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/tragedy/ thread: domestic animals killing domestic animals edition

Has anyone had those experiences, like one of your pets killing someone else's or another of your own pets? What was your solution? How did you feel?
My goldfish ate my fancy guppy fry when I was 8. It was horrifying. I never did fully recover. Still can't go to a fish fry without cringing
My friend had two hamsters that lived together for like 4 years. And one day the one just randomly decided to kill the other. My friend prefers to phrase it as "HE JUST ATE THE OTHER ONE." She was afraid of the remaining hamster until it died. Yeah...I guess she didn't know much about hamsters.
One of my dogs was at the shelter because he was a chicken killer. The neighbors threatened to kill him the next time they saw him so the owners dumped him at the pound. While I had him he killed two cats neither of which were mine. One was a kitten somebody dumped at the park and he found it in the weeds before I saw it. Felt like shit but really couldn't blame the dog for being a dog. Second was a full grown adult cat that thought it would be a good idea to jump into my fenced in yard with my dogs in it. Not 100% sure which one killed that one but again couldn't really blame the dog for the cat being a retard. As long as the cat didn't run from him he didn't pay any attention to them and even had a few neighbor hood cats that would walk right up to him without any issue.
I decided to get a betta sorority and a colony of corydoras as a cleanup crew. Some of the cories were small and young, but so were the bettas so I figured it would be fine. The pet store even kept bettas in with the cories and assured it would be fine. The bettas were smaller than the baby corydoras anyway.

Three days later, one of the babies is dead. It was partially eaten and I didn't see any wounds, so I figure it was an act of god, scoop him out and carry on. The next day, another is dead. It was attacked brutally.

I start watching carefully and see a pale white female wait for a baby corydoras to look for food then attack it's belly with sharp jabs. I rush for the net but it's too late. The little guy is dead and the white female is attacking the last remaining baby. I remove the white female and name her "Jill the Ripper". I isolate the injured baby but Jill ruptured it's swim bladder. The poor thing dies.

I return to the store with Jill the Ripper and the dead babies as well as the receipt. The employees are shocked: bettas don't attack corydoras, they only attack bettas and fish with flowing fins! I explain that I saw her straight up murder the babies and show the damage on the dead babies as proof. Corydoras can't make wounds like that and they were the only other species in the tank. My water was fine. The fish were well-fed. She simply liked to murder baby fish.

I got bigger corydoras and things have been fine but I remain wary. I will never put bettas in with a baby fish ever again.
My dwarf hamsters killed their mother. I woke up to blood, fur, and entrails all over the cage. The smaller one (who I'm pretty sure was the main assailant) refused to clean the blood off of herself and started attacking my hand when I dealt with the mess. She mysteriously died the next day, as did her brother, who was in a separate cage on the other side of the room. I was left with one living male and one living female. Three hamsters in two days.

The funny thing is that Campbell's dwarf Russians are supposed to be capable of living together in small family groups. Not mine, I guess.

The surviving male ate his brother's right eyeball. Hamsters are too metal for this world.
I have a betta that's been charging and flaring at my albino cory cats. Also a white betta. I named him "Wisp" because he seemed like a pussy for the first month I had him. He'd follow other fish around the tank, then swim away and hide if they noticed. Then he killed my old lady guppy, and I moved him into a 20 gal with the only fish I was certain he wouldn't bother. And now he's bothering them. Going to have to move some fish around.

That sucks. But yeah, hamsters are solitary animals by nature. Close exposure by choice means only fighting or mating.
My mom has owned 7 birds.

She gave away one.

One flew away because "he always comes back!" and probably died in some painful way soon after.

The other 5 were all eaten by dogs.
Every last one of them. She refused to stop letting the birds run around loose in the house sometimes without supervision and always "forgot" to shut the dogs away; their wings were clipped, so they were virtually defenseless.
I was too young to know better and stop her, but one got mauled to death by our greyhound while it was right next to me before I realized what was happening. I was maybe 6 at the oldest but I still feel bad about it.
Had a gecko get loose and tumble into the snapping turtle tank
>Be a stupid 9 year old kid
>Think it would be a fun prank to put a female guinea pig in with the male guinea pigs at a pet store
>Later find out the male guinea pigs gang raped the female guinea pig and she got revenge by killing them one by one and leaving their bloody corpses in the pen for the pet store employees to find
>The female guinea pig was put in a separate cage as a scared, traumatized mess who bit pet store employees and was euthanized after giving birth to her rape baby offspring
at the shelter I work at we house PDDs during pending court cases. most of them are from dumbasses that let their dogs kill other people's cats or chickens or attack another dog. the only time a dog would ever be euthanized for it though was repeatedly severely injuring/killing another dog or killing a large livestock animal

>Issue with dogs killing chickens

That's theft, not murder. Chickens are food animals. They exist to be bred for other animals to eat, plain and simple. A dog that kills a chicken deserves congratulations for having a basic understanding of where food really comes from and sharpening their survival skills.
>4 years
How the hell?
Well.. I can't say I agree with your simplistic views, but nevertheless the owner of those chickens can press charges against the dog owners for typically negligence and destruction of property. the likely outcome would be the log being labeled as a DD and the owners having to keep the dog contained under certain standards (certain type of fence of a certain height, etc) and will have to pay a hefty fine if they fail to do so

>A dog that kills a chicken deserves congratulations for having a basic understanding of where food really comes from and sharpening their survival skills
you're giving the dog far too much credit for being poorly trained
On Friday, my dog ran into the street to chase something, and was subsequently hit and killed by a car. I've honestly, never felt this terrible about anything. Even other family members dying. It's pretty terrible.
if the person didn't stop you could press legal charges against them
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He did stop, but he was a tool about it. He came up and said, "There's no damage to my car, he was too small." I just told him to fuck off after that.
My grade school had two hamsters that they thought were both males. Of course, they weren't, and babies were had, so we ended up keeping two cages of hamsters: one with the mom and her daughters and the other with the dad and his sons.

Needless to say the sausage party hamster cage didn't go to well. The dad constantly got into fights with the kids. One day one of the younger hamsters scratched his eye up pretty bad, it never became infected or anything but he got a scar that never healed. Was pretty badass actually.

One day we got to class and we found one of the sons, dead, at the bottom of the cage (it was one of those terrible, giant multilevel things with a million tubes). The teacher insisted he ran so fast in the wheel, when he was flung out he broke his skull or something, but he was covered in blood with his fur all ragged like he'd been in a fight. The father (or maybe one of the brothers, they also fought occasionally but not as bad) probably beat him to death.

Oddly enough there were very few hamster problems (that weren't started by 9-year-old humans) after this, maybe the one that died was a trouble maker.

This is like some shit out of Killer Joe
>own fox terrier
>its like living with a tiny viking trying her hardest to get into valhalla
>killed all the cats in the neighborhood when they tried to steal her food in the garden
>she got so good at it I often didnt hear any fighting or cat noises, just noticed my dog dragging ina cat with a :3 face

I just cleaned up the blood and hid the cats in the dumpster under some trash. I've always hated cats so it was no big for me and just made poker faces when the neighbors asked if I've seen their cats.

She was an active working dog so she killed hundreds of rats, mice, some ferrets, rabbits,foxes and a couple birds too but I guess those dont count as pets.

