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>Be 4-5 y/o
>not know about masturbation
>no door on bedroom
>share room with sister
>get boner one night
>not know what it is
>get sudden craving to take underwear off
>sneak to sisters drawer
>put on some of her underwear
>still not satisfied
>remember there are some tennis balls under our bunk bed
>shove 3 tennis balls in pants with my 4 year old bonder
>mom immediately walks in to me hip thrusting around the room wearing my sisters underwear, with a raging boner and tennis
>"uh... anon?"
>"I forgot my underwear mommy"
>"ok, next time just let me know and I'll find you some."
>"ok mommy"

lets hear yours.
i have nothing to top that
So i was about 10 years old staying at my best friends house. starting puberty and looking at porn want to jack off to everything. His sister is 8 years old at the time. I start jacking it in the bathroom and she comes in i get down and finger her clit. While I cum on her flat chest. regret everything ever since then.
this is why sex ed needs to be taught before school even starts
>watch some football movie
>take out balls to scratch them
>wtf is this, it just gets worse
>semi boner now
>look closer to see what the hell it is that itches so
>mom walks in
>looks like I'm trying to suck my own dick watching men change
>closes door

she thought I was gay for a long time before my first gf. can't blame her
>Be 18
>Drop acid with friends regularly
>Mostly RCs
>Get some hits from our dude
>Told it is 25i
>be me
>be 6
>have friend that is gril
>she 7
>swimming in pool
>curious and shit
>ask her about her dick
>she says she doesn't have dick
>she pulls down swimming suit
>I look underwater
>I flick her stuff
>she gets weird face and runs
>don't know
>just keep swim
>swim for hours
>learns that she told my parents
>have to wash pool
>me being 6 decides revenge
>gril is short
>trap her naked in 8ft swimming pool without ladder
>hours later they found her and me lauging my ass off
>get grounded for weeks
>still friends with her
>she forgot about it
>I regret it
fuck it, I'll go again.

>be 5-6 years old
>not know what sex is
>family nights we would watch nick at nite
>only one bathroom in house
>be afraid of the dark
>path to bathroom would always be dark
>parents are tired of walking me to the bathroom
>ask sister to walk me to the bathroom
>do this several times over a few months
>eventually, she ends up waiting by the door so she can walk me back without the extra trip
>our bedroom is right next to the bathroom, both of which are far away from family room earshot
>start furiously dry humping my sister instead of going to the bathroom
>flush toilet afterwards every time to complete the ruse.
>I dry humped my sister when we were little.
>I die a little on the inside whenever I think about it.
this is actually pretty hilarious
>Friends who are grills
>Worst type of friends
>be 3-4 y/o grill
>know nothing about sex
>still playfulandcurious
>have 7-8 y/o brother
>>cringing begins
>brother has pig meat induced brain thing that makes him go on auto-pilot.
>gets out of shower one day on autopilot w/towel around his waist
>I was watching tv but thought it'd be funny to annoy the shit out of him
>start flicking his towel and tugging at it so he gets mad
>anger makes him snap out of autopilot
>sees me on floor flicking at his towel while looking up.
>walks away with a puzzled look on hos face.

tl;dr my brother may think i tried to molest him...??
>memories from 4-5 years old

Unless you're 8 years old I find it hard to believe that you remember those.
Fucking phone cont..
>meet hot girl shortly after we all take our hits
>she wants some acid too
>I could fuck this
>Get in car with her
>A good 10 mile drive ahead of us
>Start to trip
>with a chick i just met
>going to pick up really crazy drugs
>Everything goes smoothly
>Buy acid in QT bathroom
>Almost peaking by the time we get back
>Pull up to the house
>Feel like i did a lot for someone who i just met and got nothing out of it
>Ask her if i could get a kiss for the effort
>"um.. sorry.. i gotta get back to my.. girlfriend. She's mad at me"
>Get out of the car
>Trip and fall on by face on the way to my front door

I was in my underwear curled up in my friends bedroom the rest of the night telling myself that didnt just happen
nope, I remember being 6 in kindergarden and I still remember walking to school with my mom when i was in preschool, so that's at least 5 years old. I remember shitting on a leather couch the summer before that so that makes it 4.
>be 18
>wake up one morning
>brother takes me downstairs
>walk into garage
>dad has blown his head off with a shotgun
>ship for basic training 2 months later
>be me
>be in kindergarten
>walk to fish tank in class
>accidentally bump into frog tank with baby frog tadpole things
>water and baby frogs splash on floor
>some girl is near me
>gets blames by teacher in front of whole class
>i sit quietly with class watching her go to timeout
>tadpole die on tile floor
>to this day will nevar 4get
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dsp (74).jpg
1 MB, 2048x1536
WHen I was 8 my neighbor invited me for icecream.

I woke up wihtout clothes and my anus was bleeding.

The police told my parents this house was abandoned.
going for a hat trick
>be allergic to everything
>parents decide to get me a pet fish
>come home from school one day
>fish jumped out of tank
>later on in life learn that fish was attacking reflection of itself on surface of water

never light a fish tank from above if it doesn't have a lid on it. Not particularly embarassing, but the feels were strong that day.
Dafuq you talkin bout faggot? I remember playing Pokemon blue when I was 3 years old. I also remember going to daycare where this bitch tried to cut off my hair with scissors and it scared the fuck out of me. You must have a terrible memory nigga.
well shit
how old was sister?
2 years older than me.
I realized in second grade, around age 6 or 7, that adults always knew you were lying because you lied right when it was beneficial.

>Come up with theory
>planning lies out ahead of time would let me get away with things when I needed to.
>Start practicing
>4th in line to get stuff from cubby
>Tell 2nd in line I'm 5th in line
>Tell 5th in line I'm second
>Take turn, switch around all the notecards with our names on it, big nono
>Immediatly blame 3rd guy
>2nd and 5th guy inadvertently vouch for me
>3rd guy more confused than anything, 2nd guy is class ace and 5th is his friend and the two of us weren't enemies
>Watch the kid get the fucking class inquisition bomb dropped on him because his story conflicts so directly with my obviously correct one and 3rd is a good guy
>Sit in corner
>Don't know how to feel

This lead into a habit of pointlessly lying about things for years, would have been good not to start.
That was 14 years ago, damn.
>be me in 1st grade
>be christmas time
>watching movies in class
>grill sitting at my table
>she has crush on me
>we sneak behind bookshelves
>start kissing her
>unbutton her pants
>get sent to office
> suspended for 20 days
wish i could've left that in the realm of being too young but meh

pic related its me in that grade
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my nigga
>most of my entire fucking life
Ironically there's a good 15 year chunk of my life that's a blur and still so much shit I wish I could forget aboutm
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>Be 10
>Hanging with cousin same age
>Alone in the house
>Cousin tells me he found a porn video
>we watch it
>We show each other our boners
>i argue that mine is harder
>He says his is harder
>Kinda goes on like this for about an hour
>Every 5 minutes we whip out our cocks and argue who's is harder

Had no idea what fapping was
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pumpkin bj.jpg
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I'd shoot myself too, if I had a /b/tard for a son. Christ!
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op 29.jpg
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Most boring post on /b/, EVER
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Shit OP I got a couple of these.

