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I've been an alcoholic for 8 years.
I drink 3 and sometimes 4 handles of 100 proof vodka a week.

Lately I have begun to experience vomiting daily (when I'm sober, never drunk), and blood in my shit or sometimes no shit and all blood. I don't have jaundice (sp?), because my eyes and skin do not look yellow at all. But I have had very dark circles under my eyes for 6 years. I also get very severe stomach pain when I'm sober

What do you think is wrong? Also what supplements can I take to make it easier on my body?

I can't go to a doctor and don't want to/can't physically stop drinking alcohol
Sounds like liver failure, which is quite literally life threatening.

You need to see a doctor before you die.
Not sure if this is relevant but I also had blunt trauma to my chest 8 years ago in the Army. I was shot with a high caliber handgun at close range wearing only soft armor (no plates). It didn't penetrate but I remember that I had spit up a bit of blood after that incident. But was checked out and released by drs
Literally shitting pure blood is not good at all. See a doctor immediately.
You're severely addicted.

I'm an alcoholic too.

But I drink 1 to 2 handles a week.

Alcohol is actually one of the most addictive and most lethal of all drugs.

You're definitely drinking enough to go through DTs (delirium tremens).
That is, hallucinating and having seizures when you go without.

You're really fucking addicted.

If you want to stop, you have to go by steps and slowly.
Because cold turkey for you means death.

Talk to your doctor though, if you have free health care (as any civilized person should), then they'll help you.
Cirrhosis of the liver, but it sounds like you're entering or about to enter liver failure.

You either need to stop drinking and get help or accept you are going to die.
I don't have free health care. I live in the US, no insurance. I also don't like going to drs. I haven't in 6+ years. It would cost me thousands of I went to the ER. I got rear ended by a car 6 or 7 years ago at a stop light and that cost me 2300 dollars at the ER
Shitting blood is "ok".
If you shit red blood, then it just means your anus is hurting.
Which is ultimately fine.
If you're an alcoholic, it means that your day after shits are fucking liquid. Which means hemmorhoids and general anal pain.
Blood there is normal.

You should only really 100% panic when you see black streaks in your shit.
Black streaks means upper intestinal bleeding.
And that means dying.

If your blood in your shit is red, it's still good.
It just means you have fucked up your most recent anal cavity.
Which is painful, but not life threatening.
It could be a couple of things.
Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding which could be secondary to esophageal varices, caused by portal Hypertension due the fibrosis in your liver.
Or peptic ulcer secondary to your high alcohol consumption.
My advice is visit a doctor, you may need an endoscopy asap. And if your looking to die slowly and painfully while lying on a hospital bed 24/7 continue drinking. Any questions?

Can you explain the medical terms in terms an average person would understanding

I get the go to the Dr or you'll die part.

OP, look up the symptoms of liver failure and see if it matches you (protip; they do)

Now look up the risks of liver failure (protip, its death)

Money is the last thing you should be worrying about right now, take a loan, apply for obamacare, move out of the country and apply for citizenship somewhere, do whatever you need to do to avoid death
Not him, but if you got black crap in your shit, your upper GI is bleeding and that means you dying.

Or your have an ulcer, which is nonlethal but painful.
But you'll know if you have an ulcer.
God, I knew.
Does that ALWAYS mean your dying?

Because I get that on occasion but it's red more often
Black streaks in your shit is really bad.
The least of it is an ulcer.
But you'll always know if you have one of those.

If you feel more or less OK, but still see black marks in your shit, it means your upper GI is bleeding and that's always bad.
Go see your doc about it.

If it's red, it's ok, if unpleasant.
That means your rectum or anus is bleeding.
You either have hemmorhoids (which suuuuuck) or are having anal sex or something.

But pretty much black=worry.
It always means blood in the upper GI, but if you feel an ulcer, then you can excuse it.
But if you can't, then it means serious shit is afoot.
t a
Your liver proceses all the alcohol you consume, alcohol becomes a product called acetaldehyde which causes inflammation that ends in the death of various liver cells, causing fibrosis or replacement with non functioning cells. All of the above causes hypertension in the arteries around your stomach and liver which leads to a higher rate of internal bleeding. When you bleed internally in most cases you will poop black or just blood depending on the location of the bleeding.
That also causes that red flush you feel.
When you feel like you're skin is all red and anxious, it's the excess of acetaldehyde.

That's why second least favourite hang over.
Got it
how did you get so out of control, op? tell us the story. maybe if you work out how it got so bad you can begin to reverse the process and eventually get clean.

in the meantime, you really should put aside your issues with going to doctors and just do it. as for money, what's worth more to you, your life or saving money? your thinking process is obviously deranged from all the alcohol, no sane person would put money above their health. it might mean that you spend years paying it off, but at least you'll be healthy and alive and not, you know... dead.

>What do you think is wrong?

You're killing your body with alcohol.

>Also what supplements can I take to make it easier on my body?

A miracle pill. Take it once a day, its called StopFuckingDrinking-Iva
He can't just stop drinking without unbearable withdraws. He needs to ween himself off it or get withdraw meds. Alcohol withdraw is like opiste withdraw plus terrifying delusions and hallucinations. He would probably kill himself during the withdraw. It's that bad
>benzos withdraws will make you die
>alcohol and opiste withdraws will make you want to die
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