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Any of you guys have hamsters?

Do you train them?

I had a dwarf hamster when I was a kid but it didn't live long. I don't think I had any idea how to properly take care of it to be honest.
I have one.
well, my kid has one, but that's the same thing.

he doesn't train it. It bites, he's never really done much with it except let it out in its ball.
>he's never really done much with it except let it out in its ball.

That's probably why he bites. Or your kid has food on his hands or something tasty. Get him to wash his hands before handling it. And you should wear a glove and handle it more. Since he bites, don't pick him up yet.

Do a thorough clean of its cage and reintroduce yourself and your kid slowly. Do not touch the hamster for two weeks. Take some toilet paper tissue and rub it on your skin. Hamsters love toilet paper and will bring it to their beds. It will have your smell on it. While your waiting the two weeks to handle him, give him treats. I usually give mine yogurt drops or let them lick peanut butter off my finger.

Associate hands with good things. I've raised my girls and they've never bit me because I respect them and they totally trust me. I even put my kitten in their cage (a kitten that's laid back) just to smell and see a new creature and its weird how they had no fear of her even though they had never met a cat. She was gentle, so nobody friggen try this shit OK? Just saying.

Can you give me some hamster tips? I'm thinking about getting one.

Do they cost a lot in vet care or whatever?

Any diseases they're prone to or spread?
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>Can you give me some hamster tips? I'm thinking about getting one.
Go to HamsterHideout.com/forum

Do they cost a lot in vet care or whatever?
Just like any other pet they cost the same amount of money. http://www.rmca.org/Resources/vets.htm/
Any diseases they're prone to or spread?
it wouldnt be worth it to take a hamster tp a vet.
they only live 3 years ffs
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Do not use hamster balls, it is probably the greatest horror such an animal can experience.
>be rodent
>naturally careful and run away quick to hide
>get put into little hard ball
>it's loud, uncomfortable and I can't smelll or so anything in my surroundings
>some giants trample around me and the sound is almost making me deaf
>they start to laugh as I try to run away
>can't hide anywhere - get even more panicked
>suddenly the giant picks me up and puts me back in my home, stress level still on high
If you want them to get enough activity get a wheel (which is big enough so they can still run with a straight spine) and even more important a cage in the right size.
Also yes, dwarfs only live aslong as a mouse, but they are quite interesting to look at when the build their nest or just sit around.
>pic related my Dsungaraian [flash wasn't intentionally :(]
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Its not not worth to take a hamster to a vet? You need to can kindly shut up.

OP here. Haven't gotten a hamster yet.

I don't think the hamster's 3 year lifespan is a good reason not to take it to a vet.

But I think possibly good reasons to not take a hamster to a vet could be the following:

1. Most vets don't know shit about hamsters

2. A hamster is very small, and could easily die under anasthesia if it were subjected to surgery

3. The vets might charge a lot of money for treatments that wouldn't actually benefit the hamster.

If I got a hamster I don't think I'd be willing to have it subjected to surgeries. Is this a reasonable perspective? I think it is. Maybe I'm wrong.

I would still take the hamster to a vet if it looked like it had an infection though, to get antibiotics or something.

I don't really know what aside from that a vet could do for a hamster. The information online is conflicting.
It's like not taking somebody who's supposed to die of cancer in 2 years to the doctor for the flu.
>Sorry, Timmy, I know you have mono, but we can't take you to the doctor because you're gonna die anyway. You really want us to waste our hard earned money on somebody who's already dying?
OP here again.

I did some research and apparently if hamsters get tumors they can do surgical removals and they're often successful.

People quote prices of like $100-$200 for hamster surgeries. That's not insane. And the vets seem good.

But I honestly feel like if I tried this in MY life, with my luck, I would find a vet who'd charge me $500 for it and end up killing my (potential--haven't got one yet) hamster anyway.

