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Incest story thread go! green text you gay...
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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Incest story thread go! green text you gay ass stories
>Be 14 playing hide and go seek with 12yo cousin and neighbors
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>be me
>find out that my mother was born through her mother being raped by her own father
>be anon
>knows his grandma was raped
don't b/e gay guys, post
I'v fuck several aunts, one sister, three cousins and two male friends.

which one?
Depends on the age
began when i was 14, never stopped with a few.
Go with the one you were 14
well fuck anon, sister, friends or the aunt?
here is the sister one.

>14, summer vacation at my grandfathers farm. Fucking smells.
>everyone has chores to do, mine and one sisters are at 6am, feeding animals or some shit (memory hazy as it wasnt all that important)
>due to hierarchy in family, women are submissive to the men. I was 1 year older.
>horny as fuck all day every day. finish chore fast to get it done, sister struggling to do hers.
>offer to do it for her at a cost.
>agrees, sits down and watches me.
>lots of talking, get done and she asks what i wanted, money or a favor.
>tell her i want my dick sucked.
>she stares at me. "what?"
>Suck. my. dick. I unzip and pull it out.
>uh no, thats gross.
>notice no mention of being her brother.
>'not going to ask again."
>she sighs, sucks my dick.
>face fuck her really fucking hard.
(I blew future blow jobs due to that, but fuck her when i get the chance.)
>blow load, she feels guilty, tell her its just the beginning.
>fuck you anon, im gunna tell.
>go ahead, ill let momanon know about trevor last year.
(most family closet racists.)
>trevor mexican, she fooled around.

Thus began the slow process of manipulation, now days as long as nobody is around at all, i can do whatever i want to her, she will resist with no i dont want to. then will say ok but hurry.

not in the mood to write detailed stories for you fuckers. maybe another thread another day since it looks like i will be the only one posting.
Good job anon, and you are right it's just me and you and maybe a lurker or two. safe journeys to sleepy town!
Mexican called Trevor?
Probablly Trebor.
>be me
>find out my brother was born through being raped by her own father
>my lucky face when not me
Do anyone have the zoe story?
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>be me
>find out I was born through me raping my mother
>mfw I'm my father
Here's one, it's not very hot but it's not bs either. Also not a writer so don't expect it to be good. It happened in many episodes throughout a long time so it's just one anecdote.
>Be in middle school, so is my sister
>Live in place were summers get hot but parents are too cheap with air conditioning
>So in summers my sister sleeps in my room since it has a terrace & cross ventilation
>We were very close so we usually stayed up talking or playing around
>We are in middle school so hormones take over from time to time
>One of those times while talking lying next to each other but that's not enough so we begin to awkwardly play-fight (really) but it's mostly an excuse to get on top of each other
>I get on top of her with my hands holding up hers next to her head while my legs are caught by hers
> keep talking like that but to keep the pretense going she struggles from time to time
>mom probably overheard us that time because for some reason she went up to check up on us
>So suddenly the door opens and lights go on and she finds us with me on top of her 'what are you doing?'
>Don't know how to react so the first thing out of my mouth is 'she was pissing me off' and shove my sister as if I was angry.
>Mom looks at us incredously but then says 'leave your brother alone' and then left the room.
I still don't know if she really bought it or just chose to.
Here's one that actually happened

>15 years old
>our whole extended family decides to rent a vacation home for a few weeks over christmas
>playing around one night with my female cousins, 16 and 14
>the 14 yo one is cute as hell and I've always had a crush on her, when we were little kids we played husband and wife sometimes and kissed
>I steal some candy dispenser thing that she had and run with it
>she chases me
>catches me and tackles me
>I go to the floor, turn over on my back, holding it out of reach above my head
>she climbs on top, straddling me and going after it
>realize she's not actually trying to get it
>just laughing and squirming as she straddles me
>I start to get hard
>time slows down
>squirming turns into grinding
>her face red, lips parted, eyes looking into mine
>step-dad busts into the room and yells WHAT IS GOING ON HERE
>she jumps up
>we play it off
>nothing ever happened again
and then?
File: 1378031824768.png (390 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You stupid faggot, its a violation of the Adam Walsh Act to sexualize any child under the age of 18. We in legion protect all children from harm such as sexualization and cyber bullying. As hacktivists in Anonymous, we shut down Tor for having sexualized images of children and shut down Demonoid for grooming children into criminals by allowing them to download copyrighted material.


Sounds 'familiar'
youll find it when you scroll fag http://deliveranceblog.net/interview-ed-templeton/
Yeah, seconded. Those anti-climactic endings, each the same degree of anti-climactity, anti-climactic, didn't climac.
>tfw I'm from the internet
>tfw I don't hate all of those things
>except rapists
Nothing happened that night afterwards we were a bit freaked out, they also let her sleep on their bedroom for a while so that she wouldn't 'bother me'.
Got a story about my six years younger stepsister. Not gonna greentext it unless someone wants to hear it because I'm on my phone.
Sorry about that, but it never evolved into actual sex, so yeah, anti-climatic stuff sucks now imagine living through it.
Post it dood
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I post this shit alot but people seem to like it so heres my story.
You fucking acoustic niggers.

Story 1: Part 1
>be me
>at cousins house
>two girls one 11 one 12
>10yr/o being the hotter one
>both amazingly tight asses
>sitting in dark room on couch downstairs
>me & 11 yr/o sitting together
>her wearing tight leggings
>her lying the other way with her feet towards me
>I start to kinda push her a bit
>she grins
>kicks me back
>I grab her legs and pull her towards me
>still both lying down just her head above covers
>her tight ass coming really close to my dick
Btw, I post this alot on incest threads so if the majority has heard it before tell me to shut up
I'm out
K. It'll take a minute because I'm on my phone.
she was 11, and wtf did you expect from an incest thread.
i thought that would actually go somewhere good lawl.
not the best story but here it goes
this is only one episode of many but all others are shit
>be me 11
>my little sister is 10
>we are at grandmothers house
>we are obviously close together
>its bed time and we head to a room set up for guests
>we decide to make a fort out of cushions and furniture
>we are there fooling around laughing our asses off
>we are pretending to be horses and im the horse this time and she is the rider
>she is galloping on me i turn around on my back and do it backwards laughing if it would be that way
>we realize the position we are in and get red in the face, we continue to do it anyway
>my 11yr old dick gets rock hard, she feels it
>i start stroking her hips, eventually taking off her shirt
>my pants get pulled down by her pretending to buck
>she slides down and pulls out my 11yr old dick
>she examines and then slowly licks it
>turned into full on sucking and slurping
>hears adult coming and she throws her shirt on and i pull pants up and we get into position to sleep
>adult comes in and laughs at our forts and leave

there were many episodes before and after, never really accomplishing. she either pussy out or a third party fucking interrupts us. there were two more times where i got close and one of them was with one of her friends. I penetrated her friend with my sister watching thinking i would get a double team but her friend had a jungle that was too op. I'm sure at this point im sweet out of luck.
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>find out my great grandparents who came over from Kiel during the war, weren't harboring poor people from holocaust, but rich inbredfags escaping to Minnesota because germany had incest laws prohibiting cousins from marrying.
>2 generations later
>Mom gets raped when 16
>has me
>find out it was my great grandfather
>get fucked over by 1st gf
>never trust girls again
>want to hatefuck rape every girl I see
>decide to just not & remove these fucking genes from the pool
>fuck traps instead

story of my life

don't attention whore.

post it, or don't.
Story 1: Part 2
>still lying there in dark
>me desperately wanting to start feeling her up
>ask her the difference between yoga pants and leggings
>us being pretty close she explains to me
>I start feeling going oh yeah I see
>I pull her in again
>this time all the way and her tight ass is not on my dick
>obvious raging boner
>she doesn't notice I guess
>she kinda laughs asking what Im doing
>say im trying to get comfortable
>shes like oh okay
>she gets up
>lays back down with me in spooning position
>holy fuck her ass is amazing
>me commando in sweatpants feeling all of it
>I decide to put on a horror movie
>some dumb one found on netflix
>shes kinda not into it but i insist and she gives in
>first scary part comes up
>insert scary fucking noise
>she arches her back and screams
>her tight ass pushing right into my dick
>she wants to turn it off
>she picks some comedy next
Now do the Aunt one.
All these are just sister/cousin samefag shit
Lets get something new
cool story bro
Story 1: Part 3
>she gets up to get wii mote
>I look right at her ass
>her leggings are like halfway down
>and you can see her pink panties
>panties riding right up
>as shes standing shes kinda moving around looking for a comedy
>she kinda bends forward to stretch a bit and then back up with her hands in the air
>I sit up for not so horizontal view
>start holding dick
>picks some netflix comedy
>turns around to sit back down
>sees me with hand in pants
>doesnt say anything
>lays back down in spooning position to watch
>I mention how cold the basement it
>she like yeah thats why i came to cuddle
>she comes is even closer
>reaches back to stroker her hands through my hair
>kinda fucked but fuck it let her do it
>shes like now its kinda too hot
>slowly pulls her leggings down
>arching back
>tight ass with panties pressing hard on my raging cock through the pants
>yeah you're right
>taking my shirt off
>funny part in movie comes up
>both laughing
>she turns around from spooning position
>looks me right in the eye with a smile
>she says you're my favourite cousin
>I say it back
>gets all relaxed
>hugs me and wraps her amazing legs around me
>I kinds grab her thighs and feel them up
>wraps her arms around my neck
>rests head on my shoulder
>her loose sleeveless shirt riding up really high
You're confusing me with other anon, all I got is sister stuff
Story 1: Part 4
>shirt riding up really high high
>she's wearing this satin pink bra
>my hands rubbing her thighs
>I move them slowly up her legs
>her ass being the main focus but kinda risky
>I move right past her ass to feel up her body
>she kinda moves back her chest a bit so I can feel up her front
>start going inside shirt
>rub hands from waist up to neck
>slowly getting closer to tits
>pretty fucking developed for a 11 yr/o
>she moves in and quickly kisses my neck then looks at me with a concerned face
>I smile
>she looks relived
>starts sucking on my neck
>fucking full speed ahead nigga
>I grab her tits and start grabbing at her bra
>she stops for a second to take it off
>sticks it between cushions
>me rubbing her nipples
>they get hard fast
>shes feeling all around my chest
>i ask if I can take her shirt off
>says she sleeps naked anyways
>i say I do too
>both give eachother the look
>I rip off her shirt while she tries to get my sweatpants all the way down
>both naked under thin sheet
>I move my dick so its pressed on her stomach
>now fully making out
>me wondering how shes 11 and she knows how to make out
>fuck it
>I grab her ass harder then Ive ever grabbed an ass before
>shes moaning a bit
>thump from upstairs
>she jolts
>I turn her around back to spooning position
>shes giggling
>dont know fucking why
>tell her to shut up
>aunt comes downstairs with phone light
>both fake sleep
>she sees
>covers are on thank fuck
>thinks its sweet in the morning
>grabbers extra blankets and goes back up stairs
>fall asleep with my dick between my hot cousins ass cheeks

