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Let's get this wincest going niggas!
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Let's get this wincest going niggas!
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Anon from last thread claiming ID
>she blushed slightly, puller her shit back down over her stomach and put her hands on my chest
>Leaned down slowly and kissed my gently
>Dick was well beyond hard.
>Put my hands around her neck/jaw and kissed her deeply
>Saw it in a movie, looked hot, tried it, was hot.
>She slowly moved her hips down towards mine and I began to panic
>her jeans felt rough through my thin shirt
>she slowly slid her hips down further as more of her body contacted mine at our torsos
>Her breasts gently touched mine, then more firmly.
>By the time she was lying on top of me, her hips were just above my dick and her breasts rested against my chest.
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>puller her shit
>kissed my gently
>down further
>breasts gently touched mine
dafuq am I reading?
still lurking /b/rotha
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Does anyone have the picture with the two babies lying on top of eachother and one goes Oh brother I'm coming?
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1 MB,
>I slowly rubbed my hands along her sides and ribs through her shirt
>she kissed the part of my chest exposed by my low neck shirt
>I am a douche hurr durr etc
>'You're so warm anon...'
>Her voice trailed off and she stuck her head up my shirt
>Dafuq are you doing woman
>lift her shirt up at the bottom of her back and slide my hands down her jeans
>First time with a girl like this, all I want is the good stuff
>'Hey anon, not so fast!'
>I just giggled and moved my wrists to give me more room in her tight jens
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bumping for great wincest
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bumpy bumpy
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>She kissed my chest a few times, dont know why.. did absolutely nothing for me
>She was slowly crawling down me again, but I wanted to hold her warm, soft ass for ever
>She pulled my hands out her jeans but i then latched on to her shirt
>she knew what I intended on and let it happen.
>as she crawled down me, i pulled her shirt up.
>ever so slowly revealing her body
>dat figure
>Curvy, firm, smooth and warm
>just stroking her back, she's still heading south
>Her bra reaches my hands and by pure luck I got it off with no trouble
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pic very related
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1 MB,
>she seemed hesitant to let it slide off
>wouldnt move her arms to give it ease
>didnt want to pressure her so I thought best not push my luck
>she continues to slide down me and i can feel my dick pushing against her stomach through the fabric
>She looked up at me and crawled down further
>locked eyes again, still wearing her glasses
>she moved her arms down to my trousers (oh no britfag) and pushed them just below my balls
>dick gets straighter, pushes against her with more forcethan before
>She goes to pull my boxers down as I pushed her pony tail over one side of her head
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don't forget to bump the old thread
does anyone have more of her? please
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bumpa bumpa
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1 MB,
that's terry bollea
might as well do an update

Tashas Brother_Complete-

Update 1-7

update 1-7
update 8
update 9
Update 1-9 (caps)

The Liliad_Complete-

Our Crazy Jenny_Complete-

My Private Camwhore_Complete/Uknown-

Uncle Anon_Complete-

Incest Cruise_Complete-

why anon, why would you do this to my penis
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>She pushes them down against my boner but once they're past, my dick launches up and hits her stomach
>She giggled and blushed, looked down at my shaft and back at me
>bit her lip with eye contact
>thousand sun boner, initiated.
>She crawled down with my dick rubbing against her stomach
>When her semi-attached bra reached my head, she hooked the bra over my dick and leaned up
>My dick pulled her bra off of her and I saw her tits. Fucking perfect.
>Looked firm, round, proportionate. Perfect.
>Wanted to reach up and kiss them, thought not.
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Zoe lookalike.jpg
100 KB, 450x750

Cassie_Complete(Zip File)-
> http://a.pomf.se/tejevb.zip




Collection of Stories check 'em out

On golden lake story

Some audio

If you have any other stuff that you'd like to share, post 'em and I'll check them out
Vocaroos are very much appreciated

Everyone who writes incest captions has the writing ability of a retarded fish.
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hello Mr Man
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> 12 inch

