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Out of curiousity, have any of you raped...
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Out of curiousity, have any of you raped or been raped before?

greentext ITT plz if so?
Posting in a min. Gotta write it up.
go on?

right on
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yes my ex raped me and recently this russian girl raped me. Im not sure what to do about it but I drink too much. they just jump on top of me and go to town.

This is my first time telling anyone.

> Male
> 16
> Have some friends over
> My ex there
> A few of them end up crashing on the couch
> I go upstairs to my room and pass out
> Wake up with someone on top of me
> Not sure how to react
> She finishes
> Wants to cuddle
> I feel like puking
> Don't tell anyone about it
> They'll ask why I didn't push her off of me / why I didn't make noise / yell
> Never trust women
>Raped myself once

Shit was cash
People are so kind and considerate.
My stepfather raped me a number of times when I was 10-12. He used to check if I had hair above my dick and said he'd need to fuck me each week that I didn't. It was a relief when it appeared.

I don't really have any "triggers" and find rape jokes funny. Sometimes scenes in films can be difficult to watch if they have rape connotations but I'll generally not watch and get whoever I'm with to tell me when it's finished.

The thing I hate most is feminists crying rape about everything like the word is meaningless. It completely undermines what I've had to go through.
real rape right there
Does consensual rape count? My girlfriend wanted to be raped but told me to do it out of nowhere so it felt more pure. Not sure if it counts because it was technically consensual.
Very similar thing happened to me. Was raped by an ex at 17, while we were together.
I'm sorry. I know the feeling, and you sure don't deserve it.
the fuck is wrong with that niqqa innie?
>go hang out with 18 year old virgin mormon girl
>start kissing her
>take her shirt off
>suck on tities
>she puts her shirt back on "I dont wanna give you that"
>she is clearly in shock
>I dont stop
>awkward makeout continues
>later she deletes me off facebook
I kind of raped a girl at a party some years ago
sis is on the sofa in tshirt and panties, tellya in a couple of mins bout this rape thing
was hot until
>my dick
fucking faggots give the rest of us pedos a bad name
then you have all these moralfags who think all pedos want to fuck little boys... NO THANK YOU
>start fucking this goober from school
>start noticing how fucking disgusting he is
>finishes before I have chance to stop him
>accused him of rape
Shit was cash

>kind of
uhh story?
but what about pit, hes so cute :3
Jesus christ. I'm so fucking sorry. So wierd actually hearing that some people got raped.
Once heard a story about it in the radio, had to stop my car to puke.
Dunno why, but shit just makes me feel bad.
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I am a man and according to 'rape equality' I have been raped by women several times already.
I, a sheltered and ignorant 10 year old boy was raped by a 14 year old friend who wanted to try being gay for a night. Turns out he was full gay, and got really into it with a quiet chubby kid who barely understood what was going on.

for several years it was a repressed memory, several others it was a source of serious guilt and fear.

Now its a sad joke I tell others when I'm drunk. I've never been able to properly trust others since. Continued failures and betrayals in my interpersonal relationships don't help.
Went out with sister of my sister's bf, slept in her bed, tried fucking her.

Too drunk, failed..
honestly it's fine. Most things I do it doesn't affect me.
Not sure if this counted as rape or not but ill tell story.
>be when i was 17
>be at new years party
>dude comes out of room looking blazed as fuck
>i say "you smoking in there bro?"
>he goes "brother, go look in there haha"
>go in room
>ready to blaze
>chick passed out on mattress on the floor
>try and wake her
>shes out cold
>decide to fuck her
>bust in her pussy
>pull up pants
>see the guy later that night and give him a nod
>he nods back
The chick or anyone never found out and she didnt know it happend so i never thought of it as rape, just sex that only i knew about
>I was 17 and a really horny kid
>I went to a party with some friends and got really drunk
>I was talking with this ugly gal
>I started making out with her and decided to go to an empty room upstairs
>We were making out in the bed and she fell asleep wasted
>I moved her around a bit to make sure she wouldnt wake up
>I whipped out my cock and started ramming her pussy
>Came inside, pulled her panties up again and left the party
>I have never seen her again
>I never told anyone

Man I'm sorry about that bro. Hope it gets better.
i can fap to that

Nah you're pretty much a rapist.
Are you me?
I'm male, so I've been raping women every day since I was born just by being alive.
my dada stuck his peepee in my bum bum
Not even raep. She wanted it, but happened to pass out. Not your fault. You just continued on for both your sakes.

You've done God's work son.
I don't think BDSM counts, but if you guys want stories, I can dump a few.

My wife is really BDSM, and I've grown rather fond of it.

Chances are you have an ugly child somewhere.
>Nah you're pretty much a rapist.
No he is just an opportunist. She didn't say no. No one made her drink til the point she passed out that hard. She choose that.
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>I've never been able to properly trust others since. Continued failures and betrayals in my interpersonal relationships don't help.
Ever thought that you're using that one adolescent incidence as an excuse for the failures you experience, rather than dealing with them?
No dude, its similar stories but i found the chick i banged and yours knew she was with you until she passed out.
Your a rapist not me.
How is that rape?
A woman can never rape a man. Stop being beta as fuck
see i never understood how this was a bad thing
granted its never happened to me but wouldnt it just be like free pussy
fuck yeah stories, tell me about your life /b/ro!
I have raped your mother
You were the result.
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>be girl
>creepy bastard looks at me
>feel victimized and emotionally raped
>report him for sexual and emotional assault
>police say I don't have enough evidence but they say they will do their best
>go to his place of employment and tell everyone that he raped me
>hang fliers of him saying he is a rapist
>he goes to jail and has to pay me in damages

It was very traumatizing and I am glad that that part of my history is over. I'm happy that the bastard is rotting in jail.
Yep, not even 'pretty much', that's rape brudda.
>be 16 or so
>go to extended family meetup for xmas
>upstairs with a bunch of kids
>most are playing air hockey/n64
>cute ~8-10 yo girl there
>not even sure how/if we're related
>i make up some excuse to get her into an empty bedroom
>shes wearing this cute frilly white dress
>i get on the floor with her and "wrestle"
>eventually work up the nerve to run my hand up and down her legs
>she's obviously uncomfortable but doesn't do anything
>raging boner by now
>reach up and pull her panties to the side and finger her
>only lasts like 10 seconds, she starts crying or something and runs off
>feel incredibly guilty and sure I'm going to jail
>nothing ever happened

Edit: *In the eyes of the law you're technically a rapist.

