference that said it was normal for parents to sleep together. But several months before "the day" through internet reading, and random talk in high school, i slowly started figuring out my situation was the exception.
She was a prisoner in the house, and looking back, she was very lonely and unhappy. but unable to make the choice to leave.
I appreciate your free thought. But i think youre delusional.

I love this thread though. Keep them coming please!
File: 1399577696249.jpg (128 KB, 720x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
128 KB, 720x960
get android smartphone
IP webcam
you're welcome
>don't forget to post results someday
actually, during the proceedings, i met a geneticist that was assigned to the case as an expert witness. He set me up with a genetics test and sadly yes. There is a super high (75%) chance that i would make tard babies with whoever i tried to procreate with.
I dont have the paperwork in front of me, but there is a mutated gene im a carrier of that almost guarantee the passing

Youre a good person, didnt know I would ever encounter one on /b/
Damn, sorry to hear that, bro.
lol faggot
OP are you still here? I would share some stories but cba if it's just a bunch of lurkers

OP isn't but I am.

Please do tell.
File: TITGIF.gif (132 KB, 399x747) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
132 KB, 399x747
I was bored.

Jesus Christ British people are disgusting. You guys all want to fuck your own mothers. All of you. You're obsessed with incest and anal sex - the whole lot of you.

The mere notion of seeing my own mother naked is revolting. It's the opposite of hot. It makes my dick want to crawl back inside my torso like the head of a turtle. If you're sexually attracted to your own family you are fucked up in the head man. Also why would your mother "get off" on knowing that you have a penis? You sound like a fucking moron.

The irony of all you Brit's wanting to fuck your mums seems lost on some of you. You guys bitch and moan constantly about not getting laid, about how girls won't talk to you. NEWSFLASH: IT'S BECAUSE YOU WANT TO FUCK YOUR MOTHER.

thread is too dead, sorry can't be bothered
Your mom was wondering how you ended up with a smaller dick than your father. She was probably expecting at least equal length probably.
I like dis here nigga

Type it, save it in a notepad file, and then you can post it some other time a thread like this comes up

mofos, fine
that made me sad.

didnt you have any friends? how are you not totally fucked up by all that?
What would she do in her room al day?
How happy is she now? does she have a job? friends? you said she drives.
at least she didn't accuse you of being part of the patriarchal rape culture.

My mom is really sex focused, extremely open minded.. but some might call it fucked in the head.

Every time we watch something on tv that's about sex, or if we watch a movie that contains a sex scene, she wants to talk about it with me. For instance a show about taboos where it's about extreme bondage.. she can't wait to tell me how bad she'd like to leave a guy in total control over her, and how she'd enjoy giving herself to a guy.
Or in a movie with a sex scene she wants to know if it turns me on and wants to hear about things I've done with girls.

When she is home alone with me she dresses up in ridiculously little clothing and asks me to give her massages.. she would moan intensely even though I told her it was freaking me out if she did that, that was a lie, in my younger years I really digged that stuff, once when i was about 15 she was laying down and asked me to pat her lower back.. she proceeded to fall asleep (even though in retrospect i am suspicious that she might have been faking it) .. and I would get horny as fuck.. go lower and lower.. to the point where i was rubbing my hands between her ass cheeks and even exploring her pussy.. but I was very careful.. touching the outer labia, stroking it very softly. But of course scared she would wake up.

Every time we would go out of town together and go to stay in a hotel she would book a single room with a double bed, and then kept making remarks about how we'll be sharing a bed together and seeing if I don't mind, saying that we're going to lay so close together.

Another time we were home alone I was sunbathing in the backyard.. which I hardly ever do. Now the weird thing is that she acted in the way OP described his own behavior, suddenly coming up to me and asking weird questions that she would normally never ask.
She was acting so strange, blushing and just standing over me watching me lay there in my boxers.. I didn't know what was going on, cont
Just post pics of her vag and your dick. Make it unrecognisable
She knew it was a mutual thing but was ashamed of herself.

