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Bad owner stories
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>A few days ago
>Get bearded dragon from relative
>Dehydrated and obese
>Tank's never been cleaned
>2 years worth of dead bugs and shit at the bottom mixed with the substrate
>Basking light only gets to 75
>Go to clean furniture and branches
>What I think to be black branches come out of the water light green

Jesus christ /an/, how can someone neglect their animals like that? Makes me so fucking mad
/ck/ here. That was a classic episode.

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>I speak feline. Meow meow meow!
just happened today

>work at shelter
>dude has pet bearded dragon with small tail wound
>dude can't afford vet care and panics so chops off the poor fuck's tail
>posts pics on Craigslist asking what to do
>animal control gets out there as fast as possible
>seizes custody of bearded dragon and takes him to emergency vet clinic
>patch him up best they can and transfer him to us to recover until a rescue can take him
>right before we left for the night he dies cause it was likely just too much trauma

the fuckhead owner is going to be punished for it, thankfully
>dating a girl
>she talks a lot about animals and pet care
>is really passionate and knowledgeable
>sounds like she knows her shit, i respect that

>fast forward
>living together, we're looking good financially
>decide to get a cat
>over the course of a few months gf goes from treating pet perfectly fine to neglect

>she quits job to "freelance" (doesn't)
>uses lack of money as an excuse to switch over to shit pet foods and (complete lack of) vet care
>i constantly have to cover for her end of things

>she whines about having to care for this cat she brought home in the first place
>whines when i say for her to find the cat a better home
>whines when i say for her to increase income to support cat

>she still goes on tumblr to passionately post about animal mistreatment and neglect

Needless to say, alongside other things, we broke up.
did you save the cat?

clearly she is not fit to ever be a mother without growing up.
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What the fuck did he think he was doing
How's it doing now?
What the fuck logic is that?

>gets papercut
>cuts off finger
I offered to help find a home for the cat (I work too much to have a pet on my own but I live in a safe, wealthy neighborhood full of retired elderly who'd spoil a pet.) She didn't like the sound of that so she took the cat with her. Still probably giving it a shit, but not shit enough to call animal control, quality of life.
Probably was retarded and assumed lizards losing their tail was no big deal because they "grow back".
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Much better. Her new lamps are coming in the mail and I'll be taking her to the vet as soon as possible.
She's eating well and drinking enough.
And the tank was given a thourough scrub, obviously.
Here she is being comfy
most likely

that's what we were all thinking, like what the fuck. it's like your dog needing their nails trimmed so you just cut off his fucking paw
Mother in law has literally over 15 dogs and refuses to get them neutered so they keep breeding, in bred as fuck, half of them come out with disabilities and she sells some of the puppies. They're all outside too and even there's too many, sometimes they'll shoot them.
Anonymously report your mother as a backyard breeder. All of those dogs will be removed and rehomed. Only the incredibly sick ones will be euthanized. And if your local scpa isn't complete shit, your mother will receive regular check ups to make sure she hasn't started the process all over again.

The worst thing that will happen to her during all of this is that she will receive a fine for not vaccinating the dogs and whatnot.
*mother in law, I'd never let my mother do that honestly. How do I anonymously report? Is there a way to do it online?
What the fuck, this makes me so fucking angry. It's like a kid living a life of verbal abuse and neglect but CPS can't do anything cause they're 'not being hurt'
Next time visiting your mother in law, discreetly take some photographic evidence.

Make a cheap throw away email. I think there are even email websites deliberately designed for this.

Email photos and any/all relevant information to local spca website. But make sure to leave out any information that would identify yourself.

Sit back and wait.
Do it anon, even satan wants to help you
>>pet bearded dragon
>>animal control gets out there as fast as possible
>>owner is going to be punished for it

... why would you lie on an anonymous message board? I can never understand people that do that. It's not like you're gaining reputation or anything.
Im afraid of my husband finding out and getting upset so I'll have to be as discreet as possible but I will try.
>make sure to leave out any information that would identify yourself.
like the pictures that only you could have taken which mysteriously appear exactly when you happen to be there.

seriously, /an/ is fully stocked with retards.
You're doing gods work anon.
Theyre not gonna be like "Oh here are the pictures, do you know who took these?"
They just need proof that there's a reason to go in, and that's that.

If she's that worried, she can take pictures form outside of the building, as she did say that they were being left outside too. Even go so far as to go full creeper and take pictures/videos from the outside in. Maybe even just say that you are a concerned family member in the email.
not sure where you or the other anon live, but the ASPCA never has the authority to go into people's homes like that. Not without cops and a warrant. Which nobody is likely to go after unless there's felony abuse going on.

which of course there isn't.
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In the last shitty owner thread I posted about my irresponsible, dumbass brother and his girlfriend who got two young cats/kittens and was taking shit care of them, even leaving them for several days without any food available.

Anyways, next installment in this story is as follows:

>they first got these cats when they "moved in" to a house they were house-sitting for someone while the owner was trying to sell it
>i.e. it was NOT a permanent living situation and they'd have to move out when the house sold, and they knew this
>got cats anyways, without consideration for what to do with them once they had to move out of the house
>I suspected this was the case when he got the cats, but recently this was confirmed when he told me that the cats will be out of a home now that they're moving out
>he just fucking felt like playing house and treating these animals as toys to throw away when he was done with them
>completely shirks responsibility, now calling them "my gf's cats" and not "my/our cats" anymore
>is now trying to guilt me into taking them in since he doesn't have a place for them anymore, knowing full well that I already have cats of my own and don't have the resources to take in more animals

Fuck's sake. I feel really bad for the cats but I don't know what, if anything, I can do to help them. It's good that they'll no longer be at the mercy of his neglect, but on the other hand if he dumps them at the shelter or something they might just get put down if they're not adopted.
Well, the anon said he posted about it on FB, so a bunch of tumblrinas probably flooded the spca where he lived with constant spam until they did something to appease the masses.

Just this once, I am actually glad for facebooks retarded users.
But if they show up, see all these animals being neglected/abused, then they can call the "real" cops in to help them do something.
>then they can call the "real" cops in to help them do something.
yeah, if that's against the law there.

In most of the US owning and breeding 15 dogs is perfectly legal.
Not if they're all kept in shit conditions
laws vary considerably.

It's probably neglect in most US cities but perfectly fine in a lot of rural areas. Also "shit" is pretty subjective. The animals probably need to be diseased or starving before the cops are going to step in. Even then they're more likely to order the owner to clean up and take them to the vet before they do something like seizing the animals.
If its easily accessible than anyone could do it. Anon delete your history as well. Make sure no one sees you and make an excuse like "I needed to get this" or just take the pictures quickly and bring your husband back there and chill out, that way he can actually stick up for you not knowing you were the one who did it.
if she's complained to us about it she's probably mentioned it to her hubby before.

it's not going to be difficult for anyone to see where this is coming from. Personally I'd prefer honest confrontation, but women aren't brave enough or honest enough to own their actions or speak their minds.
The lady next door to me has 5 cats and 3 dogs. We both live in small one bedroom houses.
Her cats constantly come into my house if i leave Windows open and piss everywhere.
It's the heat of summer so i csnt leave windows closed.
Talk to her and she says "you cant control cats".
Her dogs have what i assume is kennel cough. Hear them coughing hard all day.
Called animal welfare today.

I feel like a bit of a bitch.. but her cats piss and shit allover my vegetable garden and in my house. Ffs
>It's the heat of summer so i csnt leave windows closed.
god poor people are funny.
God people born with silver spoons in their mouths are sad. No real world experience and without understanding of having to struggle is like.
>...said the guy that can afford a cell phone and internet connection but won't buy a fucking air conditioner.
This is what worries me. I live in the Midwest in the country so I'm afraid they won't do anything since they'll consider it "farm dogs" despite half of them having tumors from being so inbred ( literally generations of mother and son breeding), with junk everywhere including broken glass, toxic fluids, ect. Half of them you can see their bones and they're always sick, always having puppies, matted and dirty fur full of ticks, electrical wires on the ground, which killed a puppy, they run off constantly and have attacked livestock, and somehow she still sells them instead of adopting them out, and they're clearly mutts. It breaks my heart because I love animals and I want to save them, but I also don't want my husband's family to hate me (they're obviously very poor)
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Keep talking bro. You just sound like a privileged twat. Try thinking outside your narcissistic bubble for a change. We cant all be as lucky as you.
or you could grow a pair and stand up for what you believe in.... and openly report her.
Because living the rest of my days with in laws hating me sounds so great, anon.
Do it anonymously. Shit
It's a hell of a spot you're in, I agree.

