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who has wincest stories to share?
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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who has wincest stories to share?
greentext or other
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>be me, mid teens
>have sister two years younger
>parents out for the evening
>wrestling with sister on couch
>accidentally grab her boob
>she doesn't mind
>says she has to go to bathroom
>asks if I can help
>can't undo her overalls
>get into bathroom
>I unbutton her and slide them down
>wet spot on her pink panties
>she tells me it sucks that my gf is grounded
>maybe she could be my gf tonight
>I'm pounding her ass
>she has a hairbrush stuffed in her twat
>crikey bruv, ur fixin' to wreck me arse!
>shut up and lick my balls you cumslut
>I kiss her lightly on the forehead
>hurry up, before mom and dad get home
>she stuffs her toes in my mouth
>I cum on her ears
>she reaches into the picnic basket
>she was a bear the entire time
>I give her tree fiddy
>my mom got scared
>get on the floor
>wincest is for creepy faggot foreveralones
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> sister not in dressed
> I come in
>" brother, out."
> "no"
> "but i am sister"
> "I will rape yoi"
> sex w sister
>be 13
>father says mother has dead
>small sister is cry
>i hug
>she can't crying with me
>larger penis
>larger penis
>small sister says why penis have grow?
>i say is excite
>she wants see
>father wants see too
>small sister and father are see brothers excite penis
>mothers funeral has miss
>18 male
>16 yo sister, blond hair and deep brown eyes, about 5'4
>Parents on vac in costa rica
>watching lil sis for a week
>decide to have 2 friends come over to drink
>tell sis she can invite 2 friends too
>my friends show up
>her friends show up
>sis friends be 15
>We all get shwasted off natty ice
>jk is was key stone
>jk it was actually jameson
>Me and my friends are all playing halo3
>sis's friends playing gay dancing game
>notice her friends have beautiful asses and wearing yoga pants
>point it out to friends
>friend offers me $50 to go and grab everyones shitter, including my sisters
>challenge accepted
>challenge completed
>everyone gasps except for sis
please more of this

you're welcome
>everyone gasps except for sis
>sis turns around lightly biting her bottom lip
>realizes its me and turns red
>sis's friends are awkwardly standing there not knowing what to do
>they all subconsciously blow rape whistles
>sis tries to undo awkwardness and asks how drunk me and friends are
>tell her not very drunk
>says neither are her and her friends
>they are all obviously tipsy
>sis asks if i know of any good drinking games
>says we should try out something she's been thinking of for a while
>it's called some gay name i that i forget because of how retarded it is
>She explains the concept
>all her friends are glued in
>the concept: everyone must sit in circle. who ever is directly across from you, you must stare at (each guy is paired with a girl)
>whenever someone looks away, you take a drink
>we all agree to play
>paired with sister
>fuck it.jpg
>notice she's a little more happy than usual
>accidentally look away because awkward
>takes shot of jameson
>the circle seems to be doing well, coming up with good conversation, but still staring at their paired person
>clock strikes midnight
>decide to take break from circle, everyone takes 2 shots
any lurkers?
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apologies, corrected
yes go on with ur pathetic story..
>inb4 bel air
>inb4 dinosaurs
>inb4 spaghetti
>inb4 some other song that OP somehow leads into
Go on, I'm bored after all.
want to continue, however this thread is dead. i will copy this in case a more alive wincest thread appears
Ah fuck... Just cuz I'm following.

fucking kekd hard man
nigger it's dead cuz you're not posting
i'm writing it all down in notepad atm, if more people want to hear the rest, i will post the rest
Do so, then.
Also, my captcha was 666... lol'd.
Just hoping this is not an orgy with your sister and friends story. I'd be so disappointed.


why the fuck did you go along with that? wouldnt you or at least your/her friends said something and change the pairs up a little?

stop ruining my erection, dammit
chill fag, more story is coming, give me 5 mintues to finish this section
Dont forget about us
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>18 at family party with 14 year old cousin, brianna
>always was a bitch never liked her
>drinking coke with other cousins
>brianna texting non stop
>start talking to cousins about college
>notice bri turn red and go out to the balcony
>didnt care
>played ps3 with cousins for a bit
>in need of a smoke
>get cigs and go out to balcony
>hear soft quiet sobs
>its bri
>open fly door
>she hears and looks
>she wipes her tears off her face
>"oh hey anon"
>light cigarette and lean on balcony fence
>look over to her
>make up ran down her face from tears
>"whats wrong with you?"
>"my bf just broke up with me"
>"oh, through text?"
>"bitch move"
>smiles and hugs me
>wtf get off me
>let her hug me want to push her off though
>big tits engulf my arm between her cleavage
pic related
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1397419906024 (1).jpg
98 KB, 776x1108

>decide to take break from circle, everyone takes 2 shots
>my friends and sis's friends seperate and me and my friends are talking about what the fuck this game is about
>friends express it seems to be more than just a drinking game
>maybe sis and friends are trying to get us very drunk
>question of sexy time arises
>i tell friends that sexy time can happen, however someone has to trade their partner for mine as my partner is my sister
>i dont care if someone fucks my sister
>i just want one of her friends juicy asses
>friend decides he'd take my sister if i didn't mind
>i dont mind if you fuck her, just dont plant your seed in her..
>but wouldn't be awkward if i fucked your sis bro?
>nah just take her
>but its your sis man!
>shut the fuck up, you can take her if you want i dont care
>alright thanks bro. hope its not weird
>shut the fuck dude
>try to figure out what sis n friends are talking about
>here nothing but a lot of whispers
>think they're planning something
>possibly sexy time
>girls notice we've stopped talking
>sis asks if we can return to the circle game
>we all agree
>this time me and my friend switch partners.
>my partner is short, brown hair and the most awesome eyes ever
>she is the picture that i first posted with
Not even incest
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>people look away to there phones because of texts, and awkwardness
>everyone gradually getting fucked up
>cant tell who is the most drunk, but i bet every one of the girls has the spins by now
>i am that drunk level of hapiness and relaxation, not too drunk but a changed state of mind
>girls getting more attractive every 10 minutes
>my partner asks me if she can add me on facebook
>i agree (it would mean she'd have to look at her phone and take a shot)
>she adds me on facebook
>she takes shot
>i accept her request (worth the shot)
>everyone else is laughing having a good time story telling and stoof
>5 minutes later i realize my partner had messaged me
>opens message
>take shot
>message reads: sorry that you have to take a shot for this but i think you can handle it (; so i thought i'd message you on here cause you're kinda cute and idk if you could tell i liked you
>pitches tent
>look up from my phone, she looks nervous.
>i wink at her and she seems thrilled
Not the best chapter
>will wait for current story to finish then I will tell mine.
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>teenage girl
>"little sicko"
>anon's fantasy

How fucking young are you, or the target audience of this picture? Obviously young enough for this 18-19 year old girl to call you "little sicko"

Caption porn is catered to children?

>having to fantasize you being yourself for a fantasy to work
>can't fantasize being a young shota with a slutty older sister

You need to level up your fantasizing skills, son.
Story going off the rails but keep on
no,stop now

the story was ruined when you switched partners
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go on ???
It could be a setup, the new partner tells him to go into a dark room to fuck and his sister goes in instead.
(who ever cropped the picture, yes her, she looked better drunk promise)
>She gives me the look that you get when you offer to buy a chick starbucks
>sexual tension could be visualized
>not sure how my friends are doing with their pairs
>i tell everyone that this game is stupid and we should just chill out
>everyone agrees
>i sit on couch
>ariana (my girl) sits next to me
>my mind has already fucked every orfice of hers
>some dumb comedy central movie is on the tv
>buz buz
>new facebook message from ariana
>"hey i'm getting tired if you know what i mean (;"
>"yea, i could set you up with some blankets and a pillow in my sisters room"
>"no silly, i want to sleep with you"
>"i'm not sure how that would go down in the morning with my sis and everything"
>"true, but i want your dick"
>knew it.. now how do i get in this bitches pants without being noticed by sis
>"okay ariana (; when everyone goes to bed and falls asleep, you can sneak into my room. i'll be waiting"
>we both realize we're sitting right next to eachother
>dick is now onyx
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Incestuous mindfucking with the gods.
It's truly magical.
File: myfantasy1.jpg (117 KB, 783x1020) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>wake up in middle of night horny
>hand and feet start turning white

Shall I cont?
faster u little prick u
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File: 1396964478230.jpg (144 KB, 1200x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>sitting right next to her
>tfw too beta to talk to her even when drunk

but tis good, im lurking
>"so bri since when you had a bf?"
>"about a month we met on kik"
>tf is kik?
>"soo um why you guys broke up?"
>"he cant do it"
>"do what?"
>"be with me its hard, he lives in virginia"
>"so um whats kik?"
>"its like something where you send messages to each other"
>"oh alright"
>"ill make you one"
>"umm sure"
>"give me your phone"
>"hand her my phone"
>from the living room i hear my cousins
>"yo anon hurry the fuck up"
>go back to play halo forgetting she had my phone
>halfway through halo i remeber all the pics i had on my phone of porn and dick pics i took to send to my gf that i never deleted
File: 1397270302202.gif (1 MB, 350x350) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 350x350

hurry up and walk the fucking dinosaur already, you insufferable faggot.
>be me 6
>find porn vhs tape that belongs to my dad
>I played that shit and got a boner
>watched that stuff any time I had a chance. saw the whole thing. no story, just fucking.
>be me, now older. around 8
>we constantly traveled to Dallas, Tx to visit family
>hang out with cousins close to my age younger or older
>little cousin was 6. lets call her A
>A hides with me in the restroom while playing hide and seek
>I decide to kiss her
>she freaks out but she's ok with it
>I tell her I want to see under her undies
>she lets me touch
>continue like this for the rest of our stay
>go back every year abd every year it gets better
>be me 13
>we hide in the closet
>I ask A if she wants to play what we played a couple summer's ago

plus your girl IS good looking, even on that pic.
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3 wincest stories at once

must be christmas in april /b/
>sis calls me over to the kitchen
>whats up?
>umm what was that about when you grabbed our asses before, did you have to grab mine?
>hey i got 50 bucks out of it, ill buy you breakfast in the morning to make up for it
>hmm.. i know something thats a little better than breakfast
>whats that?
>she grabs my shirt and pulls me in, "i want you to give me a full body massage"
>i laugh and tell her to ask one of my friends
>"but your friends are all weird looking"
>true.. but you really want me to give you a full body massage?"
>Listen, i know you want to fuck ariana, its obvious. give me the massage or ill cock block you
>i didn't have to let you and your friends drink MY alcohol.
>anon, i know you want to get in her pants, ill go over there right now and tell here to not fuck you cause your ex had herpies
>okay okay fine ill give you the massage, but when
>i want it after you fuck ariana
>that might be a little late though
>i dont care. just text me when you guys are done
>alright whatever sis..
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File: 1397325818997.jpg (104 KB, 562x501) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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implying it ever was
>we go into her closet
>start making out
>she has no tits at this time
>I ask her if I can pukl her undies off
>I pull them down
>feel her nice butt
>squeezing the butt for dear life
>something takes over me...
>I lick her asshole
never saw that in the movie
>cousin moves and looks at me like "wtf"
>sorry, I dunno why I did that
>"it felt good, do it again. slower though"
>she lays on her stomach in the dark on top of shoes and other stuff
>prepare to lick her ass
>bedroom door opens up
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dis gon be gud
>be like 9
>attend junior school situated in countryside
>go on educational nature trip
>fail to tell anyone about diarrhea
>get taught correct way to hold nettle without being stung
>try for myself
>get stung
>shit myself
>run away into woods
I want to believe it, though.

Fucking my sister or a cousin is a fetish that won't ever come true for me.

