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Incest thread?
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Incest thread?
>sexual stories involving relatives
>creep moments involving relatives
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i have no stories to share but pls can this be good
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Op here going to provide some oc
>4 years ago
>be 16 with 14 year old younger cousin
>texting gf while she watches family guy on netflix
>glance at her and end up staring
>long smooth soft white legs toned from her gymnastics
>eyes keep going up to her nicely shaped ass in her white 'PINK' shorts
>when the hell did she get so hot?
>eyes keep going up as she was wearing a striped white shirt
>black with pink lining bra shows from under
>tits greatly grown as she no longer wore a training bra
>at this point boner pokes out of basketball shorts tenting
>look at her face hoping she doesnt look over to me
>shes biting a straw of a arizona drink busy looking at the tv
>hair in a messy bun her creamy neck exposed
pic related
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you're not a good greentexter are you?

go on
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was there ever an ending to that one?
mods really, is this really staying on the front page.
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has there ever in the history of /b/, been an instant where the answer to the faggoty question, "cont?" was no?
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just stfu
everytime i get drunk with my sister, she tries really really really hard to makeout with me

i seriously dont get how any of you fucks fantasize about this shit. it's not hot, it's your fucking sister.

inb4 sister is ugly
No idea why autists ask that stupid shit
Mad props to the cunt that made that bottom caption unreadable.
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I know you're probably not twins, but this may help you.
went to bed early waiting for my brother to join me but my parents are home
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lol no i'm not i'm terrible at it
>try to adjust boner under shorts
>sit up and try to act normal
>cant get my eyes off her
>never realized how much she's grown
>she looks over
>"anon wtf you doing?"
>she looks down and smile
>"your gf made you happy?"
>look down boner got loose
>tenting once more
>turn red like a fucking lobster drenched in tomato sauce
>she gets closer to me
>"lemme see what she sent"
>gf and i talking about homework
>give her a look
despite her size she is very athletic and fast
>she darts her hand and grabs my phone and runs off with it
>"wow anon homework is really sexy"
>blush again cover face
>"does hw actually turn you on?
Speaking of wincest, has Brother Red been seen recently?
Keep going fuck face
No context?
>be me
>new years at uncles house
>aunt and uncle piss drunk pass out
>cousin, 13, easy 8/10 NOT RELATED asks if want to drink
>get piss drunk as well and head to her room
>start making out and clothes coming off
Later find out it was her first time as well
>sloppily have drunk sex for like 2 hours
>cant finish, "ill just blow you anon"
>finish and ask if she wants to be eaten out
>eat her out but dont make her O because im a beta freshman
>sit up and look at my shirt
>looks like i murdered a child
>WTF go in bathroom and look in mirror
>blood all in teeth
So needless to say my first time was horrifying
waiting for my brother
Someone rp with anon he's bored.
Wake me up when you decide to use more than one finger at a time to type these.

>what the hell is taking you so long
>"no it doesn't"
>"soo.. why are you hard?"
>"cause its random idk!"
>she laughs
>she keeps looking at my dong and i start to wonder
>"are you turned on?"
>she blushes and looks at me
>"no wtf" looks away from me and twirls her hair
>her legs seemed more closely together
>i keep looking at her and see between her legs a drip that ran down her leg and her intp the couch
>holyshit.jpg shes wet!
>boner hard enough to slice diamond like butter
>"umm hey anon cuz"
>"can i ask you something"
>"umm why not?"
>"cause i want to ask you something"
>"what is it?"
>"is it weird to have a crush on your cousin?"
>"cause like i had a crush on you for a while
>blush and words seem to escape me
>"naw its not weird its cool"
>"so what were you gonna ask me?"
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Time to take it up a notch
sorry guys it takes forever to submit it was stuck on 52% for a good minute

>sd represent
thats so fucking fake
>be me
>sister 17
>at my computer, shes behind me on a chair
>she saw me masturbating once and just said "anon, [brother] will be home soon" then left
>thought i would use this opportunity to see how far i could go
>put porn on my computer screen, erection clearly visible through boxers
>pic is mfw when no reaction
>ok, lets see what i can do now
>put my hand in my boxers and rub my dick slowly, no reaction
>turn up volume, no reacton, still talking about theme parks
>start moving my hand faster, still talking
>fapping at the speed of light by now, put hentai up on screen, STILL TALKING
>ok.jpg unbutton my boxers and flop the D out
>no reaction, at all, shes like 3 feet away from me
>rubbing dick with no reaction, after like 15 more mins of this, and talking about theme parks, she goes to her room
>she has seen me masturbating a lot since then, cock and balls on show and has had conversations with me, watched films with me
No problem i'll just keep updating this thread for a while i'm getting into the story so I'm kinda obliged to by now.
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>"i was gonna ask if you umm..."
>"if i what?"
>"liked me"
>she then pauses
>time felt to pause the air thickened
>"yea i do"
>i get closer to her and lean towards her
>she backs away but then relizes whats happening and nearly jumps at me
>she kisses back passionately
>arms go around my neck she pulls on my shirt
>soft lips touching mine
>1000000x better than gf
>put my arms on her waist and get her on top of me while we lay on the couch
>she bites my bottom lip and doesnt stop kissing me
>it was wrong but everything felt right
>she kisses my neck and i grab her ass lowering her shorts
>bare ass
>!sded.jpg she wasnt wearing underwear
>she gasps a little
>feel her run her hands up my body under my shirt
>take off my shirt and she does the same
>her black bra was larger than her size and it was easy took look into her bra seeing her small pink quarter sized nipple
>unhook her bra and she starts feeling my dick
>"kinda big"
>doesnt kill the mood as i lower my shorts and boxers
>she gets off me and i lays on her back
>The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
>Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

If you're going to write a story, at least make it a small bit different from all the other ones, that's literally exactly how all the stories go.

