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Got this contract in my email inbox today
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Seems like a good deal, should I sign it /adv/

Written today, February 28, 2016

For the purpose of this contract the parties involved will be referred to as
follows: “Dantec Dynamics Limited”, represented by Administrative Director
Elaine Brake in quality of beneficiary (hereafter referred to as
“Beneficiary”) and

a) Representatives (hereafter referred to as “Representatives”) as the
person signing this contract.

Now, therefore, in consideration of the execution of the Contract, and the
undertakings of the Parties as here in after set forth, it is agreed as

2.1. This contract is written as an agreement that the Representatives
will be carrying out the financial operations for and in the name of the
Beneficiary according to its instructions as follows:
a) The Representatives will present itself at the bank where the
Representatives has an existing bank account and use this account to cash
the checks;
b) Cashing the funds on the checks for the Beneficiary;
c) Sending the funds to the Beneficiary after receiving instructions.

3.1. The period this contract will be valid for is 1 (one) year,
starting from February 28, 2016 to February 28, 2017.
3.2. The duration of the contract written in paragraph 3.1. can be
extended if both parties wish so and it will be stipulated in an additional
3.3. The Representatives can terminate the contract provided a two-week
notice has been sent to the Beneficiary. During the two weeks the
Representatives will still have to perform its duties until there are no
more checks to clear or funds to be sent to the Beneficiary. The Beneficiary
will stop mailing checks to the Representatives upon receiving the
notification to terminate the contract.
4.1. The Representatives will receive 10% for every check processed in
the first month. Within one month after receiving the first check the
Representatives will get an extra $1,800 if he/she will manage to cash
checks in a timely manner, also this bonus includes internet bill, phone
bill, gas/bus tickets. We will support all bills that the Representatives
will have to pay for internet and cell phone. PLEASE NOTE: This bonus will
be applied after one month has passed starting the day the Representatives
received the first check.

2. After two months of working with us a secondary bonus will apply.
The Representatives will receive 15% instead of 10% from all our checks. If
he/she performs up to our standard and continues to do so when our company
expands in the beneficiary’s area, he/she will be able to work full time and
increase the income up to $1200 - $1300 per week + the bonus of $1,800 every
month. If he/she does not perform up to the standard of the Beneficiary, or
business levels are not maintained, he/she should not expect increased
income levels as noted above.
4.2. The salary will be paid to the Representatives by cashier check.
4.3. The Beneficiary will provide financial help to the Representatives,
any and all financial losses that the Representatives might incur due to any
issues regarding the checks and money orders. These losses include all the
fees and up to the full amounts on the checks/money orders that the bank
might ask the Representatives to pay.
5.1. The Representatives agrees:
a) To follow through and execute exactly the obligations towards the
Beneficiary which he/she assumed in the virtue of the present
Representatives contract;
b) To promptly send the payment to the Beneficiary following specific
c) To keep this business relationship and transactions with the company
private from any third party;

5.2. The Beneficiary of these services agrees:
a) Not to force the Representatives to make transactions or transfers that
are illegal or in contradiction with the present contract;
b) To assume all responsibility financially that will result from executing
the present contract;
c) To carry out all its obligations towards the Representatives following
the terms and conditions stipulated in the present Representatives contract.
d) To issue a 1099 form for tax purposes and send it to the
Representatives after the first transaction.

6.1. The Representatives guarantees for the execution of its duties in
the present Representatives contract.
6.2. The Beneficiary guarantees for the Representatives its full support
and financial aid in executing the objectives of the present Representatives
7.1. The present Representatives contract will be terminated, without
the need for a Court of Law to intervene in case one of the parties:
7.1.1. Does not execute one of the essential obligations as stated in the
present contract;
7.1.2. Cessions its rights and obligations stated in the present contract
without the approval of the other party;
7.1.3. Breaks one of its obligations, after it has been warned, through a
written notification by the other party that a new violation will result in
the termination of the present contract.
7.2. The party that will invoke termination of the obligations stated in
the present contract will notify the other party with at least 14 days in
advance before the date that the interruption will take effect.
7.3. Cancellation of the present contract will not have any effect on
the obligations falling due between the contract parties.
7.4. The stipulations of the present contract do not eliminate the
responsibility from the guilty party that caused for the contract to be

8.1. Neither of the parties will be held responsible for not being able
to carry out accordingly totally or partially any of its own obligations if
an extreme force or situation (as defined by law) has caused it.
8.2. The party that invokes an extreme situation is obligated to notify
the other party as soon as possible of its happening and to take all the
necessary measures to limit its consequences.

8.3. The Representatives will give a two-week notice to the Beneficiary
if he/she has to go away from its location or cannot perform its duties due
to illness. In either case the Representatives will not suffer any penalties
from the Beneficiary.
9.1. The modification of the present contract is possible only through
additional annexes agreed and signed by both parties.
9.2. The present contract along with its annexes which are constitutive
part of its contents represents the will of both parties and eliminates any
other verbal agreement between them, before or after its signing.
9.3. The present contract was in two copies, one for each party today
February 23, 2016.

Authorized electronic signature I
agree the terms and conditions contract
Administrative Director
Authorized electronic signature
Elaine Brake Typewrite your name here
My God, you idiot, it is the infamous Nigerian letter.

What you are agreeing to is to open a bank account and deposit the foreign (and therefore long to clear) checks she sends you, and then withdrawing the money and sending it to her.

And then her check bounces. And then the bank sues you for the money you fraudulently withdrew. And then "she" disappears with the cash.
I was going to tell you that this sounds like the classic Nigerian scam, but on second thought, your pic seems to indicate this already.

You will be sent one check, and asked to send the funds nack in the form of a personal check. Once they have the information on that check, they will use it to drain your account, includong the money you'd kept from the first check. Then they will stop sending checks, and you are screwed.

That's exactly what I figured would happen. Thanks for the confirmation.
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