There seems like such a huge disconnect with how others experience vets and how I do. I've had very bad luck with vets honestly (gotten lots of false diagnoses and wrong treatments and been ripped off and lied to many times)

Can anyone else here relate?
Its true most vets dont know, but I take my hamsters to a vet. Another poster posted a
website where you can possibly find the vet you need. It also doesnt hurt to call up a few local ones and ask if they have a small animal vet on staff.

And yes there's always a risk ahamster or any small animal goes under. Its a risk you have to take for their wellbeing. As long as the hamster is active and lively is has a good chance of making it through surgery.

The price on a hamsters meds is the same as it were for dogs. Like both metacam and baytril are safe for hammies. Same as panacur. You can always as for the generic brand of the meds to save some cash. Baytril is a brand name when Enrofloxacin generic name of it. Its the same thing.
This why you research a lot before hand. Find an experienced small animal or extoic vet.
Also helps if you set money aside every now and then as emergency vet fund. Seriously take a look at hamsterhideout.com/forum everything you need to know is there and is always updated.

This is coming from someone who owns hamsters for 10 yrs and treats small abscesses, worms, styes, utis at home. But I know when I have take my boys to a vet to be seen.
Always remember this litte one is dependent on you.
>be the girl in my vet assisting class who trusts our vet tech teacher on small animals
>own 2 rats, both bred awfully and who's dad is already dying of myco related illness
>ask vet tech why rat keeps sneezing and wheezing
>vet tech says to give them a human dose of human allergy medication
>shockingly, mysteriously, rat dies a day later
I cut myself every day because of large animal vets trying to use the forty-five second lecture about small animals they got in college to diagnose them. Don't trust them unless they specialize in exotics or at least that you know for sure they have experience with small animals.
Jesus, thankfully the vet that sees my boys is experienced with them. I know the type of meds that are hazardous to them and some human ones that are not. I dont mean like meds but like eye drops.

>probably the greatest horror

Yeah okay, buddy. My hamster LOVES its ball. It happily ran around its its ball for 2-3 hours every single day (with breaks every 30 minutes or so). It got injured a few months ago and now has a hobbled leg, but STILL begs to somehow run around in its ball for at least 30-45 minutes a day.

You must just have a skittish hammy. Mine is absolutely fearless, and does whatever it wants. Gotta socialize them while theyre young, work with them at their own pea-brain pace, and let them explore on their own.

I have my little buddy hobbit. He's almost 3 years old now.

Im not sure how he's made it this long. He seems to be in good health also.

Always runs on his wheel for an hour between 9-11PM

Seems to not have diabetes either since his water level always runs out after 2 weeks as usual.

Always jumps into my hand when I open the cage.

Im gonna miss this guy when he passes. He was the best first hamster I could of ever had.
Shit tier pet, will just bite the shit out of your hand if you try to pet him. Just get two female guinea pigs and build a playpen, they're bigger, cuter and actually care about you instead of being just lazy niggers who spend the whole day sleeping.
I'm thinking of getting a Syrian
Just a couple of questions though
Can/do they show affection?
Do they help their owner with coping with crippling loneliness?
>except let it out in its ball
Wait. Are you saying the thing is kept inside a ball as it's primary home?
Not in a proper cage?
Also how old/smart is your kid?
Just because hamsters are rodents and only live a few years, doesn't mean it's a no maintenance pet.
Hamsters showing affection, hm not really. Depending the little guys personality he could be chill. Syrians are friendly off the bat.
You may want to get a male since females will stink up pretty bad. Also make sure he's active, bright eyes when choose one. So go around 5pm to the petstore.
As for loneliness any pet can help you with that. Just take them out, talk to him and give a treat. I pet my boys when I'm feeling sad myself. Always calms me down.

Are you buying a 20gallon glass tank or making a bin cage?
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What's with this hamsterball shit? Even if they like it, it's nothing more than a wheel that can change directions and has no exit. They need to be able to slip into holes, climb, sniff and dig to be exploring things.
Just secure a room or a part of it, put in some interesting things and treats and keep an eye on them.
Holy shit. This post has literally everything you should NOT do if you ever want to put a hamster in a ball.