>do you like me?
>okay let's have sex now
>be teenager
>dad dead, mom raised me for most of my life
>she's a hot, slim redhead, total MILF
>she's also a doctor
>gives me all my physicals
>normally not a problem until i hit puberty
>then pretty embarassing
>one time in particular
>she examines me, then bends down to get something off a low shelf
>she's wearing a tight black bodysuit, shows off her ass
>can't help it, boner
>she turns around
>try to act casual, but she knows something's up
>notices the boner
>"oh... don't worry, that's a perfectly natural reaction for a boy your age."
>not getting any less embarrassing
>she bites her lip, looks down at it, then looks back at me.
>"do you want me to... help you with that?"
>look her in the eyes, surprised.. "you mean?"
>she nods shyly
>"Wow, mom, that would be... great."
>she bends over
>grabs her tricorder
>takes a few quick scans to calibrate dosage and then preps a hypospray filled with standard issue libido dampeners
>totally fine now
>"thanks mom!"
>"No problem Wesley, now you'd better get to the bridge before your shift starts."
File: 64321965342.jpg (52 KB, 600x297) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
52 KB, 600x297
>pull her shorts all the way down and she spreads her legs
>pubes seem so soft and seemed like a teenagers chin fuzz
>wet pink slit opened her tiny pink pussy dripping
inb4 she wasnt a virgin a year before this she was caught by my aunt having sex which never let her sleep over at anyones house
>slide my dick in she winces and pulls her head back
>tight squeeze barely able to fit
>cock was actually in pain
>being uncircumcised fag gave me a very sensitive cock head when the skin was pulled all the way back
>barely able to fit it all in until she lifts her legs
>grab her waist and start to thrust
>so tight her juices dripping down my leg as i went it deeper feeling her wall
> she moans loud after i noticed she was trying to hold it in by biting her lips
>keep at this rate in missionary for a while her quiet moans escaping her at every interval
>feel a rising pleasure
>start to pick up my pace
>she cant hold back the moan any longer
>starts to moan louder
>shit gonna cum
>she looks at me
>"fuck... harder.. harder!"
>do as she says
>cant hold back keep going
>cum inside her
>her eyes open wide as hell
>nearly pop out
>"fuck anon! wtf!!"
>"shit im sorry"
>she tries to get up but her legs wobble
>"clean me up stupid!"
>get up and grab tissues
File: 92a.png (517 KB, 600x508) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Goddammit Wesley
whoa... please tell new you have new of those two
pic related?
fast foward about 2 weeks later
>broke up with gf
>been hanging out with cousin daily except weekends
>talking about how we will raise the kids
>what our parents will do if they find out
>she comes up with the idea to have sex with someone else and say it was him who got her pregnant
>go along as planned but she starts to develop feelings for me
>starts to call me daddy and what not
>feeling start to grow as i start to like her back
>randomly get a text on a weekend
>she had her period
>a sense of relief and a weight lifted off my shoulders
>felt my childhood return no fear of being a parent
in b4 i have nudes from before she turned 18 not sure if i should post
cousin has a new bf now we havent had this type of thing since she turned 17
(pic of her at 14)
yes all pics are of her
You're using inb4 wrong
File: 1387600968193.jpg (56 KB, 596x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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dude i dont care if u blur her face just post pics!!!
File: 1397088005866.png (562 KB, 550x914) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
562 KB, 550x914
cropped out her face
File: 1393871994407.jpg (40 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40 KB, 1024x768
You shouldve posted them and just said they were from after she was 18. Now moot is gonna come for you OP

>also inb4 doesnt work that way
Interesting how the filename suggests that you saved that file from 4chan some time ago.
Post dem pics

bump was hoping for some insight on my situation of perpetually masturbating in front of my sister to get a reaction to no avail, even if its a reaction disgust
Holy shit i remember that thread OP was bretty cool. Thanks man for sharing pic
>Be me
>Be 14
>Sis is 11
>Fight regularly like every sibling
>sometimes play in bed
>cuddle a bit
>get hard

happens few times

>sis 12
>girl get in my room
>sit on bed
>get bored and just put up some music and get in bed with her
>hug and cuddle while music plays
>gets on top of me and get hard
>get under the sheets while still hugging and she kind of straddles me
>caress her back
>get under her shirt and lightly caress her bare back
>she breaths heavier
>press my hips up
>eventually start to caress and knead her ass
>feel her pressing down on my crotch
>knead her ass and grind lightly against each other
>both glowing, also hot under sheets
>get frisky and enter my hands in her pants and panties
>feel the heat
>lightly touch her pussy lipss
>she shakes
>still grinding
>run my fingers trough her slit
>shakes heavily and lets out a moan
>fucking hot.gif
>push her a bit up and get my hands lower
>lower her
>my fingers pressed against her bare pussy by our bodies
>she grinds fucking hard
>hear parents talking cleaning up the living room and turning off tv
>will probably come upstairs
>gets to her room
>best fap ever that night

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do you even need to ask
Uh.. Yeah.

next time we're home alone

>watch tv
>get under sheet together
>cuddle bit
>rub each others legs
>look at each other
>"lets go upstairs"
>to parents room
>under sheets
>pulls her pants and panties down
>she leads my hand to her pussy
>finger her
>get under the sheets
>kiss her body
>move to pussy
>try to eat out
>no taste
>immediate moan
>just lick it
>lick bit faster
>get up again
>decide to take my pants off as well
>put her hand on my cock and wrap her hand around it
>help her jerk it a bit
>eventually cuddle and hug again
>take everything off
>gets on top of me again
>hot wet slit on my cock
>didnt insert
>we grind
>make out
>never make out again
>grind harder
>both come
>breath heavily
>go back and watch tv while cuddleing
>get to bed before parents come home

i have moar
File: 1372347845494.jpg (29 KB, 300x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29 KB, 300x300
>it's not hot
There's a story behind this, surely. Please share it.
What are you waiting for...
Go on, then.
8/10 good job
>be 15, aunt 25
>Shes recently divorced an living with my mum and me
>Goes out gets drunk
>Comes back and lays on sofa watching tv
>IM in room start falling asleep
>She starts masterbating
>Im wide awake now watching her
>Her legs are open, underwear round an ankle
>Staring right at a waxed pussy
>Jack it
>She stops, looks, freaks out
>Asks where my mum is
>Tell her shes working until midnight
>She comes over says to me not to say a word to anyone
>Pulls up skirt and straddles me
>Rides me for 5 mins no intimacy
>Cum in her
>gets up and goes for a shower
>Never happens again
>Sometimes I doubt if it ever happened

on holiday

>south of france
>bedroom for me and my sis with double bed
>maybe cheapest option
>parents probably wanted to fuk
>watch tv in bed
>don't know how we got on the topic
>watch porn on my iphone with her
>thank god for free wifi
>girl giving blowjobs and stuff
>asks me about it
>ask me about cum
>start hugging and grinding again
>pull her pants down
>get undressed
>ask to take cock in mouth
>feels good
>cum rather quickly
>heavy breathing
>she takes everything off aswell
>hug and cuddle
>get hard and grind again
>pull her high enough
>tip pushes against entrance
>adjust a bit
>until hurts her
>push a bit
>too much pain
>mm, change positiong
>get on top of her in again
>deeper already
>her legs around me
>get deeper
>look down
>all the way in
>slowly fuck like this
>start to cum
>inside her
>was late bloomer so no period yet
>have sex every night that vacation

We continued haveing sex when we have the chance
19 and 17 now
both have SO
no emotional or mental problems
still have sex a few times a year
learned a lot from each other
sis her periods hurted so she had the pill at young age

