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The newest Zoe update coming up. This one...
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Zoe's Story.jpg
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The newest Zoe update coming up. This one works out to 24 posts or so, or more if some are too big and I have to split them.

This thread can also be for links to other stories, screencaps, stories, spiderman, or just pictures of cute girls.

After this update, I'm not sure when the next one will be. Next weekend at the earliest, but I'm actually hoping to go home that weekend, which would preclude that.

I hope people like the story. There will be no pics of Zoe herself. The pic I posted here is one I found on the internet that kind of reminds me of her, for reference. Pete from Tasha's Brother was kind enough to make it into a title for me.
Proceed, please

Zoe’s Story: Part 6
From Lust ‘til Dawn


>I wake up groggily in the morning.
>I must have been more tired than I thought.
>As my eyes open, I see Zoe sitting on the bed next to me.
>She’s been looking down at me, watching me sleep.
>For as deep a sleeper as she is, Zoe generally gets up early, even on weekends.
>Actually, especially on weekends.
>She’ll often wake me while it’s still dark out to make her breakfast.
>Mom has a “no breakfast” rule on weekends, so she can sleep in.
>Zoe seems to have been up for a while.
>I can smell the fresh smell of soap on her.
>She’s wearing a pretty pink dress.
>Her hair is nicely brushed.
>It’s also definitely not dark out.
>”Good morning, sleepyhead,” Zoe says, happy now that I’m awake.
>”Good morning,” I mumble.
>Zoe shoves me a little.
>”You were out like a light,” she tells me.
>”I’m not as deep a sleeper as you,” I reply, wiping sleep out of my eyes.
>”Maybe,” she says. “But you still slept through us making love.”
>”Sorry,” I mumble again. “I- what?”
>I start to wake up very fast.
>Zoe looks at me solemnly.
>”I tried to wake you, but you just kept snoring.”
>”So we had sex?”
>Zoe nods, looking satisfied with herself.
>”I climbed on top, and rode you like a pony. Twice.”
I've been waiting, so glad i got to it early


>I mentally kick myself for sleeping through that.
>Then Zoe’s face erupts into a mischievous grin, and she starts giggling.
>”Just kidding, Anon.”
>Her hand goes to cover her mouth, to try to stifle her laughter.
>”I didn’t want to wake you up, so I let you sleep.”
>I was relieved, as I didn’t want to have slept through sex with Zoe.
>Although it might have taught me a lesson, after I took her in her sleep the other night.
>Sit up a little bit, pushing myself up on my elbows.
>Zoe leans in a little bit.
>”Mom’s already left,” your sister informs you. “So you know what that means, right?”
>I had two choices.
>One was the obvious one.
>I go with the less obvious one.
>”I have to make you breakfast?”
>Zoe nods eagerly. ”I’m starving.”
>I sigh, because my guess had been correct.
>Although actually, I was pretty hungry.
>”Okay, give me half an hour to shower and stuff first…”
>”I can’t wait,” Zoe pouts.
>She stands up and lifts up her dress, showing matching pink panties.
>She lifts it up higher, showing her stomach.
>”I’m going to waste away if I don’t get something in my stomach soon, Anon.”
>Her actions are not conducive to me making breakfast for her in a timely manner.
File: 1388219817682.gif (2 MB, 409x254) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 409x254


>”I… I can skip the shower.”
>She lets her dress drop, and sits down beside me again.
>”I can’t wait, Anon.”
>She produces a pink ribbon from somewhere.
>It matches her dress and panties nicely.
>She pulls back her hair and ties it in place with the ribbon.
>I would soon develop a Pavlovian response to that action.
>”I need something in my stomach soon, Anon. Just to tide me over.”
>She pulls down the shorts that I wear as pajamas.
>Oh, I know where this is going now.
>I’ve already got morning wood going on.
>Kind of need to pee, but it would be neglectful to make Zoe wait for food any longer.
>Then hunger, sleepiness, and a need to pee are banished as Zoe’s mouth surrounds my cock.


