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Am I a bad person
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>In college
>5 roomies
>1 comes out of the closet
>closely cut all contact with him
>never talk to him outside of class or respond to him
>locks himself in his room for weeks
>missing classes
>apparently 'accidentally' overdosed on medicine
Im not really one to sympathize but I do feel bad that hes trapped in an environment he's unwelcome in. Not quite sure what to do here. I think he should withdraw now because it only looks like hes going to keep spiraling. What are my options?
What? Has he ever tried making a move on you? Haha, he just didn't want it to seem like a shock to you guys when he brought his gay friends over.
Hes really weird. Like fedora tipping weird. He doesnt really have any friends so he stays in his room all the time.

>what are my options

1: stop being a cunt
2: stop being a cunt
3: "accidentally" OD as well
Im not about to change. So advice for things that fit my personality would be useful.
>fit my personality
maybe you should take your own thoughts and your homophobic ways to realize you're a faggot
Nah, but is that your way of telling me to let things continue as is?
Guess I should add that I dont think anyone else knows about him being a faggot. Like he had a therapy sessions and Im pretty sure he bs his way through it because accidental suicide is taken really serious I thought. But he got away scot free.
Maybe you should examine why you feel bad despite the fact that you've decided to ostracize him. I know you want answers catered to you, but we can't do that if you don't know how you feel, or deny how you actually feel.
>Am I a bad person

Yes. Do something about it.
I only feel bad since someone I know is apparently suicidal. I dont actually care about anything else.
Show some empathy and acceptance. You are the one making it a shitty environment for him.
>Show some empathy and acceptance.
Im fine with just a little sympathy. Im currently thinking of just telling counselors hes suicidal and locks himself in his room and needs to be somewhere he cant do that.
Its like saying u as a hetero, would u fuck ur mom or sister? So u don't know for sure if he likes u unless he hits on u or fucking rapes u. GET OVER IT. PEOPLE CAN BE GAY. I don't see why ppl like u have problems with it. Tbh I kinda hate heteros.
It doesnt matter if hes into me or not. People can also overdose on medicine. Are you saying I should leave him be?
If u don't kill urself I'd suggest someone does it for all of us.
"Bro, my roommate is gay, he's socially awkward, he tried to kill himself. What a fuckin' loser. I kind of feel bad, but I'm not about to do anything because I'm a fucking closed minded individual. His life is affecting my life, even if he stays in his room all the time because we're all assholes" is what I'm getting from this.

OP is subhuman trash.
Not gonna happen, but he seems to be headed in that direction
>I'm not about to do anything
Did you even read the OP.
So what Im getting from this thread is to let him do his own thing. Should I start making excuses for when people ask me if he's had any suicidal tendencies or just say I got advice for 4chan?
>someone musters up the balls to come out of the closet for the first time
>your first response is to cut all contact with them because it somehow affects you even though he stays in his own room and doesn't make advances
>coming here and expecting a "you dindu nuffin" answer
>and then further going to say that even though you're the cunt that instigated it and you're not making any admission of guilt you're going to involve the counselors

The best thing you can do is stay out of his business, you've fucked up enough
I think I see now why he wants to kill himself, who wants to live with an immature bitch like u?
Id prefer if he didnt live with me either.
Part of me wants to do that. But then if he did actually kill himself itd be worse.
I'm gay too
I wouldnt care if you died though since you dont live near me.
You're either trying to save face or alleviate accountability, and shoving your nose into his business now will just solidify that

Cross your fingers and hope he talks to someone actually concerned for his welfare
Oh I dont care about either of those. They could be true or not. Doesnt really matter. Do you just watch people drown and hope someone else saves them.
I'm not the one who throws them into the ocean in the first place like you, so I wouldn't be able to answer that question

Go seek gratification somewhere else
So you would then. Guess thats what being a faggot does to you.