>my best friend is basically the neighborhood whore
>at her guy friend's house
>in his shed
>he has a friend over
>we're on a couch, im next to his friend
>everyone's high except me
>feeling pretty uncomfortable
>my friend and her guy start fucking
>his friend starts coming onto me
>"no i don't want this"
>he keeps going
>fuck i don't know what to do
>i laid there and took it like the gender minority i am
gr8 b8 m8
I hope you're trolling.
If not you are a completely sheltered betafag.
That would definitely stand up in court.
>fucking prostitute in Tijuana
>$80, expensive
>we get to the room
>$5 for the condom, normally free
>$25 for the room rather than $11 like normal
>only missionary, more $$ for other positions
>she leaves shirt on, more money for shirt off.
>I'm fucking her, angry, grab her tits trying to make the best of it
>"no more money" is all the fucking English she seems to know
>grabs my hand and moves it
>as I'm fucking her no more than five minutes "finished? finished?"
>ten minutes in, "okay done?"
>she pushes me off and tries to leave
>i snap
>throw her on the bed, proceed to climb on her, she punches me
>I punch her hard as shit in the stomach
>she loses her air
>turn her over, force my cock into her ass
>hard as shit from the situation I start fucking her realllly hard,, as she squirms she starts freaking out
>she screams a bit, I punch her in the kidneys, grab her neck, push her face down
>fuck her like that for like ten minutes
>she's crying, "no no, stop stop, more money"
>every time I hear more money I fuck harder
>ready to cum, turn her over, grab her by the neck, force her mouth open by fishhooking and shoving my fingers back between her gums and jawline
>cum in her mouth, make her swallow
>she curls into a little ball, crying, her ass is leaking blood and shit, she's coughing, I think maybe I messed up her insides
>I felt really bad immediately after, almost got sick. went home very, very fast, pimps woulda killed my ass.

To this day, I feel really bad, I seriously damaged that girl. Mentally, physically...I'm a fucking bastard.
>>gender minority
>>2 guys 2 girls.
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pic (117).jpg
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I’m now addicted to this 909 shit .
check out liveshitqfree.tumblr.com
Fuck off man. How can a woman rape me? I can assure you when im passed out my dick will not get hard. Unless the bitch has mutiple stds i wold not even care because pussy Is pussy and i am a man.
If you dont want her to fuck you just punch her in the god damn face. How hard is it to get a woman off you? Seriously? Are you guys all skinny as fuck beta's or what?
It's not even just the law. In every sense of the word he is a rapist. The girl could in no way give her consent or put up a fight if she wanted to. The fact that she put herself in that state because she drank an excessive amount of booze makes no difference.
I was raped when I was 12 years old. I posted this story to /b/ a few years ago so some of you might remember me and the problems it has caused me emotionally and socially.

When I was walking home from school there was an alleyway that ran behind my house and I used to walk through it. It was a quiet residential area, big old houses with separate garages that opened out onto the alleyway. Leaning against this one garage is this older highschool kid smoking a cigarette and talking with these two girls. As I'm approaching him he nods at me and says "S'up".

I nod back and think "cool, a highschooler is talking to me like I'm a bro", so I say "not much". Then as I walk past him he suddenly reaches out and gets me in a choke hold and is holding the tip of his cigarette right near my eye.

He says "you're going to do everything I say now aren't you or I'm going to burn your fucking eyes out of your head". The two girls he was talking with start to giggle and say "Oh my god he's actually going to do it"

He tells one of the girls to open the gate then he drags me into the pathway between the two garages and the girls follow and close the gate behind them. I feel like I'm going to pass out he's choking me so hard and I can't even scream. He tells me he's going to let me go but if I make any noise or try get away he'll burn my eyes out. He lets go and I start gasping for air and almost feel like I'm going to throw up.

He tells me to get down on my knees and I do it. The two girls are giggling and laughing and keep saying things like "oh god he's really going to do it" and "this is so hot".

I'm on my knees and he unzips his pants and pulls out his penis and I know what's going to happen and start crying and saying "no, please, just let me go" and he slaps me across the face and says "shut up and suck it, faggot".

He slaps me a couple of more times while I protest and then I give in and start sucking his cock. <continue....>
But why? Why not fight back? I mean, that's just wrong. Doesn't sound like rape to me, IMO.
what a champ

Good, she got what she deserved. $80 t fuck her and then extra for a condom and the room? Greedy bitch thinks she is the 1%.
>at work
>see a really hot grill
>walk up to her
>I ask her if she wants to get funky
>no reply
>I grab her really hard and run out of work with her
>speed home
>she still hasn't said anything
>bring her in my room
>ram my dick in her
>pull out straight away because it was a hot grill
>tfw you burned your dick
like....is this true?

i've read and seen so so so much shit on the internet that it all just defaults to "fake or photoshopped".

Did this actually fuckin happen?
No bro, you taught that bitch a lesson.

Certainly, but I've never used it as an excuse to give up or stop trying. It doesn't become an excuse for my failures, so much as they compound issues that have always been there. It's just there and its effects on me are undeniable. I've seen multiple shrinks for it. I'm opening up here, but day to day I very seldom let it bother me. To most I just appear "noticeably guarded" as a kind coworker I've confided in often put it.

I have deep seeded behavioral issues and anxieties that have as much to do with bullying (some violent) and constant moving as it does that particular event.

I hope that answers your question.
Lol u pussy ass man!!! Tell her there are real man out there. You are just a pussy not real man. Real man dont cry
To your credit, she was only a whore. It's part of the business. She put herself into that situation.
I got her from here. Used to go frequently. Stopped for a year or two, went back recently, condom broke and I didn't know, got some kinda dick burning STD.

you typed a shitty version of an already good copypasta story. fuck you faggot
It's going to sound really fucking stupid but I didn't want to seem like a bitch. I didn't want it, I vocally said I didn't want it, but I took it.
god damnit forgot the link http://www.hktijuana.com/

If a gas store cashier is mugged on his late night shift is it his fault because he "put himself in that position" by working late at night?