>be me 8 years old
>watching Spiderman with entire family in living room
>little kids (including me) are laying down stomach first in the middle of the living room
>adults are sitting in couches around us
>scene comes on where peter parker gets in the wrestling ring
>hot ring girls begin giving me raging boner
>my childish mind and apathetic young boy thoughts take over
>start rubbing my dick against the carpet
>feels to good to stop
>keep pushing the pleasure I feel more and more
>by this point I am visibly fucking the floor
>older cousin looks over at me
>"are you okay"
>freak out and let out a mach 5 fart
>room is quickly filled with burrito fart smell
>completely cuts my vibe
>family starts laughing
>hide my face in shame

Still don't know if anyone know I was half masterbating. Anyways I got more if you /b/ros wanna hear.

Not sure what I was expecting
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>be 6 year old boy
>go to friends place after church, he is also 6
>his family goes to someone else from church's place, we go with them
>the family we go to has some 14 year old boy who brings us to the back of their property where there's this awesome looking crappily made three story clubhouse kind of thing; we are seven, it is awesome
>need the bathroom. we stand off the roof of the building and piss off of it
>the 14 year old turns around with his dick still out from pissing, and says to put it in my mouth
>i don't understand, i am six, i don't know sex, but i know that's fucking weird
>"c'mon, just for a minute"
>still no
>"*name of friend* did it already"
>i look at him, he's staring at the ground
>awkward as fuck but i don't really understand
>we go back closer to the house of the 14 year old's family, and go in the pool
>i'm swimming around, it's awesome, i don't go in pools much
>casually i mention the whole thing that just happened back there, and that my friend put the 14 year olds dick in his mouth for some reason apparently
>everyone starts freaking out and rushing around
>and that's all i remember about that
actually made me lol
You kidding? Hell, I remember a bunch of stuff from when I was 3. The again, I lived on the west cost on the beach then, and we moved to the east coast woods; so it's probably easier to remember the time differences.
Solution is simple. Kidnap teacher, find girl, slit teacher's neck in front of her. Slide a tadpole into her open throat. Poetic justice.
aah man i remember seeing that powepuff girls episode where the dad got mad

shit had me tipping on my toes for weeks
What is this, some kind of math question?
My earliest memory is of pulling my dog's tail and him growling at me when I was 2. I lived in Virginia until I was 2 but the memory was in that house.
>watch "Big Daddy" at friend's place for a birthday party, I'm about 12
>there's a scene about five minutes into it where some woman bends over towards the camera in a bra, inducing massive cleavage
>my friend's big, Dutch-accented father puts his hand over my eyes and says "hey! that's not good for your eyes!" half jokingly
>get home
>convince parents to rent the movie against their better judgement, because "it's really funny!"
>sit with family for movie night, watch until that scene comes on
>mysteriously disappear for the next big part of the movie

probably a made up memory that never happened. you dont remember things from when you're 2 years old. it may seem real but its not.
>but...you...you're on /b/
>Be someone with autism like myself.
>Remember unimportant bits of experiance very vividly for no reason.
>I was 11 years old at the time.
>The location was a Sears retail store. It was part of a mall.
>I was interested in powering a treadmill with mechanical energy.
>I located a treadmill in the fitness area.
>I used my legs to rotate the belt on the machine.
>A very obese African American woman who stood where a greeter usually stands began to cough very loudly.
>I was concerned for her health.
>I smiled to show my sympathy, and ran faster to further express my enthusiasm.
>She coughed louder.
>I began to realize the correlation between my machine use and her coughing.
>I have no idea why, but it made me feel bad.
>I ran to my parents.
>The memory often comes back to haunt me.
>I don't know why.
this reminds me of another

>be me
>be around 2nd grade
>parents let us watch R rated shit as long as they watch with us
>time to watch Die Hard
>parents sit on couch
>me and sister lie down on floor, no blanket just some pillows
>first 5 fucking minutes there's tits
>can't handle it
>"muh muh muh... moom?"
>"what anon?"
>"what do I do"
>Laying with back on the floor
>full boner sticking straight up
>completely frozen in time
>parents stop the movie and turn on nick at nite instead
>promptly go dry hump my sister

Says who? I have one memory from that age.
Don't tell him what he remembers and what he doesn't. Just because your memory betrays you by making shit up doesn't mean ours work the same way.

likely you were fed the information.

but OK superbrain kids dont get so anushurt
Brains dont even develop the part to have memories until we are like 4-5. Its like dreams, when you first sleep you have rapid short dreams that you cant remember and you only remember your last couple dreams in the morning.

>at young age dont have memories
>as you grow up memories start forming and get longer
I have memories from when I was like 3-4 years playing in the kindergarten... Shit was glorious
I remember making out with a guy when I was back in the early days of school. I was like, 6 or 7 at the time. We'd just go into a toilet cubical together or some secluded corner of the playground and kiss. Pretty sure it's what made me gay today.

I still know him today, he's a real cutiepie. I honestly have no idea if he remembers or not.
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lets do this

>Be 7
>have 14 year old baby sitter
>would "act like a dog"
>got in the habit of sucking her toes
>would do so every day for like an hour
>one day parents walked in on us with her toes in my mouth
>never saw her again
>Dry hump my sister

dude thats hot at fuck, do you remember if she ever moaned or got any pleasure from it?
It put's the lotion on it's skin, or else it gets the hose again.