Those cats are other peoples' pets and family. You sound like a dick.

Cats are shit pets and not family. Dogs are family.

Catfags are the worst.
>Pulling into driveway
>See something dart from the bushes and run under my car
>Loud meowing
>Let off brake and creep forward
>More meowing
>Put car in reverse and backup
>Loud burst of meowing
>See cat crossing the street hobbling and wobbling in the driver side mirror
>Contentedly park car and go inside

Not sure if it was a neighbor's cat or a stray.
Cats are a shit either way.
>happy your dog has committed multiple level 4 attacks

I can't wait until you get caught and dog is seized and you finally have to deal with having charges pressed against you

>Cats are shit pets and not family
the law disagrees with you
Dog killed a cat that wandered in our backyard
Nothing much happened, he bit it by the neck and it was done

>I can't wait until you get caught and dog is seized and you finally have to deal with having charges pressed against you

That dog died 4 year ago when she was 14, sorry to ruin your revenge fantasies tho, catfag.

Have you tried not owning a shit pet?
>the law disagrees with you

Hi Judge Dredd
Wow what a retard hahahah
The cats shouldn't have gone in other people's gardens. They did, that means they were dumb and their owners didn't care for them.
Fuck off.
Curiosity killed the cat
> muh nine lives
What I think he (and I) find weird about it is that he enjoys seeing cats killed and doesnt care about families being sad about it. His excuses are "cats are shit lol"

No man may kill a cat
It's not his problem. It's the other families that let the cat wander around, in other people's properties.
This is the same as complaining about robbers being shot.
There's a difference between enjoying and indifference
I don't even own a cat, but keep thinking only cat owners can see you being a shit owner with a superiority complex

never said that wasn't true, but doesn't change that she was/is shit as well. a dog who kills cats like that is a liability in an urban area, they can and will be labeled as a dangerous dog if they've committed multiple attacks
No, the cats are a liability.
and he clearly enjoyed it and was smug about it
not as much as a dog who demonstrates animal aggression and lack of bite inhibition
Eliminating unknown threats while your owner is not around is perfectly normal, it's a dog's nature.
It should not let cats around its gardens because you don't care enough about your shitty pests enough to not let them wander around other people's property.

More like cat owners are the ones with an inferiority complex. I've never seen one not constantly blogging on facebook how cats are better than dog and posting funny pictures of cats beating dogs in fights in all my life. I dont mind cats and I dont care about them. Catfags are the worst, the WORST of all pet owners.

>never said that wasn't true, but doesn't change that she was/is shit as well. a dog who kills cats like that is a liability in an urban area, they can and will be labeled as a dangerous dog if they've committed multiple attacks

>not as much as a dog who demonstrates animal aggression and lack of bite inhibition

Wow a hunting dog killing stuff. What are the odds.
>own two cats, both around 4 years old, and a little stray who hangs by the house and whom I feed, was planning on taking him to the vet to take him in that same week
>one day coming back after a jog I see neighbors pulling on their XXXXXX who's biting and tearing at something
>mother and father and son who must be around 20 all trying to restrain the dog to no avail
>it's the little stray
>I don't know what got into me, I was furious
>grabbed a pipe that I'd left that morning for the trash to pick up and rush at the dog
>hit him twice in the head before the neighbors understand what's going on
>the son tries to punch me and I pipe him in the ribs too, he falls backward and his parents help him up while yelling at me, all the while I'm still clubbing the poor dog in
>dog is bleeding everywhere, neighbors are furious, threatening to sue and shit
>neighbors are furious, their dog is dead, calling the cops and shit
>I see that somehow the little stray is still alive, I don't even care about the neighbors, I drive him to the vet
>a couple of minutes after my neighbors pull in with their dying dog (obvious really since closest vet)
>as soon as the vet's aid is catering to their rott they start shouting, I'm shouting back, cops are called, huge shitstorm arises
>cops did nothing, though
>couple of days later little stray can come home with me, find out from the vet the rott died
>feel a bit sad for the animal, not really guilty, and even less so when I remember the whole situation
>this was a couple of weeks ago, little stray is now incredibly good as new living with my two other cats
The whole thing with the pipe happened in under ten seconds, but I remember everything vividly. Neighbors now hate me deeply, but I don't give a fuck. I'm moving out soon enough, so it's whatever. I found cat food on the corner with their house which I can only assume was poisoned, so my cats are now always safely inside the house.
I'll post a pic of the three as soon as phone charges.
>Eliminating unknown threats while your owner is not around is perfectly normal
this mentality is how a lot of dogs end up being aggressive and on the news for attacking people

don't be mad because you can be held legally responsible for your dog killing other animals

>More like cat owners are the ones with an inferiority complex.
>tfw you're the one who came in waiving the "HURR CATS SUCK DOGS R BETTER" flag and talking about how much you hate them
yeah, it's not like dog owners are known for that or anything

>a hunting dog
that you evidently couldn't control
Forgot to add, not really a tragedy within my own pets, but the whole thing was amazingly stressful and shitty, so I thought it counted as a tragedy worth sharing.
forgot to change the XXXX, didn't know how to spell rottweiler.

>>tfw you're the one who came in waiving the "HURR CATS SUCK DOGS R BETTER" flag and talking about how much you hate them

Case in point: a catfag got so mad he just typed up a story totally pwning a dog owner

>that you evidently couldn't control

Why on earth I would not want them to kill stray vermin getting into my garden?
>Case in point: a catfag got so mad he just typed up a story totally pwning a dog owner
you did the exact thing you condem cat owners for doing, sorry for pointing that out to you

>being this 2009


Okay, catfag.

"pwned" and "pwning" is 2006-2007, along with "I'm'a firin' mah lazer!" and "All your base are belong to us".
> dog kills countless squirrels, rabbits and possums that enter yard.
> dogs kill things
> nature
> Cat kills countless birds, rabbits and mice around the neighborhood
> cats kill things
> nature
> cat wanders into dogs yard
> dog kills cat
> dog was supposed differentiate between cat and other animals
> dogs fault
> cat owner logic
The fact that this story appeared right after all of this faggotry over no cats are better hurr no dogs r better makes me suspicious.
If you want to make dog owners rage, hear about my sister who is a lesbian with 4 cats who poisoned three or four dogs on the block because "they threatened her cats" and "they shouldn't have been allowed to eat from the street anyway".
Yup, that's my sister ladies and gentlemen.
Are you really that blind?

Textbook cat owner. Something just attracts women, gays and other degenerates to cats.

>Douche that's okay with their dog killing other peoples' animal friends
>Also an unrepentant homophobe and sexist

Why am I not surprised?
this never happened, you know why? because if it did you would be tried with assault for hitting that man with a pipe.

>but he tried to punch me
you were beating his dog to death
>but it was killing the cat
and they were trying to get it off of it.

But i digress this prob never happened.