I have no sis and my cousins are ugly and old as fuck. Except for the one that lives too far from me.
Damn you.

not related but i came
This thread won't let me work today haha
keep em coming
I'm an only child. have a lot of cousins but only five are girls. one is older than me the rest are younger. the one I'm talking about is the closest to my age. she's not gorgeous but she's got huge tits. picture in a bit
>get up and say i have to use the bathroom
>go to balcony
>shes not there
>go to my aunt and ask her if she knows where bri is
>she doesn't know
>gets tapped on shoulder
>its bri
>here its all done i even gave you a profile pic
>face is red and sweating
>"umm yea thanks"
>"i even messaged myself so we text"
>i dont want to talk to her
>go back to playing halo but wish we could go back to playing ps3 i was never good at halo
>phone vivbrates
>its from bri on kik
>walk away from kitchen and announce that i am the man of the house, therefore girls need to go upstairs. sleep or stay up, i dont care, just keep the noise level down
>they all go upstairs
>my friends are too virgin to do anything with them so that's why i sent them up
>tell friends they can crash or find a ride home
>they both carpool with one of their friends.
>thoughts racing in my head
>continue to watch some tv, let the time pass.
>2 am
>facebook message from ariana
>"everyones asleep"
>Boner for days
>"alright ill be in my room in a minute"
>open my door, shes sitting on my bed already
>quietly close door
>her clothes are still on
>would be a shame if took them off
>i slowly walk over to her
>put my hands on her shoulders and push her down on my bed
>my knees are now on the outside of her hips and i lean down and look her in the eyes
>"you are fucking sexy"
>we make out
>she takes my hand and puts it up her shirt
>we i feel around on her nice b cups or whatever the fuck she has
>her nipples are nice and hard
>i remove her top and bra
>she takes off my shirt
just waiting for it
>our aunt comes in, looks around and closes the door
>cousin pulls her pants up quick
>lets go
>be me 15
>go to Dallas again to hang out with male cousin of equal age. B
>Bs family is going on a trip to corpus Christi for the weekend. he invites A
>A is a bit annoying but she's gonna spend the night at Bs house
>sleeping time
>making out with A on the floor
>tell her to get on top of me
>I lay down
>B has been watching us
>can I be next?
omg so many erections right now
Bumpiddy bumpiddy bamp!
> be me 12 or so
> I squeeze my older cousin boobs and run away

end of story

not sure... can't even see
>tfw /b/ is actually good today

> me 12 boobs bye
OmFg type faster summer
>she notices my hard on through my jeans
>"nice cock anon."
>thanks sexy, you'll get it in a few minutes dont worry
>lay next to her making out
>move my hand down to finger her
>might as well be the mississippi river down there
>finger her clit a little bit
>shes breathing heavier than jonah hill after a half mile run
>i enter her pussy with 2 fingers, but then realize she's 16 and is tighter than anything i've experience, and continue with 1 finger
>after 2 minutes she throws my hand away and moves on top of me, takes off my jeans and begins to suck my cock like the worlds tastiest lolipop
>omg this is happening
>always was a fantasy of mine to fuck one of my sis's friends
>she's doing a great job for a 16 year old, no teeth at all.
>not pro, but amazing for 16
>she can take about 3/4s of my dick in her mouth
>after she's gotten to the center of the tootsi pop, i take her yoga pants off as they have been on the whole time
>holy booty
>tightest juicest butt i've witnessed
>i slap it a few times
>she says "anon, enough, fuck me"
>tell her to lay down
>opens legs for me, i go balls deep in this bitch
>tightest fucking thing ever
>we fuck and i bust the biggest nut on her tits
>we clean up in the bathroom and i tell her to go back to my sisters room
>she leaves without a problem but on her way out says "we should do it again sometime"
>sweet, new fuck buddy?
>i text my sister, "just got done with ariana"
>texts back immediately "okay im coming for my massage now"
>sis comes in my room and asks how it was
>i told her it was fucking phenominal
>she says she cant believe i fucked her friend
>"well you didn't care so i went on with it"
C'mon bros, pick up the pace!
>B joins the fun
>starts making out with A
>B is about a yr or less older than me
>B wants A to suck us off
>A agrees but asks we don't put anything else in her mouth
>B goes first but his cock won't fit in her mouth or he tries something she doesn't like. mems blurry and it was dark
>A says I'm next
>sucks me off with no problem
>B says if we want to fuck he can make us a condom
>make one?
>nah I don't think I need one. we can try anal
>A agrees to anal from both
>B goes first. too big
>I go second
>A says we need baby oil or something
>B lols says brb
>gets vaseline
>I slide in
>I cum
>holy shit
>she is craving for my cock
>suddenly my cock turns into T-rex and starts walking
>aradinia or whatever the fuck was her name started walking exactly the same as my dinosaur cock
>after my pockets explode and the whole room is filled with spaghetti
>my sister comes into the room and gives me an airplane ticket to Bel Air


> } {
Well done.

i kekd
Hurry the fuck up anon, I have to go study soon and I want to bust a nut first
You're fapping to text?

Dude, I'm 28 and I feel too old right now.
File: 1395618955791.jpg (2 MB, 2346x2794) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2346x2794
One of my favorite saves
>hey just wanted to see if its working
>yup its working
>wyd? im soo bored i wanna go home
>with the cousins upstairs wby
>watching the game with my dad i hate basketball
>hey anon you have your car right?
>can you drop me off?
>i wanna go home
>you live far though
>i kno but pls
>ill think about it
>about a hour later i hit her up
>alright lets go
>cool let me get my stuff
>thanks btw
>i get my keys and i get ready to leave with her but i was planning on comng back
>she was already outside standing near my car with her stuff
>we go inside and i start driving
>quiet drive the awkwardness was thick enough to cut through with a knife
>she finally says something
>"soo um anon can i ask you something"
>"umm like, are you bi?"
>"no wtf"
>"oh cause like you had porn pics and then like pics of dicks.. i just thought"
>face red and sweat running down my face just want to jump out of moving car and snap my neck
>voice cracks "those are umm pics of my, y'know"
>she blushes and looks foward to the road
>"oh, shit"
>look at her and shes looking out the window cant see her face
>"umm well shit i was gonna say you have good taste in cock but i guess you just have a nice cock.."
>start to drive slower and eventually pull over
>"umm anon?"
>dont say a word or even look at her
>"anon come on im sorr-"
>dick was hard never expected her to say something like that
>cut off what she was saying
>"you wanna see it?"
Should I read? Worth it? Real brother sister incest?
dat id
man the harpoons!!

That's my boy
It's a quick bust, not a long haul
File: 1390450411277.jpg (5 KB, 187x268) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5 KB, 187x268
>tfw his ID is kek
File: 2dd.jpg (15 KB, 300x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15 KB, 300x300
Top kek
mother/son incest, story wise its quite good except the ending is little sloppy
>"yea well i wanted a massage really bad"
>"yea why do you want me to give you one so bad anyways"
>"because i need it anon, i've been sore for the past week"
>"alright sis, get on my bed and you'll get your massage"
>"eww you just fucked ariana in it though"
>"do you want your massage or no..?"
>"alright fine"
>i begin with her back and she asks how i got ariana to fuck me
>i tell her that you should ask ariana how she got me to fuck her
>i tell sis what how it happened and she laughs
>"ariana is such a slut"
>"probably not, she was really tight"
>"eww anon i dont need to know that"
>"you're the one who called her a slut, i was just defending her"
>"shut up and keep rubbing my back"
>5 minutes or so pass and she asks if she can take off her shirt
>i tell her sure because she didn't cock block me
>now she's laying in her baby blue bra
>i continue massaging her shoulders and move her bra straps out of the way
>still drunk
>notice sis has nice soft skin
>i compliment her for it
>"thanks anon, you're doing a better job then i expected, move down to my calves"
>i start rubbing her nice calves and i compliment her on those too
>"wow i never noticed how nice of a body you have"
>"anon are you getting horny?"
>"no i've just never took the time to notice your features"
>"thanks, now move to my thighs"
>"you sure? i dont want this to be awkward"
>"it wont be awkward just do me the favor as i gave you a favor"
>i notice that giving drunk massages are pretty fun and entertaining
>grab around one of her thighs and start at it
>sis tells me she wants to take her pants off
Hey, I was on that thread and I remember reading this. THANKS!
K8 kek'd MG!
this is the only reason i look at these threads.


>yfw it ends in spaghetti falling out of dinosaur's mouth onto the floor
>fast forward
>go on a trip with my parents and take my now gf
>gf is skinny little 15 yr old slut from HS
>been fucking her all over the state. first out town, then Houston, now we're headed to Dallas
>arrive and fuck her on my aunt's couch (A's house) on the first night
>next morning wake up to find everyone but my gf and A gone.
>A says they went shopping for a cookout later at night
>go upstairs to guestroom
>start eating gf out
>she wakes up and pulls me up
>pulls my dick out
>do it
>I fuck her
>we both cum
>wake me up in 30
>go downstairs
>A is watching tv
>sit next to her
>tits are huge now
>well you sure grew dude
>stares at me deeply
>look at her lips and then back into her eyes
>we kiss
>I put my hand down her blouse
>grab a good handful of those huge tities
>go for the pussy
>rub it over her jeans to see if she'll decline
>she allows
>go under her pants
>she's wet as fuck. hairy too(was used to slurry girlfriends shaved pussy)
>"tell me you want to fuck me"
>A, I want to fuck you so hard.
>"you like me better than her?"
>I love you
>"i love you too.. take out your dick I want to suck on it"
>I pull my dick out again
>I'm not that hard, just came a few mins ago WTFF
>A doesn't mind. sucks me off like she's desperate
>"i want you inside me now"
>takes me to laundry room
>she pulls her pants down a bit and pulls her underwear down with them
>pulls me closer
>"not like the last time. in my pussy. this time don't cum please"
Somebody fucking save this
>k at her and shes looking out the window cant see h
That's just an alternate ending
why dont you save it dumbass
yes fucking continue
keep going
Confirmed bullshit
Im on my tablet but i made screenshots
So this all started when I was 16 years old. I was about 5’9 190 lbs, and built like a brick shithouse. I worked out every day, I played Junior Pro rugby, Taught to fight by a golden gloves boxer, Was the captain of the Wrestling Team and was a starting wide receiver on the football team. Needless to say I was in great shape. A finely tuned athletic machine if you will. I was pretty good looking, and while I was a total jock, I wasn’t an asshole, I was almost a beta fag as I was too nice of a guy and girls tended to go for the asshole stoner kids in my school. No big deal, I had my fair share of the sexy library nerds. They were more my type anyway.
My little cousin was 14, and about 5’4 120 lbs, she had nice ripe and firm C cup tits long red hair, and an ass that was out of this world. Think the cute freckles of Faye Reagan but with a body more like Teagan Presley. Her mother was a rich doctor, and my aunt by marriage, her father (may he rest in peace) was my actual uncle.
My Family life had kindof been the shits for a long time, so when my Uncle passed away when I was 14, it was decided that I would move in with my cousin and my aunt and help them through their hard time. This also allowed my parents to fuck off and do whatever it is they wanted to.
So my little cousin kindof became my little sister instead, I’d walk with her to school every morning, dropping her at the elementary school that was on the way to my highschool, and later on we’d walk together to school.
Now earlier on I said I was a rather big guy for my height, well I was also a pretty aggressive guy, probably a sideeffect of shitty parentling, contact sports, and having my aunt dropping me a 300$ a week allowance… it was pretty boss when I was 16.
stop asking if you all should continue, just keep telling it.
Did you not fucking read the post?
Anyway im off topic.
The first time I ever saw my sexy little cousin as anything but my little cousin. Was when we went to the same party. One of our mutual friends had held a huge party for anyone in our school to attend, Being a jock and a bit of a party animal I went with a couple of my nerd buddies who didn’t want to go alone.
And holy fuck, did I get drunk… and I was horny. So I started making my rounds to as many of the cute girls I could. And I found one that I knew I could get something from, One of the editors of the school newspaper. Cute little brace faced girl that was known to suck a good dick. So I cling to her and weezle her away from her friends. I wink at my little cousin, who rolls her eyes as I take the little brace face into one of the bedrooms and look around make sure no ones around.
She was really nervous I remember, shaking a little bit even, and we talked a little bit while I worked my hand on her inner thigh, I could feel her body slowly starting to relax under my caresses.
“do you like that?” I asked her as I started to nibble and lick her neck (why the hell does that always work?) . she moaned a little response and opened her legs a little and to my surprise dropped her hand directly on to my cock and started to rub me through my jeans. The next thing I remember, was this girls head in my hands as she lay on her back on the edge of the bed while I vigorously fucked her throat. God it was what I needed, it felt amazing, she was the first girl that had really let me go wild on her face. Fuck yea.
Confirmed faggot. He said he was playing halo but wanted to play ps3 because he had always sucked at halo
Holy hell I came buckets.. Best I've read in a long time!
Suddenly the hairs on the back of my neck shot up and I heard a screech from the room next door. And some muffled thuds and then a girl saying stop repeatedly, and some more thuds.
I don’t know what possessed me but I pulled my hard cock from the brace faces throat, told her Id be right back, pulled my pants up and left the room.

