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Go on petfinder and find the one bby you'd actually want to adopt.

Meetin' and greetin' this big loaf of hair within the week. Thoughts on breed mix? Seems Irish Wolfhound-ish, he's 100+lbs. They're saying he's mixed with Great Pyrenees which idk where they're getting that from but yeah. His name is Amos, which idk what I'd change to if I actually got him. Something Irish or appropriate for such a big scruffy dog. All in all I just want to show off how big and cute he is.

For those who know about my dog-search, the other dogs I was looking at were apparently not meant to be after I got back fro. The Weimaraner/Lab mix found a really nice home and the bushy-tailed retriever mix won't text/call me back.
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>not meant to be after I got back fro
from a road trip*
A friend of mine has a Scottish Deerhound and his face seems really similar, but maybe that'd be true of a lot of the big sighthounds. Cute pup.
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Whoops, I forgot.
Her name is Potato.
Aw, I love that name too

On a different note, I just saw this crazy shit, pic related:
>Great Dane Aussie Scam

Found this cute St. Bernard mix. Ugh, OP you're making me want to go adopt a pup.

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Tfw no cute mutt named Peanut in our life.
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>other pets at this organization
>oh holy shit
Those teef
I would never adopt some peasant dog from craigslist
I found a QT named Big Guy and I was gonna pick him up for the memes but he was taken right before me ;_;
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Husky/basenji mix. My brother actually adopted her but she was way too dominant and didn't get along with his other dog unfortunately
So he returned her. In case that wasn't clear..my bad
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Whenever I find myself bored on the internet, I go to craigslist and flag every single obvious BYB/puppy flipper I see. There's currently a butthurt rant in my local craigslist section right now.

Feels good man.
Oh hey I posted that qt in the last petfinder thread. Has he been adopted yet? Petfinder doesn't load on my phone.
I tried really hard to convince my friend to adopt him but she was out of state for awhile. I wanted too but I'm already at my three dog limit.
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I'm picking this little guy up on Wednesday. Pembroke Welsh Corgi.
He's still there on petfinder, so I'm guessing he's still up for adoption
:/ that's kind of mean, you don't know for certain who's a puppy flipper or if it's really someone who doesn't have time for the puppy anymore and just wants to get like half their money back. It's likely that you've prevented sweet dogs from going to good homes with people that really do have the money to shell out on a dog.

For example, the current flag battle on my local one has prevented a qt chocolate shar pei from getting a home:



Some people just don't want to take their pets to a shelter, so instead of making them wait in a house where they are not wanted just let them be sold to someone who does want them. :| Shit happens, you can't save all of them, dude.
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Another one of my petfinder faves, Drummer.

I was wondering why I recognized a dog that is so far from me lol, yeah, he's still there.
>tfw you will be the happiest anon in the world tomorrow
I want that happiness anon ;-; I want to scoop up a qt pup and take him home forever.
So petfinder would be better?
>I want that happiness anon
It's a bittersweet happiness, because my first corgi just died very recently after being hit by a car.
How did you get so lucky! I've been looking for months for a corgi baby and they just never show up.
Looked up on their actual website and the poor guy is still up for adoption.. At least he's in a foster home but something caught my eye on his page.
>Hero has gotten along with every dog that either lives here or has come through here…which is quite a few, all except one. And that one is my Boxer, Bear. For some reason, Hero does not like Bear…Hero told the pet communicator that Bear smells. Ha! Bear is really laid back and wants so badly to be friends with Hero but it’s just not happening. >The pet communicator said Hero has a fun personality and is very humorous, which is true.

What the fuck is a pet communicator? A physic for dogs? For fucks sake I hope someone can adopt this dog away from these people. He's better off in a foster home and all but I don't trust someone who goes to a 'pet communicator' for advice.
A pet psychic, or animal communicator is a person who claims to communicate psychically with animals. Some pet psychics claim to communicate with long-dead animals, while others can be characterized as animal communicators or animal psychologists.
Meant for this guy. Posting on my phone sucks :p
Seems like a weird thing to include in a dog's description.
I'm sorry anon :( at least you'll find some happiness in a cute happy pup.
That's what happened to me with a weim/lab mix I really wanted, but the rescue owner said he went to a "terrific home". :c It just wasn't meant to be, anon.
Their puppy is their property, they are free to do as they wish, as long as it us not overly crule,
and you are abusing the flagging system
byb detected

you're not allowed to sell or breed dogs on craigslist, period. this is to prevent bybs and puppy flippers.

> It's likely that you've prevented sweet dogs from going to good homes with people that really do have the money to shell out on a dog

people who "have the money to shell out on a dog" won't be doing it on craigslist where there is no guarantee of health, temperament, or medical records.

>some people just don't want to take their pets to a shelter
why? dogs are just as likely to be adopted from a shelter as they are on craigslist--if not more likely because then they'll get the shots and spaying/neutering that they need. I've never seen a dog on craigslist that was spayed/neutered and, if anyone DOES mention shots, it's to say that they don't have them.

>just wants to get like half their money back
there's not a person on this damn planet that actually gives a fuck about their pet that would, if they had to get rid of their pet for a legitimate reason, have getting their money back on their mind.

a rehoming fee for a dog is not $600. a rehoming fee does not net you a profit. when you see someone put up an ad for an 8-week old puppy on craiglist saying there's a $400 rehoming fee, that person is 100% without a doubt a BYB.
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I know bully breeds aren't popular around here, but this poor guy had an embedded collar and I wish I could take him in.

You live near me and I don't know if that scares me or not.
I'll agree with you on the last sentence, but a person selling a dog for $100 isn't trying to make bank with one puppy.
Aww ;-; poor baby
I don't think anyone on /an/ is scary. I don't think I'm scary. I'm meeting the dog I first posted tomorrow morning in Charlotte, though. I'm so excited. c:
I didn't say I was flagging people for hundred-dollar dogs, though. I flag obvious BYBs and puppy flippers.
Yea that's why I didn't say anything about the rest of your post. I went on my local one and noticed quite a few. Still tho, meh.
Related to the thread, is it okay to rename adopted dogs?
Google says yes because of bonding but I want second opinions
rescues and shelters in my state have a bad habit of picking really weird names, or in the case of litters, themed names

my dog was named purcell joe when I got him. that's a fucking stupid name. of course, he was a puppy and didn't know his name at all, so it didn't matter because he was still learning everything at that point.

with an adult dog it'll take a little longer for him to learn his new name, but there's no harm in it.
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