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Why should I adopt instead of purchase from...
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Why should I adopt instead of purchase from a Breeder? Not a puppy mill, a Breeder.
Because worms are treatable. Genetic ailments caused by inbreeding aren't. Besides, there are impossibly huge numbers of nice doggos looking for a home.
Should I get a younger one to avoid behavior problems that the older ones might already have?
I dunno, I bought my Great Pyr from a farm where his parents were working dogs and he's probably the best dog I've ever had.
I've heard a lot more positive things from people who bought from breeders than rescue. I just don't like how breeders are frowned upon
The satisfaction that comes from knowing you're helping a creature in need.

And one should only buy from a breeder who: does not linebreed (most breeders are staunchly opposed to linebreeding these days so it's not too bad), health tests all dogs before they're bred (http://www.offa.org/breedtests.html), and participates in conformation and working/obedience trials in order to get a non-biased appraisal of their dogs and avoid kennel blindness.

If you don't go to reputable breeder then you might as well adopt, the chances for health and temperament issues are pretty much the same in shelter dogs and BYB dogs. But at least with shelter dogs you are supporting rescue efforts and not rewarding crappy breeders for profiting on cutting corners.

Breeders are frowned upon because of pure breeds.

There was a Cracked article a few weeks ago about a breeder.

She said she loved all her dogs, was fully registered and took very good care of them and then turned around and mentioned that a lot of her problems have massive genetic problems and grow with messed up bodies.

The worst bit was that she said there was nothing she could do about it...
Because unless you're looking for a working dog, there's honestly nothing inherently better about a specific breed.


Breed temperament is a general guide, not a guarantee, and honestly it takes as much time to properly research and spend time with a group of puppies at a breeders to decide which one will be best for you than it does to do so at a shelter or rescue. On top of that you can get pure-bred dogs at the shelter, with papers and lineage, if you wait long enough but for a fraction of the price.
I knew SOMEONE on /an/ must have read that Cracked article too. pissed me off. "The dogs i brought to life are so fucked up that their spines and skulls turn back on them midway through life, but lol what can i do rite?"
Never bought from a breeder.

I've had two dogs in my life. Both were great dogs.

One was found roaming the street, and another I got from a woman with a basket of puppies in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart.
I volunteer at a shelter during my free time. There are so many utterly sweet and beautiful dogs people don't want because they had a condition that was treated or easily treatable.

Luckily we are a nokill, but I can't imagine seeing daisy go to be euthanized because she has a history of ringworm and noone wants her. Aldo senior dogs are often the best pets but thats more understandable. You want to be with your pet as long as possible.

Thousands of dogs get killed because shelters don't have enough space. To me its the only moral option because of this.

Do anything you can to save a life. Its cheaper and you'll feel a personal pride that your pet that you love might have died without you.
Thanks for the input guys, that article is pretty sick. Im leaning towards a rescue, its cheaper & ill be saving a life :)
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So what?
If that purebred puppy doesn't get adopted, guess who it goes to? A shelter.

>crappy breeders for profiting on cutting corners
we're talking about what is implied to be reputable/registered breeders, not fucking BYBs
And once it's in the shelter, you can get it cheaper and it makes breeding less profitable, making the breeder less likely to breed, meaning less puppies get bought instead of adopted so more puppies get saved.
Are you a tard?
How in the fuck do you think working/show pure breds are made? They fall from the sky?
No, they have registered and responsible breeders mate them.
You think the reason they're expensive is because of this shit:

"Here are some typical expenses for a normal, healthy litter of six in an area of the country with moderate veterinary expenses (they can be as much as double this in some areas). This is assuming a breed with a few common genetic problems, no whelping complications, and is calculated using a moderately priced stud dog who is within driving distance. Not factored into this is the average price for a championship, which at the present time ALL my cocker spaniels being bred have. Cost for a championship is $2000-$3500 in addition to the expenses listed below.

Pre-breeding expenses for mother:
Hip x-rays (for dysplasia)

Eye exam & certification

Brucellosis test (a sexually transmitted disease
$ 50

1-2 Progesterone tests

Thyroid panel

Pre-breeding exam
$ 40

Heartworm & fecal exam
$ 50

DNA test for AKC
$ 40

Breeding expenses:
Stud fee

2 trips by car to deliver & pick up bitch
$ 75

Pre-whelping expenses:
Whelping supplies (milk replacer, whelping pads, alcohol wipes, disinfectant, etc)

X-ray and vet checkup for mother during last week

Litter expenses: based on a 6 puppy litter
Dewclaws removed & vet exam for pups

1st shots & worming - DH-P (6 weeks) $15 per pup
$ 90*

2nd shots & worming - DHL-P
$ 90*

Puppy food & extra for mother during nursing

First dose of heartworm preventative - $10 per puppy
$ 60

Puppy pack (leash, collar, book, etc) - $25 per puppy

Litter registration
$ 65 and up

Extra laundry, electricity, paper towels, etc
$ 50



Also, it's not a good thing for a reputable breeder to stop breeding.
Stopping puppy mills and BYBs is a good thing.
That's just the price for the litter of puppies. Adding on that championship, which is necessary for reputable breeders would make it $4,300 - $5,800

Then you cheap out in you post?
>you can get it cheaper and it makes breeding less profitable
what? I'd rather pay a thousand or two thousand more dollars for a healthy purebred (from a rep. breeder) than pay for thousands of dollars in therapy and health bills. Because believe it or not, a lot of puppies you see at the shelter come from mills. And those mills...