>calling someone sexist on 4chan
>calling someone douche on 4chan
>calling someone homophobe on 4chan

watch out, I dont even respect pronouns!
I live in Mexico City. No way on earth I'd get tried for that, and in the remote case I did, all I'd have to do was make a couple of phone calls. Not even trying to appear 'important' or something, it's just that easy in this third world attempt of a country.
Lol youre so fucking full of it. Make sime phone calls to george r.r. martin because even he can make better stroies than you. Lying faggot. And if on the very small chance this is all true, then i hope your pets get killed, because yes, it would be justice.
wow, that went completely over your head

more like you shouldn't let any of your pets kill other animals. wow, what a fucking concept

their behavior in this thread shows them to be a pretty callous edgefag. don't bother with them anon

You cant kill a catfags pets because they dont have any. Cats are glorified selfie accessories.
ok then, be mad just because I did what I had to to protect my pet.
> stray.
It's not your pet.
> let's try and suppress nature
> animals doing what comes naturally offends me
> I'm on /an/
It is now you illiterate faggot. She's been vaccined and she'll be spayed once she's well enough, and all my cats are out of reach of all you idiots spewing shit about cats or dogs being better.
Get over it.
those first two hots would have done it, you had absolutely no control over yourself and are clearly a bigger threat to everyone than that aggresive dog ever would have been, end of story.
But it wasn't at the time.
Its samefagging or really this many retards are biting for a completely obvious bait?
Yeah my young bully 1.5 ate a kitten 2 weeks ago. Dont know where he got the bloody thing but i just buried it deep. Evidently no cats come in our yard anymore so win win
Yes, as I said I do not know what got into me.
Luckily it is not a common occurrence. In fact it's the only time something of the sort has happened to me since I was like 15 so all is well, don't worry.
as I said I was already planning on adopting it. If you're seriously going to give me shit over little details like that, there's nothing that I can say that you'll find relevant to your opinion of the incident / me, so whatever dude.
At any rate, my cats are safe and while I'm not happy about having killed someone's loved pet, I don't regret having done what I did.

It goes without saying there are many psychopaths on the internet who thrive on attention and anonymous narcissism. Yet somehow, we random people on the internet keep engaging their self obsession and emotional vampirism.
Regardless of if its bait, its actually neo bait as this will just give pro dog trolls subjective fuel to shitpost more.
And no neighbours said anything or wanted or lost and found ads for it. It was pretty crazy he was throwing it around like a killer whale with a seal.
Please stop being such a knee jerking faggot anon.
This whole thread was baited from the very start. And the sharks arrived on cue.
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I have some stories.
>Be 10-12 year old me
>Somehow find that a jumping spider is living in my house, behind a door frame
>Im interested in keeping her as a pet (i think it was a female, it ended being bigger than most jumping spiders of the same species)
>Start to feed her some flies (usually doing this by cutting the fly wings and let it crawl near her nest)
>Months pass
>Decide to name her Madame Bovary
>She ends very fat, always comes out when i get near her nest in the corner down the frame.
>Theres a pit down her nest where she dumps the bodies of her deceaced victims.
>I clean the pit every week
>Some day i came back from school or some shit, i dont remember
>See some pholscidae motherfucker munching on my little spider.
>Decide to thill that motherfucker
>Too late, my little spider is dead
>Feels bad man.

another story

>Be 19
>have two female rats and two dogs, one of the is some kind of mutt terrier, maybe a dutch smoushond mix, i don't know.
>I never let that dog get near my rats, i know she has high prey drive.
>One day i came home from therapy
>Find front door open
>Hear some noises upstairs
>My dog has her head stuck inside the cage shaking vigorously
>blood everywhere
>one of my rats is dead
>The other is scared shitless jumping around the cage
>I pull my dog
>There are bites on her nose
>She is still trying to get my rat
>What the fuck
>I leave her outside
>Bring the cage to other room and my rat goes to hide down a bureau
>I wait till she seems more comfortabe with my presence
>I bring some cereal
>Finally comes out
>blood on her body and bites on her tail.
>i think she┬┤s going to die from internal bleeding
>Find out my brother was sleeping the whole time in his room near the crime scene
>My rat survives, but starts growing tumors months later and dies.
>I feel like a terrible person for letting her live to that point

Pic related, the rat killer.
sorry for my bad grammar, english is not my first language
Your dumbass fault for not keeping it on a tight leash near a road.
I be more lenient with the driver, if your dog hit my car I'd have sued for both physical and emotional damages.
Not if your dumbass let it into the road.
Fucking brutal
>being this dense

don't look up dog training anon, it might destroy your whole world view
actually, I'm certain cases it doesn't matter and the person could still get in trouble for it. at the very least you are legally obligated to report it to your local animal control agency. not doing so makes it the equivalent to a hit and run.
>Have dog who hates all living creatures
>Killed a chicken who escaped from the pen
>All my other pets avoid him and are usually kept separate.
>Ger two new kittens both raised around big dogs
>Kitten escapes outside and goes into the shed where dog is eating
>Dog is very food aggressive
>Kitten puts its head into dog bowl
That was recent sadly but the worse was when I was about 6 or 7.

>Cousin brings down new dog to my house to show my older brother
>Cousin to this this day is shit with dogs
>No training and get shoved into a box like pen once they novelty wears off
>Dog never seen cat any other living creature
>Gets excited and runs through my garden
>Cats have good relationship with my dogs
>One does not run and get mauled by dog
>Be little kid crying as I hold my mauled cat in a tea towl trying to hold it's guts in as it slowly bleeds out making horrible growling noises
>Cousin "It was just a cat"
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i have three sad stories.

>be mexican
>live in the forest
>be 5yo
>my parents find a stray puppy in the street and bring it back home
>have awesome childhood with dog
>four years later, move to the city
>one week from moving in, shitty neighbours poison my dog and dies
>never catch the fucker that did it

second one.

>find a bunch of abandoned puppies in a park
>raise them and gift them but keep one
>awesome dog, great character, friends with everyone
>it sometimes likes to stay in the roof
>one day the shitty neighbours poisoned him with rat venoum
>mfw i find him when he was having seizures and dying in front of me
>mfw i was alone home that day
>mfw i couldn't do nothing
>mfw i was 12yo

last one in next post.
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last one.

>three years ago my aunt bring us a flat coated retriever puppy she found in the street
>raise her
>nice as fuck dog, very intelligent and shit
>last year she fuck with the neighbour's labrador and have pic related
>give them away since we cant keep them
>give one to some dude from uni
>a week later dude tells us that he gave the dog to a cousin and said cousin killed the dog and recorded it
>10000% MAD
>dude said that he already beated his shit up
>go anyway and beat the motherfucker, AND called the cops anyway
>mfw the fucker is in jail for animal abuse/killing
File: WP_20150922_002.jpg (1 MB, 2592x1456) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 2592x1456

posted wrong pic lmao
Why didn't you spay your mutt?
I had pet mice. The first one I got was vanilla coloured named Sophie. Then I got a few more, I left for the weekend and didnt want to bring them with me. I filled up the bowl of food and layed random treats all over the cage. Told my mom that she needed to feed them before I get back, I dont think she did. Sophie ate the face off one of them. Month later she ate the other. And shortly after that she died, she looked bloated like she gorged herself on mouse faces
Mexicans don't do that.
She just wanted to be friends. Friendship is munching on a well cooked face together.
kill yourself
>a cat wandering through your back yard is the same as a violent criminal invading your home
you know as well as i do you don't really believe this bullshit. get the fuck out.
You know, you may not like cats, but, I don't like dogs -- and yet I treat the family dog like Gold.