She said she didn't want me to get sun burnt and that I was already looking a little red so she took out sun protection cream and insisted on rubbing it on me... I couldn't really say no cause my mother is very imposing.
She was doing it in a disturbingly sensual way, and I was just looking at her doing it and she had this deeply focused look on her face while just looking at my torso up and down while smearing the sun cream.
As you can imagine I couldn't help getting a hard dick, luckily it was laying to the side and it grew like that... so I didn't get a tent in the pants on.

She noticed though, then she said she should do my legs as well.. this was fucked up. I was 100% aware that she was doing this to get close to my dick, so aware that it actually started killing my boner cause i was nervous.

I saw her breathing increasing and that was the point where she stopped.. she did a half-ass job and said she was going upstairs...

Overcome with confusion I laid there for a few minutes.. then decided to find out what she was doing. I heard her going into the shower a few minutes later.. thats' when I made my strike and went to the attic where her room is...

What do I find... on the top of the stairs lay her clothes and a soaking wet panties...

On the floor next to her bed there is a small towel laying... with a dildo still dripping with pussy juice..

This was really fucked up and I still don't know what to make of it.
post pic of her body
The only friends i had were when i was at school. no one ever came over as it wasnt allowed. so when i was home, my only company was NES/SNES vidya.
We also lived in a very rual area with houses half a mile apart and nothing but old people lived in my area.
I question too how im not fucked up by it. i guess some people weather the storm better than others and are able to handle it and not break down. Though, i am pissed i didnt get to have much of a childhood.

As a child, when i was go and try and see her, the door was always locked and i heard sobbing. i would always try and ask her to open the door but i was ignored since she was under strict instruction to not talk to me.
As we got older, she started to rebel a bit and instead of only being let out to cook or do menial chores, she was allowed free reign of the house except when he wasnt home. Also, as i entered my teens i too said fuck this noise many times and just open the door
But also, the sobbing had turned into full on crying with her muttering constantly "i just want to go outside. i wont leave the house. i just hate this room"

She has never been happier. always humming now (which she never did before), doesnt have that dead look in her eyes. No job and im not sure if she will hold one as she is now in her 40s, and has never been employed. And aside from walmart, or target, there really isnt anyone who would take her. I suppose a chef, but those are degree positions. And short of me opening my own restaurant... no. i just dont think it will work. also, she still has issues with being too submissive to authority figures, and i can see that being taken advantage of.
She does have friends. a small group of friends who have children with similar mental handicaps. So they know what to expect with her. She can be as socially awkward as she wants around them and they get it.
Yes. she drives. quite well too. guess cooking and driving are what she does best.

You wish buddy, sharing this story for the first time ever, and I intend for it to never be relatable to me or my mom

Obviously, you turn her on, she finds you attractive. If you want to fuck her, or receive anything sexual from her, you can probably get it, if you can live with the fact that things will be weird between you and your mom from that point.
If you dont however, odds are nothing will really happen between you and your mom, as she has already shown that she will back off if it gets too intense.

So yeah, the choice is up to you I suppose
File: tears.jpg (11 KB, 266x190) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11 KB, 266x190
>the door was always locked and i heard sobbing. i would always try and ask her to open the door but i was ignored since she was under strict instruction to not talk to me.
>As we got older, she started to rebel a bit and instead of only being let out to cook or do menial chores, she was allowed free reign of the house except when he wasnt home. Also, as i entered my teens i too said fuck this noise many times and just open the door
>But also, the sobbing had turned into full on crying with her muttering constantly "i just want to go outside. i wont leave the house. i just hate this room"
Do you have any trouble being intimate with a woman now ? If yes it comes from this incestual climate.

I wouldn't ever do it, I know from over the years that weird fantasies come and go... like there's been a time where I love to see a tranny fucking a girl in porn.. and I'd jizz to the point where the tranny gives the girl a facial...

Which instantly left me feeling fucked up with shame and regret..

Imagine how I'd feel right in the moment where I fill my mom's pussy with my cum.