I didn't know this was a copy pasta story?

This actually happened to me...
g7 b7 m7 7/7
I laughed at the fact she was saying "more money" while being raped. I'm going to hell.
Yes as a teen. I still do rapeplay in the bedroom. Nothing gets me more wet.
Yep. Any other analogies you want to throw?
Technically by law maybe. Me being 24 and banged a 16, but was consensual. Best pussy i ever had.
I was raped after I dropped out of high school.

I was hitchhiking and the guys who picked me up had a joint. I smoked it as it was passed around the van and then they stopped and got beer. I drank beer and then they passed around Jack Daniels. They invited me to a party. They said that there was going to be hot chicks at the party.

There was no party and there were no chicks. I was too wasted to walk, didn't know where I was and they took turns fucking me in the ass for a week. I was 17 then and I didn't know a guy could cum from being penetrated in the ass. I came a lot and hated myself for it. I felt like my body betrayed me.

I escaped eventually and spent years calling myself a fagot every time I looked at myself in the mirror.
i'm sorry but this is hot

I'm sorry to everybody here that was raped but these stories are hot. i know it's wrong but this is very arousing stuff
in college, dressed in drag
bro had a party, got drunk as fuck
passed out in guest room.
wake up to some roodypoo jacking it
pretend im still out as he ejaculates
moments later some other guy walks in
i dont make a fucking move, still totes out of it
he fucks my ass and then feels around for the puss.
no puss.
he starts freaking out and backs off
Suddenly i get up and yell no means no bitch and whip him with my cock
lil bitch is traumatized, while i'm walking out with at least 2 different dudes jizz on me, i was out for a while.

continue drinking and wink as the second guy comes down to leave the party

I left him my number, he never called.

If a dinosaur is eating some leaves out in the open and a meteor hits and kills him and his friends, is it his fault?
Try harder.
You're almost there you ignorant dumbass.
I was... sorta.
>Be at party me and a couple friends threw together
>Around 2AM
>meet some woman, I think she was in her 30s
>Notice her pupils are is big as saucers
>Since I'm occasional drug user, I decide to not kick her out but just keep an eye on her
>She seems to take a liking of me
>Gets all clingy, trying to put her tongue down my throat, grabbing my dick etc.
>Be all like "Damn woman, You're at least 10 years older than me"
>Party's over, everyone goes home.
>The next week my friends tell me she's kind of a well known junky
>Ex cocaine addict
>Still going strong, alternating between amphetamine, GHB, MDMA and who knows what else
>About 2 months later
>See her at another party, some place I wasn't familiar with
>Immediately comes over
>"Hey, you're that guy from the other party"
>She still seems kinda sober
>Explain that I'm just not into her
>Later that night
>Meet her again
>She seems to be rolling on MDMA
>Apologizes for being so clingy, gives me a drink
>Chat with her for a bit, finishing my drink pretty quickly to get out of there
>From that point on, everything's a blur
>Remember her "helping" me get out of there
>Some shady room
>Her getting undressed
>My pants going off
>Thinking "how is it even possible to have a boner right now?"
>Waking up on the side of the road
>Some stranger thought I was dead so he wake me up
>My bike was thrown in the bushes near where she dropped me
>Stranger offers to take me home
>Lock my bike (Yeah, she didn't even bother to lock my bike!)
>Stranger takes me home
>Go to bed

Honestly, I'm not too bothered and I don't plan on ever going to the police or telling anyone. I don't think it's damaged me emotionally or in any other way than the side effects of the drugs she gave me.
Some day though, I'll get her back with the devil's weed (datura). I already have the brew ready and I take it to every party where she might be.
So i know 2 really hot Mormon's
How does /b/ get a mornon to fuck?
I really feel legitimately bad about what I did. But I had a friend tell me, if it wasn't me, it would have been somebody else. If not one of her pimps.

The problem is, a lot of the girls have families, and are struggling to make money to survive, I hate to think that mommy had to tell her kids she can't eat for a while until her rectum heals from anal rape.

Seriously not trying to be funny here.
That's a fucking shame then somebody didn't teach you stand up for yourself. Well, lesson learned.
My daddy fucking beat the shit out of me and my mom, atleast when somebody hits me now I hit back.
maybe now she’ll learn not to charge so much if she would’ve been a nice cheap whore everything wouldve been fine
>/be 19
>we're engaged, been dating 3 years
>she's always been the more reserved, and shy type
>We're super close, had plenty of sex, but pretty vanilla
>helping her with college work because I'm a business major, and she's studying psychology
>She goes downstairs to get us some drinks, I'm browsing her google docs
>open it
>several page long fantasy about me more or less dominating/raping her in the middle of exercising at the gym
>mentions that the more she doesn't want to do it, the more she gets turned on by it
>she's coming upstairs, I'm super horny now
>"Do you wanna go for a jog babe?"
>"Sure?" She answers
>We go jogging, I make her run faster than normal
>We get back to her place, she starts doing her stretching bullshit while I grab a glass of water.
>come back into the living room
>"I want you to do that naked"
>"Not now baby"
>"I'm not asking you, I'm telling you."
>She looks at me for a few moments, confused, then she does as I ask.
i need some wemminz to rape me, what's up with you faggot guys claiming to have been raped by a woman? you fuckin' serious? jfc
File: pic (1064).jpg (12 KB, 250x188) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
pic (1064).jpg
12 KB, 250x188
I’m now addicted to this 674 shit .
check out liveshitqfree.tumblr.com
Dinosaurs are tools of Satan. Shows him what happens to be an affront to God Almighty.
What a fuckin scumbag to leave you in the ditch like that. Would it have been so bad to leave you on some couch somewhere?
Did you not read the thread? Rape, anon. It's always rape.