I pounded on the next room’s door.

“Fuck off” a guy called followed by another series of complaints from the girl.
I tried the handle, the door was locked. But it was one of those shitty twist locks, and I had strong hands. So I twisted and broke the lock and marched right in.
And here was MY little cousin Sarah, with her tits out and he cute little skirt trapped around her knees and a look of horror on her face. God it was hot, I have no idea why but I just stared at her. Her tits, her cute little ass, he tear streaked face.
Wait a fuck.
Her tear streaked face!
I looked at the guy, Zach, with his cock in his hand and a frightened look in his eyes, his hand on the back of my cousins neck. And scratches on his arms and a red cheek.
“Mother fucker” I yelled,
Someone behind me said “Oh what the fuck?”
Green text please

and break those paragraphs
and shorten up the sentences

it's better for reading faster
I flew across that bed before I even knew what I was doing, I planted my shoulder directly into his sternum driving the wind instantly from him and slammed him into the drywall behind him. Before he could straighten his head out I threw him against the dresser and gave him a few knees in the balls and threw him to the ground. There were drunken cheers and laugther coming from the hallway.
I looked at my cousin who still had not managed to cover herself, and was shaking uncontrollably. I grabbed her off the bed, took the blanket with her, wrapped her in it and left the party.
In hindsight this wasn’t a good idea, It was about an hours walk home with my distraught cousin. We never said a word to eachother. I was so fucking angry I could feel the blood pumping through my the whole time.
I got her home. Brought her to her room and sat her on her bed removing the blanket from her, finding that her top was still wide open and her skirt and panties were gone, presumably fallen off her on the walk home. She just kept her head down. Once again I found myself starting at her perfect little tits. Before I realize what I was doing I reached out and cupped one for a moment. When she looked at me, right in the eyes I realized what I was doing and jerked my hand away and leant back as to get the obvious boner in my jeans out of her face. I ran and grabbed her some Tylenol and some water, and found her laying in her bed and the remains of her clothes on the floor. Her eyes were closed.
I left the glass on her table. Tylenol next to it, and took one last look at her. I leant in and kissed her forehead.
As I left the room I heard her Shuffle
“I love you Jordan” she almost whispered to me
“I love you too Sarah, get some sleep” I said as I left the room and went downstairs to my suite.
Oh yea, my aunt also let me live in her basement suite. I had my own kitchen and bedroom, bathroom, living room. It was boss.. really.
I lay down on my bed and tried to fall asleep but that wasn’t going to happen. I had a problem to take care of. I opened up my laptop and started searching for porn. But nothing was doing it for me. And then I got distracted and started searching facebook.
Something brought my to my little cousins page, I found myself searching through her profile pictures until I found one of her sitting on a rock at the lake in a sexy little string bikini. Before I knew it I was furiously stroking my cock. I remember imagining myself being the one bending her over the side of the bed at the party. But instead of resisiting she was begging me for it.
“Jordan please, I need it, I need your cock,” She was saying
“Jordan pin me down, fuck me hard, fuck your little cousin”
And at that thought I remember I exploded one of the most torrential pourings of cum I ever shot all over my shirt and jean, literally panting with the euphoria of what I had just done.
I left the glass on her table. Tylenol next to it, and took one last look at her. I leant in and kissed her forehead.
As I left the room I heard her Shuffle
“I love you Jordan” she almost whispered to me
“I love you too Sarah, get some sleep” I said as I left the room and went downstairs to my suite.
Oh yea, my aunt also let me live in her basement suite. I had my own kitchen and bedroom, bathroom, living room. It was boss.. really.
I lay down on my bed and tried to fall asleep but that wasn’t going to happen. I had a problem to take care of. I opened up my laptop and started searching for porn. But nothing was doing it for me. And then I got distracted and started searching facebook.
Something brought my to my little cousins page, I found myself searching through her profile pictures until I found one of her sitting on a rock at the lake in a sexy little string bikini. Before I knew it I was furiously stroking my cock. I remember imagining myself being the one bending her over the side of the bed at the party. But instead of resisiting she was begging me for it.
“Jordan please, I need it, I need your cock,” She was saying
“Jordan pin me down, fuck me hard, fuck your little cousin”
And at that thought I remember I exploded one of the most torrential pourings of cum I ever shot all over my shirt and jean, literally panting with the euphoria of what I had just done.
Anon, where are you?
>she takes off her pants and now shes just in her bra and panties
>i gaze at her body and get some chub
>damn i never knew my sis was this good looking
>start getting ideas in my head
>nooooo its my sister i couldn't
>sis lays back on my bed
>i continue rubbing her thighs
>i move to the next thigh and finish up with that one
>meanwhile i have a perfect veiw of her 16 yo ass in g string
>pretty nice ass i must admit
>"alright my thighs are good move to my butt"
>you're kidding me this isn't right
>"uhh.. you really want me to?"
>"dont be a pussy im your sister just do it"
>i cup both cheeks with my hands
>nice and soft
>once again, i pitch a tent
>i continue to tell myself its just a massage, nothing weird about it
>i turn my body away to sneeze and my dick brushes her right leg
>"are you hard!?"
>i try lie and tell her no
>she turns around and sees my tent
>"hahaha why are you hard mister??"
>"shut up i'm still thinking about ariana"
>"bullshit you like my ass don't you"
>i confess
>"yea alright fine, i just don't want you to think im weird"
>"it's okay anon, i am the one who asked for the massage. you're doing a nice job though so keep going
>continue rubbing her soft ass
I couldn’t believe it, I had never even thought of my cousin like this before and here I just had one of the best orgasms of my life thinking of her begging me to fuck her.
I went to sleep a little disturbed at my self, remembering the feeling of her tit in my hand.

When I woke up I could smell coffee brewing and was a little confused, I wandered to the living room and could see my little cousin sitting on the couch with my tv on, a coffee in her hand. And my robe wrapped around her. I poured myself a cup and sat down next to her.
“Hey Sar, how you feeling love?” I said, finding it very difficult not to stare at her exposed legs, or at the deep V line of her neck and chest.
She continued to watch the tv. “Im okay Jordan” she took a deep breath and a sip of coffee and then looked me in the eyes. “Id just rather not talk about it” I could see the hurt in her eyes and wanted to press her but found myself nodding and looking into my cup.
>put my dick inside
>I see her cover her mouth
>I go in slowly to see that I dont hurt her
>she's pushes me back into the wall ramming me in
>holy fuck that was hot
>she keeps pushing me against the wall hard
>my hip is fucking hurting
>pull her hair and her head back
>take her hand off her mouth
>"your my little fuck whore A. I'm gonna make you regret you want to fuck me"
>cover her mouth with my hand
>she starts to lick me
>put her hands on the washer
>"put your hands here little whore"
>pull her fucking blouse up
>tits are hanging
>fuck her harder while covering her mouth and switching between squeezing her tits and touching her ass while rubbing her little asshole with my thumb
>I want to cum on your mouth A. I constantly fantasize about fucking you and cunning inside you but I can't do that
>"not in my mouth. cum on my tits please baby"
>about to cum
>pull out
>garage door opens
>run to the living room
>I came in my pants
fast forward to last month
>be me 26
>uncle past away
>A came down with rest of the family
She shifted in her seat and lay down across the couch and put her head in my lap. And started flipping channels. She did this all the time, but normally I had more than just boxers on.
Normally I wasn’t staring at her gorgeous legs, or the side of her breasts pressed against my thigh. Normally I hadn’t jerked myself furiously thinking about her the night before. And sure enough, nature took over, and blood started to flow into my ever hardening dick. I closed my eyes tightly and tried to shift my cock away, it was basically sitting right on top of her head now.
“Jordan?” She asked without looking from the tv, and placing a hand on my leg starting to play with my leg hair.
I swallowed, hard.
“Uh, yea”
“Can we hang out today, I really don’t want to be alone, and, well… I’d rather just be with you today.”
‘Sure Sar.” I smiled, ignoring the feeling of her hand on my thigh and my cock pulsing above her head, (theres no way she wasn’t feeling it)
Her hand started to wander higher up my thigh and was caressing my inner thigh, her breath on my leg felt so erotic, my dick was throbbing so damn hard I couldn’t believe it. I put my hand on her side and started to rub her gently, and she seemed to melt into my leg and started rubbing her face against my leg, Now this might sound weird but this seemed at the time to be one of the most erotic things I had ever felt. I looked down and saw a large wet mark on my grey boxers from all my leaked pre-cum.
This went on for about 15 minutes before she suddenly sat up and ran to the bathroom. I quickly rearranged myself and lay down on the couch, pulling my couch blanket down to cover my hard cock, and the obvious wet mark
here it comes fellas
I listened for her in the bathroom and Im not sure what she was doing but I couldn’t hear her pee or anything, But before long she came back a little flushed, looked at me laying down and smiled, her cheeks were a little flushed almost like she was embarrassed, and her robe was now only loosely tied to the point where the folds of it only touched just above her navel, and I could just barely make out the tiniest little bit of her nipple sticking out the side as she moved to lay down infront of me, surprising me and making my heart jump into my throat as she lifted the couch blanket off of me and looked my over once smirked and pulled the blanket back around us.
Wholy fuck, theres no way she didn’t see my hard on, or the wet spot.
She grabbed my arm and pulled it over her and nuzzled herself back into me. The feeling of her warmth and the smell of her hair did nothing to help rid me of my erection. Nor did the feeling of her tight little ass cheeks as they pressed up against it
“Jordan?” She asked again.
“Can we stay like this today, it just feels so nice, and I just want some comfort, Mom wont be home until tomorrow now either, and I don’t really want to go anywhere
My heart started to pound. A knot appeared in my throat as a thousand indecent thoughts ripped through my brain. “Sure Sarah, anything for you love.”

i can't keep up with all these stories
I think you mean here I cum
I responded and squeezed her tightly to me, causing her robe to slide off of her chest, And although the blanket still covered it and I couldn’t see it. I could sure as hell feel het perfect tit press into my arm, her nipple, hard as rock pressing into my wrist and I felt her squirm in my arms just the tiniest bit.
“Thank you Jordan, I love you”
She said, just as softly as the night before, and I smiled,
“I love you too Sar, I always will”
And she pushed her hips back softly, but with intent. I felt my cock push up between her cheeks and she wiggled slightly and I froze, not daring to move.
There’s just no way in hell she meant to do that. She’ll probably move in a second, she’ll move once she realizes just what she did , I remember thinking to myself
My heart was pounding in my chest again. My vision began to blur while I paniced. Here my innocent beautiful little cousin was trying to seek comfort after a horrific moment and I was getting off on her body. She’d hate me when she found out. And there was no doubt she was quickly catching on.
yes you fucking gentleman, you
F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5

