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Help, cat acting weird.
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My cat started acting like crazy out of nowhere.
He was shaking and running away from people.
He won't let me grab him.
He is now hiding under a bed and extremely alert, doing owl-like movements with his head.
It came literally out of nowhere he was perfectly fine and then started acting like that.

No vet works today so I don't know what to do, help pls.

Pic unrelated, not him.
Catch him, throw him in a carrier, and find your local emergency vet. Sounds like he got into drugs or is having a literal anerism (stroke).

Nothing else you can do and you run the risk of your cat dieing.
Do you live with anyone else or have had visitors recently? He could have been abused by someone
No emergency vets where I live.

He was with me the whole time when this happened.
I think it may be kidneys again.
He was peeing blood a couple months ago and almost died according to the vet.
That time he was extremely sluggish though, now it's the opposite.
He is not peeing blood now but it's doing a weird "high pressure" noise.

Hopefully he'll be okay until I can take him to the vet the day after tomorrow.
What area and state do you live in?
Not in the US, we barely have regular vets here.

Now I think the cat may be poisoned, I noticed his pupils were constricted compared to my other cats and googled that it could be a sign of poisoning.

Fuck me.
Try to force him to eat some black burnt toast. Though, is it practical that he could have been poisened? Has he gone outside or anything?

Charcoal is about the only thing I can think of that absorbs poisons if your sure its that, but think of other causes first. You mentioned he's been sick, so if its something weird with his blood pressure and he's having a panic attack, put him in another quiet room and make it dark and warm for him.
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Here's a video of him if it helps.
His behavior is getting more erratic and he trembles when he gets up. He is not running away from me anymore.
Sorry for the bad quality but it's dark and the flash makes him panic.
Dude, I would call the vets office and listen to the voice mail and see if they have any on calls vets.
>black burnt toast
Thought I should elaborate, as some people don't understand how much you need to burn it.
I just thought it was funny you'd think burnt toast has the same chemical adsorbent properties as activated carbon.
Its just your cats time to go.

Grab it by its tail and swing it into a wall.
Well....considering my vet told me to give my dog burnt toast while he drove to my house on an emergency visit...ya, I did think it would work. Maybe not as well, but similar.

Besides, if OPs got no other options, it's better to try something then nothing at all. You don't gotta act like a jackass just because someone may not have as much knowledge as you.
How's you cat doin OP?
Now he has diarrhea.
I would say definitely been abused. Op just fucking admit you got pissed at your cat and now your scared as fuck. Hopefully the animal will be taken off you ASAP.
Well fuck...did you call the vet office and see if they have a recording for on call vets? Otherwise just try to keep him relaxed.
I hope the kitty makes until you can get to the vet.
I gave him an active charcoal pill and he vomited.
Should I give him another one?
Indoor or outdoor cat?
Is he wearing a flea collar or any other flea meds?
Try and look for anything that he might have gotten into.

Lastly, read
I think its rabies. shoot it before it bites someone
He is mostly indoors but he manages to escape from time to time. Never leaves the backyard though.
No collar and last flea med was like a month ago.

I thought about this but his pupils were constricted, not dilated.
Also vomiting and diarrhea were not in the rabies symptoms.
Charcoal can cause vomiting.
How is he OP? Did you get him to a vet?
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Not to hijack or derail the thread, but my cat's been acting a bit strange too. I don't think it's as severe as what the OP is talking about, though.

She just meows at me all the time even though as far as I can tell everything's fine. Her food's OK, fresh water, litterbox is clean.

She'll run away if I approach her and hide under the bed only to sprint out from under it if I stand next to the bed for a couple of seconds.

She doesn't want to be petted and I've kicked/thrown toys around, but none of them hold her interest.

What do you think, /an/?
I'll take him tomorrow to the vet but he is doing better.
He is not paranoid anymore and he is drinking water and walking semi-normally.
I gave him activated carbon in case of poisoning and amoxicillin on case of another kidney infection. One of those seemed to work.
Still won't eat though.
Your cat's been getting into anime while you weren't watching and is now trying to be tsundere towards you. Good job, faggot.
Why do you retards not just take them to the vet? It's like £50, big deal.
Hijacker here.

My cat's acting healthy and normal otherwise so I don't think it merits a trip to the vet. I was just wondering if this behavior signified something.
OP here, last update probably.
Cat is fine now, he is eating like a pork and acting normally.
He was getting spayed the 4th, so I guess I'll just wait till then to ask the vet.
Of course if there's anything wrong I'll take him to vet immediately.
I hope I never have to deal again with a pet getting sick on a holiday.
Good news, anon, but
What has science done
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