>there was this girl called zoe
>she was hot
>she put out
god dammit
sorry bud
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>step sister is 18
>comes to my apartment all the time
>one night she brings a bottle of vodka
>having fun
>getting pretty tipsy
>lay down on the couch
>"What are you doing, anon?"
>"Going to sleep. You can have my bed."
>"I'm not kicking you out of your bed."
>"I'll be fine."
>"No I insist that you sleep in your own bed. There's enough room for both of us."
>gives me a look
>we go lay down in my bed
>can't sleep
>after a while I figure she's probably passed out and I cust want to hold her
>put my arm around her
>"I knew it, Anon. I knew you loved me."
>she pushes her body against me
>start making out
>she starts tearing off her clothes
>naked making out on top of her
>"Fuck me."
>"I can't. You're drunk."
>"No I'm not. Fuck me."
>wraps her legs around my waste and pulls me into her
>start fucking her like crazy
>eventually she gets on top
>she slowly pulls up to the tip of my dick and then slams down onto it
>put her on her side and fuck her silly
>drunk can't cum
>next morning she wakes me up with a kiss and we fuck again sober

We dated in secret for a few months but that's a whole separate story.
3/10 because you got replies from faggots. Otherwise would have been 1/10
So it ended?
Was it messy?
oh i hope it was messy
>yfw you read it wrong
i blew 10 loads at the same time
>>two girls one 11 one 12
>>10yr/o being the hotter one

so there's 2 girls, one is 11 and one is 12, and then 10 y.o. is the hottest?
File: 1396606965511.jpg (29 KB, 385x283) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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this is the 3rd time i have read that AND YOU STILL HAVENT FIXED THE FUCKING TYPO
Jesus christ. its obvious you are copy and pasting so just fix the fucking source
Read the rest of the fucking story its obviously a typo
How about this:
Nah I think I'll just leave it in there

Nah we're still really good friends. We never even fought. Just one night I went to kiss her and she pulled away. I asked what was wrong. She said she didn't know and then left. I just let her go. I should have fought for her. A few months later she had a new boyfriend. I still wonder to this day if she was testing me or something and I fucked up or if she genuinely just fell out of love with me. We were really good together. One time, when we were together her mom actually said, "its a shame you too are brother and sister. I think you'd make a good couple." I know the whole thing sounds like bad fan fiction but all of it happened exactly like that. She's married with a kid now.
>married with a kid now
and you?
>two girls one 11 one 12
>10yr/o hotter one
>me 11yr/o
pure bullshit
Okay I've never shared this before. Protip - there is no "I jizzed all over her and she loved my 32 inch cock" ending, but this is reality.

>I'm 19 male
>my parents are in a different state visiting elderly relatives for a week
> Supposed to be a week of freedom and partying but fucking annoying travelling relos think this is perfect opportunity to "help out" by baby sitting
>my parents, who get that this is OUR time, tell them they're welcome to camp in the back fucking yard hahahaaha
>they do... goddammit
>13yo femanon cousin's air mattress gets puncture in the night
>she gets to sleep in the house each night while her parents are outside in the backyard
>thank you lawd
>hot Aussie summer nights
>she sleeps with no covers on, only wearing panties
>she's just young enough to not realise this is fucking hot as fuck - only has budding titties
>stay awake for hours, hard as a rock, waiting for absolute dead of night
>sneak into her room
>caress, touch, kiss, eventually suckle on glorious 13yo titties
>get slightly braver
>inch... actually millimetre down her panties
>seriously like 5mm at a time
>devise bullet proof plan to leave room after each panty movement. If I come back in and panties are still down, win. If not, she's either awake and tolerating this, or semi-awake
>return after multiple panty movements
>each time panties are returned to pulled up position
>get nervous but sick titties a few more times until shoot load
>leave without licking pussy
>satisfied with semi-win
he's an anon now
I've been holding on to some stories that over the years I have been tempted to share on /b/.
It involves me at the age of 17 or so, and my cousin of then 12-13.

>>540760441 is right. I'm single as fuck. I've dated some people but nothing serious.
don't hold out on us then

Don't post them. Keep holding on, attention whore.
Let it out,
That's first time I ever let any if it out
Well I'll go ahead anyway. There were several events so i'll get started.
1st Time:
>Be downstairs on makeshift bed, all other rooms/bed are taken by guests and family.
>Two cousins come downstairs, one same age 16-17 (Me 17), other at time 12 years old.
>12 year old has always shown affection like following me around or wanting piggyback rides, climbing on me etc.
>16 skyping with her bf, they are from out of state, 12 year old takes my bed (big enough for 1 person) and gets on my phone (FB).
>Always tease her like an older brother, underlying instinctual thoughts though.
>"Who are you talking to your boyfriend?"
>"No, what do you care"
>For context purposes, 12 year old has body of a 15 year old, curves, 10/10. which also resulted in her having a 6/10 personality.
>Make her get off
>Does on of her usual moves and lays on top of me, breasts squishing against my back without a bra
Continue? The max I ever got to was feeling up, holding hands, but I am finally seeing her in a month. So who knows how it ends.
I used to fuck a girl named zoe, but she was tubby and she farted in her sleep.
>So who knows how it ends

confirmed for MASSIVE attention whore

Stop posting. Now.
Agreed, so how about you
stop giving him attention
I had a two year secret relationship with my aunt.
Go on...
File: 1394297429459.png (633 KB, 1160x4920) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
633 KB, 1160x4920
>>be me
>>find out that my mother was born through her mother being raped by her own father

>realizes his family tree is a family bush

>Be 14 (20 now)
>Have a raging incest fetish
>Sniff panties, wait outside during showers etc
>First attempts at mom and sisters are rebuffed. Nothing's discussed but message is loud and clear.
>Discover /b/
>Discover wincest threads
>Get all kinds of advice for seducing mom/older women
>mfw who can I try it on?
>My 35yo maiden aunt who's crazy but pretty stacked lives up the street
>Summer get my chance
>first family vacation weekend I can talk myself out of not going, say too much schoolwork
>Parents rightly suspicious
>Aunt offers to spend weekend watching me to make sure I'm studying


>wraps her legs around my waste
Halfway through it and that's awful.
That is some fucked up shit, read the entire thing.
>sees osama
>urge to rape

Typing it all out, might take a little while

>Morning of the first day (62 hours remain)
>Family is gone
>Put American Pie 2 on Dvd on widescreen and turn the volume up
>skip to the part with the tits and put on repeat
>start jacking it
>half an hour goes by and I've already edged twice
>hear door open, don't let up
>door opens "Hey an...on..."
>Jump up off the couch with practiced "deer in headlights" look
>2 beats before I grab a cushion and cover visibly throbbing boner
>"Ohhh Amber!" from the surround sound and a big widescreen of tits being sucked
>Aunt is overwhelmed but clearly not disgusted.
>"Shall I come back in in 2 minutes?
>She does. I shoot one into a tissue and then get dressed and go and see her in the kitchen
>doesn't talk about it and doesn't look me in the eye but smiling

Phase 1 complete
File: ha_ha_ha.jpg (3 KB, 109x85) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 KB, 109x85
Gets me every time.
Christ why did I read it all.
you're all newfags and pussies
>rape infant
>blame bin laden
works only in a court in 'murrica
>Be me
>Be 14
>Sis is 11
>Fight regularly like every sibling
>sometimes play in bed
>cuddle a bit
>get hard

happens few times

>sis 12
>girl get in my room
>sit on bed
>get bored and just put up some music and get in bed with her
>hug and cuddle while music plays
>gets on top of me and get hard
>get under the sheets while still hugging and she kind of straddles me
>caress her back
>get under her shirt and lightly caress her bare back
>she breaths heavier
>press my hips up
>eventually start to caress and knead her ass
>feel her pressing down on my crotch
>knead her ass and grind lightly against each other
>both glowing, also hot under sheets
>get frisky and enter my hands in her pants and panties
>feel the heat
>lightly touch her pussy lipss
>she shakes
>still grinding
>run my fingers trough her slit
>shakes heavily and lets out a moan
>fucking hot.gif
>push her a bit up and get my hands lower
>lower her
>my fingers pressed against her bare pussy by our bodies
>she grinds fucking hard
>hear parents talking cleaning up the living room and turning off tv
>will probably come upstairs
>gets to her room
>best fap ever that night

fuck yes
File: 1349941849173.jpg (93 KB, 762x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
93 KB, 762x960
edgy child
Just because you like it doesn't mean it isn't awful. I mean, what's wrong with liking happy incest?

>Uneventful saturday day
>Finish homework, have dinner and say I'm going to my room for a bit
>Room right above living room with thin-ass floor
>Get on laptop and set it so a big porno sounding female moan goes through my speakers,
>load enough to wake the dead
>dead silent, then hear footsteps on the stairs
>Go to the door, open on the first knock
>apologise and say my speakers messed up and it wont happen again
>"make sure you take a shower tonight anon"
>I do indeed
>Leave shower running for a long time
>Its a ruse but I'm actually jerking tho
>End of the first day
>She stays overnight to make sure "I didnt get into trouble"
>Deliberately sleep naked wo covers and "oversleep" so my alarm blares
>She comes in to wake me, finds me naked with hard cock pointing at my chest
>She comes and stands by my bedside
>Takes a long time
>you'd think she'd never seen a real dick before (turns out she hadnt)
>She eventually grabs my sheet and tugs it up and over
>her hand grazes my shaft
>she shakes me awake when thin sheet is covering my boner and says get up for breakfast

Phase 2 complete
you brilliant little bitch!
>you'd think she'd never seen a real dick before (turns out she hadnt)
Didn't you say she was 35?

