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Help Identifying Type of Cat / Stray Cat...
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Does anyone know what kind of cat this is? I'm really curious since we found her outside as a malnourished kitten around a year ago. She could barely meow or speak since a bot fly larvae decided to fuck up her nose, but now she makes pretty chirping noises when I play with her, or when I pet her/give massages. She also chatters at birds and squirrels occasionally. Her fur is very soft, like bunny fur, and it grew out more in the winter.

If anyone wants to know anything else about her, ask away. Other than that, stray cat stories thread.
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What a gorgeous cat, glad to hear you have given her another chance at life! Sorry I can't say what kind of cat she is though.

I found my girl as a stray kitten as well a couple of years ago. She was 1.4 lbs with open wounds on her side and bad ear mites.. she basically looked like a skeleton with some fur stretched over it. The vet thought she was about 2 months old and didn't think she would have lasted a couple more days on her own. Now she's fat and sassy, living the good life. She purrs loudly and rubs against me if I hold her and sleeps in my lap all the time, but bites anyone else if they so much as reach toward her.
OP here. Thank you for sharing!

Mine had similar hardships when we first found her. Very skinny, fleas and two bot fly larvae; one in her chest and nose. She was only around 5 or 6 weeks. They thought she had a 50/50 chance. She's the sweetest thing.

Yours has beautiful markings! Seems like she really warmed up to you! Mine can't purr since the bot fly incident, but I can feel the vibrations sometimes. She has times where she gets cuddly, but she mainly loves to wrap herself around my neck like a scarf.
Domestic medium/longhair. Cute nose spot.
A guide that's almost 100% accurate. <10% of cats in the US are purebred. what few cats are purebred are almost always neutered and inside. It's very unlikely that you'll ever find a purebred or even a mix that isn't from a breeder.

>What breed is my cat?
>> He came from a breeder.
You'll know what breed he is.
>>He didn't come from a breeder.
He has no breed.
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She just looks like a mutt, and there's nothing wrong with that. Beautiful cat, OP, glad you gave her a good home.

>wife and I see black and white cat around apartment complex
>assume she's just somebody's outdoor cat
>one day last december, it's very cold and she follows us in while we're bringing in groceries
>painfully malnourished, filthy, flea-ridden, worms
>if somebody owns this cat, they shouldn't
>feed her, keep her in bathroom with a heater, water, bed etc overnight
>going to take her to the shelter in the morning, put her in the car to take with us, doesn't even need a carrier, cat with the sweetest most doesn't-give-a-fuck temperament you ever met
>"I guess they'll want a name."
>"How about Diane?"
>few minutes later
>"Diane is actually a boy."
>"Well he can't be Diane, then, how about Dave"
>no Dave is a retarded name for a cat
>start to bandy about names
>she says "Bob, Joe, Steve, Mort"
>cat's name is now Mortimer
>it's too late, we love him
>go back home

A pet deposit and a vet trip later, he was ours. Scanned for a microchip, no dice. It's been a year and you can still tell how happy and grateful he is to not have to be outside this winter.
>>2037552 here

My other cat's a special case, he's a purebred Nebelung with a defect (kinked tail) so he was put up for adoption (though a rescue group, which did it through a Petco) instead of used as a showcat. Fuck 'em, he's beautiful and sweet.

Incidentally, that breeder got shut down a few years ago for inhumane conditions... maybe he dodged a bullet.
Thanks, anon! I love to poke it gently with my finger. She sometimes makes a chirping noise when I do.
Appreciate the info! I don't mind what kind of cat she is. Just curious if any of you could identify her breed. Glad to hear you love your cat despite of the defect!
Thank you! Our family loves to help animals. We take care baby bunnies, robins, and finches every so often. There was no other way for her to survive since the shelter would've put her down right away, so we nursed her to health. It was worth every penny.
And, thanks for sharing! Mortimer's a really cute name.
My boyfriend found this furball as a kitten stuck on a pipe in his dad's garage in Norway. No sign of mama. He ended up adopting him and he is so friendly and purry. Loves to climb up into your lap and lick your chin and loves playing outside. It's hard to see it when he has the harness on but he has a rather impressive mane. At first I thought he might be a distant relative to a Norwegian Forest. Most long fur cats around where my boyfriemd lives look similar to him.
Gorgeous! I love the bottom left picture. He looks like a sweetheart.
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