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What's the worst experience you've ever had at any fast food place (either working there or being a customer)?
>ordered my favorite burger, the big tasty
>the bacon was on top of the burger instead of below
>luckily i got a new one
I don't think I've ever really had a problem. Servers have always been nice and I've always tried to be nice back. Been shitloads of times to loads of places over the years.

Worst is probably them not having what I intially wanted that day.
As a customer having my order taken and then my cashier STOPPING to assist to help her co-worker pack her meal, no "oh sorry she needs help" etc she just sorta stopped while taking my order and went...I walked out.

I also worked in fast food, worst as a worker was mopping up raw sewage after the plumbers came and fixed the females toilets.

I also had holes in my shoes and was too chicken to tell my boss, damn kfc memories.
hab mal einen big tasty bestellt und der käse war schon an der verpackung festgeklebt, der lag bestimmt schon 20 minuten. dieser big tasty, hatte nichts mehr mit einem big tasty zu tun
>too chicken to tell my boss, damn kfc memories.
I am >>546406828 and your story sounds horrible. man man man, das kann doch nich so. Die groBe smecklich behort groB und smecklich zu sein
Had a spicy chicken sandwich from there
Got fire ads from it
hab nie 'ne big tasty versucht. ist es von McD oder BK oder irgendwo anders?
>I order a mcgangbang
>nig nog at register thinks I said a gay gangbang
>chimps out and trys to punch me
Fire ass*

ausser vieleicht das aussehn?
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>At Popeyes and order 3 piece tenders, bottle water, no biscuit.
>pay with credit card and start watching TV.
>I get signaled up to the register and this guy is holding a lot of cash.
>The accidentally charge my card $70 and try to explain what happened, clearly extreme damage control.
>I say its cool and ask if my order is up yet.
>Get chicken and enjoy nice weather outside.

MAN FUCK THEM! I can't believe they would be so stupid to charge my card that much money. I had to walk around with cash all day!

big tasty expert detected.
>>hungover in Salamanca, Spain
>>gotta catch a train at 1pm, leave hostel at 1230
>>only have time for McDonalds
>>go in, order 2 cheeseburgers
>>while waiting for food, realize I have the liquor shits
>>go to bathroom, shit so bad
>>smells so terrible and i'm so hungover i throw up on the floor
>>wipe ass
>>go to flush toilet, get another awful whiff of the stench
>>throw up again into toilet
>>wash hands, rinse mouth, gtfo that bathroom
>>grab burgers, haul ass to train station
>>made it to train with 2 minutes to spare
>>eat burgers on train
>>still feel like shit
>>hungover as fuck the entire 7 hour trip

As far as straight up fast food goes
>>get Wendy's
>>burger is bad
>>constant vomit/diarrhea for 2 days
week ago i ordered a mcbacon from Mcdonalds.
>no bacon
i hate being denied life
Lol that happened to me I ordered a Bacon Mcmuffin or whatever and there was no bacon
fucking mcdonalds

kek I see what you saw.
well this one time, i bought a double cheeseburger
and it looked nowhere near as nice as in the picture, the fries were fine though, if only a little cold
Lol worst ive had it at mcdonalds is ordering a sausage mcgriddle and not getting sausage.
as a girl, i hate not getting sausage
bought weed there. hate paying for weed when people in others states get it free with health insurance or can grow it. fuck the eastern u.s.
Was in Maccy D's when some downs woman came in and took a big shit on the floor while I was eating. Load of chavs started kicking her in the head and all ran out. The cops and paramedics came and I told them I hadn't seen a thing because that dirty cunt deserved it for putting me off my meal. Hope she died later.
Had to work at mcdicks while i was in uni, so much shit drove me crazy
> What kindve accent is that are you from england omg
> Can you seperate the mango and the pineapple,i only want a mango smoothie
Also,my absolute fucking favorite
>omg where is that accent from
> Sweden
>omg whats my name in swedish


America was fun,but fuck florida holy shit. After 2 years there i had to go to a different state, the people in this shithole are genuinely dumber than the rest of the world

> Be working front counter
> Lard ass comes in, looks sweaty
> "I just got done working out so i get to treat myself"
> Two premium wraps, crispy, extra cheese.
> And A LARGE fry.
> Thats like 3,000 calories right fucking there
> He eats it all
>comes back
> 6 apple pies+ an ice cream
>comes back
> 4 mcchickens
> is seen crying in the booth

Fat people crying at the mcdonalds i worked at was so common it shocked me
Sometimes they wouldnt full on sob, but they would just look depressed as they shovelled shit into their mouth. My store is right next to a fucking publix,if you're sad about what you're eating go get an apple

>Be 1 year into my job
> one manager hates me because i asked him to stop saying i was good looking etc.
> He once called me "an exotic pleasure"
>im fucking swedish you dumb cunt
> any chance he could he had me do completely uneccesary shit
> One day i had to clean the fucking shake machine
> had to drain all of the shake mix, scrub it down, clean all the parts,etc.
> GM comes in,asks wtf im doing
> Jeremy gets in deep shit
My worst experience at McDonald's

