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Wincest thread. Post captions, stories, whatever....
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Wincest thread. Post captions, stories, whatever. No wincest images on my tablet so only got some pics of my ex from years back.

Also, looking for one where a sister takes self defense classes but her brother rapes her to show she learned nothing.
Bampity bamp
Someone's gotta have some wincest pics to start it off!
Fuck it, dumping ex-gf pics. Don't have anything nsfw unfortunately.
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and here...we...go...
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Fuck it, right now spiderman would be welcome. At least it would bump the thread.
Much appreciated anon

You're welcome.
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Bump for more stories
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Yo get that greentext where the son fucks the mom outside
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wincest thread! yay!

I only had that one story about my godfather which i posted on some other thread, so I can't really provide more

but bring on the greentext stories you crazy /b/astards
Tits or gtfo
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I have a good one.
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I was in that thread. That was a good story, Anon.
File: image.jpg (135 KB, 640x1136) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>'it wasn't rape'
>was actually rape
woman logic
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She got really horny after this...
Point for child rape I guess... Depends on who's keeping score.
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thanks!! I never actually wrote something like that down before so it was pretty cool to recall everything!
is she from Northern California???
>I'm sorry for sexual advances
two messages later
>I'd fingerbang you, I'd hit that shit right
the fuck
>inb4 anyone asks. yes I do have the whole set

go on, anon

I agree. That was pretty messed up.
Post it
will upload and send link
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> be 13, sister be 16
> saturday morning, huge pile of soil in the front yard, parents tell us to shovel it into wheelbarrows and move it to the backyard, they'll be back in the evening
> sis has huge tits, easily double Ds, around noon she complains about back pain
> be an idiot, ask why
> sis groans, lifts shirt, shows tits in bra
> "because they're so big you moron"
> be more of an idiot, "they don't look that big..."
> she sighs, "i'll show you later"
> continue shoveling, takes until afternoon
> done, take a quick shower, while i dry myself off sis comes into the bathroom (lol no locks)
> "hurry up i wanna take a bath", turns her back to me and starts to undress
> i stare as she gets naked in front of me
> she turns around, notices me staring, sees semi-boner, grins
> i get a full frontal view, huge tits, completely shaved, full on boner now
> shouts "OUT!", as she pushes me towards the door
> go to my room, masturbate furiously, omg i just saw a naked woman!

> get dressed, go to living room, sit on couch, watch tv
> half an hour later sis comes out of the bathroom, comes into living room
> stands in front of the tv, wrapped in towel
> "did you get a good look?"
> blush, stare at floor, nod
> "want another one?", towel falls to floor
> omgomgomgomg, too scared to look
> she sits down next to me "you can touch them if you want..."
> cant look at her face, eyes fixed on her body, lightly touch her tits, so soft
> fondle for a bit, boner again
> she pulls it out of my sweatpants
> "you're such a little perv", starts jerking me off
> after a while she starts sucking me
> cum in her mouth after a few seconds
> she gives me a kiss on the forehead, leaves

Nothing else ever happened. Years later we talked about it, I told her that I've been lusting for her ever since, but she wasn't into the idea, and that was that. I still fap to the events of that day.

Cool pic, and even cooler story. Thanks for both.
File: 1356250121078.jpg (44 KB, 500x333) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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am uploading it to googledrive if that is okay with you fuckers

It's okay with me.

and there you go, have at.
if it doesn't work tell and I will make a rapidshare account or something
axone doing new captions ?

Sorry, Anon. Still haven't finished the ones you gave me this morning. It's been an unproductive day.
I guess no cares about the kyndall folder? well fuck all you fuckers too then.

Sorry, it looks good Anon. She is incredibly hot. I didn't realize there were so many pictures of her. I'd seen a pic of her here and there before, but this is a treasure trove.
>Cum in sis' mouth
>Doesn't do anything with cum
>Kisses you on forehead
How much cum got on your forehead?
i couldnt open any of them, it looked good thoug
no probem i sure the captions will be great
I'll upload to a site like megashare then
thanks anon, you rock
do you have the one of the mum that would help her son out?
give me a minute, my windows explorer is being fucky and keeps crashing, need to run a virus scan later I guess

No, sorry. Maybe someone else here does though. Anyone?

got it
File: 9297050.jpg (78 KB, 400x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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megaupload would be nice, because it is a pain in the ass to download each individually through mediafire. Thanks for trying, though.
fuck, okay I will try again, I couldn't figure out which one was which
(also, I closed browser and reopened so most likely new ID)

Your efforts are appreciated, Anon. It may help if the files could be zipped into one file, but there may be reasons to keep them separate as well. Either way, thanks for all the hard work.
Copy pasta.

>completely shaved

Girls never do that irl virginfag
Not even believable
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"Also, looking for one where a sister takes self defense classes but her brother rapes her to show she learned nothing." Haha that's fucking great.
Is there any more of this stuff? I'm very interested in the whole conversation.
File: fuckdat.png (218 KB, 408x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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lol, that is where I fucked up. I forgot to compress and .zip. fucking kek

does this one work?
File: image.jpg (41 KB, 366x380) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Nice, explorer.
it appears so...