So fuck you and your asshole ways. If my cat was killed by your dog - I'd shoot her in the fucking eye and then hide the body just so you'd know how it felt.
I remember I had these two females that I bought in a pair, and those two lived as a pair. I was a kid back then but even then I knew Hamsters lived alone. They got along like best buds, it was the strangest thing.
Your neighbors are dicks.
>have a little aquatic dwarf frog from a county fair or something
>keep it's frog food pellets next to him for easy feeding access
>have a dog that eats everything
>come home from school to find that, in an effort to eat the frog pellets, my dog knocked over the little plastic tank i had my frog in
>find dried up little frog corpse
>probably cried for a while
I know that feel, anon.

>Caught little frog with my bare hands when I was like 8
>Have frog for about 2yrs, very happy
>Go on vacation and ask neighbor to take care of pets (lizard, frog, fish)
>Come back
>Crickets everywhere in frog tank
>Tank dry as a bone
>Little dried up frog husk hiding in her favorite log
>Cried for days
File: 1451966215950.jpg (42 KB, 544x306) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42 KB, 544x306
How old was the guy?
I would've almost gotten violent with the driver.
When I was 10 me and my two sisters all got gold fish, after a couple weeks my one was dead... Turns out the other two fish didn't give the poor guy any food (ate it all) .Fast forward a couple of weeks I got another gold fish, same thing happened to him. Then after the third one died I just gave up and didn't get anymore.at the time we had a cat, so being the little shit I was, mad at those fucking fish I opened up the lid of the tank, grabbed the cat and put her next to the tank. The next day both my sister were crying... "The cat killed my fish@ they moaned. Hehe you mother fuckers got what you deserved.

We had a hamster named Happy for a few years. One day she gets out and makes it behind the dryer. About a week later the cat shows up with, as my mom put it, "half a happy." yech..
Had a Russian tortoise for 7 years, moving conditions didn't allow me to keep her, so I gave her to a family member with everything I had for her care, taught them how to do so. Fucking 6 months later she gets an eye infection and dies. Still bitter about it.
Do people not realize that Syrian hamsters need to live ALONE?
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This was a sad thread to read.

Ive had hamsters and they need to be separated from eachother.
>be me like 6, still dumb
>Get momma hamster
>Not Fat; Pregnant
>Cute litter of little hamsters
>Not cute; she eats them all one by one until there is only one
>He has a foot bitten off but is good, survives like a boss
>Later he has puppies
>nope.png the momma dousnt eat them thankfully
>He proceeds to smackdown style each of them
>All except for one are to the death styled from him.
>It grows up to eat him
>Didnt you learn? Is this what love is?
A friend of mine had two little birds a few years back, a male and a female. after a little while, the female died, so my friend got a new female. Again, after a while the female did, and my frien got another one again. But that one died as well. This happened like 5 times, then my friend gave up, concluding that the male must have been killing all the females.
This is one of the reasons why I can't comprehend people liking hamsters. They're so barbaric and unintelligent. Can't even keep the darn things together either.
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i was about to make a thread for this but i guess i can post here

i just saw this on /co/

>these types of injuries may be consistent with the practice of using very young kittens as live bait for dogs being trained to fight
>cats are used as bait for pit bulls every day

what the fuck
There was this fuckin Beast. He was a stray and was all like me gusta with my female dog. I was 8. This lil Pomeranian wanted some action as well. Beast tore up that tiny little pipsqueak in from of a neighbors fenced in yard. Little black and white rat dog charged at the fence and barked like a lil bitch at the Poms shredded up dead body. Neither of them were my pets but it really fucked me up when I was a runt.
>be 17
>moms cat had kittens
>keep two fluffy white ones
>names are demon and angel
>why not meet auntie candy?
>auntie candy is a Carolina dog mix
>killed a possum before in her kennel
>but she was good with momma cat and a few adult cats
>bring demon over and kind of shield him so she can smell him without biting
>I was wrong
>snatches the kitten away before I knew what was what
>bitch wouldn't let go
>claw her mouth open and finally released him
>still alive but moving oddly
>I know he's already a gonner
>go savage on the dog, throw her ass outside
>bawl my eyes out while my brother snaps his neck
>fuck dogs m8
>fuck cats
>fuck pets
Cats and fish. Every fucking time, no matter the precautions. We stopped getting fish fifteen years ago. My dad ran over our pet cat too. He lived, but he always had this little hop to his walk after since he probably broke his hip. And right now actually. I have a malamute that enjoys eating brains. Not any other part of the animal, just the brains. He has killed well over thirty squirrels, somehow managing to run them down and eat the brains (I CAN'T stress enough that's all he eats, he peels back the scalp, bites away the skull and EATS THE FUCKING BRAINS), three chickens (our own, he got into the damn coop by biting through the wire. Again, just the fucking brains), four possums, six raccoons, all of them found sans brains, a fucking fawn we go for a hike, hear a struggle, work our way through the underbrush and there he is, munching away, two foxes, a fisher, and two cats. One of them was stray I felt bad about.

The other was the meanest fucking neighbor's cat I've ever seen. You couldn't go within ten feet of this thing and without it charging you hissing and swiping. Well, we have a stray cat that hangs around, that, for whatever reason, this dog loves and submits to. Goes belly up whenever she's around, let's her eat his food, sleeps with her when she's out. She was getting bullied by asshole neighbor cat and goes running into the yard. WHOOSH. Malamute is over in a heartbeat, heat crushed between the jaws. When he was done I was tempted to give the cat back to the neighbor, but instead took it into the woods and left it as a treat for the coyotes. Figured it was nicer that giving it back, without a fucking brain.
It's a not a nutritional problem, the vet says he's perfectly healthy and is baffled as to why he would eat brains! What is wrong with him??

did this affect your understanding of human family dynamics?
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>be kid
>have pet cat
>pet cat is allowed outside
>pet cat occasionally roams around nearby field
>neighbor has multiple dogs
>one day they get loose and end up in nearby field
>they team up and attack my cat, viciously ripping her to shreds
>didn't witness the incident myself
>but my parents saw the aftermath
>and they felt it appropriate to explain it to me
>in gruesome detail
>mfw i'm a 9 year old hearing the story of how my pet cat got brutally eviscerated
>mfw my neighbor's dogs got off scot-free
>mfw i can't ever hear the song "who let the dogs out" again without being reminded of the brutal death of my childhood pet cat
your dog might be a zombie.
all these dumb ass cat owners getting their cats killed because they thought it would be a good idea to place them near a bunch of big strong work/hunting dogs and then they wonder how this shit could possibly happen, they're natural enemies, what do you think would happen?

>"xD I just want them to play together like the anmalz on youtube xD"

fucking retards
>dog training will prevent the dog from mauling annoying cats that enter the fenced off garden to mess things up
You are a dick, but I still want to have your dog...
good on you for being nice to strays and beating up assholes mexanon
My mom is scared shitless of dog

>mom and dad are young, first time mom meets my dad's parents
> at their place for the week end
>grandparents have an uneducated savage Bouvier des Flandre roaming in the yard
>mom brought her cat, supposed to stay locked in a room for the week end
>cat somehow made it out and the dog killed it
>mfw I never had a doge because my mom is traumatized
I also live in Mexico, and you are full off shit, you got to be very important to pull that shit off or you might as well put a death flag on you, normal civilized people solved this kind of problems via legal ways, you start doing calls and stupid shit like that and you ended up like one of the 43, just saying, you never know who are you really dealing with.
It's not strange at all if they aren't Syrian hamsters. Russian and Chinese dwarfs of different types - Robos, Cambells, Winter White can live in the same cage if they knew each other when they were young. Females also seem to get along better. They also do best with lots of space.

