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I'm 18 and I live with parents.
I'm more mature than many others my age and want a committed relationship/partnership deeply.

I have school and a job, I live here to save money unapologetically. Until I have the $20k or more a year job to get my own place, it doesn't seem that women appreciate me doing this as it leads to the accusation of me being not independent.

I could spend $8000 a year I don't have on dorm rooms where I would be labeled an autist for making noise complaints on drinking parties. Or I could live in a ghetto area with shitty roommates and eat shit food.

Those are the options as I see them. Living at home is what I want to do at the moment.

Does this make it next to impossible to get an girlfriend?

Subpoint: how do I play it off if called out on it?
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>im 18 and live at home
>impossible to get a girlfriend?
>im mature
>want a committed partnership
do you realize how many college students between 18-25 years of age live at home for that reason. Unless you're going for older bitches nobody will care. You're young. I hardly know anyone who moved out right at 18 unless they went to a dorm or whatever for school
No, if you date people your own age, they probably won't expect you to have your own place. Know that if you want a "committed relationship/partnership" you'll probably want to have sex sometime and that will require a place. What i used to do was use a cool friend's house whose parents didn't live there, but if that's not possible, try and clear your parents out the house once in a while. Since you're legally an adult, you might be able to get them to give you some alone time with your partner after introducing them. Anyway, that's just how i managed my relationship when I was 18, before we both went to college and everything went to shit. Things change a lot at this age, so unless you're willing to get your heart ripped out, don't get too close to anyone who you don't know gonna stick around. Stay safe, kiddo.
- some bitter old woman who saw you on the gfd thread ;)
I was in your shoes before and I look back with mixed feelings on it. But you will probably end up with a woman with similar values if you stick it out. You really dont want just any shallow woman in a relationship. Also once your into your 30 the game changes.
question: what is your job and how much do you make
>want a girl
>labeled an autist for making noise complaints on drinking parties

These 2 do not compute. Girls you are are going for who will want some sexy times will be the ones drinking. Either join them or settle for a sexless platonic relationship where living at home does not matter.

I did all 3 in college. The dorms were a good way to meet people my 1st year. Living in an apartment was the most fun. Living at home and commuting my last year allowed me to focus on taking 18-19 credit semesters. No social life though.

>Subpoint: how do I play it off if called out on it?

I make OK money and still live at home. Saving 80% of what I take home while still having a bit for fun will pay off in 2 years when I buy my own place. Women can either understand the choice I am making or I can see someone else who will understand.
What makes you think I want the blonde big titty slut? I want a long term partnership that is stable. I don't see that happening with a normie, much less someone who likes le yolo life.

It's a bit late for me to be safe, I've already had those experiences, but thank you for the kind words. ;)

UPS worker- best in my area, highest loading speed and strength- $170 a week during this season.

During Christmas I plan to have 50 hours a week (It is practical with the way the OT system is set up) which means I'd make $350 a week or more.

I'm not getting my own place until my rent would be 25 percent of my income or less.

>I'm 18
>I'm more mature than others my age

You know all 18 year olds think that, right? You know you're all wrong, right?

>how do I play it off

Just tell them to fuck off if they're giving you shit
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>I'm more mature than many others my age
yeah okay kiddo.
it's not impossible to get a gf living at home
i met my bf 3 years ago he was 21 and lived at home i was just turned 17 and had my own apartment which i had since i was 16.
it's not a problem
You sound insufferable. Where you live doesn't matter, your personality is shit
>big blonde titty slut
>i'm more mature than others my age

ok lol

also, $170 a week? 50 hrs=$350? What kind of shit job is this that you're bragging about being a ups worker with the highest loading speed, are you stupid?
>Mom, I shitposted again!

>It's not that he doesn't want to make le great wall of text and is trying to keep this short
>It's that his personality is shit
>Yeah, that's it...
>Mom, more hot pockets!
>Last one got stuck in the keyboard and I can't punctuate my sentences right!
>I'm going to insult people I don't agree with!
>I'll also make grammatical mistakes while i insult their grammar!
>I can't think of any better insults than hot pockets and MOMMY!

Dude hahaha keep doing you, you're hilarious

>Everyone else is beneath me, but I wear brown shorts to work FYI
>I hate people partying
>I will complain and shut parties down

Yeah you sound like someone I would just love to spend time with
Anon, I mean this sincerely. I know this is 4chan, but I'm really not trying to shit on you when I say that you sound.. well, about as mature as one would expect from an 18 year old. I think you'll look back on this in 2-4 years and cringe. The good news is that you're not alone and pretty much everyone goes through this stage.

That being said, nobody cares if you live at home at 18. I think it's a very frugal decision.
Helpful. Thank you for this, I appreciate it.

I'm going to abandon this thread now, It's done all it can do for me.
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