I downloaded it and checked a few pics in the archive. It looks good so far. Thanks, Anon.
Almost missed it. Thanks, anon!
The file system fuck face.
>not knowing the difference between internet explorer and Windows explorer
How do your parents even deal
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File: Shady Sisters.jpg (390 KB, 1500x623) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Shady Sisters.jpg
390 KB, 1500x623

Here you go. I probably won't get to the other one tonight. I should go to bed early tonight for once, and I'm trying not to burn myself out as well.
Tits please(dont cover anything up!)? with timestamp, or else youre probably faking.
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what the actual fuck
File: 3167869.jpg (217 KB, 561x351) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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thats crazy you used a Camerella pic for the theme of this thread

i never once had a sexual thought about my sister until i first saw Camerella about 3 years ago. she looks exactly like my sister and now i have a shamefully huge folder of her pics and lookalikes
File: 1389809701158.jpg (85 KB, 880x660) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1390334882703.jpg (96 KB, 467x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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who dat?

Kyndall. Follow the link farther down to download a lot more pics of her. You'll thank us, and the uploader.
File: 1389822036507.jpg (1 MB, 5000x2667) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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more like this!!!!!!!!
File: 1389827036279.jpg (127 KB, 720x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be 18
>sister 20
>shes out drinking i have to go pick her up
>shes really drunk
>drive her home
>guide her inside
>guide her to my bedroom
>sit her on my bed
>brush the hair from her face
>look into her eyes
>she realises its not her room
>"anon im not that drunk"
>tells my mom the next day

>Mom tells her she's too young to drink.
>Makes her have sex with me as punishment.
>Drags sis up to my room.
>Undresses sis, tosses her on my bed.
>"But mom, I'm ovulating!"
>Mom tells her she should have thought of that before getting drunk last night.
>Mom pulls my pants down, and sucks me to rock-hardness.
>Tells me to fuck the naughtiness out of my sister.
>Pop cock into my sister.
>Mom tells her she's in trouble for not being a virgin.
>Tells me to fuck her extra hard.
>Well, she is my Mom.
>Fuck sister extra hard.
>Blow my load into sister.
>She sulks all the rest of the day.
>Mom makes her keep the baby.
Damn! And then?
it was awkward for a few days
i think if i was more successful and well presented i could have swayed her
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should there be a thread of this topic going in /r/ at the same time all the time
There must be more!! pls cuntinue
>being this quick on the draw
had me for a second
File: 1390284815225.jpg (88 KB, 748x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
88 KB, 748x1024

I had the impression that was all to the story... but I wanted it to continue.
could we add some mom/aunt/milf caps
File: terminator2.jpg (318 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
318 KB, 1920x1080
Did someone say California?
File: 1389818882059.jpg (79 KB, 659x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
79 KB, 659x900

I don't have much, and what I have has probably already been posted many times before. Plus my wincest is not at all sorted.
File: 1392506099202.jpg (160 KB, 965x936) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
160 KB, 965x936
File: 1389828449312.jpg (155 KB, 800x495) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
155 KB, 800x495
File: 1389826597878.jpg (112 KB, 750x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
112 KB, 750x600
Anyone else have mom/aunt/milf stuff. My heart and boner are just not up to the task.
does anyone have the story from /k/?
3/5 have been completely shaved and one of them just a was "trimmed"

Some girls have been completely shaved, while others have refused to shave even their armpits. But I guess I can't complain, since I wouldn't shave my back for any of them.
I live in the USA.. in recent years (90s.. I'm old) ladies here tend to do their best to go pre-pubescent with their body hair. I'm not into hair but I want enough to know I'm looking at a woman, not a girl.
File: 1390265244667.jpg (271 KB, 1097x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
271 KB, 1097x800

Spiderman snuck into me one night. I told him no, but he still made me swallow his spidercock. I begged him not to, but he still shot webs in my mouth.

I do, too, but I seem to be around, or perhaps attract, a different class of girls. I think some of it may be a feminism thing, and some may just be a laziness thing. Some split the difference, and shave their armpits, and not their legs.
File: 1390265137376.jpg (220 KB, 713x453) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
220 KB, 713x453
i dont wanna fuck my sister or anything but damn... this is where its at

Yeah, I don't want to fuck my sister. Well, at least anymore. What I want to do is fuck imaginary sisters and daughters.
Speak for yourselves.. this is 4chan and anonymous. I can be honest. I'm hot for my mother, half sister and my female lovers reminded me of both/ either of them in some way.
yea who am i kidding. id fuck my sister
>Be 14
>sister is 18
>When I was 13 I got caught looking at her while she showered through a crack in the door, my dad came down early one morning (we usually were first ones up and getting ready for school)
>Sister doesn't trust me
>I raid her shit whenever I get the chance
>find homemade porn in a few forms, one video she sent her boyfriend (low quality webcam video of her playing with her nipples, no sound and potato quality), some polaroids of her being fucked and some decent quality photos and short videos of her being fucked/sucking dick
>fap til I almost die of dehydration
>make copy
>try to figure out what to do
Are you me?
>I still have the videos and pictures of my sister being fucked from behind by her boyfriend, I decide to sit on it and wait for an opportunity to arise in which I can blackmail her
>She and boyfriend are home one night and we're all watching TV, mum n dad arent home and so sis and her bf slip out of the room leaving me to watch tv
>sneak toward sisters bedroom after about 10 minutes, can hear bed creaking
>press ear to wall and can hear gasps, moans and heavy breathing
>start to fap
>bump wall
>Hear bf say, "what was that?"
>sis says, "probably anon perving"
>me as fast as lightning return to loungeroom (opposite side of house and try and make it look like I've been there the whole time
>Hear sis's door open
>do nothing
>door closes
>that was close
>not game enough to try and listen to them fucking again, but i hear my sister moan loudly at one point so either she was intentionally trying to get my attention or she just came super hard
>sis's bf leaves later on
>in my room when sis walks in and gives me bitchy look
>"I know you were listening, anon"
>me=shitting pants
I would, and almost did, fuck my sister with how she looked as as teenager. I would never fuck my mom, although if she was younger and hotter, maybe.
File: Bump.gif (527 KB, 642x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
527 KB, 642x500
So hot. Came loads. Thanks dood.
Unff that sounds hot.