TL;DR: Sis was fuckbuddy since young age
Be me
48 year old parakeet
Just chillin' like a straight up boss and playing with my fucking toys and shit
Bird next to me goes "chirp"
I reply with "chirp"
Which is like wanna bang?
Ride her
She's 24
End it with us stuck on the toy and acting like it didn't happen
>be me at 16
>sis is 14
>we make a bet winner has to do what loser says all day
>I win
>make her clean my room
>she finds my starchy sock
>"ews annon what have you been doing?"
>I look at her
>"if you dont want it messing up my sock you get it out of me"
>she looks at me in shock
>I pull it out "suck it"
>she sighs and drops to her knees then shakes her head
>"you have to we had a bet"
>"you could of asked nicer" she says then licks it
>soon starts to suck it not minding her teeth
>I pull out and cum on her chest
>"ANNON! WHAT THE FUCK" she yells
>"I'm sorry can I get you a towel or anything?" I ask
>"yes" she says
>she smiles "I need...about tree-fidy"
it was then I realized I had not been blown by my sister but the goddamn lock ness monster
bampity bamp bamp

for interest
So Imma write my story here, and although enough years have passed that I have forgotten direct dialogue and my hormones have since filled in the blanks, this stories events are 100% true, aside from names,… those I leave silent, not for my protection, but for hers

So this all started when I was 16 years old. I was about 5’9 190 lbs, and built like a brick shithouse. I worked out every day, I played Junior Pro rugby, Taught to fight by a golden gloves boxer, Was the captain of the Wrestling Team and was a starting wide receiver on the football team. Needless to say I was in great shape. A finely tuned athletic machine if you will. I was pretty good looking, and while I was a total jock, I wasn’t an asshole, I was almost a beta fag as I was too nice of a guy and girls tended to go for the asshole stoner kids in my school. No big deal, I had my fair share of the sexy library nerds. They were more my type anyway.
My little cousin was 14, and about 5’4 120 lbs, she had nice ripe and firm C cup tits long red hair, and an ass that was out of this world. Think the cute freckles of Faye Reagan but with a body more like Teagan Presley. Her mother was a rich doctor, and my aunt by marriage, her father (may he rest in peace) was my actual uncle.
My Family life had kindof been the shits for a long time, so when my Uncle passed away when I was 14, it was decided that I would move in with my cousin and my aunt and help them through their hard time. This also allowed my parents to fuck off and do whatever it is they wanted to.
So my little cousin kindof became my little sister instead, I’d walk with her to school every morning, dropping her at the elementary school that was on the way to my highschool, and later on we’d walk together to our highschool school.

>>this will be long winded, should I continue?
3/8.5 you didn't even properly set up the punchline.
anyone have the second half of burnt foot anon's wincest thread? shit was hot.
File: 1391469261415.jpg (84 KB, 612x612) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
84 KB, 612x612
please, longer the better, this sounds promising already
oh I might as well share.

> me 26, my cousin 16.
> watch her blossom into hot as fuck teen.I'm coming back from deployment. best shape of my life.
> her sweet 16 bday party, invites me to family gathering. her friends think I'm cool, want me to join them later for more partying
> I decline. but cousin really wants me around
>I agree to let them come to my place and drink for a kickback. imfuckingtired.jpg
>11:30 pm her and her friends come over and chill after they went club
>omfg my cousin looks hot af
>contemplating thoughts of probably fucking her
> shots.jpg
> everyone gets wasted, some sober up and drive home.
> her ride is passed out drunk on my couch
> cousin is still really tipsy
> she says "let's play Mario kart like when I was younger"
> she runs off into my room and grabs one of my shirts. she's in just her panties and my button up shirts
>we play, keep drinking
> she brings up hour she missed me during deployment. how I'm like hey big brother. wishes more guys were like me
> she scoots closer
>I tell her she's very pretty
> she says "how pretty"
> I said "ok I guess"
> climbs on my lap and says. I'm a virgin and I am really hot ok. slurred as hell
> lift her shirt a little and place both hands on her ass
> she's grinding really hard
> my dick is diamond
> I throw her onto her back, she's struggling to take off my pants while we make out
> we're both fully naked
> I go in fast
> she screams
> I freak out
,> ohshit.jpg
>"no! don't pull out! come on plz!"
> I get back inside her
> her body squirms, gripping the sheets
> heaven.jpg
> cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy, then cum in her pussy
> we're both breathing hard. in unison we laugh.
> play more Mario kart
> she sucks my dick. I keep playing
> we fuck 3 more times that night

pic related.

best part was she was totally ok with it for a while, had sex for maybe 1 1/2 years more before she left to college and got all feminist.
File: 1395878758685.gif (2 MB, 400x242) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 400x242
That's the way I like it. Short & bloody.
Now earlier on I said I was a rather big guy for my height, well I was also a pretty aggressive guy, probably a sideeffect of shitty parentling, contact sports, and having my aunt dropping me a 300$ a week allowance… it was pretty boss when I was 16.
Anyway im off topic.
The first time I ever saw my sexy little cousin as anything but my little cousin. Was when we went to the same party. One of our mutual friends had held a huge party for anyone in our school to attend, Being a jock and a bit of a party animal I went with a couple of my nerd buddies who didn’t want to go alone.
And holy fuck, did I get drunk… and I was horny. So I started making my rounds to as many of the cute girls I could. And I found one that I knew I could get something from, One of the editors of the school newspaper. Cute little brace faced girl that was known to suck a good dick. So I cling to her and weezle her away from her friends. I wink at my little cousin, who rolls her eyes as I take the little brace face into one of the bedrooms and look around make sure no ones around.
She was really nervous I remember, shaking a little bit even, and we talked a little bit while I worked my hand on her inner thigh, I could feel her body slowly starting to relax under my caresses.
“do you like that?” I asked her as I started to nibble and lick her neck (why the hell does that always work?) . she moaned a little response and opened her legs a little and to my surprise dropped her hand directly on to my cock and started to rub me through my jeans. The next thing I remember, was this girls head in my hands as she lay on her back on the edge of the bed while I vigorously fucked her throat. God it was what I needed, it felt amazing, she was the first girl that had really let me go wild on her face. Fuck yea.
Suddenly the hairs on the back of my neck shot up and I heard a screech from the room next door. And some muffled thuds and then a girl saying stop repeatedly, and some more thuds.
I don’t know what possessed me but I pulled my hard cock from the brace faces throat, told her Id be right back, pulled my pants up and left the room.

I pounded on the next room’s door.
she was wild. the very last time we had sex was when she moved to her dorm room. I helped her unpack then we grabbed lunch, she's never had her own place before so that was the first time she tackled ME into the bed
more of her?
both pics and this one she is 16.

she had the best booty. omfg I'm getting precum just thinking about her from behind
My sides need to go to sickbay.
Requesting more of this booty.
Died a lot parents think I'm actually retarded for laughing at "nothing"
Hat's not your sister. I know my porn tits and those belong to Donna Sky
I have a similar, although more tragic story...
>be love bird
>hanging out, in my cage, chirping like a motha
>have twin sister
>chirp at her
>she says nothing
>she says nothing
>just stares at me
>I can tell she wants me
>go in for a kiss
>bang our beaks together
>try again
>beakbang again
>can never seem to connect
>say fuck it, just thrust towards her
>she's moving to make herself available to me
>expecting to hit soft twin body
>bang against solid wall
>that's when i realize
>i've been living with a mirror in my cage my whole life.
lul wat
Heaven, you really need a break. You can't troll like the old times, really.