>Zoe works on my cock with a sense of urgency.
>Maybe she really does need an appetizer of cum before breakfast.
>Or she doesn’t want to delay breakfast any longer than necessary.
>Either way, her mouth and hands work efficiently to bring me closer to orgasm.
>It’s not as leisurely as last night’s blowjob.
>It’s no less enjoyable, though.
>I lie back down on the bed and enjoy the sight and feel of Zoe blowing me.
>Every time she does this, she gets better and better.
>When I finally cum, she’s gotten much better at containing the result.
>When she pulls her head off of me, there’s just a little bit of semen hanging off her lips.
>She cleans it off with her little pink tongue, not quite the same color as her dress.
>Then she sits up straight, looking down at me, pleased with herself.
>”Okay, go ahead and shower now, Anon.”


>Zoe all but skips out of the room.
>I tuck my cock back into my shorts, then get up and head to the bathroom.
>For Zoe’s sake, I hurry through my morning routine.
>I head back to my room, throw on some clothes, put some condoms in one pocket.
>I take a deep breath, and then head down to the kitchen.
>Zoe is already sitting at the table, two full place settings already laid out.
>Oops. I better start cooking.
>The occasion seems to call for more than just cereal.
>I actually scramble some eggs, fry some sausage links, and even some hash browns.
>There’s one, immediate appetite for Zoe I need to feed with food.
>Her other appetites will require that I have a healthy breakfast myself.
>I manage to level up my cooking skill a little, and not burn anything.
>Proudly serve up the bounty to Zoe.
>Pour apple juice for her, orange juice for me.
>”I need to learn to cook,” Zoe says after her first bite.
>”You make cakes and stuff.”
>She wrinkles her nose at me.
>”In an Easy Bake Oven, which I’m getting too old for.”
>I feel kind of bad for Zoe.
>Mom has kind of sheltered her her entire life.
>She’s been her “baby” for thirteen years now.
>Until recently, she’d been my baby sister, too.
>Now I think of her as less baby, and more babe.
>I tell her I’ll talk to Mom about letting her help out with dinner more.
>Currently Mom just has her fetch stuff, and set the table.
>But honestly, I think Mom would welcome the chance to relax after work.
>Zoe looks happy about this, and keeps shoveling food into her mouth.
>We finish breakfast, then cleanup and do the dishes together.
>Just normal stuff a brother and sister would do together.
>It’s a prelude to the abnormal stuff that will come later.


>Under the circumstances, I’d have said screw the dishes, and go straight to screwing Zoe.
>The hummer she gave me took the edge off my morning horniness, though.
>Zoe seemed content to follow our normal Saturday ritual, as well.
>At least, until the dishes were done.
>As she puts away the last dish, she turns to me eagerly.
>”Anon, can we have sex in my bed this time?”
>I shrug casually.
>What I really want to do is grab her and run to her room.
>”Sure, Zoe, if that’s what you want.”
>We hadn’t had sex in her bed at all, to this point.
>Just my bed, and the couch down here.
>Plus some oral fun in the shower and at my computer.
>Honestly, I’d have sex with her anywhere.
go on


>Zoe smiles when I agree to her request.
>”Thank you, Anon!”
>Stands up on tiptoe and kisses me on the cheek.
>Her lips leave a little greasy smear behind.
>Leftover sausage grease, and from the hash browns.
>Then she gets an impish grin on her face.
>”I’ll race you upstairs!”
>She takes off running as soon as she says this.
>I grin and take off after her.
>”Last one there has to be on the bottom!” she calls out from the first step up.
>I decide to let her win.
>Of course, she has a head start on me already.
>But her earlier comment about “riding me like a pony” had aroused more than my interest.
>I’m not sure I could beat her to the bed now anyway.
>She’s still got so much youthful energy.
>Still, I’m just a few steps behind her as we make it to her room.


