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Full contact karate preparation
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Sup guys, long story short I'm going to be fighting in a full contact karate comp in May, and I'll be going up against some kyokushin guys so I'm just looking for some pointers in regards to exercises that can help me out over the next four months as preparation. I have gym access, if that helps.
I'm an ashihara karate ikkyu (a kyokushin offshoot) and I'm getting back into karate after being overseas for a bit.
I've also done Muay Thai, boxing and am currently training in judo/sambo.
Anyone with experience that can weigh in? I've never competed in karate before.
It's the kind that uses zero padding besides a groin guard, no hand strikes to the head, etc.
Remember to stretch.
Those head kicks require good flexibility.
Do your cardio and wear them off.
Do lots of sit-ups so that you can withstand a kick to the gut.
Do your ribcage conditioning now, it takes time for the micro fractures to heal back stronger (Wolf's Law).

Whatever you do, don't listen to this guy.


You're going to be fine with your background. You're just going to have a bit less body conditioning than your opponents, so don't try to play their game. Review the rules and get some practice in in the meantime to make sure you don't do something illegal because you're falling back on your Muay Thai and Boxing. Get some people to spar with you in that ruleset and stop sparring a couple of weeks ahead of the competition so you're not carrying injuries in with you.
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Yo OP, trained and sparred but haven't officially 'competed' either but, coming over from the Karate thread, I'll throw my chump change in.
I'd agree with this,
though I would make it a point to not forget conditioning's importance. Also I'm seeing a lot of physical stuff, so i'll ad some mental shit:
>The Way of the Samurai is found in death. Meditation on inevitable death should be performed daily. Every day when one's body and mind are at peace, one should meditate upon being ripped apart by arrows, rifles, spears and swords, being carried away by surging waves, being thrown into the midst of a great fire, being struck by lightning, being shaken to death by a great earthquake, falling from thousand-foot cliffs, dying of disease or committing seppuku at the death of one's master. And every day without fail one should consider himself as dead. This is the substance of the way of the samurai.
>Yamamoto Tsunetomo, Hagakure
Know this isn't your first rodeo, but stay calm and don't get psyched out. Keep a cool head. even though those other guys have competed in full contact karate longer than you have, their still humans with two arms and legs and have weaknesses. Don't them get to you or anything get in your head
>fuck strategies and thinking
>super heavyweights don't fight that way

And that is why the division is now kiddie pool shallow and 40 year olds whose only asset is some degree of knockout power can get anywhere near the title picture.
Kek`d hard. But I think the resident gorilla was saying more along the lines of thinking you can use and rely just tricks with no physical skill/force behind your fighting won't get you anywhere at that level. Even if it might've worked in previous levels in the past
That's still kind of bullshit tho, a proper gameplan and exploiting the holes in the other guy's abilities is what wins fights and especially at the higher levels of martial arts where everyone is in shape, is at least decent at every aspect of the game (whatever their game might be) and good at keeping the fight in a position favorable to them. I like that mango but the yamato damashi mentality is garbage and pretty cancerous to the development of martial arts, not to mention dangerous to fighters both from a developmental and physical standpoint. Encouraging someone to show manliness at the cost of their health and proper technical development is ridiculous.
I'll grant you that. But I think YAMATO DAMESHII mentality if taught/applied in a healthy manner has it's uses m (i.e. shonen never give up/ keep pushing yourself/have fun. Trying to fight when your past broken and it need medical attention is the unhealthy application of this. Or of all things Karate Kid 3 with Mr miyagi`s way vs. Mike barnse`s or cobra kai`s no mercy and finishing. And of course strategy and tactics are invaluable, especially at higher levels But if someone ludicrously thought that all they had to do was cultivated only cheats, tricks and `outs` without focus on physical aspects and skills and thought they could still win, especially higher where physicality is a big aspect, they are mistaken. This iseven gone into a bit more later in the manga when minoru fights a guy (have to go back to look at his name)who has brains and brawn. He uses a system based on so called `landmines` where an opponent will step on them. and into his range. Pretty much step his area of advantage, etc. Shows what highly effective stategy+physicality can do. Aside though pretty sure the `fuck the Japanese fighting spirit` got coverage when Samart got introduced. Minorus probably gonna talk/fight no jutsu him and teach him that `fightin`s fun`
Hey fellas, OP here. Thanks for all the advice.
For weight would it benefit me to lose as much fat as possible or leave a little bit of 'padding' on?
I've only ever had to make weight once before for boxing, and from what I've seen of karate competitions, the guys aren't shredded, but you can make out some muscle definition. I'm weighing around 150lbs, and about 20% body fat by estimation.
Just don't dehydrate yourself for weigh ins.
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My favorite coach recommended keeping a bit of padding. I've fluctuated between 190 and 160 at 6' tall and getting hit didn't hurt nearly as much at 190.

You aren't going to bulk much by May, which would be my first recommendation, and as light as you are you don't need to cut. What are the weight classes for your competition? If you're kind of in the middle I'd say fuck it and just train and not worry about your weight.
From what I know/gather it's in 10kg increments. So like 50-60kg, 60-70kg etc. Then 90 and above is open weight.
But the way it normally goes depends on how many people enter within a weight class, so if there's a lot in the 60-70kg division they'll split it into say 60-63, 64-67 etc.
But yeah, my judo coach is a fan of keeping some padding on when it comes to making weight and whatnot.
I happen to be a kyu bro

work on head movement, not boxing style but more reactionary. You mainly wont see a head kick coming so train your head movement reflexes to move away from anything coming near your face. DO THIS WITH YOUR HANDS DOWN, to A. Break your boxing counter punch habits B. give you the flexibility to have anoter layer of defense should the kick get past your first (hands)

Work on your base, leg strength is under ratted, you will need to be able to withstand leg kicks.

Dont be afraid to get in close, the more room they have the harder they will kick, try to intercept as many as you can.

work on foot work, you want to be able to more or less bounce off your feet to give you a nice quick dodge and to help with extra kick power, explode off your foot when you kick not just step
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