“Fuck off” a guy called followed by another series of complaints from the girl.
I tried the handle, the door was locked. But it was one of those shitty twist locks, and I had strong hands. So I twisted and broke the lock and marched right in.
And here was MY little cousin Sarah, with her tits out and he cute little skirt trapped around her knees and a look of horror on her face. God it was hot, I have no idea why but I just stared at her. Her tits, her cute little ass, he tear streaked face.
Wait a fuck.
Her tear streaked face!
I looked at the guy, Zach, with his cock in his hand and a frightened look in his eyes, his hand on the back of my cousins neck. And scratches on his arms and a red cheek.

>> anyone reading or should I stop
Keep going
>broken cheekbone incoming
“Mother fucker” I yelled,
Someone behind me said “Oh what the fuck?”
I flew across that bed before I even knew what I was doing, I planted my shoulder directly into his sternum driving the wind instantly from him and slammed him into the drywall behind him. Before he could straighten his head out I threw him against the dresser and gave him a few knees in the balls and threw him to the ground. There were drunken cheers and laugther coming from the hallway.
I looked at my cousin who still had not managed to cover herself, and was shaking uncontrollably. I grabbed her off the bed, took the blanket with her, wrapped her in it and left the party.
In hindsight this wasn’t a good idea, It was about an hours walk home with my distraught cousin. We never said a word to eachother. I was so fucking angry I could feel the blood pumping through my the whole time.
I got her home. Brought her to her room and sat her on her bed removing the blanket from her, finding that her top was still wide open and her skirt and panties were gone, presumably fallen off her on the walk home. She just kept her head down. Once again I found myself starting at her perfect little tits. Before I realize what I was doing I reached out and cupped one for a moment. When she looked at me, right in the eyes I realized what I was doing and jerked my hand away and leant back as to get the obvious boner in my jeans out of her face. I ran and grabbed her some Tylenol and some water, and found her laying in her bed and the remains of her clothes on the floor. Her eyes were closed.

I left the glass on her table. Tylenol next to it, and took one last look at her. I leant in and kissed her forehead.
As I left the room I heard her Shuffle
“I love you Jordan” she almost whispered to me
“I love you too Sarah, get some sleep” I said as I left the room and went downstairs to my suite.
Oh yea, my aunt also let me live in her basement suite. I had my own kitchen and bedroom, bathroom, living room. It was boss.. really.
fuuck. i have the house to myself with my hot cousin and not too long ago we we're drunk and she just came onto me telling me how i was hot/cute and she wanted to blow me so bad. how should i approach her with the subject? she's been trying to get me to party with her TOMORROW. and ofc the house will be ours..
cut that shit the fuck out
>fucking hot.gif......yep
I lay down on my bed and tried to fall asleep but that wasn’t going to happen. I had a problem to take care of. I opened up my laptop and started searching for porn. But nothing was doing it for me. And then I got distracted and started searching facebook.
Something brought my to my little cousins page, I found myself searching through her profile pictures until I found one of her sitting on a rock at the lake in a sexy little string bikini. Before I knew it I was furiously stroking my cock. I remember imagining myself being the one bending her over the side of the bed at the party. But instead of resisiting she was begging me for it.
“Jordan please, I need it, I need your cock,” She was saying
“Jordan pin me down, fuck me hard, fuck your little cousin”
And at that thought I remember I exploded one of the most torrential pourings of cum I ever shot all over my shirt and jean, literally panting with the euphoria of what I had just done.
I couldn’t believe it, I had never even thought of my cousin like this before and here I just had one of the best orgasms of my life thinking of her begging me to fuck her.
I went to sleep a little disturbed at my self, remembering the feeling of her tit in my hand.
dear god moar
No kidding. There must be moar.
When I woke up I could smell coffee brewing and was a little confused, I wandered to the living room and could see my little cousin sitting on the couch with my tv on, a coffee in her hand. And my robe wrapped around her. I poured myself a cup and sat down next to her.
“Hey Sar, how you feeling love?” I said, finding it very difficult not to stare at her exposed legs, or at the deep V line of her neck and chest.
She continued to watch the tv. “Im okay Jordan” she took a deep breath and a sip of coffee and then looked me in the eyes. “Id just rather not talk about it” I could see the hurt in her eyes and wanted to press her but found myself nodding and looking into my cup.

She shifted in her seat and lay down across the couch and put her head in my lap. And started flipping channels. She did this all the time, but normally I had more than just boxers on.
Normally I wasn’t staring at her gorgeous legs, or the side of her breasts pressed against my thigh. Normally I hadn’t jerked myself furiously thinking about her the night before. And sure enough, nature took over, and blood started to flow into my ever hardening dick. I closed my eyes tightly and tried to shift my cock away, it was basically sitting right on top of her head now.
“Jordan?” She asked without looking from the tv, and placing a hand on my leg starting to play with my leg hair.
I swallowed, hard.
“Uh, yea”
“Can we hang out today, I really don’t want to be alone, and, well… I’d rather just be with you today.”
‘Sure Sar.” I smiled, ignoring the feeling of her hand on my thigh and my cock pulsing above her head, (theres no way she wasn’t feeling it)
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>He doesn't want to have sex with his siter
>MANY teens struggle with admitting to their families that they are gay
Yeah... Apparently incest is actually okay, just as long as you don't tell people; but if you do... You're a faggot.`
“Jordan?” She asked without looking from the tv, and placing a hand on my leg starting to play with my leg hair.
I swallowed, hard.
“Uh, yea”
“Can we hang out today, I really don’t want to be alone, and, well… I’d rather just be with you today.”
‘Sure Sar.” I smiled, ignoring the feeling of her hand on my thigh and my cock pulsing above her head, (theres no way she wasn’t feeling it)
Her hand started to wander higher up my thigh and was caressing my inner thigh, her breath on my leg felt so erotic, my dick was throbbing so damn hard I couldn’t believe it. I put my hand on her side and started to rub her gently, and she seemed to melt into my leg and started rubbing her face against my leg, Now this might sound weird but this seemed at the time to be one of the most erotic things I had ever felt. I looked down and saw a large wet mark on my grey boxers from all my leaked pre-cum.
This went on for about 15 minutes before she suddenly sat up and ran to the bathroom. I quickly rearranged myself and lay down on the couch, pulling my couch blanket down to cover my hard cock, and the obvious wet mark
Fucking epic story telling this!! Need moar... And then maybe a hard copy!!
You guys have to read Tasha's Brother if you haven't already.
Not bad tbh. Could be better
>16 yr old blonde cousin
>me 14 and love fapping n porn
>beg cousin to let me use the condom I found in her purse in her
>gives in and says yes after shower
>comes into my room & We make out
>drop her robe and push her on bed
>start eating like in porn
>tastes tangy maybe due to poor hygiene.
>still too horny and swallow all juices
>slip on blues condom as she moans as I eat her out
>slide on up & throw her legs over my shoulder.
>slap boner on clit, like in the porn movies
>insert & pump faster & faster for 2 minutes straight.
>pull out and slide rubber off
>explode jizz all over her tits, tummy, n hair.
>she gets kissed cuz she just showered
>I say ok, get dressed, and go to other room to tell my other guy cousins I just fucked Brenda.

