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Do you hate dogs? Do you like dogs? If so,...
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Do you hate dogs? Do you like dogs? If so, explain why.
I like my dog; he's soft, clean, quiet, and makes a good foot warmer.
Pretty indifferent to other dogs unless they are being destructive or obnoxious.
I used to sleep outside in a sleeping bag all summer since our house didn't have air conditioning. Barking dogs were my nemesis.
In a similar format to another post in the cat thread:

-slobbery and drool everywhere
-Smell weird
-Don't clean themselves
-More annoying/harmful than cats when untrained or poorly socialized
-Many genetic health issues in purebreds plus pugs, Bulldogs, similar exist
-self proclaimed "dog people"
-Require more upkeep in some areas than cats
-Some could/would definitely kill you

-Can take places easily
-Bros generally
-Temperaments more predictable because purebreds are more readily available than purebred cats
-Come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and temperaments
-Working dogs
-Can actually be trusted outside in a yard without running away
-Cuter young that don't look like upset gremlins in fursuits
Neutral. They are nice to cuddle, but can be too needy.
I can't stand dogs. I've tried to like them, but they are just so stupid and ugly and they smell like ass. I would never hurt one though.
I love dogs. They never fail to make me smile and mine have gotten me through shittiest times. When my first dog passed away I was inconsolable for a good two months and it still hurts to think about him sometimes.

That isn't to say they don't annoy me sometimes, or that I believe ALL dogs are angels that can do absolutely no wrong. I also think greyhounds and Chinese Crested are ugly as sin.
I like dogs.
Probably because a dog slept in my crib/bed from ages 0 to 4.
I like dogs, they're great companions.

I often find myself disliking other people who like them and can't shut up about the fact, especially when it comes to the "so much better than humans"-esque memes.

I wouldn't say I'm a dog person. It's exactly like when you really love something pop-culture related but you hate the fanbase.
>Some could/would definitely kill you
apply to
>More annoying/harmful than . . .
Just sayin
imma gonna try to be devils advocate here.

>slobbery and drool everywhere

ofcourse all dogs drool when they are tired/energetic/hot, but other than that most dog breeds dont drool that often

>smell weird

You are either gonna get used to it, or shower with your dogs unfortuanetly

>Dont clean themselves
This is simply false, it is by animal nature to clean themselves to not leave any trail.
Female dogs tend to lick up their menstrual blood, house dogs (especially puppy's) sometimes eat their shit/drink their piss to clean.
If you own a yard your dog will probably put SOME effort to conceal it, or even better, bury it if he is a badass that is actually capable to bury shit.

>More annoying/harmful than cats when untrained/social retard

Just dont be a horrible owner.

>many genetic health issues

i am not educated enough in animal health to counter this one


/an/ ruins all animals

>Dog people

Cat people

>Require more upkeep

Again, false.
You can feed a dog fucking anything,it can sleep anywhere, and it will be happy aslong as he gets SOME attention, everything else can be accounted as luxury.

>Some could/would definitely kill you

A hamster can kill you.
And honestly if you own a dog that wants to kill you what the fuck is your problem.
I'm not a big fan of dogs because from what I've seen they're loud, gross, and obnoxious. I've never owned a dog though, and probably biased because of the cat/dog binary kids strongly believe in and I've never had the chance to grow out of it
I'd be willing to try and own a dog though, but I don't want to get one and then find out I can't properly care for it. I'll stick with cats but if I ever dated/roomed with someone who has or wants a dog I'd try to pitch in as much as I could
Where are you guys from?

I think with the "upkeep" issue, some people don't think you should have a dog if you work 8 hour work days. But I've heard that some dogs do just fine and sleep the whole time.
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i like dogs and i get why so many people love them, but i wouldn't want to have one. good pet, just not the pet for me

>Don't clean themselves

A cat smearing spit all over itself isn't clean, all it does is add mouth-dwelling bacteria to the shit that's already on its fur. There are no clean animals, even humans until 100 years ago were filthy.
most suck, some are cool
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cute dog
Thread replies: 18
Thread images: 3
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