>update button/auto update

>her mouth wide open and face red words finnally squeak out of her mouth
>"uhm ye-yea yes lemme see it!"
>unzip and lower my jeans boxers tented up and just unbutton the boxer hole
>diamond hard dick rises
>she doesnt know what to do but just stares
>pisses me off a little
>"touch it"
>she reaches over and puts her small hands around it
>look at her while she does this
>she was hypnotized by my dick
>she starts to stroke it
>fucking finally
>slow pace barely feel it
>she goes now at what i would say average speed her hand squeezing a bit hard but i was hard enough to not care
i will be known as kek now
>"kek its so fucking big"
>"my boyfriend's dick is like half of this.."
>"she gets closer and kisses the head
>soft wet lips causes me to pre cum
>she then starts to suck
>terrible job at it but it works out she licks up and down the shaft but only half way
>"hey bri whats your bra size?"
>she then undoes her bra and lifts her shirt up exposing her tiny pink nipples that were surronded by her breamy white tits
>she keeps sucking and suprisingly makes me cum
>she swallows and puts her shirt back and i zip up my pants and continue to drive her home
>finally at her house she tells me to text her and she kisses me
>taste like cum feel like throwing up
>go back home and keep thinking about how nice her tits were
Then she squeezed her checks together around my and pushed back once again, grinding me through my boxers. I could feel the intense heat coming from her and it was not helping. She stopped moving. And it seemed she stopped breathing for a moment before she grabbed a hold of my arm, the arm around her and resting on her chest and lifted it gently, and slowly. I looked down and watched her as she closed her eyes tightly and slid my hand into her robe and onto her perfect little tit, and squeezed my hand making me in turn squeeze the tit below.
My cock lurched and she moaned and pressed her ass once more into it. Reaching her arm down and back to rest it on top of my hip, and she squeezed and thrust herself back once more. I just lay there staring at her in silence as she ground herself against my cock repeatedly, and simultaneously thrusting her chest into my eager hand.
She did this for a few minutes before she stopped and opened her eyes and looked up at me just to find me staring wide eyed at her. She smiled such a sweet, yet seductive smile back at me and slowly slid her hand from my hip down the front line of my boxers across my stomach. And looped her thumb under the band and awkwardly tried to push them down, absent mindedly I assisted her and before I realized what I was doing, I had the around my knees,
Sarah once again pushed herself back at me and I felt and entirely new sensation, now you might think she thrust me deep into her tight little cunny, and that we fucked on my couch. But we didn’t, not quite anyway.
With a little help from my precum I slide right down between her cheeks and could feet the burning hotness of her pussy lips rubbing themselves on the shaft of my cock, I grunted, she moaned, and her hand found its way to the underside of my painfully hard cock. At some point the blanket slid off of us and she looked down at what she was doing.
She continued thrusting backwards causing my cock to come dangerously close to sliding inside her every time but her fingers wrapped around the underside of my shaft stopped that from happened while gently stroking me.
Now this was hands down the most pleasurable, erotic thing I had experienced up until this moment of my life. I was going to cum, and fucking hard.
Your brain is the best sex organ bruh
Her neck was exposed and so were her tits and my hands greedily found pawed at each one of them in turn and my teeth and tongue found the side of her neck. She started to moan, her thrusting and stroking becoming more eager.
“Im gonna-“ I started to say “ooooh” I screamed as I erupted blasting wave after wave of cum across her thigh and stomach, (and as I later noticed across my coffee table and onto my Xbox controller)
MY whole body lurched with every shot of my cum and I think she may have cum as I could feel her pussy twitching violently against the top of my cock. I was panting and my world was spinning, I could barely breath.
When my eyes finally opened Sarah had turned herself around and was looking me in the eyes smiling. I lost myself in her eyes and leant forward and kissed her, mustering as much love and passion as I had in me. I couldn’t believe what I had just felt. And she kissed me back with as much intensity. But then she stopped and pushed me away
“Jordan” She whispered, “I need a shower, order us some pizza and pick a movie, then come join me”

>she texts me on kik and tells me how much she loves my cock
>she loved everything
>even how much i came
>says it even smelled great like a mix of sweat and my cologne
>not wearing any cologne
>tell her she has nice tits
>oh yea kek?
>what about my ass?
>sends me a pic of her ass
>woah not bad for a fat girl
>send her a blushing smiley
>send me one of your dick kek i love it so much
pic related
With that she scurried into the shower and I sat on the couch slack jawed until I heard the water start. I ordered a pizza, ordering ham and pineapple, even though I fucking hate Pineapples. But they were her favorite, and after that, she deserved it. I looked at the mess I had made of my coffee table and laughed and cleaned it up before almost skipping into the shower to join Sarah.
I slipped in slowly behind her, and wrapped my arms around her and kissed her neck, her body relaxed into mine and her hands began to reach back and rub my thighs. I grabbed the bar of soap and started to wash her body with it, slowly rubbing all over her gorgeous body, admiring her cute freckles and long red hair. My cock began to harden and twitch again as she once again pressed her ass into it as my hands soaped her tits. She turned around and kissed me with the same vigor as I had her earlier.
I let my hands drop to her ass and started rubbing her ass cheeks somewhere along the line dropping the soap and now just enjoying the tenderness of her ass.
My fingers wandered into her crack, made one little pass over her rosebud, and then plunged into the hot tight depths of her little pussy and she almost screamed into my mouth, bucking her hips against my fingers. I lowered myself slowly and began to tongue her perky little pink nipples (that looked oddly similar to my own) and stepped up the pace of my fingering, loving the way her pussy squeezed against me and the way her body trembled when I would rub against her clit. Suddenly her body went totally rigid and she bucked against my hand as hard as she could, sending my fingers to the knuckle inside of her and she came against my fingers.
Holy shit anon, man the fucking harpoons, we got us a live one
thats a nice tooth brush
After a moment of riding her wave her body went limp in my arms, I rinsed her off and we got out of the shower. She threw arms around me from behind in a hug as I made to leave the bathroom. I could feel her breasts against my back and the top of her head on the back of my neck. Her hand reached down and gave my still hard cock a few stroked before letting me go.
I turend around and was about to kiss her when the doorbell rang.
“Shit, pizza” I ran to my room and pulled on a tshirt off the floor and a pair of shorts grabbed my wallet and went to get the pizza.
One of my good friends was a driver for the pizza place and was at the door with my pizza, he turned around when I opened the door and handed me the pizza, I paid him as he asked me what I was doing later, I told him I was busy, put the pizza down and turned around.
He looked me up and down and started laughing, Which at the time kind of pissed me off. And he said “Yea, looks like you were anyway, See ya later Jordan” and he fucked off back to work.

I flipped him off and walked back down to my suite with the pizza and put it on the table, turned to see my cousin standing there wearing nothing but one of my Rugby Jerseys, (the ones made from under armour, not the sweaters) and as loose as it hung it hugged her in all the right places. I looked her up and down and noticed she too was giggling at me.
>while rubbing both cheeks at once i spread them enough and accidentaly revealed some of her pussy
>oh fuck that's a nice pussy
>"hey sis"
>"i think i just saw your pussy.."
>"is it nice looking?"
>"tell me if its hot"
>"i dont know i just saw a peak of it because your underwear moved"
>she takes off her panties
>"what are you doing sis??"
>"is it sexy?"
>"woah sis, put your panties back on i dont think this is right."
>"no i think i i deserve to be naked after what i did for you"
>"listen, i don't feel very comfortable"
>" so relax, after you finish my massage i'll give you one"
>"okay sounds good"
>she removes her bra and i see her tits. she's pretty sexy. actually more sexy than ariana. but i still feel really weird since its my sis
>"no reason to feel uncomfortable anon"
>she lays back on my back stomach down
>i start massaging her back again and move to her arms
>"mmm it feels really good on my bicepts keep rubbing them"
>i saty focused on her bi's for a few minutes and move to her neck, and down to her ass again because im getting horny at this point
>"so you like my ass huh"
>"honestly sis, it's really nice
>"aw you're so cute"
>from her ass i move to her thighs once more and spread them open a bit to get another look at that pussy
>her lips part as i spread her thighs
>sexiest thing to witness
>getting really hard at this point
>i start massaging the inside of her thighs, go down to her calves, and move back up to her thighs and get very close to her pusst with my thumbs
>i notice she's pretty wet
>"sis flip over so i can do the rest"
“What the fuck’s so funny” I growled
“Have some fun last night Jordan?” She asked pointing at my shirt
“Huh?” confused I looked at my shirt and saw the dried cum from the beating I gave my cock the night before all over it.
“FUCK” I cried
And she laughed
And I laughed

With that we sat on the couch, she curled up next to me and turned on a tv show. I don’t remember what it was but I remember it was lame. But I was more interested in staring at my sexy cousin, admiring her like I never noticed I could before. At some point in the next few hours I nodded off. When I woke, it was to one of the most amazing blowjobs I’ve ever received.
Her lips were tight around my shaft, her right hand was caressing my balls, and her left was strokeing the base of my shaft so gently, but so firmly. Her tongue, I cant even begin to describe what it was doing, but it was heavenly. (not like the fucking asshat Heaven that trolls this board mind you) She would slowly suck me about half way into her mouth and while she did that she would stroke my shaft slowly upwards until her fingers met her lips, then she would go back up slowly and suck hard at the tip of my cock and repeat, her right hand would roll my balls from side to side and her middle finger would massage just behind my ballsack on my gooch.
She did this for what seemed like days, but was probably more like 5 minutes before I felt my imminent climax quickly charging forth. Like she knew what was going to happen she popped her head from my cock looked me in my eyes and whispered
“Do it Jordan, cum for me”
And slammed her head with fury almost to the base of my cock, This was all I could take and for the second time that day, my cousin made me pour forth a bucket load of cum, she tried to take it all in her mouth but gagged as a rope hit her gag reflex and she spat it all down on my stomach.

>ask her to send me some of her tits
>your naughty kek
>sends me more pics
>has become a fuck buddy after a while i just drove to her house whenever her parents werent home to fuck
>she moves away to california
>still talk to eachother on kik
>still sends me pics

someone better be screenshotting this gold, please
and if this ends with spaghetti or a dinosaur I will stab your dick with 10,000 toothpicks
background: A's brothers are all bunch of assholes. A isn't any different. they're some of the family's black sheep
>uncle passed away from stroke
>A came down
>"dude, it's been forever"
>A: IKR!?
>A: lets party later. uncle was a drunk. he would've wanted us to.
>we all agree to party at a younger cousins apt
>tell my wife we're going to have a get together
>don't wait up. it's only the cousins
>we go to a local bar
>while drinking I ask A if she still feels the same as before
>not really... I'm sorry
>no its cool. just wondering
>FF 2 hours later
>A: I'm feeling like rick ross
>rick Ross?
>A:fat and happy
>hugs me hard
>A:ive missed you!
>me too babe... I mean A
>she squeezes my butt cheek and smiles while biting her lip

“Wholy fuck Sarah that was amazing” I said, “I don’t want to know where you learned to do that” I added as an afterthought
She looked me in the eyes, leaned forward, and without breaking eye contact licked all the cum from my stomach and swallowed it all down. Then giggled as I went slack jawed once again felt my cock jump a few times.