I can't tell you what to do, if it were me I'd probably ignore it. I'm not you though.
well they are gonna suspect you for doing it anonymously and probably hate you even more for being a coward and not facing them.
I'm not going to tag all the responses because fuck that but get pictures and contact. animal. control.

your local SPCA likely won't do anything, because legally they usually can't. animal control however has the legal authority to do welfare checks, seize dogs if needed, and decide if they're going to be pursued for neglect/abuse or not. the SPCA 90% of the time does not have the same authority.
Who gives a shit about in laws
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>a bunch of animals in dangerous filty conditions in need of immediate assistance
>b-but muh inlaws!
>animal abusers will be MAD AT ME!
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>girlfriend's step-dad used to have literally almost 11 eastern box turtles in an outdoor enclosure that was maybe 4x2 feet in size
>they move in late summer, he has no where to put them
>most of them he's had for like 10 years, but they're all wild caught
>I offer to take some of them, building a big 11 foot or so enclosure outside of my house in my family's old garden
>first time ever doing this, so I take 4 and 2 escape
>I fix it up proper and take a few more
>have 6 now, don't want to release them because I know that since there was a bunch of them kept in close quarters like that for so long, they could introduce disease to the native population
>they're also pretty fun to care for now that they're in a suitable environment
>hibernating now

He said he was going to release the rest but he kept two of them. I saw them behind their new house, he keeps them in a fucking blue tote box with a fine line of brown, shitty water on the bottom. I was livid but didn't say anything.

And it's not like it's the first time he's kept them in shit conditions. Before I took the ones I have, they were all in a little dirt box with one tub filled with the absolute nastiest, smelliest water you could imagine. They also had no basking spots because there was a lid, and now they all have dull shells and shell rot. It's also no surprise that they only got fed scraps of fruits and vegetables, I'm pretty sure they got no form of protein. Overgrown beaks and claws, terrible.

Should I look into rehoming these turtles to a wildlife rehabilitation center or something? I just started a vet tech program at college and it could be a pretty cool way to see stuff about them. I've been taking great care of them since they've been under my care.

Pic related is feeding time
It really depends on where you are.

In a lot of places as long as you have a water bowl out and a small piece of shelter then authorities can't do anything.
Or a screen for his window.
Are you the anon that was asking about their tortoise eating its shell a while back?
Ummm nope. Besides these are turtles, not tortoises
if what op said is true and they have untreated debilitating medical conditions, that's grounds to seize them due to neglect

there was a family a few months ago that kept their shepherd/husky mix siblings outside their whole lives, and they in inbred and kept the puppies in a cage covered in their own shit. however, none were emaciated or otherwise diseased. it was still enough for animal control seize all the dogs and charge them with neglect. many places would see similar things as neglect

no, many places, especially within city limits, have a limit of five or so animals any one species above the age of needing to be with their mother before it's illegal, then you need to get the proper approval/license to be a kennel or otherwise have more animals than that
Good for you, they're so goddamn adorable.

As for the other ones, I don't think you can do much. If he's that kind of person he's likely to just get more, especially if they were removed without his wanting to. And animal control or whatever don't really know/care about what is proper turtle care, so they won't be able to tell if they're neglected. A 4×2 shitty pond probably sounds alright for turtle care as far as they know
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Ah I see. Kind of a bummer, their species is endangered. But I guess now I have more a reason to keep my little turtle buddies.

Thanks btw, they're very cute in my opinion, too. The brighter colored male (top left) is very friendly and will walk right up to you expecting snacks. I call him Max
this is why you're single and friendless.

the anon succeeded where you failed, at least she got married.

if she follows your advice she won't even have that for long. On a more serious note, don't accept relationship advice from disabled land-whales that have never gotten laid.
Jesus christ, anon. Internet is usually around $60 a month. Air conditioners cost less than $100. If you can afford internet you can afford AC.
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Why not just put some sort of window mesh like pic related? Air will still circulate and it'll keep out bugs and cats. Alternatively, capture her cats when they go into your house and drop them off at the shelter as strays.
Those are fucking tortoises, you dumb fuck. Turtles have FINS.
Actually in just about all of the US over a dozen dogs (usually much less) requires a kennel licensed and all dogs to be vaccinated with distemper and bordetella along with the required rabies
>in just about all of the US
and that's where you went wrong.

your part of the US isn't most of the US.
US cities aren't most of the US.
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> turtles have fins
If they are endangered, it might be illegal to keep them without special permits
It is, I know, but I'm not worried about it. I knew that from the get-go, but nobody's going to do anything about it and I can't release them. If I find a proper place sometime, I might give them to a wildlife rehabilitation center. But until then I'll just keep taking good care of them.
> poor bait
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Then what do you call this
Most US counties is most of the US. Go be a special snowflake elsewhere.
Itt: bugguy discovered the word terrapin a couple weeks ago and is still incorrectly trying to use it to derail threads.
okay not arguing, but what about box turtles then? They're completely terrestrial.

And also when did turtle become exclusive to sea turtles? I'm pretty sure that the ones we frequently see, like box turtles, red eared sliders, painted turtles, pretty much and common pond turtle, they had names and were known long before sea turtles. I thought terrapin and turtle were interchangeable. Like all terrapins are turtles, but not all turtles are terrapins
>tell myself I'm not going to waste time in my day watching this
>can't stop watching it
It's utterly riveting.
in most areas the limit is far closer to 5 dogs actually
>in most areas
you need to understand most of the US has no laws about dogs.

most of the US is relatively vacant wilderness. You need to get out more.
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luck has nothing to do with it when you don't have enough money for a cheap window filter.
Fucking. This. I've never seen a place without a screen, WTF?
>you need to understand most of the US has no laws about dogs.
blatantly untrue

>most of the US is relatively vacant wilderness. You need to get out more.
you think just because somewhere isn't in city limits that county or state laws don't apply? you're an idiot
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larry 6.jpg
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>See so many fat people taking advantage of being fat to continue their spoiled lifestyles and using electric scooter chairs instead of even attempting to walk
>See so many other fat chicks walking three or four little shit dogs that yap and tug on their leashes and bite at your ankles if you walk near them with the owners laughing
>Try not to be a hateful person towards these people, but, GODDAMN
>Move into new apartments, see some older fat lady in scooter chair getting her mail
>Oh good, fun neighbors!
>Over the course of the next two months see this particular lady walking her chihuaha mix almost every day, along with a few other people taking their dogs out
>Winter rolls around, cold rainy weather, most people that walk their dogs stay inside
>Same lady out walking her dog with her scooter chair, no umbrella
>Next day, same thing
>Starts snowing in a couple days
>Go out to get mail, see lady with her little dog on the sidewalk
>Smile at her and ask why she's out in the snow, it's freezing!
>Oh I'm ok, if 'insert name' doesn't get his walk, he gets sad
>Wish her a good day and go back inside

There is good in the world mixed in with all the shit. Remember that anons.
File: 20151219_121115.jpg (1 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I need this sometimes

>family of all entirely huge fat fucks come in looking for a dog
>really hope they decide to not get a dog in fear that they will kill it with food
>they get a fucking hound, of all dogs
>the autistic kid is feeding the dog HANDFULS of beggin' strips even after I tell the kid to cut his shit
I really hope that beagle isn't 60 lbs. He was just a puppy
not really a bad owner story, but I work in Houston as a lineman and everywhere I go I see stray dogs. It's the hardest part of my job because I want to adopt them all but it'd be super irresponsible of me consider I work all the time and would have no time for a dog. Breaks my damn heart every time we load up the bucket truck and head off to the next job after I've spent 15 minutes petting some stray that came up to me just wanting some love (or food)
File: 20150701_171756.jpg (3 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>you think just because somewhere isn't in city limits that county or state laws don't apply?
I think you're wrong about most counties or states limiting how many dogs a person can have.

If the laws exist they sure as fuck aren't enforced. I doubt they exist though. Nobody goes around inspecting puppy mills or sled dog kennels in the woods. Nobody cares what goes on until somebody makes the news for shooting a hundred sled dogs in the head or whatever. Then there's a flurry of action and things go right back to nobody caring again.

but to the point - what anon's mother in law is doing probably isn't illegal as long as the dogs are healthy. Those laws don't exist outside your happy suburban dreamland.
Who gives a flippity flying fuck m8? Turtle. Terrapin. Flipper. Fin. Fucking shit. I love how you give two fucks about the proper name for the animal but argue your wording on its fucking limbs. BTW its FLIPPER. You raging ass shit stain.
>turtles are fully aquatic and there's no fully aquatic terrapins.
>A terrapin is one of several small species of turtle.
What does your husband have to say about all this? Have you talked to him about it? Perhaps he could back you up, or confront his family about it? And see if he's on board with reporting them if they don't clean up their act.
I dunno man, if my spouse left me for reporting god awful animal abuse, I'm not sure they're the kind of person I want to be married to anyways.
oh he wouldn't be leaving for the reporting of abuse.

I mean if she just reported some random stranger her husband won't leave her for that.

He might very well leave her over her cowardice and dishonesty if she secretly reported his beloved family which she doesn't have the guts to confront.

That's the sort of shit I might leave a wife over. At least be honest and don't stab people in the back. They deserve to know what she's doing and why.
...I hardly see how reporting someone for animal abuse is cowardly.

