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OK, /asp/. How would you book Shane vs the...
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OK, /asp/. How would you book Shane vs the Undertaker in Wrestlemania? How would the match go?

Hard mode: You can't replace Shane with a wrestler as his representative.
>Shane slings a few shitty punches
>Take decks him
>Rest. In. Peace.
>Forgetting the Shane O Mac high spot
I don't want to be the one explaining to Vince that my booking got his son killed.
Next week Taker should tell Vince that he refuses to fight on his behalf. Vince says he thought this might happen, so he made the match a retirement match. If Undertaker loses, including not showing up, he is forced to retire.

It's a perfect story angle. Taker stays as a face. It fits with previous continuity. It raises the stakes even further. It makes the outcome even more uncertain (due to it fitting in with rumours that Undertaker is soon to retire anyway).
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shane hold his own but taker beats the shit out of him suddenly the ICON sting comes out and helps shane, it looks like shane is going to win. Suddenly we see a flash of fire and kane comes from under the ring drags taker to hell.
Shane cant believe it, him and sting are just shaking their head. Lights go down. we hear a lot of shit , lights go back on we see kane and taker standing tall over shane and sting, taker tombstones shane and wins. Taker and kane hug and do their respective pyros in the rings and then go to the ramp for a classic ending.
How madman Vinny Mac will book it

> Shane ass kicked for a good 3 minutes and thrown out of ring near apron
> Picks up a weapon and swings at Taker, Taker grabs it and breaks it
> Shane has a heart attack and is on the ground screaming
> Roman reigns comes in and booes ensue
> He injects Shane with the power of positivity and Shane is normal again
> Reigns does 3 superman punches and takes taker out with a spear
> people are throwing shit at the ring at the point and some jump the border
> Reigns does the tombstone on taker 1-2-3 winning the world heavyweight intercontinental United states tag team divas championship.
> final words are BELEE DAT.
Have Vince inside the ring and take a tombstone before Taker lays down. Also have Shane take a choke slam, a last ride, and finally a tombstone. For nostalgia.
Have Taker all to literally kill Shane McMahon, giving us a Vince face turn and a "My son is dead" speech from Vince. Vince with tears in his eyes just screaming with no mic "MY SON IS DEAD"
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If only Vince could actually carry out Shane's body without his quads exploding.
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he can, question is will he?
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Shane defeats him clean in the center of the ring and becomes the new Paul Bearer.
>Wyatt interferes
>Shane pins Taker
>Corporate Rednecks
>Face vs Face
>Taker doesn't care about what Vince or Shane want
>beat the fuck out of each other, something like Vampiro vs Pentagon Jr ( minus the light tubes) if Shane can't bump too much.
>One coast to coast or dive off the cell
>Taker still dominates for a majority of the match
>Rock, Daniel Bryan or someone else, who doesn't like the authority, interferes to help Shane
>Taker still wins with a tombstone
>Vince opens the lock box
>it's something that ensures Shane runs Raw no matter what
>Taker wins
>Vince still loses
>R Truth walks out thinking he's in the match
>Taker is confused
>Shane sneak attacks and pins
most plausible outcome
>Taker comes out on Raw
>says he's not going to fight for Vince and chokeslams him
>Vince replaces him with Wyatt
>WM, Wyatt family starts interfering
>Austin's music hits and he stunners all of them
>Shane does something stupid like drops an elbow off the top of the cage
>Shane wins
Duck Dynasty would sue.
>taker beating the shit out of Shane
>Shane takes it all but he's got no hope of winning. I guess you could say he's got...
>Vince struts to the ring to gloat
>you've got... No c-kacaww
>sting jumps the barrier and points the baseball bat at Vince, backing him up the ramp
>Austin gives Vince two middle fingers and a stunner
>(alternatively, a drive by kick on an ATV)
>sting plays defence for Austin to help Shane
>(or gives everyone a stunner because it's been a while)
>taker finally succumbs to old age, and even in a battle against a middle aged man he knows his time has come
>Shane, battered, thanks him for the win, watches over him until the ambulance drives off
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Well, lets try:
>Taker beat the shit out of shane for like 5 minutes.
>Action goes outside the ring
>Somehow Shane gets the kendo stick and beats Taker
>Taker strikes back with a masive scoop slam in the steel cell
>Cage opens
>Taker is still beating the shit out of shane
>Somehow Shane does a Float-over DDT
>Shane climbs the cell
>Invites taker
>Taker climbs the cell
>Shane is nearly dead in the spanish announcers table
>Vince comes out very exited, nearly orgasmic
>Then 4 hooded guys massacre taker
>Vince is confused and worried
>Shane pins taker 1,2,3
>Vince loses the control of Monday Night Raw
>the hooded guys lift shane and leave the ring

Later that night...