“Come on baby, lets go to the bed,” she said as she turned off whatever was on and we walked to the bedroom, I was staring at her perfect ass swaying as she hopped up on my bed.
We lay there in bed for a while, kissing and whispering. Giggling and exploring eachother for a while, We had to have been there for hours before we ended up cuddling together, the same way we had on the couch earlier. My hands roamed down her side and I watched as Goosebumps formed all over her body. She rolled over and kissed me. I ran my hands through her hair and she looked me in the eyes and smiled, thrusting her body forward causing my hardness to press into her mound and I groaned against her lips.
She rolled herself on top of me as we made out, groaning and grinding herself against my cock, he pussy was so wet and so hot I could feel her juices dripping onto my shaft she pulled her body up kissed me and looked me in the eyes.
Anon, you have lower standards than a blind paraplegic
We will ban him from /b/ forever
“I love you Jordan” She whispered with tears in her eyes.
The heat in her words took my breath away as I began to mouth the words “I love you too” back to her when she shifted and violently slammed her pussy down only my shaft.

Whatever breath was left in me left as I felt the tip of my cock peirce through her, although she did it with incredible speed, It felt like an eternity to me, as I felt the tip of my cock slowly slide between the lips of her pussy, her tight, wet, sucking pussy.
My world spun as I felt the heat of her insides slide farther down my shaft. Every inch of her felt like it was massaging against me.
My World ached with love as I felt my cock smash through her hymen and then bury itself to the hilt in her velvety depths.

I couldn’t even see straight as I felt her quiver on top of me. I felt a tear drop hit my chest as she leant forward and her arms wrapped around my chest, her head against my neck. Her perky little tits rubbing against my skin as she slowly started pistoning her hips on top of me, grinding my cock as deep into her as she could get it.
Her body rocked on top of me, my pleasure causing me to see stars. Her gentle moans piercing my soul.

I slowly, and without exiting her rolled her to her back, I looked into her eyes and kissed her. I told her I love her and she smiled.
At that moment, I spilt, for the third time that day, my seed for my little cousin. This time deep inside her, I could feel her depths spasm against me as I poured what seemed like a gallon into her. After a while, and once I was soft I slid down and began kissing and nibbling at her chest and stomach before resting my head on her pelvis. Her hand ran through my hair as I lay there, and we both once again drifted to sleep.
>>she lays back on my back stomach down
File: spiderman nowhere.jpg (55 KB, 636x468) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
spiderman nowhere.jpg
55 KB, 636x468
File: spiderman calling.png (125 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
spiderman calling.png
125 KB, 480x360
need some friends man?
pussy is pussy
Two and a half hours of a wincest thread without a single spiderman...and you had to go and fuck that up.
Not true at all. That's something said by people who haven't experienced high quality pussy.
>Implying fat chicks can't have awesome twats.
hurry up and continue, i wanna bust my 4th nut
Yay I caught up with all the 3 stories whatsoever
it's too amazing
pretty good fucking pussy
those are actually pretty cute
that's the counsin's pussy?
>"sis flip over so i can do the rest"
>"im glad you told me so i didn't have to beg for you to do my front"
>im not sure how to massage a girls front side, but i start with her calves and work up
>thighs looking nicer and nicer. especailly since im still getting more drunk with time
>i move to her pubic region and just kinda grib/rub that area
>im surprised to learn she's cleanly shaven
>move her to her stomach and do the same thing.
>i get to her tits, we both look at eachother as im half an inch away from them
>we have a staring contests, and while still looking at her, i cup them
>i squeez, rub and wiggle them
>"anon, you look nervous"
>"yea im rubbing my sisters tits"
>"dont worry, it's fine by me. now lick my nipples"
>without hesitation i start sucking her titties
>shes having the time of her life and i'm at the point where i want to fuck her
>i'm passed feeling weird, i just want to cover it to look like a normal fucking human
>"sis did i do everything you wanted?"
>"yup! you did great, but now its your turn, take off your clothes"
>i take off my shirt and lay on my bed
>"anon, get naked"
>"you got to see me naked, it's only fair i get to see you naked"
>i take off everything and she sees my boner
>she doesn't say anything, i lay stomach down on my bed
>"alright sis, do everything i did"
>"okay anon"
>she starts with my back just as i did with her, and she does everything in the same order
>she gets to my ass and surprisingly has no problem massaging it
>im building up so much precum at the moment, there's prob a puddle of under my tip
>from my ass she moves to my back again and up my neck and to my arms and back down
>on her way down she does my feet too wich i enjoyed
>she moves to my ass again from there she grips my balls which startled me
>"dont be afraid anon, you sucked my boobs so i guess i have to return it somehow"
>damn, my dick might as well be a legit rock at this point
>she fondles my balls gently and it feels very nice
yes sir
took a bit to look like this though she never shaved before me
what it looked like before
My sides, my fucking sides.
>we are walking out of the bar. group of 8 or 9 cousins
>I have a two seater only
>A: I'm riding with anon!
>B says he wants to ride with me so we can chill and joke around
>sorry bro! she called!
>we get in the car
>I turn it on
>put my hand on the shifter
>what happened? did u forget something?
>A:wait until everyone leaves
>three suv's pass by
>what's going on?
>A looks at me half drunk
>A: I fucking want you
>she takes her pants off
>I need to get out of this parking lot ppl will leave soon
>A: I masturbate constantly thinking about that time we fucked. I loved how you were so rough on me. how come you never went back!
>you've had a boyfriend dude and you just told me you didn't feel the same way as before
>A: I broke it off. he started seeying someone else. I used to fuck him with the light off sometimes and pretend it was you. I'd call him by your nickname
>I start touching her pussy. it's wet. I'm not sure if she pissed before we left or she's actually just that wet
>nothing matters anymore. I want to see you play withyourself while I drive
>drive three blocks away from the bar to an industrial area. park and get of the car
>go to the passenger side and pull my 24 yr old cousin out
>A:fuck me any way you want. cum anywhere you want I'm on the pill
Jesus Christ that's terrifying
how it is now
6.3/10 Would insert phallus into crevice.
where's the rest faggot
File: 1375877459380.jpg (12 KB, 300x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12 KB, 300x300
File: wat.jpg (505 KB, 2448x3264) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
505 KB, 2448x3264
Its like Christmas in April /b/, 3 Stories in one thread
"Vertical axe wound"/10, would not bang.
Oh my god this greentext, i'm in fucking tears
She's got a nice pussy.

Gotta love chubbies all the way... they can stand some hard pounding.
>she fondles my balls gently and it feels very nice
>"okay anon flip over"
>i flip over with a jousting lance sprouted from my waste and she stares in amazement
>she doesn't even bother massaging my front and immediately grips her hand around the base of it
>"wow i've never seen a dick this big"
>"sis you've seen a dick before?"
>"yea i had sex with a boy from school once, dont tell anyone"
>"my lips are sealed"
>"but damn brother, this is pretty big"
>"well i am 2 years older than you, its only average i think"
>"well its fucking hot"
>she starts jerking me off slowly
>"you're comfy now right bro?"
>"yea, but i swear if you tell anyone i'm telling mom you had sex"
>"she pinky promises me nto to tell anyone"
>she reassures me i have nothing to worry about and she continues to jerk me slowly
>i put my head back on a pillow and take everything in
>i just fucked my sisters friend
>10 minutes after im massaging my sister naked
>after 30 minutes of massaging here i am, with my sisters hand on my dick
>somewhat ashamed of myself
>she starts going faster
>shame leaves my mind
>she stops and comes up on top of me and kisses me
>im now making out with my 16 year old sister
>we french for a while and she tells me im a good kisser
>"thanks, i've had some experience in relationships unlike you"
>"yea true, well, tell me if i'm a good kisser or not"
>"yea you're not ba-"
>her mouth retreats to my cock
>sister is now blowing me
>"holy shit i was not expecting that sis"
>"did i go to far for you?"
>"no! keep going.. let's say you're an amazing kisser"
>she laughs and gives me a sexy smile and continues blowing me
looks like a machete wound

>she sits on my dick
>shits on it
>i fart
>did u have chili sis?
>red hot chili peppers
>i say i love your fart smell
>mom walks in
>moving to bel-air
>hit the floor
>everybody's dinosaur
>so you've been fucking someone else you little slut?
>I grab her by the waste and throw her back inside the passenger seat
>at this point she's moaning and rubbing her flor very rapidly
>A:yes and it felt good
>I pull the seat all the way back and get on top of her
>I undo my jeans and tell her to pull them down for me
>A: I'm your little slut baby, do anything you want with me
>I ask her to suck my dick while I watch her masturbate
>A: I've missed your cock
>I've missed you too baby
>she sucks for not even a minute and I feel the urge again. I need to lick her now
>I get off
>A: what's wrong where r u going
>I need to eat you
>A bites her lip and makes an angry face. I kneel next to the car on the gravel, bare knees exposed
>remember when I licked your asshole?
>A: what!? no!
>yes we were in your closet and aunt derpina came in
>A: make me remember
Cannot unsee
Fucking exactly. Nastiest cunt I've ever seen, and I've seen a shit ton
You type at the speed of smell.
Hurry!! Fuck!
I laughed and lost
Post moar.
Somebody's gonna profit from these stories.

My wife's gonna get some pounding today, damn it.
Fucking Hell anon, do you not have standards?
Jesus christ, it feels like you couldn't post any slower.... :D Get on with it!!
that pussy looks edible to me, fucking virgins
Here's to that, bro. Gonna have to pound the wife myself in a few hours after all this shit.
Hold on, he's having a creativity hiatus.
she won't stand a chance
holy shit man
how can i be expected to keep a good boner going at this rate.
Gonna go smoke a cig and hopefuly will read the conclusion of this porn script
>she laughs and gives me a sexy smile and continues blowing me
>i grab the back of her head and guide her up and down
>she can touch her lips to my waste unlike ariana
>i must be in heaven
>5 minutes of her sucking me and she comes up
>"anon i want you to finger me"
>so we start making out and i begin fingering her
>she the same tightness if not maybe a little less tight than ariana
>i only use one finger and she is seriously wet
>i'm on top of her, burried in her face, finger her pussy, and other hand on her left tit
>i think i may have found her gspot but i'm sure
>i feel something with my finger and i kept rubbing it cause she was breathing very heavily
>she stops me after a few minutes
>"sis, do you wanna fuck?"
>"is that even a question?"
>i roll her on top of me and guide my dick in her 16 yo pussy
>it was so tight but the wetness made it an easy fit
>im fucking my sister
>but its some of the best sex i've had
>i pull out of her pussy and start to eat her out
>she's never had anyone lick her before so she's going crazy
>her hand is shoving my head in her crotch full force
>after a little bit i give her a little bite to let her know i need air as i couldn't really speak with her pussy all over my face
>i catch my breath and start round 2 of bobbing for apples
> she lets me know after a bit that she wants me to fuck her again
>this time i'm on top
>i'm now the worlds best jouster in my mind
>opponent coming full throttle at me
>my dick enters her pussy once again
>i keep balance and win yet another joust
>i was fucking her so hard
>in todays terms, i was going ham on that pussy
>mid stroke my phone buzzez
>I start licking her pussy
>A: do my ass baby I want to remember
>fuck what if it stinks?
>too fucking drunk.. fuck it
>get off the car and spread your legs. put your hands on the seat and keep your legs straight
>A: like a stripper? LOL
>like my personal fuck doll stripper yes
>A: are you gonna fuck me too? I want you to be mean
>do what I asked. you're gim a forget about your bf
>tell me I'm better than him A...
>I start munching on that tight asshole
>go down to her pussy slit and then back for about 5 minutes or so. too drunk to keep track
>all the sudden I get up, spit in my hand, rub my dick and put it in her asshole
>cover her mouth with the hand I spat on
>lick it you little whore
>she licks
>you like my spit? tell me my dick is better than your boyfriends
>A: I love your dick, it's better than derps
>put your fingers in your pussy baby. do it for me
>she starts to do get herself all while growling in pain
>I decide I want to cum in her pussy
>pull my dick out
>go balls deep
>A I want you to lay on the seat. I want to cum I side of you
>she lays on passenger seat
>I spread her legs wide
>she has an angry face
>I fuck her and choke her
>ask me to cum inside your duty pussy
>A: not yet. I'm cumming. hold my throat tighter. like you want to kill me. fuck me harder while you do that
>A lets out a barely audible scream and her body twitches like crazy. her legs slam my dashboard and her pussy contracts.
>I ram her harder and hold her shoulders pulling them down
>she starts moaning loudly
>ask daddy to cum on your pussy now
>A: cum inside my pussy daddy I want you to go all in.
>I did.
Yeah, been with a few chicks and, well, we're on the fucking internet and I'd rather a chick with an outie than one with a fucking crevace like that. Fucking fatties.
Meant to go to
Any pic of the sis??
>I want you to finger my cum out of you and eat it
>she starts to finger herself while breathing heavily
>A: I missed you. you have no idea
>I do babe
>we get in the car and head to the party
cont in a 5. heading home
She's not even that attractive. But I guess anything average will do if you're horny.
File: batmang.jpg (88 KB, 720x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
88 KB, 720x540
this is my sis when she dyed her hair black
>i look over at my phone and pick it up
>"ariana sent you a message"
>fucking facebook
>realize, ariana is still at my house
>im fucking my sister in the next room over
>fuck what if she comes in?
>i open the message
>"hey anon, i can't sleep"
>i show it to my sis
>"uh oh, lock your door before you she raids the room"
>lock the door
>"what do i say to her?"
>"i dont know? tell her something though!"
>thoughts racing
>"what if i tell her to go downstairs and i'll talk to her for a little bit"
>"but i wanna keep fucking"
>"we can fuck when i get back, i dont want her to figure out we're fucking"
>i begin typing
>"ariana, if you cant sleep come downstair, i'll get you glass of water or something"
>she responds within 2 seconds
>" okay! (;"
>damn she's obsessed
>i tell sis to stay in my room with the lights off and ill be back in a few minutes
>she settles
>i leave the room and make my way down stairs
> moments later im greeted by ariana
>"hey sweety"
>"hey ariana"
>she grabs my hips and gives me a kiss on the cheek
>shit what if she smells the sex i was just having
>"you smell a little funky"
>Shits soars from my ass hole
>"we must have gotten a little too wild before anon"
>the invisible 500 pound man vanished off my shoulders
>"yeaa haha that was a good time huh?"
>"yea anon, hopefully i sleep over more often so we can do it again"
where the fuck am i
I'd bang her aswell, dont feel guilty broseph
you may continue
Satans asshole!
Fuck I have to get ready for work