You're welcome. You might like the similar one about the brother who catches his sister buying a pregnancy test,
In a way, I am. Look deep into yourself and be honest. You will find me there, naked and uninhibited.. and a mirror image of you. MINDFREAK. ;)
>she tells me if I tell mum n dad she will kill me
>I tell her shes a slut and she likes it when I try and perv, thats why she came so hard
>she is super surprised her 14 y/o brother would dare talk to her that way, walks toward me like shes gonna kick my ass
>I jump back on bed and tell her if she tried to hurt me I'll show mum and dad the pictures
>she fucking freezes
>I tell her I have the pictures of her and videos of her and her boyfriend and if she doesn't do what I say I'll show them to mum and dad
>She looks super angry
>She tried to get me to tell her where I put the copy
>I tell her I will if she lets me fuck her and sucks my dick
>My heart is pounding, I feel alpha as fuck saying "Only if you suck my dick" to my big sister, her eyes are staring me down but I'm not afraid (by the way I put the copy on a flash drive and a CD so if she went for one I'd have the other)
>She walks out of my room, I follow
>She's logging onto the computer and trying to raid my folder, typing into the search bar and trying to find where I've hidden the porn
>laugh and tell her she won't find it, but if she sucks me off and lets me fuck her I'll get rid of it
>she looks at me with super hate and walks past me and grabs me by the hair and starts dragging me toward her room
You have it? Would love to see it.
I hope this isn't too wierd but... I've always wanted to have you inside of me, anon...
Give me a few to find it. I'll have to text repost it. It never was screencapped to my knowledge.

Stop asking the answer is always yes.
If I wasn't inside you.. that would be weird. Glad you want it. It is weird that you want it.. good weird.

>This all happened a few years back.
>Be 17, typical horny teenager.
>Little sister Emma, 14. Blonde hair in a perpetual ponytail.
>She's a late bloomer, but making up for lost time.
>Just broke up with her first boyfriend a few weeks back.
>Comes up to me one day and asks for ride to drug store.
>I tell her to have mom pick up whatever on the way home.
>She looks a little upset, and says she can't.
>Reminds me that driving her around was a condition of parents giving me a car.
>Sigh and get in car to take her to drugstore.
>Figure it's for tampons or some shit.
>We get there, and I start to get out.
>She tells me to stay in car, she'll just run in.
>Whatever. I wait, and she's in and out in less than five minutes.
>Tosses bag in back seat and gets in car.
>We drive home.
>While she's getting out of car, I grab for her bag to hand it to her.
>See through the flimsy bag that it's a pregnancy test.

>First thing I feel is a sinking feeling.
>Someone has been fucking my little Emma.
>Want to beat up that asshole ex-boyfriend of hers.
>She sees me staring blankly at the bag, and grabs it from me.
>"Thanks, Anon," she mumbles, and runs into the house.
>Doesn't realize I saw through the bag.
>Get out of car numbly and follow her.
>Hear her run upstairs and slam the bathroom door behind her.
>Follow behind her, not believing what is going on.
>Parents will freak if Emma is pregnant.
>I'm freaking now.
>Start to head to my room at top of stairs.
>Walk to bathroom door instead.
>She was in such a hurry she left door unlocked.
>Open door.
>She's standing there, half-open pregnancy test in hands.
>Panties already pulled down under skirt, in preparation for peeing.
>She looks at me like a deer caught in the headlights.
>Tries to hide box behind her.
>"Anon, get out!"
I will always cherish this moment<3
>She drags me to the door of her bedroom and stops and says, "I'll let you see me naked" good so far, "Then you give me the copy and I won't fucking kill you"
>I pull sturgeon face
>she looks around and looks pissed off
>looks at me with eyes of pure hatred and says, "What do you want?"
>I tell her i want her to suck me off and to let me fuck her
>I feel like I'm made out of jelly by this point, I'm wondering if she'll dig through my drawers and find the flash drive AND find the cd hidden in my bookshelf
>She does one of those frustrated female faux-cries (which are kinda hot) and says, "I don't want to fuck you, you're my brother it's gross"
>She didn't say she wouldn't suck me
>I rub my cock through my pants
>she looks down and looks a bit perplexed
>She looks at me and says, "How do I know you will give it back?"
>I tell her she'll have to trust me
>she looks doubtful
> i walk into her room, maintaining this false alpha attitude
>I turn around and she's closing the door
>She walks inside closer to me and I sit down on the bed
>I say, "get naked" and she looks at me with these eyes and murmurs, "please, anon, I don't want to do this"
>I think about the times she has tormented me and made me feel like a shit and gets people at school to make fun of me
>I tell her if she doesn't do what I say I'm not going to show mum and dad
>I tell her I'll send it to everyone at school and mum and dad can find out that way, and no-one will ever suspect it was me
>she looks trapped in her face, I think I just won
>she's wearing a long shirt as a nightgown, her nipples are visibly protruding and I can't help but notice it's not cold
>She has one final look of bitchy defeat, then reaches down and grabs her shirt from below and pulls it over her head
>her tits spill out, glorious white globes with light pink nipples. Her nipples are bigger than I prefer but the fact it's me seeing my sisters tits close up has me basically cumming in my pants

