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How much will a flock of budgies fuck up...
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How much will a flock of budgies fuck up my life? I don't have a house. I live in a rented apartment. I rent it from my parents, and they don't really care if I wreck it completely, however it's quite small (two rooms).

I currently have a female budgie and want her to be happy and shit, from what I now know budgies are very very very social.
>they don't really care if I wreck it completely
how does that make any sense?
Anyway, what do you mean by a "flock"?

Also the answer depends on how anal you are about cleaning. What are you like? if you clean everything constantly normally it wont be too awful.
They wanted to give it to me but I insisted on renting. So while it's not technically mine, in reality I can do what I please.

Flock would be, I dunno. Two-three pairs of birds? I guess they'll breed and given how fast budgies multiply I'll end up with a thousand in a year.

I typically vacuum everything in the morning and before bed since I fucking hate duts, and scrub out budgie poo with wet wipes when I see it.

Is cleaning and feeding them 90% of caring for them? I thought I'll have to dedicate hours every day to them.
Duts was meant to be dust, fuck I'm tired.
Oh, if it's 2-3 pairs thats not too bad. I wouldn't let them breed a shitload though, thats a bad, bad idea.

You'll obviously have much more cleaning time, but interaction time will likely be even less than one bird. With a flock they're most likely to bond and want to spend time with each other, not you.

Oh man, all that glorious inbreeding. You need to record all the retard babies that come out.
Why don't you just adopt another female budgie and leave it at that?

Hordes of ill-bred budgies shitting all over your apartment seems stupid.
Don't give them a nesting box and if eggs appear you can freeze them or throw them away, but you may want to replace them with marbles so they don't go crazy laying tons of eggs.

You can also make it a sausage party and only buy boys. I have two boys.

You will need a gigantic cage,too. My cage is 36w,24d,42h, and it is only barely large enough for the two I have.
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Budgies dont have dust. They DO have poop, feathers and lots of seed hulls.

You dont necessarily have to socialize them if you have more than 1 but in the end thats what youre going to get,un-socialized birds. you DO however, need to let them out an hour or 2 a day.

source: me: byb budgie breeder.
Won't females fuck each other's shit up?

Yeah I am okay with them just doing their own thing. My female budgie is incredibly amusing to watch even when she's on her own.

I already have a female, so yeah. Is just two budgies enough for them to feel happy? Do they even care about having chicks or someshit?

Cage only serves as a feeding place at this point, I let her fly all over the place.

Do you sell your budgies? Or just give them away? Is inbreeding a real risk? If I get two boys and two girls, will they create two pairs guaranteed or will some of them become autistic NEET shut-ins with no friends?
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i gave a pair to a friend. but i only bred twice. its honestly way too much of a hassle. I dont have premium fancy budgies so no one would want to buy mine as opposed to a "certified" petsmarts' for $15. Im assuming you dont have anything fancy either in which case you would not care for loss of quality. All births have a chance of giving off an autistic mess, budgies especially, which is why they breed so much and so often. (twice a year, with maybe 4-7 eggs) You can be certain if the young is really fucked that the mother will toss it out tho.

Youll want nest boxes for each pair, if not for the bird's privacy and stress reduction, then for you to make it easier to keep track. nest boxes get really dirty really fast, especially when the young are born.
2 budgies, with time out of the cage and enough mental stimulation is definitely enough for them to feel happy. raising young is a (natural) biological instinct that they will follow if the conditions are right.
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