They applaud & congratulate me. Show condom for truth & the confirm I fucked.

>flushed condom
>continued life.

She's 27 now & has a kid with a black guy & is chubbier.

I still remember her shaved vaj 11 yrs ago when she was 16, I was 14.
I listened for her in the bathroom and Im not sure what she was doing but I couldn’t hear her pee or anything, But before long she came back a little flushed, looked at me laying down and smiled, her cheeks were a little flushed almost like she was embarrassed, and her robe was now only loosely tied to the point where the folds of it only touched just above her navel, and I could just barely make out the tiniest little bit of her nipple sticking out the side as she moved to lay down infront of me, surprising me and making my heart jump into my throat as she lifted the couch blanket off of me and looked my over once smirked and pulled the blanket back around us.
Wholy fuck, theres no way she didn’t see my hard on, or the wet spot.
She grabbed my arm and pulled it over her and nuzzled herself back into me. The feeling of her warmth and the smell of her hair did nothing to help rid me of my erection. Nor did the feeling of her tight little ass cheeks as they pressed up against it
“Jordan?” She asked again.
“Can we stay like this today, it just feels so nice, and I just want some comfort, Mom wont be home until tomorrow now either, and I don’t really want to go anywhere
My heart started to pound. A knot appeared in my throat as a thousand indecent thoughts ripped through my brain. “Sure Sarah, anything for you love.”
I responded and squeezed her tightly to me, causing her robe to slide off of her chest, And although the blanket still covered it and I couldn’t see it. I could sure as hell feel het perfect tit press into my arm, her nipple, hard as rock pressing into my wrist and I felt her squirm in my arms just the tiniest bit.
thank you I wasnt sure many were reading
im here dude. lurking.
im hard as a fucking rock right now
Oh yea been lukin! And will continue to the end!

Obvious copy/pasta

wtf is taking so long then?
I am reading, keep posting bromigo
also waiting
Is your mind unable to work out that if its taking such a time, It might not be copy/paste?
File: Newshit.png (410 KB, 1804x1026) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Yea a fucking Copy pasta from my goddamn MS word file after I type it ya fucking cunt
Don't care if pasta, I haven't read it before, enjoying the story so far.

Do please continue.
Why would he bother to write out the entire test if its pasta? Just making a point!
Keep going /b/ro, this is some good shit?

Are you still in shape? If so, how about a timestamp of just your body?
Might add some validity to the story.
“Thank you Jordan, I love you”
She said, just as softly as the night before, and I smiled,
“I love you too Sar, I always will”
And she pushed her hips back softly, but with intent. I felt my cock push up between her cheeks and she wiggled slightly and I froze, not daring to move.
There’s just no way in hell she meant to do that. She’ll probably move in a second, she’ll move once she realizes just what she did , I remember thinking to myself
My heart was pounding in my chest again. My vision began to blur while I paniced. Here my innocent beautiful little cousin was trying to seek comfort after a horrific moment and I was getting off on her body. She’d hate me when she found out. And there was no doubt she was quickly catching on.
Then she squeezed her checks together around my and pushed back once again, grinding me through my boxers. I could feel the intense heat coming from her and it was not helping. She stopped moving. And it seemed she stopped breathing for a moment before she grabbed a hold of my arm, the arm around her and resting on her chest and lifted it gently, and slowly. I looked down and watched her as she closed her eyes tightly and slid my hand into her robe and onto her perfect little tit, and squeezed my hand making me in turn squeeze the tit below.
My cock lurched and she moaned and pressed her ass once more into it. Reaching her arm down and back to rest it on top of my hip, and she squeezed and thrust herself back once more. I just lay there staring at her in silence as she ground herself against my cock repeatedly, and simultaneously thrusting her chest into my eager hand.
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2 MB, 360x264
few /b/ros from the other thread are streming the masturbation videos of this gurl
wanna hang


>ic related
Can you send a DL link to this doc please?
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She did this for a few minutes before she stopped and opened her eyes and looked up at me just to find me staring wide eyed at her. She smiled such a sweet, yet seductive smile back at me and slowly slid her hand from my hip down the front line of my boxers across my stomach. And looped her thumb under the band and awkwardly tried to push them down, absent mindedly I assisted her and before I realized what I was doing, I had the around my knees,
Sarah once again pushed herself back at me and I felt and entirely new sensation, now you might think she thrust me deep into her tight little cunny, and that we fucked on my couch. But we didn’t, not quite anyway.
With a little help from my precum I slide right down between her cheeks and could feet the burning hotness of her pussy lips rubbing themselves on the shaft of my cock, I grunted, she moaned, and her hand found its way to the underside of my painfully hard cock. At some point the blanket slid off of us and she looked down at what she was doing.
She continued thrusting backwards causing my cock to come dangerously close to sliding inside her every time but her fingers wrapped around the underside of my shaft stopped that from happened while gently stroking me.
Now this was hands down the most pleasurable, erotic thing I had experienced up until this moment of my life. I was going to cum, and fucking hard.
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File: spidermantouch.jpg (47 KB, 500x367) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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sure just give me a data storage sight and I'll post it on thur
File: spiderman4.jpg (11 KB, 262x192) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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“Im gonna-“ I started to say “ooooh” I screamed as I erupted blasting wave after wave of cum across her thigh and stomach, (and as I later noticed across my coffee table and onto my Xbox controller)
MY whole body lurched with every shot of my cum and I think she may have cum as I could feel her pussy twitching violently against the top of my cock. I was panting and my world was spinning, I could barely breath.
When my eyes finally opened Sarah had turned herself around and was looking me in the eyes smiling. I lost myself in her eyes and leant forward and kissed her, mustering as much love and passion as I had in me. I couldn’t believe what I had just felt. And she kissed me back with as much intensity. But then she stopped and pushed me away
“Jordan” She whispered, “I need a shower, order us some pizza and pick a movie, then come join me”

