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How the fuck do people do 9-5 office jobs?

You get less than four hours a night to attend to your personal affairs, and almost every major company in Australia is paying monthly (seriously... what the fuck).

So not only do you have to be super careful with your spending, you get fuck all time to enjoy yourself. This is literally living to work; not working to live.

Can anyone explain to me how to make the most of this? Because the chunk of my day that get's wasted is starting to affect my mental well being.
that is a lifestyle of a drone.
Like the ant colony, the majority of the inhabitants are just worker ants.
Humans are quite similar my friend,
You get 2 days off, and evenings off. That's really nice. The way you "deal with it" is by realizing this is what most people do, and you should feel lucky to have an office job. You could be toiling away at a 60 hour a week manual labor job, which will ruin your body and you'll be on welfare after 50 because you're incapable of working.

As you age, you stop giving a shit about "muh free time" for video games or Netflix or partying with bros or whatever else you feel you have to do in the 4 hours after work. You, like most everyone else, will get tired at 8 and will watch an hour or two of TV or play on the Internet until it's bedtime, and you'll be glad to go to bed because you realize other shit is pointless and you'd rather sleep than fuck around on Call of Duty.

Promise. You will eventually get that way. And it may sound shit to you now, but as you get older, you really do stop giving a damn about what you care about now. And it's not the job that did it to you. It's just part of getting older and having your priorities change. Time to grow up and realize that all the free time and fun time you used to have was simply because you were a kid. No one gets to be a kid forever, unless you're stinking rich. You're not, so grow up.

If it's taking a toll on your brain, see a shrink. No shame in it. They help even folks who don't have mental problems. They'll give you some clarity that 4chan can't.
>9am - 5pm
>8 hours a day working
>~2 hours max drive and prep time
>8 hours of sleep (being generous)
>6 hours left to do whatever
Sounds pretty good to me. You can get a lot done still. Plus the weekends are free, so not too bad.

What is your schedule like? Maybe you can change priorities around?
>complains of 9-5 shifts

Goddamn what the fuck. Here I am working 4-5 12 hour shifts a week and I don't complain about not having time
this is literally more beta than any >tfwnogf shit that ive ever seen
>hour lunch
>fucking chores
>eating at home
>cooking said meal
>oh wait a min, you a MASTERS to stay competive these days

no fucking thanks.
I work 9 to 7:30 every day. I shower the moment I get home, eat dinner, have maybe 1 - 2 hours of free time, then I sleep. I basically live for Friday nights and weekends.
Well maybe you should. Your life is literally being taken from you.
youre just mediocre anon
Wow this hurts my soul. You need to find something else in your life. Maybe a girl?

This is the most depressing piece of advice I've ever read.

I had the same problem as OP except my schedule was 8-4.
Add nearly an hour of commuting time each direction on top of that, and you end up with a life that is exclusively work, chained to a desk.
I live in Scandinavia, so mon-fri I would literally not see daylight for at least three months during winter, and it was making me utterly miserable..

Now I'm living the NEET life, where 100% of my time is allocated to myself and doing what I love, which is lifting and working on my car right now.

10/10, I'm triggered.

OP, don't listen to this fucker. People like him are the ones that have midlife crises at 40 because they realize they spent the best years of their life trapped in a cubicle doing the same shit every single day. His faux-adult shit isn't because he actually stopped caring about his hobbies, it's because he's faked himself into believing that it's for the greater good and this is what life is supposed to be.

All that said, yes, working a 9-5 sucks. I work a 9-5, and I hate it, especially because work spills over into what should be my free time a lot. A few things have helped me cope:

At least it's not shift work. When I was stuck in retail for a while out of college, I had to work retail to stay afloat. Management was shitty, I was always there during the best times of the week it seemed - Friday, Saturday night, plus my days off were always split. I'd never have two days off in a row, and if I did, I'd have 10 days in a row to work after. Asking for vacation was like asking the district manager if you could kill their child in front of them, it was strictly forbidden with really strict blackout dates. At least now I know I have two days every week to look forward to and recharge.

