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goddammit its happened again
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Not even a month ago I posted about the 50000 ducks that were killed in a fire at some Canadian CAFO


I said there should be better safety regulation, that just because an animal is to be killed doesnt mean the person responsible for their life should not be accountable for suffering. I also said people would ignore it.

And now in Canada, it's happened again

"2,000 pigs perish in barn fire north of London, Ont."


"The fire comes nearly two weeks after a barn fire near Cambridge, Ont. killed 43 race horses. Another barn fire in Mt. Forest on Jan. 15 killed 13 horses."


What the hell. I get that animals are slaughtered. But they are still living things. There is a difference between swift euthanasia and suffering chaos, panic, confusion and pain while watching all your peers die and suffer and be helpless in captivity to escape.

Yes, goddammit, Im mad.
>Yes, goddammit, Im mad
not as mad as their insurance company is.
I guess you could make some regulations that they must use top notch equipment because it's about animal lives. Just thinking that this is probably the regular fail frequency of electronic appliances.

>In 2011, an estimated 47,700 home structure fires reported to U.S. fire departments involved some type of electrical failure or malfunction as a factor contributing to ignition.
>Half (48%) of 2007-2011 reported non-confined U.S. home structure fires involving electrical failure or malfunction had some type of electrical distribution or lighting equipment as equipment involved in ignition. The leading other types of equipment involved in ignition were fan (6%), washer or dryer (6%), space heater (4%), air conditioning equipment (4%), water heater (3%), and range (3%).
I bet that smelt delicious. They should have stored parboiled potatoes in the same barn so, as compensation, excellent roasties could have been salvaged.
Sprinkler system and smoke control.

But who welcomes more expensive meat.
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>But who welcomes more expensive meat.


People who support ethical ranching, that's who!

@ 28:28


I encourage anyone who has an interest in animals and our relationship with them to watch it all (34 minutes)

I am happy to say everyone in this film is still quite busy making a living in ranching etc and giving the animals decency in life.

Its such a more natural way to live. Not just for the animals, but for us as well.

I wouldn't ask anyone to be extreme in their food choices. But I think everyone should take a little time once in a while to see where their meat comes from. Often there are better choices once you really know what they are.

I'm told some halal places come a bit closer to ethical ranching, but I dont know how true or consistent it is. I can't speak to kosher meat practices because I dont know much about them either. I do know that the premise of treating animals as produce has really warped our distribution system and values for the almighty dollar, which is why so much of it is hidden these days.

Decent people might throw up if they saw the life of suffering their meal might have caused...
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... The trick is balance, I think. Its not to deny animal food or products, nor commercialize it to the point where people are scarfing down meat like potato chips because its been made so cheap that the animals are treated like vegetables their whole life and the consumer bloats with eating and diet illnesses from so much unnaturally disproportionate consumption.

If one can't be interested in the animal end of it, they should at least take some time to learn about the wild changes in food distribution over the last century.

Meat and the animals operations that produced it used to get a lot more respect. Now that food animals are treated like heads of lettuce to the point where laws exist to prevent filming it, the inhumane methods have to be hidden and the innocent consumer kept ignorant of why his double cheeseburger costs less than a bowl of salad.

In my time on this board over the years, I've learned that we are blessed to have a number of ethical ranchers. I always like to thank them; they make the world a better place on many levels.

If you blame the Jews they will probably come rushing to the rescue. Make the topic JEWS BURN THOUSANDS OF ANIMALS IN PIG HOLOCAUST FOR INSURANCE MONEY

ps ty for the only two worthwhile comments itt

I'll be back later after I have thought of some terms of ridicule to post and shame the other posters for mocking my upset- on the public internet even.

That'll teach teach'em.
>What the hell. I get that animals are slaughtered. But they are still living things. There is a difference between swift euthanasia

Killing a healthy animal to eat it shouldn't be called "euthanasia".

Euthanasia is killing an animal or person to relieve THEIR suffering, such as when they're hopelessly and horribly maimed and/or diseased.

I don't care what people say. Calling the killing of a healthy animal "euthanasia" is a form of stretching the definition of a word too far for the sake of protecting peoples fee-fees against reality.
I'll check that video later.

That is the funny thing, half the people would turn vegetarian overnight if one would give them a good tour of the factory farming and slaughterhouses at a tender young age. We are so fickle and often have difficulties thinking on terms other than extremes (all or nothing: give up meat completely, or don't think where it comes from at all).

You're acting like the company wants this to happen. They just lost 2000 pigs worth of meat and years of food.

Accidents happen, fuck me, human houses go up all the time and so do factories with HUMANS in them. So they have to be super regulated and still go up in flames.

I'm sorry. You're right.

What I meant is a death that is as painless and without suffering as both possible and suitable to the realities of animals as food. I only mention it because some people act like swift decapitation and long grueling death is equal and therefore meaningless in distinction because they are livestock


Indeed. I like the idea of simply limiting meat consumption a little, at least for quality. The act of self discipline itself creates an awareness and respect, and therefore a curiosity about the food distribution, which creates a sense of self responsibility, and makes people realize we share a part of it all, something we can hopefully take some pride in.


Yes, I understand. But its a difference of a family vs thousands of lives.

I appreciate the loss of the rancher. What I am saying is that the model itself is unnatural. We did not have such unnatural ranch operations before it was considered normal to have to hide our livestock operations out of shame for the love of the almighty dollar and the animal horrors we create to achieve it.

The fire was incidental. It is just one example, a spectacular snapshot of a bigger theme of how off the rails things have gotten.

Lets assume the demand for beef, for example, was even higher. Just how far will people go to meet the demand and still call themselves decent while treating living creatures with feelings like vegetables.

Pick related. When the same thing is depicted using humans, its meant to convey horror, disgust and monstrosity towards life, because it is.
>hide our livestock operations out of shame
it's not shame, guy.
it's peta having a shitfest over normal ranching, and soft-headed children agreeing with them.

we've noticed the idiots don't protest nearly as much if we don't tell them what we're doing.
arent like 10k crocs starving to death since the farm owners assets have been frozen due to suspect of drug pedeling ?
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