>She makes a running leap onto her bed.
>It’s pink and girly like the rest of her room.
>It’s a queen size bed, even though she always claimed to be a princess.
>Fluffy covers, oversize pillows, and stuffed animals all over the place.
>Zoe has spent many a night in my bed.
>Countless times as a girl, but just once as a woman.
>I’ve never slept in her bed.
>I kind of hope I get the chance to do so one of these days.
>I’m not overly fond of the decorating scheme.
>But I’m particularly fond of who I’d be sharing it with.
>Speaking of whom, Zoe turns around on the bed to face me.
>She’s breathing just a touch heavily from her mad dash to the bed.
>Despite what we came up here to do, she crosses her legs demurely as she sits in the middle of the bed.
>”I won,” she says triumphantly.
>”That means I get to be on top.”
>She bites her lip, looking at me with what is probably the first overtly sexual stare I’ve seen from her.
>”Are you going to ride me like a pony, then?”
>She smiles.
>”Yep. Just like I didn’t do while you were sleeping.”
>Zoe looks me up and down.
>”Ponies don’t wear clothes, you know?”
bump excellency psdesco
heres the link to some wincest updates that i have. there is some new stuff and also you can ask for wincest that isnt as well known. ill be posting this every other day with new stories if i have them. hope you dont mind op love the story
File: 1349905407608.gif (541 KB, 400x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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you are both glorious faggots

No problem. I was about to ask if someone could post a link to the previous parts, as I seem to have misplaced the pastebin I made for it. I'll post a new pastebin at the end here, if I remember.


>I take the hint, and start taking off my clothes.
>I didn't put on too many clothes, given our plans for that day.
>Still, it felt weird undressing in her room.
>So many stuffed animals staring at me.
>Boy band singers also checking me out from their posters.
>Various supernatural tween heartthrobs also adorn the walls.
>Pictures of Mom, Grandma and Grandpa on her dresser.
>Countering them all out is my cute little sister, sitting innocently on the bed.
>But looking at me in a not so innocent manner.
>At least, as not-so-innocent as an only-recently-deflowered 13-year-old can look.
>Like her blowjobs and her fucking, Zoe’s naughty looks were a work-in-progress.
>This just made them all the more exciting.
>So even with all the different pairs of eyes staring at me then…
>…there was only one set that really mattered.
>Zoe seemed to enjoy watching me get undressed.
>Other than the men on those videos we watched, I’m the only naked guy she’s seen.
>She’s still very curious, and ignorant of the male body.
>I can’t say I’m a complete expert on female anatomy, either, despite hundreds of hours of internet research.
>But we've both got each other to practice on now.


>So I’m completely naked in front of Zoe now.
>Walk over and shut the door to her room, just in case.
>Stop by my pile of clothes, and remove some condoms from the pocket.
>Best to keep them handy before things get hot and heavy.
>I’ve already shown judgment goes out window the once I’m too excited.
>Zoe is still sitting on her bed.
>Still breathing a little heavy, although not because of racing me.
>”My turn now,” she says.
>She moves to a kneeling position, then raises up on her knees.
>Grabs the hem of her dress with her arms crossed in front of her.
>Slowly starts lifting the dress up.
>I feel like a kid on Christmas unwrapping my presents.
>The dress comes up, showing that she still has the panties on from earlier.
>It does up further, to show a matching bra.
>Her underwear wasn’t designed to be overtly sexy, just cute and girly.
>Like most of Zoe’s clothes, Mom bought it for her.
>I still think she looks incredible in them.
>As if sensing my admiration, Zoe just takes her time and folds up her dress neatly.
>Then, convincing me that she was putting on a show, she just held still for a few seconds, letting me look.
>Despite my growing excitement and desire to be inside Zoe again, I could have watched her like this for hours.
to the anon that was asking for the wincest were to brother and sister have sex after the dad leaves them in the house because the sister gets caught being a slut its in the link enjoy


