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Conflicted: What to do about pets.
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I have two cats. Both are female. Both were adopted. Both the same age and type of cat. I believe one is slightly mentally slow either due to past owner experience or natural birth defect.

I was gone for a 3-day vacation and the other cat (the one without mental issues) was acting more hostile towards the other than usual; going after her after I saw the first assault and then again after pushing her away the second time.

The one WITH the mental issues seems to have trouble with figuring out I don't want her getting onto my bed and other surfaces. Yes, I know they're a cat, but she should still have realized a pattern by now.

As I believe putting any animal BACK into a shelter is being cruel, I'm considering putting them both down myself because I'm not about to spend money to have someone kill my pets. Humanely or not.

One; Because they simply don't get along with each other. And two; because both of them have trouble with understanding what I don't want them to do to some extent.

Also, the one with mental issues seems to have a (possibly multiple) health issues as well aside from the mental issues. Both are loving and caring to people while separated from each other.

Most of all, I'm just done with having to further give any more emotional investment into either of them when being their owner in the first place wasn't my decision. I had animals growing up and I loved them. They lived happily and died of old age. I'm just getting at the end of my rope.

Thoughts? Opinions? This isn't bait or anything of the sort. I'm just grasping at straws, trying to get additional angles.
How long have you had them? You're seriously going to kill your pets because you don't know how to train them? Jesus christ please be a troll
>Take cat
>Throw it off surface you dont want it
>Spray with water to enforce
If it dousnt learn after a few times then step it up.

>Dont kill your cats op, it will be ok they are cats. Toss them outside for a bit, they come back. they are dumb like that.
About 9 years. I believe the mentally challenged one is a bit older though, As I said, I'm not being a fuckwit about this and trying to troll. But I'm sorry. I should have stated how long I've had them.

I've both seen this done many time in my youth and done this myself. However, I live in an area where the concept of outdoor animals or any pet outside and NOT on a leash just doesn't exist. As much as I want outdoor cats like I grew up with, this simply can't be done here.
You are the worst kind of person.
Give your cats to a shelter. At least they'll have a chance to find somebody who can actually care for them.
Scum of the earth. Even if you are trolling, I know a lot of people who have killed their pets because "rehoming is cruel". Fuck off.
Fuck these guys saying don't kill them. If your going to kill them do it with a shotgun since its easy and quick. Obviously this is kind of last resort but at least you won't be an irresponsible faggot making others deal with your unwanted animals.
>>Spray with water to enforce
pretty much this.
Your cat is doing something you don't like, spray it in the face with water.

it's really not that difficult.
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U fuck. I hope you like cat tacos. If you kill the little bastards you better make sure you fkng eat them, its a wasye of life... much like urs you peice of shit.... ur lucky I dont know where you live or id PERSONALLY pay you a visit m6bfreind, and watch you prrpare cook and eat the cats.... so you remeber what it tastes like

Have a nice life cacksucka
>my cat has mental issues because she doesn't understand I don't want her in certain places
>also, she's sick
>also, she and the other one don't like each other
>so I'm going to fucking kill them

You really don't see a problem with this line of reasoning? Really?

Find a no-kill shelter or rescue in your area and surrender them; at least they'll have a chance. Never get cats again in the future.
>these cats are an inconvenience to me I will kill them instead of just giving them away on craigslist or something
>btw I'm not a troll I swear xD
Take them to a no-kill shelter you ass.
And if you think one of them has problems, take them to a vet to get looked at.
That or sell them.
Or post an ad on a website: Free cats to good home!
It's simple!

Killing an animal just because it doesn't meet your standards of a proper pet is just shitty.
Thread replies: 12
Thread images: 3
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