>"You're pregnant?" I ask her.
>She turns red. "No!"
>"Then why do you have that thing?" I wave at the box behind her.
>She looks like she's going to cry.
>"Don't tell mom, Anon," she pleads.
>"When did you start fucking?" I ask her, a little pissed off.
>She turns red again. "Just last month, and it barely even counted!"
>"He didn't even get in all the way, honest! He tried to put it in, and he went off right away!"
>I feel better that my little sister is not a complete slut, at least.
>I look at her.
>"You're sure you're pregnant, Emma?"
>She nods her head slowly.
>"My period is late," she says.
>"And I was sick yesterday. And my belly is getting fat."
>She starts crying a little.
>"Don't tell mom, Anon!"

>I tell her she can't be sure until she takes the test, and even then, until after she sees a doctor.
>She cries again and says she is sure.
>She says "Look at my belly, Anon."
>She lifts up her skirt, showing a stomach that looks fine to me.
>Her panties are down, so she also shows her pussy.
>Don't think she remembers her panties are down, or what she is showing me.
>Then again, she never saw me as a guy, just a big brother.
>Always thought of her as annoying but kind of lovable little sister.
>Realize that is not totally the case anymore, because I'm getting hard.
>She rubs her stomach with one hand.
>"See?" She says miserably.
>"Yeah, you're definitely pregnant," I tell her.
>"I knew it!" She cries some more. "Please don't tell mom!"
>"Mom needs to know, Emma."
>"Oh God, don't tell her," she begs. "Please! Not yet."
>"Okay," I tell her. "But you've got to do something for me in return.

>"Anything, Anon!" She says, nodding her head.
>I stop to think for a second.
>I can't believe I'm about to suggest this.
>I don't expect Emma to go along with it.
>"I won't tell Mom, Emma, but..."
>Her face brightens a little. "Anything!"
>"You'll have to suck my cock."
>At first the words don't even process in her head.
>She just stares at me stupidly for a few seconds, the traces of a faint smile still stuck on her face.
>Then the smile fades.
>She suddenly realizes she's still exposing herself to me.
>Lets go of skirt, letting it drop over her pussy.
>"You want me to... I..." You see shock on her face. "I can't!"
>"Then I tell Mom."
>She starts crying again.
>She says if I agree to help her take care of the pregnancy, she'll do it.
>I tell her I'll help.
>Tells me I can't tell anyone.
>Tell her I won't. (Kind of going back on my word on that, now.)
>She just is silent for a few seconds, tears still running down her cheeks.
>Decide to move things along by pulling out my cock.
>"Oh god," she says when see sees it.
>Looks at me uncertainly.
>"You won't tell anyone, Anon?"
>Nod my head.
>She gets down on her knees in backroom rug in front of me.

>Sure that she's going to change her mind.
>Then she grabs my cock with one hand.
>Starts sucking on the head slowly, with obvious reluctance.
>Doesn't even tease it with her tongue or anything first.
>I wonder if she even gave a blowjob before.
>Still, it feels awesome. My sister is sucking my cock.
>Starts bobbing her head up and down on my cock.
>Grab her head gently to guide her.
>Stops blowing me suddenly.
>"You're not going to do it in my mouth, are you Anon?"
>I tell her that I'll cum in her mouth if I want.
>I have a way to go anyway.
>"Not in my mouth," she says. "I'll choke."
>"Okay, fine," I tell her. "Not in your mouth."
>She looks relieved.
>"I'll cum in your pussy instead."

>She looks like I slapped her in the face.
>"You heard me," I tell her.
>I tell her that unless she lets me fuck her, I'll tell mom.
>"We can't, Anon!"
>"You're already pregnant," I tell her.
>"You're my brother!"
>"You're still pregnant, so what difference does it make?" I tell her.
>She looks at my cock, still in her hand.
>"I'll let you cum in my mouth, Anon!"
>Starts sucking on my cock with newfound enthusiasm.
>Push her off of my cock.
>"You're getting fucked, Emma," I tell her. "Whether you want to or not."
>She looks stunned. "You'd make me, Anon?"
>You've gone too far now, and are too horny, to turn back now.
>"Yes, I would." You say firmly.
>"And since you weren't cooperating, I'd still tell Mom you were pregnant."
>"And I'd tell her you raped me!" She says.
>I shrug. "No matter what you tell her, she'd still know you're pregnant."
>Her voice is weak. "And if I let you do it to me?"
>I smile. "Then I don't tell mom, and we fix things before she does find out."
>She sniffles. "I don't have a choice, do I? Really?"
>I tell her that no, she doesn't.

