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What Are You Currently Training/ MA Pet Peeves Gen
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Poop asked me this and I'm interested to know what the current fads on /asp/ are.

At the moment, it's nothing new for me, just maintaining my old shit in my first teacher's backyard. But I'm thinking my next style will be MMA since I'm in desperate need of physical conditioning that doesn't involve some old chubby white guy who thinks he's asian yelling at you, and MMA conditioning seems god-tier.

I haven't been able to bring myself to do it thus far because I prefer pussy-ass white guys in ponytails to an overly-aggressive Chad McDudebrah as the lesser of two evils. Seriously, why does the martial arts world have one extreme or the other? I'm either training with a weeaboo faggot or a TapouT wearing faggot. I can't stand the people in this hobby, I love the activity itself but oh my god the people fucking ruin it for me.

It's either
>Power hungry, out of shape Eastern "master" who wants to be worshiped in a cult
>middle-aged guy who dresses like a frat boy and thinks he can be in the UFC at age 40

Can I not just get a reasonable human being with a normal ego for a person to have? What about martial arts either draws the worst people or brings out the worst in people?

Also I leave for a year and there's rasslethread shitposts EVERYWHERE. How is this much shitposting on one subject allowed? Fuck, the rasslers have gotten worse than the ponyfags, and I never thought I'd say that.
The irony of this post.

>9 rasslethreads about the same thing and diva feet smothering everything else

You're right, I'm the asshole here.

You've been cucked, son. It's OK. You'll grow to like it.

Pic related.
Iv been training bjj. Iv also had some private sessions for wrestling. We had a small group of guys doing wrestling but they stopped going so Iv taken on a day of muay thai. I just want to suppliment my bjj more then anything. Not trying to be a thai fighter or an mma fighter for that. I just want killer bjj with decent take down skills and the ability to knock a mother fuckers head off.
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Bjj is cool as fuck. I'm addicted to it. Ever time I go I get better. It's an absolute wonderful feeling watching yourself go from being tossed around, man handled, and tapped out to being the guy doing it.

>Have some doubts about ASP's
>Fuck it, let's go to /asp/
>Sees FatCobra

Dude, it's been quite a while what's up?
I have only trained at Universities and community centers (because it is cheapest and I am too poor for boxing at this point).
I have never really run into ether personality type in instructors.

Most I have met were just mild mannered normal people that had a great passion for martial arts, which was for most a hobby rather then a career.

The only instructors I met with there heads up their ass were a few people who taught shotokan for a living.

Even the few kung fu instructors I briefly met were bro tier dudes that seen it as a cultural hobby.
>and diva feet smothering everything

What up dude? Been a fucking minute amigo.

I find the biggest faggots don't come from schools or community centers, they usually have cool dudes. It's the guys that are left unchecked in their own buildings. They just get built up by their students and think they're infallible, they develop some fucking God complex. The worst teacher I ever had didn't even pay for his own school, he made one of his black belts foot the bill. The guy seriously got to thinking he had magic powers like seeing the future and telekinesis and shit. New level of delusion the likes of which has never ben equaled.

Or maybe there's a group of ninjas training at his mobile home levitating objects with their minds and lighting people on fire with chi waves, I can't be sure.
Dude you never told me your mail lol
Do you have Kik or steam?
My muay thai trainer was an ex champ in boxing and muay thai from thailand. He's like 50yo 120lbs and 5'5, very cool guy and nice to get along with, good attitude, confident but no arrogance. A teacher you can "look up" to
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