>All too soon, though, she reaches behind herself and starts undoing her bra.
>I can’t feel too bad about her breaking the pose in order to get more naked.
>She undoes her bra, and removes it slowly.
>What to me have become the definition of perfect breasts are revealed.
>(Granted, my definition of the perfect body type changes as Zoe’s body does.)
>Pink nipples that nicely batch the décor of the room.
>I suspect that’s something Mom didn’t have in mind when decorating the room.
>Zoe puts her bra down neatly on top of her dress.
>Mom’s admonitions to not leave her clothes lying around being hard to overcome.
>Then she just lets me look at her chest for a bit.
>She could be checking out my body, but she just stares at my face.
>I think she’s more concerned about how much like I like her body.
>Then she does drop her gaze a little, and sees the rising proof of how much I like it.
>Reassured, she starts sliding her panties down.
>I can see her faint covering of hair exposed, then her slit.
>Then she rolls onto her back, sliding the panties down her legs.
>She returns to a kneeling position then, placing the panties next to the bra.
>Again, she pauses to let me stare at her.
>We were completely naked together at least once before.
>During our first time having sex, although it was much more hurried.
>There was also our shower together, although that was somehow different.
>Most of our sexual encounters involved some level of clothing.
>This time seems far more intimate.
Hell yes, I like you OP, you post quite a bit. I'm really upset at cam for not posting in almost an entire week


>”Do you like how I look, Anon?”
>Zoe’s question is hopeful, like a child seeking approval for a drawing they made.
>Even when I couldn’t tell what her drawings had been, I’d always praised them.
>And even though what I see right now isn’t a finished work,
>I don’t have to exaggerate at all in my appraisal of it.
>”You’re perfect, Zoe. You’re everything I could ever want in a woman.”
>Zoe blushes, but smiles radiantly.
>She probably hasn’t been in the position to have too many men compliment her body.
>She glances over at me, suddenly nervous again, even after what’s happened between us.
>This is far more close to an honest romantic encounter between us than anything else so far.
>Our previous times had ranged from lustful romps to borderline rape while she slept.
>This relationship, messed-up as it was already, was working in reverse.
>The sex and lust had started off right away.
>The romance was coming on more and more after the fact.
>>>528165185 ?
pastebin /XzfsW2q7
Aw yeah another update
File: 1281927008035.jpg (114 KB, 403x404) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
114 KB, 403x404

Thanks. Feedback and support of any kind are always appreciated.


>Then Zoe crooks her finger, and beckons me over to the bed.
>”Come over here, brother. Be my pony.”
>I start to walk over to the bed.
>”You can be my brother-pony,” she continues. “My, uh, bron-“
>”Don’t say it, Zoe,” I interrupt her.
No offence to certain people, but I was definitely not a fan of that show.
Zoey was, but I doubt she was familiar with the term.
>She looks confused, but that fades as I close the distance and kiss her.
>We hadn’t kissed much before, either.
>At least, not like this.
>There was still a sense of strangeness in kissing Zoe that way.
>Somehow, having sex with her was more natural than kissing her.
>I still enjoyed the feel of her lips, though.
>Zoe also seems to have enjoyed it as well.
>She melts a little in my arms.
>I kiss her harder, tossing the condoms I was holding down on the stand beside her bed.
>She kisses me back, mouth closed but lips hungry.
>French-kissing is something we’ll have to work our way up to.
>She seems more nervous now than when she was a virgin.
>She breaks the kiss, and tells me to lie down beside her.
>level up my cooking skill

This fucking guy

Sorry, not sure how that got in there. I'll correct it. Please let me see if you see any other screw-ups.
aww shieeet


>I lie down as she asks, actually enjoying how soft her bed is.
>Zoe checks her hair, then leans down, as if to blow me again.
>I tell her it’s my turn to use my mouth on her.
>I can still be the pony, but she’ll just ride my face.
>She smiles, then climbs astride my face, turned towards the headboard of her bed.
>It’s my first time seeing her pussy up this close.
>My first time going down on her.
>I barely have more experience than Zoe with this.
>I give her pussy my full attention, wanting to give her pleasure.
>I try to focus all of my effort into the tip of my tongue.
>”Tell me what you like, Zoe,” I ask her, pausing for air.
>”All of that…” she moans.
>Then she shifts her body a little, her fingers holding my head in place by the hair.
>”But especially… there…”
>I redouble my efforts, and they don’t go unrewarded.
>Zoe moans, and I taste more of her sweetness.
>Her thighs clench around my face, and I look up to see her mouth open wide as she climaxes.
o sht op
i am now fully erect
Frankly, we all knew her real name wasn't Zoe. Nothing to see here
did op just post her real....?
I'm archiving this thread in its entirety. I'll feed it constant updates (by just asking the site to archive it again).
First time reader here,

In this story the author and Zoe/Gwen/whateva are how old?
Don't let that scare you away OP, just cause we know her real name doesn't help anyone figure you out. For the record im gonna pretend i never read that, I like Zoe as a name anyway
links to the updates already here new ones added when theyre up

Please try to forget about that little mistake. I greatly regret it. I'll continue on though, because can't change it now. I may have to kind of rethink things after this.