>Do nothing but chill out all day
>Chat and shit, watch TV
>Offer to cook, she says sure
>Ask if she wants wine with dinner
>"Don't tell anyone"
>"Wouldn't dream of it"
>Dinner eaten, bottle of wine drunk (mostly her) and we're sitting talking with the TV on mute
>Deliberately steer conversation towards relationships and sex
>She's a maiden aunt, didnt have a boyfriend in school and never dated
>"That must be frustrating"
>sighs "Oh god yeah"
>"Some people are just really sexual I guess"
>Obvious ploy to anyone but a drunk naive untouched woman. Happily though...
>"Yeah, you're a really sexual person aren't you?" She giggles like she's won some sort of point
>I blush and go "Guilty"
>"Don't be embarassed anon, it's normal for guys to..."
>"So it's not normal for girls?"
>"Do you do it?"

any pictures of her?
All thanks to /b/ too, these are not my moves

Yeah. Small town + circumstances. *shrug*

>She blushes and slurrs "... sure!"
>"What do you think about if you've never had sex?"
>"You've never had sex"
>"I've been blown though-" Actually had, it wasn't that great."also there's porn"
>"Yeah well..." she gigglesnorts "I know its in the DVD player" more snorting "I watch porn too."
>Discussion ensues about porn tastes
>My boner is probably visible, she's squirming and flushed
>She just finishes talking about how she's not seen a real dick (she had by then) but wants to suck on one
>Go for broke time, do or die.
>Stand up walk over and unzip
>her eyes go wide
>My dick hangs out\
>"Why don't you suck on mine?" Cheesiest line, not planned
>totally works
>She reaches out and touches me

Phase 3 complete
next time we're home alone

>watch tv
>get under sheet together
>cuddle bit
>rub each others legs
>look at each other
>"lets go upstairs"
>to parents room
>under sheets
>pulls her pants and panties down
>she leads my hand to her pussy
>finger her
>get under the sheets
>kiss her body
>move to pussy
>try to eat out
>no taste
>immediate moan
>just lick it
>lick bit faster
>get up again
>decide to take my pants off as well
>put her hand on my cock and wrap her hand around it
>help her jerk it a bit
>eventually cuddle and hug again
>take everything off
>gets on top of me again
>hot wet slit on my cock
>didnt insert
>we grind
>make out
>never make out again
>grind harder
>both come
>breath heavily
>go back and watch tv while cuddleing
>get to bed before parents come home

Do godfathers count? cause if so I have a pretty good story.
tits or gtfo
>be 23
>in military
>home on leave
>watching sister, 14, and cousin, 12
>actually not watching
>drinking downstairs while they're upstairs
>hear screaming from upstairs
>probably play screaming but want to be sure
>decide to go check it out
>open door
>see cousin tied up naked on bed
>vibrator in pussy
>gag in mouth
>sister hops out of her bathroom naked
>stares at me
>say shit, you can't do this
>she bends over
>tells me to spank her
>oh shit
>do so thinking it'll get her to think about what she's doing
>also boner is interfering with thought processes
>don't even untie cousin, she still watches while a vibrator's going in her
>sister moans like she's being fucked while I spank her
>finger her pussy and ass a little
>she asks me to fuck her
>say i can't do that
>she says "do it faggot" (really!) "or i'll tell mom and dad you did!"
>fuck it, fuck her
>cousin still tied up watching and gagged
>can tell from gagged screams she's cum at least once watching
>sister seems to enjoy it too
>about ready to cum
>warn sis, don't want to knock her up
>she says pull out
>disappointed, but do, i'm a man of honor
>then takes vibe out of cousin, tells me to finish in her, "it's about time she had a real cock"
>hem and haw for a bit, don't want to fuck a tied up girl
>sis pulled the gag down and tells cousin to beg for it
>"please fuck me anon i want it so bad"
>leave her tied up put gag back in but start fucking her
>bust a nut

>I can tell she hasn't sucked a cock before
>Mainly because she doesn't know how to, Apparently
>She bit my dick, off
>She ate my fucking dick!
>I have no dick now
>She says it tasted like chicken
>The end

If you are a femanon, than I'd be willing to hear it. No offense intended if you're a bro. Just not my bring.
>sister decides she's going to take a nap
>tells me not to untie cousin "she likes it"
>says i can use her again
>wait till i get boner back and stop 'oh-shit-what-have-i-done'ing
>fuck her again
>that's when my parents come home
>see me fucking tied up cousin, sis asleep on bed with cum leaking out
>clusterfuck of biblical proportions
>sister wakes up
>instantly claims i forced them
>cousin backs her up
>nobody believes that they lured me
>framed for a crime i didn't commit
>promptly escape from maximum security stockade
>to los angeles underground with some other some other like-minded prisoners
>still wanted by the government
>survive as soldiers of fortune
>if you have a problem
>if no one else can help
>and if you can find us
>maybe you can hire the A-Team.
Yes more
None, sorry. Neither of us had a camera.

I dont see why not, join the party

>She jerks me awkwardly
>Have to hold her hand until she gets the right angle
>She giggles and moves her head forward
>Sticks her tongue out like a cat and laps at my head
>She tries to take it all in her mouth but gags
>finds the sweet spot
>Uses her tongue around the rim and start to gently fuck her mouth
>She picks it up really quickly
>sucks on my head, jacks me with one hand, teases my balls and taint with the other
>mfw she watches a lot of porn
>pant and tell her im going to cum
>she keeps going
>Blow an enormous load in her mouth, at least 5 spurts, head suddenly super hot and sensitive
>pretty sure I moaned laod enough to be heard outside
>she swallows it and looks up at me smiling

so wait if i provide tits i can tell the story?

Sure. Covered in godfathers cum recommended but not required.
i am actually a femanon! i'll write it up and post it in a bit
File: dat feel.jpg (30 KB, 150x152) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
dat feel.jpg
30 KB, 150x152

on holiday

>south of france
>bedroom for me and my sis with double bed
>maybe cheapest option
>parents probably wanted to fuk
>watch tv in bed
>don't know how we got on the topic
>watch porn on my iphone with her
>thank god for free wifi
>girl giving blowjobs and stuff
>asks me about it
>ask me about cum
>start hugging and grinding again
>pull her pants down
>get undressed
>ask to take cock in mouth
>feels good
>cum rather quickly
>heavy breathing
>she takes everything off aswell


>hug and cuddle
>get hard and grind again
>pull her high enough
>tip pushes against entrance
>adjust a bit
>until hurts her
>push a bit
>too much pain
>mm, change positiong
>get on top of her in again
>deeper already
>her legs around me
>get deeper
>look down
>all the way in
>slowly fuck like this
>start to cum
>inside her
>was late bloomer so no period yet
>have sex every night that vacation

We continued haveing sex when we have the chance
19 and 17 now
both have SO
no emotional or mental problems
still have sex a few times a year
learned a lot from each other
sis her periods hurted so she had the pill at young age

TL;DR: Sis was fuckbuddy since young age
I have one for you /b/, i have posted it before tho
>Me 15(22now) at the time, abit chubby and insecure
>My sister was 17, solid 8/10. Round ass, fapped to her pictures sometimes
>Always had a thing for her, fapping sniffing her panties etc
>One night she is taking care of the house, parents are out
>Im up by myself on my room playin Vidya
>She comes up and asks if i want to watch a movie
>Kinda hesitant, she always choosed boring movies
>Asked what she was watching "A comedy"
>Came down, and everything was nicely setup with blankets/popcorn and shit
>Get out an dvd. Fuck yes
>American Pie. Parents wouldnt allow me to see it
>We start watching, laughing and having generally a good time.
>She says that she is getting cold
>Shared my blanket with here without much sexual thought
>NSFW scene in the movie comes up
>Get semi, she dosent notice tho i think
>I kinda snuggle up in her arms. My back to her tits
>She moves her arms over my shoulders and starts giving me a massage right under the belly button
>Raging boner.
>She down the sound of the TV
>Asks "Wanna do something fun"?
>Slowly move her hand down towards my dick
>Slowly starts jerking it
>Wow you have a pretty big dick!
>tfw little bit over 6 inches at 15
>Strokes it harder, how basically jerking me.
>Cum in around 2 minutes..

Im no writer /b/ros, but i have more. We ended up fucking around 2 months later after alot of experimenting.

We still fuck when we see eachother
>tfw im a 6/10 now
>She a 8,5/10 now
yis pls
Half a generation will always be grateful for that movie.
File: loli.png (204 KB, 1893x2197) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
204 KB, 1893x2197
forgot what these were about, just dumping my small folder
File: luck.png (28 KB, 1149x652) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28 KB, 1149x652
File: das me.png (206 KB, 486x238) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
das me.png
206 KB, 486x238
Femanon with a godfather story here.
pic of tits provided.

>be me
>be 18, it's my birthday
>be a total fucking virgin because parents are strict as fuck
>chilling with godfather while parents are out preparing for some cliche surprise party thing
>I complain about not doing fun shit throughout the day
>get to my house
>totally fucking empty because the sister's out on a playdate
>godfather suggests we watch Lucky Number Slevin because it's a perfect fucking movie
>cuddle into him because that's what we do whenever we watch shit together
>godfather asks if I have any afterparty plans
>I get all pissy once again and say no, it's the summer so basically everyone is on vacation
>we still have 5 hours till the "surprise" birthday dinner at my favorite restaurant
>movie's ending
>shit's getting boring until the godfather whips out some booze
File: luckyfucker.png (103 KB, 1879x1217) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
103 KB, 1879x1217
already delivered
I feel like you're the perfect person to ask this question to: Should abortion be legal?

>get drunk after 3 shots
>godfather's still going strong
>I whine like a little bitch
>"parents treat me like I'm 4 kill me now"
>cuddles into godfather again
>I'm drunk. he's comfy. It works.
>"you're the only person who treats me like an 18 year old"
>gets closer
>godfather fidgets away
>"Anon I think I might know where this is going"
>no shit sherlock
>"And I'm pretty sure this is really not okay on a lot of levels"
>act confused
>contemplate on aborting the mission
>"It's not like I haven't done this before"
>"Plus" scooches closer "I trust you more than anyone else"
So is the godfather actually related or just a family friend? because if that's the case it wouldn't be wincest unless your parents died... I don't mind really just trying to fill up details in the story.
>Be 13
>Brother is also 13
>We are alone in our cabin (parents coming up in a few days)
>We used to fight alot
>Go to take a shower (Im just wearing a bathrobe)
>Brother is already in the bathroom
>"Dude! Get out!"
>"No way, Im showering first, you're just gonna use up all the hot water"
>Start trying to get into the shower with brother doing the same
>End up wrestling on the floor
>Brother gets a boner
>So do I
>We let go and just stare at eachother
>"Lets just shower together"
>Go into shower and start touching eachothers cocks
>Hot water runs out
>Dont even care at this point
>Go up to the livingroom/kitchen (open space)
>He gets on his knees and starts giving me a blowjob
>He stops and says: "Your turn"
>I go down and suck him off
>"Lets go to the bedroom"
>Lay down in our bed (we slept in bunk beds)
>Starts humping and grínding
>Brother goes down beneath the covers, pulls my foreskin back and starts sucking again
>Literally twitching in bed because of the sensation
>Dry orgasm in like 20 seconds
>Brother kneels down on my arms so that Im pinned
>He puts his cock in my mouth and basically just facerides me until he orgasms
>Lay there afterwards cuddling and kissing

We did this everytime we'd go up to the cabin or when we were home alone for the next 2 years.
Boner killed.
File: DAT_SHAS.jpg (27 KB, 361x245) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27 KB, 361x245
>Be 12
>Sister 11
>At our second home that we visit in the weekends.
>Family goes to a Jazz Concert
>Come back
>Sister is happy that I won her a stuff animal.
>Late at night, everyone going to bed.
>Parents have their room upstairs, sister and I have our own separate rooms downstairs.
>Go into sisters room, ask if she wants to sleep with me
>She accepts.
>My room is completely dark and she is in the same bed with me
>Ask her if she wants to have sex. She knows what it is.
>She is hesitant but we eventually do it.
>My bed is against the wall, make sister face the wall sideways in a spooning position, I spread her buttcheeks so I can find a way to stick it in her butt.
>Poke my dick a few times.
>Mother comes into my room.
>She can't see us
>Mother wants to see if everyone is in bed.
>Sister is in my room, tells Mother that she is scared so decided to sleep with me.
>Mother disapproves and tells her to go back to her bed.
>Wait a few hours until parents are asleep. Still want sex.
>Go into sisters room, wake her up, stay with her in bed for a while, talk, then try to convince her if she wants to have sex.
>We eventually fuck. Have sex spooning, I am pounding her as hard as I can unto me..
>Sister is scared that parents will walk downstairs again. Doesn't want to do it.
>Fuck this, go back to bed.
>Wake up the next morning, house is silent.
>Sister comes to my room to watch TV because she doesn't have one.
>Try to get her to continue what we left off
>She's jumping on my dick while watching tv. too good.
>Eventually she forgets about the tv and we just fuck.
>Sister wants to brush her teeth.
>I follow her into the bathroom and lock myself with her.
>Ask her if I can fuck her while she is breathing her teeth.
>Rub the tip of my dick all along her buttcrack
>Grab her hips and just keep sticking my dick into her buttcrack and slamming her butt against me occasionally while she is brushing her teeth
>After all that, go outside and ride my bike.