>be 1:30am
>Drive thru
>Order a number 5
>Food tastes good, about halfway done with fries
>There's a deep fried Junebug in my fries
I went back and all they offered me was a free medium fries....
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Daddy would you like some sausage?
as long as its in my mcpiddle
pun intended
>order 3 piece at Popeye's
>bite into thigh its rancid as fuck
>see other people saying the same
>tell manager
>he gives me and others another thigh, still rancid
>he just keeps replacing pieces
>Be 14, 6 years ago
>First job ever, at Burger King
>General manager is a cheapskate and an asshole

>One day, customer orders Whopper Jr
>Make the Whopper Jr, wrap it up
>As I'm about to slide it down the 'ready rack', customer decides he doesn't want it anymore
>No big deal, throw Whopper Jr away
>Manager comes back into the kitchen and says 'WHAT ARE YOU DOING WE CAN USE THAT'
>Literally pulls Whopper Jr out of the trash and puts it back on the ready rack
so what the fuck are you moaning about?

>take few bites
>chicken replaced
>infinate chicken
>go to whataburger drunk at 3 am
>niggers, niggers everywhere
>order a cheeseburger combo, only cheese on the burger
>15 minutes later the order comes out
>no burger at all
>tell them they forgot my burger
>wait another 10-15 minutes
>burger comes, has all the condiments and shit on it
>most disappointing drunk meal ever
finished a 9 hour shift and headed to A&W for some food to take home for me and my wife.
got there, drive through was full and only a couple customers at the register so went inside.
2 women are standing at the cash register trying to figure out how to take this guys order and neither of them looked like they knew what they were doing, took about 30 minutes for the cashiers to pull their shit together enough to get to me, that means they were taking orders for about 1 person every 9-12 minutes (different cashier takes drive through orders).
order food...wait...wait..40-50 minutes pass and my wife texts me wondering why the hell im almost 3 hours late coming home (worked an hour late).

what was taking them so long was people would order, they would completely fuck up the orders and have to remake them. people were leaving with other peoples food etc.

got mine, skimped me the fries so had to wait even longer. i cant imagine they were trying their hardest and the only reason it was so packed was because of the unreasonable item it was taking them to get shit done. i come in for fast food not having to wait 2x as long as the fanciest restaurant for food they wouldnt even feed to the mexican janitor there.

a&w - not even once
So many memories...because of my mixed blood I've been confused for an american (damn accent) but my skin color and facial features makes it look like I'm a Maori.

Even had a woman walk in with 2 others saying we should ban her from eating with us, she gave us a photo and promptly left...props to her and all for stopping fast food addiction...

But we have regulars 3x the size of her chubbiness who literally eat the place out, several thousand dollars per visit...least they ring 2 hours in advance so we can cook up the supplies in time so we can feed them and other customers getting caught in the food fest.
All the thighs made were rancid replacing did nothing
Not the worst but was pretty annoyed. It was 2 am and went to mcd drive through, order a mcd chicken buger meal with fries and coke, go home. Going to eat and realize it is a beef burger, just eat the fries and throw the burger away and go to sleep. Fuck.
>several thousand dollars per visit

Dude, what?
If a regular meal is $5 that's like... fucking.. shit.

Even if you're exaggerating that's a little insane.
nothing is rancid enough to justify free chicken, i take it youre a white fellow

after the rancid wings you shoulda asked for breast and then kept complaining abut them too, even if they were fine

leave when you cant eat anymore, after demanding a refund
*not justify
>a few months ago I was really drunk coming home on my bike
>stop at Mcdonalds at 3:00 am, just as they're closing
>crowd of other drunk people, crowding around the front of the shop, all pissed off that they cant get food
>after many angry words, we decide to break into the place
>we get through the drive through window
>manager calls the cops and we all get arrested, but not befor I scorred one of those massive plastic bags of slush they chuck in the slush machines
>be me at McAmerifag at like 3am
>creedpy guy next to me when getting served by cute 9/10
>hear fapping noise
>me and fem make eye contact
>she phones the police for fapping at her
>success when I finished b4 police got there
Ask a guy who delivers to ____ anything
-burger king
There was 15 of them at least, can't remember exactly but it was...1 or 2 24 piece buckets of chicken, 1.25ltr drink (mostly sunkist-orange) a large coleslaw and 1-2 large fries each.

By several thousand I may of pushed it a bit, all I know is the managers loved getting hand fulls of cash...and orders that big I only had to
>all get arrested
>scored massive plastic bag of slush

where the fuck did you put it, up your ass? Cops wouldn't let you keep some shit you stole after arresting you
File: 1399754319460.gif (580 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>there's a small burger joint downtown
>it's basically always open
>of course, there's huge traffic there when the bars and night clubs start closing their doors
>went there with a couple of friends
>this guy tells us he's been waiting for his order for an hour
>i somehow get my order before him
>he flips shit, claims i took his order
>i offer to open the bag and show him i didn't
>he's just blabbering about how he's gonna kick the shit out of me
>my mountain of a friend steps in, he backs down and we leave
>i fucking did have his order in the bag, what the fuck

Oh, I do have another one!

