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fruit-booting thread
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lace me up homeslice

what's everyone's opinion on the Aeons? why the fuck are usd trying to shill their overpriced plastic bullshit when their carbons are the best on the market (minus Adapt, but fuck that pricetag mang, no one needs handmade skates).
seriously no reason to buy into this bullshit. if you're not riding carbons then you should be at work to get the money to buy some goddamn carbons.

also, Enin won breakthrough skater of the year. no surprises there.
also, what are you all hoping to see in 2016? are we gunna see some Eugen Enin pro-skates sometime before this summer? is franky going to keep killing it, or is the technicality of the new school going to start to be too much for the old man?

exciting times to be a fruit-booter, that's for sure.
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from jeff stockwell's instagram

original video here: https://vimeo.com/46227617
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where my fucking blade crew at?
Maybe it's time to get my old valo tv2 back out in the park...
You know, I was going to make an /inline/ general 4. But after the whole wrestling nonsense it seems that posting here didn't have a point anymore.

We are no where near as big as say Skateboarding, HEMA, Parkour, or even skiing. And with all the redundant new wrestle threads made every 15 mins our general would eventually die and be kick off the catalog. I would suspect other real /asp/ sports suffered the same fate.

But back on topic, yea it is and interesting time in the fruit booting world, I just preordered some K2 Unnaturals and can't wait. Eugen is bound to have a pro skate, would be surprised if he didn't. And nah, Frankie still killing it. But who knows, he's got his own clothing and wheel line that retiring would probably not be a big deal for him.

Also Aeons are pretty dope, don't let the plastic fool you. I would of gotten them if it weren't for the K2s. I own a pair of Carbon IIIs whites and they can feel really weird when lacing bigger tricks and gaps. Like, they are stiff but at the same time they are not and it is sometimes off-putting. Not the best skate, but I still like them though. Also, a boot only carbon is still more expensive than Aeon so idk what you talking about them being overpriced bro. For a complete setup, the price is pretty good.
nows the time to do it my dude. well, come summer. all the rain at the moment's damn near killing me. got to carve up the only indoor park near me today (i live on an island) and even that's closing come the start of january.

hell yeah, i watched that video yesterday, after i made this thread. sure love his new look, his hair's as garish as the rest of his brand now.

and i totally get what you mean about the lack of strong blading presence on this board and generally online.

its just been my experience, i'm sure they're good to ride, before carbons i only rode xsjados (big mfin' feet, can't try anyone else's skates) and the difference was just incredible. jumpin big, yo. plus im just salty that the aeons won product of the year when it's not an innovation, really, its literally a reboot and i think they're well ugly. compared to the wizard frames, where there's some actual innovation going down.
you seen the Mattieu Ledoux vid where he's trying them out? dude's makin' waves.
Aeon a reboot? If you are talking about skates in the 90s that didn't have UFS then maybe, but that a bit of a stretch since those skates were fitness style skates with tiny soul and grind plates .

The Aeon is a completely new approach to aggro skates and a huge risk for USD, which is why it got the innovation award. Wizard frames are cool and i want some badly, but the natural rocker that it has is not a new idea and are shitfuck expensive.
the way i see it is that they're just a replacement for the thrones (ugly, plastic and unecessary since the development of carbon skates). the lack of UFS isn't groundbreaking, its USD trying to completely corner the market for midrange aggresive boots by having you buy "their frames" (since they're built-in) as well and limiting you're options. got the 60mms and want to try you're hand at powerblading? better buy some more USD products then (ideally for them you would just buy the 72s). it's not a "risk", they're the biggest name in aggresive skating, and this is just going to further that.

the wizard frames are the first time we've been able to have 110mm wheels whilst still having the durability to take the beating (drops, fishbrains, that spin at the top of raiils [not that anyone's done that in WF to my knowledge]) that aggresive skates need. it's moving into the future by taking inspiration from the oldest school (pre-aggresive rec skates) and the technology of the present (high quality materials and well-designed weight-distributing design).

face it, USD probably paid good money for that 1st place spot. its sponsored content brah.
Yea Aeons do limit on what you can put on it and is economically is better for USD. Can't argue with that.