>After the first orgasm, she turns herself around, so that she’s looking down over my body now.
>She wants to suck me while I lick her.
>Unfortunately, our bodies are too different in length.
>She has to satisfy herself by giving me a handjob, while I work to satisfy her again orally.
>She’s used to working on my cock mostly with her mouth.
>Her hands don’t really know what to do with the entire thing.
>Usually something shaped like that in her hands has a trigger button on it.
>Still, her slim hands stroke me, pretty enticingly.
>At the same time, I’ve gotten more confident with my tongue.
>I try to follow Zoe’s cues to me, verbal and otherwise.
>I drive her to another shuddering orgasm while she’s still trying to figure out handjobs.
go away
fuck you. besides thats all you have and no one here will help you
Just stick with Zoe. If people go around using the real name(if it is the real name) it'll just confuse people. And idk if OP ever said his age, I want to say 19 but can't remember. Zoe is 13. I think i recall OP saying that the content he is posting about now, happened 2 years ago
This is the Zoe Pastebin
All updates 1-5
Fuck. OP please don't change shit. We want the real story
relax op, it's just her first name

even if we wanted to (we don't) we couldn't get anything with it
The vast majority of us don't care about your mistake and are more than happy to keep fapping and pretend we never saw it.

Seriously, fuck off. No one here cares. We just want to fap to some awesome wincest that makes us feel like life is worth living.

>I keep my tongue buried inside her while she cums.
>I hope I’m not wearing her out too much with these orgasms.
>If she falls asleep on me again, I suspect I know how things would go again.
>Not that the idea of having sex with a sleeping Zoe wasn’t exciting in its own way.
>I still feel guilty over that, even if Zoe was fine with it.
>But the natural progression of events now was for some impassioned lovemaking.
>And I kind of wanted to see what it was like for Zoe to ride on top of me.
>I’d fucked her while she sat in my lap, but this would be a new position for us.
>Zoe doesn’t disappoint me at all.
>She recovers quickly from her orgasm, then scrambles off of my face.
>Her small hands let go, somewhat reluctantly, of my cock.
>She scampers on top of my body, turning around as she does so.
>She’s limber, and moves over me with ease, managing not to step on something I’d prefer she not step on.
>Finally she kneels facing me, her body held over my cock.
>”I’m ready for my pony ride, Anon.”
i think he meant hell stop posting and if he does we're all fucked
No, it's really fine, OP. Gwen's a common name, too common to find, we don't know your last name, and you're too well liked for anyone to mess with you.


My understanding is that Tasha's brother similarly made that same mistake a couple times while posting updates.

One thing to consider in the future, since you type this all up beforehand, is a quick find/replace on your sister's name once you're done.

Please don't stop posting though! We love hearing your story, and I can't wait to read it (all at once for me).
Yeah, I think Amy had a similar mistake. Can't be bothered to look for it though.
i dun goofed wont let me delete my post

>”One second, Zoe.”
>I reach for one of the condoms.
>She frowns.
>She starts to say something.
>Before she can say too much, and wear away what little willpower I have, I interrupt her.
>”Remember, Zoe. We decided we needed to be more careful.”
>She sighs, but doesn’t say anything while I open the condom.
>Despite her resistance to the notion, her eyes watch curiously as I put it on.
>I get the condom rolled down all the way.
>Or at least as far down as it will go on me.
>”Just think of this as the saddle,” I tell her casually.
>This causes her to giggle.
>“I guess a pony needs a saddle.”
>She maneuvers herself a little once I move my hands away from my cock.
>”And a saddle needs someone to sit on it.”
The only story worth doxing is liliad, so we get a definitive ending and can harrass the shit out of that bitch.