When dogs live in these conditions, they become riddled with diseases, infection, and cost a ton of money to rehabilitate.
Also, people have preferences. Some don't care, some are set on a purebred, and some want to adopt. Either way, you're adopting a dog. You are technically saving an animal who might get tossed in a shelter because you didn't pick it.

Eat a dick and do research.
I'd adopt because I don't agree with breeding dogs, reckon they should die out, but I'll adopt the ones that are still alive till then.
Just like I don't think people should breed but I have a lot of love to give so I'll adopt a kid.
As long as it's done right then it's fine imo. People need to do their research before buying from a breeder. Usually going through the club of what breed you're thinking of getting is the best way.
>If that purebred puppy doesn't get adopted, guess who it goes to? A shelter.

Except no reputable breeders ever have "leftover puppies". If they have a puppy who doesn't quite fit into the homes of people who expressed interest, a good breeder will keep the puppy until the right situation comes along.

For example, friends of mine had a litter a year ago and was looking for owners who will continue to feed raw and stick to a limited vaccination regime (moderately difficult to find). They home all puppies except one, a male with a very high drive who would need to go to a family willing to put in extra time for training and working trials, and since they haven't found anyone like that yet they've just been raising the puppy themselves.

No breeder would ever want their dog to ever end up in a shelter, and build it into their contract that if the family can't keep it for whatever reason the dog must be returned to them, while at the same time screening all potential families to try and eliminate the risk of that happening in the first place
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I'm a rough collie breeder and thought I'd weigh in on the thead.

People talking about inbreeding and genetic fuck ups are right... But!
This is now very hard to pull off as most clubs do not give out registration papers to breeders who do shady shit. It's very hard seeing as there are computer databases which map out pedigrees and flag inbreeding and dogs that have had a disproportionate amount of puppies in the same year. Especially european clubs and large NA clubs.
So atthis point, if a breed/line is riddled with disease and malformation it has to do with breeding practices from the past, or rather the practices of poor breeders who made their kennel their primary income. So their goal would be to sell the puppies, regardless of anything.
The other main problem was selective breeding for physical traits that were at one time the breed standard at shows.
There are many reputable breeders who put a lot of effort and care into breeding and focus mainly on having healthy dogs.
That being said, some breeds are fucked beyond salvage, it's sad and sucks for breeders, but those breeds need to be let go.

A breeder worth anything will never have a puppy end up in a shelter and, as >>2060749 mentioned, most of us require it by contract to have the people contact us in the event of them not being able to care for their dog anymore. People often think that a kennel operates in the same way as a regular business, in some cases they do (puppy mills), but most of us care very much about where our puppies end up. For example, I make sure to know that the people I am selling to have the proper yard size or are active enough as a family to take the dog out on daily physical activities. Often enough we meet and talk. I usually tell them very early on that I need their address for registration purposes (which I do) so that I can check out where they live on google if need be. It has happened that I had to rehome a puppy for someone who could not keep him.
The lady assured me that she lived outside of the suburbs and had a huge yard with small woods nearby. Imagine my surprise when I get a call from her about a month later and she tells me that her dog is sad and just sleeps all day, and when he is awake he gets moody.
Turns out she lives on the 8th floor for an apartment building, the dog mostly lives in a cage, and she bought him as a way to save her relationship with some guy. Collies absolutely need their physical exercise. So the awful conditions she was putting him in were starting to take their toll.
I went there and took him back, and had him live with me for a while, feeding him properly and resocializing him. Ultimately I found someone else who was interested and now he lives happily on a farm.

Long story short, having a purebred end up in a shelter is not only awful for the dog, it negatively impacts the breeder. It's seen as a mark of shame.

A lot of care and love goes into the breeding of puppies
>You are technically saving an animal who might get tossed in a shelter because you didn't pick it.
are you being intentionally dense? you're giving more money to them so they can continue breeding. the breeder isn't going to make more money by you adopting a dog they sold to someone else, they're just losing business

you don't seem to understand how this works
>If that purebred puppy doesn't get adopted

"adopt" implies they aren't making a profit off the animal, but breeders do. shelters/rescues are nonprofit, so they "adopt" out their animals
>Because believe it or not, a lot of puppies you see at the shelter come from mills.
>implying everyone lives in a SoCal or inner city Chicago shithole
>not being smart enough to ask about the dog's history before adopting them

oh boy
Most of the shelter dogs in the NE come from the South for what that's worth. A lot have been neglected or worse if they're past pup age. They can be challenging.
It's fucked up to pay for more dogs to be brought into existence when there are so many already in need. It's like people having their own kids when there are shitloads of unwanted children.
>reading Cracked after 2012
>adopting other peoples children

top cuck
That's not true whatsoever, and I have a feeling you are making huge judgements from a few experiences.
See what happens after tens of generations of inbreeding and artificial selection. Purebreds are simply not as fit in Darwinian terms.
Luckily for the inbred purebreds, all the weak, scrawny runts, midgets, retards, diseased, deformed, obese, etc. that would not survive in nature on their own, humans find all these defects desirable and worth passing on to new generations of genetic failures.
But i can take care of it, i had a dog before and i took care of it except somedays when i forgot to take it out/feed it. Otherwise my dogs ive had are happy(i share my candy with them) so i think i should
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