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Most pain an animal has ever delivered to...
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Share your stories as well
I got kicked by a donkey in Ecuador
it hurt a lot
I was stung on the eyelid by a wasp.
Never been badly hurt by an animal, but my cat can't retract her back claws fully, and there have been a few times now where she stepped on my toes and a claw stabbed me under the nail bed.
Had a tiger carry me off by my legs. That was scary. The locals killed it and are it.
accidently stepped on a wasp nest and injured my leg so badly I couldn't run away when I was a kid.

looked like quasimodo for 2 weeks.
You still do :p
im fine.

my right eyelid looks a bit weird due to an accident, but I'm covered in scars for that matter.
Got jumped on by a llama when I was 10. It was pretty scary. I got a concussion and had foot shaped bruises on my back. Some idiots car backfired and spooked the poor thing.
A Queen Triggerfish bit my hand through a glove. It left some deep but really thin cuts and stung in water or when touched for a few days.
Don't forget the hump back and bell in your room
Got bit by a rabbit once, that was weird
A chihuahua bit my right hand and I discovered those things 1) carry a mean bite for their size and 2) they have teeth like surgical needles
Mother's friend's chained GSD bit me under knee when we came over for the first time. I was told it was me with my fear who spooked the thing. And really, I remember how with every second of me hesitating to enter their damn yard it became more and more berserk until the woman holding the dog by the collar couldn't keep it in place anymore. Probably fucked up grammar, but whatever. Makes me wake up really early for jogging because fuck dogs, I still fear them.
I sat on a nest of carpenter ants
the swelling didn't go down for a full month
When I was little, like maybe 6 or 7 years old, a bigass pittbull would regularly escape our neighbors yard to hop the fence into ours and play with our dogs
before you start thinking that, no, he didn't attack me. He was really friendly and playful, and what happened was way funnier.
one day a huge ass branch had fallen off the walnut tree in the yard, and he'd picked it up and was running around with it, managed to clothesline me with it.
Don't remember much after that, but apparently I had to be taken to the hospital for a concussion.
Ow fuck
Sounds bad to me
Let's all be glad we haven't been stung by OP's picture
Said to be the one of the worst pains we know.
Did they sting your pussy?
id on it?
it's a stone fish.
I accidentally stepped on a dead bee on the beach and the stinger got lodged in my foot. I got it out back at my hotel but it hurt like fuck to go all the way back.
When I was 8 I stepped on a fish skeleton at the beach. It hurt me mentally
poodle bit me right in the fleshy spot at the side edge of my fingernail when I was a kid. i remember that being pretty painful.

that's about it.
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bites too.jpg
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tarantula hawk when I was about 12.
I was running through the sagebrush chasing my cute cousin when I felt like something stabbed me in the hip. I slapped it and a black and red wasp fell out my shorts. Screamed like a little girl and ran to mommy. It swelled up like a softball and turned blue and green. Hurt like a motherfucker.

Other than that the usual yellowjackets and fire ants. One time I got stung by hundreds of tiny jellyfish in the Bahamas but that didn't hurt enough to get me out of the water. I've been bitten by triggerfish and stepped on urchins, but that's not bad.

I now like wasps.
was bit by a tortoise for pretending my finger was food as a kid. Holy fuck the pain.
When I was about 5 or so I was being a little shit and blowing on my cat and she reached out and clawed me right across the cheek. Luckily it missed my eye and healed with no scar. I totally deserved it.
My cat scratched me across the throat once as a kid. A light scratch and my mom told me I was going to die. So I sat around waiting to die.
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Animal: aunt's cat scratched my hand when I was four. No big deal really.

Insect: When I was 11 years old, I ran my canoe into some brush at the end of a lake and out came dozens of black/deer/horse flies. That was the same day I found out I was allergic to their bites. My right arm swelled up like a balloon. Thankfully I don't get throat swelling when this I get bitten, just lots of localized swelling that freaks people out when I show them. Still, I wouldn't recommend getting dozens of fly bites at once.