Much appreciated
Nah, I've read amy like 3 times. No name slips. Lots of spelling mistakes though. But still, OP don't stop posting, we all love your story. I have a feeling Cameron quit posting about Amy and if you'll quit i"ll have nothing left to live for
How the fuck is it Lily's fault?
The narrator fucked an 11 year old.
Do you think he and Amy had a fight?
op its gone nothing to see here people
Nah, they seemed tight. They either got caught or he's just too busy starting up his new job.
How the fuck was it Lolita's fault?

But no really, Lily led OP on, even when she didn't need him because she had friends. OP loved her and that blinded him. She should have broken up with him in Part 4
Yuppers, and she strung him on in a relationship no one needed for at least 5 fucking years.
Cameron was in one of these threads earlier and claimed that he would post as soon as he had the work stuff settled, so maybe tonight?
Yeah but why did she tell him years later and then disappear?
Idk about a fight. It's possible. But in the story cam posted that they got along really well, which is apperant. I don't think a fight would stop him from posting. I think it's something worse. Either Amy or Cam realized they were doing something wrong (unlikely) or they got caught(very likely). IF they got caught its game over for that fucking story. I'm really hoping it's something as simple as not having time to post. Cam said the content he was posting was happening 2 days prior, or atleast thats how it started out. So the shit that he was posting about was happening very recently, and he did say he just got a new job. So hopefully its just a matter of not having time to post or w/e

>She steadies herself by leaning forward and putting her hand on my chest.
>I put my hand back on my cock, just enough to keep it pointed true.
>Then Zoe starts lowering herself carefully.
>She has to scoot forward a little on her knees.
>She’s misjudged how we’ll align once she’s lowered herself.
>I see her face scrunched up in concentration, trying to figure out the logistics of this.
>This isn’t something they teach in school.
>Even if they did, hopefully this would be beyond her grade level.
>One final adjustment of her position, and she lowers herself down again.
>This time, her moist slit ends up nestled against the head of my covered cock.
>Zoe gives a pleased little sound, like she did when she solved that computer core puzzle in Mass Effect.
>Then, she leans down a little harder on the hand she had on my chest.
>Her other hand goes between her legs, going gently over mine as it holds my cock in place.
>Her hand squeezes mine, perhaps looking for reassurance.
>Then she starts slowly lowering herself down.
Shit i usually see the threads when he pops in. I was too busy hanging out with the gf to see it i guess. But def not tonight. He's British and it's 4 in the morning over there. He usually posts around 5PM UK time or 5 PM eastern time. And im glad to hear he hasn't abandoned us. Did he say anything else?
I'm not trying to derail your thread either OP, your story is fucking kick ass. I'm just bumping with talk of other stories. Please continue. I love your story.
Wonder what conversation would commence if these two got in a thread.

>I had paid extra for better condoms.
>Thinner, ribbed, spermicidal, lubricated.
>Nothing but the best for when I fuck my little sister.
>Still, getting the end of my cock into her was harder with the condom on.
>Especially with Zoe on top.
>She was, at best, half my weight.
>Still, with a little bit of insistence on her part, the head slid in.
>Both of us moan at the sensation.
>Even after two orgasms, Zoe is still really turned on.
>I haven’t cum since the pre-breakfast blowjob, and I’m painfully hard.
>Zoe’s hands, her stripping, and her very existence had been exciting me.
>I became thankful for the condom in one regard:
>It dulled sensations just enough to keep me from exploding right then and there.
>Then Zoe removed her hand from my cock.
>I removed mine as well.
>There was enough in her now that it wasn’t going astray.
>I move my hands to Zoe’s hips.
>She moves her hands to my shoulders, leaning down further over me.
>Then she pushes herself down all the way onto my cock.
There was a thread where all 3 authors were talking. It was pretty great.
File: 1381934783395.jpg (19 KB, 455x342) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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My dick hasn't been this hard since Amy in the restaurant. Godspeed you magnificent bastard.
I am also in europe, woke up too early, now I'm just lurking this thread.
He was supposed to be posting the update even yesterday(at 11PM UK time) but never followed up on that promise
File: 1382159929355.jpg (24 KB, 456x481) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24 KB, 456x481
That part... Fucking James Bond status right? So fuckin smooth.