>imagine being in a barely ventilated human hamster ball
>can barely breathe
>smell your own odor bc your peeing and shitting everywhere
>the pee and shit gets everywhere, in your hair in your eyes
>all of this in a span of 3 HOURS
>you finally crack the bitch open AND YOURE FREE
>a giant picks you up and puts you in your home
>you groom and lick the nastiness off of you

Literally get anally fucked anon
read the text you're quoting. "In", not "out of".
Not too sure atm.
I think I might get that Ikea glass cabinet
Yeah. I'm 99% sure the hamster ball should only be used to keep it in while you clean its habitat
Do hamsters enjoy multi level habitats?
Hamsters enjoy lots of space and like to run and explore everywhere so yea
Hamsters are just fun to look at and I find them adorable despite their short lifespan and laziness
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>have hamster for a few years
>never get emotionally attached to animals all that much in the first place
>will be glad of the extra space and time for myself once the hamster has lived out its full life and died
>no more litter changes incoming

>hamster dies
>3 different people hear about this and buy me new hamsters

Might as well get started!

That looks like an absolute nightmare to clean. I can just imagine spending hours scrubbing the dry piss out of those tubes. Eesh.
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Ah so a detolf cage, not bad :)
If you got the money and space anon go for it :D

Just claim you are doing a "cohabitation experiment" and they'll be ripping each other's innards out soon enough.
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That was nice of them ;w;!

You better get to work.
I actually am curious about this.
Had hamsters in the past and the teddy bear ones caught my attention at petco.
What does a hamster need for an ideal life?
I want one.
> The entire laboratory and pet populations of Syrian hamsters appear to be descendants of a single brother-sister pairing. These littermates were captured and imported in 1930 from Aleppo [Syria] by Israel Aharoni, a zoologist of the University of Jerusalem.[4] In Jerusalem, the hamsters bred very successfully

/pol/ is always right.
Found a ~700 Sq. inch cage at petco for $35.
A good idea?

What's the bar spacing like?

I'm no hamster expert but I figure if the bar spacing is too big the hamster's neck could get caught and it might hang itself by accident.

Or, less gruesomely, it might simply escape.
Looks to be 1 inch bar spacing.
I'll keep looking.
How many hamsters can you keep in cage? Do they fight and kill each other or what?

If you only get one, does it die of loneliness?
I miss my hamster.

His name was Fat Head. He was a mean little bastard who tried to bite everyone. But god damn he was adorable. Not sure how old he was, maybe 4 years or so. I woke up one morning and his fat corpse was laying in the open. I never noticed how gray his fur had become until I saw him laying there. ;_;

RIP Fat Head, you mean little bastard <3

If you're talking about Syrian hamsters, the rule is only one to a cage. They don't get lonely and they're not interested in living with other hamsters.

If you want a hamster, please consider adopting one from a shelter rather than supporting the animal slavery ("pet") industry.
Cages seem too hard to find in the right size, I think I'm going to go with a Terrarium.

A (long, not tall) 20 gallon aquarium is a decent home for a hamster and very affordable.

Some of those "reptile" companies sell a 20 gallon "terrarium" with lid for like $120. That's a huge rip-off.

You can buy a 20 gallon aquarium and a mesh lid both for $50 or so. It's basically the same thing and less than half the price.
I see, thanks for the help anon.
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>Animal slavery
Honestly the only reason to be being iffy about buying my hamsters at petco, petsmart or a petstore in general is they could be sick.Its either sickness or just all around not a healthy ham. Some stores dont care enough about the animals they bring in to sell.
Better off adopting like you said, say via a shelter or online sites like cragslist even a well known breeder.

A petstore ham needs a home too.
I spoke with a petco employee on the website and they recommended those small kits.
Why don't they sell proper hamster kits?
It's like bettas all over again. :c

NP bro.