It was a good day
Keep going, please.
will do :)

newfag here. Whats a timestamp?

I'm like 80% sure he's some sort of 3rd cousin distant relative or something.


>finally start making out after 2 awkward minutes of silence
>godfather constantly asking if I'm okay
>tries to unbutton his shirt
>not sober enough
>godfather takes off my shirt
>does the cool 'unclasps bra while kissing' thing
>possibly a magician
>grabs boobs like a 12 year old
>"dude wtf these are huge"
>if I had a boner it would've softened right then
>go back to making out
>lays me down on the rug carpet thing
>moves one hand down to a nipple
>apparently these things are sensitive
>dear lord
>one hand goes to lift up the skirt
>starts rubbing me through panties
>I'm trying not to make any weird sex noises
>"No one's here, be as loud as you want"
>starts to kiss down my stomach
>oh shit i totally know where this is going
>"Shit anon you're already so wet"
>"Shut up dude it's not my fault!"
>"nah it's cool, I think it's cute"
My older sister and I watched porn together one summer. When our parents went to work we would each get under our own blankets, put in one of our dads porn tapes and watch it together. Sometimes the blankets would come off . She asked to see my cum once or twice and I watched her grind on a pillow a few times while she was pretending it was the guy in the tape.

It was never more than that. We never explored each others bodies or kissed or anything. Closest we did outside of looking was bumped arms or shoulders because we were sitting so close. I never really wanted more at the time. I didn't realize how weird it was until I was older. I just thought "hey, that's my sister, my best friend, of course we will watch something we aren't supposed to watch together"

Now that we are both in our mid twenties we can laugh about it. I once asked her if she wanted to watch porn with me again for old times sake and she declined.
File: 1396232051.jpg (147 KB, 693x796) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
147 KB, 693x796
where's all the cp? this thread sucks.
>Claims to be newfag
>references another post
> doesn't know what a timestamp is

Stairs have existed for years, I see no reason for them to be outlawed
I should have you gutted damn dolphin terrorist?
cp is illegal and against the law. I will report anyone who posts it I will screencap the thread as evidence so I can use to help prosecute you in court.

That's how most of the legit stories work, you do stuff when you don't quite realize the taboo around it and are just curious, then as you grow things get awkward and pretend it never happened, it's odd you would bring it up latter in life.
Google it newfag.


>slowly pulls down panties
>I can totally see his boner through his pants
>dang son
>asks me if this is really okay
>"Obviously I'm okay with it! Please just do something or I literally might implode"
>starts going to town on that shit
>actually does stuff with the clit
>I start getting sort of shy
>watching a dude eat you out is kind of embarrasing
>covers face with hands
>try to cover up the little moaning sounds I make
>tsundere mode engaged
>after about 2 minutes I start breathing really hard
>holy shit it's never this good when I do it by myself
>orgasm like no other
>seein rainbows and shit
>lay there for about a minute
>attempting to catch my breath
>look over
>godfather trying to inconspicuously rub himself through his pants
>crawl over to him
>still sort of shaky. damn. what an orgasm.
>starts unbuckling his belt
>"Anon it's fine you don't have to"
>don't beta out on me now bro
>"But I wanna make you feel really good"
>he covers his face and tries not to laugh
>what a cute
File: AuN73.jpg (66 KB, 720x576) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
66 KB, 720x576
Glad to see an other Child Protector in this thread. I am with you brother.


go on
top kek
More, please.
>it's odd you would bring it up latter in life.

I don't think so. We drink together sometimes and she brought it up in a nostalgic manner. It was just something we laughed about how awkward it was.
>Hash tags on my /b/

Kill yourself faggot.
File: turdbeast.jpg (84 KB, 500x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
84 KB, 500x375
>some of us love dubstep
>picture of Skrillex
>implying Skrillex is dubstep

Are you even trying.
You're not finishing are you, how can you leave your godfather like this?

Yeah. Let him make you an offer you can't refuse.
Excuse me? Do you think suicide is a joke? You don't fucking tell people to kill themselves just because you're offended on the internet. You are such a terrible person!
File: 1235.png (371 KB, 698x361) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
371 KB, 698x361
wait okay I totally know what a timestamp is now
have another pic with timestamp and complimentary yotsuba

>slowly unzips his pants
>never actually touched a dick before
>happy birthday to me
>finally at the boxers
>Toto, I don't think we're in kansas anymore
>this shit looks so different from the stuff in hentai
>lick the tip and rub the base
>channeling my inner loli
>"Is this okay?"
>ruffles my hair
>"You're new to this aren't you?"
>"Shut up, idiot"
>"It's okay, anon haha. You're fine, don't worry. Try sucking it a little"
>start sucking along the head
>he starts to breathe harder
>90% sure I'm doing sort of okay
>tries to get more of it in my mouth
>godfather thinks this is a signal to help out i guess
>starts moving my head by pulling at my hair
>"You're doing great anon, you're so great"
>I'm not even doing any of the work tho
>plus this kind of hurts a little
>I'm tearing up like a little bitch
>after 4 minutes of shoving his cock down my throat while I occasionally come up for air, the dude informs me that he's coming
>well fuck what do I do
>the girls in hentai manga usually swallow it or something
>continue sucking because I'm a champ
>attempt to swallow some of it
>some of it gets on my lips and cheek
>try to lick off some of it
>idk I thought it'd be rude to do otherwise
>godfather pulls me in his lap
>kisses me despite all the gross stuff
>lets me lie down on his chest
>pets my hair and calls me his good girl
>still another two hours before we have to go for my bday dinner
>godfather tells me to pick another movie
>"dude put on Fight Club"
>"nice, okay, go get ready and we'll watch it before we go"
>goes and cuddles into him
>strokes my hair for the entire movie

The end /b/
did I do good?

I have a shirt that looks vaguely like that.

Nothing else I have looks vaguely like that.

I like what it looks like, though.

Please continue with the story.
did you do it again
File: CoolStory.jpg (64 KB, 500x453) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
64 KB, 500x453

Awesome story :)
fun fact, this is actually his shirt!

I may or may be borrowing it permanently
Exactly, it's not a joke, so I'm sure the sentiment was entirely heartfelt.
Sorry for doubting it would get finished,
yes, now for our needs.

show pussy
This is a requirement

love the rethoric.

did anything ever happen again?
This actually happened this summer, and I'm kind of in college now, but we still talk a lot and we're planning to chill when I come back in a few weeks.

aw, it's okay anon!
>I'm a champ
>try to lick off some of it
>idk I thought it'd be rude to do otherwise
You really are.
>fun fact, this is actually his shirt!
>I may or may be borrowing it permanently

Then I can see two ways in which our tastes our very similar. I'd like to both congratulate him, and wish you both the best of luck.
This would make for a very fun coincidence
This actually happened in august, and I've been away at college since then, but we still talk a lot and we're planning to hang out in a few weeks when I come back
Next step: creampie
Show pussy, it's ok you're anonymous.
I'm like 83% sure he's not a /b/tard
...but I'll text him and ask if he's awake just in case

I don't know if it's because I read a really pathetic amount of nsfw manga but I always though it was the polite thing to do ahaha
A lot of girls dislike it which I can understand but some flat out jump straight to the bath to wash it off which is a complete turn off. So kudos for not being like that even if you didn't quite liked it. And thank you to the doujin gods for teaching you well without reality getting in the way.
You better fucking provide pussy
damn I love your nipples
disappointing end.
boner does not approve
>tfw no female siblings to sex
>tfw ex gf told everyone i fucked my cousin
>tfw i dont even have a cousin
So why don't you make your own siblings?
all hail the doujin gods
people I hook up think I'm this super experienced coolkid but in reality I just copy doujinshi
good times

sorry anon, I don't think I'm up for that, at least for today.
keep an eye out though!

really?! thanks so much!
haha inbred tard
only into sibling incest plus i would have to wait about 13 years to harvest that fruit
Ha, that would make for a funny premise actually.
>most top kek
File: l-lewd.png (218 KB, 628x372) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
218 KB, 628x372
Oh but it's happened already.

I plan to make sure that no one finds out how I learned all this shit.
Damn, what a great body, great pair of tits and great personality.

10/10 would whiteknight on anonymouse.
Tomoko, the college years.
>The revalushun will be only tweets
Topkek rbo
post a pic not laying down i hate it when i cant make out somebodys body shape
She's clearly a chubby, it's not rocket science.
>be me at 17
>at gfs dads house
>in bed at night
>lets roleplay anon
>i want you to pretend you're my brother and we have to sneak around
>boner achieved (i already thought about this during sex)
>roleplay goes on its pretty dull i can't remember it too well
>next morning wake up to breakfast with her dad
>he heard everything
>thinks im really messed up

>tfw cant fuck my real sister
God damn you are hot.
File: wow it me.png (328 KB, 481x351) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
wow it me.png
328 KB, 481x351
oh anon-sama you are too kind

holy shit don't remind me. during middle school and my first year of high school I was a total Tomoko/autist supreme

I'm currently typing this next to my sister (at home from college for the weekend woot woot)
and we're doing homework together.

excuse the excess amount of clothing and the lack of timestamp, I'm trying to be elusive and cool
I *do* want to lose more weight

I've been putting off working out because my classes give out more tests than a free health clinic in the inner city
Well, you're using doujins as guidelines for your sex-life so saying 'was' might be a bit of a stretch... cute nonetheless.
Well you still have a fantastic body but I know that feeling. I'd totally poke that belly and giggle like a small, confused child.

if not face, then atleast lips! :D
Well I'd eat and fuck you.

more must have happened?
I'd do all kinds of things to you.
All kinds.
My cousin and I used to fool around when we were younger. (both male) He initiated it and kind of forced me to do it or he'd tell on me or some BS. We sucked each other's cocks/rimmed each other. (11ish) Eventually when we were older we both discovered cumming when he gave me a handjob. (13-14ish) We stopped after that and didn't speak of it again.
Now I'm 24 and gay and he's pretty much straight.
oh, sorry, didn't green text. Ignore it if you want, just bored and ranting.
I'll take cute
sure I might secretly be a weeaboo /b/tard
but i appreciate the 'cute'

haha thanks anon but I'm planning to work off the belly fat in a few months hopefully!