>"Can I think about it?" She asks.
>"No," I tell her. I can't wait.
>Then I tell her to lie down on the bathroom rug.
>"Anon, please..." she says, shaking her head.
>"Do it." I don't know if she will, or what I will do if she won't.
>She does it, letting go of my cock and lying down on the rug.
>"Lift up your skirt, Emma."
>Slowly, she does.
>Get down onto my knees, and touch her pussy.
>She flinches, but doesn't try to stop me.
>I mean to play with her a bit, but my body has other ideas.
>Climb on top of her, start pressing cock against her slit.
>"Please, Anon," she pleads, hands ineffectively pressing against my chest.
>I've come way too far to stop now.
>Nothing will stop me from fucking Emma.
>Except... she's really tight.
>Can't really get into her.
>"You''re hurting me, Anon," she cries out.
>"Troy couldn't get in either," she tells me.
>Fuck. Her boyfriend must not have gotten any further than I did.
>Start trying to figure out of I can even do this, or if I need to settle for a blowjob.
So will I.. the night another anon wanted this anon inside.. and found this anon already there.

>Get off of her, and start going through the cabinet
>She sits up. "Thank you, Anon."
>I turn around with a jar of vaseline,
>Tell her to lie back down again.
>Her face pales.
>She lies down.
>Open jar, and apply some to the head of my cock.
>Get back on top of her.
>Start rubbing the head of my slippery cock over her slit, transferring some of the vaseline to her pussy.
>"You really won't tell," she asks.
>"I really won't," you respond.
>Start pushing into her slit.
>Still so terribly tight, but I'm going in.
>Pull her legs farther apart.
>Feel something in the way.
>Fuck. Apparently Troy really didn't get in all that far.
>Wonder for a second just how pregnant my sister could me with an intact hymen.
>"We really can't do this, Anon," Emma says, looking down at where my cock is just poking into her a little.
>I know she's right, and we can't.
>I know this will hurt her.
>But tell that to my cock.
>I push harder to her, and she gives a little cry of pain as I pop her cherry.
>She starts crying again.
>I feel bad.
>Not enough to stop.
>Grab onto her legs and bend them a little, then push my way all the way into her.
>"It hurts, Anon!" She tries to move away from me, and off of my cock, but I'm not letting her go.
>Can't believe I managed to get my cock entirely inside of her.
>Start fucking her then, slowly, because I don't want to hurt her. Too badly, at least.
>"I can't believe we're doing this," she moans miserably as I thrust into her.
>"You can't tell anyone, Anon," she begs "Especially Mom."
>"I already told you I won't."
>She looks down.
>"I'm bleeding!"
>"Because you were a virgin," I tell her.
>"No, I wasn't," she says. "Troy and I did it."
>Tell her that Troy never got far enough in for it to count.
>She looks surprised, then upset.
>"I lost my virginity to my brother?"
>Then I see the gears turning in her head.
>Whatever. It distracts her from her discomfort at getting fucked.
>Keep plowing her pussy.
>"Could I even get pregnant if I was a virgin?" She asks me.
>I shrug. I tell her that maybe if his cum got inside her
>"But I might not be pregnant?" She asks desperately.
>"Maybe not," I tell her.
>I think about it for a second, not letting up on fucking her.
>Odds of getting pregnant seem fairly low, despite her "symptoms".
>"Probably not," I amend.
>She looks relieved for a second.
>Then realization of her situation again dawns on her.
>"I'm having sex with you for nothing?" She asks,
>Then she looks down at my bloodied cock, still fucking her.
>"Oh god, Anon! You can't cum in me then!"
Here goes:
>Be 15, sister is 18
>When she went out I would secretly raid her drawer for her panties and bras.
>One day I go into her room like normal and open her drawer and take shit out to masturbate over.
>Door opens.
>Shove stuff back into drawer but forget to close it.
>My sister and mum walk into the house.
>I jump into bed.
>Next day parents go out and its just me and my sister at home.
>Sister walks in and tells me she knows what I do with her panties.


>I know she's right.
>I'd been assuming she was already pregnant when I talked to her about fucking her.
>Hadn't really thought all of this through.
>To buy myself time to think, I tell her I'll pull out.
>She looks relieved.
>At least as relieved as any girl can look while getting semi-raped by her big brother.
>Keep fucking her while I think, although the two activities don't work well together.
>My cock is moving into her harder, threatening to move the rug across the vinyl floor.
>Hear Emma start to breathe harder.
>Finally her pussy lubricates enough for me to move more easily.
>Reach down with one hand to rub her clitoris.
>She moans. "Oh God! Stop it, Anon!"
>Realize that she's really starting to get into it.
>I may have to reevaluate my earlier thoughts about Emma not being a slut.
>She starts to moan louder as I start kissing her neck.
>"Please don't do those things, Anon," she pleads.
>Knowing that she's starting to like it just makes me work on turning her on more.
>Kiss her, and she kisses me back for a split second before yanking her head away.
>"No, Anon," she says weakly. She moans again, loudly.
>Her eyes look at me. "Are you going to cum soon, Anon? Because I might."
>In answer, I just start fucking her faster.
>She moans again. "Remember to pull out, Anon..."