I hate seeing people falling for bad deals.
For a dwarf hamster it's recommended to have them in a habitat with at least 360 square inches of floorspace, but that includes things like shelves. So some of the larger kits (like the ones with two or three levels) actually do meet the recommendation, but just barely.
The teddy bear ones are just syrian hamsters.

Ideal hamster life?
-A large tank (20+ gallons, bigger is better)
-A variety/good hamster food (Higgins sunburst with added lab blocks)
-A wheel ( big enough where its back will stay straight as they run (Wodent wheels are best but Carolina storm wheels ones are a close second)
-A water bottle
-Aspen or paper based bedding (Kaytee clean and cozy is fine. Carefresh is too dusty)
-A few hideouts
-Something to chew on (cheesy chews or whimzees)
-Treats (all natural dog treats like from nutro (my boys love the berry and carrot ones) yogis, dried chicken. Make sure there isnt any spices in it like garlic or onion)
Looks like I can do all that for less than 100 USD.
Going to take home the cute black Syrian hamster they had. I think Persephone would be a good name for her.
Those kits are horrible :c!
Of course they're gonna recommend those atrocious bundles. They hire people who are often not knowledgeable.
You mean 360 square inches and up.
Sound good :), if smell ever becomes an issue with your little girl try putting in around 3-5 inches of bedding and/or a bigger space. It should help keep her odor down.
>You mean 360 square inches and up.
How is that different from "at least 360 square inches"?

>-Aspen or paper based bedding (Kaytee clean and cozy is fine. Carefresh is too dusty)

I've found Clean and Cozy to be very dusty as well.

Maybe it varies from bag to bag?
I'm just saying if you can afford a bigger than 360 square inches then go nuts.

Like using a christmas tree bin which is 52″ L x 20″ W x 14″H equals to (only counting the length and width) 1040 of square inches. Only costing you $30.
Really? I've used carefresh in the past and always found it left dust at the bottom of the bag. But that is possible I guess, I use clean and cozy a lot these past few years now. So it probably does varies bag to bag ):
For a bin I can just modify the lid by cutting out the middle and rolling mesh along it and sticking it somehow? As well, I found a top hanging 6 oz water bottle and this seems to be a good idea for that, maybe?
You hold the mesh in with cable ties.
You can use a holder for water bottle to sit in inside the bin. If the bottle can be held in securely while hanging on the top go for it.

Dont be lazy like me and burn a hole in the side to put in the spout of the water bottle and hold it on with tape lol
Ended up hot gluing a mesh top to the lid of the bin. The top water bottle wouldn't hang down far enough for the hammy to drink from so I'm setting up a stand for the water bottle to stand on. Beyond this I'm setting up things in the bin including some wooden blocks and stairs for the hamster to climb. Using some leftover mesh I'm adding a couple vent windows to make it better too.
Finally going to place in a purple wodent wheel they had at walmart. A hamster paradise when I am finished with it.
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Post pictures when you're done
I want to see :3!
General rule of thumb for hamsters.
If you can fit your fingers through the bars at all, it's too wide.
I'd suggest checking out the Ikea Detolf. It's large and fully enclosed.
Only thing is that you shouldn't use the glass door it comes with because of lack of air circulation. You should make a screen door.
Taking longer than expected, going to finish it when I get paid next week. Decided against the windows, and I'm getting a storage box to use as a pedestal/hamster supply storage.
I'm going to get a hamster probably next week or the week after
Anyone know where I can find a check list of EVERYTHING I need to get?
Google for ErinsHamster (wix.com)
Go to the Hamster care tab and hover over to the Shopping list text. There's also a pdf file you can print out but the one I directed you to has more info than the printable.
(would given you a direct link but the system here see's it as spam ): )

Erinshamsters also has a youtube channel:
Today is the first day for Oso, I got her a large ufo wheel and large igloo to walk on/sleep in.
She currently resides in a 20 gallon long tank. So far all she's doing is walking some on the ufo wheel. Is this typical first day stuff?
Well walking's turned into a damn endurance course. Goddamn, hamsters run fast.
I love hamsters but they can smell and I like silence when I sleep. I can never find a wheel that runs silently either.

