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I figured you people on advice could help...
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I figured you people on advice could help me better than the people on /fit/ or /ck/ or /fa/ can, because they're too extreme/shitposty/etc.

I just found out I have an event to go to in a month, and I really need to look my best. There's going to be all kinds of people there who are going to judge me - exes, ex-friends, parents of ex-friends, artsy-fartsy fucking people, people who know fashion, it's kind of nerve wracking.
BTW, I don't feel like I need to lose a bunch of weight, I could probably lose 10 lbs or so to look my best physically, but I'm more worried about my clothes, hair, makeup, and generally carrying myself with confidence (which I don't have much of anyway). I need to look and act like a badass. Any advice?

Pic sort of related, I just picked it off of google because it fit the time frame.
Hmmm. Going clothes shopping is often a big boost in confidence if you find something that looks nice.

If you have a friend that is honest with you, who can operate as a judge of different outfits, that would be good.

Also, get a haircut. I mean, if that suits.

The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene has an entry about this, actually. Essentially he says, "One can circumnavigate the opinions of others by reinventing themselves". So, you have a month. You can try out some things that aren't normally you. Go outside your comfort zone, if you must.
Thanks for the response.

> "One can circumnavigate the opinions of others by reinventing themselves". So, you have a month. You can try out some things that aren't normally you. Go outside your comfort zone, if you must.

That's good advice. Unfortunately, I don't really have a friend to go shopping with me, because I live about 2000 miles away from everyone I know (I'm flying in for this event), so I'll have to go it alone. But reinventing myself is a good idea, as long as I don't fuck it up and make myself look stupid, lol.
Well since I have zero idea of how you dress and your makeup technique. I suggest learning what works for you. There is plenty of info online on what kind of clothes work for what body shape, and what clothese can help hide or accentuate certain parts of your body. For makeup, it's a little tricker because it depends on what kind of event it is, but for me natural is the best way to go. If you need tips and tricks YouTube has some amazing tutorials on how to apply makeup for certain faces, eyes, ect.

If you have more specific questions about either I can help you. Just difficult when all you gave me is I want to look badass.
Okay, I can give you a few more details then, and thanks for the response.
It's basically an art showing and performance art event, in a gallery, plus a reception afterwards. I wouldn't be going if it weren't for a couple of friends who begged me to come. So, most of the people there are going to be involved in the arts somehow, or involved with artists, and those types of people can be very judgmental. One of my exes will be there, and he's a graphic artist. I'm a freelance writer, so my experience is on a different spectrum. I hope that give you more of an idea of what kind of "badass" I need to look like. I don't want to do anything super extreme, like completely fuck my hair up, but advice is helpful, especially on how to carry myself with confidence and a badass attitude around people who are all going to judge me and base their opinions on how I look before they even talk to me.
This is my advice, and I'm not sure how relevant it will be to you.

But if you're a writer, and you want to look like a badass, I suggest you DON'T look like the "average tumblrina" if you know what I mean. Don't go out of your way to put off a hipster vibe. Just wear something business casual (Or nicer, if it's a nicer event) and keep in mind that because you're a WORKIN' WOMAN, you appreciate form and utility over fashion.

How you carry yourself and speak is going to leave a far greater impact than how you appear. Stand up straight, give subtle, yet attentive head gestures when people speak to you, as if you are casually analyzing them. Don't be afraid to smile in brief or even give quiet, short laughs if they say something you find humorous.

Because you're a writer, stick to what you know. Yet don't come across as a know-it-all. The worst thing you can do, socially, is assume that others know less than you do about any given thing.

I wish that I could speak to you, like... THROUGH SPEECH as opposed to text, so that I could give you advice on that. From my personal experience, the quickest way to stand out in people's memory is to have a single eccentricity, yet allow every other part of you to be presentable. For instance, I'm unusually eloquent for the area I live in and the work I do, so that's the thing that people remember about me. Or for a more crass example, nothing turns me on like a hot girl with a big nose.
Jesus, that woman's face aged 10 years in 20 days

Work on your posture. Practice smiling and looking interested in the mirror. Practice talking to yourself in the mirror. Find shoes that are comfortable. Take full-length body photos of yourself to judge how you look and if your clothes are flattering. If you suck at fashion, go to Nordstrom or something and have one of those women help give you tips. Or if you're a shut-in, read blog posts re:style tips for specific body shapes.
All that woman in the op has done is turn slightly. She has not lost weight. It's lighting, posture and angle. Tricks of the trade. You're welcome.
>TFW you gave advice to OP, but you will never know how her shit went.