>Haven't made up my mind on what I'm going to do when I cum yet.
>Then suddenly it's too late.
>My cock homes in on her womb and sinks into her as far as it will go.
>I give a grunt of satisfaction as cum shoots deep into Emma's incredibly tight pussy.
>"Oh... Oh..." Emma moans, cumming. If she feels me cumming into her, she doesn't show it.
>Her pussy squeezes my cock so hard I'm worried it will be forced out of her.
>Cum into her again, and she's so tight right now I could swear I feel it squeezing out around my cock.
>Maybe she feels something now, or maybe it's the O-face I'm giving her.
>"Anon!" She literally screams, despite still orgasming. "Stop it! Pull out!"
>"Too late now," I tell her.
>She cries again.
>She's got more tears than I have cum, apparently.
>Get off her when I'm done.
>Leave her lying there on bathroom floor.
>She comes into my room half an hour later.
>Holds something out at me.
>It's the pregnancy test.
>Shows she wasn't pregnant.
>Throws it at me.
>Calls me an asshole.
>Storms out of room.
>Gives me cold shoulder for next few weeks.
>Finds excuses not to be alone with me.
>Finally, after a few more weeks of this, she comes home from school "early".
>Skipped her afternoon activities.
>Looks at me.
>"Anon, can you take me to the drug store?"
Continued, yet again
>I am transfixed on her tits and she lifts her hands to try and cover her nipples, but then stops and puts her hands down
>my sister is about a 7/10, she is about 5"5' and a bit overweight, but she has enormous tits and very pale skin and long curly hair.
>I reach into my pants and start rubbing my cock
>I look down at her underwear, they're white with blue windmills or some shit on them, I tell her to take them off
>she pouts and starts to pull them down
>I tell her to do it sexy
>she glares at me, but then slowly starts pulling them down and rotating as she does so so I can see her ass
>when they'e down on the floor she turns to face me
>I am precumming everywhere in my pants
>I get up off the bed and walk over to her and reach up and grab her breast
>she shudders
>I say, "sorry" automatically and then she surprises me by saying, "It's okay you're hand is just cold"
>I slowly cup her breast and begin rubbing her nipple with my thumb
>I begin stroking my cock and then run my hand down to her pussy mound
>i slip my fingers between her lips, and i feel it, hot glorious wetness
>my cock is pulsing really hard and I have to stop so I don't cum
>she's looking at the floor beside me and i tell her to get on the bed
>She closes her eyes and walks over to the bed and lies down on it, face down
>I tell her to roll over
>she complies, and I start climbing on the bed and then on top of her
>I rub both of her tits with my hands and grind my cock against her, she looks confused
>"have you ever done anything liek this before?" she asks with a bitchy tone
>I pinch her nipple hard and she squeaks, I tell her to shut up
>I lower my head and start sucking on her nipple, I feel it growing hard in my mouth as I do so and I feel her squirming underneath me, at first I think its because she's uncomfortable but I'm starting to notice heavy breathing
Continued, sorry its taking so long
>I begin playing with her pussy while sucking on her tits, its so hot down there i feel so excited I think if she even brushed my cock I would cum
>she moves her legs, first together and then she seems to relax and opens them
>I start trying to figure out how to gwt in there and eventually slip in a finger
>she gasps and looks down, I think she wasn't sure if I was sneaking in my cock
>she says, "anon, I'll suck you off"
>I look at her and say, "I know you will"
>she looks worried and says, "lay down on the bed, I'll do the rest"
>she sits up and I lay down
>she lays across my body and just sits there for a while, her back toward me and for a second between my monsterous heart beats I begin to worry she's about to fuck me up somehow, like bite my cock or punch me in the balls
>thats when I feel it
>hot breath on my cock, shortly followed by something warm and wet
>my sister is licking the head of my cock
I begin rubbing my hands up and down her back, my feet are wiggling and I can't contain my excitment
>she slowly lowers her head and I feel her mouth close over my cock as she easily takes the whole thing into her mouth
>I feel like I've died and gone to heaven, she move her head up and down, and I feel the tight suck on my cock and my hips rock toward her face
>I want her to go faster, but with her laying on me there was nothing I could do
>She sucks my cock at a slow rhythm at first, then she stops and takes a long breath and then begins jacking me off
>I can't even speak as she tightly grips my cock and moves it up and down, I've never had anyone touch my cock apart from me so i'm on such a high level of ecstasy I can't come down
>I manage to blurt out, "oh suck it"
>She follows my command like the good slut sister she is and begins sucking it again, also working it with her forefinger and thumb, i feel her tongue moving around my cock in her mouth as she sucks me
File: mememe.png (747 KB, 1267x369) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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not sure if I'm too late to provide for this thread but...

here are two pics of me that I took tonight! One with a timestamp (that was in a previous thread) and one without (that I took like 20 minutes ago), but they were taken in the same bed about 4 hours apart from each other!

Psh. And anon said I was faking.

Is this the Grandfather's girl? If so, you never had anything to prove to me. The pic is definitely appreciated, though.
Damn, you're hawt

Hey I remember you from yesterday's thread great story btw you rock!
and yep!

thanks, anon!
Would it be too much to ask for a repost of the story?