And there goes the realism. God damnit.
I've known some talented retarded fish. Hemmingway for instance.
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>she stayed like that for a moment, letting me keep the image of her in my head even to now.
>She eventually looked down at my dick and had my balls against her pussy, besides the jeans of course.
>she pushed against my dick with a thrust and then bent down to it.
>She wrapped one hand around the base, half cupping my balls at the same time
>her ass stuck up in the air and through her jeans I could tell it was, like the rest of her, perfect.
>She looked up at me one last time and then set on the task
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Didn't realize there was another thread going

be me
>15 year old, bi sexual female
>never did anything with girls besides kiss a little
>have super hot older cousin
>be best friends
>sleep over at her house all the time
>decide to play truth or dare
>dares me to kiss her
>obviously kiss her
>full blown making out
>she touches me a little
>that's about it
>fast forward a few weeks
>she hasn't tried anything but I want her too
>sleep over again, play truth or dare
>pick truth, "Do you like girls, anon?"
>tell her I do
>I pick dare after
>"Show me your boobs"
>well, I guess
>grabs them
>jfc she's rubbing my all over
>end up going all the way
>first and best fucking orgasm of my life
>this goes on for a while
>one evening she's she's sitting over me, holding my arms over my head, kissing me
>her fucking step brother walks in
>he freaks out, tells his mum
>get sent home, shit storm happens
>'you're never aloud to see her again, anon"
>"that's a sin"
>have mutual friends
>meet up at their houses
>leave together
>go find somewhere to do our thing
>do this for a long time
>17 now
>still hook up with her
>Jesus fucking christ she's hot

inb4 bullshit
inb4 underage
once again, please timestamped hand
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Edgar Allan Poe for example.
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anyone got the horsecock futa wincets? can never find them online
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File: IMG_20140218_194702.jpg (358 KB, 2048x1536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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timestamped hand.
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>she began by kissing my head softly
>I had precum dribbling out my cock but she ignored it
>used her tongue to caress my head, could've cummed in 10 seconds
>i'd fapped that morning, i was lucky
>she put the first couple inches in and was basically snogging my dick
>pretty sure most bjs dont go like this, but it was brilliant and who am i to complain?
>She starts taking more in her mouth and ends up with my whole dick in her mouth
>Didnt look hard for her, feelsbadman.jpg
>She 'deepthroated' me for a couple minutes and rubbed my balls (didnt do much for me)
>I tried to say "Im going to cum" but it came out as "Going...Cum"
>She pulled her head away and started giving me a handjob
>rubbed the tip of my head with her thumb
>'tell me when hun'
>She kissed my head and continued kissing it throughout the cum shots
>Probably my biggest load to date, especially so since I fapped that morning
>She properly sucked the cum out of my dick
thanks for actually doing it.
do you still get it on a lot or is it not so frequent?
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bumping this shit
yeah, no problem.
we do, yes. I saw her not too long ago, I think it was Friday.
that's nice to hear, isn't it hard to keep it a secret?
File: Capture23.jpg (42 KB, 334x628) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>She sat up, wiped her lip with one finger then licked that finger, swallowed and smiled.
>And an hour ago I thought she was timid, damn.
>She stands up over me, picked her bra up and pulled her shirt back on
>'Are you not putting that back on?'
>'Anon...do you actually care?'
>I pulled my clothes back on and stood up next to her
>'We agree to keep this quiet yes?' She said
>'Yep, but do we keep it as a one off?'
>she then punched my stomach and walked out, tucking her bra in to her bag

Any questions?
was it actually a "one off"?
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Friendzoned by your own fucking cousin fucking deep.
File: 1392658638383.png (217 KB, 541x654) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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In some ways I suppose. But that's one of the things I like about it, sure there's the hot sex but then the idea of getting caught is alluring and exciting and that's what turns me on even more.
Nope, we gave oral loads of times but never had sex
That does sound pretty hot actually, cudos to ya femanon

