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What's the ideal girl? A non attention...
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What's the ideal girl? A non attention whore? a guy's girl? A manly girl? A girly girl? Why are American girls so confident and guys too? For me they all look perfect. I am Asian and I want to be good gf and have a good bf.

I see your posts about woman being horrible creature and mean and I want to be best girl I can.

I have personality disorder that I'm treating so right now I'm figuring out who I am or who I want to be.

Give advice and eye thank you.
please be in London
Not having a personality disorder is a good start to being the ideal girl.
I understand this is true ...

But I can not change what its a fact in my life.

am treating to get under control
Honestly you just have to be cute and not get fat.
That's pretty much it.
Also smile a lot.
No, but it means that you're never going to be the ideal girl. You've got a fundamental flaw that you can't change.
You seem like a good person (a judgment based entirely off of the things you said in this thread).

A girl who tries for herself, respects herself, and is confident in herself is what any decent man would want. An additional benefit to possessing such and knowing yourself will also help you weed out 4chan redpill fedoras.

You're on the right path, OP. Try to not overthink it.
>>16900171 thank you. But I don't want you say to be a doll I want to know how can I have a good personality. I know cute is important but is not all
Badass, European or Asian, healthy and fit, kind, not some attention seeking slut, humble, introverted, wise
-take care of your body, be as attractive as possible without surgical alteration
-minimal to no makeup
-take responsibility for yourself and your life
-be pleasant/have a good (or at least neutral) attitude
-have hobbies
-have skills
-culinary aptitude is a huge selling point
-have few male friends, do not engage with them one on one
-be assertive and unafraid to make your wants and needs known
-indecisiveness is unattractive
-coyness is unattractive
-feigned naivete is unattractive
-self reliance is attractive. have your shit together
-intelligence is attractive

this should be a good starting point. will provide more upon request
For me the perfect woman would be one who always stays 100% loyal to me. I don't care about appearance. Seriously, she could have a 2/10 horseface for all i care. I expect her to exercise and take care of her body, stay in shape and eat somewhat healthy, this is really important to me. Also if she can cook, that's a big plus. Loyalty is the most important.
>>16900502 thank you because this is what I want to know.

It's possible for me every one of this but I am easy making friends with boys because I don't hang out with too many girls and because of my interests (books, music, piano, languages or other things) there are more boys who compare to me and I am more comfortable talking to them.

Is that a bad thing? How do I become less shy with girls?
its not a bad thing until you have entered into a relationship. theres no problem with having male friends, but hanging out with them one on one when you have a bf is where some people take issue. this is because many women are not assertive or loyal enough (because they are addicted to male attention) to assert to other males that they are not interested/have a bf/etc. you can stop being shy around other girls by not comparing yourself to them. thats the basis of female jealously and insecurity (in relation to other females) in my opinion. have confidence in yourself, understand that you have just as much to offer as anyone else (more or less, i dont really know you so i cant say for sure). i think the fact that you are consciously trying to improve yourself is a good sign, and it is something that i personally find attractive in women. so take pride in that as well as your hobbies/skills. musical talent and the ability to speak multiple languages are huge, to me at least.
Ok, OP, ignore the fuckboys in this thread, they're only saying what they would like in a woman, that's irrelevant.

The most important thing guys look for in a girl is appearance. They may deny it, or say there are better things, but every fucking man wants a good looking girl. Every man has a standard when it comes to looks and a girl under that standard can only be a compromise. Obviously, not much you can do about that other than getting in shape. And never be a compromise, it won't make you nor him happy.

When it comes to personality it gets trickier, as it's mostly subjective.I can tell you what I like but that won't help you, as not every man likes the same things. One general rule to know is that men like to feel... well manly and if you help them do so they will certainly like you more. So we like a somewhat submissive girl. Men usually like to take decisions and lead. One of the biggest turn-offs for men is feeling emasculated. Also I think most men, or at least most of those seeking relationships like girls that are innocent and pure.. well at least how innocent and pure they could be in this day and age.
This won't apply to all men but to the majority. I know this may not be extremely helpful, but I can't give other general advice. We're different and we like different things, you will never be able to please everyone. And you shouldn't go out of your way to try to. Find someone who shares your values, who finds joy in what you also like and who likes you for what you are, don't try to pretend being someone else. Of course, I'm not saying you shouldn't try to improve yourself, but that doesn't mean you should try to change your habits and ideals completely because it will make you unhappy.
Thank you so much for the words you gave me. I will give more thought to them and try to make the best of it.

Have a great weekend

A good guy will like someone who's fun, shallow guys will go with floozy's who look nice on the outside and tend to be horrible people. You sound like a nice girl, try meeting someone through your friends, if he's a good guy he'll take a chance on you if you seem friendly, we're not all as shallow as this site might lead you to believe.
there is no one size fits all answer to your question. because everybody likes different things.

just be true to yourself
>yes intelligence is attractive to some guys
>dont be afraid to have a hobby or a skill
>have a life outside the relationship, if you are single embrace all that is good about being on your own.
>yes be friendly as you can
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>intelligence is attractive
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You're Asian and have no confidence? What's your name, qt 3.14?
Well I really love my girlfriend (she's asian too btw), here there are some of her attractive traits:

> Intelligent, insightful
> Talkative/Has conversation
> Has interests
> Loving, affectionate (touch, hug, caress your man randomly and you'll win his heart)
> Caring, considerate, empathetic
> Faithful, honest, transparent

My girlfriend has her insecurities too but its not so important honestly, just groom yourself, be open to meet people and you may find him :3
Good luck!
To me it is, I think dull girls are kind of a turn off
dumb girls are fine to fuck, but i wouldnt want to keep one around
perfect gf would be

>not being an attention whore or flirting with other guys.
>no guy friends
>staying thin and putting effort into your appearance
>have your own hobbies
>having maternal instincts and being parent approve
>be interesting and knowledgeable
Ideally both partners should be on the same level or as close to the same level as possible when it comes to:
- intelligence (not knowledge/wisdom, talking wit and the ability to reason here)
- sense of humor (people that take everything seriously probably best look for a SO that generally tends to take things seriously, and vice versa).
It's all about the ability to understand each other and those two things help *immensely*.

In general some leeway there is allowed, but if we're talking "perfect" - we're talking perfect :)

By no means an exhaustive list, just two sentences from me.

For me, pretty much what >>16900106 and >>16900767 said. Everyone has different tastes, of course, but I think those are very common and great characteristics both for an ideal girl and a great person in general.

About the "male friends" thing, please don't stop interacting with people you may like and making friends with guys just because you are scared that your bf could not like it. I would not care, and neither would the majority of guys, I think. Unless you are actually flirting with them, and I don't think that's the case, someone could have a big problem with it only if he is an insecure person.

Good luck, OP!
I switched >>16900903 with >>16900106, by mistake.
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