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Was going to jump of bridge cos life is chit.
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Was going to jump of bridge cos life is chit.
Got persuaded by the police to com back over the barrier.
Get arrested for wanting to jump of bridg ( britches of the peace ) they say.
Go to prison for 2weeks cos no bailout addresses.
Guilty cos so deprest just a sept circumstances.
10 days in prisons is in solitary confinement cos suicidal tendency, no tv no heating no human contact nothing but a blanket and pillow.
Get realist on Bail.
First yo live with mother and grandmother,( I am 27).
First to see a social worker for a year every week if I mis appointment I get sanctioned.
He tells me I can face up to 1 year in prison if I do not comply wit the judge terms.
Judge terms are seeing the counsellor for 3years or doing free labour from 100 to 300 hours and having to parse a alcohol and drug assessments witch is ridiculous since I have never had want problems with them.
All from trying to commit sucide WTF is wrong with the UK!
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That's the world you chose to stay in when you passed over that barrier instead of jumping. This world violently lashes out at suicide because it scares the fuck out of them that maybe there's some logic in it. It's quite pathetic honestly.

Also are you mentally challenged? You type like a retard.
Autocorect its nightmare.
People are scared of suicidal's you think ?
I'm not the other anon but I agree that people are secretly afraid of suicidal people too because deep down they think "well at least s/he had the guts to do it and I don't". And because people don't want others to get the "easy" way out, they want others to stay and suffer like them. That's why people hurry up to say suicide is selfish and cowardly.
>letting yourself get talked down by police
>thinking they had anything resembling YOUR best interests at heart
I'm metaphorically dying over here, which is still more than you can say/do.

I don't get how people get talked down.

Dude, just reach for any common holster location and yell something like 'meet my little friend' they will shoot before you even touch your pocket
Since we are in the subject, what's the real reason the police try to "save" suicidals? Is it to keep the country's suicide statistics low? I can't think of the real reason and I know "helping the other person because life is good and they deserve to enjoy it" can't be the real one.
In most places suicide is against the law, or standing on the sides of bridges and shit is. Because it's "disrupting the peace" or some shit.

They're just doing their job, The police literally don't care, they probably do it all the time.
The first police van that came they wear ok talking to me and stuff but then a second van arrived ant the guy told me he was arresting me for a breach of the peace, I told him to fuck off, breach of the peace I would have been better of jumping I tell him.they had my medical paper's saying that I was discharged from the mental hospital that their was nothing specifically wrong with me and I was a attention seeker, which is simply the opposite of true.
Some (emphasis on some) people really don't want to die. That's why things like suicide hotlines exist. I'd personally never use one if I got that far, but then I'm just the kind of guy to not want anything in my way.

It's not just police. As someone who's going to grad school for a psych PH.D soon, here's a "fun" fact: Psychs are OBLIGATED to report suicidal ideation if the person has a concrete plan and timeline of carrying it out. Turns out confidentially is the most important thing in the therapeutic relationship... until it isn't. Yes, I think it's a travesty.

That makes it even worse in my opinion. If they had a personal mission to "save" people, at least you think they really cared.
>psychs are obligated to report suicidal ideation if there's a concrete plan etc.
Holy shit dude!
Psychs also just report vague suicide reports from patients too.
Story in point.
>friends brother says to his psychiatrist he's worried my friend might kill himself
>we went hunting the night before and he saw one of my rifles in his room before we left.
>im packing up stuff the day after.
>as soon as i walk out cops swarm the place and confiscate my two rifles.
>a week passes and the police allow me to pick up the rifles but they keep the clips and ammo.
>wtf dude?
>who the fuck would kill themselves with a .22 rifle anyways?
I guess I got off easy but its just one vague sentence that set this whole thing in motion.
This brings us to what in my opinion is the greatest travesty of all: limiting access to means as suicide prevention. Simply put, it means forcefully keeping you away from anything that is likely used for suicide, such as firearms and even rope. To me, it's basically saying, "well, we can't help you, but as long as you can't put a bullet in your head, it's a job well done!"

Recently I looked for academic journals to support my apparently "twisted" view, but all I could find is how effective it is at stopping suicide. I mean, that's technically true, but you're still dooming the guy to suffer, but now with even less freedom and control over their own life.
This is nothing new. This has been the case from before I worked in mental health.
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