Don't remember any moaning, but she certainly encouraged it.
>Be 6
>Brother is 17
>Sister is 19
>Grew up in poor conditions because of various circumstances
>Often missed parents as they both worked two jobs
>Brother hated me as he thought I was the reason parents were worked ragged
>Often bullied me over the smallest things
>Sister chastised him for it but often got too personal with me
>Didn't know how inappropriate it was until I was older
>One day brother comes home with a few girls
>Normally avoid him like the plague when his friends are over
>Get called by him from his room
>As I enter, girls start cooing and calling me cute
>Don't know what's going on at all
>Brother says something to them then leaves
>Girls spend the next two hours taking pictures of me naked and playing with my body
>Probably over three camera reels of photos with nothing but me being held down and molested
>Fingers in my asshole and tears down my face
>Forced to suck on the ugly one's tongue
>When it was over I crawled naked to my sister's room and waited for her to get back
>When she saw me she held me for the rest of the night
>During which she forced me to guide her hand to where they touched me
>Didn't think of it as strange at the time
>Guide my sister's hand as she gropes every inch of my body
>Every. Inch.
>Still pretty fucking shell-shocked at the time
>Now I'm 20 and I haven't seen my siblings in over 8 years
>Kinda wish I could forget about it
>8 yo
>Watching spiderman

That is very fucked up if it is true.
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and now I'm touching myself to the thought of it.

thank you.
wow what the actual fuck
do you still have the pics ?
shit nigga, Im sorry for that stuff happening to you
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>be 8
>male and female cousins are over, and in my room
>hey anon, have you ever kissed before?
>nope.jpg while coloring in coloring book
>want to? see, it's easy
>she kisses her brother
>uh okay
>kisses female cousin
>hey anon, have you ever seen private parts?
>show me yours, and I'll show you mine
>unzips pants and they're down my ankles
>in walks my fucking mom
>anon, WTF are you doing?
>buys it.
>play crash baditcoot for rest of day.
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I feel bad for you dude.

But im also very horny now

At least it was ugly girls and not ugly dudes.
>Like, 8 years old.
>Sister is 9.
>She sucked my dick.
>We humped in a park.
>Used to shove (what was there at least) in her ass.

Please let me just forget.
What in the name of fuck... man, that's bad. Feels for you, /b/ro.
This is probably something my friend would like to repress

>12-13 yo
>Have this friend I play vidya all day with living in my building
>One day I go to his door and ring, mom answers
>"Can Anon come play maam?"
>"In a little while he has to take his bath"
>"Oh okay"
>Decide to wait for him in front of his door, sitting on the carpet with my Gameboy
>Suddenly hear voices coming from his appartment
>"But muuuuum the water is too coooold" in Cartman's voice
>Mom yells from the other side of the flat "Don't forget to clean your wee-wee!"
>Burst into treats on the carpet
>20 minutes later he comes out with his Gameboy
>"So Anon did you wash your wee-wee carefuly?"
>His face when
>Crash Bandicoot

My nugga
That's hot..
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File: 1.gif (892 KB, 392x269) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Went over to my cousins house one day when I was about 10 and he was 14 or so. Walked up to his room and barged in like always. I see him laying on the bed, pants around his ankles. He is rubbing a Pink Power Ranger action figure on his dick. He sees me, ours eyes meet. I slowly back out and close the door. Haven't mentioned it since and we see each other weekly.
>be 10
>have older brother 14
>staying at grandmas house because Parents are away for the weekend
>grandma is a bitch and doesn't like to be bothered.
>day is normal had fun and shit
>fast forward to bedtime
>Brother and I share a bed because only one guest bed and no couch
>brother gets real close to me
>feel something press up against my butt
>he has a full blown hard on
>asks me to suck his dick
>Immediately refuse because that's fucked up
>"come on all brothers do this"
>refuse once more and begin to leave
>he grabs my arm
>"please you'll like it i promise"
>Im freaked out at this point and begin to struggle
> he pins me down and shoves his cock in my face
>forces me to suck his cock
>then begins to punch me and bends me over
>forces his cock in my ass no lube
>it hurts more then anything ive ever felt
>he finishes in my mouth
>I cry and puke afterwards because of the taste
>he says if i tell anyone hell kill are family dog shadow
>shadow was my best friend but i can't let this go
>tell my parents when they get back
>my brother convinces them its all a lie
>a week later my dog ate a plate brownies
> he died in my arms at the vets
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>I didnt know that I would be found here
File: 1397182167965.gif (158 KB, 500x282) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>mfw this

I never had them in the first place. I didn't see them again after that and I never brought it up with my brother out of fear. Don't really know what happened to the pictures themselves afterwards.


Thanks /b/ros. Shit gave me severe trust and touch issues I still can't exactly overcome.


I distinctly remember one being incredibly ugly, and that's the one who tongue-fucked my mouth. I only vaguely remember the rest but they were nowhere near as bad as her.

Actually, she was. Even at that age, I thought she was pretty.
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>you cant escape me anymore
not that unbelievable, i remeber things from as young as 3, only one thing but still its possible
When I was 7-9, I lived in a culdesac, and knew all the other kids there. Varying ages, from like 4-14.
> be me, 8
> be bored, decide to go all the way around seeing if anyone wants to ride bikes or whatevs
>next door neighbours first
>ask for Dylan
>Dylan is six
>his mom says "sorry he can't come out"
>she's almost crying
>I asked why she's sad.
>she poured her heart out, telling me every single things about how Dylan's step dad abuses both
>beats both of them mercilessly
>raped them both, in front of each other, dozens of times
>(not sure why she told all of that to an 8yo though)
> (Dylan couldn't play outside because his step dad didn't want people to see the bruises)
>never told anyone
>still don't know why I haven't told anyone
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holy shit..png
6 KB, 805x117
uh... dude I think your brother is in another thread.
>abandoning thread
try and find me relmy-poo
File: 1393450951007.jpg (26 KB, 300x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26 KB, 300x300
I'll let you go tonight. I'l be back.
File: 139711885396.jpg (48 KB, 500x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48 KB, 500x375
File: 1396569272663.jpg (72 KB, 281x263) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Be 12
>Ask female cousin (10) if she wants to see something cool
>She says yes
>Pull out my dick
>"lol seen one b4"
>"Yeah but do you know what its for?"
>"let me show you, follow me to the bathroom"
>We hide in the bathroom
>she does
>I am nervous as fuck
>Cant get hard
>She is just holding her shirt up with her pants slightly down
>Im doing the same
>Decide to try anyway
>Awkwardly rub my soft cock on her hairless cunt
>standing up facing each other
>Nothing happens
>Fuck its not working
>Guess were done here
>She keeps prodding me saying
>"I bet you didnt think id do it"
>Mfw she is right

God its just so fucking cringeworthy
Did anyone else read this?