If they are the sort of people to treat animals like that, they're not the sort of people who'd care enough to listen when confronted with "hey, this is abuse."

I agree that being direct about it would probably be a better choice to start with (or at the very least, speaking to her husband, but she may have already done that.) But it isn't likely to have any actual effect.

Even if it is cowardice, she's at least trying to do the right thing.
>...I hardly see how reporting someone for animal abuse is cowardly.
that's because you don't think of yourself as a coward.

in the US a criminal has the constitutional right to face their accuser. Mostly because we don't care for cowards.
>it isn't likely to have any actual effect.
All she has to do is say what she wants to see done and tell them if she doesn't see it she'll go to the cops.

Her husband is very likely to divorce her over this, but that's going to happen no matter what she does if she reports the thing.

That's what she gets for valuing the feelings of some mutts over her human family. She deserves to be divorced.
>Some mutts over her human family
>It's ok to treat living creatures like shit because their not human lol, they're just animals lol

Ya, I agree she should have faced her husband, but I could never be with someone who treated things like shit. Gives a clearer view of their personalities then they themselves could probably see.
>I could never be with someone who treated things like shit.
people have different ideas on what's adequate and proper care.

what we see as abuse they undoubtedly feel is just fine. So you're rejecting them for either a lack of education or simply a difference in opinion. Either way you're not going to change their behavior by shunning them. Nor are they likely to change just because you state your opinion and stomp off angry when they disagree.
interestingly enough nobody itt has yet suggested the obvious positive approach.

if anon cares so much about the welfare of her in-law's dogs, why not volunteer to go over there every day and look after them? Improve their lives with her own labor?

/an/ would rather take the easy route, have them impounded and euthanized. Because we don't care about making animals happy, we only care about killing them if we think they're unhappy.

which says a lot about people's motives here.
Didn't say I was trying to change anyone, just that I couldn't be with someone that treated living things like shit and abuse them. Of course I would tell them up front that they were treating something like shit and/or abusing it, and if they don't have the common sense to stop and say 'oh, I have been fucking up', or at least after thinking about it for a while, then I couldn't be with them. Simple as that. They haven't learned empathy, and if they don't learn it or refuse to learn it, then I can't stay with said person. If they do eventually learn it, great. Awesome.

I was simply rustled by that anons comment of:

>That's what she gets for valuing the feelings of some mutts over her human family. She deserves to be divorced.

Because it very much sounds like he's the type of person that would kick a dog in the face as a 'punishment' and not see it as cruel.
>different ideas on what's adequate and proper care
>simply a difference in opinion

Yeah, no. She said the animals are literally malnourished, sickly, kept in dangerous conditions, etc. (>>2045824) If someone doesn't see this as abuse it's not just simply a "difference of opinion," it's a complete and profound lack of empathy. You're fucking nuts, man.
again, you angrily come from your corner yelling about empathy and insulting anyone that dares disagree with you.

this self-righteous fanaticism is exactly why you're alone and always will be. And if the anon listens to your advice she's going to be just as alone.

because it doesn't matter how righteous you think you are, others think you're insane.
>sea turtles reach the size of a fucking boat.

The term boat is subjective. Dinghy would be more appropriate.
Haha, oh man. You need to take a communication class. You are assuming so much from simple text it's ridiculous. You said it yourself-it's a difference of opinion. Yes, I was a little angry by the comment made, and made a comment myself about why I think they are wrong because this is a text and imageboard for sharing and expressing views and opinions. It's literally what the site is for.

I was by no means yelling buddy, and I have every right to have an opinion on who I think a good mate would be for myself, and good friends are for myself. That doesn't make me insane, that makes me human.

I don't like people that treat animals like shit, because, in my experience, every person that I have seen that treats animals like shit have either not gained maturity, not gained a sense of empathy, or treat everything in their lives like property and pieces of furntiture that they are allowed to break whenever they wish.

I, MYSELF, refuse to be around these people because, again, all I have ever experienced with these type of people is bad, angry, frustrating situations in which I get used and abused.
>I, MYSELF, refuse to be around these people
which is fine, but like I've said over and over again, the more people you judge as unworthy of your company, the more alone you become.

which is really a very childish and antisocial way of living. As we'd expect of someone that values the feelings of a mutt over those of their family.
You're judging quite a bit off one opinion that I hold buddy. Your also making the assumption that just because I have this opinion, I don't live an active and happy life, which couldn't be farther from the truth. I've gained more friends, family, and people that care about me and treat me right by getting away from people that treat other things like shit.

If it came down to the choice of saving a human life over an animals? Of course I would save the human. If it came to the choice of breaking up with my fiance because he wouldn't stop beating, starving, or keeping animals in disgusting, filthy, unhealthy environments? I would break up. Not only because he's treating something like shit, but because he would likely be refusing to work on improving his behaviour. Which, if he wants to live like that, is fine. He can do what he wants. But I don't have to stay with him -just because- it's an animal.
Looking good. Bless you anon
im from india and my parents would go outside and try to shit on feral kittens

They'd also shit directly in frog ponds to poison them
looks like blood on it... and a little bit of blood on the log... what the fuck?
>>It's ok to treat living creatures like shit because their not human lol, they're just animals lol

There's a fine line. You can not train a dog properly without recognizing it is just a dog, and treating it like it is worth less than you are. People who aren't willing or able to treat an animal like shit for the animal's own good own good are a problem. Dogs are uncomfortable and unhappy if they don't know where they stand with people. Either you lead, or follow. And you can't lead without treating your dog as a follower. Don't try to do both. Makes dogs crazy and causes bad behavior.

Anyway ... point being, dong go all PETA on people. The best dog owners are the ones that treat them like dogs. Same as treating a cat like a cat. Or any other animal.
I didn't say don't treat the dog like a dog, I waspeople that treat animals like -shit-, as in

>forcing them to live in dirty/unsanitary conditions

Why are people getting so confused by that post?
>4 minutes in
>already painful
>decide to full screen it
>43 minutes long
/ck/ you always do this to me
>interestingly enough nobody itt has yet suggested the obvious positive approach
Of course not, it's not a smart idea.
Nobody has the time to do that, and nobody likes other people to come to your house everyday.
Get a grip on reality.
>nobody likes other people to come to your house everyday.
but the love it when you try to force them to act the way you want under threat of police action?

It's almost like /an/ has never had a human relationship b4.
>but the love it when you try to force them to act the way you want under threat of police action?
No, but they certainly can't ostracize you in that case.
>they certainly can't ostracize you in that case.
they might shank you though.
File: 1451568937522.png (424 KB, 681x557) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
424 KB, 681x557
>responding to bugguy

stop this at once.
>you're literally retarded
He suffers from a learning disability that prevents him from understanding sets and subsets. This results in false dichotomies, he sees everything as binary since his brain can't process overlapping groups of two or more.

For example if you say not all turtles are terrapins, his diseased brain then assumes that no turtles are terrapins. A false dichotomy.

if you then point out that all terrapins are turtles, he will assume that all turtles are terrapins. Because he's incapable of understanding complex group relationships where all of A are B but not all of B are A.

this is probably some form of retardation, perhaps a result of his mother's drinking.
Fuck you leatherman.
File: 1453367400810.jpg (41 KB, 492x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
41 KB, 492x450
Fuck you
File: projector_man.jpg (34 KB, 490x333) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>others think you're insane
you are literally the only one disagreeing with these guys
I had really poor self-esteem in high school so I made friends with anyone who gave me the time of day. As a result I made friends with a lot of poor, mentally unstable kids in really bad living situations.

The most memorable was this girl Taylor. Despite everything I felt friendship with her was important bc of how vulnerable she was. Her mother had been killed in a single car wreck (I suspect DUI...) and so Taylor, her older sister, and her troubled younger brother were left in the care of their equally disturbed father who iirc was under court probation for inappropriate relations with a little girl. This man never cleaned, nor did he ever hold a job (and still doesn't) in the eight years I've known this family. They live(d) in squalor.

For some reason though, mentally disturbed people in poverty seem to always gravitate towards having pets...cats in particular. Even when they have no monetary or mental capacity to take care of them. Taylor had quite a few cats over the years. Her family would often filth the apartments they lived in so bad that they were evicted every ~1.5 years, often she'd mysteriously get new cats with no trace of the previous ones...

In one particularly bad living situation, I attended her 16th birthday party. The second apartment in our then three year friendship. She advertised it as a 'sleepover,' but from previous parties, I knew better than to do so.

