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I've got a few hours, giving some advice
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I've got a few hours, giving some advice

try to ask specific questions so you can get specific answers
What is the auto-ignition point of sodium bicarbonate inside of a vacuum?
pegasus man you lurk like a motherfucker
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Evil never sleeps

Source: google
want to get over a girl
but dude for real, you found my thread and posted in like two minutes tops

and bicarb soda is pretty un-flamable man, like you get sodium carbonate and water
they use this shit in dry fire estinguishars

even if you heated it up to like crazy hot I don't think it would auto-ignite, the water and dioxide woul fuck off in an open environment and the sodium carbonate only melts at like 800 degrees
were you dating her?
How do I stop feeling jealous and losing self esteem in a relationship?

I'm jealous of literally everything my partner has, and in turn, my self esteem lowers, which makes me think I'm even worse than my partner, which makes me even more jealous, until I'm feeling more hatred than love (even though it's entirely unintentional)

Can I get some help?
seems to me like there are two compounding causes
1. idealizing your partner
2. feeling bad about yourself to begin with

what is it that you're mainly jealous about, their social life, that they still get interest from other guys/girls?
How well they do in school.
I've been seeing this women romantically for two months now and she has these random bouts of being unreachable and it's starting to bother me.
I also find it rude that if I text you I don't hear from you three days from the time I texted you I don't even text every day. Am I overreacting?
I told my crush I liked her, and it was taken very well.
My best friend pushed me to ask her out at thee next time I could possibly get her alone, and I thought this a good idea at the time, but looking back it really wasn't a good time or good choice of words which was my fault.
She feels blame for confusing me and 'leading me on' which she wasn't and I know that (even at the time), so I feel it was more my best friend's fault now. He really pushed me to do it.
The answer was no, but in the form of an *it's not you it's me* message (really messy situation in college with ex, and college ends in a few months), so I feel there's still hope.

That's my situation, and my question is - what would you do? Would you wait or explain this? This is my first time really doing this so any advice is great
school is specifically designed to separate people, not everyone can be on top

don't be comparing yourself specifically with your partner, their results arn't the benchmark for you; your whole school is spread out on a range of performance
look to how well you are doing on average

I'm not going to say school not important because it is, if you want to do as well as your partner you're going to have to put the work in.

but plenty of people who don't do well in school do well in life; but it's about what you want for yourself, if you want to be a physicist or a teacher or a trades-person etc

so ask yourself
A. are you below average on your marks, or are you just dating a high achiever
B. how well do you need to do in school for your life plans
well I mean it is rude for sure, but different things could be made of that

maybe she's not that into you, that's the worst case scenario
maybe she's just disorganized
maybe she's nervous talking to you
or maybe she doesn't see being reachable as important, and it's nothing to do with you personally

I can't tell you why she does it, I don't have a crystal ball
maybe you have a gut feeling on this because you know her

but I'm going to put it out there that not replying to texts, especially if they are just smalltalk is not THAT rude, it's rude sure; but don't blow a fuse over it man
well straight up it's nobodys fault
people are fickle and asking someone out is always a gamble, this time it didn't work out for you.

you don't need to explain anything to anyone, you likes a girl who didn't like you; it's not complicated

you just have to be chill and go about your buisiness, she will probably talk to you some time to say sorry to make sure she didn't cut you up too badly, you tell her that it's all good.

she may just empty her purse on the ground and start telling you all these things, about how she sees everything and get really into it.

you tell her you like her and that you're not ashamed of that, but that if she doesn't feel the same way that it's just bad luck for you

that is a strong play, by showing maturity you will earn her respect, which is worth a lot
and by avoiding seeming really attached or upset about it you keep yourself in one piece
Do you think I should call her just to see wtf is going on?
She left my house Friday morning saying she needed to go to the doctor for a cat scan and later that day she was going to a concert.
I was more concerned about the cat scan but when I called her phone went to voice-mail I figured she was at work and then I texted her last night got no response
You're still here?

Im a complete failure of a person and i dont even know where to begin to fix myself.

I have no friends, i never dated, i suck at socializing, i dont have any normal hobbies, i cant drive, i cant cook, i dont have any skills, i only go outside to work and study, im fat and ugly, i still live with my parents, i cant grow a beard and i think im starting to go bald.

What do i do?
So I've had a big crush on my coworker since like around thanksgiving. It kind of came to fruition like 2 weeks ago and I asked him out for a drink and it ended with me making out with him before I left. We went to see a movie a few days later and then I accidentally spent the night with him after we messed around.

