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Well crap. I didn't delete that thread, and...
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Well crap. I didn't delete that thread, and I thought it was getting adequately bumped. I'll try again. I'm a little worried though, as this happened before. If a janitor is doing this, please let me know what I'm doing wrong. Wincest and greentext have always been okay before.

Zoe’s Story: Part 9
Ass Effect


>Wake up to my alarm the next morning.
>Drag my ass out of bed and into the shower.
>I can tell Zoe has already showered.
>She needs more time to get ready, and her school starts before mine.
>Plus, she has a longer trip than me via bus.
>I take a quick shower, brush my teeth, then head back to my room to get dressed.
>I head downstairs for some breakfast.
>Mom’s already got it ready.
>Just some cereal, toast, bacon, and juice.
>Mom generally doesn’t do much for breakfast on weekdays.
>I notice Zoe isn’t downstairs.
>It’s kind of strange, since she’s usually starving in the morning.
>Still, I figure she’s just running late, and sit down to eat.
>Mom apparently doesn’t think too much of it either.
>She eats some grapefruit and some cereal.
>Our normal rule of waiting until everyone is seated until eating is suspended on school days.
>Eat in silence for a few minutes.
>Neither mom nor me are morning people, unlike Zoe.
>Speaking of which, where is she?

>Finally Zoe comes down the stairs.
>Walking down them, not running like she normally would.
>She walks over slowly and sits down at the table.
>Picks up some toast, starts nibbling at it.
>Alarm bells start going off.
>Zoe didn’t go straight for the bacon.
>Mom looks at Zoe, noticing the same thing.
>”Honey, are you okay?”
>Zoe sets the piece of toast she was eating down on her plate.
>”I’m not feeling well.”
>Zoe is generally pretty healthy.
>As in almost never sick.
>Mom stands up, goes over to Zoe.
>She puts her hand on Zoe’s forehead.
>”You don’t feel warm.”
>Still, she looks concerned.
>Zoe is her baby, after all.
>”What’s the matter, baby?” she asks.
>Zoe picks up her toast, takes another bite before answering.
>”I got my period.”

>Then I look around, to make sure I didn’t say that aloud.
>Apparently I didn’t, as neither of them look my way.
>That’s a good thing.
>Mom would be suspicious.
>Zoe might not take it the right way, even after our talk.
>I keep eating, pretending to ignore the conversation.
>I do that a lot when the talk turns to woman stuff.
>”Oh,” Mom says, glancing my way.
>She’s always kind of reluctant to talk female biology with Zoe while I’m around.
>”I feel a little sick, and I’ve got cramps again,” Zoe says, her hand over her stomach.
>”Again?” Mom looks a little surprised, but sympathetic.
>Zoe nods. “Like last month.
>Mom makes sympathetic mom sounds.
>”Oh, Zoey, you should have told me you were having problems.”
>Zoe shrugs. “I thought I was just sick last month.”
>Mom sighs.
>”Well, we see the doctor tomorrow. Can you get by until then?”
>Zoe nods.
>Mom smiles gently at Zoe.
>”Let me get you something that will help for now.”
>She looks down at Zoe’s plate of bacon and toast.
>She transfers the bacon to my plate.
>”Here, Anon. Don’t let this go to waste.”
>Mom turns and walks into the living room to get her purse.

>As soon as Mom turns away, Zoe grabs two strips of bacon off of my plate.
>She crams them into her mouth, chewing quickly.
>”You aren’t sick?” I whisper to her.
>She shakes her head, grabbing another piece and stuffing her face.
>”But… you did get your period?” I ask, trying to keep my voice neutral.
>Zoe nods, washing down the bacon with some apple juice.
>Whew. I was worried she had been making that part up.
>Mom is rummaging through her purse now in the living room.
>”This is how my friend got on the pill,” Zoe whispers to me.
>”Except she actually had cramps and stuff.”
>Zoe’s finished the pieces of her bacon Mom had moved onto my plate.
>Now she’s grabbing my share of bacon, too.
>Even before she was letting me have sex with her, I probably would have allowed it.
>Now that we are screwing, and after finding out she wasn’t pregnant, I’d kill a pig for her and smoke it myself.
>Mom starts walking back from the living room.
>Zoe hears her coming up behind her, and swallows the last mouthful of food she has.