Feels bad man.

I wish there was a way to keep in contact to know how her progress I coming along and whether she becomes 4chan's Next Top Model.

[email protected]
Thanks for all the advice, I'm working on a work-related issue right now, but I'll answer your posts in a bit, once I'm done.
....Do all your images save with their name as their location within folders? That's kind of cool but really fuckin weird. And why did you use internet explorer, mate?
Go low carb, it's a pretty quick but healthier way to lose a few pounds.
It's annoying habit of certain phones and Windows 10. Sometimes when I save an image, then post it, it does that.

If you are presented with the option of "updating" to windows 10, I don't suggest you do it.
>Windows 10
Shit, I would have never guessed that. I figured you were saving it in some strange niche OS and that was a side effect.

I'm on Windows 10 Pro right now and it doesn't do that but it fucks up a lot of other internal shit and I've had to revert back to Windows 8 for work.
Yeah, I don't know that much about computers, but on my main PC I still use Windows 7 with independent updates.

Windows 10 is seriously fucked up. It does do that to all the images I save. Just mostly ones from here on 4chan. It's like certain strings of numbers as names somehow set it off and it decides it's going to just rename them with that string of text, instead.
That's bizarre and now I want to find out why it does that. It happens when you drag and drop the images to a folder, I'm assuming? So maybe there's specifically a problem with the drag and drop functionality?
Yes, actually. And it doesn't make any sense. I actually have a couple friends that have the same problem. Also, while browsing 4chan, I've seen other images named similarly, so it has to be a common issue. But it goes away if I take the time to rename each image after it's placed in it's folder.
Manually renaming all your images sounds like a huge pain in the ass though. I found this which says that you can apparently change one of your registry files to fix it, but do NOT do that yourself unless you have a friend who is computer savvy and can walk you through it, because messing with registry files can fuck shit up quick

I feel like this is terribly unhealthy, but I do it every time I'm on call (every 12 weeks) and I lose an average of 8 lbs a week. Granted, you're losing muscle too, but I find that a week isn't enough to set me off of my weight lifting goals (I'm just trying to keep a "tight" body, not a muscular one if that makes sense). I've done it up to two weeks before and lost about 12 lbs. It's the master cleanse. I do not believe in cleanses, but it does keep you from getting hungry while literally starving off your fat. http://www.maplevalleysyrup.coop/step-2-how-to-do-the-lemonade-diet-s/146.htm . I DO NOT do the salt water flush... it's horrible and makes me retain weight. I instead use a colon cleanse. After you've lost 10 lbs, (do it until you've lost your desired weight), work to keep the weight off. Then you can go clothes shopping, more fun at a lighter weight! Get clothes that will flatter your body style. Take your measurements, figure out what your body style is, and simple google how to dress in that style. Also, different face shapes look better with different hair styles. Talk to a good hairdresser to get an idea, and possibly get your hair cut. If you really want to impress, get your makeup done professionally. It's really not terribly expensive. You can even go to Belk and get it done with some free makeup added into the package. (although they tend to go a little heavy on the makeup, just find a woman who doesn't wear the heavy makeup, and explain the even you're going to.) That's the best of my advice. Good luck!
Hehe, don't worry, I don't look, dress, or act like the "average tumblrina", so no worries there. As a matter of fact, I'm pretty much the opposite of what you'd think a female freelance writer would be like. I do have a few hipster-ish tendencies, but they are traits that I've had all my life, not something I adopted as an adult.
Anyway, I appreciate your advice, especially about stature and eloquence. I will be working on that daily.
As far as a "single eccentricity", the only thing I can think of is that people always tell me that I have an addictive laugh or that they love my laugh. Any other eccentricities would be things I'd have to adopt, which I'm not really into doing. I am very good a listening to people talk (a quality which gets taken advantage of by some people), but I also need to make sure I have some witty repertoire, which will be something I have to practice beforehand, because while I can look great on paper, I can get easily flustered when having a conversation with someone I'm intimidated by or impressed with.
Thanks for the advice. I probably will do a "7 day cleanse" and eat very cleanly up until the event, so my skin and hair look nice, and to get rid of any bloating or water retention.
I do plan to get my hair cut, but I doubt I'll do anything extreme. I have long naturally wavy hair, so I was thinking of getting some layers cut in it to make it more fashionably "shaggy". I don't dye my hair either, and I'm undecided whether I should do that or not. My natural color is strawberry blonde, but I'm already starting to get some grey hairs around my temples, although you can't really see them unless I pull my hair back into a ponytail.