Your story is probably one of the best ones I've read on /b/ in a long time, they should make a movie of it

>which should also definitely include the sexual stuff, but shhh you didnt hear that from me
it would be made into a lifetime movie with the antagonist being portrayed as a raging drunk that constantly beats his wife and son.

the sexual stuff would be a rape scene involving the father

and the climax would be the son killing the father in defense of his mother.

no, but I do have a strong attraction for milfs, and not the milfs with bodies of 25 year olds .. i mean the mom kind of milfs.

Just the bond between me and my mother is too good to ever do something with her.

how much "caretaking" do you actually do? what does she need help doing?
File: 1400188991273.jpg (151 KB, 1301x1027) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1397619460890.jpg (880 KB, 1280x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
880 KB, 1280x960
best type of thread
not much really. Shaving is the only thing. If left along she will rip her skin to shreds.
also writing things. she uses the 3 year old fist grip when trying to write, so its just best i do it.
But aside from that, she's just like a young teen. A not-so-bright young teen, but she can function alone for most of the day.
File: 1400120852338.jpg (50 KB, 716x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Mom died when I was five. When I started reading erotic stories on the internet, which I found out I liked because I read a lot of books as a kid, I quickly found out that mother/son incest and incest in general was one of my favorite genres. There's probably something psychological here.
File: 1399057094690.jpg (198 KB, 800x1067) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
198 KB, 800x1067
when you did make that caption? just curious 'cause I posted the pic yesterday


my mom was mentally ill and absent, sort of like a zombie through most of my middle childhood, even now she hasn't completely recovered, she is just dead inside somehow. hence the fetish, I don't want anything to do with her, but it's like I'm looking for a substitute mom.
File: gilfi.jpg (1 MB, 2848x2134) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 2848x2134
File: 32 - THQznJy.jpg (553 KB, 1954x1993) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32 - THQznJy.jpg
553 KB, 1954x1993
File: 39 - s0mtOdY.jpg (304 KB, 1800x1199) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
39 - s0mtOdY.jpg
304 KB, 1800x1199

thread dead?

Your story (if true, and given how well written it is, im going to believe it is) intrigues me anon.
Im actually in my final year of med school to be a psychologist and i find your situation very fascinating.
You clearly have someone that you can bend entirely to your will, yet you dont. Even the sexual situation you haveplaced limits on. Almost as if its being done out of her benefit moreso than your own.
Also, you recognized the abusive environment your mother was in and did what you could to remove her from it even though you spent the majority of your childhood isolated from her.
That attachment still remained.
i would love to interview you two but i know thats impossible.
As another anon stated, Oedipus complex can very much be applied to you, however, given your mothers mental state, it provides an interesting angle.
regardless your story made me happy, and i wish you luck
im here and harder than calculus
you could made up something... what am i gonna do with fiery boner in my trousers now, ha?
File: 1400256588821 (1).jpg (156 KB, 1280x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1400256588821 (1).jpg
156 KB, 1280x960
i was at the same club as my mum oh halloween 5 years ago wearing full scream gear and after some novelty pictures with her group i had one with her and grabbed her boobs for the purpose of a photo

i love booze
fucking freak.
its your mother for fucks sake, atleast if it was your step mother or cousin it would be a LITTLE bit more acceptable, but wtf...

did she ever find out?
don't die on me bby
nope, she took it in jest too, i wandered off after that. love to see that pic that was took ai
File: 1399895179237.jpg (57 KB, 715x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
57 KB, 715x900
nope. i wandered off after that, love to that pic
File: big.jpg (189 KB, 1469x1072) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Mothers into their sons are probably rarer than any other fetish.
I think they just repress it extremely well because they don't want to hurt their baby.