>>P.S. Fuck you spider man
>>541690768 65835289 1 Thanks. You could
use "Just Beam it"
So fucking hot
any good videos out there??
Is there any sign ups or anything with this site? because i want the DL too!!
With that she scurried into the shower and I sat on the couch slack jawed until I heard the water start. I ordered a pizza, ordering ham and pineapple, even though I fucking hate Pineapples. But they were her favorite, and after that, she deserved it. I looked at the mess I had made of my coffee table and laughed and cleaned it up before almost skipping into the shower to join Sarah.
I slipped in slowly behind her, and wrapped my arms around her and kissed her neck, her body relaxed into mine and her hands began to reach back and rub my thighs. I grabbed the bar of soap and started to wash her body with it, slowly rubbing all over her gorgeous body, admiring her cute freckles and long red hair. My cock began to harden and twitch again as she once again pressed her ass into it as my hands soaped her tits. She turned around and kissed me with the same vigor as I had her earlier.
I let my hands drop to her ass and started rubbing her ass cheeks somewhere along the line dropping the soap and now just enjoying the tenderness of her ass.
My fingers wandered into her crack, made one little pass over her rosebud, and then plunged into the hot tight depths of her little pussy and she almost screamed into my mouth, bucking her hips against my fingers. I lowered myself slowly and began to tongue her perky little pink nipples (that looked oddly similar to my own) and stepped up the pace of my fingering, loving the way her pussy squeezed against me and the way her body trembled when I would rub against her clit. Suddenly her body went totally rigid and she bucked against my hand as hard as she could, sending my fingers to the knuckle inside of her and she came against my fingers.
cmon anon, dont leave us hangin
Keep it coming anon
And a link DL pl0x
> Have twin sister
> As little kids we always saw each other naked at bath time
> We sleep in the same bedroom
> Fast forward a few years
> Age 11, one night we're in bed (separate beds of course) talking
> Conversation turns to penis / pussy stuff
> I get a weird new excited feeling talking about it
> She asks me if I've had an ejaculation
> I say yes
> I ask her what she's done with her pussy
> She says grinding / rubbing
> She says she had caught a glimpse of my penis...
> ... and noticed it's bigger now
> She asks to see it
> We have penis / pussy show and tell
> I show her how I can squirt
> She shows me her clit...
> ... says she can get mind-blowingly awesome feelings in her clit now
> Curiosity is kicking in like crazy
> We're rubbing, fingering ourselves and each other
> Start doing it every night
> Those first few nights were the most intense of my life
> We didn't fuck because we knew it's wrong
> But we basically become masturbation partners for a while
File: 1375868456088.jpg (249 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
249 KB, 1024x768
File: ehehuehuehu.png (1 MB, 1762x1254) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1762x1254
compiled version
After a moment of riding her wave her body went limp in my arms, I rinsed her off and we got out of the shower. She threw arms around me from behind in a hug as I made to leave the bathroom. I could feel her breasts against my back and the top of her head on the back of my neck. Her hand reached down and gave my still hard cock a few stroked before letting me go.
I turend around and was about to kiss her when the doorbell rang.
“Shit, pizza” I ran to my room and pulled on a tshirt off the floor and a pair of shorts grabbed my wallet and went to get the pizza.
One of my good friends was a driver for the pizza place and was at the door with my pizza, he turned around when I opened the door and handed me the pizza, I paid him as he asked me what I was doing later, I told him I was busy, put the pizza down and turned around.
He looked me up and down and started laughing, Which at the time kind of pissed me off. And he said “Yea, looks like you were anyway, See ya later Jordan” and he fucked off back to work.

I flipped him off and walked back down to my suite with the pizza and put it on the table, turned to see my cousin standing there wearing nothing but one of my Rugby Jerseys, (the ones made from under armour, not the sweaters) and as loose as it hung it hugged her in all the right places. I looked her up and down and noticed she too was giggling at me.
“What the fuck’s so funny” I growled
“Have some fun last night Jordan?” She asked pointing at my shirt
“Huh?” confused I looked at my shirt and saw the dried cum from the beating I gave my cock the night before all over it.
“FUCK” I cried
And she laughed
And I laughed
theres a little more coming, then Im gonna have to go jerk off , remembering and writing all this is making me so hard haha. I'll write even more later and find a thread to dump it in

will also post DL link before I leave
No! Fag in between sentences!! Keep going
Im not in Horrible shape, but not like I used to be.
I blew out my knee in a Rugby match and had no more reason to stay in the same shape.
Also I have no camera to timestamp with so your shit out of luck
sorry man
Not that I've heard of, although someone said they had heard he was just busy, but was going to be back.
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Jesus wouldnt accept my twisted ass even if i wanted or needed him!

Bible has been doing wincest looooong before /b/ was born.
I guess Jesus was a big fan
french kissed with my cousin when i was 8, she was 6.
>be 13yo me
>derp da herp
>herp de derpity derp da hurr
>until one day
>da hurr majerk de purpity pop
>derp jahova hurr
>da wibbely woo
>from the creaters of
>and "I'm pretty sure he eating ass-spaghetti"
>Danny Trejo proudly brings you
>Dahehduha'd my cousins Hoowibity boo
>rated pg-13
With that we sat on the couch, she curled up next to me and turned on a tv show. I don’t remember what it was but I remember it was lame. But I was more interested in staring at my sexy cousin, admiring her like I never noticed I could before. At some point in the next few hours I nodded off. When I woke, it was to one of the most amazing blowjobs I’ve ever received.
Her lips were tight around my shaft, her right hand was caressing my balls, and her left was strokeing the base of my shaft so gently, but so firmly. Her tongue, I cant even begin to describe what it was doing, but it was heavenly. (not like the fucking asshat Heaven that trolls this board mind you) She would slowly suck me about half way into her mouth and while she did that she would stroke my shaft slowly upwards until her fingers met her lips, then she would go back up slowly and suck hard at the tip of my cock and repeat, her right hand would roll my balls from side to side and her middle finger would massage just behind my ballsack on my gooch.
She did this for what seemed like days, but was probably more like 5 minutes before I felt my imminent climax quickly charging forth. Like she knew what was going to happen she popped her head from my cock looked me in my eyes and whispered
“Do it Jordan, cum for me”
And slammed her head with fury almost to the base of my cock, This was all I could take and for the second time that day, my cousin made me pour forth a bucket load of cum, she tried to take it all in her mouth but gagged as a rope hit her gag reflex and she spat it all down on my stomach.
“Wholy fuck Sarah that was amazing” I said, “I don’t want to know where you learned to do that” I added as an afterthought
She looked me in the eyes, leaned forward, and without breaking eye contact licked all the cum from my stomach and swallowed it all down. Then giggled as I went slack jawed once again felt my cock jump a few times.

“Come on baby, lets go to the bed,” she said as she turned off whatever was on and we walked to the bedroom, I was staring at her perfect ass swaying as she hopped up on my bed.
We lay there in bed for a while, kissing and whispering. Giggling and exploring eachother for a while, We had to have been there for hours before we ended up cuddling together, the same way we had on the couch earlier. My hands roamed down her side and I watched as Goosebumps formed all over her body. She rolled over and kissed me. I ran my hands through her hair and she looked me in the eyes and smiled, thrusting her body forward causing my hardness to press into her mound and I groaned against her lips.
She rolled herself on top of me as we made out, groaning and grinding herself against my cock, he pussy was so wet and so hot I could feel her juices dripping onto my shaft she pulled her body up kissed me and looked me in the eyes.
“I love you Jordan” She whispered with tears in her eyes.
The heat in her words took my breath away as I began to mouth the words “I love you too” back to her when she shifted and violently slammed her pussy down only my shaft.

Whatever breath was left in me left as I felt the tip of my cock peirce through her, although she did it with incredible speed, It felt like an eternity to me, as I felt the tip of my cock slowly slide between the lips of her pussy, her tight, wet, sucking pussy.
My world spun as I felt the heat of her insides slide farther down my shaft. Every inch of her felt like it was massaging against me.
My World ached with love as I felt my cock smash through her hymen and then bury itself to the hilt in her velvety depths.