The other thing is working from home becoming more and more of an opportunity. I got to work from home for 3 years recently, and it was pretty solid. The commute was gone, you could turn on the TV, work outside/at a Starbucks, even work in another city, and no one would know. In the 2010s, this is more and more doable, and you might be able to find an opportunity like that.

Good luck anon.
>How the fuck do people do 9-5 office jobs?
Fool around on the Internet at work would be the obvious answer. It's not like there's a worker in the world who uses a computer as part of their work that doesn't.
>The way you "deal with it" is by realizing this is what most people do

ha. what the fuck kind of advice is this?
office jobs do suck, it took all the free time i had to create, socialize, work out, etc.
haha I ducked out when >>16898199 commented and was going to call him out but looks like others did for me :)

As some back story too, just so you guys don't think I'm a whinging little bitch, I actually used to work from 830am until about 1am with ~1 hour 20 minutes of dinner & lunch breaks. That was last year. The year before that I was in a 24/7 job where I had to be in an office from 8am until around 5-6pm, then most nights I would be on call for a very busy MSP.

You would think that in comparison, this sort of living would be sweet. However it's just made me see the uselessness of being forced into an office 8+ hours a day. The best job I had was actually 24/7, because I could just work my own hours provided everything got done and SLA's were met.

Also, at least with my 24/7 job I could just work from home whenever I want. This current job acts like WFH once a fortnight is the greatest privilege known to man kind, when someone in my position should seldom visit the office,


This is something that I don't want. I don't want to be that guy who get's home at 830pm, reads a book to his kids, then goes to bed and is gone before they're awake for school.


Been there, done that. With both 12+ hour shifts, 19 hour shifts, and working 10am - 4pm, then 6pm till 4am on the same day, four times a week, plus friday/weekend shifts.

Look, if you genuinely love your job like I used to when I did it, there's nothing to complain about. If you're paid hourly, or your salary reflects the hard work you put in, then that's a bonus too.

But please anon, if it's not a job that's going to take you somewhere, or you don't have plans to make it on your own, please get out of the 12 hour shifts before you get old and feel stuck.
My dad stuck to warehousing because "oh the moneys great", working 15 hour shifts, busting his ass, now he's fucked, rekt, broke, worthless.
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Yeah I'm not taking him seriously. I'll admit that the older I get, the less I care about shit, however I'm not caring about the petty bullshit that happens at work. Politics, the arrogance, things out of my control, etc.
Someone took a server down a couple of days ago - my server - and I sat back and laughed while watching them try to fix it.
Hilariously, she just explained "what!?" as I type this, so she's indubitably fucked something else. And here I am, not giving a shit :)

With the shift work; if you had better management in retail, and a more consistent roster with more time off, do you think you would have enjoyed it more than your 9-5? Do you feel like you might have had more free time?

I worked insane hospitality hours before this job, and I had so much more time. Then again; better management. Even working 6-7 days a week, I had heaps more free time.

Yeah this place won't do work from home. Read above. Half the reason I cracked the shits, because I didn't find out until a few months into the job.
WFH is glorious. No commute, more sleep, better food, work wherever, get more done.


You sounds like me three years ago. I loved my life when I was unemployed.
The only reason I started working at a bar was so I could pay for car parts, the rest of my time was just lifting and shit.

Just don't get stuck doing nothing for too long :( It can be really hard getting back on the working horse when the time comes.

I hope you find good work for good pay that gives you the lifestyle you want. And when you do, let me know your secrets :)
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It's not neccersary.

How much do most people earn a year? 60-80k?

Contracting four seven hour days a week at $250/day is roughly 48,000/year.
In comparison, you would make about $288/day working a 12 hour shift at a pub (in Australia). You do four 12 hour shifts a week, you're already just shy of the 60k.