read >>546686581

i think there might be a lot of mixed feelings when it comes to it.
Please....i need a name on her......
i actually researched this.
there is an actual classification called genetic sexual attraction. usually manifests itself when the mother and son have been separated for many years, usually when the son was very young depriving the mother the chance of forming a natural bond.
when the two are re-united, it is possible that one or both parties can develop an attraction to each other that goes beyond mother/son.
This usually manifests itself within the mother as having a young child taken from them is a very traumatic experience and crosses some wires.
given your mother's mental state, does she even know how to mom?
does she even try? or do you just treat her like a very old kid?
>tfw when think about banging her every day

Is such a thing even possible?
Still, a kid being hot for his mom while growing up can't be good for his development. Puberty is hard enough without his mom being his first go to fap. Its a no win. If he says something and she's not into it he's going to get put in therapy which will suck ass. If he says something and she is into it then his future sexual development is going to be wrecked which will suck ass. And the most likely, he doesn't say anything and goes through his teen years more into his own mom than available girls his age and probably becomes a beta neckbeard which will suck ass.
File: toy.jpg (111 KB, 841x1063) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
111 KB, 841x1063
File: image.jpg (52 KB, 247x350) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be about 14
>have discovered the joys of masturbation
>mother is a drunk, dad long gone
>mother gets institutionalized for continued drunkeness
>mother's sister (my aunt) comes to take care of me
>aunt is also a drunk but can handle it
>she's 40, not bad looking, small body
>i'm watching porn one night
>dick in hand
>she walks in
>i cover up with a book
>"anon, there's nothing to be embarrassed about. all young boys masturbate" (she's never had kids, how would she know?)
>kneels next to my chair
>takes book off my lap
>starts jerking me off
>cock started pretty soft but damn her hand was warm and soft
>cum in about two minutes. she puts her other hand over my cock so I don't shoot all over the place
>tells me never to mention this to anyone
>over the next three months she'd come in and say "want some help masturbating?"
>mfw my aunt used to give me hand jobs a couple times a week.

that's a lot of assuming you're doing there though, human relationships differ a lot.

I'm not saying it didn't leave its marks, especially the MILF fetish probably finds some heavy roots in it. But I'm attracted to many people, and I don't feel underdeveloped sexually in any way, I'm all the more open minded to be honest.
She knows she's my mother, but lacks that maternal instinct. she is aware that she is supposed perform certain "motherly" actions but is unable to figure it out.
She has even tried to read several books, but her reading comprehension is that of a 7 year old.
She is fully aware of her mental restrictions and there are days it frustrates her to no end. She knows she's supposed to do more, but is unable to recognize what, and gets mad at herself. Not hitting herself mad, just frustrated and upset that she's not as bright.
But that frustration is actually how she figured out driving. it took 4 years for her to get the coordination down so she could pass the test. But through constant coaching and her desire to please me, we made it work.
While she is my mother, i essentially have no choice but to treat her as a kid. Im always teaching and educating her.
i dunno
seems to have worked out for this anon
though he does have a very unique situation
And a password
My real mom is ugly, but I have ALWAYS been into older women, and really enjoy mom/son incest roleplay. I frequently find women online to trade pics, have phone sex, or any stuff like that. It's so amazing when you hear a woman cum while screaming that "Mommy wants your cock".

Straight shota is pretty cool too.
thread dying?
I guess. Anyone want to chat/share through email?
seems so
always happens when someone posts an epic story.

>faggots shit it up with over the top stories
>someone comes in and posts a believable story
>thread dies because now no one else can match it
You can always ask questions faggots. Im sure if the story is true enough, they will fill in any blanks you have

still surprised how this thread wasn't carried by mild pictures.

File: 1391610132825.jpg (411 KB, 1434x729) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
411 KB, 1434x729

How accurate is this?
File: 1392031839900.jpg (189 KB, 654x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
189 KB, 654x1000
idk, everyone likes to talk about it but there seem to be no accurate statistics.