>”Here, take these, honey.”
>Mom gives Zoe some pills.
>”Thanks, Mom.”
>Zoe takes the pills, and washes them down with more juice.
>She kisses Mom on the cheek.
>”I’m feeling a little better already,” she says gamely.
>Mom looks at my plate.
>”It looks like your brother didn’t finish all of your bacon,” she says.
>Actually, I only ate one piece of mine.
>Zoe ate all of hers, and some of mine already.
>”I’ll finish it then,” Zoe says brightly.
>She grabs my last two pieces and eats them.
>Mom turns to grab Zoe’s backpack off of the couch.
>Zoe kisses me quickly, on the lips.
>She tastes like bacon and cherry lip gloss.
>Not a bad combination, actually.
>She breaks the kiss before Mom can turn back.
>Mom hands Zoe her backpack.
>”Okay, honey, as long as you’re okay for school, you better get running now.”
>I see from the clock that Zoe’s bus will be here any minute.
>Zoe carries the backpack by one strap, waves at the two of us, and walks out the door.
>Zoe’s cereal was untouched, so I grab it and pour milk into it.
>She’d eaten almost all of my bacon, and I was still hungry.
>Mom grabs Zoe’s other plate and juice glass, plus her own plates, and dumps them in the sink.
>Kisses me on the cheek, then heads out to her car.
>I wolf down Zoe’s cereal, then add my dishes to the ones in the sink.
>Then I grab my backpack, and start walking to school.
c'mon guys dont let this die again
Would you like this to be kept bumped?

Thanks for the link who ever provided. Much love.

>Despite my bacon-deprived state, I am still elated.
>Zoe wasn’t pregnant!
>Even though I’d cum in her multiple times, we’d gotten lucky.
>Or maybe it wasn’t luck.
>I wasn’t sure how the female fertility cycle worked out.
>I probably could have asked Zoe when her period was due days ago.
>That wasn’t something a guy normally asked his sister.
>But I was doing a lot of things with Zoe a brother normally wouldn’t.
>And underneath all of my relief, there was a faint bit of disappointment.
>I maybe wanted to get Zoe pregnant. A little.
>Maybe more than just a little.
>Zoe wanted to get pregnant a lot.
>Maybe more than a lot.
>What stopped us was the knowledge of the consequences.
>Although it wasn’t so much stopping, as slowing things down.
>Despite knowing the circumstances from the start,
>I’d allowed myself to cum in Zoe multiple times.
>And despite the guilt I’d felt afterwards, I’d kept doing it.
>Zoe seemed to feel no guilt over those times, despite knowing what could happen.
>Or at least knowing that she could become pregnant.
>Once I had explained what other things would happen because of that, she’d changed her tune.
>But then she’d thrown out the offer of waiting until she was older.
>It would still be bad to make Zoe pregnant, even then.
>Although I had to admit, if we were going to do it, her being older would be better.
>It was still so insane just to think about, but also so far in the future.
>The trick was just getting to that future, without getting Zoe pregnant by accident.
>But if she could get on the pill, which was seeming more likely, that would be a big help.
bump it