Waht the fuck is wrong wth this anon is she on crack? or is she 14? WAT?
But i talked he even killed my dog because of it.
File: 1397101877815.jpg (204 KB, 783x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
204 KB, 783x960
You're wasting your breath, people refuse to believe that their memory isn't as good as they think it is.

Especially on a site full of people that all think they're the next Einstein.
>be 9 or so
>go to sisters basketball game
>need to piss
>tell parents that i am going
>"do you know where it is?"
>i say i do
>step off the bleachers
>make b line to locker room, that i thought was the restroom, which is in the gym (it is halftime or whatever)
>see it is empty locker room, leave
>people are laughing
>have to make the walk of shame once back to parents to ask where restroom and again to the actual restroom
>mfw when i was the halftime show
>mfw i recall this memory every day ten years later
>mfw i have no face red enough
File: 1390150585538.png (61 KB, 571x626) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
61 KB, 571x626

>be 11
>be at family party outside
>little cousin's birthday so there are games and shit everywhere
>be playing soccer alone like the beta retard I was
>rest of family eating outside in porch
>trying to get all the adults attention
>"hey guys! check this out!"
>exaggeratedly kick the ball around, full of explosion sound effects and awkward movements
>"oh thats's nice anon"
>fuck Im not getting their attention enough
>imagine a scenario in my head
>scenario: kick the ball inches over their heads while they're eating
>shit will be so cash
>everyone will recognize me as alphaasfuck
>prepare for most accurate kick of my life
>full speed ahead
>kick the shit out of that
>still remember
>it hits my aunt square in the face
>she was in mid bite
>corn and mash potatoes are literally thrown everywhere
>family freaks out
>"WTF anon"
>aunt has to go inside, says she has headache
>leaves with potatoes on her head
>situation begins to sink in
>I laugh hoping someone will laugh with me
>no one does
>entire family is angry at me
>continue to kick the soccer ball around
>full of explosions and movements

>mfw no one laughed with me
its bait, you fell for it
File: 1317884785500.jpg (35 KB, 480x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35 KB, 480x375
I have so many. I was the absolute fucking worst until junior high school (approximately).

I once asked one of my current best friends something tangentially related to Christianity. He didn't provide the answer I expected, so I paraded around the recess area telling everybody "David Davidson is an atheist! David Davidson is an atheist!". That was third grade, I think. I ended up getting into a fight with him. I tattled and he got a state referral. I didn't care because I had tons of them under my belt already. He cried, though. And I was proud of it.

I was fucking with some kid on the bus and he got fed up with it and said some harsh words. I yanked his hat off of his head and stomped it into the bus floor. He punched me several times in the stomach. I reported it and spent the next week bragging to everybody that I had gotten him expelled.

I practically stalked this one gay guy hoping he would be my friend. Because I didn't have any friends. I didn't even have any acquaintances.

People told me that they couldn't be friends with me because their parents forbade it. I assume they were lying, but it wouldn't surprise me if they actually weren't.

And that's just scratching the surface.

I mean... shit. I cringe just thinking about my past self. I'm glad I was finally able to grow the fuck up. When I see people that used to know me, I tell them that I had a concussion and got amnesia, and that I don't remember any events from before ninth grade (the concussion part is true; the amnesia part is exaggerated, unfortunately).

Any former absolute shitheads here to sympathize?
lies. i remember being stung by a damn bee when i was 2. I remember what i was wearing, and the magnifying glass i used to look at the sting.
captcha : uroadnd new
When I was 20 years old, I accompanied a friend of mine to his friend's house. Bam, instantly I was in love with him. He was the most magnificent, beautiful creature I'd ever seen in my life. And to my great delight, I later discovered the feelings were mutual.

We had a short but VERY intense romance. I also found out right away that he had type one diabetes (that's the one you're born with). It wasn't being taken care of very well. In spite of all the medications and insulin he was on, nothing was helping.

One night, he tried to talk to me about the possibility of him dying. I stopped him right in his tracks. "No way are we talking about that shit," I said. I couldn't live in a universe where he could die, it was too painful to even entertain.

A few weeks later he did in fact die. Accidental overdose of his medications. In fact, the last thing he did was talk to me on the phone was on lunch break at school. I'm very grateful that the last words I told him were "I love you" and "Goodbye."

But to this day, I regret stonewalling him when he tried to talk to him about his death. I hate myself for it. He should have been able to talk to me about what he was afraid of the most. And because of my selfish and stubborn ways, we lost a good opportunity to know what his final wishes were (his funeral was held at a church he was known to have hated).

That night haunts me and I wish I could just forget that I ever did that to him, but still remember him.
i would have laughed my ass off

infact im avin a giggle rite now m8
File: 1397058213551.gif (2 MB, 320x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 320x240
You were just a kid. Seeing that you were the halftime show just shows the game had no ideas for a real "half time show".
im not in the mood for brain teasers, asswipe

If he loved you the way you loved him, he would never hold this against you or want you to dwell on it.

Remember the good times and forget this.
what the fuck do you mean by "auto-pilot"
he gets into a plane and turns auto pilot on
Thats fucking legit

Ive done many things as a small boy i thought would be funny and just turned out awful. A side effect of that childhood autism i think most people have.

Captcha: luirdwi theorem
and fucking this!
>Be 13
>Have raging boner for no reason, typical for that age
>Look through folders i caught my dad closing the night before
>Find picture of my little sister (6 at the time), not quite clothed
>Fap furiously
>Want to kill myself every since
22 now, want to turn my dad in.
>be around 8 years old
>9 year old gril cousin
>stayed over her house, we were both sleeping in living room
>convinced me to show her the pee-pee
>she touches the pee-pee
>feels good man
>asks me to touch her pee-pee
>smells fucking awful
>uncle walks in, we both have to sleep in different rooms afterwards

I still see her every now and then, I think about it every time and I hope she's forgotten by now
But did you at least get ice cream?
What do you mean by.. not quite clothed. Like in provocative positions? Full on dick in mouth or what?
dumb fuck, I love hearing when kids around your age get RC instead of acid, when I hear them talk about their "experience" oh god I die of laughter
she was naked and sucking a popsicle
File: 1396654701436.jpg (47 KB, 635x477) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
47 KB, 635x477
File: 1379304823599.jpg (5 KB, 199x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I have a bunch of these..

