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How many times in your life have you had...
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How many times in your life have you had to euthanize a pet? I had my first encounter with blue juice this past year. It was rough.
I work a shelter, so a lot
Had 4 ferrets die last year, 3 were put to sleep. I wasn't able to be with any of them during euthanasia, but I'm not sure I would have wanted to.

When my cats pass away I'll probably have a mental breakdown and become the next person on Hoarders with a house packed with cats and freezers full of cat corpses. I mean, I'll be really sad.
I put down all my animals with a 7 round dessert eagle
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>blue juice
You know, I live in the states and have never seen euthanasia solution be anything but bright pink. Can't mistake it for anything else.

Not to derail; I bring this up because I have a vet buddy in Australia who told me once that their euthanasia solution is a different color, but I don't think it was blue. Where do you live?
I'm in the us and the two times I've had a pet put down, the vet used a blue euthanasia substance.
2 and about to be 3 maybe tomorrow. My 11 year old dog has dementia and he turns into a nervous wreck every night now if I don't drug the crap out of him with Valium. I work 12am to 8am when he is at his worst. I've been off work for x-mas break but have to go back to work next week and don't want him freaking out all night while I'm at work.
Sorry for your loss, OP. It's hard, but at least our pets can die with dignity this way.

When I was a toddler, my parents adopted two mutt puppies, who lived to be 17. Even though they weren't from the same litter, they were inseparable. Just this past spring we had to put them down, and it was really rough. They were in really bad shape and passed together.

Sometimes at my parents house, I hear the neighbors' dogs barking, and I get really sad when I realize it isn't my dogs.
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last year in february my dog i went to put down my dog that was 18 and suddenly was hanging on by less than a thread.

was holding her in the room waiting for the vet to come back with whatever solution or device they use and she died in my arms. literally died in my fucking arms. i can still hear the small whimper just before she went limp.
3 dogs, a cat, some small rodents.

Has anyone been allowed to be in the same room when they get injected? Even if I wasn't a nervous wreck, they always took them away and then brought them back. It particularly worries me with smaller animals with the whole heartstick thing, because I'd nope the fuck out and find a different place.
Australian that used to work in a vet clinic. I held lots of dogs while they were put to sleep since their owners either couldn't be there or didn't want to see it. I also had my own dog put down there in the same room I'd sat with so many other pets I didn't know while they died.

The stuff we used was bright green.
Wow, 18?? Was it able to move freely after it reached 14, or did it just start sleeping all the time like mine did?
Had to put my gf's friends dog down around august while she was out of state that I was babysitting because it apparently had lung cancer that had suddenly pushed enough to where the dog went from running and playing to not being able to pick its head up and being completely incontinent.
Gf ran over my 18 year old cat in may and I had to finish it off with a 20 pound weight.
When I was 12 my dog bit the mailman because he kicked at her and the state had her put down. Called him a nigger for the next year every time I saw him until he just started passing up our house.
Finished a turtle off some little porch monkey had tortured for god knows how long. It was like 2'x3' big and he had broken its neck with a stick and cut its tail off and tried to pierce its shell with a knife, I dragged it to the side of the road and shot it in the head.
Sister in law tried to introduce her guinea pigs to the neighbors huskies infront of all the neighborhood children because she thought they would act just like my akita and treat them gentle like a baby so I finished them with my boot heel in the backyard.
My friends wife's cat ran into his snake room when we were cleaing the cage out and about to feed the snake and jumped into the cage onto the snake trying to dodge our grasps, we almost couldnt get the snake to give it up since it was a 8' columian red tail and she never trusted my friend again, I didnt put them out of their misery but I helped bury them.
Moms best friends cat got torn to shred by a coyote while running about outside while she was visiting us so we rushed over there and they had me shoot it since they were going crazy.

Typing all this shit out makes me realize I've been a fucking harbinger of death for most of my life goddamn and most of them arent even my fucking animals.
Many times, but the saddest of all it was my lilĀ“ dwarf rabbitt, thing was with me for 11 fucking years, still feel sorry for the dude, but he was just suffering
Four dogs.
>First one gave a child an really bad bite I was a kid and "he went to a farm"
>Second one was dying of cancer so we put her down out of Kindness
>Third one killed some lambs so we put it down instead of risking having a livestock killing dog as our responsibility(You will get crucified in Ireland if your dog is traced back to you)
>And the final one was a dog who escaped out onto the road and got hit by a car. He had broken several parts of his spine and would never walk again.
This was when I was kid but recently about few months ago it was either put down my 16 year old cat or shelling out 300 euro to amputate her leg and risk her dying anyways.
Shes doing quite well.
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>Shes doing quite well



5-6 months before she died she moved like 80-90 year old, slept most of the day, and was kind of incontinent. she would move out of her bed to go but she couldn't move very far from her bed so we put her in the kitchen and completely covered the surrounding area with puppy pads. she ate enough though, right up till a week before she died. i didn't notice her moving any different until she was 17. i had to cut her walks in half because she was tired but other than that nothing.
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