Kek, you have a good mom
insects are animals
I've had a few carpet pythons bite and constrict my hand...had a green tree python attached to my wrist for about 30 minutes before, via its teeth. a few parrot bites here and there. A sick panther chameleon once fractured its skull biting my hand...that was a sad day.
But which one was the most painful?
a bad parrot bite is always the worse, the cutting and crushing combined takes forever to heal. A few of the python bites can really damage connective tissue resulting in some pretty interesting swelling a few months ago I had a carpet bite the back of my hand and constrict my wrist, ended up with a 4 inch high dome of swelling on the back of my hand, I regret not taking pictures.

Parrot bites just take forever to heal, snake bites heal pretty quick by comparison.
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>moving from australia to interior canada for university
>go to the beach because I ain't gonna be seeing the pacific for a while
>go to popular beach, swim between flags
>feel the gentle lapping of waves lull me into a contented haze
>jolted out by extreme pain in my leg
>feel like I'm being electrocuted
>automatically start to panic
>friends help me get to shore
>blue bottle jellyfish (aka portugeuse man of war)
>have awful sting from my calf to thigh
>painkillers and cream for 2 months before it healed properly

pic related. not me but looked exactly the same. :(
I should add that apparently I had a bad reaction to the sting and it later became infected which is why it took so long to heal. Fuck Australia.
I was stung by a tarantula wasp when I was about 16 or 17. I remember just dropping to the ground and laying there for what felt like forever.

Absolutely the most pain I've ever felt in my life, getting shot was nothing in comparison.
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one of those got me while i was fishing on a sailingtrip in denmark.
caught dozens of them and i got careless over time.
they are the third most poisonous animal in Europe which is still not that poisonous or dangerous.
it hurt maybe twice as much as a bee or a hornet.
had to put my finger in hot water to denaturate the proteins of the poison.
pain was gone after 30 mins.
If you cool it down you will have to go to hospital though.
I get stung occasionally at Burleigh. Blue bottles suck. Wasn't as bad as that though.
Fire aunt when I was about ten on my left hand-fucking felt like getting stabbed with a knife heated red hot by fire. Also felt like it lasted half an hour when in reality was something closer to five minutes.

Accidentally stuck a shovel in a ground bee nest and got stung about 8 times in various places when I was about 20.

Got stung in the ear once by a giant fucking black bee.

Got bit by rottweiler on the arm when I was a teen.

You mean fuck yeah Australia.
I've never had a very painful experience, mine have been weird more than anything.

>feeding stingrays on vacation
>hold jelly stick between fingers while rays swoop over and slurp it up
>ray slurps up stick and takes my finger with it
>bit by a stingray
>surprisingly painful considering no teeth - hard plates clamp down on finger
>leaves weird grid pattern stamped on my finger
>happens again later
>don't like stingrays anymore

>looking to get ferrets with familia
>go to rescue place
>ferrets running around living room
>"there's one here you should be a little careful of"
>"which one?"
>woman looks around for problem ferret
>feel something furry shoot up pants leg
>bites me on the back of the leg and disappears
>"ow! jesus!"
>"yeah, that one"
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Probably just yellow jacket stings

>Be 16 on some stupid nature walk for a school trip
>The scout leaders blindfolded us and were leading us into the woods then we were to use a compass and map to get out
>Step on a log which crumbled apart
>Suddenly feel tingly all over my legs and getting stung
>Run into a tree because blindfolded
>some girl starts screaming too
>Take off the blindfold and try to get back to the clearing, but lost because blindfolded
>a group of us get back to the clearing
>I had over 30 stings, a few others had over 10.
>Scout leader reprimanded, my school canceled that program for proceeding years

I had been stung by a couple wasps before that but that sucked. I was actually sick from the venom, it made me drowsy. So fucking itchy for weeke
I don't personally have any experiences of merit, but I did see a lady get kicked in the face by a horse.

Holy shit, me too!

