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Would dads have sex with their daughters...
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Would dads have sex with their daughters given the chance?
Only filthy degenerates and pedos
Depends, is my daughter hot?
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It's weird because part of me is pretty sure i wouldn't actually do it, part of me is scared that i might do it and part of me has been fantasizing about little girls.

That's why im never having children, you never know what might happen.

Even if i managed to avoid it, it would probably still be apparent to the girl in question that im repressing my desires for he naked body.
A lot of dads probably have the desire to do so, but 99% have the social unacceptance of such an act so deeply engraved in their minds that they quickly forget the idea. There's many that do go through with it, and many that don't ever think about such a thing, but most are probably part of the above category.
>Would dads have sex with their daughters given the chance?

Hard to say.
If I was a farther, I wouldn't with my own daughter, but maybe with someone else's, if she really hot.
Sure. Just google that australian guy.
Well geez it's almost as if we all have sex with someone's daughter.
I find the concept disgusting.
So I wouldn't.
I hope you don't have sex.
That stuff is really disgusting.
I've heard they post images of it on the internet. It seems to be some kind of Satanist cult thing.
You're asking on 4chan where most guys that post seem to not ever have had sex in the first place.

Desperation is rampant.

As a late 20-something dude that has sex on the regular, and wants to be a father.

Hell no.
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>normalfags marriage cucks think their opinion matters
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How I imagine NEETfags on /adv/.
>social acceptance

there's a biological reason why animals have an aversion to fucking their offspring
I'm not remotely that

Have fun marrying a woman and committing suicide at 40
My dick has its own mind.
Yeah, that guy has way more life left in his eyes then Peggy.
The reason why i don't have much is because im like this in real life, and girls really hate guy who are blunt, honest, and well, cunts like you are.

But if you are a yes-man, a deceiver and say everything they want to hear, like how you are a feminist, and how you care about them (which you don't) and how you don't mind their weight/political views/stupidity/the fact that they are mean to their friends and everyone else , then you can have lots of sex.

Women will love you for saying what they want to hear. It's part of their attraction to be served this illusion about you two.
I have heard the words of the Elder God :
"Use your hatred to reave their souls. I can make it possible. Become my "soul reaver"- my angel of death."
>Women will love you for saying what they want to hear. It's part of their attraction to be served this illusion about you two.


Aren't you exactly describing what a Nice Guy™ is?

How's that work out for them?
Nice Guys are guys who show their affection in various corny, overdone ways and then get mad when people don't appreciate their attention.

Im more like, tired of trying to be someone im not just to please others.

That's the point.
If she was hot and wanted it, then yeah, I'd do it. I'm not ashamed of it. Consenting adults do what they want in the privacy of their own bedrooms.

Then again, I don't have any kids, so who knows if my thoughts might change if I ever do.
My girlfriend's dad definitely wants to fuck the youngest daughter.

She's 19 and a 10/10, seriously hot as fuck. Huge ass, big tits, tiny waist, not too short not too tall, perfect face.

She has the mentality of a toddler, but she's gorgeous. Her older sister my gf is hot too, but the youngest sister is seriously a dime piece.

She's like a little sister to me, but even I would fuck her if I had the opportunity. Apparently she thinks I'm attractive, and my gf gets uncomfortable when I'm alone in the same room as her.

One time my girlfriend left for class late and forgot to take out her dog, so she asked me to go to her house and let him out.

>Go over to her place
>Go inside
>Sister is doing laundry in her bra without a shirt on
>"Hey colie"
>Sister turns around and smiles surprised
>"Hii, sorry I didn't know you were coming over."
>"Your sister wanted me to take out your dog, did he already go out?"
>"I was about to take him out, I just showered."
>"I'll take him out for you"
>Take out dog
>Go back inside
>Sister still hasn't put a shirt on, just wearing a bra and short shorts
>"Do you usually hang out without a shirt on when we're not here?"
>"Ha no, usually I'm naked."
>"Ah so this is a lot of clothing for you then."
>sister laughs
>"What are you doing today? Do you have work?" I ask
>"No I have today off, I have nothing to do I'm so bored."
>"Same here, supposed to go out to sushi later. You should come with."
>"Sure! I love sushi."
>"Cool if I hang out here for a bit? I have some time to kill while your sister is at school."
>"Sure I'm just hanging in my room listening to music"
>Sit on bed next to her
>She starts picking out a shirt
>"oh now you're putting on a shirt?"
>"Ha I figured you would want me to, am I making you uncomfortable?"
>"Nah, I'm enjoying."
>"You're crazy. Alyssa will be mad if she finds out about this"
>"It's no big deal, and I won't tell her."
>"ooookay, I was going to change out of this bra anyway, it sucks."
pt 2
>"I wouldn't mind watching"
>She smiles at me, obviously getting the idea
>Unstraps her bra
>Perfect fucking tits. Same size as my gf's, but more tan
>"Ha, whaaat?"
>"You have great breasts."
>"Thank you" getting very giggly, avoiding eye contact
>"Are you changing your pants too?"
>"Yeah I'm gonna put on leggings, because I'm so classy"
>She takes off her short shorts
>Black victoria's secret thong, amazing legs and hips, most perfect ass I've ever seen
>"Jesus Christ Colie. Come here."
>walks up to me as I sit on the bed
>Pull her closer to me, turn her around and start grabbing her ass, jiggling it, spanking it, spreading it apart and seeing the opening of her vagina peek through the side of her thong
>"You're perfect. I like you."
>"I like you too"
>Stand up and lift her up, put her legs around me, and lay her down on the bed"
>Kiss her neck, grab her by the thigh, move up towards her cheeks
>Kiss her really lightly to see her reaction, she keeps her eyes closed and pulls my head closer
>Make out for a good five minutes. Felt like thirty seconds, I got lost in time and space
>Start kissing her neck again, move down towards her breasts
>Kiss and suck her nipples. My dick is bursting through my pants at this point.
>Move down to her legs
>Kiss her thighs, lick around her vagina, I feel the warmth coming off her teenage pussy
>Lick slowly up from her vagina to her clit with her thong still on, she lets out a perfect moan. She grabs my head and pushes me into her, I lick up her clothed vagina again.
>So much adrenaline going I forgot that I never checked my phone.
>2 unread messages
>Girlfriend "Got out early!"
>Girlfriend "On my way home, what do you want to do? I'm hungry." 5 minutes ago, her school is seven minutes away.
>"fuck....your sister's on her way home."
>"Ughhhhh, you're going to fuck me soon. I'm making you."
>"You don't have to make me. We're fucking this week."
>"I'm going back up to school in two days...come visit me?"
The vast majority, no. Normal parents don't sexualize their children.
you sound like an ass
What in the literal, actual, and non-fictional fuck is wrong with you?

In most cultures, that kind of shit is taboo, so people wouldn't do it. The question is the same as asking if anyone would commit any sort of similar transgression against the normal social order. So of course, some fathers will have sex with their daughter. The overwhelming majority will not - would never.
Welcome to the internet fuckboy
Absolute scum.
His uncle knows that's where he likes it.
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Thread images: 6
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