But seriously, any real suggestions out there.
he's just some random room mate, it's not your problem.

forget him and focus on your studies.
But why do you care if that person is someone that you despise, ostracize and don't want in your life?
It just seems strange that you would feel bad if someone you know were to kill himself, but don't feel bad when someone you know is suffering.
I have this crazy notion that people dying is bad. Sue me.
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So it's okay when they're in anguish because you act like an ass, but when they want to make the choice to an hero suddenly there's a problem?
Nothings strange about it. Death and suffering at remotely close to the same magnitude.
And suffering is, what? Neutral?
Are you saying suicide isnt a problem?
nothings wrong with my actions so I dont feel bad about that.
A response to being unhappy with a situation. Happens. Active vs passive induced suffering.
So death = bad. Suffering = neutral.
suffering=not my prolem
Is suffering good, bad or neutral?
could be any. Not my problem.
>Im not about to change. So advice for things that fit my personality would be useful.
>doesn't give any advice on his personality
>"Am I a bad person"

You are a bad person and you should fuck off this website right now. You're here fishing for (you's) because you have nothing better going on in your life. Proof of this is in your reply.

It's sad when people stoop to this level for attention.
Or you know you could answer the questions in the OP instead of wasting your time attacking me.
Did you really think you could hurt my feelings over the internet.
Well, my argument is that we can't give you advice if you don't know or refuse to acknowledge your own opinions on the matter. If you cant answer a question as simple as 'Is suffering good, bad or neutral' then we can't advise you.
>Or you know you could answer the questions in the OP instead of wasting your time attacking me.
>Am I a bad person
You're the one who asked if you're a bad person, don't get all defensive when someone gives you an answer you don't like.

Your other question is bullshit open answer fluff and we both know it.

>Did you really think you could hurt my feelings over the internet.
Anyone who has their feelings hurt online needs to get off the computer.

Fact, you're a bad person. Accept it and stop arguing the point, attention whore.
>is homophobic
>calls roommates "roomies"

Anon, it's okay of you're gay.
Try reading the OP to the end.
I wouldn't care if I does but I'd care if u did
I dont have an opinion on matters that arent my problem. It shouldnt be that hard to get.
>Im not really one to sympathize but I do feel bad that hes trapped in an environment he's unwelcome in. Not quite sure what to do here. I think he should withdraw now because it only looks like hes going to keep spiraling. What are my options?
>making assumptions
>Open ended bullshit fluff. We both know it.

You're a bad person, accept it and stop being defensive.
If Im gay, then does that mean I should kill myself.
never answered the question. Didnt expect much from you though desu senpai
Oh, don't worry, I get you Anon. Have fun~
Why would I answer a question that's obvious bullshit fluff?

You're getting my attention which I'm sure you were expecting, be happy anon, count your (yous)
since i have your attention. Answer the question.
I'm not going to sit here and list your hundreds of millions of "options"

We both know what you're doing, you're so thirsty for attention you can't help but reply to me and everyone else in the thread.

What are you up to now, 16 (you's)? A new daily record?
You are free to do whatever you want for whatever reason you want, on the assumption that it doesn't actively impact another person.

His spiraling is his own issue.

I would ignore those guys calling you a homophobe or whatever.

That being said, I see no reason why you would ignore him to the point that it causes an issue. Talk to him if you're in the common area, sure. Hanging out? Maybe not if you don't want to.

fuck off

You can't live other people's lives for them. I don't think he would isolate himself from everyone just because of you.
Instead of being this salty, you could answer the question
No its not just because of me. It could be a combination of a lot of things. His family is very very religious so hes probably getting far more shit from them than anyone else.
But someones overdosing on medicine on the other side of a door right in front of me. Feels wrong to watch it happen.
I have, 5 times.

You're a bad person. Now what?
Nah you just are expressing some insane amount of butthurt.
>>1 comes out of the closet
>>closely cut all contact with him
>>never talk to him outside of class or respond to him
I'll withhold judgment on you in general, but cutting contact with someone you're living with is a dick move. At least have the decency to find another place to live.
>replying incoherently
Again you get defensive when faced with an answer. You don't have many friends do you?
You cant just kick someone out of your dorms. And if he gets a single who knows what will happen.
You could try answering the question instead of expressing this insane amount of butthurt.
If you're asking others whether or not you're a bad person, chances are you think you are (to some degree). How about you do something to fix it rather than begging for reassurance on 4chan, OP?