its been great anon. thanks for sharing your stories. I hope someone catches these last two in a cap
dude, you gotta be kidding

she's too hot to be true
The entire internet is now masturbating to your sister.
moar of your sister. OC only
How old is she in this pic?
Holy fuck your sis is hot
Would impale with the force of a thousand suns
moaaar pls moaaar
keep em coming
will post a few more pics after story is finished guys
one more paragraph after this
>"yea anon, hopefully i sleep over more often so we can do it again"
>i fix her a glass of water and offer her nyquil if she's that tired
>she takes me up on that offer and takes a little more than the recomended dose
>"thanks for everything tonight anon, you're so sweet"
>if only she knew what happened after i fucked her
>"yea no problem babe, you're welcome over whenever you want."
>she kisses me good night and i walk her up to my sis's room
>what if she notices sis aint in her bed?
>i close the door behind her and i rush back to my room
>i get in, lock the door take my clothes off again
>i walk over to my bed to find sis passed out
>its been like 10 minutes tops what the fuck
>i decide to get sneaky and wake her up by licking her clit a little
>*wake up groans and stretch* "oh brother, i like your alarm clock settings"
>"i wanted to wake you up in the nicest way possible"
>"come over here you"
>i take no time to throw myself on top of her and begin pounding that pussy again
>mid fuck sis asks "so how'd it go down there?"
>"well i got her off my back and got her some nyquill, we'll be good for the rest of the night"
>"i wonder how f2(friend #2) is doing"
>"well, she must be fast asleep because i didn't hear any talking when ariana went back to your room"
>we continue fucking, and i try multiple positions since i'm taking forever to cum
>i try doggy style which was awesome
>and i tried a new thing, i'm not sure if it has a name, she was laying on her stomach, and from behind i liften her legs and fucked her from behind with her feet hangin over my shoulders
>this was pretty fun and adventorous but got tiring
>i tell her she needs to start doing some work, so she got on top in cowgirl position and started riding
>she was fucking great
>i didn't even have to do any work on my end (which is rare for me, normally im on bottom doing all the work anyways)
Bumpiddy bing bong
Ohhh long john
10/10. Almost made me fap behind my podium at work.
pics!!! bump
maybe bumping with heaven wont help.
File: 1337711125979.jpg (181 KB, 600x337) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
181 KB, 600x337
Why would it 404?

> bump
> heaven

Fuck you anon
Don't you 404 on me, god damnit!!!
another part would be appreciated
File: yunero.jpg (213 KB, 1680x1050) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
213 KB, 1680x1050
must keep thread open!
File: image.jpg (64 KB, 500x333) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
64 KB, 500x333
Bumping to keep thread alive
still bumps in an image is posted, sage or no sage.
Did no one in this thread take a typing class when they were kids? Wtf. Everyone is so fucking slow.
>I was 14
>My sister was 12
>Both of us were early with puberty.
>During winter break we were dinking around looking at some old books in the attic.
>Found a series of 1970's health books, found the one with sex in it.
>Had picture of two naked teenagers staring at each other. (would be CP today).
>We both laughed about the picture.
>Picture launches boner.exe
>My sister sees me pitching a tent.
>She laughs, "What the hell, anon?"
>"Wanna see it, sis?"
>"I don't know, anon."
>"Come on, sis. Nothing's going to happen."
>"Okay." She smiles.
>Pull down shorts and underwear. Springboard engaged.
>Sister laughs, but I can see she is mesmerized by it.
>"You can touch it if you want. I don't care."
>She reaches forward and pushes the head down and watches it spring back up.
>Stage3 boner engaged.
>"Anon, is it supposed to be this warm?"
>"Ya, that's normal."
>She starts pulling on my nutsack.
>"That feels kinda good, sis."
>I tell her to gently pull on it.
>At this point she's hypnotized by the dick.
File: 1310720787775.jpg (17 KB, 195x260) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
17 KB, 195x260
'n so? 'n SO??
LAST PART-feel free to screen cap it all
>she tells me before i cum to tell her cause she wants to suck me off
>she starts riding like she's holding on for the last 2 seconds to break the worlds best bull riding time to ever be set.
>perfect form
>ass moving a mile a minute
>rest of her body completely stationary (she's leaning in toward me at this point)
>my cock is so happy
>bed shaking so hard
>i tell her im about to cum harder than anyones ever came before
>she springs up and brings my cock to her mouth, sucking / jerking at the same time
>i can feel it.. 3 more strokes
>2 more strokes
>1 more stroke
>i bust a huge load in her mouth and feel one of the best orgasms i have ever experienced.
>superior to any jerk off sesh ive had
>superior to any girl i've ever fucked
>my cock felt like it just got back from a 2 week long business trip
>worn the fuck out
>i lay there in amazement
>it was such a good orgasm, i was in a euphoric state of mind for about 5 minutes, just laying there.
>even though i had blasted the motherload into her mouth, sis came through and kept sucking it until i told her to stop
>after my 5 minutes of euphoria, i told her she had done the best job anyone has ever done and could stop
>she was proud of herself and shit.. even i was proud of her.
>i gave her ass a double tap saying good job and told her to remember not to tell a soul
>we went to the bathroom together and we brushed our teeth
>we made out afterwards, and i gave her one last intimate kiss
>"you should get back to your room before someone finds out"
>"good idea"
>we kiss good night and i lead her out of my room, close the door, and get into bed
>we wake up, and sis friends all have rides home and ariana sneaks one last kiss out of me before she leaves
>now it's just me and sis alone
>we talk about everything and we both agreed that we will continue to fuck until we find girl/boyfriends
>this all happened 2 months ago, and we're still fucking
>the end!
He stopped on purpose to piss people off btw
File: image.jpg (5 KB, 125x121) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5 KB, 125x121
Hurry up, dick for brains! I have to go to work soon!
Where are the pics?!
thank you, thank you kind anon, now PICTURES
shit that was great, you are one lucky bastard anon

I wanna tell you to fuck off so hard cuz I'm so jealous/envy of you.

If this is true, this is the BEST, I mean, unmatching BEST sex opportunity EVER.

That's all I ever dream for me. Too bad I can't get that, ever.


And now PICS or GTFO
what about pics
Tasha's Brother.

Second to last is the complete version. Last file is a new one, guess is it's fiction
>I tell her I want to see hers.
>She pulls up her skirt and pulls her panties down.
>Lightly hairy, beautiful little peach.
>"That looks nice, sis. Can I touch yours?"
>Her face is a little blushed
>Run my middle finger over the entire slit.
>"That's really soft, sis."
>"That tickles a little, anon."
>Meanwhile, she's still got her hand around the base of my dick. Still feels awesome.
>I find her clit, and rub around it a bit.
>She does a sharp intake of breath and jumps a little. "That felt good, do it again."
>So I rubbed around her clit again. And I urged her to pull on my dick some more.
>We're on our knees in front of each other. I tell her we should lie down.
>She agrees
What do you mean?
File: image.jpg (118 KB, 640x426) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
118 KB, 640x426
One of the best wincest stories ever dude. Definitely worth the wait.
Would read it all again/10
Gay as fuck to say but you got me some precum.
God damn anon, enjoy that. Enjoy that for all of us.
File: sis.jpg (28 KB, 480x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28 KB, 480x480
okay i have some pics, but she doesn't have any with her blond hair, as she recently made her facebook.
she's the one on the right obviously
thank you kind sir
what the fuck are you talking about, that story isnt in this tread
nice one
i would fuck the shit out of her man....
2/3 once again on the far right
new file turned up at the weekend. No-one's seen pete since to confirm, but we think it's a pit of creative writing. It's a short wincest about some anon when he was 8 playing 'mummys and daddys' when he was 8 with his 10 year old cousin. They get busted and don;t see each other for 6 year, and when they meet up they do pretty much the same thing. it's pretty good

ah shit. i forgot the bloody link. My humblest apologies

srsly, you're the luckiest guy in the world.

End of story
File: siis.jpg (35 KB, 480x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35 KB, 480x480
on the left this time
gosh..youre fucking lucky man...holy fuck.
We all love your sis
That's you on the left, right anon ;)
Not bad. I'm jealous.
File: 1394057542338.jpg (12 KB, 386x387) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12 KB, 386x387
more pics! damn son you done good
Damn anon, I'm proud of you
>We're in the attic, on the floor.
>Dust everywhere.
>She's got her hand on my dick, and I'm rubbing little circles around her clit.
>At this point, she's wet as hell.
>My sis has been getting tits too, so I lift her skirt a little higher to see her tits.
>I rub over her nipples which are a little swollen at this point.
>She's breathing a little harder.
>I reach down and kiss her stomach, and resume fingering her.
>I'd see some of my dad's porn mags and saw a guy eating a chick out, so I decided to give it a try.
>My sister was pretty pliable at that point so she didn't say anything.
>I got down to her cooch, and started licking.
>I had no idea what I was doing.
>Apparently that didn't matter, she was starting to squirm.
>I probed my pinky into her vag. And felt her squeeze around it.
>Apparently she approved.
>I got up from down below and came up beside her again.
>"Why did you stop, anon?"
>"I want to try something else."
>"Okay, what?"
Very fine anon, very fine indeed.