>It was a normal school day.
>At least the new normal, after I had started sleeping with my sister.
>The girls there seemed to hold less appeal for me now.
>Sure, I still looked, and made comments to my friends about them.
>But honestly, few of them were as attractive as Zoe.
>None of them had quite that right mix of innocent and sexy.
>And of course, none of them were related to me.
>Somehow, this had become more important to me.
>Even if it somewhat reduced my dating pool.
>But when the pool included Zoe, that was more than enough.
>I realized that I could be perfectly happy with Zoe as my lover for the rest of my life.
>I was only 17, but I already knew what I wanted in a woman, and the woman I wanted.
>But Zoe. Zoe was 13, and still developing, physically, mentally, and socially.
>She loved me fiercely, and with all her heart.
>But her heart was still subject to change.
>Would her infatuation with me fade as we got older?
>Would boys her own age begin to catch her eye?
>Or would she just come to realize that what we were doing was wrong?
>Would there come a day when we made love for the last time?
>And after that, there would just be awkwardness, and a new gulf between us.
>We’d only been involved romantically for such a short time now.
>There was still so much that could wrong, so fast.
>I couldn’t bring myself to worry about what might happen in that possibly dismal future.
>I could never undo what had happened to Zoe and myself.
>And for the most part, despite knowing better, I really didn’t want to.
>But I knew each day with Zoe, with her as both my sister and my lover
>were more precious than gold.
>I would treasure them, and hoped they lasted forever.
>And I’d try to be a good brother to Zoe, and an even better lover.

>School ended.
>There were any number of things I could do after school.
>There was always some students stopping for fast food, or coffee.
>There was cheerleader practice to watch.
>I had a friend or two nearby, with open invites to watch tv, or play games, or shoot hoops.
>Or there was going home, straight to Zoe.
>I went straight home, to where I most wanted to be.
>I didn’t quite run.
>Zoe’s bus dropped her off right about when my school was letting out.
>I figured I’d give her some time at home, before I showed up.
>I even waited, just around the corner, in case I was arriving too early.
>Part of it was that, as much as I wanted to be home as soon as possible.
>There was somehow a fear that I would arrive home, and Zoe would not be there.
>Or that she would be, but everything that had passed between us would have somehow been erased.
>And we would just go back to being brother and sister, like nothing ever happened.
>So it was with some trepidation that I finally went home, and opened the door slowly.
>And felt my fears vanish.
>Zoe was there, standing in the living room.
>She was smiling at me, as only Zoe can smile at someone.
>She was wearing just her bra and panties.
>They were pink, and feminine, and just a bit racier than what she normally wore.
>Although not entirely outrageous for a girl roughly her age.
>I did not recognize them, although I wasn’t privy to Zoe’s underwear drawer.
>Still, from how they looked, I suspected they were from the recent shopping trip.
>Zoe turns around slowly, modeling them for me.
>”What do you think of them, Anon?”
keep... it... alive!!
Res if it gets pruned again will you try again or continue tomorrow?

>I exhale slowly, looking at Zoe.
>As always, she looked stunning.
>And it was a push-up bra, which emphasized Zoe’s assets.
>I loved her small tits the way they were now
>But the bra gave a hint at what they would soon be.
>Zoe’s gaze follows my own.
>”Yeah, I have cleavage now!” She says proudly.
>She uses her arms to squeeze her tits together farther.
>Her cleavage deepens.
>”But it’s only from the bra,” she says, a little sadly.
>”Still, they are getting bigger on their own.”
>”Someday, you’ll be able to put your penis between them.”
>That catches me off-guard.
>Although I find myself looking forward to someday performing the act she describes.
>”…and they’re still too small to properly feed a baby,” she continues.
>She looks at me coyly.
>”But my getting pregnant won’t happen for a while, anyway.”
>She looks down at her chest.
>”And then they’d get even bigger, because of the baby coming.”
>Then she looks back at me, and smiles.
>”After the doctor tomorrow, we won’t have to worry about babies anyway.”
>”I’m sure the doctor will put me on the pill.”
>”It worked for my friend, and her big sister.”
>She looks at me, biting her lip.
>”Then we can make love without you wearing anything.”
>Then Zoe smiles at me, and takes some pink and poofy thing from around her wrist.
>She begins to gather up her hair, and uses whatever it was to tie up her hair in a ponytail.
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caps or pastebin of first 8 parts, someone

If it gets pruned again, I'll take it as some sign of janitor action, and give up for tonight. I'd likely try tomorrow unless a janitor tells me this is against the rules, which would be news to me.