And yea thrones overstayed their welcome, I really wished thrones were replaced by the imperials back when those existed.

Yea wizards are cool, I wished Leon would have chosen to like leave the grind plates on like they originally had Funnily enough, taking big drops with wizards is not a problem, its the wheels that they hold. There are literally no wheels on the market that 90mm and above that can take big drops without exploding
what's the video, edit or movie that got y'all into blading? i literally only started this summer (ice skated a whole bunch as a kid, already had the fundamentals) and it was Jeff Stockwell in Shred Til You're Dead that finally had me going "yeah, this is the shit, I wanna have a go at doing this" when he's carving that vertical bowl fakie. watched all of his shit after that and started rolling on them clunky-ass Avant IIs.
God damn.
Bought some Doop Freestyles and I wear an 8.5. Got the 3-9.5 size and it's TOO FUCKING SMALL. CAN'T EVEN FUCKING GET THE STRAP OVER THE SHOE.

I'd ship them back but that'll be like $100
I have skated all my life.
It's just fun and an easy way to get around campus.
never ridden doops, but owned two pairs of xsjados (avant II then the xsjado Basics)- what shoe you using? have you got footwraps or are you trying to cram some high-top nikes (or equiv) into them? before i got my first pair off footwraps i was riding my avants with converse, which were too small, but at least they fit. my nike SBs were way too big, even though they were the same "size".
File: Radical Ralph.png (678 KB, 900x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Radical Ralph.png
678 KB, 900x900
I'm using some nikes yeah.
Huh. Maybe I'll go get some different shoes.
the footwraps i have now make all of the difference- they lock at the ankle and they are cushioned in such a way that no other shoes are that allow them to fill out the shape of the skate perfectly. BUT they are like 55 euro a pair. My skatebro tried to get me a pair for my last birthday and ended up getting me a second-hand pair of Xsjado Basics that came with a pair of size 11 footwraps for £50 bc they were sun-damaged.

Van's tend to be pretty good, and before that i had a pair of converse-knockoffs that I padded out with 3 different shoe's insoles to raise them up and fill out the boot. that worked alright and i learned to grind and carve etc. in them.

but they never felt like good skates until i got some footwraps.
>only nearby indoor park
Lad are you in Ireland also.

Recently picked up Razors SL waikiki model. The boot's a huge step up from the ancient valo nimhs I have. So fucking comfortable and light!
Only started back into skating a couple of weeks ago after a couple year break, started grinding last week. Mad fun.
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regular legs.jpg
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>you in Ireland
no, my man, i'm from the isle of wight (southmost england), but i go to uni in london, where i cut my teeth in the parks up there this summer. back home for the holidays, and just trying to keep up the practice so i dont lose any by next summer. used to skating baysixty6 when its wet, no relegated to this wooden warehouse full of 13 yr old scooter kids.

how are you beginning with grinds dude? i learned makios first, then mizous, which are my comfort grind. im able to lace some soles on low ledges, bc im not v good at leading with my left leg. my h-blocks scare me a bit as well, so i haven't landed a FS or BS ufo or anything, but ive fallen hard out of a couple trys. got 180 stalls in the mini the other day though, so i'm working towards h-block styles.
Very much the same way, first thing I tried was makio. No problems stepping onto it and can step into a mizou also. First big goal though is landing a proper soul grind. Starting to get the slide, slowly ramping up the speed on it. So yeah soul tricks first then in time h block stuff!