The two girls are laughing really loud one and one of them grabs the back of my head and starts forcing my head up and down on his cock and is saying things like "you like that, don't you slut, yeah you're a bitch"

I'm just hoping it will be over soon and they'll let me go. I don't know how long that lasted but eventually one of the girls says "so are you going to do it? Are you really going to do it?" and the guy says "I told you I would" then he pushes be down off his cock and says "take off your clothes"

I'm begging and pleading with him to just let me go and I won't tell anyone and he grabs me by my hair and starts shaking my head really hard and says "I don't think you understand who is in charge here fucking strip you faggot".

I pull down my pants and he tells me to step out of them so I do. Then he tells me underwear too. I pull them off and the two girls start howling with laughter and mocking me saying things like "he doesn't even have hair yet" and "he's so small are you sure he isn't a girl". For the record I am about average in size but I was terrified and as a result everything was shrunk. I still have my t-shirt on and he doesn't tell me to take it off so I don't. He tells me to get down on my hands and knees and I do. He goes behind me and the two girls are still laughing and talking about how they can't believe he's really going to do it.

Then I feel him behind me trying to push himself in me. It hurts and I start to scream so he tells one of the girls to cover my mouth and she does. He's still trying to get in me but can't but the trying hurts. He says he's going to need some lube and one of the girls goes into her purse and gives him something and asks him if he wants some condoms too and he says no.

I can hear that farting noise that liquids make when there's not much left of them in a tube and you're squeezing them out and the sound makes the girls laugh harder and the guy chuckles a bit too. <continue....>
shut up fatso
This guy gets it

bullshit nasty cunt. posted fliers of him being a rapist? you'd be charged with defamation. stfu whore.
> Due to the potent combination of anticholinergic substances it contains, Datura intoxication typically produces effects similar to that of an anticholinergic delirium (as contrasted to a complete inability to differentiate reality from fantasy; hyperthermia; tachycardia; bizarre, and possibly violent behavior; and severe mydriasis (dilated pupils) with resultant painful photophobia that can last several days. Pronounced amnesia is another commonly reported effect.[16]

No other substance has received as many severely negative recreational experience reports as has Datura. The overwhelming majority of those who describe their use of Datura find their experiences extremely unpleasant both mentally and often physically dangerous.

> Righteous vengance
Marry her, dipshit
>be me 14
>family vacation time
>parents think it would be a good idea to let the older kids take care of younglins
>cousins and i are the oldest
>have two seperate rooms, one for kids and one for us
>cousin turns to me and say you ever had a blow job before?
>tell her i have just to be cool
>she slowly touches my lap
>move her hand away
>i tell her it would be best to not go there
>she gets angry and walks away
>hear a noise and next thing i remember i was tied to the bed and had a prettt bad bump on mu head
>turns out she really liked me and did unmentionable things
>never spoke of this to any one
I'm a bifag

>getting drunk with guy
>really enjoy him rubbing my cock.
>begin sucking each other off
>he pushes me over on the bed.
>please fuck me
>he fucked me good.
>I was drunk couldn't get it up
>Fucking lasted a while.
>After awhile I tell him I just want to make him cum.
>He starts fucking me hard
>I beg him to cum
>He won't
>He keeps fucking me
>I ask him to stop
>still going
>Forcing me down harder, pounding me harder and harder
>Cums in my ass
>Fall over and cry
>he laughs
"Want someone else to do it?"
>Shake my head into bed, wiping tears on blankets.
>He leaves
>I struggle to get my clothes on, try to leave.
>Comes back in with someone else.
>They push me on the bed.
>His new friend forces himself inside me.
>Can't remember a lot after this point.
>Remember pushing them off me. Running out.
>Forgot a shoe and actually had to go back and ask my rapist for it back.
>Finally done, cry.
just want to let everyone know deep down every girl wants to role play getting raped. i was talking to my girlfriend recently asking how kinky she likes it. ask general questions about how she would feel if i grabbed her neck or hair while were having sex. says yes to the neck grabbing and maybe to the hair pulling. we talked a little more about it and i got the vibe that she wants to role play me raping her
STOP OPPRESSING ME, RAPIST PIG! Reported for being a woman hater.
on yeahh go on
You're a fucking idiot.

i'll find you. and i'll fuck you. cunt.
>she continues to stretch, keeping eye contact with me for most of it
>her hair is soaking wet with sweat, and her whole body is dripping with it
>I simply stand there, arms crossed whilst sipping cold water, I'm still very sweaty, but I'm not out of breath
>she finishes stretching her toes, and then looks up at me "Anything else?"
>I look down at her, unzip my fly and tell her to suck it
>She starts to speak, but I cut her off
>"Baby, I'm not in the mo--"
>"You will do do as I ask of you"
>She hesitantly pulls down my trousers and begins giving me head, I can tell she hates it.
>I run my fingers through her hair, and gently tug it, I can hear her moaning slightly.
>I don't much care for blowjobs, I much prefer vaginal, but I made her do it simply because I know that she doesn't want to.
>I tell her to lay down on the floor, and she does
>"I see where this is going, lemme go grab a condom
>Now up until that point, whe had used both condoms and birthcontrol, but it would really be rape if she completely wanted it, so I decided to surprise her.
>"That won't be necessary"
>She's very confused. "Anal?" She asks me.
>I pull off my shirt and position myself over her.
>"That's now what I had in mind"
> me 14 M
> neighbor 5or 6 m
> dick has been itching like crazy and found him alone
> tell him yo i cant reach this part can u scratch it for me.
> he says were? I say here and glide his hands towards mah dick
> he does it for a bit and says ok enought.
> i say no keep going. (It was feeling pretty good someone was touching me there)
> he leaves. I try hunting him down, but then i left to another country and never came back.
> i hear he is gay now and 18
>However, the tropane alkaloids which are responsible for both the medicinal and hallucinogenic properties are fatally toxic in only slightly higher amounts than the medicinal dosage, and careless use often results in hospitalizations and deaths.

Your righteous vengeance could end in an 8' x 12' cell for a very long time, with Bubba as a companion.

now this is something i can fap to!