You'd be doing both yourself and this guy a service to tell him that you don't wish to continue to be his friend, and a disservice otherwise.

It was his choice to an hero, but not his choice to receive what he has from his 'friends.'

You all sound like terrible people. How about you better yourselves by being honest?
I'll answer for the 7th time now. You are a bad person. Accept it already.
>How about you do something to fix it rather than begging for reassurance on 4chan, OP?
Do people not read OP's anymore.
Calling him a friend is really pushing it. He might consider me a friend but I usually just see him as a guy I live with. And I feel bad because someone around me is spiraling out of control and Im not doing anything to help. Not for cutting contact with him off. The only need I see to better myself is to have the ability to stop someone from an heroing around me. But you seem to believe that its his choice. So there I guess we kinda disagree. Ill think more about leaving him to his fate though.
Im sorry but its more funny than anything. You are so determined to dodge the question so I assume it hits close to home or something. When someone this butthurt calls you a terrible person it doesnt really have any effect.

FUCK ME!!!!!!
I gave you advice;

>You'd be doing both yourself and this guy a service to tell him that you don't wish to continue to be his friend, and a disservice otherwise.
>You all sound like terrible people. How about you better yourselves by being honest?

Be fucking honest and forthcoming...stop with this avoidance bullshit.

If you want to be there for him (because of his suicidal tendencies) then fucking be there for him. Offer him a conversation. Before you do, however, set aside your judgments about his sexuality.

How is it not his choice to kill himself? If it's not his choice, then whose choice is it?
and fine, maybe I missed the 'friend' bit...tell him you don't want to live with him if he's going to be such an emu. Point being: be honest you nub.
Bro I dont want to be there for him. I want him not to kill himself. People make terrible decisions sometimes. Some should be avoided. When some idiot who cant swim jumps in a pool do you just watch.
>Be fucking honest and forthcoming...
>stop with this avoidance bullshit.
I dont understand how the latter doesnt satisfy the former. ive done nothing dishonest.
if you cut contact with a guy because he came out of the closet, then you must be closeted to fuck also
You are projecting too much. I dont want him to kill himself. I dont care if he lives there or not.
Thats quite the assumption. Does it make you feel better?
You have been avoiding him. Now you're crying to /adv/ about what to do, and justifying your actions thus far (even though you're expressly dissatisfied with them;
>Im not really one to sympathize but I do feel bad that hes trapped in an environment he's unwelcome in. Not quite sure what to do here. )

If you're fine not doing anything, then don't do anything. You don't seem satisfied with your situation currently though,,,so change it. How to change it? Talk to the person that's causing you distress...how is this complicated?

Either this or continue to be a passive fuck and move out and to another dorm. Talk to counseling and ask to be transplanted.
I answered your question, I'm not going to sit here and post hundreds of millions of "options" to your open answered question.

I'm yet to call you a terrible person, you asked if you were a bad person, I and many other anons have told you that you are yet you always dodge the answer. Look, even now anons are getting annoyed that you're refusing to take their advice.

This is me >>16899828 and I now change my mind, this is the saddest thread I've ever seen,
THEN TALK TO HIMSLDKF;ASDLKFJWAEL;IFJSDLFJLSdkfjl;aksdgjleiwjgalfk;bnaskgildafjl;kxajfl

GODDAMN, people like you make me want to kill myself.
>even though you're expressly dissatisfied with them
This is the point Im trying to get you to understand. Im dissatisfied mainly with his actions and my inability to stop his actions. Not the cutting contact part. I have no desire to have contact with him. But I dont need that to not want to see someone die. Are you people really that heartless to where you cant understand that.
>Talk to the person that's causing you distress
If it is a dichotomy between him killing himself and talking to him then I wouldnt feel any obligation to prevent his actions.
>Talk to counseling and ask to be transplanted.
Im going to assume you mean transferred. What exactly do you see me being transferred helping.
You cant post 1 option but you cant make a million replies. I cant help but assume its because you are so butthurt.
I dont want to talk to him. Only thing I have to say to him is
>stop trying to kill yourself
Which doesnt actually do what I want it to.
File: 1122334456.jpg (7 KB, 125x125) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>when you havent been using 4chan long enough to properly quote yourself
Seeing as how you've told me I'm butthurt so many times, I can't help but think you're projecting.

