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Hello, /adv/. I want to know in what ways...
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Hello, /adv/. I want to know in what ways i can ''disappear''. As in, completely. Start from point zero, sketch, not just name change. I've always wanted to move away from where i was from. Ever since i was a small child, ever since i noticed how much i disliked there. Once i grew up a bit, i started wanting to completely start over somewhere else, where no one knows about me. Start anew. Nowadays, i have even more legitimate reasons to want to be forgotten, and start again, somewhere far, far away. I'm 20 years old. I want to be a Doctor, it's my biggest dream, together with starting a new. My name's being changed, but it's not enough. There's always a way to track me back, people will discover my new name while i'm here (i won't be able to leave for a full year due to legal reasons [no crimes, just heritage, name changing, all that]), so i will have plenty of time to plan everything. I have a steady income in properties. I'm aknowledgable modesty aside, and i find no problem starting a bit poorer even. I want to go to some small place deep in Eastern Europe, Canada or USA, for example. A small village/city.

So. What can i do? In what ways i can disappear, legal or not? I've never comitted a crime, never killed anyone, nothing. Completely clean. My lawyer says there's no way he knows of for me to start over here or somewhere else that leaves no trails. And, before you say ''Just don't tell people'', i really want to start over, i don't want people to be able to track me, i want to leave no trails. And yes, i'm aware one way or another the government will know, but i don't worry about it, since i've never comitted a crime and don't intend to. I don't know if this is relevant, but i'm considering Foreign Legion. But i don't know how much time i will have to spend there. I'm not sure if there's any policy in other countries regarding medics without documents, so i don't think/know i should complete my med course around here. Help me, /adv/.
>And, before you say ''Just don't tell people'', i really want to start over, i don't want people to be able to track me
Why would they?
It's more of a self-reassurement thing. I want to make myself forget it as much as everyone else, and i know the first place to start is eliminating such ''risks'' as much as i can.
Well I hate to break it to you but you're not as important as you think. Just move to a major city in the US, preferably NYC or LA and no one will care at all about your background, believe me.
even if you obliterate all traces of your past, you will still carry it inside you. if you are ok with this, why are you not ok with a court document buried in a file somewhere with your legal name on it?
I know someone who went through witness relocation. I have some advice based on what she's told me of her experience. 1) Don't keep in touch with anyone, including family members. 2) Before you change identities, remove as much as you can from social media and whatever websites you've been frequenting. The less information can be found on your previous self, the harder it will be to identify your new self. 3) Once you change names and move, change your look - it will help you feel safe, which is important too. 4) Don't use any old email addresses, cell phones etc. Start fresh. 5) Avoid appearing in photographs for at least the first year. Less chances of ending up on someone's Facebook. Plenty of people don't like to be photographed, it's not going to be weird. 5) Stay away from social media as much as possible. 6) Focus on meeting new people right away, you will need friends. You can meet plenty of people from work, school, volunteering, etc. Just don't stay cooped up in the house. Hope this helps!
That is good advice, thank you. Does Witness Relocation change birthplace/date, etc? I'm prefererring something along these lines.
I don't know if my new name will arrive soon enough. It can come public before i move, so it'll be meaningless unless the country i move to offer me the option to change it again.
The fact tha there's a document saying where i'm from bothers me, unless American ID doesn't show me, or i can ''lie''/hide where i' from, which i believe i can't.

I know i'm sounding paranoid, but i'm not as desperate as i look.
Also, regarding the social media. As stated, i'll stay here for about one more year. Should i abstain from them entirely? Use old name? Using fake new name(like other people nowadays , who use a fake-non-fake name)?
I'm so curious about why you'd want to do that.
Care to tell, just a little bit?
>I have a steady income in properties.
This will be a problem, your bank account will always show where you are. If you really want to disappear sell them off, you use only cash.
>I want to go to some small place deep in Eastern Europe, Canada or USA, for example.
This could also be a problem, people in small places are usually nosy. You will need a solid background story that doesn't connect you to your old life. Big cities are probably better idea.

Not only i've wished to erase any association with where i was from ever since before i was an adult, now i was entangled in a family wars regarding properties, got my name associated with a lot of shit, and general hatred of the place. Sorry for taking so long.

Can't i just pretend, in small cities case? I mean, if i did have documents, they wouldn't be able/willing to dig too far. I'm not weird looking or suspicious, i'd just need a solid background to back up any claims i'd make. Regarding the propertis, that is true. But i'm thinking about using an intermediary account of sorts.
I dont think you sound paranoid at all, but I think you sound a bit lost. This isnt the advice you want to hear, and its possible it isnt what you need, but I have to say it: forget about forgetting about your past.