>By now, I had finally been trained to know what this meant.
>Even if I wasn’t pretty sure that this was going to happen anyway, as part of our afterschool ritual.
>”Please, sit down,” Zoe tells me, smiling as she finishes fussing with her hair.
>She starts to walk over to the couch.
>I follow her there, already unzipping my pants.
>I’d been developing an erection as soon as school ended.
>It had actually beat me home by a good second.
>I pull down my pants and boxers as I get to the couch, as otherwise I might not be able to sit at all.
>Zoe grabs a cushion from the couch, and sets it down between my legs, then kneels on it.
>She’s already licking her lips, getting them slick.
>They glisten in the afternoon light, a mixture of saliva and lip gloss.
>Her hand goes around my cock, experimentally gripping the base of it.
>She licks the head once, licking her lips again after she does so.
>”We shouldn’t have sex for the next few days,” she says.
>”I mean, we don’t have sex during school days normally, anyway.”
>”But if I get the pills tomorrow, it will probably take a while to work,”
>”And… well, there’s that other thing for the next few days, too.”
>Zoe blushes, and I realize she was talking about her period.
>I blush a little too, although it’s weird what embarrasses us these days, given our level of intimacy.
>”The funny thing is though,” Zoe says, licking the tip of my cock again. “I want to do it even more now.”
>Then she takes me into her mouth, and all embarrassment on both our parts is gone.
updates 1-7
Got it

>Zoe’s mouth drives away all of my earlier concerns.
>About Zoe getting pregnant,
>about people finding out about us,
>and even about Zoe one day outgrowing me.
>When Zoe are I are doing things like this
>When she’s giving me a blowjob
>Or when we’re frantically screwing
>And Zoe is making it clear that I’m the center of her world
>I can believe that this is forever
>And with Zoe’s head bobbing up and down on the end of my cock
>Her small hand gently stroking the rest
>I wish this could last forever as well.
>And Zoe doesn’t seem to be in any hurry.
>We know we have a good hour, at least, before Mom gets home.
>So she sucks me slowly, leisurely.
>After a minute, she maneuvers one of my legs so that the bottom part is between her thighs.
>And she starts humping herself against it as she blows me.
>She’s got her fingers in her panties too, so she’s doubly stimulated.
>True to her earlier words, she seems hornier than normal.
>Maybe it’s the slightly more sexy underwear she has on,
>Or maybe it has to do with her period
>But she’s actually enjoying this even more than I am.
I'm gonna have to go now, uni and such
keep this tread alive guys!
-Joe singing out

>She cums, almost gagging on my cock as she fights for breath.
>Her pussy grinds against my shin, separated just by her panties.
>Then she has both hands on my cock and balls, and redoubles her efforts to pleasure me.
>She wrests her mouth off of me for a second.
>”I’ll try to swallow it all this time,” she says.
>”But just in case… try not to get anything on my new stuff.”
>Then, before I can respond, she’s back to sucking me.
>She’s no longer humping my leg.
>All of her attention is devoted to me, and making me cum.
>And she’s well on her way to making that happen.
>Against my better judgment, I kind of want to fuck her at this point.
>My brain’s not at its sharpest, low on blood supply as it is.
>I don’t care that she’s unprotected.
>I don’t care that she’s on her period.
>The second might make the first irrelevant, for all I know.
>Although Zoe seems a little self-conscious about having sex while on her period.
>Then the temptation is removed from me as Zoe succeeds in her efforts.
>She’s become better each time she’s done this.
>Far better than her level of experience, and tender age would suggest.
>I gasp as I feel myself release into her waiting mouth.
>Zoe makes muffled noises as she works hard to swallow everything I’m giving her.
>Her hand goes under her mouth.
>But it remains empty, as she manages somehow to keep ahead of the onslaught.
>She’s swallowing heroically, her mouth still wrapped tightly around me, as is her other hand.
>It’s milking my cock now, trying to help me release everything.
>And then, Zoe leans back, her lips lingering tightly on my cock as her mouth leaves it.
>She swallows what’s left in her mouth.
>Then she sighs happily, and lays her head down on my lap.
>”Thanks for letting me do that to you, Anon,” she says.
Threads have been getting pruned quicker these past couple of days or is it just me

I had this happen another time I posted, but I thought it had stopped. Not sure what's up.