You come here for advice and won't take it, you're a strange individual.
You're really grasping at straws here.
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> nothings wrong with my actions
Yes, there are. He's your roommate. Gay, straight or an attack helicopter, it makes no difference.

Get over your own issues and go out for beer and wings with the guy. You won't catch anything, I guarantee.
So saying Im a bad person is advice now lol.
Butthurt is the logical conclusion from your actions. Why else would you come into a thread and not answer the OP.
>Yes, there are. He's your roommate.
I dont see the connection.
>Get over your own issues and go out for beer and wings with the guy.
definitely not
>You won't catch anything, I guarantee.
What would I be worried of catching?
>So saying Im a bad person is advice now lol.
It is when you asked if you were a bad person or not, scroll back up and read your subject since you've already forgotten.

How can you be this ignorant?

I've answered your question over and over again so have many other anons, yet you still refuse to accept any answer.

The only conclusion is that you're here for attention.
Or you can answer the question in the OP. Which youve been dodging this entire time to a hilarious extent.
>dodging a question that literally has hundreds of millions of different answers.
>cant even come up with 1 answer out of the hundred of millions but can make hundreds of millions of replies
Theres no way you arent buttblasted right now.
This place has really gone to shit. Not everyone has to like gays or lesbians, he has the right to his opinions.

All he is asking is how should he at least try to help this person.

My advice, just talk to them a little. Even if you don't want to, anything to keep them from offing them self.
I've already answered.

>being butt blasted when high on tramadol
Not possible anon.
Stop projecting.
Maybe I missed it. Can you point out one of your post where you didnt dodge the question.
File: 189456198189.jpg (47 KB, 650x366) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I can but since you completely ignored it the first time I won't till you admit you're a bad person.
Im really bad with insincerity. Like really bad. Mainly because I hate it. I get butthurt when I feel someone insincerely asked me how my day was.
>being this butthurt
Why am I a bad person exactly. I havent ignored a post in this thread yet to my knowledge. But it seems you just want to call me a bad person so I cant take you seriously. Its too funny.
>he has the right to his opinions.
Yeah, so do paranoid schizophrenics.
Why exactly would a person not be allowed their preferences.
File: loveanon.jpg (31 KB, 300x301) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31 KB, 300x301
> definitely not
Then yes, you are a bad person.

> What would I be worried of catching?
Some maturity for one.
File: wastedtime.png (92 KB, 644x273) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
92 KB, 644x273
>But it seems you just want to call me a bad person
I'm calling you a bad person because you keep asking me to answer.

>literally having to pause tokyo ghoul to quickly crop this for you.
>pic related, the question you can't seem to remember
Because they're in prison. That was an easy one.
Thank you for your input there. Not that it matters due to how butthurt you are. Now answer the main question. You know, the one that might stop someone from killing themselves. But it seems your priorities lie elsewhere. Which is why your opinion means nothing.
Well theyre not in the scenario given.
>still calling me butthurt
It's been 5 hours and your rhetoric continues, I just told you I'm not going to bother till you admit it.

>your opinion means nothing to me
>has replied to me within 5 minutes for the past 5 hours
About that c:
I dont want to maturity that involves taking cocks up the ass. You can keep that.
And why is not grabbing a beer with him make me a bad person. I dont see the connection there.
Hmm. Because they're going to inflict physical pain on someone.
>Its more important that you admit to me you are a bad person than advice on how to stop someone from suicide
You see, the only reason I think a person can have this stance is if they are absolute scum. The kind that need to feel validated over other peoples lives. Which of course their opinion is trash. Or they are so butt blasted that they think that their need for validation is more important than someone elses lives. In which case their opinion is also trash.
Either way its just trash. Im just waiting for actual replies while I laugh at you.
Short answer, you cant help them with the attitude and personality you have. The only options you are willing to pursue will result in a probable second attempt, or a success. You can move somewhere else, and his situation may improve with your absence.