But you can, if you're educated enough and not a mindless retard who buys those small ass bubble cages with tubing. Get a bin and diy that shit. I've had sister Cambells Dwarfs for two years now. They've only fought a few times and it was quick and ended with no blood. They will groom each other after to reestablish their bond.

Syrian hamsters are the only type you can not keep together. They are just too viciously retarded.
just because you cant do it doesn't mean others can't, anon
>watch out, I dont even respect proper grammar!

>be me
>10 years old
>it's 6 a.m and I get the wake the fuck up knock
>time for school
>get ready really fast
>grab some after school stuff n64 controller, couple games
>check on hamster
>yup still cute as a button
>give food and water, leave for school
>3:00 brrrrrnnnngg goes the bell
>my friend is excited to play n64
>star fox 2 player motherfucker
>smash bros get rekt scrub
>take turns playing legend of zelda
>"hey, I'm going home. peace"
>get home, sister is crying
>wtf lol ask whats wrong later first let me go see my hamst-
>mom stops me on my way to my room...
>Anon wait. Bad news. Your sister killed your hamster, anon. she took him out to play and when she wasn't looking he fell off the table and when she went to look for him she stepped on him. Now, listen I know you must be feeling very sad but we're going to bu-
>run to living room
>see sister crying
>charge at sister as my swinging my fists at her as my face is going numb
>10 year old vs 17 year old
>lol weakling
>still hurts her feelings
>crying intensifies
>good, I hate her
>she cries even harder when my mom comes from my room carrying my hamster in a red spotted dish towel. sets him on the coffee table
>she looks at my sister in pity
>then at me with a broken smile
>I'm sorry, anon.
>That hamster was the last gift my father got me before he decided to leave and never come back.
>Still hasn't come back.
>Still hate my sister.
>Still miss my hamster.
>Don't miss my father.
>I'm so sorry hamster.
>I should have shot my sister in the face that time I found dad's gun
>Sister grew up to have kids
>Sister is scared I'll extract my revenge
>Sister knows I will get my revenge...
>I will get my revenge you dirty slave loving whore
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i love rodents but fuck them
i had a 60 gal tank for my 5 dwarf hams
they survived peacefully as a family, except the mom, dad, and siblings picked on the youngest brother
the dad was the man of the house
no one fucked with him
the rest would scuffle but nothing big
one day i couldnt stand seeing the youngest one get bullied so i put him in another cage all by his lonesome and he was so chill and nice
im assuming he knew i saved his ass but idk cause hams are stupid
lo and behold i have 3 rats
ive had about 12 rats in my lifetime,
one of them was a fucking genius
a male who didnt like to cuddle but learned everything super fast and knew all these kinds of fucking ninja ways to sneak out of his cage
so one day im sleeping
i wake up to a really horrifying squeal
my rat broke out of his cage and entered the hams cage just to kill him
pic related
before the bullshit him with a bro
Are you actually autistic? She was 7 years younger than you. Not sure if troll or mentally deranged
File: 1451469819564.jpg (37 KB, 329x489) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I was the 10 year old
File: 1451353124713.jpg (9 KB, 291x343) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I... was the weakling
Oh. I misread
not sure if real, but you did the right thing either way
Holy shit this thread just gets more and more bananas.
my cousins got one of those 'lassie' dogs (shaggy collie iirc) one time and it tore their cat to pieces the moment it saw it

sad for the cat obviously, but to the dog it was just doing its job as a mid-level member of the pack
>said dog died a few years later from cancer or something iirc after proving itself as a relentlessly loyal and dedicated pet

still though ... owners need to understand the nature of the creatures they're taking into their lives
Are you autistic
Are you actually retarded? Read the fucking post, the sister was 17.
If a murder happens involving my two pets I hold a kangaroo court and provide a swift conviction and punishment.
don't look up keeping your cat indoors, it might destroy your whole world view
Go suck your mother's dick pleb
They aren't natural enemies, they just have different languages and expressions
Also fucking cats always escape from their owners houses
You know it was accident,she didn't step on your hamster willingly
Just carry on man
that's such a bullshit excuse, they're negligent and completely responsible for their cat's death
yes, OTHER people should, but you can't really change what those people do, so maybe you should realize that training your dog is the responsible thing for you as an owner to do
>be young child
>skipping next to a river, gay shit like that
>see family of ducklings
>restricted area, no dogs allowed
>watching ducklings swim around
>fag massive ass dog comes along
>eats 3-4 ducklings
>wtf y dis happen
>find owner, dumb ching chong cunt no respect for environment yolo let's make this country as shit as china why not? nigga in china we see someone get hit by a car and keep walking yolo fuck life fuck everything durrrrrrr
>vicious hate for chinese and dogs now
ducks are my favourite animal...have owned about a hundred in my lifetime so far
>be me
>13ish or something at the time
>most ducks moved on, couple of losers still hanging around the house
>one day I look outside
>holy fuck
>duck has no feathers on its neck
>neck is raw and bleeding
>gnarly dood
>give duck some seeds and water
>duck eat
>water, seeds and blood drip out of its chest
>dog has punctured its throat
>*hate intensifies*
Damage control
was it a hunting breed? Not to be a dick but you shouldn't have hunting breeds around prey
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>had a big husky when I was a kid
>kindest dog ever always sat next to you and was calm
>also had cats who just had kittens
>cats/ kittens corralled into extra room into a fenced off area inside
>brothers and I getting ready to go
>someone let husky inside
>I'm upstairs getting stuff ready
>hear oldest brother screaming dogs name
>run down and see brother and dad man handling dog
>they throw him back into back yard
>hands covered in a bit of blood putting him back outside
>my cat the alpha I guess followed them to the back
>kept fucking hissing and scaring husky away from door
>when husky was inside he attacked cats
>got a kitten or two
>my mom took younger brother and I out of the room to go to place
>remember looking back to see brother holding a kitten in a small towel covered in blood
>week later my cat and the husky are cuddling next to each other

honestly shit was pretty fucked. No one really talks about it, but I vividly remember my brother with blood covered towel

Also my cat killed countless birds and left them on our porch. pic related my cat (white) and some random stray
Working dogs should be kenneled when not in use, I keep mine tied up to avoid them killing sheep
What a depressing and angry thread; some of you people are really callous.

Anyway, other than cats that I had when I was a kid sometimes bringing back birds (pretty rarely, though), more recently my dogs attacked a little groundhog that was just chilling in my backyard. Poor little guy was so fucked by the time I found him he could hardly even move. Happily, that's the closest I've come to having to deal with any of the horror stories that make up this thread (on either side of the situation).

Fucking shoot your dog.

If I was your neighbor I would have absolutely no qualms with peeking up over your fence in the middle of night and shooting your dog with a silenced .22.