>Be 6 with new dog at home
>Dog always has doggy boner
>I don't know what it is
>Dog always tries to hump my leg
>Scares shit out of me
>Let him hump my leg one day
>Stare at doggy boner
>Mom comes in


>Get in trouble

Shit was really awkward.. I try not to talk about dogs in front of her because the will always mention that day.
>be 6
>sneaking around the house
>see 13yo brother playing with himself to a picture
>when he gets done, notice picture
>it's a pic of me
I was raped by a woman before. True story.
File: ButWhy.png (20 KB, 158x158) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20 KB, 158x158
>spaghetti'd every time I met a girl I liked, even though I was one of the most attractive guys in my classes all throughout elementary and middle
>I quit high school because spaghetti
And to think of how great I could've had it if I didn't pack my spaghetti every morning
>>His face when

No image?
>Be 11
>Find picture still open on computer
>Fap to it
>Realize it's picture of me
>Damn I'm hot
>be me couple weeks ago
>looking at nn preteen stuff cuz im sick in the head
>find picture
>looks exactly like a friend of mine except 6-7 years younger (we're both 18)
>cropped out head and compared with pics of her now
>everything matches
>eyebrows, forehead, eyes, eye color, freckles, nose shape/size, lips
>every single minute detail matched (just looked younger)
>dont know how to ask her about her past
>never look at preteen shit again

She has daddy issues, trust issues, hates people, has tried to commit suicide once. Now I understand why...probably forced into doing child porn and it haunts her.
File: walt.gif (499 KB, 245x172) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
499 KB, 245x172
>be a 13 year old kid
>Start having some dark thoughts and don't know why
>Think god is judging me for these thoughts, I start to freak the fuck out. I'm gonna' go to hell.
>Become so terrified of dying that I develop Hypochondria and OCD as a result. Major depression and despair abound.
>Spend the next 7 years like this, until now.
>Still a major Hypochondriac (this month's choice of ailment: a fucking brain tumor). No more OCD, still depressed as fuck.
>Not as afraid of god now and more rational but still scared of dying in a way and in the back of my mind, I'm still going to hell and shit.
>I lost out of my teenage years and now as a 20 year old, I feel like my life is over and I'll never be rid of it.
>mfw I wish I could repress the memories of the last ten years.

Okay so this is like way before I had my dog. So I had stumbled across a porn site because I'm like 4, autistic and don't know how to type and I would browse that porn site and it got me curious.

>Naked after a bath chillin in living room
>One day 4 y/o me grabs cat in hat toy
>Mom doing something in other room
>Start rubbing toy all over my genitals
>Really rubbin that toy all over
>Mom walks in

>What the fuck are you doing anon
>Get slapped

Mom likes to walk into awkward things..
Repress plox.
tits or gtfo out

My last memory worth repressing is me trying to shove my tongue down my grandmothers mouth when I was 5 or something.
File: 1395104796032.png (114 KB, 523x349) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
114 KB, 523x349
>20 years ago
>be me, 8
>have pretty bro friend who lives 5 houses down, lets call him kyle
>kyle and I do usual 8-year old boy stuff : vidya and being a general nuisance
>walk in on parents going at it one day. they never found out
>week later, playin vidya with kyle in my room upstairs
For clarity, my parents were out of the house chatting with some friends in the backyard, while we were upstairs in my room.
>"Hey Kyle, I wanna show you something"
>"hold on anon, im playin super mario sunshine"
>Decide that my 8-year old boner waits for no man.
>Kyle is laying on his stomach intently focused on beating bowser.jr
>I casually walk over and pull his shorts and undies down to his ankles
>"what are you doin anon?"
>"Just keep playing, this will be fun"
>for me, atleast
>nice firm cheeks, spread em nice and wide
>lick up and down his asscrack for about 3 minutes straight
>kyle doesnt mind; probably enjoying it, the sick fuck that he was
>get a bit more daring
>rub sir penor in the great divide for awhile, eventually get tired
>"that was fun anon, we should do it again"
>mfw he never beat bowser jr
I have more stories of my fucked up childhood, if anyone is interested
Please do tell
fuck off
Your not alone m8

Only difference is that my teens were spent doing drugs. Im probably like this because of drugs.
File: sobbing.gif (846 KB, 245x245) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
846 KB, 245x245
>be 9
>family picnic at park
>lots of family i haven't seen in a year or so
>everyone having a good time
>bbq and shit
>adults getting drunk
>me and brother are down at lake, throwing rocks at frogs
>6 y/o cousin comes along
>we tell her to get lost
>"nobody likes you and they wish you were dead"
>she starts crying
>we just get meaner
>try to get her to jump in lake
>she runs away crying
>keep throwing rocks at frogs
>a while later my mom calls us over to eat
>start chomping burgers
>suddenly aunt is freaking out 'cause my cousin isn't around
>people start looking for her
>me and bro slightly freaked out, trying to play it cool
>like half the adults and all the older kids are looking around
>people looking around playground
>no sign of her
>down by the little beach
>how about around the little wooded area?
>not there, either
>somebody looked under a dock
>there they saw a rock
>it wasn't a rock
>it was a rock lobster
File: mfw.jpg (35 KB, 640x423) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35 KB, 640x423
>be me
>totally aroused
>like with a big fat double D
>think I´m all alone
>it´s dark, hot. whynot.jpg
>touch my lil dick until I cum buckets
>mfw I realize I´m not even born yet
File: 1370751966853.jpg (303 KB, 680x487) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
303 KB, 680x487
Fucking faggot.
>be 6 y/o
>found a vibrator thingy massager thing (not for sex, for massage)
>my brother and i would take turns using it on our schlongs
>like in the living room in front of our parents
>would masturbate for hours, it was so fucking gay

>be 8y/o
>would use waterjets in bathtub for masturbation
>my brother and i would bathe together
>push our backs against each other