Sorry, getting late her, and a sleeping pill is kicking in. But yes, I remember you. The story was great, and now the picture is, too.
>I manage to reach to her ass and my finger creep between her cheeks, she clamps them shut (mostly out of surprise I think)but i keep burying my fingers between her legs til i reach her pussy,
>I start rubbing it as best I can from this position and she slowly opens her legs to give me access
>I almost cum as I feel vibration down my shaft as she moans as I press my middle finger into her pussy
>I realise I'm turning her on, she is so wet (THIS IS WHAT THEY SAID WOULD HAPPEN IN PHYS ED!!)
>I whisper, "yeah, you like that don't you?"
>She doesn't reply, but she seems to be slowing down her sucking again as if she sensed how close I was getting
>I insert a second finger and begin fingering her hard
>my cock pops out of her mouth and she lets out a sudden, "AH!"
>she turns and looks at me and says, "you can't be so rough, here, do it like this"
>she guides my finger around her pussy and starts rubbing them on her clit
>If she was still sucking me I would have cum buckets around about now
>She softly moans as i keep rubbing her clit gently, I do what seems easiest via my access and stick my thumb into her pussy while rubbing her clit and she gasps
>She grabs my hand again, but then realeases it as if it was some apprehension to me being rough again, but now I'm moving it in and out slow.
>She watches my hand without ever making eye contact with me, but she is gently blowing air out of her lips whenever she exhales, like she's trying to control her breathing
>I press my thumb in further than I have been and she parts her lips a little and closes her eyes, I feel her shudder against me
>"Does it turn you on?" she whispers
>"What" I say, not hearing anything bitchy in her voice
>she looks at me now, right in the eye and I can see something different now, not the fury of before but something that turned me on like crazy
>"you want to fuck your sister?"
I wouldnt mind fucking you. Can we have a pic of you completely naked? no timestamp needed, I know you are legit.
I actually never saved it, but if someone from /b/ did, they're more than welcome to repost it here :)
Thanks anyway those tits were amazing
So, any anon out there who can be a /b/ro and post the story? it would be much appreciated
Damnit, just checked and I don't have it. Anyone else have it?

Sorry /b/ros I don't save shit from this place other than wallpaper threads
>Not knowing the difference between windows explorer and the filling system
>She grabbed my hand and guided my index and middle finger back into her slit, she began moving my fingers in and out of her like I was her sex toy
>I can't even speak
>she begins to gasp and moan and I feel like I'm dreaming, how many times I've pressed my ear to her wall trying to hear her moans clearly, how many times I've sulked around while her boyfriend fucks her silly, how many times I've fapped to the sound of her moans, my sisters familiar voice, in the porn she made with her bf. Now I was hearing her moan like that and I was the one making her moan
>I tell her I want to fuck her
>she looks at me and says, "Then you give me everything, and then I never want to talk to you again."
>I nod, even though I only plan to give her one of the copies
> she leans off my and reaches between the mattresses on her bed and produces a condom
>she opens it and I say, "I want to feel you natural, like without a condom"
>she looks at me like I'm crazy
>I tell her I know she's on the pill
>she shakes her head, "you're not cumming in me"
>I tell her "either I get to fuck you natural (I didn't know shit about terminology back then, haha bareback) or I show everyone."
>she sits and looks at the condom for a while then at my cock and says, "okay, I'll be on top" (excitment) "but tell me when you're goin g to cum so I can get off you."
>I agree
>she climbs over top of me and puts her hands on my chest
>She looks down and seeing my sister on top of me like that was amazing
>She looks slightly behind her and begins reaching for my cock
>I feel her grasp it and she begins lowering herself down
>I can't believe it, I'm gonna loose my virginity to my big slut sister
>I feel the hot warmth and I feel drunk with pleasure
>The pleasure is so sharp it hurts a little and I groan uncontrollably as her pubes rub against my cock before it finds it mark and I'm met with a hot wetness
>I'm moaning hard as she lowers her hips onto my cock and I am all the way inside her
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well shit, next time you see an epic thread save it here
>I'm moaning like I'm in a porno and she isnt even moving, I breath deep as I fight back the urge to cum already, when I calm down I notice she is doing the sexy breathing thing like before
>she waits til I'm no longer groaning and she says, "Are you ready?"
>I nod
>she says, "remember, tell me when you're going to cum"
>She begins rocking back and forth, and I'm in heaven
>he hot cunt around my virgin cock is amazing
>i begin moaning again and grip her thighs, I feel like I'm fucking a fat lump of pleasure
>this is better than any wank I've ever had
>this is amazing
>She stops again andI look puzzled as I calm down
>she says, "make sure you say when you're going to cum!"
>I say, "I WILL"
>idea starts brewing in my head, the concept of creampieing my sister is turning me on more
>she begins moving again and I begin moving my hips too
>we're thrusting into eachother and I feel so hot, so turned on, and thats when it happsn
>she fucking moans
> a long, high pitched sigh that makes my body begin to tingle like I just got electricuted
>she starts picking up the pace and I know I'm too far gone
>she puts her hands down on the mattress and lifts her ass slightly, then begins girating her hips fast and I can feel every fold inside her, I feel my foreskin rolling back and forth as she moves up and down, I am paralyses as my sister bounces her ass up and down pussy impaled on my cock
>I have no words as she begins letting out little moans every time my cock is at it's deepest.
>bare in mind this is only a short time after her first moan, and I've already started to cum
>try as I might I couldn't hold it down any longer, I felt my cock go diamond hard inside my sister and she was still twerking on my cock during this moment
>I would have warned her but I was unable to speak
>it rose up and I felt myself start spraying inside her, I managed to regain control of my libs and grabbed my sister's chubby ass and began ramming it down on my cock as I began to cum
I thought there was more then I realized lol
>She notices my change in behaviour and at first seems to just think I'm really into it
>she leans back and begins rocking her hips on my cock, I'm holding back screams with all my might as my cock begins spurting deep inside her
>she is still rocking then slows and stops, She looks suprised then angry and says, "WHAT THE FUCK!?"
>I grab her hips and keep thrusting into her, but by now I'm almost finsihed and so I'm just thrusting slow and moaning with each thrust as the last of my cum shoots in her
>at first she looks angry and then she closes her eyes and sinks down on my cock again as I thrust into her, (i know im drawing this description out but this seriously happened in the space of about 15-20 seconds)
>she moans and says, "yeah, fill me up"
>she begins rubbing her clit and I see her moan hard like she did in the video of her bf fucking her
>I'm so turned on I stay hard
>I tell her "keep going, I'll tell you when I cum"
>she gives me a knowing look and then leans back down and starts to kiss me
>I'm in heaven and she begins riding me harder and fast than before, with my load inside her
>It was and still is the wettest, hottest and best fuck I've ever had
>as she's rocking into me she leans back again and grabs my hands and puts them on her tits
>"squeeze them" she orders
>I comply
>my sister keeps bouncing up and down on me and shes moaning harder than before, moaning even harder than the video, harder than I've ever heard
>she says, "think you can cum again?"
>I have no answer and i squeeze her nipples, she squeals and begins throwing her pussy down on my cock
>shes staring at me right in the eye and says, "I want you to cum in me, cum in my anon"
>i am hypnotized
>my sister is fucking me like crazy and I am going to burst again
>my hands move down to her thigh and I begin trying to slam her down harder and she says, "oh yeah baby boy, you going to cum for me?"
>I groan
>she says, "you gonna cum for your big sis?"
>I groan (more yell)