>We stay like that for a few minutes.
>Zoe’s head in my lap, not too far away from my softening cock.
>My hand softly stroking her hair, and playing with her ponytail.
>Then Zoe lifts her head, smiling lovingly at me.
>”I guess we should shower before Mom gets home.”
>”The both of us?” I ask.
>She giggles.
>”I’d like that, but Mom probably wouldn’t.”
>She gets to her feet, and carefully replaces the cushion on the couch.
>She gives me a quick kiss on the lips.
>I don’t even mind that there may be some sperm there.
>Not enough to refuse the kiss, at least.
>Then she turns, inspecting herself quickly to make sure there’s no stray cum on her.
>With a last lingering glance at me, she turns and heads up the stairs.
>I sigh, and stand up, pulling up my pants as I do so.
>I grab my backpack, and head upstairs.
>Zoe is already in the shower, although she’s left the door ajar.
>Perhaps it was just haste, or maybe it’s her way of teasing me.
>Tempting me.
>With Zoe, it’s hard to tell what is carelessness and innocence, and what is seduction.
>But I look at the time, and realize that, regardless of Zoe’s intentions, we can’t risk it.
>I go into my room, toss my backpack on the bed, and check my email.

>Zoe stops by my room after her shower.
>She’s wearing a single bath towel.
>It’s wrapped around her hair.
>I can’t help looking at her still damp, naked little body.
>”It’s all yours,” she says.
>”Excuse me?”
>”The shower. It’s all yours.”
>Then she smiles, turns slowly, and heads to her room.
>I’m pretty sure that was intentional.
>Zoe likes to tease me like that.
>At least, I think it’s teasing.
>Damn her, I can never quite be sure.
>Sighing, I head into the bathroom, shutting the door completely.
>It’s still hot and steamy from Zoe’s shower.
>And I can make it the newest message from her still on the mirror.
>It reads “I love u”
>Look at it until it fades
>Then give the mirror a quick wipe with my hands, just to clean the slate.
>Our signs of love for each other will need to keep being like this.
>Disposable, ephemeral.
>We can’t leave behind anything that could betray our secret.
>That would let anyone know we were more than brother and sister.
May need some faster bumpage, unless that's what makes it 404 sooner. Things used to be simpler on /b/.


>By the time I’m out of the shower, Mom is home.
>I can hear the news on the tv downstairs, which is only something she watches.
>I throw on some fresh clothes, and head down.
>Not surprisingly, it’s takeout for dinner.
>Pizza, this time.
>Mom’s a good cook, but after a long day, she doesn’t feel much like doing it.
>Zoe makes an effort to not gorge on pizza
>She’s still selling the cramps and stuff
>She says she’s going upstairs to lay down
>Mom is sympathetic, and tells her she’s sure the doctor can help tomorrow.
>Zoe goes upstairs.
>I tell Mom I have a ton of homework to do.
>I ask her if I can take the rest of the pizza upstairs
>She absently tells me yes, then moves from the kitchen table to the couch, so she can watch tv.
>I pile up the remaining pizza on my plate.
>I head upstairs, looking to make sure Mom is still on the couch.
>I stop by Zoe’s room, where she’s lying on her back on her bed, staring at the ceiling.
>I hold up the plate.
>”Want some more pizza?”
>Her eyes light up.
>She makes for the pizza like she made for my cock earlier.
>I don’t know whether I should be offended or flattered.
>It is good pizza, after all.
>”Thanks, Anon!” she says over a mouthful of pizza.
>I stay until the plate is cleared, leaving Zoe with a piece of pizza in either hand, and one in the mouth.
>Plate in hand, I head back to my room, and set the plate down at my desk as I start my homework.