>She currently resides in a 20 gallon long tank

Good job bro. That's a good-sized home for a hamster.
It's double the size of what cage they had her in at the store. She doesn't seem very stressed, she's really active for just being put in 2 hours ago. I probably shouldn't have but I left a little blueberry yogurt chip for her. That's the only treat she'll get until the 3 day acclimation period is over and it's safer to do that. The possibility of wet tail frightens me, they also threw in the beneficial bacteria stuff to put in her water for free and said to use it.
>beneficial bacteria stuff to put in her water for free and said to use it
Could you post what that is? If something close to pic related throw it out. It doesnt help, but merely masks the issue.
If she does get wet tail taking her to a vet is more helpful sometimes benebac powder (the correct stuff for wet tail) Doesnt help too much for young ones.
File: 1250752-center-1[1].jpg (278 KB, 1500x1500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This is the stuff they gave.

Looks harmless enough to me. This is the same kind of bacteria used for yogurt fermentation.
File: Oso.jpg (43 KB, 450x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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She seems to enjoy her enclosure, she's been running for a long time.
Happy to see Oso is active.
Right now she's sleeping in the corner instead of her house. That's normal, right?
>Looks to be 1 inch bar spacing.
You might as well just leave the door open.
Yeah. Sometimes they wear themselves out and "crash". Kinda like puppies do
Oh good, I was worried they gave you wet tail drops. You might have a good pet store or dealt with a good employee. Here's a suggestion though once she's around 1yr old try mixing it in plain yogurt instead of just water.
Ahhh! She's adorable anon. Judging by her color pattern you got yourself a sable c:
Just glad I didn't mess things up so far.
I had a pet hamster a really long time ago but I didn't care for him well. He lived in one of those small plastic tube places and seemed on-edge.
RIP Oliver, I wish I knew how to take care of a hamster when I had you.
Oso seems pretty calm so far, no signs of wet tail as well. She did mess up her wheel but I cleaned it up using a mild water/vinegar solution and let it dry before it was put back in.

A hamster sleeps wherever they want.
Though they do tend to find an area they begin to favor and start stuffing food where they sleep which I think is so cute.
She kinda made like a little mound in that spot she slept before. She might favor the left back corner that faces the window.
She's gotten almost completely used to her home. I picked her up once because I saw wet fur luckily she just got water on her from the bottle.
Thank goodness, not wet tail.
She acclimated pretty fast from the looks of things, even stopped messing on her wheel.
Oso seems pretty chill, doesn't seem to care if I'm spot cleaning her tank while she runs around doing hamster things.
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>hamster is always portrayed as a child tier pet
>the weekly cage cleaning, horrendous temperament and reverse circadian rhythm contradict this
Unless they're Russian Dwarfs, then he's fucked.

>TFW get kids intrested in pet bugs
>Usually pray mantises
>They don't live very long and they are easy to feed and usually pretty hardy
>Kid just needs to throw in some crickets or fruit flys whenever and it just works

And to be fair hamster are pretty much a child tier pet since they are such hoarders that it won't matter if you forget to feed them. They are pretty independent.
She sounds like a nice one c:

Nah man. They can starve or dehydrate...the hoard can't be counted on.

Just google how many people have allowed their hamsters to starve or dehydrate to death. It's insane.
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Here's Lil Nigga. He's a rescue hamster so I am not sure what type. Anyone?

Hard to tell from that picture. Got any more?
Obviously a dwarf, but Campbell or a possible hybrid...? Need a picture of its back
Just wondering
But where do you guys get your hamsters?
Only place I really know of is Pet Smart(Pets Mart?)
File: IMAG0919.jpg (799 KB, 1520x2688) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Traverse the great Siberian taiga and claim what is rightfully yours

Most of my hamsters came from craigslist. Mine were free to$5- $10 as a rehoming fee. But lately people on my area have gotten greedy.
One person tried to sale me 2 yr old hamster for $30 (person even told me he eats paper, when I tried to correct her that he's merely stuffing his cheeks to put it else were calling me a liar. Oh and she fed him tomatoes...) and recently someone is rehoming their 6 month old hammy for $50...

