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Please help. As each day passes I become...
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Please help. As each day passes I become more aware that I want a dog. Sure, it feels different to cuddle a dog than it feels to cuddle a human, but I just want companionship. But I am poor and at work the majority of my life. When I come home I'm not in the mood for playing because I'm so worn out, so I just sleep until it's time to work again.

Yet I want a dog soo bad. Is there any way to compromise without actually getting a dog? And please don't suggest virtual pets. Tried that before.
Of you absolutely can't stop yourself at least adopt an old dog or cat from a shelter. One that is low energy and doesn't need much maintenance. Cats require less work and like to snuggle too but if you are dead set on a dog, at least let it be old so it won't be as miserable

Kudos on realizing that your financial situation and lifestyle are not suitable for dog-keeping. I commend you for realizing that an animal is a real being with feelings and not just a lifestyle accessory.

>Is there any way to compromise without actually getting a dog?

If you spend all your time working just to stay afloat, I'm not really sure that there is.

There are dog foster programs where you take care of a homeless dog and socialize it so that will be ready for its "forever" home, but if you work most of the time that probably wouldn't work out.

You could volunteer at an animal-shelter, but that's work (work you don't get any money for, at that), and if it's a kill shelter you'll be surrounded by healthy dogs basically being executed every day. If you see animals like I do, that's going to be emotionally devastating.

If you can stomach being around dogs getting killed, or if there's a no-kill shelter near you, maybe you could volunteer if you can spare the time. That might be a reasonable compromise.
I realise you work a lot, but how about volunteering at a shelter if you have the chance?

How about offering to walk any neighbors dogs in the evenings? Walking will start out as a chore, but it will give you more energy and might get rid of that tiredness after work.
I want a pitbull so bad but I can't have it because I don't have the time for all the socialization so that it doesn't maul me in the ass. So hang in there op
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I really don't like cats. Don't see the appeal in a semi-domesticated smaller version of a panther/cougar/leopard. Yes if I did adopt it would at least be adult. Getting a senior dog was my first idea because their energy levels usually aren't as high as when they were young.

I like to be a decent human being. Oh god you're right on the kill shelter thing. Being surrounded by animals who will soon be put down :( I dont think I could handle making new friends and then knowing they're going to die. Can I volunteer at shelters on my off days?

What do you think it takes to be known as safe to employees and animals at a shelter?

>Being a dog walker in my off times
I'm not sure how to walk multiple dogs at a time. But let's say I figured out how. Where would I begin? A craigslist ad?

Doesn't necessarily have to be multiple dogs, just one every night or so, unless of course you'd like to do more.

Posting craigslists ads, maybe put up ads in a local vet or pet shop if they'll let you, hell even facebook.
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This is a wonderful idea anon. I do get days off from work, and on those days I have energy enough to do stuff. Gosh I just love dogs so much.

Even if I bought a senior dog, there's really no place to set up a bed for it. I live with other people in a craftsman's home, so the dog wouldn't be alone. And there's tons of space on the property, so playing fetch or having it poo on the grass isn't a huge deal as long as it's picked up.

But in my room there really is no room for a dog bed. And I don't approve of having a dog on my bed, no matter how much I love dogs. I get really territorial when people or animals get near my sleeping spot. And everyone else would not approve of a dog on their beds either. Having it sleep on the couch? I don't know. Everyone puts their faces near or on it.
Is there room under your bed for the dog? Before I got my dog his own bed he loved to sleep under mine. Put a blanket down and he'd be happy
I'm not sure about people telling him to get an old dog. Yes, they need less activity, but they also tend to be more expensive when it comes to medical issues as they grow older. If you don't have money, work most of the day and then don't even want to spend time with it other than just sleeping with it, then don't bother.

You don't have time nor money for it. Getting a dog in your situation would just be selfish and unfair for the dog.
Hmm, if you're having to work a lot maybe you should start considering another job? Not only would it improve your life but it'd also allow you to get a dog.

There's a lot of telecommute jobs with like ISPs, Amazon, Apple, Webhosts, etc that have entry level positions that pay well.

It's worth getting a better job in the long run so you can save money for your own medical, transportation, housing bills. Especially the ones that hit out of nowhere.

Tl;dr Maybe instead of just getting by, look into fixing the root cause of your problems.
No, no room under bed for dog

That's the thing. I wasn't going to deal with vet stuff anyway

I completely agree and you're entirely right. Sadly it's not that simple. My best bet where I live is retail
Forgot to add, but my family has never bothered with vet stuff unless it was gravely necessary. And most of the time our pets (1 cat 1 dog) never had issues anyway. The dog had issues as she aged though. But we just let her sleep most of the time. We still have the cat and the most thing wrong with her is an abscessed tooth. Which we fixed

tl;dr the animals we had over time didn't visit the vet unless it was super necessary. Cuz of the money
The problem with that is, something that could have been prevented and nipped at right away now gets serious and more expensive. It's not really a good idea to tell someone who is barely getting along that their animal won't need to go to the vet because your animals don't need to go to the vet
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Haha, you missed my suggestion for work. Telecommute. Means work at home essnetially. Either work over the phone, chat, or email. It's becoming a much more common thing for companies to do with their employees.

If you live in a big country like, US, UK, France, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, or Australia I know for a fact that Apple does telecommute jobs where you work at home. It takes a super long time to get into the company but you'd be paid well and you'd be able to get a better place and get a dog.

Or, another option is to put away money to move where you can get a better job. If you're still in high school you can do a graduation party as a sort of "help me move to a better place for work" fundraiser.

There's a lot of ways to find work. It can be challenging at first, but you gotta really dig hard and sell yourself hard. If you do tech stuff or scripting and applying for Customer Service, dumb down your resume. Recruiters have no idea what you're talking about nor do they care. Don't listen to your school about resumes. They haven't job searched in years and have no fucking idea what they're talking about. Had to help my friend with his because his school fucked up his resume so badly.

I feel your pain in a way. I used to live in an area with no work. Moving out of there was the best decision I have ever made. I have friends back where I'm from who struggle and I do my best to help.
When you work from home, it doesn't matter where the company's HQ is. They send you equipment and you work. Sometimes you have to sign an Non disclosure document.
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