But why do you let her wear cancer apparel like that?
I'm glad everyone enjoyed the story/pics.
Please somebody screen cap this and make it famous (: i have the original notepad file saved on my computer in case this story goes huge.
Will sell original copy for millions if it happens >:)
I will keep this thread open and possibly chat more, but if not, FAREWELL /b/
did someone screencap this thread for posterity?
Hey the friend is hot too!
Just wondering what would she do if she gets to know you told this story here?

Obviously she would become the new queen of 4chan.

Maybe you could wear masks and go on chaturbate.com and have sex and make money.
they look both great, wouldn't think twice about doing both of them
New king of /b/
quite possibly the best wincest story on /b/ ever...i've saved it for future fapping

fucking lost it, 10/10, anon
Same here bruh
>"I want to rub my dick on yours."
>She's nervous, "No, I don't want to have sex."
>"Not sex, just rubbing."
>She thinks about it for what seems like forever, I'm pretty sure at this point she's going to get up and leave.
>"Okay, but be careful."
>I knee-walk around in between her legs. And scootch in.
>She spread her legs wide.
>I took the head of my dick, and started rubbing it up and down.
>Her eyes are closed.
>I push a little deeper and I can feel the entrance to her fresh vagina.
>Keep stroking slowly, pushing a tiny bit each time.
>At this point, I'm pretty sure the tip is going in each time.
>Her eyes are still closed and she's breathing harder still.
>"You feel awesome, sis."
>She moans in reply.
>I slide the tip in.
thread is going down already?

U guys are all insensitive fags
Ey anon hurry the fuck up yeah
taking too long

i'm out

dick got bored from the waiting
Still banging her friend?
Post more pics, sir.
anon is gone, for sure
>She freezes.
>I reached my thumb down to her clit and rubbed.
>"You really feel good, sis."
>"anon, are you in?"
>"Just a tiny bit, it's part of the rubbing."
>She exhaled a little bit, and she rolled her eyes. "Okay, please be careful."
>"I will."
>I pulled out and was rubbing up and down, and a little bit in and out. I put a little more in each time.
>After a couple of minutes, I was all of the way in.
>I was half way in, and I kept watching her. She could get scared and jump up at any moment.
>Her eyes were open, her face was pink, she was staring at the ceiling, and her breathing was shallow.
>I kept up the rubbing, and pushing, and finally I felt her all the way to my stomach.
>"Does that hurt?"
>"Do you want me to stop?"
>"Ummm. Nuh-uh."
>I pulled her knee over and kissed it.
>It was pretty quick after that. I had a hold of her legs and went on at a quick pace, and I came buckets.

We ended up fucking like that until she was a Freshman in highschool.
>my post readers never skip to the last line first.

That fresh, newfag smell.
Anyone working on a screen cap for this story? I'm on my phone so it would be terrible if I did it.
Just save the whole page's HTML then edit it and make a full text out of it
i have never been prouder then i am at this very moment...you are a very lucky man anon, i wish i was in your shoes...
lol obvious exgf revenge is obvious

any awesome anon wanna screen cap/put together the story for us?
I read, and I came.
Will do toworrow (eurofag here), have to work so can't do it right now. Will deliver.
bless you anon
Here's something I've never understood, why are girls assholes always so much closer to the genitals than a man's? Like, is there some evolutionary reason for that?
It's not because of the diff proportions of the genitals, girl's assholes honestly seem to be further down the body than guy's

Most assholes prefer to be around pussy than some guy's balls.

You fucking lucky fuck. Some of the hottest sex one can have, and you're having it with her.

I commend you, anon.
i came buckets this was so awesome
Just curious, anyone fap to my story and still around?

i have fucked sis's friend only twice after that night, she ended up finding a boy friend. good for me because i dont need her to know me and my sis's secret
I demand screencaos for all
your story was awesome too
girl anon here, that story had me soaked.
yes, it was great
thx man you're my hero
save the hole story
Fuck yes, and I screen capped it all for future use and reposting
File: 1397180125365.gif (2 MB, 326x244) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 326x244
Also, anyone got any good image joining tools? Too lazy to get photoshop and the tools I'm finding online damn suck, leaving massive gaps everywhere...
I am off to browse more /b/
i'm wincested out, maybe ill fuck my sister when she gets home though.
Farewell /b/
It has been good reading all of your replies
I will drop an everlasting tear when i see this story reposted, and probably fuck sis again. xD
File: Ace_McCloud.jpg (94 KB, 300x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
94 KB, 300x300
god speed glorious bastard
Holy shit my dick can only handle so much fapping for one night, these stories are all fucking incredible!

It's currently 7:20am, so I should get some sleep so I don't pass out later today...
how do you screen cap a whole page?
File: Complete.jpg (1 MB, 1160x3832) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1160x3832
I snipped each post and stuck them all together
I've been lurking here and this was the best fuckn Winchest thread I've been to so far
Should I do the other stories?
yes anon if you're done fapping u can

Yes, please. Do them all. And thanks for the hard work.
Sure thing, I only read this one anyway.. It'll give me a chance to save the rest for later on.

Thanks. So many quality stories disappear from /b/ forever because no one was there to cap them.
Fucking damn it, I forgot to add the others onto it.... I'll finish making the cousin one first then complete the sister one. Sorry guys.
File: Complete.jpg (760 KB, 915x3091) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
760 KB, 915x3091
File: Complete2.jpg (1 MB, 1149x4039) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1149x4039
Part 2, couldn't fit the last part on there annoyingly....
File: 1376672869738.jpg (12 KB, 206x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12 KB, 206x200
>mfw this thread
>mfw your story
>mfw my dick litteraly exploded before I could get to the end of the story
Last part to that one..
has this been archived?-A
I'm in the process of saving all the stories for reposting when necessary.
i have the sister story saved as a text file, hottest thing i have seen in forever....
File: Complete.jpg (873 KB, 1306x3447) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
873 KB, 1306x3447
Anon's younger cousin story, part 1
File: Complete2.jpg (303 KB, 802x1063) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
303 KB, 802x1063
Part 2. Anon never seemed to finish their story... Still some potential fappage may be had.
Sauce for the image?
File: Complete.jpg (2 MB, 1876x1585) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1876x1585
That anon that didn't greentext his story, part 1.
File: Complete2.jpg (2 MB, 1876x1178) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1876x1178
Part 2 of said lack of greentext anon.
Have I missed any stories?
thanks for that awesome story
that feel when i always get turned down by my sister
>red hot chili peppers
>17 years old
>be watching movie late at night
>had some boxers on, that's it
>didn't expect anybody else home that night
>enjoying movie and quiet all to myself
>wonder why I don't do this more often
>start to drift off to sleep...
>all of a sudden, my sister comes in the door
>nearly have a heart attack and shit myself simultaneously
>she looks sweaty and is breathing heavily in the dark
>ask why the hell she's home
>says she didn't go anywhere, she just went for a run
>fuck, didn't register that when she left
>remind myself to plan out these things better
>says she's going to take a shower
>yeah, yeah, just don't be loud
>just my luck for younger sister to ruin peaceful night
>as she turns for the bathroom, my eyes catch something
>I notice how fine her ass is for the first time
>rising in my pants ensues
>wait, what the fuck?
>never thought of my 16 year old sister like that before
>quickly sit down to smother it, not due to her but due to strange guilty feeling
>is it really right to think this way about my sister?
>fuck, needless to say we're related and it's super fucked up to think family members are sexy
>is it really all that wrong, though? after all, we're both decent-looking people.
>too much thinking for late at night movie-watching
>try to focus back on movie
>something about assassinations
>something about assumptions
>something about assets
>ass, ass ASS
>can't get my mind off of my younger sister's ass
>fuck, can't ever enjoy anything
>wonder what to do about this thought in my head
>that image, burned in my scalp
>such perfect cheeks, young and nice...
>FUCK, what the hell am I saying?
>she's your SISTER
>....but, then again, how bad can it be?
>my inner pussy quarrel is interrupted by sound of shower water
>wonder how she looks like fully nude...
>how bad can it be?
>just don't think about it...
>ahh, what's the big deal?
>can't focus on the movie anyway, just have to be stealthy about it...
>this anon just put the WIN in wincest
>make sure the movie is still on so she thinks I'm still watching it
>slowly tip-toe my way down the hallway
>fuck, what the hell am I doing?
>can't turn back now, pussy
>remind myself of ass
>...alright, motivation back
>well, deep breath, turn the corner
>peek over
>bathroom door is left ajar, just a tiny bit
>aaaaaaaaaaaaah, of course!
>just my luck
>shimmy cross the wall to the door
>hear the shower water running down even louder
>can't believe I'm doing this
>definitely can't back down now
>judgement day, ragnorak unleashed, let's do this
>I carefully wedge the door open a bit more until I can just squeeze my head insidethe crack
>ooooh fuck
>can't even fucking believe my eyes
>through mirror I can see my sister
>forget what I said before, she is gloriously hot
>perfect ass and body due to working out
>tits absolutely with proportion to rest of body
>empire state building in boxers
>can't help but wonder how she would react if I made my presence known...
>maybe, by some shitstain of luck, she feels the same way about me
>pondering what to do while enjoying the show when cat comes up to leg
>claws into my skin
>crash backwards, door comes flying open
>sister screams out of shock, cat's meowing like crazy
>I bolt out of there, don't have the courtesy to shut the door
>turn the movie off and rush to my room
>hearts going a million miles a minute
>lock the door and hope she didn't notice me back there
>sigh and crash on bed, anticipating the worst
and then? and THEN??????
LLOL ur done
>lie there for who the fuck knows how long
>feels like a century
>knew it was a bad fucking idea
>she must know something's up if I suddenly stopped the movie midway through
>contemplate the worst case scenarios while lying there
>toss and turn, can't think of any way good comes of this
>as I'm contemplating the death penalty, I hear a knock on the door
>here it is
>nightmare coming true
>my sins are being paid for
>Dear God, please forgive me
>reluctantly grab handle
>feels like time is going in slow motion
>clench my eyes shut, expecting the worse
>swing the door open
>"hey, you okay?"
>open eyes
>hot young sister is in all her glory, with only a towel draping her
>"yeah, I'm fine, why do you ask?"
>what the fuck is she playing at?
>"while I was taking a shower, there was this big bang and I got freaked out..."
>Maybe Satan isn't such a bad guy...
>"...and when I looked to see what happened all I managed to catch was you running away."
>"uhh, are you sure?"
>stop trying to avoid it, dumbass, just confess and not drag it out
>"yeah.... it's almost like you were spying on me or something."
>"ooh, what? no, I was on my way to the kitchen and accidentally tripped on the cat. I must've swung the door open on my fall."
>best I could come up with
>look at her face, expecting disgusted pervert look
>strangely, she looks blank
>...almost a bit disappointed
>"oh, really? just wondering..."
>her sentence trailed off
>maybe she did want me to notice her... after all, who leaves the door open when they take a shower?
>before I could classily recover myself, she promptly said "goodnight" and ran to her room
>FUCK, now SHE'S the one embarrassed
>I stand there a moment, collecting my thoughts
>at least, I think she's interested...

>wait, lightbulb
>evil Grinch smile
>...with a bit more effort...
>...this could actually work out.
Bump, for reasons.
>by now, I've abandoned all prenotion of wrongness, of conformity, of righteousness
>going on what sparse inferences I've gathered, she could want me and I've admitted I want her
>it's a fucking longshot, but she practically put herself out there, and dangled a hint right in front of me
>no backing down now...
>...it's showtime.