Since then we haven't talked about it. We talk like normal friends at work, although I do have some bouts where I kind of avoid him. I mean I'm also mad I even have a crush on him anyway, my friend egged me on to ask him out for a drink, but I just know any kind of semblance of a relationship with him will end badly or blow up in my face.

I'm scared to text him anyway... I have a feeling he might feel the same as me (like does like me but is also scared, cause when we were messing around we talked too and he seems like he would probably do that too)... I catch him looking at me a lot at work when I'm semi avoiding him and he look away really quick

I should stop talking to him and move to another state right?
unless she was going to the concert by herself I wouldn't worry

sounds like she's just really busy and it didn't occur to her the call and the test were related
well do you live in a city, and what DO you do with your time and how old are you?
>faping and vidya is a reasonable response
haha, oh anon

do you want it to go further with him? do you think he's date-able?

for heavens sake, you already spent the night with the guy, you shouldn't be scared to text him

you're in that texan stand off zone where you're both waiting to see if it was just a fling, all you have to do is invite him out again

and it sounds like you like the guy, so I would advise you to do that
I'm in a new relationship. We went on a date that went very well in terms of comminication and I tried twice to touch her, putting my arm around her shoulder and holding her hand. She reciprocated well on both I ended both within a couple minutes because we were walking around town and had to keep moving, sort of a bitch move. I'm stupid and didn't kiss her goodbye but we hugged for a long time. We talk well with each other but she hasn't initiated any sort of intimacy and I chicken out every time I think I should. I honestly feel like more friends with her thn anything but I know I want more and I'm not sure what she thinks we are. What are some good first moves or other tips for this situation?
Well I did kind of tell him I had had a crush on him for awhile and that I had a few dreams about him.

I think I'm just scared to text him cause I was trying to a week ago on Facebook and I thought he was ignoring me and got upset with myself (I didn't freak out at him) and at work he said he couldn't respond to them for some reason so we exchanged numbers.

Now I'm like to afraid to bug him, I guess he's date-able I just feel like it's like a whole new low for me or something....
Gf doesn't tell me how she sees me or what she thinks about me, only goes and praises me to her male best friend, with whom she's very tight. With me, she treats me like shit, and doesn't show at all that she likes me. What gives?
She's using you to make him jealous
sounds like you did well anon

since you're only just starting too much touching would probably be unwarranted anyway

past the age of twelve if you hold a girls hand you are not "just friends", this is a universal rule across pretty much all cultures

go on a few more dates with her anon :3
a whole new low? how come

text him godamnit haha, you like the guy, he knows you like him
evidently he likes you

don't be scared of getting into a relationship if you like him
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How do I get into the "just do it" mentality? My procrastination has gotten to the point where my chances of having a future are wearing thin.
when your ina relationship often things start going unsaid

how does she treat you like shit?
haha maybe I'm not the best person to ask anon, I'm a highly skilled procrastinator

it comes from anxiety mainly, when you let go of fear it's easy to take the first few steps that get you rolling

it's really courage that is needed
I work at a restaurant for one, one that I seem to keep getting sucked back into (and I fucking hate my life right now cause of it)

And he works there with me too, smokes weed, doesn't have a car and walks to work, and pretty much is kind of a loser. He's a hard worker at least he seems to always work like 60 hours a week.

But jesus who the fuck am I to judge anyways? I'm the loser who joined the Army reserve and had a failed stint as an EMT and still works her fucking teenager waitress job at 24

Would you rather have short term happiness, or long term happiness at the expense of the short term.

Everyone says your early twenties / teens are supposed to be the peak of life but I just have no real motivation for going out and "seizing" the day.

I'm relatively productive. I read, write, workout, practice violin, and have a couple buddies. But there's not a whole lot of meaning to anything. Seems like everything is just going to come down to careers so I may as well work at getting better right now to prepare.

The prospect of trying to "go out and get laid" or anything like that seems so superfluous in comparison.
thanks anon, I think she's really someone special so I don't want to lose her with too much affection. Part of the problem is that I get really nervous and scared when I'm with a date so thinking of her as "just a friend" really helps wheb talking so it'll be hard to make that transition to intimacy. Taking things slow is probably best
I kind of feel what you're saying

a lot of girls want to stay single in a hope of finding a guy who's in a better position than them, it's an old fashioned outlook

if you want to move forward in life and you're worried about being tied down with a guy who's content where he is that might be a reasonable concern

really it comes down to how committed you are to making a change in your life, and how likely you think he is to hold you back

if you got a better job could you still date him?
if you tried studying again could you still date him?

if it was me I'd date the guy, but I'm really not a clingy person
it's a false dichotomy

you can go out drinking, partying and sleeping with girls and work on your career
it's not really an issue about where you focus on, you can have energy for both

sure sometimes you might miss a party because you have work, or slow down at work because you went to said party, but that's your call

I know guys who study accounting and are party animals on the weekend
I know girls who sell drugs at clubs and are taking physics

do both
Okay so, I'm a college student and I NEED a new job. Something that pays above minimum wage, and gives lots of hours. Something that doesn't require me to drive or have reliable transportation(no car, that's what I need money for but I take the bus and train).