I say this because your request is unusual, yet at your age I shared it exactly. I am not that much older than year, but it feels like an eternity when you spend it running away from your own past.

This may sound critical but it is not. I trust your goals were quite logical once. Nobody develops these goals without a childhood that demanded it. I trust you are ambitious with big dreams. I know because you sound too much like me not to be.

This may sound impossible but it is not. It sounds like I am suggesting your goals are bad or that you should give up. It sounds like I am telling you to forget your freedom or big dreams. What I am telling you from experience is that you have already achieved them - you just havent realized it yet. You think you have to do something to get there but really you just need to stop waiting on life.

Your goals are excellent. Your methods are flawed.

The good news is the work ahead of you is scarier but far easier and faster than what youd planned. You can have your fresh start and be born anew and itll be even better than you ever dreamed of. But it begins when you let go of needing to start over. Then you will find that paradise was always closer than you thought.
That is really insightful. I've really thought about it. And yes, i'm ambitious. As stated, i'm between family wars, with very dangerous, greedy people. I wish i was exaggerating, having an immature fantasy rant, but i'm not. As i said, it's an old dream of mine to forget about my birthplace. I really hate it, and having a document with it shames me. It's such a terrible place with terrible people. But now, i even have legit reasons. Outside that, i have dreams, normal ones. Have a nice job doing what i like, have a nice family, live in a cozy home far, far away. But i'll never be truly happy as long as i'm associeated with people from where i'm from. No, i'm not black, i don't even look or act like them since i spend quite some time living somewhere else. But it's still there. Anon, help me in this one. I just want my past to be obsolete. I don't even need to forget it. I just want it to be inacessible. You see, i don't even have to have one of those ''cool'' places slapped in a new document, like Germany, Austria(not considering their current status regarding crysis and economy), i just want to belong, have a new ''birthplace'', somewhere far. I'm independent, i don't have to listen to anyone, i can move wherever after some legal affairs are over, so it's easier for me to jumpstart. Sadly, i'm not a witness to some crime, nor i don't think any country would provide me a new identity based on asylum values or my current situation.

why would anyone put in the effort to track you?

if you are serious
>get your name change
>dont tell anyone you got a name change (no reason they'd need to know)
>leave a note behind saying you are starting a new life and dont want to be searched for (this is good cuz it prevents people from filing missing persons reports. if you leave a note saying you dont want to be found you are just an adult who moved, not someone who went missing)
>move to new place
>start using new name
>never use social media.

you are being REALLY paranoid. if you hop countries no ones going to be interested enough in you to try and find you.

change your name
dont tell anyone in your current place the new name
leave a note so they dont start a 'missing persons' search for you

no ones going to track you down in another country just to catch up.
Just for the record, i have no idea why i'm writing like an emotional retard. Perhaps i'm too obsessed with giving too much details that i'm forgetting the eloquency part.

I am being serious. Sadly, i have people willing to kill me out there. But i repeat; It's not only because of them—it's a personal wish, dream. I'll feel assurement once there's nothing reachable for a civil that links me to where i'm from. As i've stated, i don't mind the government knowing abou that, as i'm considering Foreign Legion. I just want it to not appear in things like my ID and such, or anything. I can't forget everything, i don't really want to. I just want to be the only one where i'll live to know it or be able to know it.
Leaving a note is somewhat questionable in this situation. If the note is found by OP's family (whom he is running from) they might just 'accidentally' loose it and still file that missing person report.

>people willing to kill me out there

i dont believe this, cuz if it was the truth you'd be trying to get out of dodge now instead of in a year. or you know... you'd be talking to the police about it.

that being said, here is how you do it
>legally change your name
>dont inform anyone of this legal name change
>use new legal name to move to a new country, preferably one across the ocean
>fly into a DIFFERENT city than the one you wish to stay at. take a bus to the next city.
>yes, you have to stay at a big city. coming into a small town attracts attention. they always know when someone new is in. even if you lie, the people looking for you can come in, show a picture, and they'd point them right to you cuz literally everyone knows who you are. big cities are a must because no one there knows or cares and theres a million people just like you there who simply do not want to be found
>in new city you will sublet. that way you have no legal name (new or old) connecting you to any lease. no need to pay for bills or anything
>get paid under the table whenever possible. its easier to find this sort of option in a big city, so another advantage. having an on the record job will simply be another way they can find you
>move every year. you are subletting so this isn't that big a deal. always have a getaway bag to be safe, but everything you need in life should also be able to fit into a single car so you can move in somewhere else whenever necessary
>dye your hair
>zero social media presence
>no holding your previous properties with some intermediary account cuz that will just fuck you over and bring them right fucking to you
i had this idea, here is how id do it

