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I need help /adv/. If you feel like telling...
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I need help /adv/. If you feel like telling some 18 year old that hes full of shit and putting his uneducated ideas into perspective, do both of us a favor and keep reading.
>3.11 GPA
>Core class GPA is below 3
>Wasted a lot of my time developing social intelligence/awareness and playing vidya only to realize that most people are not worth getting to know, which I knew before doing this.
>I still understand most of the material, but I am missing some fundamentals that will make completing assignments much easier
>My goal is ultimately to go to Stanford, but the only thing I really have going for me is a 33 Composite ACT score
>I need three A's and a B in my core classes in order to qualify for the governor's promise scholarship, and it will cover all of my tuition and housing expenses
>My father has a G.I. bill from retiring from the military which could potentially cover most of my tuition if i went to a yellow ribbon school. My parents are also very well off so money isn't that big of an issue
>I am willing to make changes to my routine
>I am willing to change my mindset towards working harder
>I am willing to sacrifice time with my friends to an extent
>I am willing to accept new ideas and insights from people who have been in my position before
>I am willing to talk to an advisor or anybody else who is worth seeking advice from

My plan is ultimately to work hard and improve my grades in undergrad, switch to a higher rated uni after two years, get work experience after 4 years, then apply to a high tier school after getting a few years of work experience. I want to be able to balance my responsibilities, play a sport, and have a social life as but I don't think thats possible without sacrificing more sleep which I can't really afford.

Tips on organization would be helpful, I have a very intuitive way of thinking and that makes me very scatterbrained and forgetful.

Seriously? Nothing? Any bit of advice would be helpful, I don't care how far out of left field it may seem. I need an outside perspective because talking about this to my family or friends is not going to help me make any real progress.

My guidance counselor as well as my advisors are the only other option that I can see as of right now, but that's all I have to work with.
Nobody wants to help a privileged white boy get ahead
don't be an asshole, you're supposed to give the dude some advice.
Anon, you bumped after 20 minutes, have a little patience.
He can just go buy some
>I have a very intuitive way of thinking that is scatter brained and forgetfull

Doesn't sound very intuitive to me.
I guess you're right. I almost forgot that this site is mostly filled with insecure fuckups that are incapable of giving practical advice outside the realm of overcoming social awkwardness. I thought this board would be different from the rest of the site, but I guess I lost my sense of place for a minute.

Thanks for the clarity. I guess my only option is to talk to my guidance counselor and friends or just figure it out on my own because I won't find the resources, guidance, or direction that i need here.

I'd try making a similar thread later and pretend to be a hopeless loser, but you people would probably just give me overly optimistic advice that is also not constructive whatsoever.

It's been nearly an hour and nothing has come of this, so I guess its time to find a place where I won't be wasting my time.

Fuck off you useless piece of shit. Go make conjectures about people you don't actually know about somewhere else.
u mad kek

>inb4 get over urself brosef
No, I used to come here for advice when it came to overcoming my depression and now that I'm over it, it seems like there is nothing else I can really gain from being here.

I still put forth effort into making good posts here in order to help people out, but if doing it means that I dig myself into a hole as a result of wasting my time, then what is the point? I have a life to live and I'd rather help people out through my real life actions.
after i fapped to the milf thread

i just came here to laugh again

holy shit you're mad lmao
Your picture basically describes how I feel right now. Sorry I don't have enough time to waste on 4chan and jack off to pictures and neglect my real life responsibilities, I'm not you.

>inb4 keeps thinking I'm mad instead of shocked by your warped perspective on human emotion and your stupidity

Enjoy being ignorant and simpleminded, I have something to take care of right now
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You are most definitely mad my friend

Go beg for more advice you loser lmao
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I don't condone tripfags but he's right you know. Lol

Lol have fun with your +$80k debt.
>but I'm smarter than everyone and I'll be the one that makes it!
GI Bill does not cover the cost of Stanford. GI Bill barely got me through a Cal state.
If you know the sacrifices needed to be able to attain the goal ahead, then why do you not choose to do so?

Keep a list of different things needed for you to proceed in your career. Such as things needed to be able to attain your scholarships. Another list for living in your area. The things needed to be admitted into Standford. Next list is for your acedemic workload. This way you can prioritize what course is more important than the other. Last list is for the future goals. this isn't the list with bullets but a general list in full caps. this sits on top of all lists for the reason of being your MAJOR GOALS LIST.

Don't over organize though. Have fun with your life. Be irresponsible once or twice.
>calls me a loser
>openly talks about fapping to a milf thread like it's something that is socially acceptable
Hopefully you see why I can't take any of the shit you say seriously.
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let it go bro you're embarrassing yourself
How much was yours worth?

It's just that im naturally lazy and becoming more action oriented little by little. It's not that slow of a process, but I don't work well whenever I pressure myself to do something and I have poor study habits because I am not used to having to really study.