When I entered the stairwell to carry on upstairs to the dwelling, there was a strong smell of trash. When I entered the apartment, I had to walk through the kitchen first. To my horror, leftover food (from previous days, or were it weeks?) was everywhere. Cockroaches were INFESTED. I could see cockroaches in the cupboards where they kept dry food. A cockroach peering from a pot of mac and cheese that she had made for her guests. She offered me cola from the fridge but as she opened it food was stuffed ontop of each other. She almost caused an avalanche.
I politely declined the drink and proceeded towards the living room, and then onwards to her bedroom where I could hear everyone talking.
But before I entered the living room I felt something grainy collecting on my socks. Cat litter that had been carried from the bathroom to the kitchen was stuck on the bottom of my feet. I peered inside the bathroom real quick. The cat box had shit, piled on top of shit, and shit piled on top of dry shit. The cat would essentially have to step in its own shit to take a shit, and subsequently carry the shit-litter on its paws drawing it onto the bathroom floor and into the kitchen.
The smell was atrocious. Not even cockroaches wandered into this bathroom, probably due to all the spiders and cobwebs I saw.

Promising I wouldn't use the bathroom, I carried on to the living room where junk/trash had accumulated waist-deep except for a pathway leading to Taylor's bedroom and a circle where her father had his recliner poised at the tv. This man never left this spot except to get food and use the bathroom.
He rarely spoke, but acknowledged my existence.

As I entered Taylor's room, I greeted our fellow friends and wondered why everyone had gingerly and anxious expressions on their faces. Taylor went to do something in the kitchen, so I asked everyone what was going on. Then I felt something underneath my feet--the roaches. Everyone was sitting lightly because there were so many roaches that if you stood or sat for too long a roach or other kind of bug would attempt to squirm underneath you.
I asked if anyone was staying the night, most said no but a couple people said they were. They mentioned that Taylor had instructed them to take a Raid can and exterminate any bugs they found near, or crawling on them as they slept on the floor-level mattresses.

I felt compelled to stay. After all, it wasn't entirely Taylor's fault that she lived in these conditions. Then I saw her cat at the time.
File: 1416181606201.jpg (197 KB, 583x1508) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
197 KB, 583x1508
>I felt compelled to stay
The cat was very thin. Between the father's food stamps and their jobless status I don't think they had a lot of extra money to afford cat food, and no less fresh litter.
I pet the cat and could feel almost every single bone. I looked further and noticed insects crawling on it. I felt bad for it, but I didn't know how to sound the alarm about this animal without driving Taylor into embarrassment on her birthday.
Even if Taylor and her younger brother weren't raised to know better, the slob for the father or CPS should have noticed any of this. I couldn't tolerate it for more than four hours so I left shortly thereafter. It was one of the worst things I had ever experienced.

The rest of the details are fuzzy. But basically what happened is that a few of our friends with common sense were discovered to have taken pictures of Taylor's filthy living conditions. They did it to make fun of her mostly, but in actuality they might've reported it. Taylor found out and threatened them with her friendship, so they got talked down into deleting the pictures. Eventually, the roach problem was discovered by their landlords and they were evicted. For awhile Taylor's father was not allowed custody of his kids, and her brother was placed into a foster home. Taylor lived with her grandparents for awhile who were fortunately much cleaner people who didn't allow animals.

Taylor is living in a public housing unit with her father, boyfriend, baby, and another cat. Although I believe they are now under supervision, as the last year I had visited them the apartment was much cleaner and the cat they had didn't appear neglected.
i was gonna look for a reaction image but this sums it up
Compelled as in guilted.
It was her birthday and it would've made me feel bad to abandon her the second I stepped in. Idk, it made sense to me at the time.
Wow, didn't know /r9k/ browsed here also. How did the shitty, toxic culture over there develop, and why is it leaking into this one?
I consider my parents, they're much better now but growing up...

>Dad threw one of the cats against the wall in a fit of rage. My dad had anger issues and was an abusive prick to his kids.
>once let a cat slowly die in a cardboard box for two days instead of just taking the poor thing to the vet to be euthanized.
>The carpets in the house were saturated with animal urine
>replaced carpet with vinyl tiles, they peeled up from animals peeing on them and never cleaning it up properly. When an animal peed on the floor, they'd throw a towel down on it and leave it there for a couple days if I didn't pick it up for them.
>The walls were shredded by the catsand pissed on by the dogs.
>One cat box for six cats, had to fight with my parents to get a second one.
>house overall was disgusting, hoarder level, but parents wouldn't clean it and demanded that I do it. Even though only one cat and one dog were mine(parents had two, 50+ pound dogs and an 11 pound dog. My dog was a tiny 7 pound thing) Like fuck I was going to clean after three adults, six cats, and four dogs. Especially on top of them demanding $600 a month in rent money.

I eventually got the fuck out of there and took my animals with me. They eventually lost the house and rented a place near my brother, now they live at my brother's house. They keep the house pretty tidy outside of a bit to much pet hair, but they have a roomba for that. My brother would throw them out if they didn't keep it clean. Now they have three cats and three dogs. They also take care of my brother's pet chickens.
>Dad threw one of the cats against the wall in a fit of rage.

Ever think of throwing your dad against the wall in a fit of rage? Or better yet, a brick wall with sharp objects sticking out?

That reminds me of an ex who threw our cat at the wall after chewing on his pot plants. I punched him in the face when he was too high to react.
He had a good foot on me and he'd have probably busted my face in and threw me out of the house if I raised my hand to him.

I still have anxiety issues because of him.
>I think you're wrong about most counties or states limiting how many dogs a person can have.
and I know you are wrong, what point are you even trying to make?

>If the laws exist they sure as fuck aren't enforced
they DO exist, but animal control is stretched so thin they usually won't do anything unless a complaint is filed/someone reports it

>what anon's mother in law is doing probably isn't illegal as long as the dogs are healthy
the OP went into detail about how they ARENT healthy, did you even read it before sperging? and the number of dogs likely is illegal, odd how you have such a hard time believing that

>Those laws don't exist outside your happy suburban dreamland
>being such a tryhard countryfag
at least you did something I guess
>taking a chihuahua out for a walk in the snow
>mfw chihuahuas come from the deserts of mexico and adapt poorly to cold temperaturrs.
Nice try guy, I've been married for over 7 years.

And expecting animals not to be kept sickly, starving, and living in filth is not "fanatacism." And I'd say that most people who live in places that aren't awful 3rd world countries whose cultures commonly have poor animal welfare as a standard, would agree with me.

Are you really trying to say that the conditions these animals are kept in are not--objectively--abusive and neglectful? Are you really trying to say that? In a "bad owner" thread? You're the minority here, buddy.

Also. My advice to the anon was to talk to her husband about it first, then go forward with confronting the family and reporting them as necessary. What do you think she should do? Nothing?
I had a friend in middle school who was a fucking autistic shit; he had a female cockatiel...

>takes bird from the cage
>makes the bird fit uncomfortably in his hand, his fingers under her wings- ignoring her cries
>moves in hard spins, pretending that she's flying.

he took her outside once, too and flung her into a kiddie pool.. scooped her back up and then took her back into her cage.

he'd stick her in the freezer for - thank god - only a few minutes at a time.. He'd flick her beak when she warning-nibbled his fingers and made her bleed from a nostril once.

When she got out of her cage accidently, he grabbed for her and ended up ripping out a huge majority of her tail-feathers.

and one that pissed me off the most..

he would take her out of the cage, and flip her around- exposing her belly. he'd masturbate her several times a week.. I honestly felt that he got off on this shit.

then when she'd lay her eggs- he'd push her off them and crush the eggs in front of her.

>rinse, repeat

I hated his guts and all I could do was "accidently" leave the cage door open and that she "flew away" - he had the audacity to cry about losing her.

I gave her to a better home.
he'd also cover her nostrils and force-close her beak to make her suffocate..
Jesus Christ, that's horrifying. I'm glad you got her out of there.
>mentally disturbed people in poverty seem to always gravitate towards having pets

probably for companionship and the feeling of being needed.
File: 1447882046191.jpg (36 KB, 639x405) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw an acquaintance said terrapins do not need to bask and could be housed in a full water aquarium
>tfw he insists and said brazilian turtle is one of the example

>obligatory sarcastic greentext
why cant we just tell stories?
>shitty fucking husky is always on my property
>like fucking always, spends more time on my land than owner's land
>finally get sick of it and spend twenty minutes chasing it down offroad in my land rover and on foot before i can catch the fucking thing and take it back to its owner
>tell him to lock up his dog because i don't want to see it on my property
>rinse and repeat two more times, including the chasing it in a land rover
>meanwhile, lambing season
>owner predictably does fuck-all to contain his dog
>dog continuously on my property still
>tell owner if the dog is still on my land when the first lambs come i'm going to shoot it
>owner flips his fucking shit and starts screaming at me, tells me he's gonna call the cops, fuck me, fuck everything, etc. etc. etc.
>lol what the fuck ever


Husky was on my property so I shot it. Owner went full mad but couldn't do a fucking thing because the dog was on my land. He bought another dog (german shepherd this time) and I told him I'd shoot it too if he didn't unfuck himself. The worst part is of course that the dog is totally innocent, just doing doggo things, and it's really the owner who should be receiving the bullet. It makes me mad as fuck that people are allowed to just own whatever animals they want. Anyway, the shep is still a puppy so we'll see what happens.