>at a music festival
>there's a pizza place right across the street from our hotel
>hungry as shit, we go there
>it's absolutely insane in there
>apparently everyone attending decided they wanted pizza
>we get sick of waiting, tell them to just give our money back
>the fat pizza guy panics and says our order is almost ready
>mfw i get to the hotel and exactly half of my pizza has no toppings at all
Nah curry fucker that was the manager wouldn't give us breast after enough complaints he finally yelled them to pull the thighs, wouldn't give refunds as we got free chicken that we couldn't eat. In just called coperate and got free stufff
*tips fedora*
In short, I had to call the manager and waste 15 minutes of my day for a 69 cent cone.
Why did you throw it away in the first place? Retard.
you really need to hone your hobo skills...
not sure if this counts as a "fast food" experience, but...

>be working in corporate park
>only place to eat without traveling 30 minutes is the corporate dining area
>sandwich stations, hot plate specials, etc...
>wait in line to order sandwich
>get to front of line and order something
>guy goes to cut roll and slices his finger open
>blood on cutting board and knife
>says "just a minute"
>figure he's going to get someone to take over for him so wait a minute
>he comes back with a big ass bandage on his finger
>picks up bloody knife and finishes cutting my roll that has been sitting on the bloody cutting board
>ask him what the fuck he's doing since his blood is on the knife and cutting board
>"yeah, I guess I should clean this up"
>went hungry for the rest of the afternoon
hmm, probably stale pizza crust. more than one occasion i will order a pizza and the crust tastes stale. i think they use old dough sometimes and try to get away with it. anyways, i called the pizza place and complain about it and they give a new pizza for free.
File: 1324321321179.gif (1 MB, 180x180) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 180x180
in 1992 I was at Wimpy 'cause it's the shit and the franchise manager (who I knew and was called Gil) was clipping his toenails on the counter
I used to be poor as fuck dumpster dove and shit, kinda miss the days of getting 25lbs of rib eyes for free
File: cuncpeerassy.png (274 KB, 683x384) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>working at mcds sober as fuck since they still havent begun to pay me
>lady rolls up
>what would you like
>she wants literally nothing that we have because we've begun serving breakfast
>i cant make what she wants which would have been easy but im not allowed
>starts yelling at me
>why you advertising things you aint serving you dumb motherfucker ect.
>after about thirty second i scream at her to eat my fucking dick
>she freaks out and starts banging on the window
>i motion to her to shoo
>she calls her bf some big kimbo slice nigger
>he comes in hootin and hollering that hell be here when i get off
>i say i have one question for him
>did you vote for obama?
>so he doesnt get any less belligerent and my manager calls the fuzz
>i hear her say black male over the phone
>wonder how many times they hear that
>andyway he leaves and shit
>and about ten minutes later some dude pulls in and makes an order
>pulls to the second window
>wow man is that you im smellin
>give him his receipt and change
>he puts something in my hand "dont hurt yourself
>all of my wut
>pull my hand back in
>aw shit you are getting free shit for life here bro
>i wrap it up in a napkin and pocket it
>walk to the back
>all the coworkers are like why did you tell her to eat your dick?
>she didnt want anything else
>they burst out laughing
>the nigger never showed up
>im the only guy at the night shift too
i couldnt bring myself to eat eyes, free or not
>went with my mom to long john silver's
>consumed delicious, but completely grease-drenched deep-fried fish, shrimp, onion rings and hush puppies
>would have had deep fried bits of lobster, too, but they messed up the order
>a short while later, mom started having severe, excruciating pain in her abdomen
>throwing up, moaning, could barely move
>brought her to ER
>turns out she has a lazy gallbladder, attack triggered by massive amounts of grease
>now she doesn't go to LJS with me
>i still sneak beer into my cup there, because it's perfect beer food
My fuckin nigga. TX or AZ?
Good one, made me laugh.
gainesville florida
apparently it's closed now though. Can't say i'm too surprised. Seemed like the cops would get called there more nights than not.
File: 100 tacos.png (262 KB, 500x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
100 tacos.png
262 KB, 500x375
>live in the midwest, so no jack-in-the-box
>when i'm out in CA, i gotta eat there a lot
>2 for 99 cent tacos FTW
>grandma takes me there
>eat 8 tacos and some curly fries
>so good
>then get diarrhea
>grandma asks if it's worth it
>next day, she says, "let's go to jack-in-the-box. i want to get diarrhea this time."
>big bag of tacos
>then we both get diarrhea

i guess it could have been a lot worse. we could have gotten diarrhea without all the cheap, delicious tacos.
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