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dog help/zero experience
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I have adopted this dog
This is my first pet so please anons out there tell me everything which you think i should know
_how many time feed him
-potty train or whatever its called for dogs
-bathing routine
Can anybody guess his age and breed, i think its Russian (don't know about this bc somebody left it outside my office building)
-he have many lices kind ov worms in his hairs
I am so excited all help would be really appreciated
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He is so cute like a ball of fur
Niiice :)
Take it to a vet. They will solve pretty much all those problems. Since it's a puppy and already has parasites, this is very important because parvo is a serious, very lethal and common condition with a low survival rate. Bite that in the ass immediately to prevent it, or if it does have it - the sooner it is treated then the more likely it will survive.

In the meantime, I suggest you buy puppy formula or goat milk if you can't find puppy formula(not sure where you are located so goat milk also might be hard to find). Do not feed it cow milk. I can't pinpoint what age your puppy is, but I'd say a few weeks old so it may still need to be bottle fed. You can try feeding it wet puppy food to see if it will take it.
As for what breed, I'd say it's a mixed spitz breed, or possibly samoyed though pink noses aren't very common.

>pink nose

I think maybe a Samoyed?
Thanks alot yeah i have googled and with comparison reach conclusion that he is samoyed
Yeah i am at vet he have given him some kind of subcut injectable and a fipronil spray
And you are so right about cow milk i had given him some earlier and he threw it up
I'll add more.

If you have dawn dish soap in your country, you can bath the puppy with that and it will kill off most fleas and lice(but won't prevent them from coming back). I am unsure what other brands could be safe for it and I would be wary about cheap, over the counter flea medications. There are many brands out there that can severely damage, even kill your puppy despite they are marketed to them. If you plan on picking up a product, make sure you do your research on it before using it instead of just using whatever the first one you grab.

>potty training
He is young so don't expect him to get it right awhile. He will have accidents. Some dogs just 'get it' while others have to be trained. Schedule his feedings and soon after, take him outside. If he uses the bathroom, praise him. If he ever looks like he needs the bathroom, take him outside immediately. Always do it first thing in the morning too before you play with him. Since he is very young, you will have to take him outside numerous times a day, and it'd be a good idea to take him out a few times throughout the night as well.

Also look into crate training, but don't use it as a punishment. This will also help with potty training at night, but again, you'll want to take him out to use the bathroom at night too.

He's a cute puppers, OP. I hope everything goes alright.
Can't thank you enough for all info.. yeah i have researched some products amd their safety so would buy cautiously...
Poor pup was so neglected...damn on careless ppl
I'm not OP but I have a similar issue:
If a puppy is separated from his mother when he's like 3 or 4 weeks how bad is it? I read puppies like this become aggressive and are rough like biting too hard. If so is there anyway to solve this problem? If there is how do I do it?
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Found this bastard sucking blood from my pup what is it??? I have sprayed him fipronil and handpicked most of his lices and fleas today
maybe take him to a puppy class/puppy daycare so he can socialize with other dogs and meet strangers
Some kind of tick. They are not a big problem in themselves, but they can carry several diseases. Read up on what you can encounter in your part of the world and keep an eye out for symptoms.

So that's all it needs? Interacting with other dogs? Can't I do it by myself?
Yeah found out that its tick and all diseases it can cause in humans.. i am so worried sick rn
You can but the puppy may only get used to you and be aggressive to others.

However, make sure to take it to the vet before you have it interact with other dogs, and be especially sure to get it vaccinated asap. One of my friends had a puppy that almost died due to parvo (which is contracted by the puppy coming into contact with animal feces/waste). We think she contracted it from their neighbors dog; thankfully she survived, but you really don't want to even chance it. Just take the dog to the vet as soon as you possibly can.
take the puppy to a vet. if they age them at under 12 weeks, don't fuck yourself and that dog up and surrender him/her to a rescue where they can be cared for by people who do this all the time, not someone desperately posting on 4chan for anwsers

plus contact animal control. it gives the highest chance of the puppy's old owner to be charged with abandonment
So how do I do it?
>don't fuck yourself and that dog up
What do you mean
1. Go to Vet. They'll give best advice on care and food.
2. Give it socialization. Meet lots of people and meet lots of other dogs. The other anons suggested doggie daycare. That'd be a good way to do it while you work.
3. EXERCISE. LOTS. The puppy is gonna be hyper as fuck because it's a puppy. Be prepared for what feels like an endless need for toys.
4. Pet shop sells some bitter tasting stuff to put on things that you may not want the puppy to chew on. If you don't have something that you can put away easily or he like targetting, then put that bitter stuff on it.

It's surprising just how much socialization makes a difference with pets in general. I have a cat that was feral as a kitten. I made sure he got fed whenever people came over. My friends are VERY loud. This started to get him thinking people = food. Now we have D&D sessions with 7+ people and he'll come out and get attention. It's the same with dogs, if they start associating new people and stuff with treats they'll be relaxed and pretty excited to see people.
puppies require around the clock energy and care. it's the equivalent of an infant. do you have money for vet care? food? toys? are you prepared to have sleepless nights until he's about 4 months old? and taking him out to potty every hour and a half or less? you aren't going to be able to leave him alone for long periods of time at this age, so if you work full time that's a problem. people spend weeks researching how to properly care and socialize the dog prior to getting one, just picking one up off the street to take on if you aren't experienced isn't smart at all. plus if he has a parasite problem, he's going to need even more care. plus if you don't socialize and train him properly, he could easily turn into an aggressive dog or have other behavior issues

give him to people who spend their lives doing that shit. it will be better for all involved
Yeah. Look up socializing a puppy
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