I couldn’t even see straight as I felt her quiver on top of me. I felt a tear drop hit my chest as she leant forward and her arms wrapped around my chest, her head against my neck. Her perky little tits rubbing against my skin as she slowly started pistoning her hips on top of me, grinding my cock as deep into her as she could get it.
Her body rocked on top of me, my pleasure causing me to see stars. Her gentle moans piercing my soul.

I slowly, and without exiting her rolled her to her back, I looked into her eyes and kissed her. I told her I love her and she smiled.
At that moment, I spilt, for the third time that day, my seed for my little cousin. This time deep inside her, I could feel her depths spasm against me as I poured what seemed like a gallon into her. After a while, and once I was soft I slid down and began kissing and nibbling at her chest and stomach before resting my head on her pelvis. Her hand ran through my hair as I lay there, and we both once again drifted to sleep.
link is dead(?)
Doesn't work
Yeah its not working.. Damn idk why. Could you use dropbox or google drive?
Is that Santa Barbara

yea ill find a way to drop it later i need a fap :D
Postings same link doesnt help
pls do it now. I gotta get going 570 25356889
OMG yes. Actually the redhead I thought of too

its not all of it, but where it starts getting good.
Thanks man. Could you just send me the complete doc when you can? [email protected]
Would you guys accept a mother's boyfriends daughter story?

Do you want the whole story or just when it gets good?

Fuck misquoted. Do you want full story?
Yes please

aight hold on
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Fuck you spider

Also, for those who want it, the full story.

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well that was a quick wank, but thank you guys for listening! and Im glad to see someone figured out how to share it!
"just remember to pull out" fucking autistic faggot
You're fucking welcome guys...

Seriously, all those viewers and not a damn thanks.... *grumble*
dat title by the way, makes me smile!
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TouhouLarry is here!
i would
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I have no problem with incest. Fap all the time thinking about it
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All have on me at the moment guys. Sorry

Captcha: howdido whyy
Somebody is gonna have to Drive this...

captcha: and idertd
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and now the thread dies to worthless pics

hey /b, call on me again if there's a story to save
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Do not fret friend, TouhouLarry is your friend
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Whats with this non-Spider-Man shit?
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If I wanted Touhou, I'd get my ass to /jp/, or one of the countless fan sites scattered all over the internet.
Why fap, she could blow it again for you
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Remember guys, epicwincest.txt
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When I was 14 and my sister was 12 we started fooling around, like rubbing each other and giving oral. We did that off an on for a few months, until one day we were home alone and decided to go all the way. We had an hour home alone after school before our mom got home, and soon we were doing it every day, and on the weekends if we were lucky. One time we almost got caught, and then we started faking like we hated each other all the time so our parents wouldn't get suspicious. It was pretty fun keeping up that act, and then kissing each other when they weren't looking. This lasted a couple years until our moms work schedule got changed and we had a dry spell for many months, with the occasional no holds bared fuck festival on the weekend. Eventually I convinced my parents to finish a room in the basement, and move my room down there, because my room was "too small" and the light from the window "kept me from sleeping." Then she started sneaking down to my room every night. To avoid bed creaking, we'd fuck on the carpet, and she got into the habit of riding me like a monster. When I was 19 I moved out and about 40 miles away, and then we started to drift apart. It's been a couple years, and we've both had a few significant others, but every time we visit since then, it feels kind of awkward, but also like there's a lot of sexual tension. We've only talked about it a few times. A year ago she mentioned spending the night at my place, but we didn't want the parents to be suspicious. I think she might still be interested in me, but I'm honestly not sure how to proceed.
Havent posted this in a while so might as well paste it again. Story I wrote a while ago

Story 1: Part 1
>be me
>at cousins house
>two girls one 11 one 12
>11yr/o being the hotter one
>both amazingly tight asses
>sitting in dark room on couch downstairs
>me & 11 yr/o sitting together
>her wearing tight leggings
>her lying the other way with her feet towards me
>I start to kinda push her a bit
>she grins
>kicks me back
>I grab her legs and pull her towards me
>still both lying down just her head above covers
>her tight ass coming really close to my dick
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Story 1: Part 2
>still lying there in dark
>me desperately wanting to start feeling her up
>ask her the difference between yoga pants and leggings
>us being pretty close she explains to me
>I start feeling going oh yeah I see
>I pull her in again
>this time all the way and her tight ass is not on my dick
>obvious raging boner
>she doesn't notice I guess
>she kinda laughs asking what Im doing
>say im trying to get comfortable
>shes like oh okay
>she gets up
>lays back down with me in spooning position
>holy fuck her ass is amazing
>me commando in sweatpants feeling all of it
>I decide to put on a horror movie
>some dumb one found on netflix
>shes kinda not into it but i insist and she gives in
>first scary part comes up
>insert scary fucking noise
>she arches her back and screams
>her tight ass pushing right into my dick
>she wants to turn it off
>she picks some comedy next
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Story 1: Part 3
>she gets up to get wii mote
>I look right at her ass
>her leggings are like halfway down
>and you can see her pink panties
>panties riding right up
>as shes standing shes kinda moving around looking for a comedy
>she kinda bends forward to stretch a bit and then back up with her hands in the air
>I sit up for not so horizontal view
>start holding dick
>picks some netflix comedy
>turns around to sit back down
>sees me with hand in pants
>doesnt say anything
>lays back down in spooning position to watch
>I mention how cold the basement it
>she like yeah thats why i came to cuddle
>she comes is even closer
>reaches back to stroker her hands through my hair
>kinda fucked but fuck it let her do it
>shes like now its kinda too hot
>slowly pulls her leggings down
>arching back
>tight ass with panties pressing hard on my raging cock through the pants
>yeah you're right
>taking my shirt off
>funny part in movie comes up
>both laughing
>she turns around from spooning position
>looks me right in the eye with a smile
>she says you're my favourite cousin
>I say it back
>gets all relaxed
>hugs me and wraps her amazing legs around me
>I kinds grab her thighs and feel them up
>wraps her arms around my neck
>rests head on my shoulder
>her loose sleeveless shirt riding up really high
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Story 1: Part 4
>shirt riding up really high high
>she's wearing this satin pink bra
>my hands rubbing her thighs
>I move them slowly up her legs
>her ass being the main focus but kinda risky
>I move right past her ass to feel up her body
>she kinda moves back her chest a bit so I can feel up her front
>start going inside shirt
>rub hands from waist up to neck
>slowly getting closer to tits
>pretty fucking developed for a 11 yr/o
>she moves in and quickly kisses my neck then looks at me with a concerned face
>I smile
>she looks relived
>starts sucking on my neck
>fucking full speed ahead nigga
>I grab her tits and start grabbing at her bra
>she stops for a second to take it off
>sticks it between cushions
>me rubbing her nipples
>they get hard fast
>shes feeling all around my chest
>i ask if I can take her shirt off
>says she sleeps naked anyways
>i say I do too
>both give eachother the look
>I rip off her shirt while she tries to get my sweatpants all the way down
You called?
Eh, fuck this
TouhouLarry is bored
Might go fuck another thread up
Story 1: Part 5
>both naked under thin sheet
>I move my dick so its pressed on her stomach
>now fully making out
>me wondering how shes 11 and she knows how to make out
>fuck it
>I grab her ass harder then Ive ever grabbed an ass before
>shes moaning a bit
>thump from upstairs
>she jolts
>I turn her around back to spooning position
>shes giggling
>dont know fucking why
>tell her to shut up
>aunt comes downstairs with phone light
>both fake sleep
>she sees
>covers are on thank fuck
>thinks its sweet in the morning
>grabbers extra blankets and goes back up stairs
>fall asleep with my dick between my hot cousins ass cheeks