>Be younger, around 8 years old or so.
>Had stick, pretending it was a sword. We were poor as fuck.
>Hitting against hollow, metal pole in our yard.
>There was a fucking wasp nest in it.
>These assholes were not having the noise.
>For a brief moment, see a yellow/black striped ass in my peripheral vision.
>Fucker stung me right in the corner of my eye.
>Pain - 10/10 GOTY
>Rubbing eye frantically, feel something hard in hand.
>Eye was swollen shut for something like 2 days.

Fuck Wasps.
>>Rubbing eye frantically, feel something hard in hand.
Wasps don't lose their stingers m8
>>Hitting against hollow, metal pole in our yard.
>>There was a fucking wasp nest in it.
This happened to me at a tennis court (we weren't poor)
I would tapp the post and smack the wasps with my racket
I got unlucky and a wasp stung my arm
>be 14
>at the beach
>friend thinks it would be hysterical to drop a crab in my swimming trunks
>it pinches my balls
>just a prank bro XD
Fuck you Will
Got but trying to untangle the neighbor's dog from his chain in the rain.

He did it out of fear. A few months later and he's my best bud and flops over my feet for belly rubs.
I've been kicked, bitten, stung, slapped, scratched by more animals than I can count. Embarrassingly the worst was probably a baby goat who bit me so hard my fingernail fell off. Took 6 months to grow in properly because the nail bed was damaged.
attacked by a group (flock/pack?) of geese as a child. assholes.
A big ass (unfixed) golden retriever I was dog sitting the past summer knocked me over onto hard dirt and gravel and tried to hump me. Had a huge bruise for weeks
I literally do not understand this. They realize I'm human and can't mate with them, right?
Maybe he sensed you were in heat
>They realize I'm human and can't mate with them

the only reason dogs are considered smart is because other animals are even dumber.
Some sort of venonmous jellyfish. ER said some species of box jellyfish but I'm not sure since I never saw it and the fact it was in NJ.

Holy fuck it was so bad I chewed up the side of my thumb and arm from biting down on something to try and muffle all my screaming profanities. Was not my best moment walking into the hospital like that and telling them to just cut it off. At first it was a joke but man.. That shit hurt.
I lived near key west and would always get weird welts that would burn,sting, and itch whenever I swam in the sea grass. Pretty sure it was some type of jellyfish but not sure. Any ideas? And wth you talking about urchins hurt like a bitch!
I was on my period
They can smell that right?
Kicked by a horse, in the fleshy inner part of my thigh. I felt the muscles tear under the horse shoe. Ended up with a side plate-sized bruise that lasted for about 3 months, and didn't fade from black/purple for 4 weeks of that.
you're lucky it didn't kill you.
Thats why they tell you to hold the food through your knuckles you thick fuck
Years ago I was out in my backyard tossing a ball for my dog. I stop paying attention for a few seconds and she plowed into my legs at full speed and took them right out from under me.

I dropped straight down onto a rock and fucked up my tailbone. Did you know you've got a crap-ton of nerves in there? I was miserable for at least a month, and I still can't sit in one position for two long without feeling nauseating pain when I finally do shift position...

Also I sat on a yellowjacket nest, but I'd still rather do that than take another fall on my tailbone.
>weird wasp thing in my kitchen
>try to catch it and put it outside
>it stings me
>felt like someone took a hot poker to my arm
>never been in that much pain, and I've been stung by pretty mean scorpions
>taken to emergency room by friend
>later find out it was a pepsis wasp (tarantula hawk)

Seriously, fuck Arizona
my dog died
I woke up to a wasp in my sleeping bag, it stung me about six times, felt like playing a game of Operation trying to get out from the bag.
Mine was a tree python. It bit me on the arm just close enough to the wrist to get some of its teeth caught on my watch. This resulted in it trying to remove itself from the bite. Because it was stuck, it took a pretty decent amount of flesh and drawing a ton of blood because it's teeth were still stuck in me as well. 5 stitches.
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