I just want to go out and experience and learn everything I can until I find something that I am passionate about.
Wow you responded quick, I'm glad to know you're still on 4chan and keeping up with my thread. I had no idea I was that interesting to you.
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If I don't reply fast enough the goblins under the bed will rape me at night
You need to get rid of them. You won't be able to get a good night sleep with goblins under your bed
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When I feed the goblins the happiness of human souls they give me pieces to the secrets of the universe

But if I don't give them enough they rape me
It has nothing to do with being so smart that I think I'll make it over candidates with more credentials, you have the wrong idea.

I know I'm a smarter person than most, but it's just that I currently have poor habits that keep me from reaching my potential. I'm currently working on fixing my shitty habits and adopting better study habits, and I want to have a plan worked out. It's not like I think I can just fuck around and make it into Stanford because I think I'm a fucking genius or something, lol. I don't even know if that's what I want to do, it's just my current plan and I'm willing to change it as I go along.

It's better to seek advice from people with a well reasoned perspective to give you a better sense of direction.
Light a fire under your bed, goblins are weak to fire.

Your bedsheets are very flammable and would work well as a fire starter. It's just a thought.
These aren't normal goblins, I suspect these are Nilbogs with high favor from the chaos gods
Fill a milk jug with holy water and piss in it. The holy water will repel the chaos goblins and they will associate your scent with the fear of divine retribution.

Don't even try to tell me that you actually have good personal hygeine and don't smell like piss all the time.
That last comment was not meant to be as backhanded as it sounded.
There is no magic bullet to success. If you think you can work hard overnight you are a fool. Success is earned through diligence.

If you want to change, here is what I recommend:

>Step one:
ALWAYS go to class and take notes. You are not just paying for a piece of paper with your name on it; you are paying for an education. Don't throw your money away by not going to class. When you are in class, focus on the class. Do not browse on your phone/laptop.

Do your homework in full - check your work, do not take shortcuts, and NEVER cheat. Cheating ruin your academic career if you are caught and robs you of a chance to learn.

It is very surprising how much these two tings alone help, but after you are in the habit of doing that...

>Step 2
Learn to study. Studying is a skill and not taught very well usually.

I find the best way to study things like math is to do example problems. You now how textbooks have the solutions for the odd problems in the back? Those aren't for cheating on your homework - they are for checking your work.

Basically, give yourself more homework and do it. Keep doing this even for chapters you have already been through just to be sure you remain competent as time goes on.

>Step 3
Get in the habit of studying regularly, every day if you can.

There is no easy way to do this. It is very hard. You will struggle. You will falter. Make sure you've done the above two steps first!

>Another few pieces of wisdom:
Never be too proud to ask for help. College instructors hold office hours and from my experience student never go to them because they are afraid of looking stupid. The instructors chose to enter a teaching career. They want to help you learn.

It is better to ask a question and sound ignorant than to sit in silence and remain ignorant.

Use different folders to keep your notes organized, and if your notes ever end up or of order reorder them as soon as possible (or you will just add new stuff to the pile, and it will never become orderly)
I had other engagements my dear Crab,

Now I tried to do what you said but they slapped the milk jug away from me and said if I tried something like that again they would hex my genitals to make me piss fire
Level up by fighting weaker monsters until you are able to get your stats up to a respectable level. Do I need to spell it out for you? Get some gold, better items, and experience bro.

If spiritual cleansing, diplomacy, and setting fires underneath your bed does not work, brute force is your only option.
They follow me around and don't let me earn exp, they also roll need on every item I find so I can't even get BiS for level 23. All my gold goes to them too as a "service fee" for letting them live under my bed. I'm a prisoner in my own home.
I have been deemed "gifted" by several schools both private and public. For the longest time I coasted in school because the subjects, especially math, were easy to me. During high school I started slacking and I justified not beig in the top 10 by saying
>Hurr I'd be smarter than everyone if I just tried.

This is stupid, pretentious, and wrong. Being smart is part work ethic and part natural ability to learn things.

Think about it. A 300lb neckbeard could say
>Hurr dur I'm attractive because if I work out I'd be fit I just don't want to
You can't claim potential rewards, only realized ones.
I'm not afraid of what people think of me, sometimes I will ask rhetorical questions that I already know the answer to in order to solidify my understanding. I used to look for answers to questions that I didn't know, but I realized that made it harder to wrap my head around fundamental concepts of physics (where it is required that your intuitive thinking be branched out from scientific laws and theories). Sometimes my deeper understanding of specific concepts allow me to even prove my teachers wrong in some circumstances, but I try to ask hypothetical conceptual questions privately because I don't want to damage the way that the class sees them in case my gut feeling that I was given misinformation is correct.