>The rest of the evening passes uneventfully.
>Normally there might be some tv downstairs with mom.
>Or gaming in my room with Zoe.
>But Zoe is still selling the cramps thing.
>So I actually manage to get some homework done.
>I play around on the computer a bit, although I save my gaming for when Zoe is in my lap.
>And then I head to bed, thinking about what it would be like to not have to worry about condoms anymore.

>I wake in the morning, and shower.
>Heading downstairs, it’s more like a typical morning.
>Zoe is there, and Mom.
>Zoe is eating healthier, but still makes mention of her cramps.
>Mom tells Zoe not to eat too much food.
>Zoe responds she doesn’t want to eat, but has to keep up her strength.
>Then Zoe finishes, and grabs her backpack.
>Mom reminds her that she will pick her up after school, for the doctor.
>My heart sinks a little, knowing that I will return home to an empty house.
>But it’s for a good cause.
Weird, I still see threads die only after about 15m of no posts. Or is it rush hour?
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So, I'm starting to understand the story, but part 9 already? What the fuck did I miss?
Maybe it looks like your spamming your own post?
The beggining and the baby woes.
Also bump...

That's what makes me kind of suspicious of the first one getting pruned so fast.


I was intentionally pacing myself before, but that could be it. Or part of it.


I think there was a link to screencaps earlier. Anyone got them handy still?


>I head to school, hoping that everything goes okay at the doctor’s office.
>Not just with the birth control, but with Zoe in general.
>She’s healthy as an ox, but now I’m doubly invested in her well-being.
>Anything bad that happens to her happens to both my sister and my girlfriend.
>It makes for a long day at school, but I make it through it.
>I head straight home, and even though I know Zoe will be gone, it’s still sad when she’s not there to greet me.
>I go to my room and get on the computer.
>Can’t focus.
>I turn on the tv, and then flop onto the bed instead.

>Finally I hear the front door open.
>I leap up from the bed, and hurry downstairs, slowing down only right before I get into view.
>Zoe and Mom are there.
>Mom has a bag from that Chinese restaurant nearby
>Zoe has her backpack, and a bag from the pharmacy.
>She holds it up in front of me.
>”Look, Anon! I have a prescription!”
>Mom puts her hand over Zoe’s, and gently lowers the bag.
>”Your brother doesn’t care about that kind of stuff, Zoe,” she says gently.
>If only she knew.
They were posted already

>Mom hands me the Chinese food.
>”I need to go back to the office,” she says.
>”But only for a couple of hours.”
>”Can you keep your sister out of trouble while I’m gone?”
>It’s hard not to glance at the bag with the pills in it when she says that.
>That’s what will be helping me the most with keeping Zoe out of trouble now.
>”Sure Mom,” I say, as casually as I can.
>”Are you okay, Zoe?” Mom says, looking at her with concern.
>”Sure Mom,” she responds. “Anon knows how to take care of me.”
>Mom smiles at her, then me, and then leaves.
>I’m assuming leaving work early for Zoe put her behind at work.
>She didn’t say that, and I won’t either.
>instead, I turn to Zoe.
>”Ready for dinner?” I ask her.
>She looks at the bag thoughtfully.
>”Actually, dinner can wait,” she says.
>I look at her.
>It looks like the same Zoe.
>”Are you serious?”
>She nods.
>”I’m feeling more naughty than hungry right now.”