Where the hell should I look for a job?
haha I know people who dated for years and were "kind of friends", some couples are like that

good luck
I mean that's not really it, it's more that I don't feel like I'm worth it. I don't bring anything to the table besides pussy, and pussy doesn't pay rent or anything.

I want to move forward but I'm scared because I've failed so much, and I still don't know exactly what I want to do. I still feel that urge to go back to EMS even though I know it's a career dead end, but then I also want to work in publishing, but I have no idea how to get there.

He mentioned one of his friends might get him an apprenticeship in a city about an hour from here, and he wants to do it... and I feel like that might be giving him pause about us to. He also thinks I'm really serious about moving to Portland in the near future... which I mean to be honest... Probably won't happen

And the city he would move to, I mean I go there a lot. My army unit is there, when I go drink I go there... I mean just because he's an hour away doesn't mean I'd stop liking him I dunno
Then she either has feelings for him or likes torturing him, since she is aware the guy has a crush on her.

She doesn't tell me anything whatsoever. It's alienating. I'm never good enough, everything I do just annoys her, she's always snappy with me, while she treats her friends way better, doesn't want to make an effort to make things good between us.
to be frank you'd be lucky to make above minimum wage without experiance or a qualification

the job openings in your area are going to dictate where you look for work

I can't really tell you much but to look for jobs in your skill range, I don't know where is hiring near you
then date him anon, you might end up moving to the city, finding a better job and doing well

you don't really need a lot in life to be happy, a stable job and partner, I'm guessing he's a chef and that he likes his work

what you bring to the table is really for him to decide, neither of you are millionairs so I wouldn't worry too much

sounds like you are making mountains out of mole hills, just ask the guy out on a few more dates and win him over
well it's no good if she's being snappy with you man

either you're annoying her with something, she is a snappy person or your relationship isn't going too well

but again I can't see what's going on myself, you could just be over-reacting
look man, maybe it's not what you want to hear but it seems to me like you have some low self esteem and that's making you overly sensetive
and that causes the jealousy and feeling like your girl is paying out on you
How do I not fuck up at an interview? Autistic rant inc. I've never had a job before, I'm only 18 so it's not insanely loser-y but I'm behind the curve, I live in a big ass city and at any given position (even entry-level fast food like McDonalds) there's at least a couple people with years of experience at my age or older applying. I had an interview last week and I tanked it, I thought I knew what to say but I didn't really and I'm so fucking anxious about these things I can barely sleep or function. I have one tomorrow and I bet I'm going to fuck it up again too. How do I answer their questions? I have no skills, I dropped out of high school, there's literally no reason they should hire me over other candidates. I'll probably quit after a week. I don't think I can handle it. I mean I'd never say any of those things but it comes off in my body language.

Anyone on here have disability? I didn't want to give up on life so early but should I just apply for the neetbux? I've been telling myself that I wouldn't get it because I'm not that disabled and I COULD get a job, but I've been thinking maybe I can't. I have severe PTSD and it makes leaving my house absolute hell. I can barely be in the same room as a member of the opposite sex alone without being on the verge of a panic attack. I have a pretty extensive mental health record with around ~3 years worth of hospitalizations, therapists, failed residential + outpatient treatments, and even a 6 month civil commitment. Please help I just want to be a normal person.
Are there any signs to figure out if a girl is a lesbian without directly asking ?

Assume I'm a mute autist.
I failed my second year of university due to depression (not using it as an excuse, I know I fucked up a lot last year). I only failed one module, and did pretty well overall, still getting a 2:1 (second highest grade). Because I'm only doing one module, I have loads of free time, which I've been using to get my shit together, and, for me, that involves studying a lot of areas unrelated to my course. The problem is, because of this, I'm starting to doubt whether I'm doing the right thing at university.

I study biochemistry, but have recently really started enjoying psychology, to the point that I'm considering switching course. There's only a couple of months left of this academic year, though, and afterwards, I'd only have one more year left. So I don't know if I should switch now, having to start my bachelors again, or just finish my current course, and then pursue a masters in psychology - I know my current uni offers a course just for people who are transferring from subjects other than psychology.