Any who, some shelters in your area might have hamsters give them a ring.
File: 1437147965897.jpg (124 KB, 1301x620) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I've kept two gerbils for the last 2 years. Right now they have a huge 18x24x24 open-top exo terra glass habitat with a deep aspen bed and lots of junk mounted in the air. I like to redesign it everytime I clean it.

One passed away the other day. I am about to start searching for a clanned pair to introduce to her. I imagine the actual introduction will take about a month since it's a clanned pair. I've done it with individuals in under 14 days every time. We'll see.

I am a 34 year old man, by the way. I love those buggers, regardless.

Old pic from 2014.
I believe you might have a winter white.
Is it safe to have an uneven number though? I know next to nothing about gerbils. I solely know about hamsters on my part.
How are gerbils compared to hamsters?

It all depends on the sexes. If they're all female or all male, you're good. I only keep females.


I have never had hamsters so I don't have anything to compare. And I'll tell you, even my 2 gerbils are very, very different personality-wise. One is brave, likes to chew plastic tubes, and knock over her wheel if I don't duct-tape it to the bottom of the cage. The other is a shy and more ... normal behaving. She does what you expect a boring rodent to do.

I am interested in hamsters, for sure. I have lots of cages and tubes laying around for a second cage. But the idea of only keeping 1 makes me sad. I like to keep colonies.
Does anyone know where to get magnetic wheels and water bottles for a glass habitat? Everything they make is for wire cages and I end up having to dangle stuff from the top by strings.
>But the idea of only keeping 1 makes me sad. I like to keep colonies
That only applies to syrians. But dwarf hamsters campbells, winter whites or roborovskis can live all together. I know a user on hamster hideout.com that owns for than 20 roborovski's. But I forget their username.

Here's a guide that prove to be useful http://hamsterhideout.com/forum/topic/24143-housing-multiple-hamsters/
There are holders for water bottles or you can make one out of a cardboard tube. Only issue with the diy cardboard one is they could chew it.
I just poke a hole in my bin and have it taped up lol
>Here's a guide that prove to be useful http://hamsterhideout.com/forum/topic/24143-housing-multiple-hamsters/

These sound a lot more difficult than housing multiple gerbils. Hamsters sound a lot more less inclined to not kill each other. I'd hate to get a hamster and find out it didn't get along. I really don't want to mess with separate enclosures just because they're jerks.
>Hamsters sound a lot more less inclined to not kill each other.

Jesus phone. Point was, they seem to have a bloodlust.
File: 1446982431932.jpg (207 KB, 1099x1176) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
207 KB, 1099x1176

Hmmm I never considered using a hollow fake wall. Like a cheap unpainted jewelry box from a hobby store. That would be really easy to just drill a hole in or such for a water bottle.

The wheel thing still eludes me. I had a kaytee silent wheel that I used 4 rare earth magnets and superglue to stick it to the side of the cage ... fucking gerbil still managed to knock it over. I don't know what her problem was. She hated wheels, and then her cagemate could never use them because they were face down all the time.

Pic related. See this? That bottom cage with no plastic or wheel? That was her house because she ate plastic and knocked over wheels.
It comes with territory.
Just keep two together see how it fairs with you, before jumping into have like 4 or 6
File: 1436243596181.jpg (333 KB, 1422x1578) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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6 hour old gerbils.
File: 800443167243C.jpg (18 KB, 350x350) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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She sounds like she has a lot spunk, I like her.
You could give it a try, have to be creative with critters.
Pic related is a ceramic holder they had at petco. Its not on the site from what I see, bought on clearance in store about a year ago.

There's a DIY in images using Popsicle sticks making a bottle holder or puzzle playground pieces. Also Alfie Pet Small Animal Hideout - 2-in-1 Water Bottle. You can find on amazon or a similar.