>Then she looks at me mischievously.
>”Catch me, Anon!”
>She starts running away from me.
>I set the bag down on a table, and take off after her.
>She runs around the couch first, keeping just out of my reach.
>Shrieking, she runs into the kitchen, and circles the table there as I chase her.
>Then she makes a dash for the stairs.
>Except I manage to get one arm around her waist, and yank her back towards me.
>”No!” She giggles. “No fair!”
>I pull her harder against me.
>She wiggles against my body.
>Her lips move to my ear.
>”Carry me, big brother. Please.”
>I start to scoop her up in a basket carry.
>”No,” she interrupts. “Over your shoulder, like before.”
>I oblige her, tossing her over my shoulder, making her giggle.
>”Better?” I ask her.
>”Better,” she agrees.
>”Now, take me up to your room. I want to try the butt thing again.”
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No redheads at the moment
I can report the pics another anon posted in the last thread if you wish

>My pants begin to tent up, even more than before.
>Zoe giggles.
>”It looks like you do, too,” she says.
>I start to carry her upstairs, carefully as always.
>”I put the Vaseline in your end table,” she says as we get to the top of stairs.
>”Oh?” She’s been planning this since at least this morning, then.
>”Yes,” she says. “Just in case.”
>She had planned on Mom having to go back to work.
>Or maybe she at least had a hunch.
>I carry her into my room.
>”Throw me onto your bed!”
>I toss her from not too far away, hoping she doesn’t bounce off.
>She bounces, but only up and down a little.
>Then she’s giggling, and opening the end table up.
>”Turn off the lights, Anon,” she says.
>I’m not sure why she wants them off, but I oblige.
>The sun’s still up, but it does get darker.
>She holds up the Vaseline triumphantly.
>I get onto the bed, and she hands it to me.
>She helps me with my pants, pulling them down.
>Then she helps lube up my cock, wiping her hands in a Kleenex afterwards.
>Once that is done, she gets onto her hands and knees on my bed.
>Carefully, she hikes up her skirt.
>She’s wearing more demure panties than yesterday.
>Something more appropriate for a girl her age to wear to the doctor’s office.
>I start to reach for her panties, but she slaps my hand aside.
>Instead of removing her panties, she just pulls them to the side a little.
>Her cute little asshole is exposed, but not her pussy.
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253 KB, 768x976
If you like I'm just bumpin with pics

>I realize that this, and the darkness, is because of her period.
>She doesn’t want me to see her pussy, or whatever she’s using because of her period.
>I don’t really care, and could tell Zoe that.
>But I suspect she doesn’t want to talk about it.
>Instead, I put some Vaseline on my finger, and start rubbing it on her asshole.
>She shivers, because it’s cold at first.
>Then she shivers again when I begin working my finger into her.
>I want to get her stretched out a little that way first, and well lubricated.
>And also more than a little aroused.
>It seems to work, on all three counts.
>She begins moaning as I pump my finger in and out of her tight ass.
>”Please, Anon,” she pleads. “Don’t make me wait any more.”
>I don’t need much more encouragement than that.
>I kneel behind her, and press my cock against her asshole.
>”Go slow, though,” she tells me. “It’s only my second time there.”
>I take it slow.
>I start pushing into her, as gently as I can.
>She winces.
>I suddenly realize how uncomfortable this must be for her
>Despite how eager she is right now
>And despite how much fun she seemed to have last time
>Was some of that just a show, for me?
>From what I’m sensing, she’s still sore from when we first did this, days ago.
>I should probably tell her this is a bad idea.
>I should maybe give her more time to heal a little.
>I should be more of a big brother right now.
>Instead, I still go ahead, and push myself into her.
File: image.jpg (112 KB, 465x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
112 KB, 465x700
File: 1392599460847.jpg (992 KB, 2560x1440) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
992 KB, 2560x1440
Apparently this one look most like Zoe with less freckles and shorter hair
Just found your thread but bumping for lurkage
Saw it but thanks

>She moans, not quite in pleasure.
>”Are you okay, Zoe?”
>”Y-y-yes,” she says. “I’m fine.”
>She looks back at me and smiles.
>”I’m having butt-fun with my big brother. I’m great.”
>I give her a good minute to adjust.
>I’m feeling guilty, but not guilty enough to stop.
>As I wait, I reach down and rub her clit through her panties, which she allows.
>I wasn’t sure if she would let me, given how she’s guarding her pussy.
>Then I slowly, oh so slowly, begin sliding in and out of her puckered ass.