Long answer, counselors cant help him if he hasnt sought them out himself and they will make it worse because theyve been forced upon him by an idiotic third party, involuntary commitment results in more suicides than it prevents. The only successful therapy is voluntary therapy.

There is no one you can tell, no one you can call. You are not his friend, and the environment created in the home when an active resident of it actively avoids you and obviously dislikes or hates you, is one that will make what should feel like a safe space, unsafe and negative, causing a downward spiral and a withdrawn state if they have no other place to go. This downward spiral ends in either extreme depression or successful suicide. The one thing you can do is leave, move out, go somewhere else. Do not stay in a place that is someones home and actively make their life worse by remaining in a place and pursuing actions that directly or indirectly cause them physical or emotional harm.

Staying there, and directly or indirectly contributing to his mental state by being an agitator makes you not only heartless, but complicit in suicide, morally speaking, because you would be part of the problem.

Source: Minored in psychology. But you wont listen to me anyway.
You can't stop someone from killing themselves. If they've already made up their mind, then their mind is made.
>pretending you care when you've said multiple times you don't
We both know you aren't laughing just as we both know this is a thread for you to get attention, if you are actually laughing, post a vocaroo and prove it.
>You can move somewhere else, and his situation may improve with your absence.
There are 5 of us and 1 of him. Moving out which is 1 neigh impossible without a really good reason would guaranteed make it worse for him.
So the alternative is to kick him out of the place. Which I wouldnt be able to do without a counselor.
Where have I said I dont care if he dies? Dont let your butthurt make you delusional.
Of course you can stop someone from killing themselves. I doubt his decision is made from a deep stoic resolve and probably based on ephemeral emotions.
Your actions speak louder than your words.

>rhetoric continues

>no vocaroo
Don't ever lie to me again.
Having him removed results in exactly what youd expect most likely.

So, in the long and short of it, you cant do anything. Involuntary commitment may save his life in the short term, but its never forever and he'll immediately kill himself when he gets out if involuntary if as bad as it sounds, permanent record and all that, plus all the stigma and shit that comes with to worsen a bad mental state.

I know you dont care, and you'll not feel a wink bad about it, but youve probably just killed someone anon. If he wont leave himself, kicking him out might be enough to push him over the edge, and I know from reading the thread you lack the empathy to do anything that requires being friendly with someone you dont like.

He's either going to save himself, or kill himself, and with the options you have shown yourself open to, there is absolutely nothing you can do that will improve his situation whatsoever, all you can do now is make it worse for him to make yourself feel better, and that choice is ultimately yours.

Just note, if you do call a counselor on him, that blood paints your hands because it'll be what drove it there. Understand that to make yourself feel good, you very may well kill this person, and then do whatever you are going to do.
Already now you are actually wasting my time with low quality post like this so dont expect a reply unless you spark my interest somehow. Im hoping you find a way to though. Id be bored without you.
>dont expect a reply unless you spark my interest somehow
You'll never stop replying to me. You're an attention whore who has had his question answered by multiple anons but still sits in his thread after 6 hours.

It's sad that you spend your time like this.
I have a very different opinion. Id rather try and fail than do nothing and watch him die. So Ill probably go with the counselor option.
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Okay that butthurt response was pretty good. I need to express my laughter at it.
>lying to me again
Do it over vocaroo.
Then congratulations, you're a murderer. Have a nice day, I said and did all I could.
File: image.jpg (55 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Tell me, anon, how do you stop someone from killing themselves?
Not so good. You did it before. I know you can keep me entertained anon. 1 more shot.
OP is the gayest gay that ever gayed