And cudos to you too, although haven't you two even considered doing it?
There's been plenty of times where we couldn't control ourselves and we have sort of grinded against each other
On the whole, we decided it was best not to take it that far
Anybody have the writings from around Christmas of the guy posting his stories with chess pieces as proof with his writing? never finished and was hoping somebody would have them saved
>Be 18
>I'm the guy that trolls these threads posting spiderman
>My sister, Mary, sees one of these threads pulled up on my computer while I'm grabbing a coke
>She's 16 years old and always getting into my shit
>Gets the wrong idea
>Confronts me about it
>"Does this stuff turn you on, Anon?"
>"No!" I tell her "I just read them so I can post pictures of spiderman!"
>She looks at me funny.
>"That makes no sense, Anon."
>She looks at the screen again.
>"A lot of this things are about sisters..."
>She looks at me.
>Shitting bricks, even though I am innocent!
>"Don't tell Mom," I beg.
>Mom probably wouldn't get spiderman either
>Mary looks at the screen again
>"A lot of these are about moms."
>Looks back to me
>"Do you want to fuck our mom, Anon?"
>She sounds a little disturbed.
>Rightfully so, because incest is bad.
>Which is why I troll these threads.
>"Of course not!"
>She grabs the mouse and scrolls down some more.
>It's all new stuff, and because of this interruption, I can post more spiderman
>"If that's the case, Anon, then you must be reading this because you want to do me, right?"
Do you ever regret it later.
That's strong of you to withstand the will of your genitals, not many people can manage that
>Hurriedly tell her that I do not want to do her.
>She is my little sister, and incest is wrong.
>Mary looks at me funny.
>"What is wrong with me, Anon?"
>"I'm as cute as some of the girls in these pictures you like."
>I tell her that I do not like the pictures.
>I tell her that I am there just to post spiderman.
>"Bullshit! You don't have to lie about liking incest, Anon."
>"You want to do Mom then, don't you?"
>Really don't want to do Mom
>She's not hot even if she wasn't my mom
>Little sister is at least cute
>"No, I don't want to do Mom!"
>Mary scrolls down some more.
>"Well, you don't have a daughter, so it must be sisters that turn you on."
>She sets the mouse down.
>"It's okay, Anon, I'm not going to freak out because my big brother wants to perv on me"
>She looks at me sharply.
>"Just stop lying to me about this spiderman crap."
>Start getting frustrated
>"I'm not lying, Mary! You don't turn me on at all!"
>She looks at me again.
>"Then tell me again what's wrong with me, Anon."
Thanks, but we do still 'play fight' when we're at parties. Even now we get a lil frisky but we generally keep it controlled
>"There's nothing wrong you with, Mary"
>She frowns at me.
>"You think I'm fat, don't you?"
>Mary is not fat,
>"Mary, you're not fat."
>"You think I'm ugly then, don't you?"
>Mary is not ugly.
>"Mary, you're not ugly."
>She frowns at me again.
>"Then why do you say you're not turned on by me?"
>She just doesn't get it.
>"Because you're my sister, Mary."
>She looks annoyed and jabs her finger against the screen
>"But you're reading incest stuff!"
>"I'm posting spiderman!"
>She looks more annoyed.
>"That makes no sense whatsoever, Anon!"
>She looks at what she's pointing at on the screen.
>She stands up.
>She turns around
>She pulls her pants down a little, showing her butt to me.
>Starts reading from the screen.
>" 'Come on bro, don't keep me waiting.' "
>" 'Your little sister is ready for a good hard night of incestuous fucking'."
thanks for the links but jesus the cruise one is so poorly written. should switch that one out
File: image.jpg (57 KB, 690x461) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
57 KB, 690x461
>Mary has a cute butt.
>Even though it's sister-butt
>And I'm absolutely not into that shit
>Mary waits a few seconds, then jerks her pants up
>Turns around to face me again
>"So, did that make you hard, Anon?"
>I was a little hard
>It sometimes happens when I'm posting spiderman
>It's from the pictures of naked women
>Totally not from the wincest
>"No, I'm not, Mary," I lie, because that would be awkward.
>Mary stares at me again.
>"So my body does nothing for you?"
>She looks at me some more.
>Then she pulls her shirt off over her head.
Do you feel anything romantically towards eachother or is it purely sexual?
Same question to you
>She's not wearing a bra underneath
>Avert my gaze because they're sister boobs
>"Look at me, you idiot!"
>"I can't. You're my sister and this is gross."
>She smacks me on the arm.
>Kind of get distracted by how this makes her tits jiggle.
>Someone how I notice that out of the corner of my eye.