sup /b/ros! I found the thread!


you can repost whatever you like now! :)

Someone also suggested I make my own thread or something, should I go for it?
I hear her say, "cum so I can cum"
>I begin cumming again, I feel myself spraying inside her and she begins to moan so loud it's all I can hear
>I feel her pussy tightening and releasing on my cock and i realise shes cumming on my cock
>she starts moaning, "oh fuck, oh fuck, ohhhh fuck" under her breath in time with every pulse
>she leans back and then forward, she thrusts her hips one more time and lets out a last orgasmic groan
>I lay there completely spent
She slides downon top of me and rolls off, I see her hand reach down and begin rubbing her pussy hard, she is still gasping and moaning as she rubs her clit and she is still moaning "oooh fuck, oh fuck"
>I think I just earned a flawless victory
Thank you! You're a fucking bro
and yeah, please make a thread

Nice! If you've got some more stories or feel like givin us a few more pics then hell yea go for it.
Took forever but that was a good read thanks anon
>we lay there for what feels like forever, she's looking toward the wall away from me and I'm looking at the ceiling and her every now and then
>I say, "Jess"
>I feel her move slightly
>"I love you"
>she does nothing
>i take my leave and walk out and go into toilet and wipe off the residue with toilet paper
>i hear her go into the shower and i hear her whimper
>i kinda feel bad but I go to my room and get out the flashdrive and take it back to her room and leave it on the bed.
>a while later I hear her come out of the shower and then close her door.
>about 5 minutes later she comes back to my door and knocks
>shes staring at the floor and holds the flashdrive toward me
>I take it, I'm puzzled but I figure she would have deleted everything
>she says, "if you tell anyone, I WILL kill you"
>She walks away
after that we generally avoided each other, but then I plugged in my thumbdrive to the home computer the next day and saw the porn was gone, but the folder was still there. When I looked in it there was a file labled "for you"
I opened it and it was a jpeg of my sister looking at the camera with a sultry face and pinching her nipple
When I asked my sister about it a week or two (and many fappings later) she just smiled at me and said, "I kind of liked it when you fucked me, I've never cum like that before"
That night she came into my room and sucked me off, when I came she swallowed all my cum and said she loved my cock and that it was better than her bf's
We fucked a few times after that, but the dirty thrill eventually wore off and she eventually went to university (i stayed at her apartment once and ate her out and fucked her in the shower at her dorm when she lived there alone) but she has since got married ( to the same shit bf who i cuckolded hahah) so we've never really got a chance to do much anymore.
Most recent time was when i fingered her when I drove her home from work one day, and she sucked me off in the car (year and a bit ago?)
I'm hoping I get to fuck her again some time. I feel alpha as fuck when I cum in my sister knowing her now-husband has no idea. Also the fact she told me in detail on time why I was much better at sex than him and how my cock was thicker and harder, but i recently discovered porn of my little sister who's now 21, she's over seas at the moment but i have her pics saved on a hardrive and I am waiting to see if I can use them to fuck her too. She's an 8/10, also a bit of a druggy whore, so I'll defs bag it if i get to fuck that little slut of a sister of mine.
Ausfag out.
My sister let me lick her anus
File: TDKR_jRqkS.jpg (64 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>When I looked in it there was a file labled "for you"
>I opened it and it was a jpeg of my sister looking at the camera with a sultry face and pinching her nipple
She shoulda dumped the faggot
do it, comment what the thread name is.
Keep going, need to fill up meh folder. Thanks bros
No stories to tell.
I wish I had a story to tell.
Just make one up like the rest of these faggots do.
If you post tits make a thread!

alright /b/

here's the link to the thread: >>540950970

and the comment/title thing is this:
"So I got some requests to make a thread, and here I am.
Hi, /b/! Talk to me about anime, cooking, drawing dumb yotsuba pictures or whatever."
Thx Anon. Fixed one! (OCD)
You're a god among men.
can an anon screencap the sister stories (fake pregnancy and also the one she's fucking her bf then blackmailed)

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