This season all our outdoor parks are fucked from the rain so I'm sticking to shin/knee high ledges and benches for now. Only indoor one nearby is 7 euro a session too and is a hassle for me to get out to. Has a bowl though, but really it seems to be made for BMX. There really isn't a big aggressive scene in Ireland, Kaltik is Dublin-based afaik, I imagine there's some action over there, and I'm inclined to believe I'm literally the only dude into aggressive skating this side of the country. Good skateboarding scene though!
good for you sticking with it on yr own. you skate with boarder's much? my ex-boyfriend got me into blading while i was living with him and our mate who he also got into blading, so from the day i started i had 2 other bladers on hand at all times to drag me to the park/get dragged to the park. plus we're close with a couple boarders as well. don't imagine i would have the same motivation to keep pushing it if i was on my own. and its nice to know there's a dude got yr back if you stack it and pass out. i hate skating a big empty park and knowing that it i stack it out of the quarter and bash my head it could be in hour til someone finds me.
Yah I think it's definitely tough by yourself, doesn't really bother me much, way too fun.
A friend of mine skateboards, and my best bud's picking up his first skates soon, 72mm Aeons. Only skated by myself really so far. Most skateboarding sessions here are organised in advance, nobody's really around during the winter too. I'll be getting into skateboarding soon so will probably be skating board with the boarders and inline with my best mate or by myself. Otherwise sharing the skate parks with whoever's there
>first skates
>72mm Aeons
jesus, he's gunna kill himself and then have to pay out for a whole new setup before he can properly learn how to skate aggresive. Powerblade flats, like the 72mm aeons are, in my experience, too fast and big to be necessary in any regular park. even if you're good enough to know how to use it, you'd be way more stable on smaller wheels and anti-rockers/freetstyles. and you cant just buy aggresive frames for them because noUFS.jpg means you'd have to shill out for a whole new boot as well.
plus he's never gunna learn to pump, bc he wont need to. i learned on 3rd hand 55mm blanks and had to pump hard to get up anything. learned me real good the techniques.
if he can manage though, all power to him. that's just my opinion.

>I'll be getting into skateboarding soon
props man, versatility is the spice of life. if i could board i would but i have no balance and blading takes enough time and work from me. i think its good to break down the barriers between boarders and bladers. i do perpetuate the old jokes and bants, but the segregation hurts everyone and i'd like to see a more unified future for park sports.
aren't these basically salomon STs rippoffs (with a few extras) ?
usd are trying to monopolise powerblading by doing a 60mm and a 72mm built-in frame single-piece plastic boot to replace the thrones. they sit slightly lower to the ground because of the lack of ufs, but they're extremely limiting. i started w xsjado and love customising and switching parts out of my skates.
> ex boyfriend
Eww a gay
Please leave
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this my thread, you can fuck off
File: coco sanchez.jpg (78 KB, 540x810) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
coco sanchez.jpg
78 KB, 540x810
skate park homophobia makes absolutely no sense, skaters experience marginalisation and rejection and they get together in their safe spaces and become a bunch of hateful little shits, stewing together in your own toxic masculinity.

's what happen when you don't let any girls into yr "super secret club"- you're a bunch of developmentally-challenged misogynist man-children
Post piss flaps

This is my board cunt
oh, cry some more, child. why are you reacting so aggresively about shit that is none of your business?
>trying to jump into soul today
>end up landing a perfect frontside because I bailed the soul

sucks being a newbie

tell me about it- my mizous used to slip into tabernacles and that's fucking terrifying as a noob on a high square downledge
you get weird looks from other students yet?
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Like warm butter

You guys ever get that epiphany when you realise the one small thing you're doing wrong to fix a trick?
Started leaning forwards more into my souls, hitting them waay cleaner now and with a better slide. Shit feels good
Where do you guys who are just starting see skating that you want to pick it up? I've been skating for like 10 years starting at around 13 or 14 maybe. I don't get how people get into skating nowadays, there's no one to see at the skatepark, I doubt you randomly searched youtube to find rollerblading, and do you do it with friends?
Got into recreational rollerblading when I was a kid because there's a long seaside promenade in our city, a few years later learned about aggressive skating while looking up where to get a good pair of skates online. Got good at the skating part with those, never did any grinds, fast forward a few more years and decide to get into aggressive skating because it looked fun as fuck.