I had a small issue with wheels myself. My past hamster like to chew at the metal bar stand for whatever reason ( wodent wheel) So I had to get creative and drill two holes at the top of the rim using two thick bolts and a washer/bolt to hold it in place. I hanged the metal stand over it and it stayed in place.
But since your enclosures are glass tanks you cant do that 3:
Babies ;w; <3
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Yeah, the glass has its good and bad qualities. I think overall it's not good as a small rodent habitat because of the limited airflow. We use them because we are recovering reptile addicts and have lots and lots of reptile cages laying around.

The rodents appreciate the under tank heaters, at least. :)

... This picture is what I use for hides in all my habitats. It's an unpainted wooden jewelry box ($12 on amazon) with just a 2" hole drilled in the side. It makes a great house for a small family. Since it's just a solid square, it's really easy to decorate with. I tend to bury them under substrate. If you look the pics above closely, you can see the exit holes.
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>Alfie Pet Small Animal Hideout - 2-in-1 Water Bottle

This is really cool. I am definitely interested. I can't find out why the hell it needs a battery, though. Haha.

Wait, I think they were just using that to show a size comparison ... which was really dumb.
Working on building trust but that takes a while.
She'll let me pet her but she doesn't like being picked up. I keep leaving tissue papers like the guide says though.
>Be me 12 years old
>Friend gives me a hamster cage >with 10 Russian dwarf hamsters >like 3 stories.
>Start feeding them.
>Gets bit
>3 ecscape
>Find 2
>Get bit again
>3rd never found
>Fuck this shit
>There are nine
>Put food everywhere
>Change water
>Next day
>2 are eating one
>There are 7
>Wtf!?!? tell brother
>He tells me it is because they >have tasted blood and it is too late.
>Say fuck it
>Pour food in a hollowed out >hampster that more are eating.
>Start giving them names and >making stories of why they are >eating each other.
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Posting my hambro hobbit.
No. I have a Winter White. They have an arch on their side and are mostly grey. This looks like a typical Cambells. Ears are perked more. Brown and dark brown fur. It could also be a hybrid.
Correction: a more pronounced arch with a stark contrast between the whitish cream underbelly and the gray and black fur
Those water bottles with the hole in the holder I pretty much am using with a bolt through the hole and the plastic. It has a nut on the back that keeps coming loose bc of how often they use it and push it around. You know what I did to make the bolt go through the plastic of my bin? Stabbed an old kitchen knife through and twisted like one would use a screw driver. Took me 30 min...fuuuuck

We have twinsies

Why didnt you heat up the knife with a lighter, it would have made it easier imo
I didn't want whatever fumes from the melted plastic or whatever to hurt my new hamster, which was my current hamsters momma (got her pregnant from a petstore).

They may look the same but I bet hobbits behavior is completely different from your hamster that I could tell them apart easily.

Another pet often associated with young children but among the worst possible pets for them is the land hermit crab.

These are a medium-difficulty invertebrate that require very specific conditions to do well. Yet they're sold as souvenirs.

It's sad.
>They now sell Halloween crabs like this too.
Or use a drill
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The hamster I have was taken away from its owner after I found he had been leaving its cage in their heater unit. The cage was melted and about fifteen to twenty degrees hotter than room temperature. I made him move it and left. When I came back a few months later he had it outside in the 100° heat with no food or a water and a filthy page from a newspaper for bedding. I took it from him and set it up with a nice new cage and house and wheel and all that and we're buddies now. He drank water for 15 minutes straight when I filled his tank up. He went from a crazy violent little biter to a super relaxed hamster who even gets along with my cat.

Armpit is special too. I was just trying to connect with you my man.
Good on you, anon ;w;!
Didnt have power tools at the time.
Ahh, alright
Update after a few days of talking to her and stuff. She seems less scared to be picked up at this point. Almost will take treats from my hand, but certainly does if picked up. Is it normal for hamsters to like being pet? She seems to stand still for that in her cage.
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