Come out op
eh Id call myself a murderer if I just watched and didnt do anything. So this way I dont have anything to feel guilty about.
>Grasping for straws.
well since they dont have stoic resolve, medicine and restricted freedom to kill themselves is pretty effective. Now if we are talking stoic resolve and not ephemeral emotions than its pretty much impossible without forcing a feeding tube down their throat.
>OP is the gayest gay that ever gayed
How do you even conclude this.
also, how exactly is it empathetic
>to do anything that requires being friendly with someone you dont like.
Ive never understood this mindset of how empathy is supposed to dictate your actions.
op i know calling autistic people is a meme here, but you are def autistic or on the spectrum.

you have an inability to empathize with someone

like all of the advice in this thread was solid but youre ignoring all of it.

again, not a meme or a joke, but you need therapy.

that's my advice. get help.
Can't help these people. They're just made this way.

We've got one on a trial run at work, and he is so socially stunted it's a pain to be around him.

Glad I'm not the one to tell him to fuck off since he's not getting a job here. All three weeks he has been talking non-stop how much he wants a spot with us since we are so nice.
How exactly can I not empathize with someone. I feel empathy. I just dont see how you people correlate empathy to action because theres no part of the definition of empathy which dictates actions taken.
Yeah but I think the school admin have a better shot than me.

why did you cut contact when he came out?
File: senjougahara.png (31 KB, 200x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31 KB, 200x200
Because they're just random people on the internet who don't understand what they're talking about, not psychologists.
He wants gays to kill themselves even when they haven't made a move on him, so that their mere existence doesn't make him uncomfortable
How is this your problem? Just stop feeling bad.
>implying psychologists know what they're talking about
>Implying consciousness is not subjective and anybody except for the individual knows what they're talking about

We're off-topic here, anyway.
I have 0 desire to interact with him and would prefer not to interact with him when given the chance. aka outside of class.
yeah it seems so

but was it because he came out? or you already planned on not interacting with him before he came out?
That logical leap is pretty impressive. Even more impressive how you leap from there to >>16900242
Id feel bad if someone unrelated to me were drowning in front of me and I did nothing.
File: 1396863674325_big.png (312 KB, 1024x576) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
312 KB, 1024x576
>implying consciousness is anything more than electrical impulses in your brain
Coming out was definitely part of it. Only made me find his personality even more unappealing.
File: latest.jpg (51 KB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
51 KB, 500x281
>Implying that statement does not deconstruct the concept of consciousness to the point where it is not relevant to this discussion whatsoever
File: fafae.gif (531 KB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
531 KB, 500x281
>implying I care about the relevance of my posts to the discussion
>Implying a single person in this entire thread does
File: f9ng6KT.gif (939 KB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
939 KB, 500x281
I dropped this shit after Ougi showed up
I haven't made it that far yet, it seems good so far which is suprising since I'm not big into harems or shows with a lot of fanservice.

Does her appearance fuck up the show?
That's what they all say, every politician that shouts for death of guys and then are caught trying to get gay hookups. Op is just bothered because someone else has the guts and it makes him uncomfortable so to shelter himself and his fragile ego he torments this guy. Classic closet case.
Of gays*
>Classic closet case.
These logical leaps are something else.
Sure they are. Remember to write us a card from narnia
>everyone whos anti-gay is gay
Are you serious right now.
Give me an example of someone that didn't turn out that way
You found 16. Are you serious. You know how many people in history are anti gay
And they all turned out to be ashamed of their cocklust to try and hide it behind hate. Classic. Normally people don't care, maybe they are irked by stupid parades but when you go all out you are masking something. This always happens
Man those logical leaps. To blatant.
Just physically restrain or keep 24/7 surveillance on him if you don't want him to kill himself and if you don't want to be part of his life.

Because there is no chance of you, barring infringing on human rights, to get him to not kill himself but to also not be in his life.
>I wanna stop a guy from killing himself
>but I wanna do absolutely nothing to stop him from killing himself

So is this one of the elusive bait threads I always here about.
If the only method you can come up with is 'talking to him' for extended periods of time instead of a guided conversation, then theres nothing I can do. But theres supposed to be millions of options Im not seeing here.
thats why you put other people in his life like a counselor.

So counselor yay, nay. Hes already lied to one but I feel like I can convince them otherwise.
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