Such is life in semi-rural Australia.
You understand the dog is just being a dog, but you still killed it for that? You chased it down before, you coukd have taken it to a shelter or given it away to someone.
>you coukd have taken it to a shelter or given it away to someone.
That would be theft.
File: retard-alert.gif (25 KB, 299x208) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25 KB, 299x208
Yea, seriously, you caught it before, you could've caught it and sent it to a shelter and told him you shot it. Didn't have to kill the husky. He was just being doggo
I considered it, but I'm really only permitted to shoot dogs or hand them back to their owner when they're on my land. I could have complained to the council but that never works. It's not worth potentially getting into legal trouble over a dog that isn't even mine.

Plus, the owner wanted the corpse (presumably to bury it).
Nothing will ever justify what you did. You could've resolved this in a million different ways, instead you chose to kill a dog that had none of the fault here. 10/10 if you're a troll.
>You could've resolved this in a million different ways
How many of them lawful?
You could've reported it to animal control, you could've gone to the council you mentioned, you could've done plenty of other things. Than sure, maybe, maybe after all of the other options are exhausted it would be permissible
Trust me, all those organisations are useless. If I lived in Melbourne then I would have done all that and probably got a remedy too, but I don't. I've dealt extensively with the council and with animal control - considering I work with animals - and what they would have done is given him a stern talking to, waited a month, given him another talking to, waited a month, then seized the dog and shot it themselves. By that time who knows what could have happened. I didn't just get sick of the dog and shoot it on a whim. I gave the owner plenty of chances to fix his shit.
Why were you friends with him?
U can subject my dinghy anytime ;)

Probably because nociception huh
Fuck off bugguy.
File: sleepy boy.png (674 KB, 635x633) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
sleepy boy.png
674 KB, 635x633

you should have covered his nostrils and force-closed his mouth until he suffocated
If you knew it was wrong why didn't you say anything? Wtf.
Go back to /b/ you faggot.
Did you not get enough attention when you were a kid or what? Jesus Christ.
>What are sweaters made for dogs
I will never understand this. How the hell do they stop predators from just walking up and grabbing the eggs?
where are the eggs

only see rocks
>what is a sense of smell
that part made me feel bad
Ever tried talking to a sperg, like, really really deep sperg?
>The worst part is of course that the dog is totally innocent, just doing doggo things, and it's really the owner who should be receiving the bullet

and yet you shot in anyway to prove a point.

Owner's retarded, but you're a heartless cunt.
I mean bugguy is in the thread, we can get an idea from that banter.
File: princess.png (531 KB, 1228x2196) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
531 KB, 1228x2196
remember this one?
hope the fat fuck is dead now. Like sincerely, with all my heart.
File: image.jpg (97 KB, 540x356) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>not just contacting the authorities to get this fucker to contain his dog or putting it in a shelter
10/10 would wish death apon again, surprised you arn't American
File: l3rmvv21rbyz7q.jpg (23 KB, 336x229) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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These assclowns just ruin everything for everyone don't they?

>parents' lives and hopes
>dog's life, personality, behaviour, everything
>friends' image

That's the kind of person who shits on everything they touch. God damn I'm mad
Ehehe, all these people taking the bait and not realizing its copy pasta.
>Non-dead eggs having a smell
Yeah this never happened.
Meh, makes sense to me. You can't risk some dog running around killing lambs. Sometimes an animal just has to die.
fucking christ
wtf is this.
File: 1416781913945.jpg (12 KB, 200x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12 KB, 200x200
I'm seriously mad at this
File: image.jpg (1 MB, 3016x2859) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 3016x2859
>neglected dog was brought in by animal control yesterday evening
>pic related
>poor old shit can hardly walk
>extremely emaciated
>teeth are ground down tarter-encrusted nubs
>ears filled with gunk
>trying to examine her and anytime we touch her hips or tail she screeches in pain
>can't find out exactly why
>send her over to the emergency vet since ours is already gone for the night
>lady calls claiming her daughter owns the dog
>daughter is a paraplegic and says it's her "emotional companion"
>claims the dog is 11 and they "rescued" her 10 years ago
>"yeah she's skinny but she's been fine"
>tell her that's no excuse for the dog's condition and that she is NOT fine
>she goes apeshit over it
>tell her we're not releasing the dog to her
>continuing to go apeshit
>give them the number to animal control
>hang up the phone
i own a chihuahua i live in a Nordic country and we have it pretty cold, he loves the snow more than anything.
he has very long fur though and isn't the smallest breed inside the chihuahua race,
weighs about 3 kg he is pure though, i love him <3
>Used to do this shit to small animals when I was about 8
>Aunt catches me one time when I'm about 9 and proceefs to interrogate me and make me feel like human garbage

I learned a huge lesson that day. One, animals aren't toys and can feel pain and fear, and two, that the rest of my family was very fucked up. I checked the hell out of their when I turned 18, never looked back. Working on becoming a dog trainer now.

If you ever meet someone like this again anon, make them feel like shit for their actions-you just might save their life.
File: 1439530693388.gif (729 KB, 267x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
729 KB, 267x200
> people like this actually exist
What was wrong with her? Poor dog, she looks really beautiful.
don't know yet, she's still at the emergency vet until tomorrow and I'm off today so I haven't gotten an update. but she had some obvious hip issues, and probably some allergies/yeasty skin, flea infestation, and cataracts. I don't know what else

she is though, we're calling her Alice
File: DSCF4273.jpg (2 MB, 1728x2304) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1728x2304
Oh man, poor dog. She looks in real bad shape. Being a paraplegic is no excuse to let your dog get like this.

I hope she can be taken care of and get healthy, and find a home NOT with the owners who had her before. She's really cute and looks like a sweetie, she deserves better than that... This really got to me because she looks a lot like my dog (pic related.) Can you give us an update about her when you find out more?
The eggs smell like the fucking bird that's incubating them.
They defend the nest by luring potential predators away by pretending to be injured. It's definitely at least distracting, so it works pretty well.
File: tiber.jpg (446 KB, 1000x558) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
446 KB, 1000x558
>visiting parents in south Mississippi
>older sister lives with them
>sister leaves for work (30 min away)
>comes back in the door 10 minutes later
>forget somethin?
>i look at her holding this monstrosity
>she said she almost hit him, he was dragging himself across the pavement out of the woods
>i clean him up
> has broken hip, has mange, covered in cuts, severely dehydrated, starved, and distended belly from worms

>next day, at local feed store down the road
>mom is telling cashier about puppy
>guy pulls up with cage full of howling hounds in bed of his truck
>he shops around, overhears details of story
>laughs and says, "hell, prob'ly one a myne! haha dumb shit never found his way back home"
>he reeks of beer, slams money on table for item and leaves
>cashier knew him by name, said he likes to "find the good treein' hounds" by dumping young puppies in the middle of the woods and whoever makes it home is good enough to be his hound
>cashier had called animal services multiple times, nothing was ever done

Parents still have dog. Healthy now and walks straight. Name is Tiberius.
So I don't know much about taking care of pets as i've never had one, never been on /an/ just randomly stumbled onto this thread. A few months ago I noticed something, was wondering if I should alert some animal protection service but in the end I didn't and now I feel a bit shitty and was wondering if this warrants a call to a SPCA

>Was living in apartment and had a view of the balcony from the apartment across.
>These people had a pug
>The pug was pretty much constantly on the balcony, very rarely was it inside the apartment
>Rainy days, days as hot as 35C/95F, nights as cold as 5C/40F doesn't matter, was on the balcony.

What do you guys think?
local SPCAS's usually don't have enough authority to really do anything, but it's worth a try. animal control is your best bet though

and those conditions could be potentially seen as neglect, especially if the pug has no proper food/water/shelter
me too anon, me too. luckily she's a Do Not Release, so unless they can come up with vet records saying there's a valid medical reason she's so skinny, not gonna happen. she's definitely being charged with neglect

and I will! I'm headed to work in a little bit and can find out then
>Foster rats because nice guy
>Have a nice cage always run the rule if it says "will house X rats" always subtract 1 or 2 from that figure to allow space and toys
>Always try to keep them happy, fed, safe and clean
>Get phone-call from friend who runs local rescue needs help as some guy rang up saying "I have 100 rats and unless you pick them up animal control is coming to kill them
>Get in truck with all my back up / hospital / spare cages and carry boxes
>2 hour drive
>Arrive with friend at some industrial estate
>There's storage sheds
>Open this mouldy unit as fuck unkempt unit
>Inside like a fucking horror movie
>Dead rats in cages with mixed sex groups running around
>Maggots and mould in food bowls
>Aquarium of death where you can see rat kits suckling / eating rotting corpse of mother
>One cage is like a fucking fight pit with males and females covered in blood and mites
>Concrete block in corner where guy to "euthanize" sick rats had just been bashing them with a hammer

Still have nightmares about that place. Reported him. Apparently need to catch him in the act so he's basically off the hook; we tracked him down using the details he used to rent the space it was a fucking caravan site that was empty.