Needs more gifs.
When my little sister lost her virginity, I was in the next room listening and fapping.
greentext isn't obligatory & I don't care for gay stuff but I'm sure someone appreciates you sharing.
Make my dreams come true and tell me you live in Oregon.
Good god I want to tit fuck you. And for real fuck you.
>be about 12
>with half brothers family
>hanging out with his brothers
>ready to go to bed
>anon you cant sleep in the boys room you have to sleep with their sister
>shes 10 im not interested because not horny messed up child
>sleep on floor in just underwear
>she says ihave to get in bed with you
>she cuddles up to me
>we kiss 3 or 4 times
>i felt it was wrong
>my mum walks in
>makes her get back in bed
>be last month
> see her again
>shes 16 solid 9/10
>i wish i was still close with her
It's also pretty hot, Sadly I'm not going to meet a girl whose sexual expectations come from doujins anytime soon so congrats to that godfather.
am i the only one who is questioning the age?
No way to be even 50% sure with just close ups of some college girls pussy
File: 542354325432.png (61 KB, 185x172) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
61 KB, 185x172
sorry friend. I have been to oregon a few times though!

anon-chan you're so lewd

probably.I thought these were those lifelike dolls you can get
Lewd, crude, and a whole lot of dude. Because I'm fat.
another story
>sister is 20
>im 18
>she was out night clubbing
>i pick her up
>shes really drunk
>help her inside
>lead her towards my room
>get to my bed
>brush her hair aside look into her eyes
>she looks around
>notices its my room
>anon im not that drunk
>she told my muw the next day
still suspicous as fuck
besides look at the fingers
and google search doesnt say anything soo
It's a damn shame you're not in Portland - I'd wear you out.
In which state do you live?
>grasping straws
Those whispy little hairs...
good ol' NYC

Id so love to have a father/daughter play date with you.
Although I'm getting a bit old for your age, 29 soon.
So far away.
NY gets the best stuff.
eh, that's not too bad.
Not sure if it's weird daddy issues or whatever, but I always preferred older dudes to people my age.

Don't worry anon, there are probably girls in oregon who are 6x more radical than me
It's 6am
I'm going to bed
Hit me up sometime, nee-chan
2 things:

1. why'd the cp stop?
2. why havent mods b& this thread?
File: ttf3.gif (97 KB, 375x564) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
97 KB, 375x564
Im 33 years old, is that to old for you?
File: 1391242426505.jpg (4 KB, 200x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 KB, 200x200
Why not search in google... Pure nudism.
You might like it anon.
hahahahahahahaha fucking 12/10 "see Osama's face" noreply@rapeddaughter.net, mfw you lost attraction to your daughter/fuck slave because you associated fucking her with 9/11
no. why wont the mods just delete the crap and be done with it regardless of what it actually turns out to be. Stupid posts always make me freak out cause I always assume the cops will be at my door for being in the wrong place at the wrong time *cowers*
Just saw this post
I'm 30 this year.
6x seems arbitrary.
You seem like one who's up for some roleplay, and this thread's already shown what you're into. It saves some work, y'know?
Actually going to bed now.
Get your sister drunk and fuck her.
Then get her to fuck your godfather with you.
File: body.jpg (13 KB, 507x417) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13 KB, 507x417
Good to know though. I'd love to please a younger (legal) hottie like yourself though.

Pic related, took during my trip to AFA
i've had a rather long story for some time saved on my pc. I wrote it to remember it but I guess it's time to share

>be 19 bi-curious girl
>be the oldest of all the kids in the family. Pretty big family btw
>other cousins always come to me seeking advice and telling me their problems, I’m tired of that shit
>younger cousin (let’s call her Liz), who is 17, is the most talkative one, she keeps telling me her problems with friends, other members of the family…
>she has some issues, every time we talk she says she’s in love with a different cousin each time
>doesn’t care if said cousin is a boy or a girl, she also claims to be bisexual
>last time she got very angry at me because she told me she liked some random guy and I told her she was being immature and childish
>anyway, after 3 months of silence, she phones me one day to chat
>says she’s been dating a guy and he banged another girl
>she seems sad so I decide to meet her at her house to talk about it
>she cries like a baby, I comfort her, usual stuff
>a week later or so, on skype with a friend of mine
>receive an email from Liz
>saying things like ‘you’re always there for me when I need it’, ‘I should have seen it before’, ‘you’re the coolest girl I know’
>long things short: she likes me
>I’m so fed up of her I don’t even write her back, I decide I have a better way to deal with this
>next day, drive to her place again, ask her parents I wanna talk to her, meet her in her bedroom
>’hey, that’s a surprise, you should have called me before coming here’
>tell her I don’t believe she likes girls, call her immature (again) and childish (yet again)
>she doesn’t seem as mad as the last time ’you can think whatever you want about me, but I do like girls’
>do what I recall as the stupidest thing I’ve ever done: lean and kiss her. Actually my first kiss with a girl
>’did you like that?’
>as a response, takes me by the nape and kisses me again
haha nope! Too old for me would probably be about 45 or something.

As long as he's attractive I'll totally be down to admire his cuteness from afar like the loser i am.

wow. what a gem.

Sorry anon! I'm trying to keep as anonymous as possible, so I probably won't be chatting with anyone outside of this thread.

>not really kissing, more like trying to rape my mouth
>push her and ask her wtf is she doing
>’you asked if I liked it and I did’
>tries to kiss me again, this time I dodge, but I’m rather curious
>leans once again and this time I don’t move and let her kiss me
>she goes slowly now and it’s quite nice, her lips are thick and smooth and she sure knows how to kiss
>feel her tongue against my teeth so I slightly open my mouth and move my tongue until I touch hers
>this is so weird it’s actually arousing
>she moves her head, keeps kissing my chin, cheeks and neck
>I close my eyes as she kisses my neck and makes circles with her tongue
>applies more pressure with her tongue while still making circles, gently bites my neck
>think I moaned at some point because she shushed me
>her bites are becoming more and more strong
>moving her mouth down my neck to the collarbone, sets my shirt aside and kisses my shoulder
>I have still my eyes closed, trying not to think she’s my cousin
>suddenly her mother asks from downstairs if I’m having dinner with them
>gasp, open my eyes and tell her I am
>says she’s going to buy some pizzas because they’re leaving to let us speak about our things
>Liz answers ‘ok mom, thanks’ and stands up to turn the pc on
>looks at me and smiles, I think I blushed because I’m fucking ashamed
>whispers ‘it’s your first time with a girl, isn’t it?
>’will you let me be in charge then?’
>’I don’t know. I don’t know if we should do this, thinking about it makes me sick’
>’yeah, me too. But feels good, doesn’t it? Just don’t think about it and let yourself go’
>picks a movie and starts playing it on the pc
SHES TWELVE (and also a hambeast)

Sorry anons, I don't really do online stuff. I'm all about that IRL relationship biz

>sits by my side and we wait until her parents leave
>finally her mom comes into Liz’s bedroom and says they’ll be back in 20 minutes
>just as soon as the front door closes, Liz starts kissing my cheeks again and starts going down to my shoulder
>now I’m very uncomfortable but she doesn’t notice and licks my chest with the tip of the tongue
>moves up and kisses me again while she places a hand on my belly
>close my eyes again and pretend she’s not my relative
>she sticks her tongue inside my mouth again and slowly moves her hand trying to reach my tits
>when I try to stop her she whispers ‘remember, just let yourself go’
>whatever, I’m in, let her do whatever she wants
>takes off my shirt and starts caressing my belly and chest, hasn’t touched my boobs yet
>her tongue is just pressing against mine, moving slowly from side to side
>front door opens again and aunt goes to the kitchen, opens the fridge, says ‘bye’ and leaves
>Liz just stops to say ‘goodbye’ to her mother
>she’s quicker and more active than before
>gently pushes me and makes me lie on her bed
>gets on top and kisses my chest
>pulls down bra straps and uncovers my boobs
>keeps kissing my shoulders, neck, chest, breasts, she’s everywhere
>bites her lips and squeezes my right breast
>don’t know what to do so I just place my hands on her hips
>’you want to feel them?’
>doesn’t let me answer, takes blouse off
>undoes her bra and exposes her boobs
>they’re bigger than mine, takes my wrist and places my hand on her tits
>touch them, feel them and squeeze them. It’s an awkward sensation but it’s great
>touch each other’s breasts for what feels like hours while we kiss
Wasn't asking. Not even right country lol.
Get her fit over the next 4 years and THEN get her drunk and fuck her.
b-but anon
i don't find imoutos cute unless they are 2D

If she were like 5 years older than me and cuter I'd go for it, though.

>’do you want to go further?’ she asks
>’well, I don’t see why not’
>stands up, undoes my shoelaces and takes my shoes off. Then she grabs my left trouser leg and pulls, removing my jeans
>tries to look adorable while she takes off her slippers and sweatpants
>wears some horrible black panties, mine are not better
>let her do everything, spreads my legs and lies on the bed making sure her crotch is touching mine
>I have one of her legs near my shoulder and the other one is stretched next to my ribs
>takes her time, probably finding a suitable and comfortable position
>sighs and starts moving her hips
>it’s like our pussies are kissing through the panties. I know it sounds ridiculous but that’s just how it looks like
>feels like when a guy goes down on me but like, more gentle
>the pink of my panties is becoming darker on some areas, not sure if because her fluids or mine
>she’s doing all her job, she moves her hips applying the right pressure. I’m just trying to make sure that I raise my hips a bit so that she can move better
>she starts caressing my right leg over the socks, so I do the same to her
>her skin is very smooth, it’s clear she’s shaved her legs recently
>keeps rubbing her crotch against mine until it starts feeling a bit painful because of the friction, then she stops and lies next to me
>almost the whole front area of my panties has a darker pink tone, it’s all moist. I try to keep them aside, it’s uncomfortable and it’s all sticky
>’If you let me get some rest we can keep doing it’
>tell her it’s ok, she waits for a minute or two and then gets on all fours over me
>’we’re almost naked. Do you want to stop here or should I go on?’
>just because I’m fucking uncomfortable with these panties, I say ‘at least could you take them off?’
>groans and quickly pulls my panties down to my ankles and keep them there
>keeps staring at my pubes. It’s nothing special, it isn’t even shaved
To be fair, this is what happens when you bring up sisters in this kind of thread.
>If she were like 5 years older than me and cuter I'd go for it
You can be our imouto any time.

Let us see how your face looks like! And if you are afraid someone might search for a pic of you on google it is literally impossible unless you have posted an exact copy on facebuuk! Plox deliver :o
It's not about you you selfish bitch, think of how your godfather will react when you bring in this cute 16yo /fit/girl who is totally dtf because you have loads of blackmail on her.
nigga, you gay
File: 1386175154824.png (9 KB, 156x206) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9 KB, 156x206
>undoes my shoelaces and takes my shoes off
bloody barbarians wearing their shoes indoors
>To be fair, this is what happens when you bring up sisters in this kind of thread.

I was debating on leaving her out of my posts but then I was just like, ah whatever, I showed my boobs and a shitty drawing of yotsuba, I can mention my sister.

>You can be our imouto any time.
;_; aw gosh anon i appreciate it.
this is coming from someone who's always wanted a big brother so yeah, I definitely appreciate that comment.