Then I feel him rubbing something cold and wet on me and hear him rubbing it on himself. Then he wipes the excess off on my ass cheek and the small of my back. Now he's pressing against me again and I can feel it start to go in but it still hurts worse than anything I'd ever experienced.

The girl holding her hand over my mouth while I screams leans over me and says "oh my god, it's going in, this is so fucking hot".

So he starts raping me and my throat hurts from the choking and the screaming and the two girls just keep laughing and talking about how hot this is. The girl not holding my mouth gets down and looks under me and says "aww, he's not hard I want to see him hard" and she reaches under and tries to stroke my penis to an erection. It has shrunk so much from the pain and fear that she can't really stroke it like you would to masturbate so she tries just rubbing it with the palm of her hand but it won't get erect. This makes her laugh even more and she starts joking about how I can't get it up and that must mean I'm a girl.

Anyway. Eventually he came in me and then everything got quiet for awhile and the two girls stopped laughing. Then he said "we're going to leave now and you're going to count to 100 before you even think about leaving here and if you tell anyone I know who you are and will kill you". They left and I just lay on the sidewalk between the two garages and cried. I didn't even bother counting I just bawled. I used my underwear to clean my ass off of the blood, shit and cum then put on my pants and threw my underwear in a bush and went home. Faked being sick so I could stay home from school the rest of the week.

To this day I can't hear women laugh without raging internally. I have no female friends and can barely tolerate being around women. I would say I pretty much hate all women even though I know that's not fair. I have no real friends and only a few online.

Inb4 giant crustacean
> Male
> 15
> Drunk at club
> hitch-hiking to come back at home
> A old guy stop
> the guy open my pant when i was sleeping
>i woke up
> he took my head to suck his dick
>i said no
>i do it and i loved
> he steel drivin
> he came on my mooth
> he fucked me in a wood on his car
File: feminism-rape.jpg (56 KB, 500x444) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
56 KB, 500x444
thanks for playing along. it's somewhat depressing that this is believable and there are actually people like this.
>7 years old
> parents had been drinking with a couple they knew
> they spend the night in the guest bed room
> after my parents are asleep the couple come into my room
> they covered my mouth and they gaged me with the womans underwear
> the man undressed and started to undress me while the woman watched and held me down
>he proceded to rape me while she played with herself
>they said if i screamed they would kill me and my parents and took the underwear out of my mouth
>she made me eat her out while she was fucked by her husband
> after he came inside her they made me lick it out
tl:dr my childhood sucked
>I'm fapping to a rape story but other people give me a bad name
>I have no real friends and only a few online.
Well that's what you get for being a giant faggot.

I have never had a girlfriend nor a relationship of any kind. I rarely masturbate, don't really find porn sexually stimulating except maybe some trap hentai. Always 2D, I can't fap to 3D not that I fap that much, maybe twice a month.

I will probably die and the only person I will have had sex with is the guy who raped me.

I don't even understand why I hate the two girls more than I do him. I guess I had always expected girls to be better than that.
If you tell me who the girls are, I'll find em and rape em.

wow fag, you must have initiated it with a subtle glance. you know you wanted that D
Did you ever tell anybody?
Such as police or your parents?
>Say if the answer to both questions was yes, the story for the first would be...

>SWIM was in a relationship for 5 years. Shit was serious, plans to get married, etc. ex breaks up with SWIM and decides to become a whore when we are still living together. At a certain point she cuts off the pity sex that she had been supplying too. Anyway, a void of depression, SWIM took advantage of how she would get so drunk she's completely black out.

>It happened twice.
I hope all three of them die a horrible death anon.

You should tell >>542775767

quit bellyaching about it faggot. if you're beating off to trap porn you are 100% purebred faggot so you like what happened to you so boo-fuckin-hoo.
Holy fuck. Did stuff like this really happen? Or it is just your sick fantasy?
>The other story would be a advisory about making sure you take MDMA with someone you trust.
If this is not a copypasta. it seems like you were raped to the point you've actually turned gay, so technically not rape, since you like cock.
>Without laying a finger on her

I think she forget what rape is
You must be new here
>I pin her arms down, her legs are spread and in the air, she looks into my eyes and asks me
>"What the fuck are you doing?"
>I give no answer, simply prodding my dick up and down her clitoris, I can tell she likes it, but she doesn't seem amused.
>She trys to force me off, but I'm too heavy, and her arms are weak.
>"Get off of me"
>I look her in the eyes, and sternly say "No."
>Her eyes widen with shock, I have never been the guy to just outright tell her no in such a commanding voice, in retrospect, BDSM has made me a lot more alpha.
>I look down at her vagina, it's literally dripping onto the ground
>I slowly begin to penetrate her, she looks up into my eyes, she has a look of fear, and trust at the same time. She knows I won't hurt her, but at the same time realizes she is completely at my mercy.
>For the first time ever, I'm inside her without a condom, and my eyes widen with pleasure.
>it's not rape if the girl's straight because she likes cock
Ive never told this to anyone, never have i discussed this with my parents after the events happened. But its been coming back to me lately and i feel like i need to get it off my chest.

It is still a little hazy, but i will do the best i can recall from memory.

This was back when i was in kindergarten. I was 5 maybe 6 y/o.
>my kindergarten was a very expensive little school
>my parents werent that rich but they wanted to give me the best possible, so i was put into it
>school was far away
>i always used to come home on this little pickup\bus
>i would take it to and back everyday, it was those old daihatsu trucks
>front would be secluded from the rear, so you cant see the driver.
>all the kids used to sit in back and he rarely let kids sit with him
>the bus driver was a horny little cunt
>he only let his `favourite` students to sit with him
>i always wanted to sit in front, as it got too hot in the back, cramped with like 30 other kids
>one time he actually askes me if i want sit in front with him
>said fuck yeah lets do this, thinking empty space, window down, cool breeze
>so i sit in the front with him
>halfway home, while still driving he tells me to get closer to him
>I say sure why not
>he tells me that i am a very special kid
>he says he likes me very much
>he also had kids and he saw me as one of his kids
>i was little so i said cool
>he then asks me for a favour
>ask him what it was
>tells me that its really hot and since he is driving, he needs help readjusting his pants
>wtf? But i was too little to know what he was thinking of, and i was too exited that i was in the front with him
>i said sure, and moved his pants about
>immidetly after he pulls his cock out
>tells me to promise him not to to tell anyone
>i saw ok sure
>tells me to lick his penis
>i do as instructed
>after a while he asks me spit my saliva out the window
>i spit it out and get very scared after
>what have i done? Why did i do it?