Math and science are my strongest subjects. I have good reading comprehension, buy my essay writing is very inconsistent. My writing was my weakest SAT score simply because I had to make an argument defining an abstract topic (arguing about how new information and constructive arguing can influence a person's opinion on an issue or belief or something like that), and I didn't know how old do that, because I wasn't educated in psychology so I couldn't provide reasonable evidence that didn't sound like conjecture, pseudo-science, anecdotal evidence, or just talking out of my ass. Rhetoric is something that I am good with, but writing a reasoned, well thought out argument where all of my evidence is clearly defined and sources are given.

I'm not looking for a magic bullet, just a path where I am able to explore every option available to me in order to discover what I am passionate about. I am willing to do whatever it takes, but I need direction.
You arent as socially intelligent as you think. Go to college and be open to meeting new people and experiences. Remember that adolesence is that magical time when you think you know everything before you realize that you know almost nothing.

You have a plan, which is good. And talent, which is good. But dont fool yourself into think that you have it "all figured out." You dont.

Nobodt does and thats the adult truth of it. You just become more pragmatic and experienced over time.

This requires occasionally leaving your room and putting down the vidya for a few hours.

Also that ACT will take you a long way, as will the GI bill coverage. Dont limit yourself to top Ivy league, its unnecessary, most of the benefit of those schools is having business ties to families who can afford send their kids there/have legacy. THATS social capital at work, and it isnt welcome to outsiders.

Shoot for a top 20 school like University of Michigan or Cornell, you'll still get a world class education, and make meaningful relationships with more genuine people.

Tips for uni: take humanities electives, high level ones, very enriching, but intro courses are a snoozefest. Also INTERN If you can
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Same. I scored a 146 when my parents took me to take a formal IQ test. I also passed a placement test to skip a grade once and remember getting extremely pissed off that my parents wouldn't let me move on to the next grade and I would have to "waste" an extra year of my life. Now I know it was because of the lack of emotional maturity and social intelligence that I had back then, and I was never aware of how much of a close-minded asshole I used to be until recently. I wish I could work up the courage to tell them how much I love them for it now.

Academic ability and rational thinking isn't everything, and my stubbornness kept me from understanding that for a long time. Now I'm paying the price for it.

I still have a deep-seated superiority complex that I may never get over, but it is also part of what drives me to succeed so I don't think I'm quote ready to abandon it completely just yet, but I need to keep it under control for the time being.
My open-mindedness towards people is the only reason why I feel like I am socially intelligent. When I speak to someone, I am able to focus only on them, how they feel, and reflect on what they are saying. I also understand the people that are currently around me to the extent where I am able to get along with all types of people through diplomacy and avoiding approaches and behaviors that I have a feeling will set them off.

Although the way I feel means nothing, since in the grand scheme of things, I am still an ignorant dumbfuck who is behind in his academics in terms of busywork simply because of his arrogance and past mistakes.

That sounds like good advice. Ivy league schools don't actually seem like they are for me, and I have a friend who goes to Kiski Prep because of athletics and he makes it sound like hell on earth.
You need to run as far away from them as possible. Move out of your house and underneath a bridge if you need to, whatever it takes to get the chaos goblins to quit ganking you so that you can farm appropriately.

If that means killing a bunch of boars, so be it.
write shit down, no really
make one of those rpg boards and write shit you gotta do down
works like a charm
>I still have a deep-seated superiority complex
boy that will get you into some bad times down in the road.
People will never understand that this is what it is to be "gifted". Mental wackiness because there's a dsyphoria as a result of being mentally mature but not emotionally.

Not to mention the constant "I could be doing better/more," that never goes away.

Not saying normal people don't experience this. We just experience emotions and life differently.
Yeah, I have have a tendency to think of of a lot of things and be immersed in abstract thoughts more than most people. Whenever I try to describe my thought processes and thoughts to other people some seem genuinely surprised that I haven't gone completely insane.

I'm extremely creative, and able to make connections and relate information in ways that most people don't even consider. When I learn something new I am able to connect it to everything that I have previously learned and use it in a practice manner, including new mental processes and techniques. People have called me a genius before (including people I consider very intelligent), but I don't believe it, since there are many things that I don't know or understand.

I am more aware of myself, how people see me, and who I am than other people and it is often mistaken as insecurity, even though I am one of the most independent and confident people that I know. I know that I am flawed and I tell people that.

My outwardly actions would fall someplace in the sociopath/a sperged spectrum, but the thing is that I know how to socialize and whenever I do something wrong I am fully aware of what I'm doing and how it affects the way people think of me.

I wouldn't consider it a good or bad thing, but it makes it easier to relate to people but also separates me from them. I'm fully aware of that, and have since accepted it. It makes it harder for me to fall in love and experience love, however, since when I get in too deep I become afraid to let people know what really goes on through my head, even a significant lover, because she is almost guaranteed to misunderstand what I mean and what I say.