>be 15
>had a diaper fetish but no diapers
>used makeshift jeans and a bunch of underwear to simulate diapers
>mom walks in on this
you do understand I said that because he was imitating that guys 6 year old sister
File: 1387755430553.jpg (65 KB, 500x383) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
65 KB, 500x383
I want to repress the memories i shared with my ex gf
>be me at curious young age
>watch some tv with 2 people having sex
>i dont know wtf it is but i like the look of it
>i go upstairs to my room and close my door
>start dry humping my teddy w/ no boner
>wtf is the point in this
>sister opens door, sees me then closes door
how old were you
Pamperchu? Is that you?
pamperchu has cancer :(
>be 12
>discover masturbation while listening to parents fucking
>not the actual story btw, kinda fucked up though
>sneak to my sister's room my one night while she's asleep
>feel her ass
>slide a finger in briefly
>go to bed and fap like it's the 4th of july
>still wondering if she notices
>be me lets say 6th grade
>had a "wet dream"
>Freaked out and thought i had an infection or some shit
>"Hey mom whats this white stuff"
>"Uhh Anon thats uhh... man stuff"
>Embarrassed as fuck
>go back to room
>never talk about it again
File: 1393361582652.gif (448 KB, 500x275) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
448 KB, 500x275
>be 9
>parents ask for neighbor to babysit me
>she's 14
>talk about stuff we like
>"do you like any girls in school anon?"
>told her one, but she doesn't like me
>tell her I get bullied
>gives me a hug
>she keeps holding me
>kisses my cheek
>keeps kissing until she kisses my lips
>french kisses me, telling her to stop, it feels weird
>asks me how
>tell her its giving anon jr some weird pressure
>she proceeds to blow me until i have a dry orgasm
>she taught me how to eat her out properly
>would spend my time at her house after wards
>she told me i could call her my big sis
>we would watch cartoons in her room while we took turns licking each other
>learned sex ed
>confused, feeling dirty, emotional
>she eventually told me its okay since we're "brother and sister" and we liked each other
>turn 13, she's 18, by this time we've had sex
>she left for college
>she gave me a big kiss on the mouth before she left
>cried for weeks, missing my "sister"
>8 years later, found out she has a kid with curly hair like me
>her boyfriend at the time has straight hair
>am I the father?
>I still have trust and sex issues
It actually happened a little over a year ago now. It wasn't penetrative rape, but as far as I know the term can still apply for what the fuck happened.

>Be me last year, Junior year of High School, 17. (inb4 underaged b8)
>In a relationship with a pretty girl, life is good.
>I wanted to get a little more fit for my girlfriend
>Reached out to a friend of mine in JROTC.
>Sophomore girl, but she knows her stuff
>I ask her to help me excercise, she agrees
>For a month or two we excercise together, she keeps pushing me to go beyond my limits and the sort
>It begins working, I lose some weight, I feel good
>We talk a bit after each exercise, we get to know each other on a more personal level, but still friends, as I would want it
>One day we are in a side hallway doing push ups and the like, and I have slight difficulty.
>She keeps trying to keep me motivated, keeps pushing me to finish.
>I finish the allotted amount of push ups given to me, feels good.
>Suddenly she tells me to follow her, I say okay
>She ends up taking me to a dark storage room, nobody is around
>I'm confused, don't know why we're there
>She then says something I never expected
>"So... What're we gonna do?"
>I'm confused still, don't quite get it.
>She then, after a long silence and me getting nervous as fuck, grabs my hand and puts it on her breast.
>I fucking mentally freeze
>She keeps moving my hand, putting her lips on mine, her tongue in my mouth
>Internally I'm disgusted, but my mind is exploding and I'm just too afraid to move.
>I sit there letting it happen, body frozen, complete silence
>She takes my hand and pushes it into her panties, having me finger her.
>I don't know what to do, I'm scared, I just do it to get it over with.
>She then pulls my pants down, sucks my dick for like three minutes, and then stops
>I don't cum.
>I'm afraid. The first chance I get I pull back and walk out.

A week after that I tell my girlfriend, and I almost lose her. Fuck that bitch, man.
pamperchu is fucking disgusting in my opinion
I wish my entire memory of him was erased.. Even though I loved more than I've ever loved anyone or anything, it's just too painful to know what I'm missing out on and to constantly look back wishing I did things differently so that maybe we'd still be together.
I wish I could forget being put down and abused by every girl I met since being a little kid.
File: images (44).jpg (3 KB, 186x139) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
images (44).jpg
3 KB, 186x139
>Be 9
>Before i start to actually masturbate
>Love using vibrating back massager on cock
>Little autistic me decides to try and do it discreetly
>Right in front of my grandparents
>tfw i used my grandmas back messager to masturbate in front of her
A little more detail I wasn't able to get in because of posting limits, she was pretty much physically and verbally commanding me to do shit the entire time. And in my scared state I just did it.

>"Put your dick up."
>"Touch me."

I thought she was my friend, a real friend. And then that shit happened... Needless to say we are no longer friends, she's a crazy fucking bitch.

what do you think of other ABDL's
>be me around 5-6 with 13 year old autistic friend (didn't know at the time)
>we go into his room and he locks the door
>gets naked and layts in the bed
>trying to get naked in bed with him
>reluctant but i eventually get convinced when he threatens not to be my friend
Don't remember anything else but I assume he probably went to town
some of them are pathetic but i don't like pretending like a baby, i just like wearing diapers they feel "hot"
Idiot, he'd be born in '94, making him 20.
Yep. Middle school especially, I lost some really good friends just by being a dick. In 7th grade band class I walked up behind a scrawny kid playing trumpet and choked him out, for no fucking reason. A week OSS. I had to move towns and reinvent myself for high school
>> suspended for 20 days
thats pretty fucking harsh
He would be 19 if he watched it when it came out.
>Be 7 yo old
>Family comes over
>Cousin who was older than me by 4 years comes and plays with me and my little sister
>We're up in my room and all the adults are downstairs
>The dog's laying down on my bed
>About halfway through we start to wrestle around like we're wrestlers or something
>My cousin starts to go after my sister alot
>He rubs her crotch when he grabs her and licks her
>My sister's just giggling thinking it's a game
>Mom calls for sister
>Sister goes running down stairs
>Cousin suddenly tackles me
>Pins me on the ground
>He says to me "I won. I am your master now."
>He tells me to take my shirt off
>Try to tell him no
>He yells at me saying I lost fair and square so I have to
>I keep telling him no
>He gets furious and tells me that if I don't do exactly as he says he'd kill my dog
>He takes his shoe off and starts beating my dog with it
>I start crying while yelling "Stop!" and take my shirt off
>He comes over and rubs his finger over my belly
>He starts licking me, telling me I taste good
>I'm just sitting on the bed crying
>He commands me to take my pants off
>My dogs hiding under the bed
>I slowly take my pants and undies off
>He grabs my small dick and pulls on it
>I tell him it hurts
>He yells at me and tells me if I complain about anything again he'd bite it off
>By the end of the night he'd sucked my dick and shoved a toy up my butt
>My mom asked me why I was sad and I told her I fell (That's what he said to say)
>I never told anyone.
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I walked into this goober masturbating at prom