Okay I'm getting fucking sick of your shit attitude while scrolling down this thread. Whenever I go hiking there is always at least one dog owner that lets his dog run up and down the trail without a leash and unsupervised, when it is common outdoorsman courtesy to keep your dog in control and on a leash. Lots of hiking trails even have signs posted requesting that you keep your dogs on a leash at the base of the trail.

But no, just last month I watched a dog crash through the woods off trail and then run right up to a group of screaming Girl Scouts. The owner had to have been about 50 feet away and finally yelled at his dog when it started trying to jump up to the girls.

Dog owners like you are fucking pretentious pieces of shit. If I'm ever on a trail that is out of city borders and some random dog comes bounding around a bend and runs right for me, I will fucking shoot that dog and I will fucking fight the owner.
Not fully related but,

>own 80 lb dog, very calm and friendly
>neighbour owns 3 annoying chihuahuas
>always barking
>one day only 2 of the chihuahuas are out
>dad says something like "where's the other one, my dog is hungry!" (Lame joke I know)
>neighbour starts tearing up and says "ohh No don't say that"
>turns out the third chihuahua was eaten by a coyote
RIP Madame Bovary. Cute dog though despite killing rats.
what the fuck
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My snek killed my neighbors dog. He got out of his terrarium while I was away and was in my yard. The neighbor is a shitty owner and lets his dog wander off property unsupervised sometimes. Dog must of saw it and went after it and obviously failed to realize attacking a 15ft python is not a smart idea. Had to hide the damn things corpse and pretend it ran away then eventually burn it. Still feel kinda shitty but honestly the dog was on my property so it's not really my fault.
Did your dad feel like an asshole after that?
>dog eats my cat
>I give dog deadly poison for revenge in a couple months after the incident
>humans are animals too
Oh it just ate a few cats.

There vermin here in australia
To be fair, the second instance was not his fault whatsoever; his animals sound to be properly contained. The first instance, he was unknowing.
Yeah! We do hate the dogs but the neighbours are good people so he apologized a ton and offered his condolences

That never happened and you are retarded.
>Not sure if troll
What do you need, a neon sign?
>She mysteriously died the next day, as did her brother

hamsters are not suited for eating hamsters so they probably got sick after swallowing their mother
i own 8 rabbits, they count as pets!
Jesus, that is one hell of a ninja cat. I had to click on your pic a second time to look for him cause I had no idea he was there until I read your post.
Well, this is the reason we keep our cats and our dogs completely separated with no way of coming into accidental contact. Because both dogs are large with enormous prey drives, and they would and could kill a cat in moments.

I've never understood people who just let dogs and cats interact without supervision.

Here's a story that doesn't quite fit the thread, but could have if things went a little differently:
>be a kid, way back when
>have an in/out cat
>get pet mice for some reason? (i'm still not sure about this because they weren't very rewarding as pets and their expected lifespans were terrible, though perhaps that was the point)
>one time us kids are doing the mouse-cage cleanout under parental supervision
>the mice are in the box we put them in while we were cleaning the cage
>cat comes along, snatches one of the mice, runs outside with it
>we think that mouse is gone for good because it's already dark outside and it was a black mouse and there is no way that cat didn't kill it, he was a hunter and the yard is huge
>somehow find mouse?
>it's alive and completely unharmed, cat must've dropped it
>that black mouse lived the longest out of all our mice. we had it about 18 months before it died of old age. it was an adult when we got it.

I still don't really think we should've had pet mice, though.
I let my dog and cat interact unsupervised because my cat is enormous and known to attack and kill small dogs that get too close and rowdy do I know he can defend himself.

My dog on the other hand is just big enough so my cat considers him not worth attacking and the dog is a little bitch. He will chase strays but he knows that our cat is a beast

It all depends on the dogs and cats. Some interact well, some don't

Pic related, the dog submitting/playing dead because the cat came too close and he is scared
That's some fucking beta revolution shit right there
It's one thing to have a dog like that not inside a proper cage, but it's another issue all together not telling the owners what happened to their cats.

They at least deserve to know what had happened.
It's the fact the dog killed someones pet.

Not just some random pest, an animal that was part of someones family, evidently. And who's to say those cats were outdoor cats? Lots of cases with Indoor cats running outside before the owner can catch them.
>"Just a cat"
I hope you sued him, or told him to fuck off.
All these stories of 'working dogs' attacking and killing cats.

I thought most working police dogs or S and R animals are trained to be indifferent to cats to avoid issues like that, so that they can stay focused? Don't people know how to keep a working/hunting animal disciplined?
>hurr durr cats and dogs are natural enemies XD

no, you bough a dumb inbred mutt from someone who doesn't know how to breed. enjoy your eventual lawsuits when your faggy dog goes after a kid
Wow I'd fucking murder you if that was my dog. Over a fucking stray cat. Fuck you, dude.
fuck you
Inbred mutt doesn't make sense you fuck stick
Mutts can be inbred. Brother and sister from the same litter can fuck, or father and daughter, or son and mother.
why the fuck should he cage up his own dog when some assholes cat is invading his property and trying to eat his dogs food?
Its called law of nature, you enter my land and steal my food, i kill you.
I mean actually have a proper fence.

Besides, stealing food is a mild offense. If that dog was trained better, it'd know how to get the cats to fuck off without having to be a violent, murdering piece of shit.
When I was little my parents got me and my broth brother two kittens we named pumpkin and something I can't remember. One morning my mom was about to drive us to school and we heard a weird noise when she started the car, so she stopped. Then she curiously did it again and stopped after a while to check under the hood. We never saw it but apparently one of the kittens got out and crawled onto the engine and got torn up by the belts.

The owner has no obligation to train their dog to be nice to an animal invading it's property. Besides, when has a catfag ever trained their shitbeast to not kill the wild birds and reptiles and rodents in their or anyone else's yard?

I swear cat fags are the most ridiculous, unrealistic, hypocritical idiots on this planet.
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My pet scorpion killed my cat and really fucked up my wifes dog but we got her to an animal hospital before shit started getting bad. Learned a valuable lesson from them and it's cats and dogs are really really stupid.
they literally said the dog was a hunting dog and that's why they killed cats like that. the responsible thing to do with hunting dogs is to kennel when not in use. stop getting so triggered

plus you can bitch all you want, that owner was still in the wrong and can be held legally responsible for the deaths of those cats. a properly trained dog, especially hunting dogs, doesn't just kill everything that moves, that shows a dangerously high and uncontrolled prey drive and lack of bite inhibition
Same person, since nobody has replied I'll add another story. In total I've accidentally killed two kittens. We had a small orange one that was given to us and it was very very small. We had it for a good week and it was very healthy looking. Then it slept with me one night and I couldn't find it in the morning. I tried to find it by swooshing the blanket up and down and the kitten flew out from the blanket looking very flat and with a crazy slanted screaming expression. It was very cold and I threw it into a nearby empty plot out of shame. Next story?

Literally nothing in in post is true, logical, or even realistic.

When can I start calling the police on catfags? I'm tired of their shitbeast eating my birds and I'm tired of having to kill the cats myself, I'd rather just call animal control and have them put down these cats.
Next story. Same house this time we had a litter of happy kittens from our long time cat. There was a short power out and I got up from bed and stepped on something quickly. When the light came back on one of the kittens was thrashing around uncontrollably. At first I thought it was just in pain but then a ton of blood came out of its ear. I felt really terrible. These all happened as a kid. I'm too afraid to get more.
This pic is giving me the vibe that your cat is about to rape your dog.
Why are people on /an/ this hostile?
It's actually pretty common in Mexico, some people poison their garbage because of that
We've had a recent influx of noobs, normally this is fine, but sadly this happened in conjunction with a recent infestation of a particularly retarded tripfag and trolls. Although I guess it would be more accurate to say the tripfag found a way to return after being banned.