As far as makeup goes, my standard is always "natural", but I'm wondering if I don't need a more dramatic look for this type of event, like a smoky eye or maybe even something more avant garde, since it's going to be full of artsy types. IDK......

And clothes....fuck I don't know. I dress casually most of the time - skinny jeans, converse, sweaters, etc. That won't do at ALL for this. I have a couple of basic black dresses, but they are more business basic, not exactly for going to a performance art event and reception. Fuck, I don't know what to wear. I want to look feminine, but fucking COOL.
Well, it sounds like everything else is pretty "Hnnng" tier, so you're good on everything but clothes.

I did a google search on "cool women's clothing", and it's just a bunch of weird shit. I would hate to be a woman, this shit seems complicated all of a sudden.


Like, forgive me if this is too much, but what sort of figure do you have? Maybe don't answer that, but that's what you take into consideration when choosing clothes, right?

Jesus fuck, bruh! I don't know.
>Like, forgive me if this is too much, but what sort of figure do you have?

Nah, I don't mind answering. I'm tall (5'11), and average weight, which is why I said I could probably stand to lose 10 lbs before this event. (And I'm planning on try my best to do that, too.)
My biggest problem with clothes fitting is that I have broad shoulders and a relatively large chest (D cup). So there's a lot of shirts and dresses that fit too tight across, or have arms that are too short because of my broad shoulders and long arms.
I just don't know what kind of style I should go for. I want (what probably most people would want) to look like someone who would rock your world. Or as close to that as I can get, lol.
Well, I'm a dude, so everything I say should be taken with a grain of salt. But sweater dresses and stockings or leggings are the way to go if you want sex appeal.

If you want something that looks sort've less sexual, but still kind of trendy and cool, you could wear a long sleeved shirt with a screen-print design on the front, and some tight jeans with boots.

If you wear glasses, either of these looks will look extra fierce. Maybe leave the purse behind?

>Just realized my only knowledge regarding fashion is making slutty girls on the Sims.
>Just realized my only knowledge regarding fashion is making slutty girls on the Sims.

But, you're advice was pretty good, I think. Yeah, I think leaving the purse behind is an excellent idea, but then I'll need at least one pocket somewhere to stash my ID, cards, cash, etc. Oh, and phone. Maybe I could get away with small clutch bag instead of a full on purse.
Oh, and I'll try on both of those looks you described and see how they look on me.
I appreciate the advice.
>tight jeans with boots
This I can do. I already have the tight jeans, and I have a plethora of boots. (I'm always either in converse or boots, depending on the weather). But, what kind of boots with the jeans? I have ankle boots, mid calf boots, cowboy boots, and one pair of over the knee boots.
The shirt.....IDK....I'll have to work on that. I'll also try on some sweater dresses with leggings and see how that looks.
>But, what kind of boots with the jeans?
SHIT nigga I don't know. I just know what catches my attention. There's like this weird boot, to thigh, to skirt ratio that I think guys like that we can't explain. So literally use this whole month to try out different things.

Sound like you have the goods to work with, but like you've said, it's all about whichever style you present yourself with.

I hope you're the prettiest girl at the ball OP. Best of luck to you!

I'm off now, this thread has given me the strangest boner.
> Best of luck to you!

Thanks, and thanks for legitimately trying to help, your advice was much appreciated!

Portion control. You'll probably lose around four pounds in a week by not eating like a pig.

Maybe just one pound if you're a woman. Saving money by only eating as much as you're supposed to is nice as well though.
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