I don't think it's a widespread epidemic, maybe a bit more common than in western societies, but that's it.
File: 1399385915591.jpg (68 KB, 960x584) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
68 KB, 960x584
During my teenage years I'd often jack off as I spied on my mom as she had sex with the different men she dated. I didn't really fantasize about fucking her myself though... I just liked watching her get fucked. I think the watching her behave in such a different way too the way she behaves when she's with me, made it even more exciting.
That's hot. Do you record it/take pics?
Oh fuck, I remember this

Too bad. Must have been nice.
Amazing? Is it the 1930s again? 2014 and listening to radio porn.
Yeah... I still fap to those memories tbh
File: AuntJudys 9.jpg (547 KB, 1329x2000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
AuntJudys 9.jpg
547 KB, 1329x2000
listening to it right now, any backstory?
File: pic_2.jpg (449 KB, 1333x2000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
449 KB, 1333x2000
Serious question. Being into your mom like that what made you eventually get out of that then? I think that these kinds of feelings are bad because theyll fuck up a kid's sexual development. But are you saying that its something that can just be switched off by a certain age to no ill effect? It just sounds strange that a kid could spend his teen years fapping to mom and not have that color his adulthood.
its just her giving him head?
It's hard to explain... I think it wasn't my mom that turned me on (even though she's objectively hot, since many of my friends have told me they found her attractive), but rather it was the fact she was getting fucked that aroused me. Like I said, I never imagined having sex with her myself... I just liked watching her fuck... it aroused me and I fapped to it, and now I still fap to those memories.
So the taboo got to you more than anything else I guess. Or the idea that your mom who I guess you had a certain image of was suddenly shown in this different form?
still hot, the son is a dickhead though
File: oli027ECA_271535093.jpg (991 KB, 2000x3000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
991 KB, 2000x3000
Am I the only one who don't want to bang my mom at all, but still get crazy turned on by mom/son incest stuff?
>Or the idea that your mom who I guess you had a certain image of was suddenly shown in this different form?

This is what I think it was.

She has always been a very caring/sweet mother, but she behaves like a total slut in the bedroom.
File: 765189252.jpg (433 KB, 1728x2304) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
433 KB, 1728x2304
way too young and pro shot

pic related is quality fap material
holy shit I hope that's not a kid on the right, looks like a doll to me??

downloaded the set yesterday, I didn't even notice
File: 1220344233.jpg (159 KB, 1280x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
159 KB, 1280x960
File: 226350440.jpg (174 KB, 1600x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
174 KB, 1600x1200
File: Aunt Judys 10.jpg (1 MB, 2336x3504) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Aunt Judys 10.jpg
1 MB, 2336x3504
I think I understand the theory behind it at least even if I don't quite "get it" still. I have a fetish for seeing strong women humiliated or made submissive so I guess when a woman's image is suddenly reversed that can get people off.

You never had a conversation about this with her? Im guessing you didn't. That must mean there's still SOME sense that it isn't cool, right?

On a related note:

I wonder what THIS means. Geez.
File: 1590196441.jpg (401 KB, 1536x2048) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
401 KB, 1536x2048
File: mad042NAT_273656095.jpg (691 KB, 2000x3000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
691 KB, 2000x3000
File: 99635121.jpg (357 KB, 1728x2304) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
357 KB, 1728x2304
>implying this isn't 10/10 mommy material

anyone lurking?
File: 70281727.jpg (146 KB, 1600x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
146 KB, 1600x1200
using some budget vibrator

No, I have never talked about this and enever will... not just because she's my mother... if I had spent years spying on my neighbour I wouldn't just tell her now about it.

and lol at that prank, seriously wtf
File: 75645200.jpg (406 KB, 1536x2048) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
406 KB, 1536x2048
if no one's lurking I'll stop
im still lurking. just in case anyone else decides to ask about my story.
but that doesnt mean to stop posting milfs
don't, she's hot and the dump is appreciated
I'm always in the mindset someone is lurking, and bumping a good thread is always good. :)
continue. for some reason she reminds me of an older jenna fischer and that's hot
File: 2.jpg (72 KB, 960x609) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
72 KB, 960x609

