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Okay I'm a college kid sub 21
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Okay I'm a college kid sub 21
I fucking hate it here and I don't want to be sober
I don't know ayone who can and would give me alcohol
Is there any easy way for me to brew or acquire alcohol or drugs for a college kid with little to no connections?
DXM is a legal drug
And if you're small like me you don't have to chug a whole bottle of cough syrup to feel nice
Just show up at parties and drink you American faggot
I'm six foot lmao. Is DXM actually worth your time
If I got invited to parties or even knew how to find them I wouldn't be asking.
>If I got invited to parties or even knew how to find them I wouldn't be asking.
Then make friends with those who do.

Admitedly I'm from a culture that says if you're not drunk by 16, you're a fucking faggot.

But Americans are weird. You can vote and go die in your ways, but you can't touch that devil water, oh no.

Anyways, I imagine that your colleges are like mine.
That is full of people who have access to everything.

Make friends with them and buy a bunch of beer/booze.
Show up at a party, get fucking pissed and enjoy it.

Look, as someone under 21, make a shit ton of mistakes.

Just do it.
Hit on girls out of your league.
Hit on girls lower than your league.

Just make memories
Yes. But hopefully none of us will tell...
>Is DXM actually worth your time

I mean I'd say it is, but I just have to take 3 max strength mucinex and I'm set for the rest of the day, plus another day of no longer feeling high but just feeling like the day is awesome. I'm 5 foot 2 110 pounds though so it doesn't take much to make me happy
gallon jug of apple juice, brewing air lock, package of yeast.

a week later, you'll have a jug of nasty shit that will get you fucked up and leave you with the worst headache you've ever had.
You're better off just buying a gallon of cheap vodka.

It'll hurt, but not that fucking much
Yeah seriously fuck America's alcohol policy
Idk socially college has been real rough on me
I was king of the social scene back at home but all of my friends didn't have the money to go to a good college and I wanted to go to the good college
Most people here just feel like carbon copy chads and I literally came here with no connections and I just fell into the role of dorm room shut in and I don't know how to fix it.
> Is DXM actually worth your time
probably for highschool kids who only know weed and alcohol, but no. dxm is a shit-tier drug, just like alcohol and weed
What was your experience with DXM?
Become a Chad.

See shit happening and just fucking go.

Don't become a shut in.

I was a student like 10 years ago.
Trust me on this.

Just go to this shit.
Bring some beer or don't

Just go.
Honestly nights alone in my dorm sounds much less horrible then forcing myself to be something I hate
Talk to people who look like they smoke weed

get a weed hook up

Parties suck anyway

what you need is actual friends

I don't have any idea why parties are so glorified

most people at parties are boring as fuck

go to your local open mic stand up comedy shows, people there have much more to offer in terms of personality
to me it's like strange shitty version of keta
You faggot.

You're only young for so long.
You dislike going out now, but weigh it against all your future selves.

Do it.
Do it for them.
Why do you romanticize partying? It's boring. No one there ever has anything interesting to offer.
Just try different liquor. Stores grow a beard and handle yourself as an adult. You can try being friendly as well if you have the charisma. I lost my ID a while ago, and while some places won't sell to me, I always find a way to get myself booze from a store without ID

Or get an older friend to buy it for you. I do it for my younger buddies all the time since they are too afraid to ask.

Just be aware, the guy getting it wont always be available when your finding so buy a shit load of booze just in case you run out, like at least 5 half Gs of what you like. That should last a little over a week if you drink everyday like me.
sounds like a good idea pal
Yeah I never liked the idea of party's but I just really want some free booze lmao
I have loads of actual friends back home they're great
I just need to figure out how to get out my slump and get some here
partying is great
it's fun, you meet new interesting people, probably some girls, dance, etc
I look younger than a lot of people my age I doubt that would work
All my friends above 21 didn't have hookups when they were younger and now don't want to buy for me because they had to wait too
Are you into anything artistic? Join the comedy stand up club, the rock music club, take a drama class or film history one. Take a class that YOU want to take, not that your major specifies and meet people there.

Parties suck.

But what's much worse is hipster parties. Everyone at hipster parties cliques up because they're all really social rejects who convince themselves they're better than others based on subjective taste and circlejerk the notion. It's pathetic.
Because once you leave it, you'll never have it.

Experience it for a while, because you'll never be able to again
You and I have different ideas of intetesting. I only like dancing to disco/electro. The last time I went out I did at Cherub's show, two girls approached and introduced themselves to me.

I'm an asshole and don't have any inclination towards fucking retards like that. I would rather date someone who is clever enough to make me laugh.
I was in a (shitty) band in High School and did theatre.
I don't have time for theatre or the money to take classes that don't go toward my major
There are literally no clubs here for musicians
Like, 95% of clubs are for intramural sports
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>drinking age is 21
At my university there is. Not for musicians specifically, but for people into the music scene in general. I go to an enormous university though.
you probably just attend the wrong parties ?
we mostly play goa/psy trance at parties, most people are into the same things there and on the same drugs (little to no alcohol) and we just have fun..
I'm into meeting people who can "yes-and" me. Pretty much only writers and comedians can do that. An enjoyable conversation to me is when a person reads my humor or I theirs and we snowball it into something funnier and larger. It isn't something most people can do unless they have a specific autism/weirdness.
I've never had ketamine. Just booze, weed, DXM, and LSD. LSD is my favorite, but DXM is way easier to get my hands on. I'm mostly stuck on it because low doses of DXM (and I still just do low doses, 180mg max) helped me develop a spiritual side. LSD hasn't given me the spiritual aspect yet, but if it did I'd likely drop DXM completely
Idk my university fucking sucks
It's famous for sports, southern people, and preppy people which are all so not me. I cam here because it is the best school for my major in state.
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