The story itself is pretty unremarkable. I didn't know how to process what I was seeing so I just hung out at the food bar for an hour
>grandparents have subscription to sports illustrated
>swimsuit issue arrives
>sits beside chair, when i visit them i see it and look through it, never having done the sexual arousal thing before much
>grandmother sees me with it says "you don't need that", and puts it in their garbage
>but i'm fascinated
>i dig it out of the garbage a half hour later and go to the bathroom to look at it in private
>2 minutes later, grandmother is yelling
>i know i am caught and shouldn't have it for some reason, i know what the magazine is enough for shame
>push it through the crack beside the door and yell "there's no sports in there!"
>grandmother laughs
File: why not.jpg (16 KB, 500x327) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
why not.jpg
16 KB, 500x327
>be me a year later, 9 1/2
>still talk to kyle and other friend samuel
>samuel is staying at our house for a few days because his parents are out of town
>my parents love samuel : quiet, polite kid, doesnt cause trouble
>also liked playing vidya, +50 in my book as a 9 y/o
>im still fucked in the head, weird things going through my mind
>samuel was the kind of kid who would do whatever you asked if you were his friend
>lights out at 8:00, rest of the house downstairs watching TV
>nudge samuel next to me (we both slept in a twin bed)
>"You still awake?"
>"yeah anon, whats up?"
>"take off your pajama pants. I want to do something
>he gave me a really weird look, but did as i asked
>"now sit on my face until i tell you to stop"
>he does this with great haste
>"spread your butt for a sec"
>he sits the bud of his anus right on top of my mouth
>i tongue all around with a great view of his smooth asscheeks
>do this for a bit, have him get off of my face and sit on my dick
>he rubs himself all over me while i hotdog his beautiful bottom
>mfw he asks me to do the same and we do this until almost 11:00
have a few more. cont?
sorry man. people can be messed up. youll always have your /b/ros though, even though we can be pricks and sometimes just as messed up
>what do i do

god damn it anon there isn't a reaction pic to describe how funny i found that. i didn't laugh, but i did kinda go "hah." why am i unable to express emotion
File: 1396591845618.png (175 KB, 450x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
175 KB, 450x300
that makes me sad :(

sounds like someone did that to him too. how else you learn shit like that.
File: 1383524839766.jpg (31 KB, 419x344) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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i wish i could repress when my 12 year old half sister took advantage of me when i was 9.
the cringe is strong with this one
all the people saying "that's hot" don't know how damaging that shit can be. i'm thankful that i never had to deal with it, but a few people i know have, and they're still a bit messed up about it. damn dude..
>have Diaper Fetish
>Pamperchu is a fucking disgusting faggot
>also a trans
>One night was wearing panties and a diaper
>Wears jeans to bed because I dont give a fuck
>wake up next day
>Diaper leaked
>no place to put piss smelling panties because parents are awake this morning
>of all fucking mornings
>playing WoW
>take off sopping wet diaper, take off panties
>put behind my back on way to bathroom
>"anon good morning, wanna see my deathknight we did ______ last night"
>make way over to the with stuff still behind me
>"Check out this new sword..... do you smell that? You wreak of piss!"
>did you wet your bed?
>"that would be dumb" I say
>dad gets up and goes around me to the kitchen
>looks back
>"want me to make some break..... what is that?"
>be 8
>male friend over
>experiment kissing
>he starts touching my dick
>i touch his
>hear mom open door
>we play it off like we were wrestling
>Posting that without telling the story

I know you want the feeling of being interesting that you get when someone asks you, so...

File: 1396220920341.jpg (33 KB, 351x359) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33 KB, 351x359
This is something I wish would never have happened
>be 6 y/o
>not knowing about sex or anything like that
>roleplaying with my cousin(he was 5) and my neighbor who lived in the apartment above(was 5 and a half)
>they were farmers and i was their pig
>they kept slapping my ass to tell me to walk faster(i was on my knees)
>get turned on
>go up to my cousin on my knees
>rub his balls while trying to do pig noises
>not realizing how wrong this is
>things escalating quickly
>still thinking were roleplaying
>my neighbor approaches and watches, confused
>i slip my hand in my cousin's pants
>he doesnt mind, i rub his dick and balls
>we both take our pants off
>i start kissing his balls and he does the same to me
>neighbor also takes his pants off and starts kissing my ass
>things get extremely gay but I don't realize it
>we basically all proceed to sucking each other's cocks
>we kind of enjoy it and it doesnt feel wrong
>this gay shit lasts 20 minutes
>we hear my cousin's mom coming in the room so we all put our pants back on
>we go watch tv like this never happened
>cousin and neighbor leave (they were at my house)
>cousin's mom calls 2 days later telling my mom what happened(my cousin told her everything)
>my mom is completely disgusted and is really mad at me
>i have no fucking idea what is going on
>not realizing what i did was terribly gay
>mom is mad that i kissed her with my disgusting libs

my mom actually told this story to a few of her friends... most embarassing thing I have ever done and I wonder if my cousin still remembers it
>inb4 homosexual
I am fully straight, no idea why this happened
holy shit im so glad i didnt start wearing diapers til i got out of the house
You do realize there was a Spiderman cartoon, right?
>be 6
>sister 4
>see mom and dad laying in bed naked
>decide to recreate scene with sister
>feel guilty for some reason

I wanted to never remember that again, thanks /b/.
The worst part is that I try to just forget about it. I just want it to be in the past.

But I just can't repress it. I feel like it gets in the way sometimes too.

Back in HS I was gonna have sex with my girlfriend. We were in bed and it was going fine but then I just got that image in my head and I just couldn't do anything.

