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I go to swinger parties and orgies various...
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I go to swinger parties and orgies various friends throw. For the most part the people who show up are unattractive, I usually get drunk so the girls look sorts fuckable. Is this a normal thing for singer parties and orgies? I only saw one attractive girl but she was only cute in the face, she was fat as fuck.
If people go to weird sex things, it means they aren't satisfied at home.

Pretty people are always satisfied because they can get anyone they want.

Ergo, only ugly people need to make up for it
Yeah that's normal. There is a pretty interesting study that found a correlation between attractiveness and less sexual partners. It may sound surprising, but when you think about it, it makes sense. They can afford to be more picky and lock down a good partner.

attractive people tend to feel more concerned about their self image. ergo being a slut at these things would be too degrading and beneath them, and not in a fun way.

on top of that, the few attractive ones that do go tend to get mauled by uggos, cuz they are the only ones there.

the issue is that its really hard to get a 'hotties only' party together, especially iwth attraction being so subjective. im arguably the third most attractive guy at a 5 way gangbang i had, but the chick claimed i was the only hot one there out of all 4 guys.
Oh shit! So does this mean ugly people actually have better sex, too?

I look like a fuckin' mongoloid, but I've had over 30 sexual partners. I'd say I've had a variety from 5/10s to 9/10s...
Better sex? No I don't think so. There's just a correlation with more sexual partners.
Unfortunately for hotties, yes. Ugly people ALWAYS have better sex, because they are willing to do much more and get funky and nasty because they don't need to care about their appearance or how they appear to others.
Very attractive people may be hot, but they are usually boring as fuck in the bedroom.
I've had 27 partners and some of them were fucking gross
I guess my mummy lied I'm fugly ;_;
Yeah, I guess it makes sense.

But wouldn't ugly people also try harder? Well, I guess not. Even attractive people might try to compensate for self esteem issues.
>Very attractive people may be hot, but they are usually boring as fuck in the bedroom.

This is also because they are used to people just trying to please them, so they don't really work at it.
And, that's not true for EVERY attractive person, but most of them, yes.
But there are so many factors that play in to effect here. Unattractive people are looser with the partners they're willing to get jiggy with. So they have more partners, but they also are more diverse with the stuff they're willing to do, to compensate for their ugliness (most of the time). But because they have more experience obtaining partners, doesn't their confidence grow? Which in-turn makes them more desirable?

Mongoloid-bro here. I once fucked a girl who I'd consider a 7/10 or 8/10 on her lunch break in a taco bell bathroom. She mentioned that she thought I "was out of her league", and I asked her to elaborate. She said she thought that I seemed like I wouldn't be interested in her.

There must be a certain unseen element to the equation here.

>I did get to nut on her butt, then lick it out of her phat ass-crack though. :^)
>tfw virgin
Th-that means I'm super handsome right?

>there must be a certain element of the equation here

post your pic?
So if i keep going I'll just keep fucking uggos?
I get pretty mauled by chicks, i just fuck whoever comes at my first considering i have only seen one remotely attractive woman, who i did bang despite her being 350 lbs.
I hear that a lot but i am sure actual pretty people are boring, but i bet they're nice to fuck
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Watch "The Ice Storm" and get your head out of your ass, hippie.
What's the ice storm
trying hard is the result of self esteem. there are a lot of ugly people who would look halfway decent if they actually tried hard. you can be a fat fuck, but if you eat good food, work out a little, and practice good hygiene, you can still look very good. I can say this from the experience of dating some very hot, very fat girls.

I think being fat or ugly, like some other anons have said, takes away the societal expectation of having "pretty" personality traits. a fat girl can be a slut, or a geek, or a nerd because no one will give her shit for it. Which makes me think that a lot more women would get around more, if they didn't pay such a heavy price for it.
Could be.
I was a virgin until I was nearly 19, and when finally got fed up and asked around about it, I was told that I was too "intimidating" for people to hit on. And they meant intimidating about being shot down by me, not that I was scary or anything. Which was hilarious, because by that time I would have lowered my standards a LOT just to get laid.
Luckily, I ended up losing my virginity fairly soon after that, to a 8/10, so it turned out pretty good.
well... people do compare themselves to others and how people treat them, and rate themselves. hot people only date hot people because they can, and because they feel that only other hot people are worth their time, and because their hot friends will berate them if they don't.

that old saw about the supermodel who can't get a date because she is too beautiful is often true. Unless she can put up with cocky assholes, anyway.
It would also matter if you were a girl
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I summon you, mighty spirits of /adv/!

Shall you help me with my problem, please!

> be me, 20
> learning japanese for ~1 1/2 years
> After several online friendships, I somehow could make girls Fall in love with me
> Start talkin to Chinese hottie, Who lives in china

> lets try this tactics again

> she falls in love with me, I tell her i love her too (although I dont really do, but somehow have feelings for her)(you know, options and so on...)
> meanwhile getting involved in a real relationship with a real girl
> loving that one. Perfect gurl.

> still talkin to chinese, trying to get "rid" of her without hurtig her, Or at least that im Not a douchebag
> reasons like "my phone is broken" Or "family celebration" got me away of talkin with her while being with my real girl
> now my birthday comes soon, she want to send me bd- present.
> mfw my gf is at me on my birthday and the whole week

> mfw shit getting real
>"ummm... ya dont send it now, I have a New landlord, maybe I have to move. I tell u Later wether i have to move Or not"

How can I get "rid" of her, without hurting her, Or me looking like a douchebag?

Reasons I already tried:
> too far apart, huge distance (Germany - China)
> too less time for her, almost dont talk to each other (and in Future having like 0 time - although I have, just Not for her)
> " How about open relationship?"
> ...

Please help me. Im desperate. I dont want to hurt her, nor looking like an ass hole like - " youre boring, far away, bye"
Its getting serious more and more with her, and although I already try to make it looks like its impossible, she extremely tenacious.

I also have noodZ, would Post em on /b/, when i get rid of her.

Help me, please.
A movie. You may have heard of them.
Whatever you do just be sure it gives a definite end to the relationship and is not open to interpretation
I'm attractive and I don't get laid at all before an active social life.
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