>realizes I’m feeling uneasy and says ‘oops, sorry, there’ and then sets her own panties aside, uncovering her pussy as well
>I was a bit nervous because mine is not shaved, but hers is hairy as well, so I relax a bit
>keeps looking at my crotch biting her lips, still think hers is nothing special but I can’t look away
>I move my hand to touch my labia; turns out the fluids on the panties were mine
>’can I kiss you there’ points at pussy
>’uhhm…I want to try but….well, ok’
>slowly pushes my thighs to spread my legs and kisses my groin
>then moves to my belly, kisses it and licks my belly button
>moves back again and kisses my thigh, crotch again, my hip…
>she’s always near my pussy but doesn’t touch it
>she’s making me nervous
>keeps moving around, kissing and licking random parts of my hips and crotch
>take her head with both hands and place her mouth over my pussy. Say something like ‘fucking start already’
>laughs and immediately starts licking my labia while I caress her hair
>some guys have given me oral sex, but this is very different
>sucks my labia, then makes pressure with her tongue against it, she moves it up and down and casually reaches my clit, making me shiver
>when she feels I’m ready, she opens her mouth and places it over my clit, pressing with her upper teeth against my pubes and moving her tongue up and down
>the pressure of her teeth against my pubes actually lifts what you’d call the ‘clit prepuce’ and the friction against my clit feels far better
>from time to time she moves her tongue towards the entrance of my pussy and sticks it inside, makes me quiver
>moves away and looks at me with her chin and mouth all wet and asks ‘do you want to try it?’
>nod because that’s what I wanted to try the most
>turns around, places her knees on the sides of my head and leans. Moves her hands under my legs and grabs my ass, spreading my pussy as she keeps licking
File: Borat460.jpg (25 KB, 460x276) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25 KB, 460x276
Fucked my grandma up the ass once, it was tight.

>her hairy pussy is on my face, I raise my neck a bit and give it a lick
>it tastes salty and the texture is like honey, but it’s not gross
>move my tongue from her clit to the her hole, I think I’m doing quite well
>but she’s obviously made this before, she controls every movement
>the only thing that pulls me back is the smell of her ass, but what the hell, it smells like mine so she must be smelling the same and isn’t complaining one bit
>she now moves her tongue more frantically, not sure if because I’m licking her pussy but it’s driving me crazy
>realize I’m enjoying the view of her pussy over my face, so everything is cool for now
>keep doing the same thing for what feels like ages, we don’t stop, we don’t rest and we’re enjoying everything so far
>I’m going to try and finger her, use middle finger to collect as much fluids and saliva as I can and move it to the entrance
>moves her right hand and spreads her ass cheek, letting me know it’s ok
>slowly move finger inside. It’s not very difficult since it’s wet as a fountain
>feel the wrinkled parts of her pussy and press slowly here and there
>well, so far her pussy is exactly as mine so no problems here
>stops for a moment and arches her back as I move my finger deeper and deeper
>the inside is now smoother, so I’m approaching a particular zone that makes me almost insta climax when I touch it myself
>identify that zone and start pressing against it, harder every time
oh man. but what if someone recognizes me?

Sorry anon, selfish bitch mode has been activated, partially because 3d imoutos are gross, and partially I'm not fond of sharing with my sister.

>lets a muffled moan out
>it’s taking her a bit longer than expected so I just start moving my finger in and out. Every time I reach that point I talked about earlier, I press against it
>her legs start trembling and tells me to stop
>carefully pull my finger out and rub it against her ass and legs to clean it
>leans again and rubs my clit.
>while she rests on her left arm, she places her right one over her ass, uses her index and ring fingers to spread her cheeks and starts fingering herself with her middle finger
>gives it a few pushes and tells me to ‘just look’
>bend my knees because I feel that will be more comfortable for her and just lean back and enjoy the show
>she moves her middle finger in and out, but far quicker than I did
>help her spreading her butt cheeks
>when my clit starts tickling I tell her to stop but keeps fingering over my face
>whenever I have the chance, I stick my tongue out and give it a few licks
>finally stops and turns around, lying and resting her head on my shoulder
>I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve never been so wet in my life
>’you want to finish it now?’
>’I don’t know, do you know more tricks?’
>’well, you could do me a favor…could you masturbate for me?’
>think about it for a few seconds because one of my ex-bfs liked to watch me as I masturbated and felt awkward
>’ok, I’ll do it’
>sits on the edge of the bed and I sit against the headboard
>I spread my legs and when I’m about to start she tells me to wait and removes my socks
>’now you’re totally naked’ and smiles
>grabs a cushion and hugs it while she sits with her legs crossed
Who knows?

I'd like to have an imouto like you though.
File: aaeaeaeaeea.jpg (40 KB, 480x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40 KB, 480x640
> Be 17
> Sister's not at home
> Spy on her computer
> I found a folder with some erotic as fuck photos of her
> save everything and often fap to these photos

pic related

>try not to think about it and start spreading my labia, getting closer to my pussy
>slid one finger inside with ease and relax
>close my eyes as I search for my ‘pleasure point’
>when I find it I moan and start pressing
>slid a second finger inside just because I can
>open my eyes for a second and watch my cousin fingering herself as she watches, the cushion is on the floor
>let myself go and look her in the eyes as she looks at me
>several minutes later, she stretches her legs and trembles while she opens her mouth and lets a long moan out. Then quickly rubs her clit while squeezing her breast and cums
>keep fingering a few moments after she climaxes and then stop
>she opens the closet, throws a pair of panties at me and goes to the bathroom to grab some toilet paper
>we both get clean, I cover my ass with her clean panties and put on my bra, then cuddle and kiss from time to time until we decide to have dinner

that's all I'm posting, hope you liked it
Maybe just your chin, I'd love to picture those lips
The chance of someone you personally knows who is 100% familiar with your face browsing this very **cest thread on this very site and this far down the post has literally a 1 to 100 million chance. Besides, if that person is browsing here he is even more fucked than you. "Uhm i just jacked off for half an hour to an wincest thread and saw you, you are such a creep" Trust me, you wont be recognized.

As an extremely high rated alpha-male I demand to see your beautiful face. You look stunning from what Ive seen already. Go for it gorgeous!
Is it bad if I came to this?
9/10 gave me a raging boner
File: hogeez.png (229 KB, 474x336) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
229 KB, 474x336

heres a pic of me minus the timestamp (I took this one yesterday), but once my sister heads out for her math tutor thing I'll take one with a timestamp
From what I can see you're quite a beauty
Man, those are nice, make sure to blow a kiss for us.
Alright, I can confirm you look stunning. I would like another pic where I can see your entire face though. I want it, is what I am trying to say. When I see something I like I take it or do something about it. Remember, no one can recognize you and even if they do they are the ones jacking their puny sad excuses of a cock to some wincest threads, so thats on them.
Daaaaaaaang. Those lips would sure look good wrapped around a cock.
you heading for many friendzones
File: 50470.jpg (154 KB, 776x956) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
154 KB, 776x956
They are my cousins, bro and sis, fucking like monkeys, he have a cock like a horse and she is the HIIIGHSCHOOL whore ?•

Friendzones? Haha, with a cock like mine, why would anyone want to friendzone me? Sorry if my comment about the tiny cocks might have offended you (not saying you have a small dick, but just in case that was the reason you said it)
I`ve never been friendzoned, nor will I. :) I always get what I want. I sound like the biggest dickface haha
Oh to be her godfather: 'just when I think I'm out she pulls be back in'.
glad you liked it. I'll start a new thread when the whole thing's finished and speak with cousin to know if she's ok with me providing pics
>be 23, cousin 17....eating dinner
>cousin mentions dessert is consistency of cum
>da fuq did you just say?
>chat her up on facebook about blowjobs
>tell whole family we are going to see a movie
>her mom drops her off tells us to have fun
>we get in my car and she starts sucking my dick before her mom is even out of the parking lot
>20 min drive to my house..shes sucking that dick like she needs it to survive
>start playing with her ass shes doing cute little moans on my cock as she slobbers all over it
>blow load in her mouth she swallows without a second thought

>long story short we got to my house and showered together and then 69'd and fucked around for a couple hours, she gave me road head 5-6 different times after that and I fingered her a few times but she wouldn't fuck because she was a virgin and we weren't dating
>shes sucking that dick like she needs it to survive

funniest thing I've read in months
File: woah.png (330 KB, 474x474) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
330 KB, 474x474

Well, the sister just left and I'm feeling benevolent today, /b/.
here's a pic of me looking dumb and tired
also have another complimentary yotsuba
Why ask? She wont find out, and will obv say no
Great, wasn't expecting that
damn you're cute
Damn, that was much better than I expected. Question-time! You do like men who take charge when fucking right? A little rough, but not too rough, or are you into that beta-thing where you do everything just calm and nothing special?
well, she browses 4chan from time to time.
And she said yes, btw, as long as I dont post pics of her face
I may be a shitty /a/fag waifu-lover on the inside, but luckily i look vaguely normal sometimes


betas are a serious turn off for me
i mean obviously I don't want the dude I'm with to be like abusive, but I prefer being the submissive person
File: 1388023615420.jpg (80 KB, 256x256) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
80 KB, 256x256
Oh I know you... j/k

Definitely cute though.
File: 2014-04-05-164038.jpg (113 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
113 KB, 1280x720
Fuck yeah! Let me give you my email? I dont live in NYC, but I am well equipped (doesent really mean much, but proud to say so!), rich beyond imagination(well my family which includes me) so you'd love hanging out with me. Just saying in case I some day come to NYC and we can hang out and do things poorfags cant do.
How about that kiss?
>falling head over heels over an internet girl
>"Love me, please! i have money!"
File: irltomoko.png (433 KB, 703x545) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
433 KB, 703x545
closet fag detected
File: tretrewete.gif (305 KB, 300x168) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
305 KB, 300x168
File: 1363668890066.jpg (58 KB, 419x556) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
58 KB, 419x556
your drawing skill is quite impressive.
Now time for some pussy, maybe?
Well, being rich has its advantages, and "love me please" is very different from just seeing someone that looks chill to hang out with. Its not as if Im going to go to NYC anytime soon, I have other things to do, like you should be doing now! I dont expect her to say yes for sure, but thats her loss. :o
File: 1395786147856.gif (638 KB, 339x233) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
638 KB, 339x233
mfw anonnette appeared.

It's definitely good to be the one taking charge, a smirk and a playful touch gets me a long way with a girl and nothing beats "grappling" for getting the juices flowing.
File: Spiderman.jpg (10 KB, 246x205) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10 KB, 246x205
File: 2014-04-05-164816.jpg (92 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
92 KB, 1280x720
The thirst in here is unquenchable.
File: image.jpg (74 KB, 600x379) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
74 KB, 600x379
so, when we will se that pictures?

btw great story
Potatos aren't spidey, are you even trying?
File: image.jpg (19 KB, 236x160) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19 KB, 236x160
We're busy with more greentext, will upload everything when it's finished
You're the type that drives daddy's BMW around begging for attention cause you think you're hot shit. Aren't you?