Shit if this is real, I'm so fucking jealous. Wish I had ever been raped by a boyfriend
any good rape porn out there? doesn't have to look real, acting is fine too.

I have told /b/. That is it. I have no one to tell IRL and wouldn't want to. I rarely talked to my parents about anything when I was little anyway. I always got good grades (oddly my grades actually went up after the rape as I threw myself even more into my studies and basically stopped all socializing) and never really got into any trouble so there wasn't much for my parents to talk to me about. I mostly stayed in my room and read books.
>be that wierdo your parent warned you about
>hangout behind some sketchy apartments
>local highshool near by has nightclasses(mostly for fuckups)
>see a 8/10 making her way down
>i see my opportunity and fucking take it
>grab her by the arm as hard as i can and cover her mouth with my other hand
>drag her to the back alley where i had me rape station set up
>pull out knife and whisper into her ear "if you scream ill god damn slice your fucking throat"
>she mods her head
>being the douche i am i decide to knock her out
>begin raping her
>put it in every hole RAW
>almost finished, decide to cum inside her
>invite some bums over to have a go at her
>heard she got pregnant and kept the baby
>still see her pass by my house everyday, she never found out who raped her
>still thinking about raping her again for shits and giggles
Meh, the story is a tad exaggerated to make for better fapping material, but I swear this is based on true events. will cont

cont, if you're female. if you're a dude gtfo faggot.
>and my eyes widen with pleasure
and from that we know this anon is an author, not a perpetrator
yea it really happened
>Me getting drunk in a park, I always do it on Fridays
>Do it alone mostly
>It's dark, I'm still pretty sober, this completely wasted guy comes to me
>"Hey ur hot"
>He doesn't look like those sick rapists, pretty nice guy
>Begins touching and stuff
>I was pretty shocked, I didn't know how to react
>Before he does something bad he falls asleep
>Get outta here
>Thanks god I've got a boyfriend now and we get drunk together
I've seen a couple of you talk about mormon girls in this thread so I figure, although its not rape, that I'll drop a story about how I had sex with a mormon bishop's daughter. Yes, the story is real and no I did not marry her.

>be me about four years ago still in high school
>one day sitting in my room dicking around with some cheats in a css server
>sister brings friend over and they sit on the bed behind me
>literally have no idea how to talk to women
>somehow magically hit it off
>her number in my phone
>fast forward a couple of months of texting almost every day
>she comes back from a trip
>parents arent home and shes friend's with my sister
>have her tell her parents that she's hanging out with my sister so that she can sleep over
>everything goes fairly well
>half way through the night I muster up the courage to start feeling her up
>start to very intensely make out but we're terrible at it
>she gets on top of me and I start fingering her ass (i'm not sure why I did that)
>eventually get her pants off

>its not rape
You ever think of maybe going to counseling? It could really help
Doesn't sound like rape, but I need a good fap. Continue.
it was rape of course. how does it feel to be a rapist who can't get girls? fucking beta asshole

However the girl was likely sold or otherwise forced into prostitution. The cashier chose to work at a gas station for the graveyard shift.
File: 1335081493318s.jpg (3 KB, 126x123) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 KB, 126x123
> be me at 16
> parents out of town
> have a party at my house
> 200 people come
> its awesome, friends a dj
> get drunk as fuck with a goonsack
> 3am
> only 10 or so people left
> take a few shots of rum with them
> pass out on my couch
> wake up to 6/10 girl on top of me
> im inside her
> i freeze, feel physically ill
> i was a virgin until then
> shes moving up and down slowly
> i cant speak, in complete shock
> know instantly that no matter what i do ill be called a pussy and a faggot if i tell anyone or do anything
> tears roll down my face
> she finished up and gets off me
> she locks eyes with me while she puts on her clothes
> she realises im awake and winks at me
> im crying
> she gathers her stuff and goes to leave
> someone will say what is lost can never be saved
> despite all my rage
> im still just a rat in a cage
god hurry up, i need to go to sleep
10/10 came buckets
lol 8/10
You're a bastard doing God's work son
i thought this was a bro telling this story?

I've just come to terms with it. I accept that I hate women, not in the Men's Rights Activist tipping my fedora sort of way. I just hate being around them, seeing them, hearing them talk, and especially hearing them laugh.

I'm not mean to them. I never mistreat them or wish them harm. I just don't want to have to be anywhere near them. None of the women I work with have any cause to suspect I hate their presence.

I know it's an irrational hate but I accept that. I'm fine just going to work, reading books, and hanging out on /b/.

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if it hadn't happened. Maybe I'd still be alone, but I probably wouldn't hate women so much.
He won't. See

>I pause for a moment, not moving or thrusting, but simply enjoying the moment I'm in.
>She just continues to look up at me with love in her eyes, she knows what awaits her.
I begin to thrust slowly, I have no doubt in my mind she's really enjoying this, because she's wetter than she has ever been before.
>She's got chronic-anxiety, so she's essentially having a panic attack at this point
> look down at her and in a soft, calm tone tell her to relax.
>She stares up at me
>I continue to go at it, picking up pace as I go
>She starts resisting me again, but I can tell she's not really trying.
>"I will eventually break free dammit."
>"No you fucking won't, I'm going to have my way with you, and there's not a dammed thing you're going to do about it."
>She stops resisting.
>"Fine, have your way with me master Cum inside me."
>Instantly cum buckets on the fucking spot.
>She too has the loudest orgasm that she had ever had.
>We stare into each others eyes.
>"How did that make you feel?"
>"Like a woman."

Seriously though, the next fucking day we got her a collar and everything, been this way since.
File: Boner5.png (9 KB, 298x279) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9 KB, 298x279
>"Like a woman."

I think she put her gender back a bit with that ha.