I am new to /an/ and this board makes /r9k/ look like a "safe space" or something.
Its not very common but some hamsters can live for 4years provided they have good genes and are well taken care of. I also had a dwarf who lived to be 4years before his health went down the drain.
Many of them said hamster, we don't know if they were dwarfs or syrians.
When I was about 6 my grandma got me a turtle, it disappeared one day. Like a year later I was talking to my neighbor and he told me that he and another kid took the turtle and smashed it with a bat.
Jesus, hearing this kind of shit makes me nervous. I own hamsters, but I want to get rats later on.
Poor little guy, had hamster bro who was chill. Rescued him from being bullied by the other hamsters like yours years back.

>take what you want, just don't hurt me
How did they have access to your turtle? Also. I hope you smashed him with a bat
because most people in /an/ own animals without realizing that it is in the nature of the beast to attack an kill.

You own a bird? ''Oh my god cats are all vicious monsters who kill without consent''

You own a cat?Oh my god, dogs are literally serial murderers who kill anything that moves!
This entire fucking thread

You own any reptiles?Boy, fuck cats.
You own fish?Fuck cats
You own rodents, fuck cats and also other rodents.

You own a dog?Fuck other animal owners
''kennel the dogs when not in use''
my dog isnt a fucking car you dimwit.I aint gonna restrict on his freedom to enjoy life.Also, what the fuck do you use a dog for, other then maybe feeding them with the remainings of you dinner or smth.
You know this thread made me realize that the shitty owners are the ones who should be shot rather than the animal. >>2051878 And you are a prime example of why.
My cat Zeus, who I have had since I was a child liked to lay in the warm grass near the road on the corner of the lawn. It was a quiet cul-de-sac type winding road that only residents went up and down. Lots of younger kids so parents put up a 10mph sign on the road. Some asshole that lived at the end of the street always sped up and down it. He almost hit a kid on a bike one time and the father got pissed and made speed bumps about every 100 feet. Fucker still sped. One day after I had got home from school Zeus sat on my lap very calmly while I did home work. For an older cat he was normally very active, like to jump around and play with the balls and the younger cat I had (Little Lady) so this was somewhat unusual. After I got up he meowed at the sliding door to go out to lay in the sunny spot. About 5 mins later I heat that fuck come up the road and hear him ramp the speed bump and tear up my yard going around the corner. I go outside to see how bad the grass got torn up because my stepdad just resod certain parts of the yard and was going to be pissed. Saw Zeus laying completely still where the treads went through the yard.

"Zeus, you okay buddy", he didn't move.

Walk over and pick him up. Blood coming out of his nose and mouth, his chest is all fucked up. I was so upset all I could do was sit there holding my Zeus. I carried him to that guys house. He was currently spraying off his tires and the front of his car in his driveway. I asked him if he hit Zeus. He told me to fuck off.

Went home and burried him next to his brother BoBo who died of cancer the previous year. Told my friend, whos little brother was the one that almost got hit, what happened. We tell the whole neighborhood what happened. Me and a couple other kids egg this fucks house almost every other day for a month. Parents with young kinds go crazy and say shit like "if he hit a cat he's going to hit our children!". Guy moved soon after.
I love both cats and dogs, and have owned both in my life. I am currently training a German Shepard. I have little to no sympathy for owners who cannot train their animals. Training your animals protects others, yourself and your animals from inconvenient habits all the way to violent habits. If I neglected to train my dog not to jump on people and he decided to jump on someone who saw it as a threat and they injure my dog I have no one to blame but myself. If I know my cat destroys other people property (if I even let it be an outside cat) and I don't do something to stop that from happening I have no one to blame but myself if the cat is treated like a pest.

Owners who know that their dogs can be aggressive but do nothing (training, leash, keep it in a fended in yard) to keep their dogs from fucking with other animals or humans can suck a big fat dick when that dog gets treated like the threat it is.

Cat owners who let cats be destructive assholes have no one to blame but themselves when they ignore complaints and their cat gets fucked with.

Train your animals not to be dicks. If animals still act like dicks, contain them. They are your responsibility. Not your neighbors, you. The animals reflects its training, you are the trainer.
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I love snakes, and I still understand that keeping 15ft pythons and hot snakes is a bad idea.
People using the working dog/hunting dog/natural excuse is just to lazy to train their animals not do to that shit and wants to cope out of it being their own damn fault.

Trained hunting dogs do not attack unless given direct orders if properly trained. The same for working dogs. Animals with high prey drives need training to keep them from killing everything that's smaller them them, its your responsibility as the owner to train them. Its your fault when your fucked up animal attacks something because you were to lazy to train it.
You haven't read a single thing on training animals have you. If you know your dog is aggressive you need to take appropriate measure to ensure that others are not exposed to that aggression. Whether that be better training or crating/containing the animal. What if that was a child. You'd be fucked, your dog would be put down for being a violent attack animal, you'd be sued.

Also you can call animal control to trap the cats, hell you can legally trap them yourself, if they are harming your animals you fucking idiot.
This person, who is a known murderer, isn't an car you dimwit. I'm not going to restrict his freedom to enjoy life.
Yeah. I didn't get to name them. I couldn't even talk when we got those cats.

Why do these types of threads always attract these rugged, hard-bitten naturalists (i.e. dumbfuck rednecks)?

A dog killing a cat isn't a sign of aggression, it's a sign of it being a dog. A cat is not a child, and if the child was on my property without permission it wouldn't be my fault anyways and nothing would happen to my dog. Keep desperately reaching, catfag, you're not scaring anyone.
I have two dogs
I remember once the little dog killed one of my rabbits that got out of its cage
While the other wouldn't hurt a mouse
I remember being devastated
Kicked it like a ball
New to /an/, like just within the hour.
But i got a few stories.
>be 4 or 5
>have brother and sister
>each have a hamster
>brother doesnt care for his it dies.
>my hamster shared his cage with my brothers so it had it by itself leaving my sisters to a small 2ftx2ft cage.
>sisters hamster had white fur and red beady eyes.
>those fucking eyes.
>only had hamsters for abit prior
>sister goes to feed it
>bites her, draws blood
>mom takes care of sister
>dad goes to feed it
>bites his hands, draws blood.
>tries to feed it continously being bitten for like 5 minutes.
>eventually get it fed and my sister names it Devil.
Motherfucker was evil!
>be awhile since we had the hamsters.
>got a set of tubes for hamsters but for my hamsters cage
>first time with my sisters in my hamsters cage so i was real close.
>they start climbing through the shit and loving it.
>sisters hamster only goes up the tubes that were 6inches up or so.
>one 2ft tube that goes up.
>mount fucking everest for the hamsters
>sisters hamster tries to go up it, cant.
>gets mad at my hamster which cant really climb well.
>my hamster could barely go up the 6inch tubes.
>devil chases my hamster around but doesnt bite it
>chases my hamster towards the 2ft tube and he climbs all the way up to the 'observatory'
Fucking bully man
I'm not the person you're replying to, but lol, you're really shit at training dogs. Hope you don't take it hunting, or you might lose it when it runs off without you ordering it to
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Not the first and not the last time my cat does this. It breaks my heart, desu senpai. Hopefully, I saved this one in time. Doesn't seem to have any serious wound. Little guy can't keep his equilibrium while walking, but I put him in a cardboard out of reach from my cat and I'll see in a few hours if it is only shock. Otherwise I'm not sure what to do...