>hey check out my car
>well... it's my dads car
>we're family, which includes me, so it's mine
File: 1380215445417.jpg (3 KB, 180x128) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 KB, 180x128
ok, thanks
Oh fuck, I forgot to ask how old she is... She isnt like 15 or something like that? ..
Jesus wasn't this thirsty roaming the dessert
File: 232323.png (210 KB, 455x296) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
210 KB, 455x296
aw dude I loved that south park episode. Granted I love most south park episodes, but that one was particularly awesome.

haha I'm so shitty when it comes to taking charge though, I definitely prefer when the dude does it

also dang i took way too many pictures. Have a selfie with the waifu /b/

excuse the frizzy hair
Of course not, he made all that money running a very successful company selling selfies of himself to attractive single women.
Well I dont have that much cash personally, about 1 million dollars that I have earned myself, but no, Im not begging for attention haha, I buy my own stuff, unlike you probably, who depend on your parents for everything.:) Enough with the hate! Jeez so much rage for offering someone to hang out...

BMW is shit.
femanon here to say amen, sister.

i just turned 18 dude
Lurk here. You do know theres a lot of faggots archiving this thread i hope you don't care if this surfaces one day. Just a warning good day newfag.
Just show face already. You've delivered so much that you've derailed the thread.
I want to fuck my cousin so bad /b/. It's not even funny. I know I'm asking for trouble. We've made out and I've fondled her tits before. I got drunk last night and told her and she seemed ok with it. Not sure how to feel.
>Confirmed for Romanian gypsy
Do "the naked man" and post results!
Well an episode devoted to a baby canadian having sex with a teacher is always a good South Park episode.

I'm a sucker for the Make Love, Not Warcraft episode but that's cause I'm an WoWfag at heart.

Also, still incredibly hot. Rock Lee approved
>bait, at this point
dad's syrian and mom's russian

so i guess romanian gypsey's not too far off

the song they play during Make Love, Not Warcraft will forever be stuck in my head
> Seconded!
File: 1349068040880.jpg (213 KB, 1104x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
213 KB, 1104x1000
so... what gets you off?
By the way, did anyone find out about you and your godfather?
Definitely a dime
>wood bang like a coffee table in the middle of the night
The closest I've come to incest is slipping a spy cam in my 2 nieces (16 & 14) bathroom.

That got me 4 nude videos so far and plenty of epic faps
File: 123456.png (343 KB, 410x528) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
343 KB, 410x528
I derailed the thread?
well shit.

I wanna keep reading wincest stories so I think I'm gonna chill in the back burner for a bit

have a shitty pic from yesterday and I'll be on my way

peace out you crazy /b/astards
Thread is dead. You killed it. Plus thirsty rich dude.
post feets then go
What's the naked man?
Thread was fairly slow anyway. and there were pics and a pretty nice story so I'm ok with it.
File: yeah yeah.png (427 KB, 658x522) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
yeah yeah.png
427 KB, 658x522
>mfw i destroyed a beautiful thread

also yeah what's up with that dude?

hell nah
Alright, then go. Anon is satisfied with your offering
Wait so if you just turned 18 how long ago did this godfather thing happen?
I'll give you guys a sample of my life. The men in my family are extremely fortunate when it comes to finding hot wives resulting in lots of hot cousins.

>be like 6 or 7
>9 year old cousins takes me to the garage and takes off her panties.
>ask me if i want to shag
>told her idk what that means
>tells me to take off my underwear and put my willy in her kitty.
>think about it but didn't see the appeal.
>told her to shag herself with her fingers and left.
(first time telling someone off and i didnt even know it)

>be 10
>11 y/o cousin sleeps over often
>starts feeling me up one night
>she shows me the ropes
>continue to fuck whenever convenient for the next two years.
>get paranoid and tell her we have to stop.
>we still hang out but it gets awkward because we never talk about it.

>be 21
>having a drink with my uncle and his wife one night.
>notice my aunt stares often when she thinks I'm not paying attention.
>aunt tells me her daughters have a crush on me. (13,8)
>uncle jokingly says he doesn't think they're the only ones.
>awkward science until i joke back that i think hes cute too.
(i care about him too much to ever do anything and we both know it)

I'm one of three boys in a family with fourteen female cousins. I wonder if they have similar experiences but I'm too embarrassed to ask. I've had similar experiences with drunk cousins but nothing really persuasive, I'd never do anything anyway.
its where you are naked in a room, have the girl come in, and since she sees you naked and sees that youre confident, she'll have sex with you
File: Kate Upton 2.jpg (1 MB, 1920x4526) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Kate Upton 2.jpg
1 MB, 1920x4526
It is basically when you get naked and by "coincidence" either enters the room she is in or waits for her to enter the room you are in. Make sure you have a semi-boner, dont do full-boner, that looks a bit weird. Post results!
>Chat and shit

underage b&
>awkward science until i joke back that i think hes cute too
science is never awkward
Any interest for more or should I stop with the pics?
You obviously didn't take eight grade sex ed.
God you people are annoying
How old are you now?
Holy fuck, what a ride.

>tfw it's only once in a blue moon someone gets on /b/ and tells fucking awesome stories like this

This is glorious.
File: i-m-old-o.gif (1 MB, 320x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 320x200
>yfw netflix is 17 years old
Yes. Continue delivery
File: KATE UPTON 4.png (614 KB, 1294x4665) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
614 KB, 1294x4665
very well
Funny you mention that because I remember when I learned about it and would be getting sex-ed in biology class it freaked me out cause I thought what if they make us go in front of class and to show the differences between boys and girls... I legitimately thought that's how it was going to work.
Most of aunt

I turned 18 this previous summer, which was like 8 months ago haha
Done now, someone else contribute now!
sharpie in ass?
File: 1392607822276.gif (2 MB, 640x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 640x360

Why do these images have a facebook album name?
because I sent these image to the messagery of my fake facebook account and it renamed it
i am a bit late to this thread, but your story was intresting. and i got quite turned on.

also watamote is awsome! :D

random guy form swe
fair enough bro
Just curious, what are your turn-ons, besides not being beta? Or what sort of features are more important, like for example height etc.

By the way, you dont really need to lose weight, but if you decide to, you should try tennis, its the best type of workout and its fun!
You cunts are fucking sick.
I actually am, thanks for the concern.
I like really tall dudes. I'm about 5'5 so if they're a head taller than that I'll appreciate it. I also prefer people who are fit and stubbles pretty rad too.

I like someone who's like partially a father figure (protective, caring, sort of bossy) because daddy issues I guess.

Um...I also really really love cooking, so anyone who likes to eat a lot is usually liked by me because I tend to cook for people a lot.
pls be in australia
so 6 feet is too tall or?

Also arent you afraid your sister of parents might find out about what happened?
sorry friend ;_; NYC

Nah 6 ft's totally awesome.
and yeah, absolutely. I'm really afraid of that, actually.
I think we're both sort of agreeing to make what happened a one time thing.
I'm 6'4. Please show vagina.
Have you fucked anyone else since?
Cool cool, and I dont think he's gonna tell, but he is probably feeling fucking guilty, I would, especially if he is like 30+ years.

Also one thing Ive always wondered about, but never really asked, what penis size is the ideal?
I heard that in kind of a caveman voice
>driving around
>get a text from mom
>mom sent me a pic of her trashing my porn
>immediately drive home
>while driving, mom sends me another text
>she says she confiscated my videogames and gaming consoles
>get home
>open front door as soon as possible
>start calling out mom and yelling out profanities
>opening every room in house looking for mom
>check kitchen fridge and see a note "Your stuff is in the shed"
>go in backyard to go to shed
>start shouting again
>open shed
>entire interior of shed is smeared in peanut butter
>mom is sitting at peanut butter covered table on a peanut butter covered chair
>mom is smeared in peanut butter
>stand outside shed since I'm allergic to peanuts
>mom says to me "Your videogames are in this shed. Don't worry, they're safely sealed in plastic. "
>mom opens a bag of white bread and takes peanut butter from a jar and makes herself a peanut butter sandwich
>mom takes a bite out of her peanut butter sandwich then continues to talk "If you better your grades, I'll gladly retrieve your videogames for you. Should you try to somehow take your games back before I allow you to, I might think of a more elaborate place to hide them. I might even return your porno DVDs if you behave altogether ."
>mom then puts down her sandwich and stands up to face me " By the way... I heard you shouting about how you want to hit me. Did you really say that, son? Or was I just hearing things?"

Prove it somehow, no identifiable information required
Sorry! I'm not comfortable enough to do that sort of stuff yet, but maybe one day, anon!

I haven't really had actual sex yet, but I've fooled around with some people since then for sure.

Ideal penis size? I haven't seen enough of them to know an ideal, and I haven't really had any in my vagina, so I wouldn't know much about that but...
...I guess as long as it's not super duper tiny or terrifyingly huge? Like maybe 4-8 inches is the total ideal?

Don't put all your faith on that answer though, I'm a lame virgin so I really can't give very accurate answers.
You guys, i spend the night at hes mom house with him seins its hes birday, hea old room in now use be hes yunger sisster when she is with hea mom. Seins she wasne i got really horny and i found some of her dirty underwear and busted a big lode on two of them and hid them in my backpack.
>be me 9.5 y old
>plays with strange brown things in a barrel
>finds out few months later it was shit
>i was playing with cow shit

I am in NYC too. 5'9, ive been a "daddy dom" before, if you know what that means, if not I can explain it, but it fits your kinks
>go to california
>visit my 14 year old cousin
>she's pretty
>interact with her like a normal human bean and don't spaghetti my way into her pants
Made me lol
You say you're not comfortable with that but you posted tits first post then your face. You might as well show us your pussy. Please us.
>not spaghetting your way into someone's pants
Truly disgusting.
Agreed, but I would prefer to see her tits since they looked so great, and with tits and face, if you dont mind!
le kek
Nah, from those tit pics she posted I can easily tell how they'd look sitting bare, we need vagina.
We should settle for both. :)
if only our politicians could reach such compromises
fucking awesome
waiting for pics and more
File: co sie dzieje.jpg (2 KB, 125x125) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
co sie dzieje.jpg
2 KB, 125x125
Im glad
Well, shit, looks like she's gone.

>we'll never see her vagina
Youre a true normal human bean
KIK? also shame you're in NYC, if GA I'd want to be your "daddy" (yeah, mid thirties here)
Why would you think that?
>be me
>be 9 1/2-10 1/2
>molested by female cousin
>land whale raped me 3-4 times
>i did what she did to me on my other cousin girls
>a little awkward when we meet up nowdays
I know right...

Also, she'll be back, once a wincestreader, always a wincestreader. In the end she will provide us with both!
>tl;dr: you molest a 10 year old girl and brag about it to other neckbeards on the internet
Reported for discriminating the homosexual community by using the term "faggot".

Moar details pls
That was 8 hours ago, he probably choked on a dick and died already along with s-man
Ironic shitposting is still shitposting
nice id
>tfw no real incest vids
There are.