>In the end out of about 220 rats we could only keep 86 of them alive. Rest were either too fucked up (one was missing half its face from gangrene) or riddled with injuries the trauma just took them.

One day I'll fucking find him and cut his fucking hands off the Pyke bastard.
The fuck is wrong with you.
File: 1451350405647.jpg (2 MB, 5000x5000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 5000x5000
How do people like this ever get the idea to open a restaurant
File: 1448944069257.png (269 KB, 459x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
269 KB, 459x360
Live a normal life now, doggo
Wow Mississippi sounds great
It's good that they'll be charged with neglect! I hope it sticks and they don't get away with it.

Holy fuck, that's horrifying. And shitty that he got off the hook. Glad you saved the rats you could.
File: e96.jpg (36 KB, 607x608) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
36 KB, 607x608
>whoever makes it home is good enough to be his hound
Mother of fucking god... What happened to the 80 odd that survived?
File: Sonic Soundtrack.gif (2 MB, 350x350) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Sonic Soundtrack.gif
2 MB, 350x350
>this pasta again
Some people are just really stingy with money. My did is a big time lawyer and he refuses to turn the A/C on during the summer and always has the windows open. It's why I never visit them during the summer. They live in Texas too so its like 78 inside their house.
File: Rickdecember.jpg (44 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44 KB, 640x480
this one's not as bad as some others i've seen here but i figured i'd share anyways

>have friend who has a downstairs neighbor >lady in her 30s
>generally nice, never bothered me
>has a bunch of pets, cats, dog, chinchilla, birds
>whatever they seem decently taken care of so none of my business
>then one day she decides for whatever reason that she wants rats
>she gets four rats from this shady guy on kijiji (canadian craigslist)
>two of them are super fucked up
>covered with mites, both have uris/myco infections. filthy
>naturally, instead of taking the sick rats to a vet to be put down or treated, neighbor lady decides to set them outside in the freezing cold and only keep the other two
>"they're going to die anyway lol"
>friend swoops in quickly to take them in before anything happens
>names them rick and morty
>morty dies within a week but rick stays in relatively stable condition while friend tries to care for him
>then one night neighbor lady's drunk dumbass friend somehow gets into my friend's garage and kicks rick's cage, almost killing him
>friend asks me to take him in after that and i agree, having kept rats before
>bring him home
>he's filthy, infested with mites, sitting in place and wheezing/sneezing porphyrin but otherwise hardly moving, there's an unexplained wound on his leg
>a few months, lots of baths and medicine, and lots of work later, rick's doing pretty well
>super friendly, never bitten me once, absolutely loves human attention
>im stunned that this rat has been through so much shit but he's still so chill

He's a great pet, and it makes me furious when i think about how close he came to being put outside to die when all he needed was some decent fucking care.
i get that a lot of people don't want to put so much care into such a shortlived animal, but you can't just take them on as a responsibility and then go back on it immediately in the same breath. thats fucked.
pic related, the martyr himself
That's a cool story for real, guy.
I don't understand why it led to something that horrible
That's really cool of you, anon, and really cool of the rat.

Sasuga Rick
Same. Told myself I would only watch 5 minutes and then get ready for work... ended up being late to work.
>he would take her out of the cage, and flip her around- exposing her belly. he'd masturbate her several times a week

T-That's kinda hot...
found the zoophile faggot

>I waited until he was so intoxicated that he couldn't fight back to physically abuse him

Not much better than him, to be honest, fag.
Gonna have to disagree with you.
>hurting a cruel person as punishment/revenge for their cruelty
>hurting an innocent animal

Completely different things, man. One was deserved, one wasn't.
This is false information.
File: image.jpg (51 KB, 555x723) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
51 KB, 555x723
80 pound beagle.

You know he enjoyed every minute of getting that fat. But still...
>it'll keep out bugs and cats

/an/ explains window screens!

>Alternatively, capture her cats when they go into your house and drop them off at the shelter as strays.
this, tho
File: image.png (647 KB, 450x686) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
647 KB, 450x686
>need to rent an apartment because move to big city
>dad offers to give me two rooms on the top of the house for a bit cheaper than it should be
>agree because good price
>hang out with little brother
>he has a hermann's tortoise, been having it for two years
>regularly check on him when I'm doing my laundry
>never has water
>he never takes baths
>lettuce is either dry or no lettuce at all
>shit everywhere

Yeah and to top it off we have a nanny working for us who also throws all the old food to our dog. We just got a new puppy and we STRICTLY told her not to but she doesn't give a shit. Fucking Philippinos have no respect for animal life. I mean the turtle is my brother being irresponsible but the dogs come fucking on you don't feed fish fingers to a nine week puppy.
>he says from the safety of anonymity behind his computer screen
Oh Internet, you let the worst of half formed opinions come out into the open.

Anyway, my mom keeps getting high energy working dogs and never training them.
>adopts border collie and gets me to swing by twice a week to take her to free training classes
>poor doggo has a permanently gimped leg from neglect by the shitty breeder
>she's incredibly anxious when corrected
>my mom gets too upset and doesn't know how to gently direct the dog
>instead she undoes all my training
>now the sweet doggo barks constantly when outside and never listens to commands at a distance, only when you're right in front of her

Then she adopted a blue heeler border collie mix. Great dog, but she doesn't even walk it. Poor thing must be bored out of its mind. I don't gave the time to go over and train this one for her and give it the two walks a day it should get, minimum.

She really needs to rethink her dog choices.
File: 2671212.jpg (92 KB, 400x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
92 KB, 400x400
Human food is fine for dogs but they might get fat. Dog food is terrible quality compared to human food and is a significant factor in cancer development on dogs. Also you save money on dog food so win/win
Do you have a source for any of that?

Also, there are a lot of foods that we eat that dogs cannot such as onions and garlic. The housekeeper is probably ignorant and/or negligent enough to give the dogs those poisonous foods anyway
>Not firing someone who's blatantly refusing your instructions

Cucked out of your puppy desu
Dogs have subsisted on table scraps for most of their existence, dog food is a pretty recent invention as far as dog domestication goes.
but as long as you get decent quality stuff, you don't have to worry, just do your research when buying dog food.
Lots of cheap dog foods would use bonemeal as a filler and stuff (which is how you'd get those dog poops that turn white when they dry out), not sure if that's still the case.
As far as feeding them table scraps, it's not TOO bad for them so long as you avoid giving them things like onions, garlic, grapes, the obvious things like chicken bones and chocolate, etc.

but like they said they're also prone to getting fat this way.
Webbed feet.
Pearland here
Dude, it's copy pasta.
>be me, 2007, aggressive 18 year old male on steroids
>buy a cute little female dumbo rat for some reason
>i liked it and it was sweet, but it kept climbing through the bars on its cage
>keep trying to cover the bars, damn rat keeps getting through
>one day rat is gone from cage, no surpise
>get pissed off, go looking for it
>find it under couch
>so pissed off from excessive testosterone that i pick it up and throw it into a wall full power
>wall is dented and dumbo rat falls to ground barely alive
>run up pissed as fuck, look it in the eye, and yank it's neck as hard as i can
>rat is now dead, throw it in trash

never would do this to any other animal, but rats just don't matter to me.
The fuck is wrong with you?
A ridiculous level of testosterone combined with a history of violence and behavioral issues.
they are pests. it is beyond me why anyone would keep rats as pets.

every time i catch mice at work (which is surprisingly often) i just throw them against a wall or drown them in manure. which ever is more convenient.
File: 1454544567254.jpg (98 KB, 570x557) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
98 KB, 570x557
Jesus that was a depressing story.
I guess that had a happy ending though. Still, god damn.
>own some pet rabbits as a kid
>both six years old
>they start burrowing out their run one night
>too lazy to fix it so I just dump them in their hutch
>forget to lock shed
>someone takes them in the night
>police got involved
>after a few days my parents are really awkward about the subject and keep telling me they ran away even though I knew it wasn't true
>apparently someone was arrested
>parents won't tell me shit
>parents still won't tell me shit
What the fuck happened? I feel so guilty about being such a stupid cunt
File: 1446487844379.jpg (16 KB, 480x343) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16 KB, 480x343
>Implying mice and rats are the same

Rats make very good pets anon. They're clean, cheap to keep, extremely friendly and loving and highly intelligent. Believe it or not they're a lot like miniature dogs. They just have bad press is all.
I breed then and have occasionally taken a literal minute old new born and fed it to a snake.

Only have them for food
They either ate them or tortured them.
What kind of people lived around you?
I've been trying to call my parents but it seems like they aren't in. I'm just going to demand to know, it's been fucking with me ever since it happened. I'll post it if they end up telling me
File: 1441455107104.jpg (45 KB, 640x427) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45 KB, 640x427
You're missing out anon. They're way more interactive than a snake, and much easier to keep to.

Also your snake must be the size of your dick if a newborn pink eeper is enough to satiate it.
You got some psychological issues man and this is from someone that loves to skin dead animals and play with their bones.
File: 1442912044534.jpg (28 KB, 541x555) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28 KB, 541x555
>2 minutes
>5 minutes
>8 minutes
It was obviously for a baby snake you retard.