so to answer the question, first seeing people skate on the promenade and then later seeing videos of aggressive skating on the net.
>reacting aggressively
>in a thread about aggressive skating
who the fuck still calls it "aggresive skating"? go back to bed Arlo, we don't need yr late 90s edgelord poser-ass shitting up our scene anymore.
stockwell is such a faggot i bet you wear your sisters jeans too don't you bitch boy
you like farmer too don't you fag
File: hillyard.jpg (800 KB, 1519x2403) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
800 KB, 1519x2403
decided to pick up skateboarding 3 years ago
got a couple tricks down, rode ramps, it was wack, standing around with a bunch of other fags trying to land flip tricks for 6 hours straight is not a good time no matter what they tell you
found some ancient cults in my buddys attic and i've been doing this ever since. i travel so i get to skate new parks all the time it's dope. there are a few places ive been to with a ton of bladers, pic is in Spokane WA, there are a good 10+ bladers there that are all pretty good. more at Twin Falls ID, Grand Island NE, KCMO, Chicago, and of course stupid California where it's never really died. Other than those places I run into random bladers from time to time all over the place
alex broskow told me to turn my wrist the other way once when i couldnt land a grind, i did, it worked
you literally got buttfucked into rollerblading
that's hilarious
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froot boots.jpg
156 KB, 642x960
oh yeah, because i'm totally going to disregard all of Chris Farmer's contributions to skating over the last like 20 years or something, just bc he dresses like a fag? dude kills it way harder than you ever will. i hope you break your spine on some coping, you hatemongering little shit.

"fruit-booter"'s a reclaimed slur now my dude. face it, rollerblading's been a gay thing since before h-blocks. y'all breeder's and you need to get the fuck outta my park
well no shit you like him, you're as gay as he is
i also didn't say anything about fruitbootin, just because you're a fag on skates doesn't mean you took it back, it's been a joke ever since it was an insult. i just think it's funny that you got buttfucked into blading. it is, it's funny, deal with it.
didn't say it wasn't funny. i think its fuckin hilarious that homophobic children are calling me gay when 1) i am, so its employment in the pejorative loses power and 2) the whole damn sport's gay as fuck

just seems fucked that ppl are using it as the focus of their hate. i have had to deal with so much shit in parks, mainly from boarders, but other bladers as well. it's hard to take it as a joke when the same words have been shouted in my face by some meathead who wants to throw down bc he's uncomfortable with the fact i rocked up to the park in a skirt or whatever.

and you saying you DON'T like farmer? bc that's kinda gay, dude, he's a legend
don't mistake me calling you a fag as me being a gay basher
we're on 4chan, we're all fags, you wanna sperg out and whine about how gay rollerblading is go ahead but you're shooting yourself in the foot by acting like everyone who blades is as gay as you
also yes, i hate farmer. he's a giant bitch and i couldn't give a fuck less how good someone is at skating if theyre a shitty fuckin human being
and really dude? how sjw can you get, you roll up to a park in a skirt and blades as a dude and get butthurt when someone cracks jokes? all idealism aside you're fuckin asking for it and you know it, the world will never be how you want it to be. expect it to be how it is not how tumblr tells you it should be and you wont have those problems. no one has ever hated on me a bit after i start tearing up a park, and i've skated in more cities than you've probably ever even visited. you wanna cri evrytiem go ahead, my advice would be to channel your inner bitch into something productive, like getting better at blading so when someone calls you a faggot you can top side disaster soul grind their words right back into their bigoted mouth.
all shitposting aside, what state are you in?
File: coco sanchezz.jpg (61 KB, 540x371) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
coco sanchezz.jpg
61 KB, 540x371
okay, you win, whatever. words is words is words, but you can understand why i'm defensive- i have been bashed in skateparks while minding my own business, because i'm not in the states, i've had to learn to skate park in london. literally started this summer, with a handful of grinds/grabs to my name. and parks here are full of chavvy fuckin' skateboard cunts and big black guys on bmxs who are mainly there to sell weed and freestyle grime with their mates. one summer and im already sick of it, man. i love the sport, but culture's fuckin poison.
that fuckin blows, damn. it's definitely a pain in the ass learning, sounds like you need to go find a ledge somewhere you can grind all day where no one will bother you. street skating lets you leave all that bs behind you. i can only imagine how annoying it must be considering my idea of british youths is stupid ass wangster dubstep swaggots. i wouldn't even bother with a skatepark until you can shred. assuming you don't live in an apartment or something of the sort you could always build a rail yourself to practice on. p-rails are a beautiful thing man, couple 2x4s and some PVC pipe and you've got the best training tool you could ask for. you can make awesome curb wax out of crayons and butter/cooking oil. look that up. get an assload of that and take it out with you to find some ledges. it's way way more chill than a park full of lames.
File: clapham.jpg (2 MB, 4608x3456) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 4608x3456
literally the best part about blading in london (aside from blake bird working at baysixty6 and doing his best to set up unofficial blading events) is the small crowd of eastern-european old-school bladers who shred clapham. literally only got to skate with them like 3 times this summer, bc they're all working-class dudes with families and not much free-time. they helped set all this shit up, like this bitching c-ledge that's always to waxed for the boarders to bother hitting.