>Roman is dominating Hunter after a 20 minutes match
>The 4 Hooded guys appear again
>They beat the referee
>Then beat Roman
>One of the hooded guys reveals himself
>It's Finn Balor!!
>HHH is happy about this... His NXT guy is helping him
>The other 3 guys beat HHH
>They are AJ, Gallows and Anderson
>Shane comes with crutches
>Balor Club steals the championship
>all of the celebrate in the titantron

Thats it...
They didn't sue Bryan for stealing their look completely when they were the most popular show on TV and Bryan rode their coattails to the top
Please kill yourself
>Reigns winning the Divas championship is a bad thing
>Goldust not interfering with a cake making R-Truth lose
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Very bloody match. Both have had great hardcore wrestling in WWE in the past. Ultimately to save WWE Shane will win after using many chairs and tables.
>Vince tries to convince Taker to take on Shane
>Taker tells him to GTFO and then tombstones the motherfucker
>Next week Vince comes out, says theres gonna be hell to pay and changes the match to a tag match playa
>It's gonna be Taker & Shane vs. Vinnie Mac & BRAAAACK LESSSSNAR
>And then Taker gets his WM win back after Shane tries to kill himself with a crazy spot
This one sounds great, but I don't think than Shane could take that kind of bumps anymore
>Taker appears on Raw to say he isn't taking part in this shit.
>Vince and Steph come out, try to sway him. He leaves the ring, and takes to the ramp.
>As he's leaving, Vince says that if he doesn't take part, and win the match, he will be fired. And won't be inducted to the HoF.
>Taker stares at him, lights go out, come back on, Taker has gone.
>No agreement made, nobody is sure what's happening.
>Night of Mania, Shane is in the ring, things are ready. The moment of truth.
>Lights go out. Taker enters, with potentially his final WM entrance.
>The match is slow, and each hit feels reluctant, with Shane trying to talk Taker out of every strike coming his way.
>It gradually becomes brutal, weapons involved, both men are bleeding, and have been thrown through the cell walls, been beaten with weapons, and put through tables.
>They're struggling to stand.
>Shane gets the chair, and hits Taker a few times. Taker is crawling to the corner, and Shane raises the chair for one more strike, but doesn't do it. Taker is slouched in the corner, and Shane leans down to him, you hear him say he's sorry, but then there's whispering we can't understand.
>Shane slams the top of the chair in to Taker, and lays it across his body, setting up for a Coast to Coast.
>He hits it, and pins Taker to win.

Next night on Raw, Shane comes out, and explains that things will be different. He says his dad was out of touch, and his old age was making him think unclear. Because now Shane is in charge, and he told the Undertaker his first goal would be to bring him back, and have him join the HoF. That's what he does.

If the Wyatts were still booked strong, I'd have involved them in removing Taker and using Shane as a puppet of sorts.
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>Shane beats Undertaker
>Really It was Cena who beat Undertaker
>But you can't see him
You can't, and WWE creative sure can't. It's gonna be a disaster.
I wouldn't.

It is a lose/lose situation
>Wyatt's turn face and side with Shane
>Shane chooses Braun to take his place
>We get Braun vs Taker like we were always going to
>Everyone at WhatCulture simultaneously takes their cyanide pill
kill yourself
I want this to happen just for the end of WhatCulture.
HBK is the special guest ref who at the last moment super kicks undertaker, puts Shane on him and fast counts to get revenge on Taker for forcing him to retire.

What do I think will happen? Bron Strowman will somehow get in there and choke out taker to set up that feud because Vince needs to get his Jollies off.
that's way too good for the wwe, and i respect you for it.
good job, anon.
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