>go around to various dentist offices until you find someone with your same basic build who works there
>start seeing that dentist at least once so your dental records are there
>stalk them until you know they have a night alone
>hold them at gunpoint (or other weapon of choice) and force them to go to the office and switch their dental records with your own
>then force them to write a note coming out of the closet to their parents (or significant other) saying how they are ashamed of their life and need to run away to start a new one, and to not worry and good luck.
>mail it to their family
>take them back to your place
>set the place on fire
>let them die in the fucking fire
>police think you died
>you can use this persons new identity for a little bit too

>leaving no note is better than leaving a note and having the chance of it not mattering.

that being said, OP admits to having a lawyer. so he can simply have him draw up whatever legal professional paperwork he needs to hand off to the police at the right time. can also circulate the letters to a few different friends and families.
I don't know the details of what witness relocation programs offer, and I suspect those vary depending on where you live and your situation. If you think you might qualify, you should contact your local law inforcement for more info.

You would have to start a brand new account using a brand new email (there are anonymous temporary email services you can use to set up a fake gmail, which will let you register everywhere else). But I would personally steer clear of social media until the day you decide to switch to your new identify, and make it a clean break. Less chances of messing up than if you try to do it gradually.
If it makes you feel better, I don't find this hard to believe, and if my friend managed to do it, you can too. She also managed to fulfill her own dreams in the process, btw, and has a career she enjoys, a nice house in the country, friends, a nice husband and a 3 month old daughter. It took a few years but she really made her life into what she wanted it to be and I really admire her for that. So good luck to you too!
As stated, i wish to be a medic. So being paid under the table would be difficult. Why hasn't anyone attempted to kill me yet? It'd be too obvious, they'd lose too much, at least now. Nothing i can do that'd let me study and work in peace, somewhere else? Everything else in your plan is ok and agreed with. How legit is Foreign Legion?
I'll look for those in my country and in the ones i wish to go to. You think i could qualify to one, considering my situation?
I use a Facebook with a few close friends in it. It's basically a fake facebook, no photos, and uses what my first name (i'd change everything) would be. I'll change that now. Some people know of some ''name correction'' i was doing, but no one knows it's a full on name change. They, the few ones that know (mostly work related, 2 to 3 close friends), think it's a one-letter correction/correcting a misinformation on my ID.
Thanks for the suggestion, but i'd really rather not kill anyone, specially an innocent.

>as stated i wish to be a medic

as i stated, i dont think anyone actually wants to kill you. you asked for hte best way to disappear. i gave it to you. if your situation is as dire as you say, you got two choices
>be a medic
>or dont get murdered

you're call bro.
Thank you. I don't know how i'll do it, but seeing that someone has made it gives me a bit more of hope. Did you know her before she changed identities? Or after?
I understand your point. But i just wish i could live and work somewhere starting anew. I'm not afraid of people killing me. I'm just saying it's one of the reasons i have to want to go away. The main one is still just me wanting to start anew and ''forget'' the past, leave it blank and unacessable for everyone else.

>the main reason isnt people killing me
>its that i just want to start over

either people want to kill you or they dont. if they actually want to kill you you need to start over without any traces. if you just wnat to move, then move and stop acting dramatic like people want to kill you.

cuz clearly they dont actually intend to ever kill you.
>Sorry for taking so long.
No problem. Could it be you're very very rich? Family wars usually happen in rich families I guess. People are so fucking greedy it hurts....
Yes. There's quite some money involved, and greedy people.
I have no reason to lie here. The advice i'd get wouldn't be as reliable, so it's only logical i tell you the truth. I don't fear those people. I'm just making people here aware of them so i could get even better advice by letting them know the situation. I want to start anew, i'd want it in this situation or not. But by being in it, it's even more serious, even better reasons. Think about it, imagine if i could score a witness program? I wouldn't even need to lie. What if there were similar things i haven't noticed? It's why i'm here. If i couldn't start over, i'd do the basic move away anyways. But i'd just keep looking for ways to do it and retain the job i want, even if i have to wait until i'm away to start studying, no matter how long it takes. So i'm here, looking for different points of views before fully constructing a life plan, considering it's a rather risky objective.

even in witness protection programs you dont go on to be a medic mate.

if you are afraid for your life, take it seriously. life is now about survival. if you dont actually care, then its clearly not serious and they dont want to kill you. there isnt a middle ground here.

good luck with that tho.
Well then. If i'm not serious about ''staying alive'' like you say, there's no way of doing what i want? Would it have made a difference if i didn't mention the life-risk part? I'm letting everyone be aware it doesn't matter to me as much as simply going away and living far away a new life. I'd be away from dangerous people, too, but that'd be more of a plus. I know how to handle myself, and as soon as this ends, i'll be away from here with or without a new identity. But after it, i'd surely go on pursuing that.
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