need to get on that DIY p-rail hype tho- im living in my uni halls at the moment and i've got no space for one. and the only street spots worth my time here have security through the night that'll kick you out before yr even warmed up
you could make a 3 piece mini rail with metal that all fits together and breaks down small enough to fit in a backpack too. little ingenuity at the hardware store goes a long way. i'd trade my whole local skatepark for that c ledge.
>>caught all the pokemons
File: 1424580055981.jpg (90 KB, 1500x1001) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Your mom's an aeon
File: K2 Unnatural.jpg (360 KB, 800x796) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
K2 Unnatural.jpg
360 KB, 800x796
You are unnatural fagget
File: images (2).jpg (5 KB, 318x159) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
images (2).jpg
5 KB, 318x159
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zTm_LgKTEU homeslice
Triggered (New brand and skate)
File: youre_a.jpg (84 KB, 800x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
84 KB, 800x800
looks comfy
People still do this shit? I've seen maybe 3 fruit booters in the wild during the last 10 years.
It used to be fun in the '90s
now it's this
I'm not hating on those who enjoy doing what they're doing, just lamenting the state of things.
man i would get the aeon's if they didn't have the strap. always hated straps on skates.
just unscrew/remove it it off when you get them?

Unless we are talking about Xsjado staps, most straps do work for me. I own pair of carbons and the strap helps secure my foot down once the skate started to give in and get all soggy
AEON is a good idea for a low budget skate. but it's expensive as shit.
I'm not a whole big fan of the carbon skates either. i've never skated them and i could never afford to.
Guys I have a question on how to grind properly on skates. Whenever I try one foot always lingers, is there a way to get over the mental barrier of jumping onto the rail?

But seriously, that's all it is. I'm new to grinds and park/street skating myself, only starting to land souls comfortably now. Way I started was step onto the ledges I was grinding, slide with a makio.. increase the speed over time. then stepped onto mizou and souls. when I started to go for learning how to do a soul properly, stalling was the big thing. Stall all the time. stall the grind til you're comfortable you won't fall if you hit it with some speed. just keep repeating stalling and approaching it with increasing speed, you'll get it eventually.

and don't think about it too much, really. you'll miss the lock in if you're worried about failing. Just get comfortable with the grind and make it more and more intense as your confidence increases.
Hoooow do I jump higher.
My city has a decent fruitbooting community so we hold competitions. I wanna win the one where you have to jump over the highest obstacle.
Lift your knees more!
Practice maybe by stalling grinds on higher and higher objects, it'll force you to jump higher and raise your knees to get on top of them.
File: 1417646924781.jpg (327 KB, 1280x703) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
327 KB, 1280x703
Are doops good for casual to average freeride skating? I was thinking of getting one as my first skates, it's either this or Seba. Seba looks great but it's a bit of a pain to use daily in the city.
I would suspect doops are much easier to get in and out off, so they would be much better for city skating. Though their shape and fitting are not that precise. There some asian dude on that did a pretty good review on some Doop Urbans on youtube. Also check out K2s Midtown/Uptown and Rollerblades Twister/Maxxum/Fusion/RB80 if you haven't already.