>it must be hard to concentrate
gets me everything.

>A whimper escapes her as she takes me into her completely.
>It’s complete pleasure this time, whereas in the past there might have been a component of pain to it.
>My mouth had prepared her well for joining with me.
>And Zoe’s body was getting used to being penetrated.
>Mentally, I’m not sure I was ever going to get used to the idea of being inside of her.
>The idea that I was having sex with my little sister still seemed so unreal to me.
>Even now, my cock completely inside of her glorious pussy, it was dreamlike.
>If it were a dream, it would solve so many problems.
>I knew this was wrong.
>I knew this probably wasn’t good for Zoe.
>This probably wasn’t good for me.
>I may already have made Zoe pregnant.
>Waking up would mean that everything went back to normal.
>But I didn’t want to wake up.
>I wanted to take the blue pill
that actually does sound really interesting

The ones that have black blobs and are impossible to solve?

Sign into Google/stop using Chrome
This guy and his fucking references, i love it
File: _aaBIGTITTYLOVERS.png (761 KB, 723x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
761 KB, 723x1024
If you end this like, again, liliad, I'm hunting you down and mutilating you.

>Zoe starts moving now, drawing me out of my philosophical thoughts.
>I decided that Zoe deserved my full attention.
>I help her as best I can with my hands on her hips, but she does most of the work.
>Her young body moves up and down, slowly at first.
>Then faster, without too much waiting.
>Her body is already well-prepared to fuck me.
>Still, Zoe seems to be holding back.
>Not going as fast, or as wild as she might want to.
>Like me, she doesn’t want this to be over too soon.
>”You’re the… best pony ever…” Zoe moans to me.
>She straightens up, letting go of my shoulders.
>Zoe’s become more confident at being on top now.
>She moves her body up and down on my cock, her pussy clinging to it tightly.
>My hands keep hold on her hips, just because I like the contact with her.
>I let her keep doing all the work.
>I enjoy the sensations, and the site of my sister riding my cock.
>I pay attention to how she moves herself on my cock.
>I figure those are clues to what makes her feel good, which I can use next time.
>My sister deserves the best lover she can get.
>At least, as long as it is me.
Ah thanks man
I will never not laugh at that image

And yeah, OP. If you end this like the Liliad, we're hunting you down and gutting you. But you won't because Zoe's not a huge bitch.
reminder op dont forget to post a pastebin i need it to keep people up to date

>Zoe cums again, increasing her pace as her head arches back.
>Her earlier reluctance aside, my wearing a condom doesn’t seem to impair her much.
>I, on the other hand, am getting less stimulation than going bareback.
>It’s not a completely bad thing.
>I’m lasting longer now, including surviving the feeling of Zoe’s pussy quivering around me.
>And this reduces the odds of Zoe getting pregnant.
>Assuming it’s not too late for that.
>My eyes are drawn to her flat belly as she continues bouncing on my cock.
>I wonder what she’d look like a few months from now if I had done the unthinkable.
>I also wondered what it would be like to fuck her while she was pregnant.
>Zoe catches me looking, and moves a hand to her belly.
>”I know you think I’m too young… and maybe I am.”
>She rubs her stomach gently.
>”But if it happens, it happens. And I’ll be glad if it does.”
>She lets out a moan, as the continued fucking starts to get to her again.
>Or maybe it’s the idea of having my baby that’s doing this to her.
>”And if you wanted to make me pregnant, I’d totally let you do it, Anon.”
>I moan then, matching an almost identical sound coming from my sister.
>Zoe looks down at me, a little wide-eyed.
>”Let’s take off the ‘saddle’, Anon,” she tells me.
shit just got real
File: 1384215307974.jpg (28 KB, 378x434) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28 KB, 378x434
holy shit its getting real
File: 1311626491256.jpg (56 KB, 337x367) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>take off the saddle

>pic related
Take the fucking saddle off fagget !