Thanks for reading /b/
I have another if you wanna hear it
Shit, no mother/son stuff?
This Thelma is good, she knows a normal dude wouldn't react so badly about it unless he is gay

Obviously we want more.
Story 2: Part 1
>be me
>16 at the time
>female cousin who is 15
>both in same school/math class
>perfect face
>dark brown wavy hair
>kinda pale but not too pale
>blue eyes
>perfect body
>kinda small tits but still very much there
>would say low c-cup
>but you could tell they were perky
>gawk at her ass all day erryday in class
>she dances so 10/10 body and ass automatically
>family usually goes to uncles house everyonce in a while for family stuff
>outside on porch
>comes to sit beside me to converse an such
>wearing really high wedged up pink shorts
>loose cropped shirt
>sitting pretty close her thighs are touching me
>almost boner
>family around
>me moving around groping her ever so slightly
>she doesn’t notice or care

>later that night
Story 2: Part 2
>later that night
>usually other cousins would be there too but this time it was just the two of us
>us being pretty close
>sitting down on pretty long couch playing madden on other sides
>she changed now
>she’s wearing those amazing tight black spandex yoga shorts that kinda ride up her ass
>same blue crop top
>could see neon pink bra underneath
>HUGE pass in madden
>she’s mad
>slides over to my side of couch
>hits me in the arm
>kick her back
>she goes “aw did that hurt baby” grinning
>me “not my fault you suck”
>she gets up to change game in xbox
>as she’s walking over she turns around
>throws the finger behind her back smiling
>was already looking at her ass so hardly noticed
>saw it
>all the approval I needed
>grab her from behind and wrestle her to the ground
>me not having anything under my sweatpants feeling her ass all on me
>full on wrestling now on the ground
>her shorts riding even further up
>me sorta groping her in the process
hahaha. wtf?? why did she assume he was gay because he did not WANT TO FUCK HIS TWIN??
Used to feel up my sister when I was 15 and she was 19, she was passed out drunk so doesn't really count, even sucked her toes and one time sucked her nipple, also fapped to her fucking her boyfriend through the window.
Bull fuckin shit I saw this exact picture in a thread a night ago fuckin quer
Story 2: Part 3
>her on her back me on top
>wraps her amazingly smooth legs around me
>let her flip me over on my back
>she’s on top of me now
>her right tit was literally almost popping out
>cleavage was showing pretty hard
>raging cock at this point
>I flip her back over so she’s lying on her stomach
>sorta feeling her tits on the way down
>dont really know if she noticed
>she’s on stomach
>me pressing my dick through my pants on her ass
>her shorts barely even on her anymore
>her tapping out
>”alright alright you got me anon” she said laughing
>flipping me over once again so she’s on top
>sitting there both catching breath
>her tits moving in and out
>she relaxes her body on top of me
>could probably feel my dick pressing up against her
>has kinda long staring contest with her
>obviously her trying to look cute
>well she fucking succeeded
>pulled her in and kissed her right there
>heart fucking stops
Story 2: Part 4
>why the fuck did I just do that
>kinda weird look on her face
>then she kinda bites her lip in literally the hottest way
>oh my god fuck yeah she’s into it
>about to start making out
>loud footsteps coming down stairs
>lights are on so they’d see us
>both get right up
>me putting dick in waist band
>both sit on couch as her drunk as fuck mom appears
inb4 why didn’t you fuck mom
>”hey mommy” she goes like nothing just fucking happened
>mom fucking almost falling down
>she goes to help her get back up stairs
>well fuck
>until on her way up she looks back
>holy fuck yes she’s coming back later
>its like 12:00am now
>she didn’t come back
>me sleeping downstairs on couch
>watching netflix and shit
>decide to rub one out to what just happened
>just starting
>no porn
>really fast light footsteps coming down stairs
>me thinking fuck its her fucking drunk mom again (who is gross as fuck btw)
>pulls pants back up
>door opens
Story 2 Part 5 (long part)
>thank you
>she changed her shirt
>like a tight sleeveless one
>rides a little up her stomach
>see pink bra better
>the tits on this girl wow
>those fucking shorts fuck
>turns around to close door
>insta-boner again
>kinda felt like she was just gonna jump on me again
>we talk for a bit
>talk about how she just left her ex
>she says she’s a virgin and stuff
>me 3
>fucked one girl before this
>she ugly tho
>she’s kinda putting on the vibe that she’s into it
>I say we should like continue wrestling
>prepared for awkwardness
>she smiles
>flicks me
>I fucking pounce
>wrestle on couch for like 5 seconds
>she leans in starts making out
>I immediately grab that amazing ass
>best thing I’ve felt in literally for ever
>grabbing at the shorts
>wedging them up higher very slowly
>basically full wedgie on this girl
>feeling up her bare ass
>nice and cold
>boner rising
>I kinda lift her shirt up a bit
>not fully but below her tits
>check for approval
>pull shit off
>see amazing bra
>kinda pushed up but ill take it
>I think she noticed my huge boner-through-pants on her tight ass stomach
>reaches down and holds it on top of pants
>”this okay?”
>me like uh fuck yeah
Story 2: Part 5.5
>reaches into my pants holding my dick
>her hands kinda cold but got used to it
>grab her tits though her bra
>start making out again
>this time harder
>she’s on top of me btw
>laying on couch
>I take her bra right off
>oh my god not a push up
>just amazing tits
>nipples are kinda hard already
>makes me all happy and stuff
>I literally caressed those tits for an extremely long period of time before next position
>licking them also
>I got back to wrestling mode
>I whip her over on her stomach really fast
>she makes this high pitched laughing sound
>actually found it cute as fuck
>back to position we got caught in
>me dick on her ass her laying down
>those shorts are like half way down
>I grab the top of them and slide them down
>as they come off her ass literally bounced a little
>almost came right there
>held in
>grab ass
>slap a bit
>every slap she made that same laugh sound
>hot as fuck
>pull my dick out
>put it on her ass
>she turns back over to look at me
>”are you sure you’re into this”
>dumbest question I’ve ever heard
>still i say ‘omg fuck yeah I am’
>she smiled
>i pull pants all the way off now and shit off
>pressing hard dick on her ass
>rubbing between cheeks
>slowly feeling around for her pussy
>omg feels amazing
>a little wet sorta i guess
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