There is a logical reason behind almost everything that I do, but I do have a conscience and I find it impossible to communicate that to everyone. I only know a couple people that think in a way similar to my own, but not to the extent that I have.

This is off topic. Sorry about the self-absorbed monlogue.
Leave the U.S of Trump and study abroad. I won't go into the benefits of that as it depends on your priorities and you certainly can research the upsides of it, but consider the UK and Germany.
I could try the UK. I heard that Germany has a good enducation, but that's just hearsay because I am extremely ignorant of the history of foreign countries.
*education system
>on my phone and not really proofreading
God, stop sucking your own dick dude. Being smart is mot such a big deal.

>I'm willing to this
>I'm willing to do that
>I'm willing to talk to a school advisor
>instead of actually acting on any of the above I'll ask 4chan instead

The only thing you need to develop is some self discipline, fucko. Your plan is in place, so stop fucking around and start doing it

>I'm smarter and understand everything better than my peers
>I'm above them
>I write elaborately because I'm intelligent

You know every 18 year old thinks like this, right? Get off your fucking high horse.
Obviously people think like that. I know for a fact that I'm smarter than (read) most of my peers. Hopefully college will be a humbling experience
Prepare for a massive disappointment, unless you're not critical enough to realize people are full of shit by nature, yourself included. It wont be humbling, you'll just understand that it doesn't matter as much whether you're above the norm or below it, because you'll always be surrounded by normshit. And as you age it will only get worse, unless you lock yourself up in a lab and dedicate yourself to research ie. give up on a conventionally happy life.

oh is that all your problem is, you dont think you're able to be objectively self critical because of your superiority complex?

okay, thats actually simple to address in description, but sometimes a little tricky in execution.

basically, is there anyone right now in your life that you objectively look at as having any position of superiority over yourself in any capacity?
I was in your same situation, mentally.
I was aware of my superiority complex whilst also acknowledging my skill. Put my self above my peers.
And the same conundrum of having the 'solution' to the problem in your head, yet the issue persists, right?

Only two people could ever see past the walls I put up ( or should I say, I let them in? ) and the words they said hurt, but they were right.
For me, it took some strong mental gymnastics to get behind the idea that you are in your own world, and others are in their own.
Only then can you pull all that ambition through without coming out the other side unchanged in a significant way.
Sacrifice your happiness like the dude above me said, your 'humanity', should you be so inclined to say, but for what? Some selfish, self-fulfilling altruistic need?
Or are you going to live for yourself? Others? Both?
If choosing the latter group, then like everyone else has been saying, you will just have to learn to accept that, yeah, you might be special, but it doesn't matter anyways.
That is something I've considered, but secluding myself from the outside world and letting my entire life be consumed by research isn't really the path that I want to take. I love being around people, and surrounding myself with people in labcoats who dedicate themselves to scientific research isn't really what I pictured as an ideal circumstance.

Work ethic, benevolence, and social awareness. Sometimes I become so engrossed in my work during classes (especially when I'm behind) that I lose sight of everything else, and forget that there are other people, including close friends, around me.

I don't really know. If there was some alternative way that I could study multiple disciplines in-depth and making a career out of each I would. Taking extra classes for other subjects during the summer, whatever.

I want to be able to finish my life without feeling that I have not wasted any sort of potential. I want to dedicate myself to learning and mastering more than one discipline. Unfortunately doing that means nothing I do will show up on paper besides whatever I major in, and employers wouldn't hire me simply based on merit, especially if I wanted to work what most people see as a white collar job part-time. I would need more connections, at least, and I don't even know if it is possible. I have yet to meet someone who has, probably because they are extremely rare, if they even exist.
Time is also a major issue. It seems like there are never enough hours in the day to do what I want without sacrificing sleep and letting my health deteriorate.

I considered working abroad or at least persuing an education abroad as well, but I haven't done enough research on other countries that would give me enough insight into how (for lack of a better word) labor and employment. There are also cultural differences I may never be able to get used to.

Engineering or business is currently what I'm thinking of, and I would try to learn something like programming and trying to become an author as a hobby. One full-time job and a results-based "career" on the side.

No matter what path I take, it will still be selfish. But then again, everybody could be considered selfish with enough justification, its just that some are willing to admit to it or be consciously aware of it.

I might have to find a high-paying career so that I can afford to spend more time in school or an alternative way to learn, like online classes, in order to further my education.

Right now I feel like I'm wasting so much time learning skills that I will never need at any given point in my life.

Then again, maybe I will find someone in college or later who will cause me to stray from the path that I currently want to take, my entire "plan" is essentially just a work in progress.

TL;DR I have no fucking clue what I want to do and I will eventually have regrets, unless some amazing opportunity just happens to show up.
Where are you at now?
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