And no they are not easier to keep and they smell like shit. They piss and shit 100 times a day.

Snakes maybe piss or shit once a week if not month
File: 1391895132051.jpg (81 KB, 450x488) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
81 KB, 450x488
Nah, i just hate rats. It was for my sister. She doesn't buy them anymore because my brothers and I always kill them.
you're not helping your case man
We lived in the country. Teens there kill animals all the time. If anything, we were mild cause we wouldn't hurt dogs or cats. I live somewhere else now and have 2 Pit Bulls which I would never hurt. I haven't killed a rat in like 5 years.
all you're proving is that countryfags are small minded scum, honestly
I grew up in the country and we all respected animals. I don't know a single one of my neighbors who hurt an animal maliciously, much less killed for fun or cuz 'muh testosterone'.

Maybe it's different in farming communities rather that out in the boonies since we rely on our animals for our livelihoods
File: image.jpg (15 KB, 231x228) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15 KB, 231x228
>suckling the rotting corpse of the mother rat
File: thatfeel.png (13 KB, 197x239) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13 KB, 197x239

What the actual fuck?

Mice are also (broadly speaking) extremely intelligent and many of them are friendly.

Mice are about as smart as rats.

what a pretty doggo

im so happy she was saved
This happened when I was pretty young, but
>Come from family of FOB-y Nigerians
>First-genners all have the mentality that animals are just tools and don't have many other feelings outside of living solely to please us
>Uncle who knows fuck all about dogs decides to get a huge fucking German Shepard because owning a big intimidating guard dog is apparently some sort of status symbol in our culture (??? fucking what)
>Expects dog to be house-trained and obedient right off the bat
>Lol nope
>Half of the time its either left outside tied to a shitty little tree out in their front yard or stuffed into cage that's about two sizes too small for it
>Cage has no sort of bedding or padding
>Bottom of it is literally caked it piss and shit
>Paws are VISIBLE swollen and sore
>Uncle too much of a cheap ass to take the things to the vet
>Everyone else is terrified of it because it barks and grows constantly due to literally no effort ever being made to socialize it
>Uncle's son feels bad for it but is way too scared to ever approach the dog and way too scared of his dad to call him out
>Uncle beats dog constantly thinking that this will "correct" the dog
>Lol nope
>One day, dog gets while outside
>Runs into street
>Gets hit by car
>Uncle, once again, is too much of a cheapass even let the dog have the diligently of a proper burial
>Just tosses it in a hole in their backyard and calls it a day
>Still can't wrap his head around why his neighbors keep giving him shit about it
>"It was a bad dog"

Oh my God...that's horrible.

How can someone not know you're supposed to train a dog and you can't treat it badly or else it will hate you?
Relatively minor for this thread, but:

>had a friend when I was around 15
>her family got a kitten
>it got run over by a car and died
>they live next to a main road
>suggest they get an older cat from the RSPCA instead of buying a kitten again, as an older cat would have experience with roads
>"lol whats the point in getting a cat that isn't a kitten"
>family gets 3 more at once
>go to visit
>they're all out the front of her house when I knock
>they're fucking tiny, should not be outside unsupervised, nevermind out the fucking front
>tell her they're too young to be let out like this
>says they're fine and they're her pets and she can do what she wants
>tell her they'll just get killed like her previous kitten
>calls me a cunt and kicks me out

I'm pretty sure they got run over again.

mental illness being exploited for entertainment

(he prolly would have helped them though, if she hadn't been so stupid and crazy)

Whats so hard to believe about a husky in australia?
Im austrlian and i have someone who lives down the road from me with two huskys bruh

>Outdoor cats

you realize too much anger and frustration are actually signs of low testosterone, right?
did they also shit in the streets trying to kill stray dogs with giant curry shits?
File: image.jpg (364 KB, 1264x1364) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
364 KB, 1264x1364
>Sister has chihuahua
>absolute shit dog
>pisses on everything
>Spergy as fuck
>sister gets boyfriend
>After giving dog a bath, he accidentally breaks its neck by closing a door on it
>sketchy as fuck
>they get new dog
>also chihuahua
>aggressive as shit, overly dominant
>always tried to dominate my dog(corgi)
>corgi would only be patient for so long
>Sisters dog would bite and growl a bunch, my dog would just do figure 8's around the room, tackling him and running away here and there.
>was more interested in playing, but wouldn't take other dogs shit
>my dog dies
>get new puppy(also corgi)
>My dog minding his own business, sisters dog comes up, barks/snarls/bites at my dog
>Get pissed at my sister and her bf
>she kennels her dog
>for 1 minute
>"why the fuck did you let him out?"
>"he was whining"
>her bf thinks an adequate punishment is just holding him and forcefully covering his eyes
>no verbal scolding whenever he does something bad
>wife and I end up scolding him when he goes after our dogs
My dog was fine, my wife's dog had a nice scratch on her head from the dog. They jsut got another dog. A special needs one(only has 3 legs). They are horribly retarded and I'm about to call animal control.
So you're autistic?
Your parents ever make you eat the animals? My grandfather, if he caught us, would make us eat whatever we killed or hurt. Yes-hurt. He would make us catch it and kill it ourselves, then cook it and eat it.

I thought that was a pretty good lesson. After having to break a squirming birds neck as he looked into my eyes with fear, I never wanted to pick that BB gun up again.
When you're on steroids, they make you really aggressive. More test also causes rage and aggression.

Wait did this guy imply having screens on your window is expensive? I think a window fan is 30$ too
File: 410297062.png (94 KB, 396x385) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
94 KB, 396x385
>tfw a saint brenard wanderd onto my land
>tfw he ate my buffalo hide and skull i was treating
>tfw it was fenced off
>dog dies because chemicals
>owners blame me because they dont keep their dog on their property
>neighbors have a pack of 4 or 5 dogs that wonder around breaking shit and chasing people on their land
>tfw i almost killed my neighbors dog for jumping into my yard and attacking my 13 year old lab until i shot at it with a 9mm , only reason i didnt was because i fired a warning shot into the dirt
>and have to deal with feral dogs and coyotes

why i fucking hate people who keep dogs near me

at least he isnt as fucked up as the guy from my local gun store who poisons dogs , cats , and other animals with sleeping pill soaked steak , mercury , and rat poison because they get on his property
What a cutie
I dunno, anon. Hurting him at his most physically vulnerable still isn't really on the same level as throwing a cat for chewing on a plant.
Way to go, Ace Detective. Surely without you we'd never solve this case.
Why don't you just, you know, keep your fucking dogs separated? They don't need to be around each other.

I went into a somehow worse than that house once. This girl was in a few of my classes and shared some manga with me, we got along pretty well and one day she asked if I wanted to go to her house after school which wasn't far. She may have already visited my house by this point, idk, but anyway we walk over there and it's basically a shack. Just four small rooms on each floor. Inside smelled horrific. I remember my mom said after I left I stank. There were cages full of Guinea pigs, cages full of rats, and cats everywhere. Flies everywhere. Those big sticky tapes hanging from the ceiling with flies all over them. There were dead rats in the cages too, just fur because the others ate them. I wanna say.. Like 100 cages full of rats. Maybe 20 Guinea pigs. Maybe 20 cats, at least.

I gave her a Guinea pig cage so she could try to separate them... We also took three kittens and got their URI's fixed, dewormed, fluids, etc and shots.. Found homes for them. But it was just horrific. I remember they didn't really have floors. They had massive piles of soda everywhere, and like one mattress on the floor.
File: image.jpg (52 KB, 650x366) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
52 KB, 650x366
You should probably kill yourself
>implying OP or anybody else's social life is more important than the welfare of some animals
You a taxidermist, too?
this is stupid but bf was going on about how i was mean and "starving" the rabbit when i didn't buy her food yesterday (even though i just gave her lots of salad and she was fine)

but then i had this fucking nightmare that i lived in some apartment somewhere in asia and rented one below it where i hoarded animals and bf was mad because i never went down and checked on them so i did and this dog was voraciously eating his own flesh in desperate starvation among other horrors

it was fucking frightening as hell, i woke up sitting up like in the movies
File: 1440019901485.jpg (8 KB, 306x289) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8 KB, 306x289
>mfw sammy
>Aunt lives in remote area of country only accessible by plane
>Has one dog, a medium honey coloured pound mutt who was mistreated by first owner
>Loves and cares for the dog incredibly well, dog still timid but begins to trust people again
>Aunt gets cancer
>Tells my mum if she dies that she wants the dog put down and buried with her
>Would cry on the phone to my mum, made her promise she would do it
>Every time I ask mum if she's going to put the dog down she says "Don't, I don't want to talk about it anon"
>Aunt succumbs to cancer
>Mum cancels overseas holiday to pay for light plane charter, van and domestic flight to get the dog flown over to live with us
My aunt hated the thought of her dog having another shitty owner or going to the pound and being put down. Not so much a bad owner but an awful situation. The dog died of old age and was happy.
File: image.png (1 MB, 1366x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1366x768
>used to work at emergency vet
>guy brings in dog that is shooting it from both ends with tachycardia and acting drunk
>dog seems to be in poor shape already but appears to have ate something bad
>ask if dog got into something
>she's an "outside guard dog" and fucking fed her antifreeze so she could stay out there even though it was barely 10 degrees out

she didn't survive, he was charged with neglect
but the dogs are outside, you know, where other people could see. could be a drone taking pictures for all "one-tooth pits-mcgee" knows
>live with my mom because I'm a broke college student
>she has FIVE cats
>lets them outdoors a lot
>treats them very well
>an eagle swoops down and picks up one cat in front of her and eats it
>three more get eaten by coyotes
>Down to one cat
>she buys two more
>lets them outside
>One gets eaten by a coyote