>I put him in a cardboard out of reach from my cat and I'll see in a few hours if it is only shock.

You need to make sure he has access to food, water, and safe nesting material (like hay).

Mice need a steady supply of food and water.
Not like I was going to keep it as a pet, m8. Left him like that for 30 or so minutes and he was just fine, so I released him. Was more concerned if he was badly wounded or not, since I'd have had to put him out of his misery then. But anyway, I was right, poor fellow was so shocked that he couldn't move. Glad he wasn't wounded or anything. My cat has already killed its fair share of mice, squirrels and small birds.
...your dog died and you buried him in the old Indian burial ground next to your house, didn't you? DIDN'T YOU?!
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>sausage party hamster cage

Hamsters, especially Syrian hamsters, do best alone. Keeping even two together is a bad idea.

The reason pet shops keep multiple Syrians in one cage is because A: It's more cost-effective and B: Those are young hamsters and they haven't gotten that territorial yet.

A hamster is at heart a solitary animal who hates other hamsters.

Dwarf hamsters are a POSSIBLE exception.
if the cats were in your yard then it's not your, or the dog's fault when they get killed. what the fuck do people expect when they let their cat outside?
one day my cat jumped on my beagle's back with its claws out while the dog was chewing a bone. the dog was faster than the cat, grabbed it and threw it, pounced on it and was holding it down and pulling on its head when i separated them. the cat had a seizure then hid behind the couch. brought the cat to the vet, it had a fractured skull and multiple broken ribs and other internal injuries. they said the cat probably wouldn't wake up from the anesthesia they used to examine him, so that was that.

the cat was going to live with my uncle that weekend because he was fucking annoying. apparently I'm not a cat person. He got along fine with the beagle otherwise, they would sleep in the same chair together and chase each other around. the dog really seemed to miss him for a few day, but I didn't.
>can be held legally responsible for the deaths of those cats.

not if the cat was trespassing on his property. at least in the US your dog generally has the right to kill other animals on your property. in some states people can even kill other people who are trespassing.
this is why we need to build a wall.
Friend if you don't want to run the risk of having a cat that goes into other peoples yards killed either by dog, predator, homeowner, or automobile then you should not let your cat outside.
I don't understand how it is acceptable to turn your animal loose to fuck up other peoples back yards and devastate local wildlife just because it's cute and it sometimes responds to mittens.
>Have two mice
>Both females
>Name one Travis, and one Bob, because the old lady in the Beavis and Butthead movie calls them Travis and Bob and she was stupid.
>The white one is Travis (blonde like Beavis)
>The black one is Butthead (black like Buttheads hair I guess)

>They are inseparable. They eat together, sleep together, play together, run everywhere together, hide from me in the same spot when I try to pick them up to clean their cage. They have a little nest they built together that they sleep together in.
>Travis acts a little like Beavis, doing stupid shit to her housemate and despite the fact there's a huge bowl of food, always has to try to take the food from Bob. Bob doesn't really retaliate, and just gets more food that Travis proceeds to take again.
>They have a nice little cage with two levels, and a little tube they go up and down effortlessly where their food bowl is to keep them getting exercise. They love running in their wheel and it's funny seeing them go at it constantly. Travis always gets in with Bob and tries to run the opposite direction.

>A year passes, they are still doing quite well. No issues at all.

>6 more months pass.
>Travis dies overnight at 1 year and 6 months old for no reason. She's just dead in the tube that Bob uses to go up and down for food.

>Bob seems alright.

>She's sleeping next to the corpse in the tube.
>I didn't realize Travis was dead for like a day.
>I have to clean the cage out.

>When I put Bob back in without Travis, Bob FREAKS THE FUCK OUT. She starts running all over the cage, going to the tube where Travis was, running back and forth, going up and down the tube, stopping in the tube, looking in every corner of the cage, looking in the nest, looking in their igloo. She keeps going around the cage over and over.

>She sleeps on the other side of the cage that night, and continues the freakout the next day and the next day.

>She finally stops freaking out, and finally settles down.
>She gets really sick out of nowhere about a month later. She can't stand up, and is just pushing herself around on her side. I have to put down by her head and hold the water for her so she can drink.

>Gets really bad for a few weeks, she can't go up the tube at all and I have to keep putting food by her and giving her water by holding the water bottle over her face.

>Suddenly gets better. Can move around again. She is climbing up the tube again.

>Dies overnight the next day.
Foxes take rabbit skulls and if possible deer skulls to their hiding place. The brain is easy to acces and is one also a priotized snack by foxes. And your dog
We don't speak, I was four when it happened and I am now 21.
He tried to reconcile a few times but my last word to him were that I would shoot any dog of his that put a toe into my property.
Sounds like a bit much but my pet were always like my children and seeing my cat get ripped apart was probably the most trauma thing to happen to me.
Mate it could be the best bred and trained dog in the history of dogs and it could still happen. Never allow your dogs and cats to interact unsupervised.
Its still a dog, it can get a random brain spark and tear your cat apart, it might never happen but there still a chance.

I've seen dogs who were best friends with a cat for 10 years just wander in and drag the cat off a couch while it was sleeping and rip it apart as if it was just giving it a casual hello.
You can't trust any animal.
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pic related.jpg
35 KB, 400x240
By the way heres what my dog looks like, is he ok?
I would've done a lot worse to his stuff than just egg his house.
>Mom likes rabbits, have one for a few years
>Lived in a cage inside (Wire cage with plastic floor tray that slid out)
>Me and my brothers have to take turns cleaning its cage
>Bring the cage outside, basically we'd slide the bottom tray out, rinse it and let it dry, and in the meantime put the cage on the grass
>Also have a chocolate lab, she never really bothered the rabbit though, they'd just smell each other a bit through the cage
>One day one of us doesn't put the door latch all the way on
>Go back to finish cleaning the rabbit's cage after an hour or 2
>Dog was near the door, when we open it she bolts off towards the side of the yard, see cage is open
>Dog comes back carrying the dead rabbit by the nape of the neck
We don't really know what transpired, but we came to the conclusion that our dog probably didn't mean to kill it. Dad's best guess was that our dog chased the rabbit around (Since she likes to chase animals) and the rabbit's heart just couldn't take it. There wasn't any visible blood though, nor bite marks and she hadn't been eating it (As she normally does when killing squirrels, raccoons, and birds)
How come no one bats an eye when dogs kill wildlife but fly into murderous rages when cats do? I get that outside cats kill more often, especially since they roam but still. It happens a lot.

Also, when an indoor-only cat accidentally escapes, is wandering around, and is shot by a neighbor, it's justice; but when a dog gets out, is being a menace by attacking livestock or whatever, and is shot, it's murder and the shooter needs to be skinned and boiled alive?
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