I do a lot of NSFW fanfiction
So I guess there's that.

I really wish I had her collar on me, I need to prove this isn't fake. godflapjacksdammit.
Oh my fucking shit.

Well hey, you do you. Can't blame you for wanting to just move on in your own way. And I am genuinely sorry for what happened to you and I wish you the best.
still a better love story than Twilight
>Seriously though, the next fucking day I was still unshaved in this basement and everything, been this way since high school.
>How do I know it was a fantasy? If real you'd record what you felt, not what a third party would have seen
>I think she put her gender back a bit
Yeah, back in its place.
please have more
File: 1396000668468.jpg (68 KB, 304x304) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
68 KB, 304x304
many laughs were had
>be me
>be 9
>be holiday
>neighbor 30+ years old invites me over
>she gives me juice and cookies
>she gives me cake
>shit's good
>she suddenly asks me if I like looking at her tits
>I say yes not to be rude
>she pulls her shirt down and says ''c'mon, you can look"
>I stare at her tits all freaked out
>'touch them'
>I poke her nipples a few times and grab her boob
>'with your mouth'
>She grabs my head and puts her tits in my mouth
>I say let go let me to
>She doesn't let me go and says that that's what boys and girls do
>I get all confused
>She says that my parents do it too
>I get relaxed a bit
>lick her nipples for ten minutes
>she tells me I can go and that next time I get something better
>no one ever found out
>mfw boob-rape
I do, not sure if I want to share before I can prove what I have is legit.
Jokes aside, I'd love to hear more.
I feel for you, man. I used to make fun of rape victims, but I just can't anymore...

Thanks anon. I've always felt more of a connection with the anons on /b/ than I have with anyone IRL. It's why I've even able to talk about it here. Some bros are supportive other just dismiss it as copypasta which is cool too.
I sort of raped a hooker when I was a kid. I could not come wearing a condom as I was hammered as fuck so I took it off and came inside the bitch. She really did not like that but never told cops or anything.
real or fake it was hot so i'd rather here more about this relationship. was there any public/outdoor stuff
File: 1355094844867.jpg (43 KB, 330x381) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43 KB, 330x381
You didn't post a face.
File: 135919295284.jpg (90 KB, 600x756) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
90 KB, 600x756
>be me
>11 yo
>at sitter's house
>has daughter
>was in a, "relationship"
>she makes new friend at school
>broken home
>little sister
>4 - 6 yo
>they start being taken care of too
>taking a nap on the couch one afternoon
>small den; not the living room
>just drifting off
>door opens
>little sister
>acted asleep
>she comes over
>shakes me very gently
>I still don't move
>she gets up
>shuts the door
>walks back over
>pulls up my shirt
>kisses my stomach
>squint to see
>blue-white frilly dress
>pulls down panties
>goes for pants
>pulls on button
>couldn't alert
>might get scared
>try to find an opening
>door busts open
>sitter's son
>5 yo
>jump up
>fall immediately back down
>fake asleep
>kids are so stupid
>she sneaks panties on
>>Seriously not trying to be funny here.
thats just making it funnier

I was also raped by a man in his late 40s when I was 17 and I failed out on a potentially awesome threesome; should I green text?

Also little sister is all grown up and she's hot as fuck.

>inb4 pics
>feel really bad
lol, she is a beaner whore, who the fuck cares.
Her brothers probably fucked her harder than that
>attending tech conference
>male rape apologist makes a joke and LAUGHS at (TRIGGER WARNING) - dongles
Jesus titty christ it is hard to prove you're not a neckbeard on this website. I'll post more, but for now this is what I have. It's a recent photo of us.
Fucking 4Chan, not my fault

You fags want more?
Not yet, she won't let me get away with it.
I told her that I take her to a nude beach this summer, thinking of doing something there.

Thought you said she exercised?
You both look like faggots.
It's hard to tell who's the man.
inb4 dox
>not sure if I want to share before I can prove what I have is legit.
Oh, that's a logical reason
In scale 1-10 how fuckable was you neighbor?
If she was more than 4 I would regret not fucking her to the end of my days
2 away from fucking 6 7s Lol
Fat Asian/10, would not bang
this is the best gif I ever saw
>Post story of macho domination, BDSM and rape play
>Posts pic of chubby beta with 3/10 semi-aboriginal
>I do a lot of NSFW fanfiction
You sure fucking do
>Every time you willingly go under general anesthetic for an medical procedure, doctors have a green flag to molest you

I dont know why do I have to laugh at this

opening cans of pringles could technically be considered exercise.
> gf works as waitress in a sandnigger bar
> fucking 5 am she should have been home by 2 hrs already
> finally comes home, is fucking drunk and instanly bursts in tears the moment she sees my reproachful face
> hardragedemolishfuniture.avi
> never tells me what has happened
> I break up with her shortly afterwards cause the thought of her getting semi-raped by a sandnigger is killing me
+1 internet
made me LAWEL
speaking as a doctor, by the time you are through medschool, you don't give a fuck about naked bodies
I have a friend who is gynecologist, and he tells me how he started to fucking hate how vaginas look/smell
Fuck it, I don't even care if you niggers believe me or not. It's not worth my time trying to prove it.

Round two, hurrwegoo
>Be a few months after last story, we're looking going to a sex shop to pickup some toys.
>She's looking at dildos, but something particular catches my eye.
>It's a remote control vibrator, so I can turn it off/on from across the room.
>Buy it while she isn't looking, stash in coat pocket
>She picks up a few things, among them is ben-wa balls.
>We get in the car, I tell her to put the balls in.
>Hilarity ensues, as she's driving whilst dealing with near-orgasm pleasure
>We get back to my place and go at it a couple of times.
>She gets done cleaning up, and asks me if I wanna go to dinner with her family that night
>"Sure, why the fuck not?"
>I slip into my more formal attire, and we go back to her place, her family is in the other room waiting for her, and she slips into the back to get dressed.
>I make pitiful small talk with her dad who hates me, and then he fucks off, so I go into her room.
>"Oh good, you're here, mind zipping my dress?"
>I zip up her dress and whisper into her ear. "Don't wear panties tonight."