Online it's free!
File: 250134370.jpg (269 KB, 1728x2304) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
269 KB, 1728x2304
nice sideboob, amirite?
File: 257410482.jpg (226 KB, 1600x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
226 KB, 1600x1200
am I the only one who doesn't mind the fat in that pic? and also I find the moles even more exciting, dunno, her body is just motherly. makes me hard as rock

she's a top tier milf
Very nice sideboob.
File: 365939851.jpg (160 KB, 1600x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
160 KB, 1600x1200
who is this lady? random amateur?
File: 1400192397752.jpg (786 KB, 792x1408) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
786 KB, 792x1408

Online now
it's free,,
File: 417784060.jpg (418 KB, 2048x1536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
418 KB, 2048x1536
Ok then. Another serious question. Two milfs look exactly the same but one is your mom. Does that instantly make her hotter to you or less so? I think it would make her less but seems like the opposite is true for some people.

I know exactly what you mean. It's annoying to see so many "MILFs" who look like porn stars. It just doesn't look natural. I love a mom that looks very nurturing and sweet.
File: 567297180.jpg (481 KB, 2304x1728) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
481 KB, 2304x1728
ye, random amateur french milf. I downloaded her shit yesterday.

I'm gone in a few mins
if you aren't going to continue dumping, can you at least link to a source with the full set pelase?
File: 833221641.jpg (174 KB, 1600x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
174 KB, 1600x1200
I don't know. I don't think I'd be turned on if she was my mom.

I'm just into m/s roleplay with older women that look motherly. My mom failed as a parent, so I look for a substitute mom. Wouldn't want to fuck her no matter how she looked.

And I'm not into the extreme submissive m/s roleplay )there are various types, but this one's really creepy). More like casual one, honestly I'd be fine with just fucking an older woman and simply fantasizing in my head while doing her. It would treat my issues I think.
I think youre confused, Oedipus complex isnt as cut and paste as just sex.
I don't think I can find it in history anymore. it was somewhere on fuskem.info, two separate sets. gotta go now.
ok, thanks for the dump
File: jutro.jpg (75 KB, 793x595) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
75 KB, 793x595
I guess i have something to contribute. When i was around 13-14, i was sleeping in my parent's bedroom. They have a waterbed, so when i was a kid i used to sleep in it when they were away, since the bed was awesome. Anyway, for some reason i decided to open the drawers next to the bed, and i found a cd. Being a curious kid, i decided to check it out, becuause my brain was telling me it was porn. Turns out they were pics of my mom. There were some of my parents fucking, but most of them were of my mom playing with vibrators and stuff. Of course i jacked of. And then i felt guilty. And then i copied the pics on my pc. Jacked of. Felt guilty. Deleted them. Got horny again and copied them again... Just kinda how it went. Anyway, after a few years, i was using my dad's computer, since mine didnt have a printer, and i somehow stumbled onto more pictures. This time there were pics of them in a threesome with another woman, most of them again of my mom and my mom with that woman. It was hot as fuck. So the whole copying, jacking of and deleting thing went on again. Im 23 now, and i still jack it to those pics. And i think that if i had a chance, i would nail my mom so hard that my dick would fall of. She was around 35-40 on those pics, and now she is 47, but she is still a pretty hot milf.

>pic related

She knew.
Another thing. I always see this from the son's POV on the situation yet I have never heard of a mother talking about this. I would love to hear some mother's take on all this.
I remember you from a few months ago. You posted one pic of her face, then I told you to delete it and you called me hypocrite for saving it for myself lol.