What I'm saying is that you can work other jobs which give you a better work-life balance, and still make enough to get by.

I just need to rough out this current stint so I can pay off my car repairs, so I can finally buy this business off an associate.
You had to spend almost 18 years of your life doing the same thing with homework piled on top of it, too. Amazing how much of our time is controlled by higher-ups.
Welcome to life, where you spend most of your time being a productive member of society instead of doing whatever you feel like doing. Even rich people start off working incredibly grueling hours to make it big.

As the gap between the rich and poor increases and as the planet's population grows it's going to get worse.

In all honesty, you are a privileged piece of shit. You think you have it bad? Think about the people in india, china and south america working on slave wages to your t-shirts just a tiny bit cheaper.

You are afraid of your mental well being? Fucking kill yourself faggot, or harden the fuck up. People are fucking trying to survive off one meal a day and you're worried about not being able to work out? Absolutely disgusting.
>work 60 hours a week at minimum
>sometimes work closer to 80
>work a month at a time without any days off sometimes
>day, swing, overnight, just depends on what's needed.
>been doing it for two years

Sometimes I dream of 9-5. Consider yourself lucky.
I work a "9-5" but it's really a 7-3:30. I go to bed around 12 an wake up at 6. I get home from work at about 4:00. So I have 8 hours to do what I need during the week after work. Take out two hours for cooking, cleaning, getting lunch ready and working out and I still have 6 hours. Then there's the entire weekend to do whatever I want.

Frankly, I have more time than I need. If I could work more I would but my company stopped doing overtime last year. Unfortunately I do a lot of paper work and data entry for being a mechanical/electrical technician. So I'm not always glued to a seat but oddly doing the clerical work takes longer than doing the actual repairs.

Anyway, learn to plan your time better. Even when I had a 3 hours commute to work and the same schedule I still had plenty of time to do what I needed. Maybe you just hate your job? I don't love my job but it's not that bad.
Lol wtf? You can sleep on weekends.
LOL i actually understand and agree with you. 9-5 is better than 8-5 (I get up at 6am... fml). And it could be even worse - you could work construction or something. That can be all day and night.

There really isn't a good answer OP except to:
>Find a job that you can do all day
>Make those off hours count.
Those "4 hours a day" can actually be very productive. Oh and you MUST MUST MUST take good advantage of the weekends.

Basically you have to become super efficient.
Lmao at you sad fucks trying to fight the system, thinking you've "broken the code" and everyone else is a sheeple.

I'd love to see what you do on the weekends. How would you spend your free time if you didn't have to work? You'd netflix and browse /adv/, get fat and develop a porn addiction.

Well, I WAS management in retail, sorry that I didn't make that clear. I definitely wouldn't have felt happier though - it was still 8 hours a day or more, no matter how you cut it, and I didn't have the benefit of being able to schedule things in advance I'd want to be around for, because I was at the mercy of a weekly schedule.


Great, it's this fucker who thinks that because others have it worse, no one can be unhappy. Are you just a wonderful bucket of sunshine every day? If not, shut the fuck up.


I don't know what you do for a living, but I always imagine you people working multiple minimum wage jobs or whatever because you refuse to invest any time into getting a better job that will pay you adequately enough to not have to spend 80 hours a week working just to have a place to sleep at night.

"Making up for sleep on the weekends" has been shown not to work clinically. Maybe some people can do it, but I know that personally, if I get under 7 hours more than 1-2 nights a week, my performance strongly suffers and I'm exhausted. I aim for 8-9 hours of sleep each night.

I really think that might be it (hating my job), but I had this issue with my last "9-5, monthly pay" job.

I'll take your schedule into consideration, it's made me think of a way to incorporate the exercise into my day - thank you!

And agreed on the clerical stuff, although sometimes the mechanical issues can be a greater evil :P


Super Efficient sounds like a super hero power now a days :P

I agree; those four hours can be productive, but you really need to balance the work with the play to maintain optimum productivity where it counts.