11:30 PM
>my plan is put into action.
>reconsider the motives:
>17 year old brother trying to get with 16 year old sister
>alright, seems legit
>compose myself, try convince myself I'm the embodiment of suave, and go up to her door
>"who is it?"
>fuck, don't pussy out now.
>"...it's... it's me, anon."
>...no response
>come on, don't bail on me now...
>..."oh, hey. what did you want? was it abou-"
>"I just wanted to come in and talk for a bit."
>pray to God, oh I hope this works
>"...oh, I guess you can. come on in."
>here we go
>don't make a fool out of yourself!
>start to open door
>"WAIT, not yet!"
>"what, is something wrong?"
>FUCK, don't keep me on a leash!
>"sorry, just... wait a minute, alright?"
>my brain's a crazy mess... what the hell is she doing?
>"alright, fine..."
>might as well -- feel nauseated enough already.
>stand there outside the door, in only my boxers
>wonder how the hell I've come to this
>enjoying a peaceful night and a movie to trying to seduce my younger sister
>Ha! life is funny that way, I suppose
>"OK, you can come in now..."
>alright, snap out of it!
>"are you sure?"
>what the fuck are you thinking, just GET IN THERE YOU FUCKING IDIOT
>"yeah, yeah, it's fine! I just wanted to..."
>I grasp the handle, sweat pouring in my palms
>trembling as I turn the knob
>I gulp, say some final prayers, and barge in
>my eyes immediately lay on her in a FAR too small white t-shirt, with whatever the hell is left up to the imagination underneath
>my draw drops down to hell and doesn't come back
>"...make myself look presentable."
next? what happens NEXT????
type faster
>how does one present themselves delicately and classy in the presence of such a FUCKING GODDESS?!
>I've never really noticed before how absolutely gorgeous she looked
>fuck, maybe it was just me or the tension of that night or whatever, but she in that moment was the most beautiful thing I've ever laid eyes on
>her long flowing brown hair, perfect happy, peachy face, and the most energetic eyes
>her body was undoubtedly one most guys (and girls) would kill for, toned down to each and every fucking centimeter
>her breasts weren't huge, but absolutely in proportion to her body; her ass wasn't enormous, but perky and perfect all the same
>she was the embodiment of the perfect woman, truthfully.
>of course, me on the other hand, I looked like a fucking dumbass with drool cornering in my mouth
>"heehee! I wanted to dress up a bit, is all. sorry it took so long"
>you've certainly dressed down, that's for sure
>no regrets for waiting, either
>I realized that I was now bordering on the line of creepy staring, to I had to quickly formulate something to say
>engage the conversation, stimulate the discussion, ANYTHING
>what had I planned?! my mind was fucking blank!
>just wing it, you've got your 16 year-old sister in fucking panties here, don't blow it you motherfucker
>"uhh... you look... good."
>niiiiice. you look good. one for the fucking books.
>"hee! thanks, I appreciate it!"
>"heheh, no problem..."
>try to step it up next time, big guy.
>"so... what did you want to talk to me about? anything in... particular?"
>as she said particular, she leaned over a bit towards me, revealing her breasts through the opening in her "shirt"
>"uuuuhh, yes, actually. you see, tits-, ERHMH, fuck, I mean, I'm sorry, I meant to say 'it's'.."
>just go and die right now.
>"haha! It's alright... I'm sure you're enjoying the view, anyway."
>"hahaha, yeah, thats all!"
>>how does one present themselves delicately and classy in the presence of such a FUCKING GODDESS?!

top lel
as the Person who wrote the ariana/sis story, i demand you finish this! :O
hurry the fuck up
Hurry up you faggot!
jesus nigger christ
be patient people, do not rush perfection (:
i heard there s another cool story up there before this one
but he takes twice as long as you lol
ah so you here live at my story telling time?
While true, you can still take too long.
>at this point, I'm starstruck
>I know it must sound unbelievable, but hey, what can I guy do?
>my sister blatantly just asked me to admit I like staring at her tits
>so, hey, you know what? fuck it, I'll play along. have nothing to lose at this point, anyway.
>"you know, it's alright if you were staring at me in the shower..."
>ahh, she beat me to it, that clever bitch.
>"...it's alright. I kind-of peek on you, too."
>WOAH, don't lose your cool. keep it going, all or nothing here.
>"seriously? because I don't feel so fucking weird anymore, then."
>cheesy line, but hey, we're siblings.
>ahh, the irony of that line
>"heehee, I'm glad you came clean! I had my suspicions when I heard the door creak open..."
>fuck, so much for me and my stealthiness
>got me this far, though, so no complaints
>"...but when I saw you scrambling away, I knew that you must've been peering at me through the-"
>"-reflection in the mirror, yeah. heh, I didn't know you had any idea, actually..."
>alright, great, talk about how you both creep on each-other, but make a MOOOOVE
>"well, we're here now, right? isn't that all that matters..."
>oh fuck, here it comes
>all this is depending, hanging on this one moment
>the tension, the screwups, the everything and anything, right fucking HERE
>has this all happened in one night?
>for fucks' sake, I'm about to make out with my sister?!
>she must've sensed this shitstorm of useless thoughts erupting in my head, so she leaned in and put her lips against mine
>my God, all my thoughts ceased
>put a lid on all that shit, save it as a .fla, this is what matters now
>I met the kiss back, her lips soft as her skin, her as beautiful as the sun and the night sky
>I can only being to wonder what she's thinking right now.
>oh, and on it goes... we make-out, slowly parting our lips to let our tongues come through
>ahh... right now, I could've died and gone to heaven. life couldn't get much better, anyway.
I legit know this girl. She was like, 16-17 when this was taken.
>now we wait 3 weeks for the next part

He's right
Hurry up faggot
Lmfao 3 weeks, we'll see.
but damn be happy you were there as my story unfolded, it seems to have gotten a good rep. i feel like i could have sold out a venue to tell that shit xD
forgot to add, it might go down to be a well recognized wincest story. such as that tasha one that's like an actual book long.

I read a condensed version of tasha. I hate reading most of the time but made an exception for that.

The one I really looked forward to was the Amy story. But Cam stopped posting. Saddened me. Unless I missed it all unfold.

that's it

that's where the OP stopped posting
said he had to take a shit and would return one day
he never did
i'm not sure what version of tasha i read, but it was 27 pages, and i recall there being more on a blog or something of how things went after. but this was maybe half a year ago when i read it. and i don't think i read the amy story, or is that part of the tasha stuff?
please continue
you still writing btw?
File: 3weeks.jpg (67 KB, 638x477) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
67 KB, 638x477
I read an ~100+ page version or some shit. Apparently there's an even larger one.
this guy gets it :>
all the great wincest authors(not to sound cocky, but my self included) should all get together and put together a book of our stories and sell it for $19.99 and advertise it on /b/
Do you really think someone would be content with a book sitting on their shelf entitled; 'The great book of Wincest'

Would look a little awkward if a sibling were to visit.

Also.. $20 YOU SHITTIN ME?!

That's like £13 in my money.
Fuck that, digital download. Encrypted.

captcha - Cash erabpie
jesus I started this thread 9 hours ago! Is this a record?
True, some people may feel wrong with having a book with "wincest" in it. it shall be titled
"when /b/ wins"
lmfao thats gay as fuck never mind
well OP, i'd like to award you with the 404 evade trophy. thank you for letting me spread my wincest to many others! :)
File: faucet face.jpg (15 KB, 387x312) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
faucet face.jpg
15 KB, 387x312
when /b/ wins
>when laws don't exist
>mfw is what I ACTUALLY meant.

Can't type for shit past 1am
hey bud
I'd like to keep in touch with you
you've got a good mind when it comes to these things
god damn you guys wern't kidding about how slow this dude is. i would call you a eurofag and say get to bed, but this is an interesting story.
finish your story, then we'll talk "bud"
I'm not him
I can get you in touch with the guy who made that story
you're both wincest people
I think you could make an epic worthy of tasha's
he just never finished it
I was in the thread when it happened
Wtf are you talking about. ID checked -_-
please finish.

the guy who made this did it a year ago, iirc
he never finished it because he had to take a shit
I was in the thread and saved it
it's copypasta, man

I got in contact with the guy who made it
and seeing how you are so pumped about wincest and he's good at writing it too, there's some serious wincesting that could happen here
stuff I'd like to see happen
Alright, someone start dumping pastbin links or something.
I thought you were on about Cam+Amy.

dammit /b/.
sorry, i wasn't clear on the fact you were copy/pasting
however, i guess i could spare you my cheef keif email


give me a message and maybe we can find a quicker more reliable way of chatting from there.
good stuff man, will forward
I want to see you two make legends of wincest
We'll see my friend!

Any lurkers with more wincest!??!?!?!
Speak now
File: tou.jpg (132 KB, 1051x1063) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
132 KB, 1051x1063
A wild OP appears yet again
File: too.jpg (142 KB, 1561x1042) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
142 KB, 1561x1042
don't mind me...just OP
almost ten hrs of thread and not image limit
Long story short but I can get into detail
>Younger sister home from college for holidays
>our rooms are side by side
>we never had a dog growing up and we have always wanted one
>taking care of aunts german shepard while she was on vacation
>sister loved playing with him and having him around
>fast forward to that night
>can hear alot of rustling about in her room via the vent by the side of my bed
>can start to hear moans and gasps
>figure "oh shit shes masterbating"
>start hearing claws along the hardwood floor and heavy panting and a few yips
>"come on get it... get it"
>proceed to hear her cumming her brains out/ grunting for a few abrupt minutes
>shameful fap
>snooped around her room the next day while she was out
>leggings had a rip in the crotch and what I could only imagine are crawl marks and heavy stains along the thighs
>also turned the carpet over at the foot of her bed
>heavy stains aswell

This went on for a few more nights, ended up rubbing my self raw listening
I don't got any. I have a sister. But I never see her. Can't even comment on how her ass or tits look.
File: 1396807544594a.jpg (75 KB, 1075x697) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
75 KB, 1075x697
wait.. so she fucked the dog?
or was the god licking her cunt.
>>5422639judging from the stains on the carpet either she is a squirter or he fucked her and gave her a doggy cum creampie

plus her leggings were bunched together and hid in her hamper and stuck together like they had cum on them
and you DIDN'T confront her about this?
I posted this before, annons wanted me to put a camera in her room but I didnt have the guts

I got down on the floor and listed through the vent every night, then it was very apparent that she was getting fucked.
fucked by the dog i'm assuming.
i should find you and kill you...those are both my fetishes, incest and bestiality...why did you not do something about this?
Nah, by the cat. burglar.
sorry, you explain things like a child, queer.

No but really, it was a mere joke.
Listening to her getting hammered every night, jerk my cock off raw man, didnt wanna ruin it.

It sounded like a fucking porno in there, the things she said... listening to her cumming, didnt want to let her know I was on to her
my bad didn't check ID before i posted that
File: 1391479142377a.jpg (146 KB, 1137x1071) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
146 KB, 1137x1071
All these stories are so fictive.

I fucked my cousin and all I remember is the sex part and not how we got to it all in detail.
personally me being me, i would have at least put that cam in there...i mean if your willing to snoop around her room and check her stockings, then the cam was a def possibility, or you know just kinda walk on in saying you need to talk catching here and going "OH SHIT!"
>tfw you post shit like this and my fuck toy is moments away from arriving and doing daddy/daughter roleplay with my and we both love looking at this stuff to get off and it helps us have even better, amazing sex and you're on here accusing others of having no lives when you're going out of your way to try to ruin a fetish.
Bravo. I'm about to fuck my pet. good bye. enjoy your day. Which I assume you're going to spend the rest of it here?
your sis is never going to do anything with you ever
you are all sick what kind of a mind would think stuff like this

you guys have no life
As long as you don't give a shit. These stories are beautifully crafted.
Hey maybe it was all a ploy to make him THINK there was something going on and to make him go inside. You missed out big, buddy,
my sister fucks me like every day jus sayin.
When i was 12 I touched my cousins dick when he was asleep on a sleepover.
i like to think she was fucking the dog though....in an attempt to get him to go in there
Needs a bump
>no life
>posts infantile cartoon
File: mind blown.jpg (91 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
mind blown.jpg
91 KB, 1280x720
Thread replies: 455
Thread images: 73
Thread DB ID: 555

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