>Zoe begins moaning again.
>They seem less of pain, but I know there’s still some element of that left.
>I keep going slow, and working on her clitoris.
>”Still okay, Zoe?”
>”Of course!”
>I think that’s becoming more and more true the longer we do this.
>And without her explicitly telling me to do so, I don’t want to stop.
>I know it will get better with time.
>I treat her as gently as a guy assfucking a slightly-petite-for-her-age thirteen year old can.
>I don’t think I’ve fucked Zoe with her clothes on before.
>At least, not as many as these.
>Her panties keep threatening to get in the way, so I keep pulling them aside.
>I take much longer fucking her ass this time, but I’m being far more careful, too.
>Zoe doesn’t seem to mind the slowness.
>Even though she still seems more easily aroused than normal.
File: fapfapfap.jpg (102 KB, 500x733) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
102 KB, 500x733
b u m p s
just found an entire album of her
File: image.jpg (230 KB, 583x884) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
230 KB, 583x884
I need to find more of this girl



>I keep this up, slowly sodomizing my sister for several minutes.
>If there’s any pain in her moans now, I can’t detect it.
>When she finally asks me to go faster, I do.
>”This is almost as good as regular sex,” Zoe says between moans.
>I think she may be exaggerating her enjoyment a bit, but this is incredible for me.
>And I’m doing everything I can to make her enjoy it as well.
>”By… by the weekend, we can go back to doing it,” Zoe tells me.
>”In my cunny, and without you wearing anything now.”
>”I can’t wait, Zoe,” I tell her.
>”Neither can I,” she says, sounding happier at the thought.
>Then things rapidly progress to the point where rational thought leaves us.
>Zoe is actively humping her ass back at me.
>I’ve stopped playing with her clit, because she seems excited enough now.
>My cock is moving more fluidly in her ass now, although not as well as in her pussy.
>There’s no way a pussy could be as tight as this, although Zoe’s slit comes close.
>”Cum in me, Anon,” Zoe says as the moment approaches.
>”I don’t think I can keep it off of your panties,” I warn her.
>”It’s okay, Anon,” she tells me. “I’ve got a bunch of new ones.”
>She grabs at her skirt again, pulling it up higher.
>”Just try not to get it any place else.”
>I resist the urge to drive my cock into her harder as I get closer to cumming.
>Instead, I force myself to keep an even pace.
>Mentally, I try to hold back the rising surge of energy in my body.
>Waiting, waiting…
>Until finally Zoe gives a strangled cry, and her body shakes.
And again, kind of a weak ending, but then again, this is still an ongoing thing for me. It's all just part of one larger story.


>Relieved, I stop resisting my body, and let it release into Zoe.
>She gives another muffled moan as her ass receives my seed.
>I can tell right now her panties are definitely a lost cause.
>”Oh, Anon,” she moans.
>She seems to be having trouble supporting her weight with her arms.
>I wrap my arms around her waist, hugging her and holding her up
>even as I fill up her ass from behind.
>When we are done, I keep supporting her, until she gets her arms under her again.
>Then I carefully pull out of her.
>Yeah, the panties are toast.
>Skirt and the bed look okay though.
>Zoe wearily crawls off the bed, trying to keep her ass cheeks squeezed together.
>I pick her up gently in my arms, in a basket carry this time.
>”Let me take you to the shower,” I tell her.
>”My hero,” she giggles tiredly.
>I deposit her in the bathroom, then kiss her gently before leaving her there.
>She’d let me join her if I wanted.
>But I think she needs a little recovery time.
>It’s a long shower, but she stops by my room when she’s done.
>Together, we go downstairs and have slightly cold sweet and sour chicken.
>I don’t complain at all about having to clean up alone when Zoe says she’s going to bed.
>I think I wore her out quite a bit.
>Zoe offered me her ass today, largely because her pussy was, at least in her mind, off limits.
>By the weekend, that should no longer be the case.
>And it should be safe to fuck her, with no condom.
>At least if we can find some privacy from Mom.
>I’m thinking this weekend could be a lot of fun.
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