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Gf Being Emotionally Abusive
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My gf has an IUD which was making her more emotional, plus recently started/stopped taking some over the counter anti-depresents.

Now every day she starts a fight, she will say something incredibly offensive then act like a bictim when I get angry.
She's said stuff like:
>"You're the reason my life sucks"
>"Every day you give me a new reason to kill myself"
>Today she got mad because I couldn't remember if my housemate told me something I told her months ago about another friend. I said I didn't know, and she said that I took his side and that we can't be a team. I got upset because I had to go to hospital with breathing problems and have pretty much been bed ridden the past few days.
>Once she told me to kill myself but then felt really guilty and kept calling again again and I couldnt bring myself to pick up.

I love her so much, and I know that the IUD is making her crazy, but it's jist so hard hearing her say thos things and blame me for everything.

I just don't understand why.
am I going crazy?
Am I in the wrong here?
Bump i feel so lost
IUDs don't make you crazy. Are you retarded?
iuds are non hormonal anon
she is mentally ill
look up borderline personality disorder
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Jesus Christ, are you dating a sociopath, or just a garden-variety monster?
Look, people are 100% responsible for their words and actions, 100% of the time. There may be mitigating factors, but not being on meds, especially over-the-counter mental health placebos (which do not work, btb. Might as well stuff them up her ass for all the good they'll do. Placebos don't work once you realize they're placebos).

She's got problems, that's for sure, and for sure that's not your fault. Why the fuck, in the name of St. Steven's taint, are you with someone who pulls that shit? You're a battered housewife, man. You have Stockholm Syndrome or something?
Look, I'm married, have kids, and my marriage has had ups and downs like anyone's but more ups than downs. My wife had an IUD for a few years, and never treated me like dogshit, but then again, she knew I'd never take it, either. She both loves AND respects me. In turn, I've never said any of that insane shit you quoted either. People who love each other don't EVER say that, and for fuck's sake, never even think it, either, at least if they actually care about each other.
Look, far as I can see, you're in a mess with one solution, and you probably know it, too. If you really, really want to keep this dumpster fire going a little longer, you can try manning up a bit and letting your gf know that if she talks to you like you're a dog or blames her problems on you again, she's out, no debate. Thing about ultimatums, though, is that you have to carry them out if you're called on it, otherwise you'll never be respected by that person, ever. Still, she obviously doesn't respect you at all anyhow, so no loss. And shit, why should she? You take her abuse like a bitch takes a dick.
She wasn't this way before.

Before she was so sweet and level headed and she tells me how she doesn't know what she's doing and has breakdows a lot.

This only started after the IUD and antideppresents (not placebos)

She's not a bad person, she's just going through some bad times
also it wasn't an IUD it's an implanon. My mistake
I had no idea over the counter anti-depressants even existed byt SSRIs can definitely fuck a person up, and so can contraceptive hormones. But you need to have a long talk to her and put your foot down, obviously this is not at all okay, and if she isn't cooperating then break up with her
Listen to you, Tina Turner.

None of that shit is your fault. Quit making excuses for her.
One, some IUD's do have hormones that last briefly. Some. None of which explains her suddenly being a cunt.
Second, over-the-counter antidepressants ARE placebos. There's a reason why medical professionals don't use them.

So, here's a question. There's no reason why she started being an emotionally abusive GF. Why the hell would you expect there to be a reason for her NOT to be an emotionally abusive GF, especially when you're more than willing to bend over and accept it?
Well, I'm not going to judge you... well, hell, that's a lie. You're being unmanly in accepting unearned disrespect. You'll give, and take, what you earn, and so far, you seem more than willing to take what she's giving out, without consequence, becasue she feels guilty about laying the smack down, after.

How's that line go? "Baby, I'm so sorry I hit you. But you make me so mad at times. I love you!."

Well, whatever. Good luck with that. Don't buy her any rabbits, they'll just end up boiled on the stove next time she has a bad day.
Get that bitch some xanax
I'm pretty comfortable in my masculinity so I don't mind being passive if it means getting closure.

It was an implanon not IUD. And I know she isn't this way normally.
I just want to know why
Also she definitely was on ssri's and not sugar pills
Those can really fuck with your head. i'm assuming she's not being a drama queen and using this as an excuse to be a bitch.

They change brain chemistry. Usually that leaves someone's personality intact mostly.But, That's not your girlfriend right now. That's someone other thing who has your girlfriend's memories and you can either stick it out and hope your loving gf returns or...
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Well, last try. Things are bad for you. You already know why. Being passive is why your gf talks to you like you're worthless. If you were, in fact, comfortable in your masculinity, you'd never accept being abused. Denial is a strong emotion, too.
Implants do have mood swings and emotional instability as a side effect. They do not have domestic abuse as a side effect. It's certainly possible that she's reacting badly to the implant, but it's not going to magically turn her in to Chris Brown. She's obviously got issues.
No future with a psycho, man, and you know it. Good luck, and I hope you find your dignity somewhere, someday. Maybe in her purse, along with your testicles.

That was a joke. But seriously, the odds of her lopping them off and actually putting them there are a lot higher than with everyone else.
I think i'm going to stick it put, I love her and it breaks my heart when she realises whats she said and then cries and cries and talks about how terrible she is
She's never hit me.

And I've only started being passive lately when I realised she makes plans for her suicide shortly after she says something terrible to me.

It's not even a ploy or anything, last time she just said that I should.leave and that im bad for her and that she wont miss me.

I felt awful but I got a strange feeling, so I called my friend who knows about this sort of stuff and she said it's a way to push away anyone who would try to stop you

She's bonkers. Emotional behavior or outbursts are not equal to emotional or psychological abuse. She's trapping you with HER supposed guilt and the possibility of suicide. She's manipulating your ass and you don't even see it. That's beyond fucked up.

You need to have her get help, talk to her family and get out. You're only going to wind up becoming exhausted dealing with a person like this or developing mental or physical issues of your own. Want a similar story? Here's one of my best friend.

>has gf he slowly finds out is insecure and loopy
>loves her so he keeps on trucking
>she slowly starts acting shitty, it's obvious he is getting fed up since he's miserable
>she always apologizes in a fashion that's like psychotic self flagellation
>finally he dumps her
>he seems so much happier for two weeks
>gets a call from her
>"Drive me to the ER."
>she was cutting herself and had to get stitches
>he ends up taking her back
>thinks him being around might help her when it's just fucking him up
>back to being miserable and abused all the time

Good luck dude.
But I've been eith her almost two years and shes only been this way the last month or so
'over the counter anti depressants'
i work in a pharmacy and those do not exist
I may have desvribed it wrong.
I meant that they got prescribed by her GP not a valid psychiatrist
She's a dumb retarded whore
Good luck with that OP
God you are such a pussy ass bitch. Grow some balls will you.
>I had to go to hospital with breathing problems and have pretty much been bed ridden the past few days.

And this vapid, toxic fucking cunt of a human being is still starting shit with you over something meaningless?

Next time she talks about suicide: hand her a fucking gun.
You know there is no difference in a GP prescribing antidepressants, right?
Guy dealing with the same problem. Does she have depression? If so, Mirena will make it worse and turn it into an asshole. Look up "Mirena and depression."

It didn't work out for us, ultimately.
OP here she apologised shes getting the implanon out on Monday.

Until then were not going to see each other but still keep in contact. Pray for me anons.

This is a girl who bought be a surfa rosa vinyl just cause and would leave me little love notes everywhere>>16865030
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Thread images: 4
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