Sorry if this post was a bit jumbled, I'm pretty tired. But, any advice?
You asked for specific questions...It's not entirely specific, but fuck it

How do I stop giving up on shit? I can't seem to stick with anything for a long period of time no matter what it is. It's like some misfire in my head that prevents my from continuing a task for a pro longed period and as a result I never make any progress.

>How do I into willpower
I Live with my boyfriend. He just let me know that he doesn't like to hang out with me because he has more important things to be doing and he really does, but I'm still a little hurt that he can't take a night off to just relax with me. The only time he gives me is in the morning when we're getting ready for the day and at night when he's ready to eat, have sex and go to bed. I told him that I'm patient enough for him to start improving himself and eventually he'll want to start giving me time when he's reaching progress. He says it's not fair for me, but really I don't think he'll want to waste time with me until he's reached his goals. Is it really right for me to give him all the space he needs and wait for him to want to hang out with me when he feels ready? Or should he stop being self-centered and actually try to meet my wants?
Okay guys, here's my situation.

Me and girl have thing, but don't want things to get serious because she's going abroad next semester and I intend to go abroad the semester after, and I couldn't really see two months of being together justifying a year of not. But still like her, she's super cool, and talk to her od. I ask her if we can go from a 'boyfriend girlfriend' situation to taking off labels and playing it by ear, she agrees, based on the circumstances.

That was last semester. I've still been talking to her a lot, and I really do like her, but I need sex, so I've been on the whole one night stand game with randos. But I think I may have not been clear about the open relationship situation cause she says she like blatantly said she hasn't been getting with other people.

What do? Do I tell her I've been sleeping with other girls (which will probably change / ruin the whole talking od situation but I don't wanna break her heart)? Or should I just keep it to myself, and presume she understands but just isn't tryna sleep around?

Any and all advice appreciated
well maybe I can help you here

for entry level positions of your kind the most important thing for an employer is reliability, often employers struggle to find people in hat bracket of labour who can
A. turn up on time, with the right uniform, looking presentable
B. not fight with their co-workers, spit the dummy etc

so your number one aim is to appear reliable, friendly and presentable

I have a lot of anxiety myself, it's not a selling point and you shouldn't advertise it
they will expect people to be nervous in an interview so you get an advantage there

they will try to sound you out in the interview to work out a few things

are you lazy, do you really want to work at all?
they might ask this as "why do you want to work here", or if they are rude maybe "why haven't you had a job before"
have a positive answer to both of these questions

are you rude, aggressive, a criminal or a drug user
be polite, if asked it's best I think to answer these questions directly and not take offense
"do you do drugs?"
"no, I don't"
remember it's OK to take your time before you answer, you ge no points for answering quickly

look everything is at it's most interesting when you are just getting into it, stick with what you are learning.

it's also worth noting that after uni an employer will look at your results, if you failed a unit and redid it they probably won't care and it shows you have some resilience

some employers might see not finishing a qualification after failing one unit as giving up

and there is I presume a financial element here as well

stick with what you are doing, your marks are good and if you persevere you will do well professionally
what kinds of things are you giving up on?

lack of motivation is an ego problem, maybe you expect too much of yourself, fear failure too much, don't value what you are doing enough or have to rigid an idea of the way you should do things

some people are uncomfortable going without a detailed plan, for some they have to do everything methodically, for some they need to really gear into a task and make in immediate dent
to be honest it sounds like a logistical issue, not a personal one

when you have busy lives it can be hard to find quality time together and you end up only being together for the functional occasions

you learn to enjoy that more, or you get better at scheduling
sometimes you just have to deal with it

it is understandably frustrating, but you shouldn't blame him too much
you knew being together would be a bit of a trade off when you had to separate, there are downsides

you haven't done the wrong thing, you care about her but you told her you couldn't date

don't play up the negatives by telling her you're sleeping with other girls, it will hurt her feelings

unless she asks dont tell her, if she does ask, be vague.
So, this girl would
>would make sure I overhear that she has a boyfriend all of a sudden, probably because another friend was talking loudly that a girl was being good to me
>she won't mention another guy to me at all
>sometimes will check me out, but other times won't even look at me
>will care for me and ask how i am
>will keep an eye on me when I'm being chummy with another female friend

Wat's going on here?
Two questions. My significant other smokes weed occasionally. I don't really approve (never taken any drugs and don't see the point) and I think he makes a point to tell everyone he can and basically paints me as the fun police. How do I become OK with him doing it. I don't plan on smoking, but eventually I'd like not to be see as - stuck in the mud. I'm also thinking of going teetotal. I enjoy occasional glass of beer/wine with food, but drinking for the sake of drinking does very little for me. Is going teetotal a good idea? Do you think my SO would be offended? Or should I just drink a little to sustain an "acceptable" front?
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