>Wasn't trying to look.
>"Liar!" Mary says. "This shit turns you on!"
>She grabs my head, and makes me look at her.
>"I know I have decent tits, Anon."
>Shakes them a little.
>She looks back at the screen.
>Puts finger in her mouth and bites it gently.
>Starts reading off screen again.
>" 'of course I know it's sick... or whatever...' "
>" '...so, this totally grosses you out?' "
>" 'Because my boyfriend hasn't fucked me in two weeks.' "
don't thank a bitch for timestamp you beta faggot
>Stops looking at screen.
>Takes finger away from mouth.
>"Now tell me that you're not getting hard, Anon."
>I swallow with some difficulty.
>"I'm not getting hard."
>More annoyance from her.
>Then she puts her hand on front of my shorts.
>I might still be a little hard.
>I might actually be really hard.
>"You fucking lying shithead, Anon!"
>Mary actually grabs my cock through the fabric.
>"You are too being turned on by me!"
>Don't have a good response to that.
>My first thought is to post more spiderman.
>Second thought is to call sister a fag.
>Neither is going to work under these circumstances.
>"It's not you that's doing it, Mary," I tell her weakly.
>"Stop lying!"
>Looks at screen again.
>" 'Oh my god! You're getting a boner!' "
>" 'Do you really think I'm that hot even though I'm your sister?' "
>She glances back at me for a second, hand still grabbing my cock through my shorts.
>" ' It's friggin's HUGE! Can I see it?' "
>She pulls my cock out of my shorts and underwear.
Hulk in the background just makes the fucking picture
File: 1392658379814.jpg (54 KB, 480x565) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54 KB, 480x565
I originally felt romantic about it, but I realised she didn't so I forced myself to block out feelings for her. The oral was often very...passionate though
>Mary's hand is on my naked cock now.
>Lingering effects of seeing naked women in those wincest pics have made me hard
>It won't stop getting harder.
>"Shit, Mary, you shouldn't be doing that!"
>She looks at me like I'm an idiot.
>"You shouldn't be reading sick incest shit, either."
>"And you also shouldn't be lying about wanting to do me either, Anon!"
>She looks back at the screen.
>"Look, Anon," she says, pointing at another picture.
>"Here's one you can read."
>I lean closer to the screen to see what it is.
>Sister gets onto her knees in front of me.
>See what the caption says.
>"I... I'm not reading that."
>"Read it! Or I tell Mom about your perversion."
>Reluctantly, I start reading.
>" 'C'mon Sis wrap those slutty lips around my head.' "
File: 1386382931396.jpg (33 KB, 360x451) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33 KB, 360x451
>Look at my sister immediately in panic.
>"Mary, you're not going to-"
>Mary does.
>She puts her slutty lips over my head.
>Pray for spiderman to save me.
>Mary starts sucking more on my cock.
>Her hand strokes the shaft.
>She's done this before, I think.
>Sucks me for like thirty seconds, even though time seems to be standing still.
>Keep praying for spiderman to save me.
>Spiderman hasn't come yet.
>Worried that I will soon, though.
>Then Mary pulls her mouth off of my cock.
>"Now try to tell me that you aren't turned on my your sister, Anon."
>"You keep getting harder, you fucking perv!"
>She looks at the screen again.
>" 'See? I told you your little sister gives the best blowjobs.' "
>"So you don't like it then?"
>I hesitate.
>"It's incest, and it's gross."
>She frowns again and looks at me.
>"Then I shouldn't start up again?"
>I open my mouth.
>Words don't come out.
>Mary looks at me for a few seconds, waiting.
>Waits a few seconds more.
>She opens her mouth.
>My cock goes back in.

Please, don't be bel air, or dinosaur
That's fucking sad
>I know I should just leave, but can't make my legs move right.
>Feeling of her mouth on my cock is awesome.
>Even if it is my little sister.
>While she's sucking me, one hand is scrolling the screen on the computer.
>She stops and points at something.
>Lean in to read the caption.
>"What? No, I can't read that, Mar-"
>Her hand squeezes my balls menacingly.
>" 'Oh fuck, you suck my cock so good.' "
>" 'Keep going sis, I want to cover your pretty little face with my cum!' "
>I guiltily feel myself getting more excited.
>Mary starts bobbing her mouth faster up and down my cock.
>Feel myself about to explode
>Mary points at something else on the screen.
>Read it automatically.
>" 'Oh fuck, don't stop, sis!' "
>She doesn't stop.
>Feel myself about to explode.
>She takes her mouth off my cock.
>Jerks me as I explode onto her face, neck, and tits.
>Filled with pleasure and guilt as I cover my sister with sperm.
Thread replies: 88
Thread images: 43
Thread DB ID: 138

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