But yea, for casual to average freeride skating Doops will suffice, especially for a first time skate.
Link for the video:

File: 5dLjWA0PDB0.jpg (9 KB, 500x479) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9 KB, 500x479
>mfw city replaces it's glorious asphalt sidewalks with fucking interlocking concrete tiles

Whoever invented it, I hate them.
File: 1424652183198.jpg (156 KB, 900x756) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
156 KB, 900x756
Darth Vader Blades feat. new Hydrogen aggressive wheels and the return of the Blank Liner
I've always wanted to try a pair of those.
Hi guys, opinions on those fusion gm 84?
File: 12.jpg (175 KB, 830x942) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
175 KB, 830x942
forgot pic
Depends on what you use them for.

They good for that speed and urban skating.

For aggressive stuff, it has a small soul plates so some basic grinds are possible with them but it's not really meant for that. They can be converted to actual aggressive skates like>>884399 but you will need to drill holes and get some tnuts to add the wide body soulplates. This video explains it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSZbsC_KeKA
what's a good hardness for freestyle city skating? I had some 90A aggressive wheels and I thought my legs were going to die going over streets.

i've since bought the proper frames and am running some 76mm 82As.

Are 84A/86As any better?
I was planning to buy some fusionx3, I still need to learn how to even jump or make tricks but they seem a lot better than my fitness ones.
File: durometer_affect.jpg (193 KB, 640x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
193 KB, 640x640
No. Its just a preference thing. Some people prefer sticker wheels, I prefer 86a-88a wheels for freestyle skating.

Yep fusionX3s are much more sturdier and will offer more support than your average fitness skates. Be careful when during tricks or jumps if you plan on doing them, because its a harder to land with bigger wheels.
if someday I decide to do more agressive stuff like grinding and shit, can I just change the wheels right?
Gonna buy those instead of getting a tatt, hope I do good.
So I tried with a 44 (uk size) and I wasn't able to even put my feet on, tried with 44.5 and I somehow feel one of my rollers a bit too lose like it moves a bit to one side when I'm sliding. Is my fault or is the size fault? I started using rollers like 9 days ago, is it because I need more training?
It definitely takes some getting used to in my experience. I also generally aim for slightly too tight over slightly too loose, it seems to give more stability.
Mine are slightly too tight, I mean taking them off isn't something really easy so I guess I need to keep training.
>going from fitness to freeskate rollers
Damn, I'm really used to have comfy rollers.
Anyone here consdering starting skating? It looks kinda cool but I'm not sure how hard it's to learn stuff.
So I was able to get the store list back from the old thread (added some more).
Old thread -->http://4archive.org/board/asp/thread/729020

Where to buy inline skates (There are more skates shops than this, but check for any store located near you):
http://www.amazon.com/ (type in the brand name to see if they sell them there; Valo, Rollerblade, K2, Seba,Etc.)
Australians: http://skaterhq.com.au/
http://www.moanashop.fr/6-roller (use google translate)

Beginner Guide:

It just takes time and dedication like any other sport. The fun comes from skating itself and not necessarily being good at it (Though learning new tricks is fun and mentally rewarding. Having friends to skate with is also very fun too).
File: Top sad.gif (2 MB, 400x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Top sad.gif
2 MB, 400x225
>all those stores
>all those models not even avaible on my country
I think I'm like those girls who love to buy shoes even if they don't use them.
friends, what kind of exercises can I do in my house to improve my skating?
>in my house
I don't think it works like that, anon. Unless you happen to have a really big and empty house.
I meant without the skates, I work out so I'm not sure what can I add to my routines that might help me improve my balance and all that shit.
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