Unfortunately they happen to be CP.
>CP incest
my boner has a boner
That's what I figured but not into that.
Got an old one, dont remember if I already posted it:

>be me
>16 at the time
>female cousin who is 15
>both in same school/math class
>perfect face
>dark brown wavy hair
>kinda pale but not too pale
>blue eyes
>perfect body
>kinda small tits but still very much there
>would say low c-cup
>but you could tell they were perky
>gawk at her ass all day erryday in class
>she dances so 10/10 body and ass automatically
>family usually goes to uncles house everyone in a while for family stuff
>outside on porch
>comes to sit beside me to converse an such
>wearing really high wedged up pink shorts
>loose cropped shirt
>sitting pretty close her thighs are touching me
>almost boner
>family around
>me moving around groping her ever so slightly
>she doesn’t notice or care
>later that night
Yeah, me neither (although Iove drawn art and stories along those lines when they're fictional).

I'm just saying, it is out there.

I think there's some genuine lesbian incest out there too, albeit relatively tame.
If you had a sister and that sister had a twin and you had sex with the twin would it still be incest?
>later that night
>usually other cousins would be there too but this time it was just the two of us
>us being pretty close
>sitting down on pretty long couch playing madden on other sides
>she changed now
>she’s wearing those amazing tight black yoga shorts that kinda ride up her ass
>same blue crop top
>could see neon pink bra underneath
>HUGE pass in madden
>she’s mad
>slides over to my side of couch
>hits me in the arm
>kick her back
>she goes “oh did that hut baby” grinning
>me “not my fault you suck”
>she gets up to change game in xbox
>as she’s walking over she turns around
>throws the finger behind her back smiling
>was already looking at her ass so hardly noticed
>saw it
>all the approval I needed
>grab her from behind and wrestle her to the ground
>me not having anything under my sweatpants feeling her ass all on me
>full on wrestling now on the ground
>her shorts riding even further up
Most episodes are lame and don't really work on their own but maybe I'll try another one.
>me sorta groping her in the process
>her on back me on top
>wraps her amazingly smooth legs around me
>let her flip me over on my back
>she’s on top of me now
>her right tit was literally almost popping out
>cleavage was showing pretty hard
>raging cock at this point
>I flip her back over so she’s lying on her stomach
>sorta feeling her tits on the way down
>dont really know if she noticed
>she’s on stomach
>me pressing my dick through my pants on her ass
>her shorts barely even on her anymore
>her tapping out
>”alright alright you got me anon” she said laughing
>flipping me over once again so she’s on top
>sitting there both catching breath
>her tits moving in and out
>she relaxes her body on top of me
>could probably feel my dick pressing up against her
>has kinda long staring contest with her
>obviously her trying to look cute
>well she fucking succeeded
>pulled her in and kissed her right there
>heart fucking stops
>why the fuck did I just do that
>kinda weird look on her face
>then she kinda bites her lip in literally the hottest way
>oh my god fuck yeah she’s into it
>about to start making out
>loud footsteps coming down stairs
>lights are on so they’d she us
>both get right up
>me putting dick in waist band
>both sit on couch as her drunk as fuck mom appears
>”hey mommy” she goes like nothing just fucking happened
>mom fucking almost falling down
>she goes to help her get back up stairs
>well fuck
>until on her way up she looks back
>holy fuck yes she’s coming back later
>its like 12:00am now
>she didn’t come back
>me sleeping downstairs on couch
>watching netflix and shit
>decide to rub one out to what just happened
>just starting
>no porn
>really fast footsteps coming down stairs
>me thinking fuck its her fucking drunk mom again (who is gross as fuck btw)
>pulls pants back up
>door opens
>thank you
>wearing the same thing as before
Would you please, for the love of humanity just make your own thread before this one times out? You're every /b/tards dream.
File: 138636626141.png (963 KB, 1326x1334) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
963 KB, 1326x1334
Since when has anon been such a moralfag?
>never mind different shirt
>like a tight sleeveless one
>see pink bra better
>the tits on this girl wow
>those fucking shorts fuck
>turns around to close door
>insta-boner again
>kinda felt like she was just gonna jump on me again
>we talk for a bit
>talk about how she just left her ex
>she says she’s a virgin and stuff
>me 3
>fucked one girl before this
>she ugly tho
>she’s kinda putting on the vibe that she’s into it
>I say we should like continue wrestling
>prepared for awkwardness
>she smiles
>flicks me
>I fucking pounce
>wrestle on couch for like 5 seconds
>she leans in starts making out
>I immediately grab that amazing ass
>best thing I’ve felt in literally for ever
Of course. It has to be there since people do find CP and the fact that there's incest CP doesn't suprise me aswell. I just figured that since there's a good chance that there's incest CP, there's a good chance to find real incest since real incest videos are hard to find just as much as incest CP
Mfw all the betas in this thread make me puke in my mouth
>hey anon, where'd you meet your wife?
> an incest thread on /b/

Naw man, that's where I met your wife.
Autism awareness day already passed.
who the hell is even thinking about marriage other than you?
File: chris-hansen.jpg (9 KB, 315x268) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9 KB, 315x268
>Be 18
>Hot british half cousin
>She always talks in that sexy british accent
>She always wears tight pants that show her hot ass
>Shes 15
>One day go to the mall
>Shes buying pants while she has a really short skirt on
>Everytime she bends over I see everything
>She turns around
>Our eyes meet
>I confess my love for her
>I love you too anon
>We kiss right there in the store
>Hormones act up
>Get horny
>She sees
>We both go to the bathroom
>We go into mens bathroom
>We go into stall
>I take off her bra
>Suddenly footsteps
>Shes laughing
>Why are you laughing
>Oy you bloody twat your trapped
>Chris hansen bursts through the stall door
>Why dont you have a seat
Where's the rest? I'm digging this story.
Jokes on you I already have a seat
aannnnnd then what happened?
what in the absolute fuck
File: dog.gif (32 KB, 240x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32 KB, 240x240
>be 12
>recently discovered fapping
>have uncle + 6yo cousin come over every sunday before church
>cousin completely infatuated with me
>spends almost entire time arm's length away during her visits
>be usual sunday
>be sitting on floor, leaning against side of bed, playing vidya
>cousin comes in sits on bed close to my head
>cousin always wore dresses to church, usually with white hose
>this particular morning she comes over wearing dress, but bare legs
>inbetween map loadings i look over to answer a question she had, notice little scab on inside of thigh
>i ask about it
>she explains that she got it sitting on friend's old wooden patio furniture
>slides her legs way apart to show me a larger scab on her thigh closer to her butt cheek
>from my angle i can see that the band of her panties are a little loose
>see little bit of her pussy
>boner starts
>game map finished loading, look at screen to pause it
>turn back to look at cousin's crotch
>pretend to be concerned and reach up to gently touch the scab
>"does it still hurt much" etc etc
>she spreads legs a little bit more
>diamond dick pushing out boxers
>press controller against dick to make it less noticeable because preteen boner embarrassment
>rub thigh around scab a little bit
>she says it hurts a tiny bit
>offer to kiss it to make it feel better
>she grins big and says okay
>i turn sideways a bit
>still grinding controller against dick
>i leave forward and kiss the little scab first
>she giggles
>i kiss the area between the two scabs
>she giggles
>i kiss the bigger scab
>she giggles
>go to kiss the area between big scab and edge of panties
>uncle pokes his head in my doorway
>sees me with face buried in his daughter's crotch
>uncle: "we're leaving. now."
>mfw cousin doesn't come over anymore after that
i lol'd so hard
How can your sister leak cum if you finished inside your cousin?
Yeah, I just noticed that I fucked it up myself. But it's a joke/troll so it's not like I'm claiming it's true.

I'll adjust it my copypasta file for next time.
File: 1396443349354.jpg (49 KB, 620x622) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
49 KB, 620x622
File: 1383723874466.gif (904 KB, 427x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
904 KB, 427x240
>be 9
>cute 6 year old redhead cousin
>we play doctor and patient
>i'm the doctor she is the patient
>say that i have to check her vagina
>she lays on my bed and pulls down her pants
>spread her pussy lips with my fingers
>getting horny
>take a plastic scissor out of my toy doctor case
>stick it in her vago
>she giggles
>get even hornier
>pull the scissor out and smell on it
File: 1387329932966.jpg (85 KB, 698x523) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
85 KB, 698x523
>be me 13
>brother and me throwing mud at each other
>accidently pick up dog shit and whip it at him
>direct hit
>both of our eyes go wide when we realize what has occured
>he cries
>i laugh
>dad laughs but still has to punish me
>makes me hug brother
>both of us covered in poo
>dad throws us in river

I guess this counts as scat
Wow this thread is still up? I posted this like 8 hours ago or something...
File: 1389883733459.jpg (2 MB, 3630x4902) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3630x4902
eat shit faggot
I think it is mostly because some chick showed her tits and a bit of her face, but she abandoned thread long ago I believe, havent checked if shes back yet.
Yeah I saw people going: "moaaaar" at about the same time I posted.
pls respond
i mean continue
>grabbing at the shorts
>wedging them up higher very slowly
>basically full wedgie on this girl
>feeling up her bare ass
>nice and cold
>boner rising
>I kinda lit her shirt up a bit
>not fully but below her tits
>check for approval
>pull shit off
>see amazing bra
>kinda push up but ill take it
>I think she noticed my huge boner-through-pants on her tight ass stomach
>reaches down and holds in on top of pants
>”this okay?”
>me like uh fuck yeah
>reaches into my pants holding my dick
>her hands kinda cold but got used to it
>grab her tits though her bra
>start making out again
>this time harder
>she’s on top of me btw
>laying on couch
>I take her bra right off
>oh my god not a push up
>just amazing tits
>nipples are kinda hard already
>makes me all happy and stuff
>I literally caressed those tits for an extremely long period of time before next position
>licking them also
>I got back to wrestling mode
>I whip her over on her stomach really fast
>she makes this high pitched laughing sound
>actually found it cute as fuck
>back to position we got caught in
>me dick on her ass her laying down
>those shorts are like half way down
>I grab the top of them and slide them down
>as they come off her ass literally bounced a little
>almost came right there
>held in
>grab ass
>slab a bit
>every slap she made that same laugh sound
>hot as fuck
>pull my dick out
>put it on her ass
>she turns back overtime look at me
>”are you sure you’re into this”
>dumbest question I’ve ever heard
>still i say ‘omg fuck yeah I am’
>she smiled
>i pull pants all the way off now and shit off
>pressing hard dick on her ass
>rubbing between cheeks
>slowly feeling around for her pussy
>omg feels amazing
>a little wet sorta i guess
>kinda rub it a bit
>just wanna get in there
>no condom
>fuck it need to fuck this girl
>slide it in
>she makes this little wimper sound
>dick is average size, not because of that
>she’s a virgin so thats probably it
>i ask ‘this okay’
>she’s like yeah
>slide it in further
>pull all the way out
>put back in again
>closer and closer to all the way in
>feels amazing btw
>I thrust it all the way in pretty hard
>really loud sound from her
>she relaxes
>her ass pressed up against my balls and thighs and what not
>best thing ever
>I start fucking her
>holding her ass
>slapping every once in a while
>hardest I’ve ever been in my life
>years of masterbation built up my tolerance pretty well
>about to cum
>pull out flip her over
>I get under her
>her on top now
>facing me
>me facing her
>sorry for my sex positions descriptions i suck I know
>lays on my chest
>tits pressed up against me
>making out while she’s moving up and down
>her doing all work
>feels amazing
> Fuck her brains out for the rest of the night.

The End