She thought I thought she was ugly. She eventually broke up with me. I still think she overreacted but I guess maybe not really since I could never give her an explanation.
>be 7
>catch frogs from a pond
>took my shovel and hit them like baseballs
>would squish there guts out
>feel horrified to this day that i did it

The fuck was wrong with me.
Wait, so you running on the treadmill gave her lung cancer? Am I right?
Did you believe yourself?
>be 3
>go to some daycare
>have to go to the restroom
>take shit
>no toilet paper
>wipe hand on ass and smear shit on the walls
>never went back again
File: 1372386775098.jpg (113 KB, 961x759) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
113 KB, 961x759
>trap her naked in 8ft swimming pool without ladder

I swear I thought this was about to be a sims copypasta
that's a really sad story, but as
said, if he really did love you, he would forgive you. he would understand that you were scared of the thought of ever losing him. you're probably not in the thread anymore but how long has it been?
>be about 7, at least young
>see my dog humping stuff, mostly our legs
>confused what it means
>mom tells me not to let dog do it because it makes the dog feel like our master
>skip ahead 1 week
>older brother being douchebag and hogging TV
>get in fight to get him to get off
>fail miserably
>remember hump dog was doing
>I assert myself in the position
>hump with relentless force
>brother shocked and runs to his room
>parents stunned at the act they just witnessed
>grab the remote, turn channel, and act like nothing happened
File: hurricane.jpg (54 KB, 460x258) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Enjoy the pictodistraction, and for a single moment, feel nothing.
When I was about 16, i shot a frog with a pellet gun. Somehow it didn't make it all the way through him, or hit him in a vital spot, and he was just laying on the ground, convulsing and trying to get back up.

I felt horrible, so I shot him until he stopped moving. Shit haunted me for a few weeks. Still feel bad to this day, and it's been like 4 or 5 years.
>Be like 6
>Bathroom door is open
>See mom peeing
>Notice hairy spot at bottom
>Me having a fucked up family already knew what it was
>Ask anyways
>"Hey mom, what is that thing?" While I point at her vagina
>"That's a vagina"
>"Oh, okay" walk out.
Another story

>Be 9 or something (I have a really hard time matching memories to dates)
>Having been breastfed for years
>Ask mom if I can
>She accepts
>Suck teet then walk away
What. Explain pls. Can I be rad hacker too?
>young Idk how old prob 6-8
>take shower
>dry off
>soft dick is unusually small
>most of the time much bigger
>think something's wrong
>hit it to make it to try and make it go get bigger
>Nothings happening
>Star freaking out
>Live with Gma
>start screaming and running to my Gma
>tell her there is something wrong with my thingy
>"what thingy?"
>pull down pants and show her
>say, "its tiny!"
>she says nothings wrong and let's me go on with my life
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fuck him, if he was right for you, you guys would still be together. i know how hard it is to just forget someone who you thought was the best thing you'd ever have, i'm going through that same shit. but keep your chin up, you're gonna find somebody that you're gonna love more than anyone or anything, yes even him. and you're gonna look back on tonight, and all the other nights you've felt like you weren't going to ever be happy again, and you'll think to yourself "why did i ever waste so much time on him?" you'll get through it anon
>mfw i know that feel
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>Kissed me with gross lips
>Mom is a mom
>has obviously sucked a cock at some point

Hypocrite much?
well, it is in the past. you were a victim, the victim of another child. not much you can do about that.
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>be me
>be 8
>hanging out with female cousin two years older than me
>it's late so we decide to go to bed
>asks if I want to just stay in the same bed as her
>can't remember how but for some reason she starts touching my dick
>touch her vagina a little
>tells me to lie on my back
>jerks me off
>go to sleep after that and never mention it again
My mother was shot square in the head, right in front of me. It's pretty much the only thing I want to forget.
>20 years ago
>Mario Sunshine
story's bullshit

I have a story for you. I have forgotten this one for many years.

>be me, 13-ish. Maybe 12
>Have female cousin, probably 8 or 9
>She's pretty cute
>for reasons I don't understand, I decide I need to teach her about my dick
>explain to her how her mom doesn't have one
>my erect cock is out of my pants, she's right next to me on my bed
>mom asks what I'm doing
>make up some bullshit like "laying down"

I wonder if she remembers/told her mom.

Elaborate you pussy.
Jesus loves you.
I lol'd
cringed so hard i went into anaphylactic shock
Reading all this shit brings me an old memory that I cant remember if it really happend or it was some kind of weird dream I still remember.

>around 10yo
>at the birthday party of a random kid whose mother is friend of mines
>playing gameboy and not giving a shit about the party or the kids
>a man walks in and ask me if I want to take some pictures and show me pictures of another kids naked
>go to another place to play gameboy

I'd really love to know if that really happend or if it was a dream or how the fuck did that has been stucked in my brain for all these years.
fair point
>be poor fag
>family lives in one room
>hear parents having sex
>fucking disgusting
>happened at least 16 times a month when I wake up in the middle of the night
>parents never gave me the talk too
Why me?
>be 5 or six
>go to neighbors house
>she was an old armenian lady who told awesome stories
>knock on door
>her brother Abdulghani (dont know spelling but just try and read that phenetically and you get the gist) answers the door
>"durka durka durka! Hahaha!"
>rubs my crotch
>step back confused
>"is... Is mrs. Adell home?"
>"durka durka no come in boy"
>run home
>flame shirt AND shorts
I'd have a crush on you, too.
>first day of 1st grade
>see black kid
>probably first black kid i remember (I lived in a white neighborhood)
>says hi
>he says hi
>i say "you look like chocolate"
>he gets weird ed out, tells the teacher
>got in trouble
for the rest of elementary he bullied to everyday until be moved out in 5th grade
>mentioning a report

Despite having girlfriends I was never capable of sealing the deal due to the trauma of it. High School was fucking nuts since my girlfriends all spread rumors of how I might be gay since I never did anything to them and shrugged off advances.
>On top of everything I'm incredibly ashamed so I never tell a fucking soul about what happened to me
>I tried at one point because I was with a childhood sweetheart but I couldn't dare speak the words
>We broke up because I had too much baggage for her, more or less
>Barely communicate today
Fucking alpha as fuck.
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Damn dude, exactly the same shit happened to me but i still have some ocd and a bit of hypochondria, sometimes i just go full depression
i wish i could forget those memories too
yeah, that makes sense. kids are fucking cruel
When i was 9 i ruined my catholic friend's grandmother's funeral. Long agonizing story short, the only reason i went was to see an exorcism.
>Be 15
>qt azn gf and I are on a date at the movies
>walk over to food place to get dinner after movie
>punk fucking skaters loitering
>edgy skateboy #1 spits on my gf
>I yell "what the fuck is wrong with you!"
>edgy skateboy #2 pulls his pants down
>he's wearing two pairs of pants
>pulls out knife from 2nd pair
>end up just walking out cuz I'm mature but at that age it looks really beta

I kinda just wish I never dated that bitch, she was a handful
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