Good. I'm glad you didn't have a healthy dog put to death.
this reads like poetry
>outside guard dog
>fed her antifreeze
flawless logic
>8 mins in
Amy is fucking insane, holy shit why would you open a restaurant

this lady is the living embodiment of denial
Did you fuck her?
Even if this is bait all the people getting mad are retards.
If this situation was true the owner got several warnings and dogs will fuck up livestock for funzies, especially sheep and I have seen some sheep dying slowly and horrible from dog wounds. Dogs just chase, rip them apart and then move onto the next ones.

Every farmer is within the right to shoot a dog on their land if they have livestock.
My uncle treats his sheep like pets and after many years of getting sheep he spent all night delivering and bottle feeding he resorted to shooting any dogs on his land.
It is the same hypocrite retards who complain about gooks eating dogs yet scarf down some good ol bacon and beef.
File: 02b.gif (208 KB, 323x221) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
208 KB, 323x221
One thing I noticed is why people are so shitty when it comes to animals and children.
>Childhood friend has animals
>Family has always been really good to their pets, get top tier food, vet service and get spoiled
>They also foster kids
>Every foster kid I have met where damaged pieces of shit but most of them ended up better after being fostered by parents
>Foster 16 year old pregnant girl
>Girl is crazy, stupid and has psycho boyfriend(not the father)
>Unable to foster the girl anymore and the girl gets benefits and house
>They foster the girls baby
>Essentially raise it
>Be at house one day
>Baby is not toddler following around their terrier trying to wack with a foam sword
>Dog is hiding and growling
I have known the dog for years and it is not used to small children, secondly it is a terrier so it won't take shit like that.
When I pointed out that the dog would probably bite they said the baby was just having fun and the dog would be fine.
File: darksauce.png (48 KB, 231x237) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48 KB, 231x237
>be me this past xmas
>parents going out of town, ask me to watch their house and dog
>agree to housesit
>they leave early one morning, the day after xmas i think
>i'd been up all night playing vidya cus that's how i roll when i've got a week and a half off from work
>head over to their house bright and early at 8am to feed, let the dog out, and mooch some free food
>hasn't been more than four hours since they left, dog has already shit on the carpet in my brother's bedroom
>wet diarrhea shit that has sunk into the carpet already
>decide i'll play dumb and leave it for them to find and deal with when they get back
>leave, come back later that day to feed and let the dog out again, everything's fine
>next morning i come over and find a disaster, shit everywhere, all the same wet crap
>this is too much for me to ignore, if they see this they'll accuse me of neglecting the dog
>text mom and tell her what's happening, set about trying to clean the literal shitstorm
>mom:"oh we gave her some leftovers from xmas dinner"
>my fucking face when the dog has the shit cus mom fed her food she probably shouldn't have been eating
>do the best i can cleaning the mess, put the dog outsider and leave her because lol georgia has no winter, continue making periodic visits to make sure she has food
>mom texts me a while later asking how everything is, say "dunno put her ass outside"
>mom chimps out, tells me to put her precious delicate little baby back inside she's not an outside dog blablabla
>"ok I'll put her back in but i'm not scrubbing another inch of carpet"
>close my brother's bedroom door so the dog can't get in, continue checking up on her for the duration of my parents' time out of town, smell more and more shit each time I go over
>do nothing

shouldn't have fucking fed the dog leftovers, I hope you had just as much cleaning up that dog's diarrhea as I did you dumb cunts.
>close my brother's bedroom door so the dog can't get in
why the fuck didn't you put it in her room, your brother had nothing to do with it
Parents lock their bedroom whenever they're out. I have a thieving older sister to thank for their paranoia.

I stayed with my parents for a couple months last year when I was in between apartments and my mother accidently trapped my cat in her bedroom one day and he did his business right on top of the bed being unable to reach his litter box, I thought it was funnier than hell and mom could be mad at nobody but herself.
It's a money laundering front

Sammys a legit gangster

The reason they treat people like that is because they can tank money on that restaurant and it doesn't even matter.
File: 1408311800908.png (145 KB, 394x198) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
145 KB, 394x198
I keep having to pause the video and go back to it in a couple of minutes. It's stressing me out, my palms are sweating from anxiety. Jesus christ.
i shared an apartment with this horrible cunt and her beautiful husky/lab for a year

his toenails got really long and he was ripping up my bed sheets and she wouldn't let me cut them because i was "too high on weed" so i just closed the door and wouldn't let him in my room

i walked him twice a day and he started liking me more than her .. she got mad and jealous about that and started locking him in her hot room whenever she wasn't home

i would pick the lock and let him out and she never knew

one time i saw he puked all over her bed.. probably heat sick

she stopped locking him in there after that

fuck i hated her
so true

my dog's a 5kg city dog and i took him to my friends farm and he got chasing the goats for a few seconds and i was right there and it was a frenzy and a nightmare.. goats escaping and panicking

i can't imagine the chaos and damage an unsupervised dog could invoke on a herd
Damn Amy.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
[spoiler]Is Sammy a cuck?[/spoiler]
>"You are both Fucking Nuts"
>Torturing your cat by leaving it inside
File: A REALLY GOOD MOOD.jpg (110 KB, 640x848) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
110 KB, 640x848
>Mum the dog's getting fat, stop giving her human food
>"But anon it's just one as a trea-"
File: cat people.png (86 KB, 204x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
cat people.png
86 KB, 204x200
>uneducted emotional people
get out and hug some trees, you nasty hippies.
They were on Dr. Phil they're so fucked in the head lol
>a longer healthier lifespan is torture

if you aren't a lazy fuck and actually bother treating them like a pet and interacting/playing with them there's nothing bad about it
>dog owners who walk their uncontrollable dogs unleashed or let them roam free. (Usually people who have small dogs around here)
>small dogs always rush my dog and try/do bite him when i take him for walks. They shrug it off saying that little dogs can't cause harm to my much stronger, bigger dogs.
>they get mad when my dog defends himself even when their unleashed little dogs rush and attack mine out of nowhere
File: 1448856706336.jpg (29 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29 KB, 480x360

>fed her antifreeze so the dog doesnt freeze

pretty clever desu
he was charged with neglect instead of abuse because he was just so fucking stupid that he didn't mean to kill her. the dumb fuck thought it would actually work

sometimes you have to wonder how those people make it through life
>cousin has 2 Frenchies
>they shit(diarrhea) everywhere in the house and it smells AWFUL
>she changes the dogs food every week because "it's cruel to feed them the same food everyday"
>her mom feeds the dogs table scraps and gives them milk because they need "calcium"
>refuses the vets advice on how to feed the dogs because "he's just trying to sell me something"
>buys anything the people at the pet store offer her.
>Texas summers
>78 degrees

It hits triple digits here nigga
>charged with neglect
At least there is a small amount of justice in the world. Too bad neglect is generally about as bad as a parking ticket.
Just tell them.

They will head over with a camera one day and have a look.
>When you're on steroids, they make you really aggressive. More test also causes rage and aggression.

Roid rage is a myth.
no it's not
A cursory search would prove to you that it's a myth. Please don't spread stupidity, the world has more than enough of it as evidenced by this thread.
Indoors friend
>sweeping generalization
>others are small minded
That's neat.
Good for you anon, it's unfortunate that the dog died, but you seem reasonable. I'm sorry about all the retards on /an/.
>shows to be mentally fucked up
>"hurr no it's fine we all did that in the country"

it's not a generalization, it's literally what was said
File: 1363386881146.jpg (63 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
63 KB, 640x480
>not going to greentext since on phone

Family comes over for little cousin's birthday party (at my family's house since only one with big house to hold people). So old aunt and cousin(who is in 30's) who lives with her to "help" her out around the house. Get on the subject of animals. They tell me about their three cats. Two are mother and son and then there is a random one off the street. Goes on telling me how the one on they got the one on the street fixed. But the mother and son are not. Due to that they constantly fuck. The mother and son fuck. I ask why not fix them as well, and she said, why would I do that, maybe I want more cats in the future. Cringe to all shit and leave the room
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