>God help me, I actually think about it for a few seconds.
>”Zoe, we can’t,” I tell her. “Mom… and other people-”
>”Yeah, I know,” she interrupts.
>Zoe always hated being lectured.
>She looks mad at me for a moment.
>At least, as mad as she could look while fucking me.
>Honestly, it just makes her look even cuter. And sexy.
>I know better than to tell her that.
>And before long, her anger changes back to ardor.
>She begins to move faster now.
>Zoe seems to be taking the fact that I haven’t cum yet as a challenge.
>She’s trying to move on me different now.
>Rolling her hips back and forth, like in one of the videos I’d watched with her.
>Squeezing me with her pussy while she slides up.
>Running her hands up and down my chest.
>Condom or not, I can only take so much of this.
>My hands tighten on her hips, even as my balls loosen.
>I feel cum rush out through my cock, and stop safely in the rubber.
>Zoe orgasms again, too, even if she looks taken aback when my cum doesn’t end up inside of her.
>Even though I’d used a condom once before, both of us had less experience with sex then.
>Now we both knew what we were missing by not going bareback.
Somebody please be screen capping all of these.
> all this pregnancy fear
> take off the saddle

OP knocked up Zoe. Calling it now, and my dick has officially never been harder.

>Zoe keeps sitting tall and proud over me as we finish cumming.
>Then, as our mutual climax fades, so too does her ability to resist gravity.
>She half sinks, half collapses forward onto me.
>Her small breasts pressing against my chest.
>Her legs stretching out on top of mine, albeit shorter.
>Her head nuzzling up again my neck.
>I look into her face, but she hasn’t passed out this time.
>Her eyes are open, and staring up at me, unbearably cute.
>Sweat from our bodies helps cool us down as we lie there.
>Both of us are going to need showers again.
>Zoe lowers her eyes from looking at me.
>”If I did get pregnant though- by accident- you’d still love me, right?”
>She looks back up at me.
>I know I can’t get her pregnant.
>I know that would be horribly wrong.
>I know it may already have happened.
>”I will love you, no matter what Zoe.”
>A smile grows on her face.
>Then: “Would you still love me if I got pregnant on purp-“
>Another sigh from her.
>”I know…”
>Silence for a minute, as our bodies and emotions calm down.
>Then Zoe pokes me gently in the chest.
>”What does a little girl have to do to get some lunch around here?”
make sure you fix the ERROR that was made before you post the pastebin
Anon, stop being a faggot and get birth control.
This. More people will read the pastebin than will read the thread.
Better get yourself sterilized before she pokes holes in your condoms.
That's a woman! Sex then food!
is there going to be a 25/24?
When posting the pastebin, please also include the next update date so I don't miss it
File: 1197058441330.jpg (45 KB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You are a god amongst men.
File: image.jpg (37 KB, 393x385) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This was fantastic OP, never stop.

Never stop. You're helping me get over that other shitty story.
http://pastebin /uxngxqbW

Thanks. Also, here is a link to the entire thing so far. I've removed all the mistakes I've come across, or at least the most glaring.

I don't know when the next update will be. Writing this and especially posting this has made me homesick. I really need to get home next weekend, if I can swing it. And I think I kind of need to think things over. Maybe posting all this wasn't thought out as much as it should have been.

Everyone's support has been very much appreciated. You guys have been great.
>http://pastebin /uxngxqbW
does this have all the error fixed i dont want to post it on my update thread until im sure. and if you need help with proofing let me know
The thread in it's entirety:

Sorry, link. http://pastebin com/XvvsypGG
nonononononononon don't back out now, man?
Come on!
No OP don't stop. One little slip up doesn't change anything. You're sharing you're great story with all your friends on /b/. It's shit like this that keeps /b/ going. You're one of the few not faggot OPs. Please post more/give us updates on when the nexts posts will be like you have been. Also, you forgot the link

OP quit? Come back, OP! We love you! I don't even remember the mistake! What am I even talking about?
You better not quit on us OP
What mistake?
Don't stop posting on us...
Maybe talk things over with your sister but keep the story going
Agreed. And to be honest, other than accidental pregnancy, OP's got nothing to worry about. They obviously love each other. I say go for it. This story has legend potential, and everyone can see it.
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