(half afk, half here)
I've seen some on the incest subreddit, but they are quick to delete posts along with their accounts, probably out of shame or because of the neckbeards spamming them.
>Be me
>Mom gets a boob job
>Start to notice her...
>We go on holiday
>Share room, separate beds
>Jerk thinking about her at night,
>Take photos of her all day in her bikini, towel, in the bedroom, at dinner, in the swimming pool
>Let her catch me masturbating in the bathroom
>Take her panties at night and jerk with them whilst she is asleep 3 feet away
>Take loads of upskirt and down blouse photos
>tell her she looks good in pink bikini, we go shopping in the city of the island we're on, she buys some new bikinis and I help her choose, opt for the ones with the biggest clevage
>Take loads of photos.
File: 1403616891.jpg (150 KB, 1200x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
150 KB, 1200x1600
More please

Also, I have absolutly no story of being attracted to my mom, except maybe 3 days when I was ten and I wondered what love was.
Still, 95% of my faps are to mom/son porn. I love that shit so much. I'm thinking of telling my gf but I'm ashamed.
A nice change from the usual dinosaur.
Im fif teen and into my mom, bit chubby (like a mother) nice ass , fapping with holiday pics of her in bikini and watch her showering.
Share the holiday photos, sounds amazing, are you close with her?

Yeah, that was me.
Oldfag here, I have a 47 year old plate of mine coming over in a few mins. She likes anal. ;-))))

why do you think girls like calling guys their "Daddy" ....

same like the first one, feeling badafter fapping and deleting them afterwards, but i can take them right now cause my dads pc is connected with mine
Odd story here. I was at a Renfaire with my family and these guys were goading people to get into the stocks like where they lock your feet in place. They were mostly targeting women and offering prizes if they could hold out being tickled. So my mom and sister get in and its pretty innocent but they said ok to the tickling and held out. Didnt laugh once and the crowd booed. The guys look at me and are like could you break them and so i step up and let em have it. My mom laughed harder so i focused on her more. But once they both said uncle they got out and got prizes for being good sports. Dunno if they thought anything sexual about it. They just talked like it was fun.
File: 1137502404.jpg (316 KB, 1728x2304) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
316 KB, 1728x2304
fyi I never shared the visible-face pic. mostly because I respect my fellow motherfuckers, we are like bros.

and she's really beautiful. do you have any recent body pic? I wonder how she aged.
You wanted the point of view of a mother? Sadly I have no sons but I have 2 little girls and I sometimes wish I could breast feed them. Sometimes I think about it and how great it was but it's more of a bonding thing then a sexual thing. I don't know how it would be with a son, probably the same but without the sexual element to it. I'm a huge fan of straight shota, and threads like these.
Respect for joining in
Do they ? I'm still at the "girls are magic unicorns that never fart" phase. That's why I'm afraid of telling anyone my secret, I feel like a dirty mothercuker. Please tell me their secrets.
I have a rule that clearly states to NEVER delete porn in the post-orgasmic phase.

I destroyed a lot videos like that, then felt sorry afterwards when I was horny again. It's a different mental state. Don't ever think of "freeing up hard disk space" in post orgasmic state.

Ever heard any of your fellow moms discussing it or anything?
im taking the pics right now again so
File: best.jpg (121 KB, 800x892) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
121 KB, 800x892
>sometimes wish I could breast feed them
>but it's more of a bonding thing then a sexual thing.

I agree so much.

I'm not a mother obv lol, but I think being breastfed by my mom would improve our bond a lot.

I'm also really into breastfeeding, and I totally get the "bonding" thing. It's arousing, but it satisfies a very different urge than a sexual one.
if you don't mind sharing it would be appreciated, just hide the face and any identifying objects.

nah, i dont have any. at least not on my computer.

I already shared them once, and its kinda unnerving, so i have to say no here.
RE: surprise half-sister
I gather that you didn't grow up in the same household, so what were both of your ages when you did first meet her, anon?
Np. I would loose them in my 7000 pictures collection anyway, it's not worth hurting yourself.

But please have awesome fapping sessions.

So much that. These talks on /b/ are surprinsingly cool
gimme a sec
>and its kinda unnerving

if you're bothered with sharing the face pic I'll delete mine. But it's only the body pics that I've seen posted elsewhere.
>thinking of telling my gf but I'm ashamed
go ahead, anon. GF probably will fess up with a daddy or uncle fixation, in response...later if not sooner. If she pitches a fit, just apologize once then say nothing more.
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