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ITT: Athletes/Wrestlers That You Can't...
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ITT: Athletes/Wrestlers That You Can't Believe Really Exist

>After losing six straight fights between December 2001 and February 2003, Datsik pursued a career in kickboxing and appeared in his final MMA bout on August 23, 2006. He later seemingly disappeared completely, leading to widespread rumors that he had died in a train wreck. These rumors, however, were set to rest, when it was reported in March 2007 he was alive and well, after being detained for his part in the armed robbery of various mobile phone shops in St. Petersburg.

>Datsik reportedly had obsessive antisemitic and anti-Christian views, while exalting Slavic paganism. The official expert analysis on his mental sanity asserted that he claimed Jesus Christ was a Mossad agent, whereas Datsik believing himself to be “Red Tarzan,” the son of Slavic god Perun. In the analysis he was concluded to suffer from schizophrenia and avoided criminal charges. He was first locked in a high-security mental institution for therapy but he was transferred to a low-security psychiatric clinic in July 2010.
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>In August 2010 he escaped, by tearing a hole in the wire fence around the low security clinic, apparently using his bare hands. He then illegally crossed the border to Norway in a boat and met with Norwegian reporters. While wearing Nazi symbols, he told the reporters that he was "not a nationalist, but a racist". Joined by two neo-Nazis from "an ex-Soviet Baltic state" living in Norway, he appeared at the International Police Immigration Service in Oslo on September 21, 2010, where he handed in a loaded weapon, declared himself a "white warrior" and requested political asylum. As a result, the police searched their tattoo shop where they found five illegal handguns and an entrance card stolen from the Norwegian Armed Forces. Nazi paraphernalia including a large doll dressed up as a Nazi was found near the front entrance of the shop. The newspaper interviewed residents near the tattoo shop who claimed they 'often heard loud noise, screaming and banging'. The neighbors also stated they would occasionally see the occupants of the tattoo shop 'practicing fighting and boxing while completely naked'. All three were then jailed, while the case is being investigated. On October 18 Russian authorities sent an extradition request to Norwegian authorities.
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>In the week of October 29, a Norwegian police physician submitted a report based on conversations with Datsik and review of available documents which concluded that he did not have a serious mental disease. Datsik's lawyers are of the opinion that Russian authorities made up the psychiatric diagnosis and that Norwegian authorities on that ground must allow Datsik to remain in Norway. Datsik also claims that he was tortured by Russian authorities. The torture included the application of electrodes to his genitals and placing him in an iron cage for eight months, naked and handcuffed. He has twice attempted suicide in Norwegian detainment due to being isolated from the other prisoners, but he was again isolated after shouting racist remarks from his cell window. Datsik had been placed in solitary confinement for four weeks despite the court's order being limited to one week. Norwegian police blamed capacity issues for this. The Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet writes that Datsik has allegedly told the police that he wants his girlfriend to come to Norway for family reunification.

>He has since asked the court to give him the maximum sentence, as he has said that it would help him live a healthier life, while announcing that he is "too raw for humanity". He has told the Norwegian media that he wants to compete in mixed martial arts under the flag of Norway. Russia has sought the extradition of Datsik. On December 22, 2010, a demonstration was held by his followers in Oslo. Viacheslav Datsik was deported from Norway on March 18, 2011. In December 2011, rumours surfaced from Russia, that Datsik had been killed in a prison fight. However Alexander Zubov, Head of Press Service of the Federal Penitentiary Service management for the St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, dismissed the reports, claiming that Datsik is well and healthy. Datsik has been imprisoned for the past six years, apart from a one-month stint of freedom, following his escape.
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Plus before all this he was (in)famous among MMA fandom for attempting to start fights with referees during matches. He might be the single reason why most MMA refs now are picked from guys with enough training to defend themselves.

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