will cont
File: FuckyourPhotoshop.png (14 KB, 918x249) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14 KB, 918x249
>be me
>senior year of hs
>lead in the musical
>ask one of the other musical leads to prom
>7.5/10, blonde
>Really into her, recently been shut down by this other girl so I'm putting all my focus on her
>she's in a play I wrote as well
>One day after rehearsal
>Build up courage and ask her out
>"I'm sorry anon, but I'm just too busy, I've never had a boyfriend, I can't right now"
>Not a no, but I respect the busy thing
>Prom rolls around
>Slow dance with her, have good conversation
>Pretty great prom
>Get back in the limo with her and my friends
>I've got my arm around her, kinda gently rubbing her shoulder, sort of a weird comforting (in my opinion) thing I do with girls I like/get intimate with
>Eventually move down to the outside of the thigh
>Not intently, the whole limo is talking and laughing together, very chill.
>In a quick moment she get out from under my arm and says "Okay, time for you to cool off (or calm down, something dumb and cliched)"
>I'm surprised, do as such, respect her decision
>We get back to my house, she goes home, I drink and hang out with my close friends
>She proceeds to not return any of my messages, deletes me off facebook and avoids me for the remaining week of school before I graduate
>I literally feel like I've sexually assaulted this girl I like because she's an immature cunt
>Her friend group disrespects me when I come back to visit the high school a few years later to see the musical
>I see her, make eye contact and smile.
>She's gained 40 pounds and has dropped to a 4.5/10
>I'm built and the fittest I've ever been (did track in hs, so that's saying something)

Not a rape story, but it feels like it from my end. Still, made me happy when I saw how unattractive she looked. Still upsets me when I think of how she tainted my senior prom.

^her facebook. Judge for yourselves anons

Fuck this girl.
File: t60h2Rg.jpg (123 KB, 1365x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
123 KB, 1365x1024
Can we now move on to rape-pictures?!
Drunk bitches getting fucked isn't rape, they're just stupid
File: 1397104312075.jpg (24 KB, 333x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24 KB, 333x500
The present from Pedo-Bear (updated)

>judging someone else's woman
your virginity is showing.
That picture isn't exactly flattering, but I really dun givafugg.
File: FQgcAiI.jpg (180 KB, 807x524) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
180 KB, 807x524
How do you know she wasn't drugged?
File: abuso_medico5.jpg (52 KB, 600x535) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
52 KB, 600x535
File: pic (716).jpg (15 KB, 250x188) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
pic (716).jpg
15 KB, 250x188
I’m now addicted to this 941 shit .
check out liveshitqfree.tumblr.com
Marry both of them faghot
Dude, you're a fucking idiot. Her response to you asking her to prom should of told you LOUD AND FUCKING CLEAR that she wasn't in to you. While she overreacted, that's some straight up beta shit you pulled in the limo and got the outcome you deserve. Cringe worthy.
She was a solid 6-7/10, she had a husband but he is a truck driver.
and he slaps me across the face and says "shut up and suck it, faggot

my sides
>"We're going to dinner, fuck no."
>"Just fucking do it"
>She, in a very unhappy manor removes her panties.
>"Good, now bend over."
>"My parents are in the other room!"
>"I'm not going to fuck you, just do it."
>She does.
>I insert the remote control vibrator into her, she thinks it's a ben-wa ball.
We go back into the living room and then we leave.
>We get to the restaurant, and after we've been seated I give her an evil look.
>"What the fuck is up with you?"
>"You'll see."
>She rolls her eyes and begins to make small talk with her family about my recent work and stuff.
>I turn it on.
>She flips out and falls backwards off of her chair
>Everybody is looking at her. "Are you okay?"
>"I'm fine, I just got shocked or something."
>She looks at me with daggers in her eyes, I think she knows I did it.
>I'm trying to hide my amusement.

god yes continue
7/10 if made up, 20/10 if true
>she's crying, ''no no, stop stop, more money''
You didn't leave when they got high, knowing his judgement was clouded and stayed when others started fucking, making it very clear what the deal was. Just saying ''no'' once to someone very high and then thinking ''ah well might as well take it because otherwise i'll be known as a bitch'' without any physical resistence doesn't make him a rapist. This wasn't rape, this was you not responding according to your own emotions.
sorry, writing faster D: also I'm not OP

>She excuses her self from the table, I know she's going to the bathroom to remove it.
>after she leaves I excuse myself too.
>I speed walk to the bathroom to try to catch up, I see her standing by the door, there's another person in there.
>I approach her "What are you doing."
>"I'm going to take out whatever the fuck you put inside me."
>I hold up the remote to her, and explain what it is.
>Just then the door opens, and a woman leaves.
>She goes in, I follow. I lock the door when we're in.
>"Now what the fuck are you doing?"
>"You're not taking that out, I'm not done yet."
>"Please, not in front of my parents."
>Tell her to keep it in, she refuses.
>"Fine, bend over the counter and I'll take it out."
>She falls for it.
>I penetrate her, and hold her hands against the counter.
>She starts resisting me, but shortly gives up knowing that it won't stop me.
>I turn on the vibrator, which is deep inside her
>she starts cumming buckets
>she just lays against the counter and takes it for a few minutes, I climax and pull out.
>After she cleans up, she asks me to turn it off, I hit the button, but it doesn't shut off
>she goes through the rest of the evening with it vibrating inside her.
File: 1382979126352.jpg (212 KB, 460x2095) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
212 KB, 460x2095
>>fucking faggots give the rest of us pedos a bad name
>>give the rest of us pedos a bad name
>>a bad name

Be proud you pedo!
The thought of that sea-beast you posted in this situation is hideous.
I think I'm done for the night /b/ros.
It's 4:10am here and I have work tomorrow afternoon. Hope you enjoyed my stories, even if my fiance could lose 20 more pounds.
Also to the guy that asked if she was exercising, she is still, and has lost 20 pounds in the past month, she wants to have a bikini body by the end of summer. She's got about another 30 or so to go, even if she is a bit overweight, I still love her, and she's still a great lover.
tbh I think I picked a very bad picture, here's a better one.
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