No time then either :(


Not everyone is like that. My "free time' was actually spent quite productively building my business and networking. It's that which I miss, working towards a real goal and seeing the rewards realistically.
Working part of a company (especially infrastructure) it's just "oh x is down."
But being forced to sit here from 9-5 is so counter productive.
Hah wageslave

That's really rough. You hear about how brutal retail can be but I guess you never really understand until you've worked in it.

You sounds like you have a really level head and similar idea's/aspirations to myself; are you planning to push yourself further in the future? IE building a business, pushing for a board position, etc.
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313 KB, 2048x1152

Back to /biz/ - go trade our eth!

You're right though. Mega wageslave atm.
if you can't stand doing what you do all day, doesn't that mean you should find something you like
You're an idiot if you don't know how to do these things efficiently.
desperation mostly, people are living in situations where they need to work that much. I make art, so I'll trade less income for more time. Time is life, nd life is important. I'd rather rack up more hours doing what matters to me and make a modest living. I hate this kind of traditional, very big-money capitalist mindset thats been programmed into the people. you see the replies in this thread even:

"man up you pussy. get a fucking job. 9-5 isn't that long, you get two days off (wow lol! Two WHOLE days! Tell me more!) and a break. Enjoy the satisfaction of having earned your own income for more than 5 hours a day". 9-5 is cool, for like, maybe three days a week, max. Set your own hours. Or, work long hours in a job that you genuinely enjoy. If there is nothing you enjoy, or you disagree with the apparently very implicit notion in philosophy that all human beings must work in some degree (which in todays terms of course translates to GET A JOB FAGGOT) then work to come up with a better explanation of humanity that better suits your needs, like me, and popularize it

I don't know, really. I'm part of a Fortune 200 company, the climb to "board member" doesn't really seem realistic and would take another 25 years minimum to accomplish, if I could do so at all.

Starting my own business in my industry doesn't seem alluring either - there's a ton of people trying to peddle what I peddle. And it's frankly better to be a part of an established organization. Plus, I don't want to beg for my paycheck - I like the comfort of knowing that it's coming whether I have a down week, or get sick, or whatever. If I owned my own business, I'd never let up and would be too stressed by it, I think.

I think what my real goal is would be a leadership role in a smaller company that isn't as crazy as mine now. Something with flexibility but autonomy, where not every decision and process seems like the end of the world.
9-5 is bottom barrel job hours

try working in finance or something, then 9-5 will seem really short

don't really understand the issue you have with pay though. Stop living paycheck to paycheck?
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An hour lunch? What do you do? I just bring my lunch to work (leftovers or snacks) and eat while working at my desk.

Chores shouldn't take long, especially if you live by yourself. I save laundry for weekends and do dishes while preparing my next meal. In fact, I'm pretty lazy and chores only take me maybe three hours a week (not including waiting time). Cooking is what, an hour at most? Then you have leftovers so that's a day or two of food till you need to cook again.

>oh wait a min, you a MASTERS to stay competive these days
What does that even mean? Do you mean your working on a Masters while working? That would eat up a lot of time.

All I can say is enjoy life while you can. At least you have a steady job and don't have to worry where or when your next meal will come.

A lot of places tack an hour onto your schedule with the assumption you're taking an hour lunch. Not taking that lunch doesn't mean you get to leave early though, so it's worth taking your break.

I'm with him in that working out, commuting, and making a meal can take a big chunk of your time away. Eating shitty leftovers for three days isn't exactly a solution either. I have about 6 hours after work before sleep, and spending three of those on a workout and cooking and driving isn't a great use of it, assuming I get off on time.

It does suck, especially if you want to do something other than "go straight home."
No, the worst jobs have irregular hours and schedules.
12 hour shifts are pretty dank when you are surrounded with people you're friendly with
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